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I've had a quite a few requests to continue T.G.I.F. so bowing to my readers wishes one in particular here is Part 6.


Part 6.

He stood in the bathroom looking at himself and screwed up his face in dissatisfaction at his reflection. What he saw was a scrawny 17 year-old with hair hanging down over its face. He sucked in his breath expanding his chest trying to improve his image, instead what he saw was every one of his ribs sticking out. He let his breath out in a whoosh then brought his face closer to the mirror to see if he could see any hairs on his upper lip. Nothing it was as bald as a baby's bottom he lifted his arms to see if there were any under the armpits.

"Dylan" he yelled, and waited there was no response to his yell, so pulling up his night shorts that had been around his ankles while he was doing the weekly examination of his body he made his way to the bedroom. In the doorway he stopped and looked at the sleeping form that lay on its side in the bed, he made his way around to the other side of the bed lifted the covers and slid in behind the man. Gently inserting his arm under the man's he wrapped his arm around his lovers waist then pulled himself to spoon into the man's back, at the same time throwing a leg over Dylan's hips and resting his knee on the man's erection. He ground his now erect manhood on the man's posterior and kneaded Dylan's loins with his knee.

"Mmmmm," the man groaned then rolled over onto his back, giving Lucas better to access to his loins. The boy pulled his leg and arm from their positions lifted his body and laid full length on top of the man.

He opened his eyes to see a tousled haired youth's face looking down on him, "What?"

"I've got some hair under my arms."

"Bloody Hell Lucas, you've woken me up just to tell me you've got some miserable bloody hairs under your arms, are you sure they're not dirt streaks?"

"They're bloody hairs look," and the boy lifted his arm for the man's inspection.

Dylan squinted his eyes and lifted his head to look at the boys armpit, "Umm have you got a magnifying glass so I can see better?"

Lucas lowered his arm and wrapped his hands around the mans neck, "Stop taking the piss and tell the truth you saw some hairs right, or I'm going to strangle you,"

The man was laughing fit to bust alright, alright, you've got a bloody forest growing under your arms, now can you carry on doing what you were while I was half asleep."

The boy smiled saying, what do you want, miss palm, cock to cock, sucking lollipops, or hide the sausage."

"Oh God, what did we do last night?"

"Cock to cock."

"You decide."

The boy removed his shorts and the man's as well, then lay full length on top of his lover looking into his eyes.

"I like to look at your face when I'm humping our cocks together and see you when your eyes go all kind of glassy and your mouth open wide when you spunk."

"Will you quit yapping and lets get to it my cock is busting.!


The man sensed the difference in the boy's tone of voice when the he uttered his name, he responded in the same serious tone, "Yes Lucas."

"Do you love me really bad like I love you?"

He lifted his hands to cup the face that is gazing down into his eyes, and looks back into two brown eyes with long curled eye lashes that any woman would give their right tit to have. "More than I can possibly describe Lucas, now can we start a bit of loving."

The boy lowered the side of his head onto the man's shoulder so that his mouth could make contact with the man's neck. He opened his mouth and gently bit the man on the neck at the same time gyrating his hips so that his loins rubbed against those of his lovers. The man moaned with the pleasure that the boys administrations were bringing. He wrapped his arms around his young lover and squeezed him tighter into his body, and moaned even louder as the boys teeth now started nibbling on the lobe of his ear. Now the gyrating of their hip became quicker, and then more frenzied till all inhibitions were forgotten and they pounded their erections against each other till almost simultaneously they both gave out long yell of "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" as their cocks erupted and the semen blasted between them coating their bodies with their copious deposits.

The boy slumped on top of the man spent, and closed his eyes as he felt Dylan's hands stroking his back.

"Dylan," he mumbled.


"Love you."

"Love you more."

The boy smiled to himself. Just about a year ago this man was bringing women back to his bed in a drunken stupor mounting them, and burying his cock between their legs. Now it was him Lucas Briggs that pleasured that cock."


"His thoughts were broken by the man calling him.

"Yeah" he mumbled dreamily.

"I need to go to the loo, my bladder is bursting."

"Oh shit, do you have to, can't you hold it?"

"Lucas move before I piss myself."

