This is a true story of a growing 18 years old Asian guy sharing us in clear details his first real gay sex which he will never forget as long as he lives.

Here it is...enjoy!

This happen a long-time ago when I was still at a young age of 18 (I'm turning 32 now). As you know, Philippines is a very Catholic country that until now.....there's still a big problem of discrimination among gay people. When I was in my teens, I used to like girls....and I am not pulling anyone's leg (distraction: Can I pull the other "leg" instead....hehehe!)But I was quite popular among girls back then in high school.....being a member of the varsity team, a student officer, dance trouper, etc.... But all of it I felt that it was just a show or perhaps I was fighting my hidden feelings back then.

I knew I was special when I was around 10-12 yrs old that I asked neighbour; who I believe was in his 50's at that time. He was cleaning their surroundings in his old tight pants rolled up almost to his knees unevenly with no shirt under the hot sun, with his glowing greyish hair waving as he moves, and his beautiful chest together with some chiselled abs gain naturally from working in the construction awash by sweat......and guess what words blurted out of my mouth? I told him...."What a handsome man you are." As he smiled to me with those perfectly white teeth and replied back, "MMMmm! It seems like someone is going to be gay one day!" Then I said, "What do you mean by gay?"

He looked around and told me to tone it down or someone else will hear our conversation. I went closer to him and as he was explaining to me what it was, my eyes were transfixed to his beautiful face and I only understand half of what he said at that time. He did explain it briefly by saying that gay people are special kind of people who likes their same kind. Whatever he meant at that time, I just listened, bcoz just being close to him made me feel closer than close. I'm sure he could have explained it more deeply if I was 16...but the fact was I wasn't. But then again.....I remember or even until now that the perception of the general mass towards gay in my country is somewhat different. They think or most people would say that the "queenie" ones were the real gays and the one that acts like a straight man....are then labelled as bi-sexual......funny huh!...believe me but it's true.

Anyway...where was I with my story? Oooopppsss! Back to my first gay sexual encounter! Whew, sorry I was sidetracked a bit. Hehehe! So, I was 18 with no gay experience yet at that time went to a summer job in Subic Bay (a former US base in the Philippines) as a spray painter of roofs and the workplace was quite far from the main gate coz it's located almost on the other side of peninsula (well, I'm not sure if it was a peninsula but let's call it that way). There was a sudden rain that day that I reached work soaking wet. I went straight to dry my clothes back at the dressing area. Good thing we use different clothes when painting....the normal kind of what painters do use. Eventually, we have to wait for that rain to stop before we could paint the unfinished roofs again. It took us almost half a day before we resumed our work.

Another misfortune happened again at the end of that day. I happen to have missed the last bus bcoz I was waiting for my clothes to dry out (we don't have a drier or laundry room that's why). As you know, 7pm in my country is already dark. So I was forced to walk back to the main gate (around 3-4km far). I used to run 5km in high school so I thought 3km was nothing.

As I was at a distance of almost a km, there was a car light behind me from afar(there were several building in the area in which we are not allowed to go in to so I assumed that whoever was in the car works in one of those section of the area). In the Philippines, we are not accustomed to hitchhiking even though I was tempted at that time to wave my hands, but I continued walking. Then stops an SUV and I was greeted by a smiling Caucasian man in ties & ask me to hop in. He was in between 50-60's I guess, 5'9", a little beer belly, sporting a nice thick moustache, and a broad shoulder like a swimmer type and a beautiful blue eyes.

I did say thank you very much once I get in to his car and he asked me where I was heading. I said, "To the main gate sir." After that he told me if is it fine that he goes a little detour to pick up some papers in the other Subic area and I said fine. So we did and as we are in the car he told me that he just arrived a few months ago and that he lives outside the base around 5-6km from the main gate. As he was about to drop me to the main gate, he asked me where I am staying and I said it's on the other side of this area and as I told him where it was, he told me that he also lives in the area and so another 5-6km of ride and talk.

