………………………..God, how stupid can I be? George asked himself for the hundredth time that day as he steered the hardly used mobile home into a neglected trailer-park-cum-picnic area, apparently the only one in this small-town suburb of Langley. He half-walked, half-hoisted himself to the rear, the living compartments of the vehicle, again berating himself for succumbing to this escapade. Several months prior, one of his forays into an internet chatroom had produced a friend. They had chatted that one time and immediately traded email addresses. Inspite of George's seven year gap with the fourteen year old boy, Christopher, they had been able to establish a tangible relationship.

It was approaching Thanksgiving when Christopher discovered that the older boy had had no definite plan for the holidays. He insisted that George come down to Virginia so they could finally meet in person. George was immensely thrilled to hear this, but he refused to take it seriously. Christopher had insisted, saying via email that he was seriously expecting George to show up for the weekend. Whatever apprehensions George had that were enough to deter him from going were immediately neutralized when Christopher called him up at his dorm in the University to confirm.

George called his Aunt Cecilia to inform her that he was finally taking her long-standing offer to make use of the state-of-the-art trailer home that was useless to the conservative widow. She was, on the other hand, adamant about not selling the last passion her husband had purchased before his unexpected death a year before.

Christopher emailed George the next day to say that he would not be having parents for a week, as they were going to go on a supposed second honeymoon. The boys would be free to mess around, Chris had stated.

Mess around, George said to himself as he riffled through his wallet for the kid's phone number. Mess around indeed, with a minor who has experienced other boys. With me. George had never had a sexual relationship with another boy. Whatever actual sexual experiences he could admit to were all heterosexual, although those were seldom and none culminated in the boy losing his 21 year old cherry.

"George!" Christopher's alto voice crackled from the earpiece. "Come fetch me-it's just two blocks away from that trailer park!"

"Hmm, okay, but-"

"Never mind. I'll bike there, okay? Are you the only trailer? Bye!"

Jeez, this kid is a wonder, George thought as he sat on the steps of the mobile home, smoking a cigarette. I can get arrested for flirting with a kid, right? Just flirting?

A blond boy suddenly careened into the grassy lawn from the side walk, his mountain bike weaving in dizzying directions. The biker headed straight for the trailer home. George's heart climbed up to his throat as he realized how, for the first time, incredibly gorgeous the boy was. He fucking gave me no clue he looked like this! He gaped at the dark blond hair tousled carelessly around a summer-tanned face which was a bewitching combination of innocence and mischief. He kicks Leo diCaprio, Mac Culkin, and Prince William all in the ass! Does he know how cute he is? He gazed down and saw long, coltish legs glinting gold wherever the sun struck the fine hairs.

"What? Do I look like a fuckin' monster?" The boy spoke, thrusting out his hand. "Christopher, at your service."

George took the hand, pleased at the firm grip the kid gave him. This guy is no sissy type. "You sure didn't tell me how handsome you are!"

"Aw, c'mon!" Christopher blushed. "You look cool yourself too!" George smile demurely. He knew it. Although not particularly handsome, he prided himself on the way he had been brought up and the way he carried himself. He spoke well, dressed well, was intelligent and charming to the point of being covertly manipulative. His personality just about charged his 5'10", 160 lb., curly brown hair, and liquid almond shaped eyes with a inexplicable but noticable personality.

"Get in here, kid!" George growled good-naturedly at Christopher, instinctively feeling at ease with him. "Make yourself at home while you're here. No questions asked."

Christopher looked around perfunctorily. His eyes settled on the mini fridge's glass door. "Cool, dude, oh- you got some booze! Can I have a beer?"

George shrugged. "I dunno, dude. Aren't you way underage? Have some cigs instead." George tossed Christopher the box of Winstons. "We might get into trouble, y'know."

Christopher unconsciously made a childish face. "Look, there are so many illegal things me and my other underage friends do! This won't change shit!" He sank into the sofa and tapped his cigarette on the edge. "Besides, I'll give you a kiss for every beer!"

