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Part 5

They arrived at his parent's house shortly after 4.00pm the boy nervous and standing as close to Dylan's side as he could. Dylan rang the front doorbell. It was opened and his mother stood in the doorway.

"Dylan darling it's so good to see you again," completely ignoring the boy at his side. "Come in and ask your friend to wait in the car till you've finished visiting."

"Goodbye mother," and Dylan took Lucas by the hand and made to leave.

"Dylan, stop, wait come back and bring your friend with you."

Dylan stopped turned and returned to the front door facing his mother, "If it was just you mum you wouldn't see my face again, but my father also has a say in these matters so I'll forgive your ignorance, but first I'll also have to ask my friend Lucas if he can overlook your narrow mindedness and bad manners,

"Lucas you okay with going ahead with the visit."

"Umm, yeah sure I'm sure the your mum didn't mean to be rude, did you Mrs Roberts."

"Uh no, please come in," and Mrs Roberts showed her son and Lucas into the house.

Inside she led them into the study where Mr Roberts was seated at his desk. On the arrival of his guests he rose to greet them shaking Dylan's hand and embracing him like the prodigal son. When the greetings were over he turned to Lucas saying, "Will you excuse Dylan and I, as we have some business details to discuss, my wife I hope will attend to your needs."

"Sure Mr Roberts whatever you say," and Lucas headed out of the study followed by Mrs Roberts.

Outside the study the two of them stood in an awkward silence till Lucas not being able to bear the silence any longer asked,

"You got a kitchen nearby Mrs Roberts?"

"Uh, yes, why do you want to know?"

"Because my tongue's hanging out and I need a cuppa."

"Oh, I am sorry follow me," and she led the boy to the kitchen. Inside he went straight to the kettle filled it and put it on to boil.

"Where d'you keep the china?"

"Um do you mean the cups and saucers?"

"Yeah, that's what I said."

"In the cupboard above your head."

Lucas looked and saw the wall cabinet he opened it then turning to Dylan's mother asked, "You fancy a cuppa as well, I'm making."

"Uh yes please"

"What's up with you, relax don't be so formal and the name's Lucas, you can use it if you want."

"Uh alright Lucas, make me a cuppa."

"Right there you go, that wasn't hard. Your not bad at all Mrs Roberts, I thought you were a bit of a hard case and I was really shitting, ooops sorry, I mean pooping myself having to come here today."

Mrs Roberts looked at the boy and burst into laughter, when she'd got herself more composed she turned to the boy. "Now I understand why Dylan got involved with you you're like a breath of fresh air, blowing the cobwebs away from peoples minds."

"Haven't the faintest idea what the Hell you're yapping about but it sounds good to me, now come over here and grab your tea."

She moved closer to where the tea was waiting picked it up and took a sip, "Not bad Lucas, you make a good cup of tea, and while we're on the subject what did you do to those mashed potatoes that you served up when we came to visit you and Dylan for the first and only time."

"Can't give away trade secrets missus, but I tell you what, you give us an invite again and I'll show you what I did, how's about that."

"What about next weekend."

"Well I'll have to ask Dylan if it's okay."

"Why d'you have to ask him, I could come and pick you up and bring you over if you don't know the way."

"It's not that Mrs Roberts, Dylan may have already made plans for next weekend that may include me."

"Oh I see well we'll wait till he's finished with his father then we'll ask him, and while we're on the subject of Dylan do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions about you and Dylan."

"Okay missus, I've a good idea what they are but go ahead all the same, but if I think that it's not for me to answer without Dylan being present then I won't, you got that."

"That sounds fair enough Lucas," Mrs Roberts took a deep breath and asked, "Are you emotionally attached to my son."

"Come on Mrs Roberts speak plain like will you, if you mean do I love Dylan the answer is yes with a capital Y."

"Uh alright, are you and Dylan sexually involved."

"Don't ask me to answer that Mrs Roberts you already know the answer when you walked into our apartment when you visited at the old place."

"Oh dear, I never thought that Dylan would become involved with another male, he was always so popular with the girls."

"Are you feeling sorry for Dylan, or for yourself?"

She looked and the boy who stood before her, who for all his youth spoke words that made her stop and think before speaking, "If I was to be honest it would be for myself. I suppose like all mothers I want my off-springs to grow, marry, and raise families of their own but in this case I was not prepared to face the truth, or more the reality that Dylan has found his happiness in areas that I don't understand."

Before the conversation could be continued it was interrupted by Dylan walking into the kitchen. "So what's going on here the two of you hatching some kind of plot."

"No dear, we were just making small talk, do you want a cup of tea."

"No thanks mum, if I can drag Lucas away we've got to get home, I have to get myself organised if I'm going to run the business and also discuss the situation with Lucas."

