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Part 7

"Dylan move your arse," the boy shouted at the same time shaking the man's shoulder, "You'll be late for work."

He opened his eyes and looked up at the tousled haired teenager standing by his bedside looking down at him, "For Christ sake Lucas I'm the bloody boss it doesn't matter if I'm late."

"Just get out of bed, if I'm up then you have to be up." He said whipping the covers off the man then looking at his crutch, "It seems like something is already up,"

and the boy laughed at his own joke.

Dylan reached up grabbing the boy, who at seventeen still looked like a fourteen-year-old, and pulled him down on top of him.

"Do you want to do something about the part of me that's already up?"

"No, we did enough last night."

"Spoil sport just a little quickie."

"No," and the boy moved his head so their lips came together. After the kiss the boy put his mouth to Dylan's ear, "Are you forgetting about your meeting at 9.30am?"

"Oh Shit! The man exclaimed dumping the boy onto the bed as he jumped out and headed for the bathroom. Lucas followed him smiling and proceeded to start the shower while the man relieved himself. When the man was done he turned to see the boy naked standing by the shower. He removed his nightwear then walked to the boy lifted him into his arms and stepped into the shower. The shower was a ritual that both enjoyed each attending to the others body, firstly soaping it massaging and then rinsing off. When they were done they dried then went into the bedroom to dress.

"I've made scrambled eggs on toast Dylan, for breakfast will that do?"

He walked over to the boy wrapped his arms around him then kissed him on the forehead, "Anything you make Lucas is okay by me, you know that you don't have to ask."

"Yeah but if I didn't ask I wouldn't have you wrapping your arms around me and kissing me. Now move your arse or like I said you'll be late."

"Oh God, why do I put up with you?"

"Just shut it, and stop complaining."

He kissed the boy one more time then made his way to the kitchen to partake of his meal that his young lover always had prepared for him every morning.

As he sat down to eat his mind went back to the time they had first met and he smiled at the thought when he'd threatened to put his boot up the boy's crutch, which didn't seem to faze the boy one little bit instead made him respond with another sarcastic remark. His breakfast finished he walked around the table kissed the boy on the forehead saying, "I'll see you later this evening."

He heard the boy's "Bye Dylan as he picked up his briefcase and made his way out of the house.



Twenty minutes later he was striding into the outer office, "Morning Lucy."

"Morning Mr Roberts."

"Lucy, you know we're expecting the representatives of Booth & Sons this morning?"

"Yes Mr Roberts."

"Well the moment they arrive after showing them into my office put the kettle on and when I buzz you start making the tea."

"Okay Mr Roberts."

Dylan Roberts strode into his office took off his jacket and hung it up then dumped his briefcase on top of his desk and made himself comfortable in his chair.

He'd been working for about twenty minutes when he heard a knock on his door he looked at the clock and noted it was precisely 9.30am.

"Come in," and Lucy with a man and a woman stepped into the office.

"Mr Roberts the representatives from Booth & Sons are here."

"Thank you Lucy. Would you pleas be seated," he said, addressing the man and the woman.

And what a woman she was about 5ft 6ins, in height had long auburn hair with an hourglass figure. He had to force himself not to stare at her before he got down to business. They introduced themselves as Ian and Angela Bannister, brother and sister here to negotiate on behalf of Booth & Sons.

After an hour of discussions the two reps stood and said they had to get back to their company but were sure that everything that they had discussed would be acceptable by the company and that their response would favourable.

They left the office and Dylan sat in his chair and leaned back pleased with the way the meeting had gone. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door then as it opened Angela Bannister's head appeared around it.

"I think I left my pen on your desk," she said.

Dylan glanced around his desk then saw the gold plated Parker picked it and smiling walked over to hand it to her.

As she took the pen thanking him at the same time she asked, "Are you free for dinner tonight?"

"Uh yes."

"Good seven o'clock this evening at the Queen's Hotel that's where were staying."

"Fine I'll see you there Angela."

"Bye Dylan," and she left knowing the man was devouring her retreating figure.


Dylan Roberts now had to make plans so that there would be no questions asked by Lucas. He waited till about 2.00pm then phoned home and waited till Lucas answered.

"Lucas, I'm going out to dinner this evening with the Booth's reps at the Queens Hotel.

"7.00pm so don't cook anything for me tonight.

"Okay I have to go see you later bye." He sighed Lucas hadn't asked any questions now he could relax till it was time to go home.

At 5.00pm he told Lucy that he'd be working a bit late so she could go home he'd lock up. When she'd gone he sat around wasting time not wanting to go home too early so he wouldn't have to spend time talking to Lucas. Knowing the boy he'd suspect something just by the way he answered his questions so the best thing to do was dash into the house get showered and changed then out again before Lucas could ask too many questions, and that was precisely what he did.

At 5.45pm he left the office and arrived home about 6.10pm he yelled out a "Hello," to Lucas and that he was running late and headed straight to the bedroom where he stripped off to his underwear then made for the shower. He finished showering and dressing, grabbed his wallet and keys and yelling to Lucas who was still in the sitting room watching the box that he as going out and that he'd see him later.

The boy heard the front door slam; he switched off the telly then made his way to the phone and ordered a cab. He had to wait ten minutes before it arrived when it did he told the driver to take him to the Queen's Hotel.

Twenty minutes later they were pulling up outside the hotel, he paid the cab then walked around the side of the hotel to the parking lot and looked around and sure enough there was Dylan's car. He went back to the front of the hotel entered it, and made his way towards the restaurant and bar. He stopped suddenly as he saw Dylan with a woman making their way towards the lifts. He stayed hidden and watched as they passed quite close to him and he had to admit the girl in question was a million times better than some of the girls that he'd seen Dylan with before they had started to live together.