George felt his neck and face suffusing with heat. He glanced down at Chris' crotch and bare legs. Goddamn. His cock twitched and rose in his boxer shorts, pushing out a cylindrical outline on his fly. He looked at Chris and he knew the boy had seen it.

Christopher stood up and got two cans of Heineken. He walked over to him and put the cans on the countertop at their side. With a sly grin, he reached up and encircled George's neck and pulled him down the four inch difference in their height.

As George closed his eyes, he drank in the clean, fresh scent of the boy. He felt a soft pair of lips press against his briefly, gently. "You're the first guy I've kissed, y'know." Christopher said, looking at him with a shy, nervous smile.

"Me, too." George grunted softly. "But that was not a kiss, dude. This is." He bent down slowly and gently ran the tip of his tongue over Chris' relaxed lips. Tentatively, he put his arms around the boy as he pressed his tongue gently between the closed lips. Chris stuck out his tongue and pushed it against George's aggresively. The older boy gently sucked Christopher's tongue into his mouth as he felt arms running across his back. Suddenly very aware of his raging erection, he pressed his pelvis gently against Christopher. His rigid cock coming to about Chris' navel, where it definitely made it's presence known.

Chris moaned softly and sucked George's tongue into his mouth. He took hold of George's hand and led it down to his crotch and pressed it on the tented front of the sports shorts.

Unsteady with lust and shaking with nervousness, George gently palmed the first cock other than his own, loosely molding his hand against the straining cloth, the cock, the balls.

"The bed," croaked Christopher. "No, the fucking floor…….!" He gave a small nervous giggle.

Both boys sank on their knees, each acutely aware of the intense arousal between both of them. Chris' shorts were flagrantly distended, apparently unrestrained by any underwear. He reached out to George's crotch and ran his fingers over the distended designer button-fly.

"Teach me, show me what to do," George murmured into Chris' ear as he was nuzzling his neck.

"I don't need to teach you shit, big boy," Chris grunted, easing George's sweater off. George reached out to remove Chris' thin jersey, but it was already being almost ripped off by the young boy. Still on their knees on the thick, luxurious, expensive shag carpet, they came together and rubbed tongues aggressively. George explored Chris' smooth, strong back, his lithe, tanned arms, the subtle tufts of hair in his armpits.

Shivers coursed through George's body as he felt Chris exploring his nipples, his flat chest, the fur under his navel. The blond boy marveled at George's body hair as he watched his legs wriggle out of his jeans. "Wow, such macho hair……..I wish I'd grow some."

"get your fucking socks off!" George commanded brusquely. Inside, his mind was spinning furiously. No drug had ever hit him with this intensity, possessing every iota of his being. This is what I fucking missed as a teenager. This boy is so fucking WOW!

Chris gazed at him through his dilated blue eyes. "This feels different, dude. When I play around with my buddies, it never feels this…….this fucking intense. Jesus Christ!" The boy sat now, and George saw a beautiful pink testicle hanging out the leg of his shorts.

"Stand up, Chris. I wanna see you strip, " George said, remaining on the floor. He reached own and squeezed his painfully hard cock as the Greek-statue-come-to-life slowly pulled his shorts down. First, the oddly erotic outsy belly button, and then slowly, the swollen red glans, behind which lay the inevitable collar of brown-blond fur. It seemed like hours had passed as the gartered waistband slowly travel down the young, hard cock. George moaned softly with desire as Chris finally stepped out of his shorts, balls dangling so seductively between the long, lean adolescent thighs. Chris walked over to George, who stared at the beautiful thick rod not a foot away from his face. He thought he could smell a musky hint of maleness from the youth, a fresher version of his smell, he realized as he was being pulled up to stand.

They kissed again for a long moment as Christopher lay his hands on George's hips, pulling at the waistband, reaching inside to feel the thick, crinkly hair. He stood back and gazed intently as he eased the boxers down over his friends' raging hardness, past the tight, hairy ball sack, the lean, hairy legs.

For a moment they stood, drinking in each other's nakedness. Without speaking, Chris led George to the sofa bed. The only sounds for the two boys at that moment were the galloping heartbeat, the heavy, starined breaths, and the subtle, organic sound of flesh meeting flesh.