The boy rolled over and immediately felt the loss of the body that had been keeping him warm and shivered slightly, then he felt himself being lifted as the man scooped him into his arms then carried him to the bathroom.

He set the boy down inside the room, "After I've relieved myself we need to get washed and dressed, and after breakfast do the weeks shopping then back home, your driving lessons begin from this afternoon."


"You know," and Dylan used his hands to show him clasping an imaginary steering wheel and turning it, at the same time making engine noises, "Vrrrrrrooooooom Vrrrrroooooooom."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

He went over to the loo and started to relieve himself at the same time saying, "Didn't want to spoil the surprise."

The boy went over to the man when he had finished relieving himself, and wrapped his arms around him standing on tip toes he pecked the man in the lips. "Thanks"

"Thanks, is that it, is that all I get."

"Alright next time you have a piss I'll hold your cock for you, will that do?"

The man started laughing dropped his night shorts and headed for the shower followed by the boy. Under the shower he pulled the boy to him and started soaping his back and then his chest and abdomen. Finished with that part of the boy's body he handed him the soap and said, "You'd better do under your armpits I might be too rough and remove that hair that's under there, and started laughing at his own witticism.

"Ha fucking ha, you wait till they start growing then you won't be taking the piss."

He grabbed the boy and pulled him tight into his body then lowered his face so that there lips could make contact. When the kiss was broken the boy looked up at the man, "What was that for."

He gazed back into the boys eyes and with a faint smile on his mouth said, "If you don't know then I'm not telling. Now let's get on with this shower."

"You're a right shit."


"If you don't know then I'm not telling."

Dylan started laughing he'd been outsmarted by the kid, pulling him into his body he kissed the boy on the end of the nose, "Okay I love you, you happy?"


"Then why am I shit."

"Oh I don't know, but I'll think of a reason."

There ablutions finished they went into the bedroom and dressed, then made their way downstairs to partake of breakfast, from whence they were finished they by means of motor transport headed to the main shopping centre to purchase their weekly groceries.

Inside the supermarket Dylan let the boy select the groceries as he was the person who prepared the meals. He was meticulous in his selection of vegetables and any other perishable goods making sure that the sell by date was not too close at hand. When they'd got everything on the list and paid for it they headed back up to the car park. Stowing the groceries away Dylan turned to the boy asking? "You want to try driving back I've got a set of L plates that I can put on.

"No thanks I can just about start up the car let alone drive it, I think I'll wait till I've had a few lessons before I drive this car, don't want to ruin our only means of transport."

Dylan smiled and the two of them got into the car with him doing the chauffeuring back home as usual.

An hour after they got back from the stores there was a blast on a car horn outside their house. Dylan looked out of the sitting room window that looked out onto the street and saw a car with the Motoring school sign on the roof.

"Your driving instructor is waiting for you outside Lucas."

The boy looked at the man and in a nervous voice said, "See you in a bit," and made his way out to start his first driving lesson.

One hour later he was back slamming the front door and striding into the sitting room where Dylan sat reading the Sunday papers.

"You can cancel the rest of the driving lessons."

"The man put the papers down then looking over at the boy who was still standing in the doorway asked, "What's the problem?"

"That fucking instructor that's the problem. He couldn't stop pawing me throughout the driving lesson; every time he'd ask me to do something he'd put his hand on my leg or touch my shoulder."

He saw the anger in the boy's face, "Okay Lucas consider it done I'll find another driving school."

"No forget it if I'm going to learn you can teach me."

"Lucas I'm too tired to take you out after work so that only leaves the weekend, and I need the time to unwind from running the business."

"Well what about your dad he's not working now and it won't affect his heart giving me lessons."

"Umm not a good idea Lucas, you make a mistake while driving and the nervous reaction can really knock him out."

"Well then your mum can teach me, and we get along pretty good."

"Oh shit! Well alright but the chances of you passing with her teaching you are slim to none."

"Huh says you," and the boy came over and plonked himself in his lovers lap.

"Lucas, how the Hell am I supposed to read the paper with you sitting in my lap."

"You're not," we just sit here and relax, or if you want we could do something a bit more strenuous."