"With me, what's to discuss, you'd be crazy if you didn't run your dad's business."

"Alright then I still want to get things arranged so that I can go into work on Monday to terminate my employment on amicable grounds." He walked over to his mother and pecked her on the cheek saying, "Bye mum," he turned to leave the room with Lucas following and mouthing his bye to Mrs Roberts.

"Dylan," he turned, "Can you bring Lucas over next Saturday or if not can he come on his own."

He raised his eyebrows looking at the boy, "Okay mum I'll bring him over."

They left his parents house with Dylan asking, "You seem to have hit it off with my mother."

"Yeah she's not bad, a bit snotty nosed but once she knows that all the airs and graces count for shit she's okay."

Dylan smiled to himself, he would have loved to have listened to the conversation the two of them had in the kitchen, and how the boy if he could, refrain from using his four letter words during the course of their conversation and the reaction of his mother to them.

He had them back at their own apartment within fifteen minutes with hardly a word being spoken in the car, as the door closed behind them the boy turned to the man, "Okay what's the problem."

"There's no problem."

"Then why the rush to get home?"

"Uh okay, umm I..."

"Come on Dylan don't stutter just say it."

"Alright, alright, give me a chance will you. I think that if I take over the running of my father's business it won't be 9 to 5 like it is at the moment."

"What d'you mean."

"Until I get things sorted, and God knows how long that will take, especially the marketing side of the business, I could be in the office till quite late no idea how late but that will depend on the urgency of the problem. So I was a bit concerned that you might get fed up with me getting home at all hours in the evening and you might get kinda restless."

"D'you think I'm here just for getting my rocks off and a place to stay, shit I thought you knew better."

"Lucas I'm not a teenager and don't think like one okay, so you'll have to forgive my doubting you at times."

The boy smiled, "Well I'm beginning to doubt you, I think you're making these excuses before hand so you can play around after work and if you want to prove me wrong you had better perform right now."

Dylan laughed grabbed the boy and took him into the bedroom. He dropped the boy on the bed and started to strip. Lucas didn't wait for the man to undress him he started to disrobe and wasn't far behind Dylan when the man was naked standing by the side of the bed looking down at him.

He lay down next to the boy taking him into his arms, to feel the boy's naked body which when squeezed into his, gave him untold pleasure."

"The boy brushed their lips together whispering, "Make love to me Dylan."

"It's not my turn it's yours."

"Please Dylan just do it,"

He reached over to the bedside table to acquire the Vaseline and some tissues which he gave to Lucas; he opened the Vaseline and applied a liberal coating to his erection. The boy turned onto his stomach and lifted his hips exposing his rectum for the man to penetrate.

Dylan moved forward place the tip of his cock at the entrance to the boy's rectum and asserted a bit of pressure. His cock slid in all the way till it was completely buried, with only a sigh of pleasure escaping from the boy's lips. He wrapped his arm around the boy and started to play with his flaccid dick till like his it was hard, now grasping the boys rampant member he proceeded to fuck him. The movements inside Lucas as he was fucked gave him pleasure at the back while Dylan's hand grasping the cock was doing the same at the front. Lucas didn't need to do any work for the pleasure he was deriving, it was all being done for him with Dylan pounding into his arse and holding onto his cock he just had to lie there and soak up the pleasure.

The man had started with a slow leisurely stroke which now increased in momentum as his orgasm came near fulfilment; he was now fucking Lucas like a rabbit as he craved for release, but before he could he felt the boys sphincter clamp onto his cock and Lucas yelling, "Oh God, uh uh Oh fuck aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," as his spunk exploded into the tissues he was holding over the top of his cock. Dylan pumped even more furiously till he out did the yelling of his partner, as he rammed his cock as far up the boy it could go, and blasted his seed deep inside the boy's bowels.

He lay panting on top of the boy and before he could be told to move he rolled onto his side pulling the boy with him with his cock still buried to the hilt.

They lay for a few minutes silent, with the Dylan stroking the boys head and kissing him on the back of the neck from time to time. He stretched his arm out and acquired some tissues then slowly with drew from the boy and proceeded to clean Lucas and himself.

Finished with the cleaning, and Lucas now facing him he took the boy into his arms again drawing him into his body.

The boy pecked him on the cheek, "Dylan."


"I'm going to be seventeen soon."


"Well you know since I've been here I've put on a little bit of weight and grown a bit."

"Put on a bit of weight, five pounds, do you call that putting on weight I swear I don't know what happens to all that food you eat and as for growing what do you mean you look the same to me."

"I've grown half an inch."

"Oh great sound the trumpets ring the bells, is that some kind of record that we need to inform Guinness, so they can enter it into their record book."

"Stop taking the piss."

"Alright, so what's all this about."