There was gentleness in his voice that I started to like at that moment that I find enjoyable just listening to him. As he drops me to that hostel I was staying, he asked me if I don't have anything to do later that I can drop by at his place for a drink. I was a little hesitant at first but said yes in the end. I think I said yes bcoz I was curious and that a nice older guy showed a kind of sweet affection to me that touched my heart a bit. The gesture of giving me a ride back home and invite me for a drink, I felt the sincerity in his voice so I said, "why not?"

He told me the number and street and it was indeed a short distance. I rang the doorbell and a few seconds he came with white tank top and in red shorts showing his hairy body and good physique.....and asked me to come in. His place was nice....located in a row of apartment that looks like that famous apartment buildings of San Francisco. But only with a little garden and bushes that covers the view of the neighbours from one another. He asked me if I want a beer and I said "yes" and asked me to wait in the garden.

As I was sitting in the wooden chair, fresh breeze of air coming towards me and that felt good and I closed my eyes and felt that air rushed to my face. Then he came by with a pitcher of beer and some barbecues he ordered his neighbour to do for him before he left his office (nice neighbour huh!). So we talked again and he told me he comes from the island of Maui, Hawaii and told me he is just at home in Subic bcoz it's quite similar to the weather they have there. We talked about normal things and the funny thing on my part at that time was that....I didn't feel any threat whatsoever. I was just enjoying talking with this guy with my not yet good spoken English at that time.

I felt different having to share my thoughts and personal things with this stranger. We talked about almost everything, from sports, to movies, to foods, to things I have never heard before. We drunk and laugh and drunk and laugh until we had 4 pitchers of beer gone...until it was 11pm (that is late in Philippine & asked him thank you and good night. But he still wasn't ready to let me go yet so he asked me if I could stay a little bit longer and we could watch a movie inside. I remember exactly what movie we watched "American Gigolo"(a movie starring Richard Gere and some scenes in that movie were filmed there in Subic Bay). I was surprised when I noticed those scenes and he said that I was a good observer. After drinking that beer eventually it needs to come out so I asked him if I could use his toilet, which he replied "yes".

I didn't noticed that he followed me and when I was coming out of the toilet there he was standing looking into my eyes as he came closer and closer to me until I was pinned down to the wall. He said he likes me very much that he wants to make love with me. I didn't really took his words seriously bcoz I thought either I was just drunk and he's tipsy or could this be happening? I didn't know how to respond to it even though my brain and heart at that time is shouting me "just go on with it". He leaned even closer until he kissed my lips and I just closed my eyes and went with it. So, yeah! I just went with it. The kiss started gently until it became more and more passionate as it went.

We probably have kissed for several minutes bcoz we we're catching our breath after we let go with each other's lips. He then took my hand and took me upstairs in his room. He then slowly undresses me while his eyes are into mine all the time until I'm totally undressed. He then went on to touch my body softly before he took his own clothes off. Once in his total nakedness I can't help but admired his hairy chest and damn I thought, he was sexier naked than dressed for sure. What caught my eyes was his raging hard-on. It was the first time I have seen a real Caucasian penis and I thought it was enormous.....with its fat helmet shaped head glistening with precum. Just by looking at it made me feel so nervous after that.

I have seen bisexual porn before that, that I remembered one scene in the porn movie where the other guy sticking his cock in the other guy's tiny hole while the guy being fucked was fucking a woman. Then he asked me to lie in bed face down.....and that made me so nervous that I was thinking "Oh shit! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die...repeatedly. I only felt relaxed when he said, "don't you worry, I'm not gonna stick this thing in you, I just wanted give you a massage, a massage that you will never forget (which is true). So he started the massage from head to toes and really! I have never felt so relax before in my entire life....adding that his hairy body also give a little ticklish sensation while it brushes through my skin. He knows where those pressure points in my body and he really worked them very well.