He kissed the boy on the lips "That's about as strenuous I want to be at the moment, now will you get off and let me read the paper."

"No not till you've phoned your mum and got her to give me driving lessons."

"Lucas woman make hopeless instructors you sure you want to go through with this."

"Yeah now phone her."

Reluctantly he stood dumping the boy onto the settee and went to the phone. After dialling and then making pleasant conversation with his father Dylan asked to speak to his mother. He didn't have to try and persuade his mother to give Lucas lessons; she jumped at the chance and said she'd be around tomorrow afternoon about 2.00pm for his first lesson.

A month later after having lessons with Mrs Roberts nearly every day of the month Lucas she thought was ready to sit his test. He breezed through the multiple choice written test it was now down to the practical. After Dylan booked him a couple of lessons with a well known driving school to brush up on any little faults that he might have. After the instructor's assessment of his abilities Lucas was give a date for his driving test in a week's time. The hour of the big day arrived and with the instructor at his side he drove to the Test Centre.

The boy had things going on inside of his stomach that made him feel as if he was about to collapse. The moment that the examiner got into the car and smiled at him the feelings inside his stomach disappeared, and Lucas knew he was home and dry. The test went without a hitch, with the examiner who was normally only supposed to give instructions to where he wanted to go and what manoeuvres he wanted carried out, talking to Lucas and giving him words of encouragement all the time. At the end of the test he turned to Lucas and with a smile on his face said, "You've passed."

Lucas with a grin that split his face from cheek to cheek said, "Thanks mister, but you were really helpful and made it more of a Sunday drive than a test."

The examiner smiled saying, "Well I've got a son about your age and I knew exactly how you felt waiting for me to take you on the test, because my son described what happened to him he said his examiner was a real hard case."

"Did he pass?"

"No not the first time he was so nervous he made a lot of mistakes that he normally wouldn't have, that's why I tried putting you at ease."

Just then the driving instructor came to the car and was in formed that his pupil had passed and with all the paper work done and Lucas thanking the examiner one more time he was driven back home.

Once inside the house he picked up the phone and dialled Mrs Roberts's number when it was answered he didn't waste time with hellos he yelled out, "I passed."

"Yes it was really good I couldn't have had a better examiner."

"No I'm going to phone him now. I wanted to phone you first as you're the one who taught me."

"Yes okay regards to Mr Roberts see you." He hung then dialled Dylan's office number.

"Can I speak to Mr Roberts please?"

"Oh Lucy, didn't recognize your voice."

"You should have taken a couple of days off."

"Okay thanks Lucy."

"Dylan I passed."

"Yeah it was a doddle well only because the examiner was really good."

"No he didn't fancy me, he has a son about the same age as me who failed his test the first time because the examiner was a real hard case."

"Yeah I've told your mum, and now I'm going to have a cuppa."

"Okay see you in a couple of hours, Oh and tell Lucy to take a couple of days off she's got a terrible cold, love you bye."

Two hours later the key rattled in the front door and he'd hardly closed it behind him when there was a body jumping onto him and a pair of lips connecting with his. He broke the kiss and carried the boy into the sitting room then dropped him onto the settee and taking a seat beside him.

"So do you want to go out for a drive after we've had our evening meal?"

"No not today just want to sit and relax with you."

"Okay but we still have to think about getting you a run around."

"You're joking why the Hell do we need a second car? I'm not going out on my own in the evenings, and if I think about starting work at the supermarket again I can easily hop on a bus it doesn't take more than ten minutes.

"Lucas I told you before, the work you do in the house is a lot harder than working in that bloody supermarket and if you want more spending money just say so and you've got it."

The boy smiled he knew why the man resented him going to work, "You're still a bit iffy about me mixing with all the young guys at the supermarket aren't you?"

"Umm uh sort of."

"Bloody Hell Dylan you should know by now that no one is going to get inside my pants except you."

He put an arm around the boys shoulder and drew him into his body. "Okay I know, do we have time to play before we eat."

"What do you want to do?"

"Well seeing that you've just passed your driving test I'll let you choose."

The boy lifted his face to bring their lips together, when he broke the kiss he whispered in his lover ear, "Make love to me Dylan."

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