"Come on Lucas; tell me for Christ's sake."

"Do you still fancy going out with birds."

"No, but what the Hell has putting on weight, and growing got to do with it."

"I just thought that you like your partners to be small and when I get bigger you might want to find someone more to your liking."

"Lucas, for the last time, I'm not about to find somebody else even if you were to grow taller, and outweigh me. Your being here has never had anything to do with your age, size, or weight, it's because I don't know how to express my feelings about you, wait, yeah I think I do. Something about you makes my cock twitch when I see you."

Lucas giggled, "Where have I heard that before," then lifted his face to join his lips to that of his lover's.

With the advent of Dylan taking over the running of his fathers business there time together as Dylan had suspected was cut dramatically. About a month into running the business on a Friday night, he came home around 9.0pm to find the house empty with a note in the kitchen telling him his food was in the oven and that the boy would be back later. He ate his food watched a bit of television and by 10.30pm feeling tired and with Lucas still not home he decided to go to bed.

Next morning by 7am he was up to find that Lucas was not beside him. He washed and dressed had a coffee then made his way to the office. At 10.30am the phone rang he picked it up to hear Lucas's voice say, "Dylan I'm..." and he put the phone down on the boy. Although his mind was continually distracted by the thought of the boy being out all night, he continued working till about 4.0pm then made for home.

As soon as he walked in the front door Lucas who was standing in the hallway blurted out.

"What the fuck got into you hanging up on me."

Dylan walked over to the boy, then looking down at him said, "At the moment I'm not in the mood to discuss the matter with you, and especially not until you learn to moderate your language," when he'd finished speaking he walked past the boy and made for the shower. Ten minutes later he was out and in the bedroom getting dressed, when Lucas walked in.

"You want something to eat."

"No thank you I'll grab something when I'm out."

"I suppose you're getting back at me for last night."

"You supposed right," Dylan picked up his wallet put it into his jacket pocket and headed for the front door.

"I suppose you're going to get Brahms," the boy called after him."

"And what's that supposed to mean, or why don't you just say it in plain English."

"It means pissed, Brahms and Liszt, pissed."

"That depends how I feel, and don't wait up I might be out all night," Dylan stepped out the front door and slammed it shut behind him.

At midnight he exited the pub with a woman hanging on his arm.

"We going back to your place?" she asked.

He looked at her through bleary eyes and thought, "How the Hell did I get stuck with this piece of quivering flesh," then answered her question.

"No I have my family staying with me I'll see you later," untangling his arm from the woman's he staggered in the direction of his flat. He weaved along the pavement till he felt an arm envelope his and a voice say, "Need a hand mister," he smiled when he recognized the voice.

"Lucas," he mumbled turning to look at the smiling face, "I think I need more than a hand, more like an arm and a leg."

"You got it let's go," and he led Dylan back to the apartment.

When they got there he took the man by the arm and seated him on the settee sitting himself down beside Dylan. Putting an arm around the man Lucas pulled him till he tilted over so that Dylan's head was resting in his arms. Looking down at the unseeing face that had brought him so much happiness these last few months, he slowly lowered his face to bring their lips together. On making contact the eyes that had been closed opened and looked into his, Lucas lifted his head,

"I should have left you to fall on your ugly face."

"Why didn't you?"

"I uh, umm, fuck you, you know I couldn't."


"Because I fucking love you, you arsehole. Just because I didn't come back home one night and you wouldn't give me a chance to explain you treat me like shit."

"Sorry Lucas, but why didn't you come home last night."

"When you're sober I'll let you talk to the person's concerned, maybe you'll believe them rather than me."

"No Lucas I don't want to know the reason, I have to learn to trust you the same as you trust me so let's forget what happened."

The boy lowered his face once more to bring their lips together, before he did so he whispered, "You want to play hide the sausage."

"Oh God! Dylan exclaimed, "You say the most sentiment..." and his words were cut short as their lips met."

He lay back and let the boy's tongue invade his mouth and gave himself up to the pleasure it brought, he knew from the boy's reaction to his behaviour this evening that this boy was attached to him body and soul and he had nothing to fear from anyone else replacing him in Lucas's affections, young or old.

And he in turn belonged to Lucas, he was bound to the boy absolutely, and completely, they were one.

As the realisation came to him he wrapped the boy in his arms and squeezed him gently into his body, Lucas broke the kiss and stared into his eyes.

In that instant he saw the depth of emotion and love in the boy's eyes which was quickly camouflaged with him saying.

"You're a right piss arse you know that don't you?"

He gazed back at the boy with a slight smile knowing what he'd seen in the boy's eyes, "Yeah, I know it."

"Okay, but all the same I still love you, and don't you forget it."

"I won't forget Lucas, I promise."

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