"I can cum just by kissing you, dude, I swear," Chris murmured through parched lips. He gestured at his thick pink penis. It was dribbling copious amounts of glistening pre-cum on the bed, his thigh, his smooth, succulent groin. His heavy balls had retracted slightly, but still quite puddled on the inside of his thigh. Christopher ran his hands through the fur on George's thighs, down his shins, and up the back of the lean legs to the small ass.

George gently licked and sucked at the dark pink nipples, feeling them harden in his mouth. From skills learned vicariously, he he proceeded to nuzzle the broadening shoulders, the moist, fuzzy armpits, the smooth, strong chest. Alternately, he kissed, licked, and sucked his way down the almost-legendary torso, around the oddly sexy protruding navel. The dark, musky male smell tickled at his nose as he licked the faint, golden beginnings of a line of fur under the boy's navel.

"Oh, God, George. Stop. There's a lot of time for that. Let me….." and the blond boy lay on top of him and began to kiss him wetly.

George noticed with amusement that the boy was not a very experienced kisser, technically. But boy, he sure makes up for it in all ways!

In the hot, damp center of their tangle, their cocks lay tightly beside each other, about the same length. Chris began to rock, pressing his cock on George's. "Move with me, dude, move……." And George did, upwards, sliding himself against Christopher, moistened by the boys' amazing amount of pre-cum. In a near-total daze he moved with the boy, half-doubting that it was real. George took one of Chris' hands led it down. They both held the cock of the other loosely, merely guiding the rods together as they moved with each other. Their left hands clutched gently at the balls of the other boy, George rolling Chris' around and Chris running his fingers through the hairs. Their motions intensified, Chris moaned: "gonna shoot, gonna fuckin' shoot. Oh God, yeah." He froze, spasmed, and expelled the first shot of hot semen. Resuming his motions, he rocked back and forth as he shot and dribbled the rest of his staggering amount of cum. George came not long after, clutching wildly around the blond's back as he came and came.

Chris stayed a moment on George, catching his breath. Langourously George licked at a nipple, feeling the other's still hard cock twitching against his already flaccid one. God, what a stud, what a little god this boy is.

Chris rolled off and reached for his beer and lit a cigarette. "That was really awesome, George, really awesome.," he bubbled smilingly.

"My very first time…………still think it's a fuckin' dream……"he murmured to no one in particular, reaching down to hold Chris' hard, slippery dick.

"Nope, that dicks' no dream!" Chris answered Gradually his face became thoughtful, as he stared into space. "why do I feel so free with you? I have a friend who'd do this shit with me, but…….he gets so damn girly, it scares me. I mess with guys coz' I want the man in them, not the woman, right? Oh, stop me. Don't let me ramble like this."

George didn't respond. He was wiping the cum off them both with his discarded sweater. Christopher was finally softening, his cock seemingly deflating and receding ever so slightly into the golden crown around it. It's one of those that stay full even when flaccid.

"I'm gonna shower. Wanna join me?" George announced as he stood, unsure wheteher or not he could assume they'd shower together.

As they talked, they bonded like brothers in the narrow shower stall. They scrubbed each other as if they were two very young brothers in the bath together. They were not raunchy, they did not even kiss. Pure exploration.

"Oh, this scar is from a soccer accident………."

"Uncut? I like the look."

"Your dick is really a beauty. It looks so sweet, and see, there's no circumcision scar. And your fuckin' balls. Huge fuckers." George murmured appreciatively.

"I really want more hair," Chris stated wistfully.

George's cock began to fill up with blood as they were towelling each other off. It expanded enormously from its' normally limp and wrinkled flaccid state. Chris smirked naughtily, and watched his own prick rise and redden. He had the type of cock that stays virtually the same length, erect or not. It was always heavy with blood. This type of cock makes nice bulges under clothes.

They stood by the long mirror on the door, looking at their reflection. Chris noted that George's cock curved to the right and it pointed into the crinkly, furry groin a bit. They both noticed the fraction of an inch more that George had . But the brunette pointed out the impressive girth of Chris' cock. George, in awe, traced the muscular V that tapered from the blond ones' abdomen down to a point from which the incredible, hard, thick cock thrust proudly.