When they had entered the lifts and he presumed gone to her room he turned and left the hotel and made his way over to the cab rank and got one to take him home. Inside the house he went up to their bedroom noticing Dylan's clothes strewn all over the place. He ignored them and sat on the bed and thought for a while, after which he jumped up went to the spare bedroom and came back moments later with a suitcase. He dumped it on the bed opened it then went to the wardrobe and took whatever clothes he would need for the time being leaving the rest. Then he emptied the chest-of-drawers of all his T-shirts and underwear. He looked around to see if there was anything else he required then remembered and went to the bathroom got his toothbrush and a couple of towels. Satisfied he lugged the case downstairs and left it by the front door.

He made his way to the sitting room acquired paper and pen, and wrote a letter when he'd finished he put it in an envelope wrote Dylan's name on it and left it by the kettle along with his door keys. He picked up the phone and dialled and waited for an answer when it came he responded with,

"Hi Ian, its Lucas."

"Uh Ian I need a favour of you and Josie,"

"Umm could you put me up for a couple of nights till I get a job and my own place, I can pay you for the stay?"

"Thanks Ian, I'll be there within the hour."

"Okay see you in a bit, and he hung up.

He took his finger off the cut-off bar heard the dialling tone and dialled for a cab again, while he waited the normal ten minutes before it arrived he went to the kitchen cupboard and pulled out a biscuit tin. Inside the tin was a roll of banknotes, he counted out 150 stuffed the rest back and made his way back to where his case was, a couple of minutes later the cab driver was knocking on the door. He took one quick look around shrugged his shoulders closed the front door made his way to the cab put his case in the back climbed in and told the driver 24 Bridge Street.



At the Hotel after their initial drink at the bar Dylan and Angela made their way to her room, the thought of food far from their minds. Inside the room they went into an instant embrace which led to Dylan lifting her off her feet and carrying her to the bed. He broke the embrace and started to remove her clothing; while his hands were occupied in the task her hand had moved to his groin and was now massaging his engorged manhood. The feel of her hand caressing his cock sent him into overdrive his slow disrobing of her now became a frenzied strip. As soon as he had her naked he pulled off his trousers and underwear leaving his shirt and tie on.

He grabbed her legs lifted them up and rammed his cock into her crutch, which only brought a contented sigh from her.

Without standing on ceremony he fucked her like there was no tomorrow shoving his cock deeper and deeper with her yelling more, more till with a yell and a juddering of his hips he flooded her with his semen then slowly sank down to lie on top of her.

An hour later after they'd showered and dressed they made their way to the restaurant to have a belated dinner.

At 24 Bridge Street he rang the bell and waited for about ten seconds before it was opened by a tall broad shouldered young man with a shaved head.

Lucas looked up at his friend smiled saying "Hi Ian"

"Lucas, come on in, just dump your case in the hallway you can take it up to your room later."

He left his case as requested and followed Ian into the sitting room.

As he took a seat Ian said, "You want to talk."

"Yeah I don't mind."

"So what happened, I thought nothing could come between you and Dylan the way you spoke about him."

"Yeah so did I till this bird showed up. Christ she's like way out of the league of girls that he used to go with, and her figure is like you get in those cartoons you know like that dame in Roger Rabbit. When she comes around the corner her tits come first and two minutes later the rest of her comes into view."

Ian burst out laughing on hearing the boy's description of the woman that Dylan had found.

"Shit there's no way I can compete with that so instead of waiting around before he asked me to leave I just packed my bags and legged it out of there. Yeah I'm a bit down and all but it's not the end of the world and maybe the next time I won't be so quick to jump into bed with someone."

"Come on Lucas give him a chance it might just be a one night stand."

Yeah well if it is that's his hard fucking luck, and in any case how many more one night stands is he going to have."

"Okay do you want a cup of tea or something to eat?"

"I'll pass on the food but tea sounds good, where's Josie and the baby?"

"They've gone visiting her parents I've got to go and pick her up in an hour's time; you want to come with me?"

"No I'll wait here."

"Shit, come on Lucas keep me company."

"Okay but go and make that tea you offered me about an hour ago."

He smiled and left the room thinking he never changes always to the point.

The couple spent a leisurely hour eating and when they finished had a couple of drinks then went back up to Angela's room where they continued where they had left off previously. After midnight Dylan gave her a parting kiss and made his way home.

He entered the house and noting that no lights were on assumed Lucas was in bed. He made his way to the kitchen switched on the light and saw the envelope with his name on it resting against the kettle and the set of keys alongside it. Immediately his stomach turned over somehow he knew that what was within the envelope would not be to his liking.

Quickly he tore it open and read.



The way you left the house this evening made me feel that something was not quite right. So I caught a cab and followed you to the Queen's Hotel where I saw you and your girlfriend enter the lift and I presume go to her room.

I returned home and have taken what clothes I need and 150 from the biscuit tin. I left before you came home so that we wouldn't have any argument and you wouldn't have to ask me to leave. It's best this way, I thought that you had got over being with women but I was wrong and wish you all the luck with your girlfriend who is a lot better than the slag's you used to go out with.


He read the letter again and couldn't believe what he was reading.

"Oh God! He thought, "Now what." He made his way to the bedroom and saw that all his clothes that he'd thrown around the room were still where he'd left them

He sat down on the bed, and put his head in his hands wondering why he had been stupid enough to try and fool Lucas, the boy could read him like a book. Because of his macho pride thinking that Angela would never forget the pounding he'd give her he had messed up his relationship with Lucas, but the annoying thing that had dented his ego was, she'd taken everything he'd given her and wanted more and to crown it all he hadn't enjoyed the sex like he did with Lucas, it really didn't have any emotional attachment to it only pure lust.


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