I did not track the time but it was probably almost half an hour on that back part alone......until he asked me to roll over. He started from head to down again and while he was doing my head.....his huge cock was almost touching my lips. I didn't know how to react to it but I slowly reached it and start to play with it, measuring the thickness with my hands (like a scientist studying a specimen...that's how I felt at that moment). He said it's above average size among Caucasians, but I did not really take his word for it bcoz it was my first time to see a huge cock and more.....holding it. Wow! I was in total awe. He continued doing the massage until he is bending down and almost kissing my very hard dick....begging for attention but he just teased it. He reached my foot and gave the best foot massage ever. I felt I was having orgasm based on the sound of my moaning bcoz it was really good.....and then after my feet, he said, "now there's only one muscle left, but this time I won't just use my hands with it".

I had an idea what's coming but I did not expect such beautiful thing can happen.  He engulf my cock and suck it good like there was no tomorrow while I was turning my head left and right trying to rationalize if what's happening is reality or just a wonderful dream. He was in total control, as if he was reading my mind while giving me the pleasure of my life. I didn't want to end that sensation but I couldn't hold much any longer either...and so I said, "I told him I was coming"...and there it went, my seed exploded into his mouth catching every loads of my nectar until the very last drop. I was breathless for a moment still trying to figure out and asking myself, what was that?

That was the best blowjob I ever had in my entire life...that first really huge release....that one special release which we always compare to our hundreds of releases.....endless grading each one of them and knowing which is the best. I can say that was A-1 on my list...even until now for sure. But that did not end there.....we rest for a few minutes, he even went down to bring me cold beer.....and how wonderful that cold beer pass through my throat down to the oesophagus. Mmmmm! Total satisfaction......those two words were the only words that can vindicate that experience at that very moment. While lying with him on the bed.....he was playing my hard cock again and after he thought I was re-energized, he went down on me again and does his magic trick only this time it's different.

He was deep-throating me......and oh my buddha! That was another first for me and here I was absorbing all that great sensation again.......until he stands up and gets something in the drawer. It was condom and a lube.......and I can see it coming and I was bracing myself for another first. "Damn! How lucky could I be.......I whispered to myself." He put the condom in my cock then lubes it and puts a little in his behind before he came to ride my cock. The pleasure of that first plunge is one of the best memories of every gay man. It's like hypnotizes both person to have their mouth open and just embrace that amazing moment. As he went up and down....I felt like I was in heaven. He worked his muscle control to perfection and there was no word to describe that feeling at that very moment. My heart and brain stopped....and it's just the cock that's in total control.

Until I was close to coming again and he told me that we should come together that time. It went went fast and faster and faster until he said, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! And as he started to say those cock ached for release and as he looks into my eyes and me to his, we both came at the same time. He stayed planted with my cock for awhile, feeling that pulse up and down before he came lying next to me....he kissed me on my lips and said "thank you for that amazing lovemaking". And I replied, "I should be the one to thanking you for showing me how wonderful this could be".

I told him after that at how many times I have tried to fighting the feeling within me and how much I appreciate what he had done that finally opened that feeling inside me without questioning where it lead me. I stayed with him that night and I ended up going to work with the same clothes I had after changing to a new set before I went to his place.....with him giving me a lift again.

I had a week left on my summer job at that time that he asked me to stay at his place on that period instead of paying a place to stay. Of course I couldn't resist another kindness of him.

We did share another week after that before I went back to my hometown. I have learned a lot from him at that short time we were together and the experience taught me how to embrace who I am today. After we bid our goodbyes at the bus station and some tears in his eyes (I can tell bcoz he wore sunglasses at that time). I told him, "I will comeback one of these days"......and he replied, "you know where to find me".

I never forget him after that and he will always be in my heart as long as I live. I went back the next summer but found out that he moved back to the US few months after I left bcoz a family member died. After that, I never heard anything from him again.

His name was Michael, a very sweet and lovely man. Wherever he is, I hope he's fine and for sure....I have also left my mark in him...just like he did to me.