"Have you tasted cum?" George asked as Chris leaned over to lick at his nipples.

"Just mine, and really little……"

"I haven't even tried my own, even!" George said. "But I really want to suck your cock and I want you to suck mine."

"Suck you?! But, I've never-"

"Hey, kid, neither have I……….we can warn about coming anyway, can't we? Then we decide if we swallow." George reached down and cradled the other boys' heavy nuts in his hand. "C'mon, get on the table. I'll suck you first."

"Why don't we 69, to be fair?"

"Because," George swallowed, searching for words. "When I taste cock for the first time, I want that taste to be all I am aware of. No distractions like my own dick getting worked. Understand?"

Christopher nodded solemnly. For a moment he looked much much younger than his 14 ¾ years; he looked like a child who had been told something big, a little boy who found out that he has understood this mighty truth revealed to him.

"Don't look at me with that little boy face! It' s too damn beautiful. Hell, why the fuck are you such a handsome young man?"

Christopher grinned a little shyly as he maneuvered himself onto the table. His fuzzy shins dangled down, and his hard, thick cock rose from between them and over the heavy ball sack pooling on the table top.

George stood in front of him, slightly between his knees as .they leaned together to touch tongues. Chris playfully tugged George's cock. "You're next, curvey." They kissed for a while as Chris ran hi fingertips slowly up and down the underside of the straining, virgin phallus.

George sank down on a wooden stool as Christopher eased himself forward and perched near the edge of the tabletop. Bending forward, George tentatively let the very tip of his tongue touch the swollen, fiery glans. Slowly, he let more tongue loose, testing the flavors, the texture. A just-washed-skin scent and a tantalizing combination of hard, soft, spongy, rigid, smooth, and rough skin met his tongue.

"Goddamn, this can't be your first time!" Chris exclaimed as George started getting into it. He sucked by instinct, knowing somehow which felt good and which wouldn't. He inhaled the wet, hot odor of the blond patch every time he sucked until the root; he let the smell tickle his entire body. He ran his hands lovingly down the legs on either side of him, allowing his fingertips to feel the fuzz of a boy growing into a man. He felt as the fuzz gradually gained substance, towards the lean, shapely shins of the sighing blond boy.

"Could you suck my nut?" gasped Chris weakly.

George took the big balls of the virile young man into his hot, wet mouth while he jerked the cock off. He savored the fresh youth .of the smooth scrotum as he stroked the .cock above him. Christopher came suddenly, shooting a weaker jet of less semen than the first time, but still marvelously copious. A glob landed on the blond nipple and he rubbed it in as he let himself go from spurt to dribble.

Before long, the blond maneuvered the brunette to the bed. He licked and sucked and nibbled on the man's body, using his tongue in a deliciously awkward and titillatingly unchoreographed dance. The hard, straining cock was avoided intentionally by Christopher as he ravaged George's body. He found himself constantly drawn to the hairy parts, lingering to nuzzle the armpits, the belly, the groin, and the legs. He sucked at the tight sack until it loosened, dropping slightly. I'm bigger, he thought to himself as he washed the kinky scrotum hairs with his saliva. He liked the neutral odor of his friends' skin, the unathletic, soft body of an artist or a musician, arousing due to its' uniqueness.

And finally he sucked the cock. He sucked hard, bobbing his head up and down at a near furious pace. Inexperience showed through the rough awkward techniques of the beautiful young boy. But that thought turned George on even further. That a young, innocent, trusting, and absolutely lovable little god was now between his legs, sucking heatedly. The thick blond hair tucked behind the ears, the smooth, unblemished face, the perfect nose, the huge blue eyes looking up at me while sucking my fuckin' bone, and those full red lips wrapped around it, oh God………..! And when he warned Chris, the boy didn't stop, he let the cock explode in his mouth. And he tried to swallow it, but he couldn't. It trickled out between the cock and the lips wrapped around it, to George's sweaty, sweaty groin.