Chapter 10

For the entire weekend, they pretty much stayed in and did nothing at all. Monday Kyle received a call from the school, telling him what school supplies he would be needing, because he had not been informed when they were at the school, the principal apologized for having forgotten that. After the call, Todd and Kyle went shopping to get him everything that he needed, and then when they got home, they sat back and relaxed.

Trish had gone to work that very morning for the first time, and she was a bit nervous, but happy too, because it was going to be a much better job than she had before, and she could not wait to start. She had a great day, mostly just meeting everyone and learning where everything was in the considerably larger city hall than she had been used to. Her office was huge and bright too, which surprised her, it was easily four times larger than she had had before, so that was very nice. By the end of the day she felt she had met everyone there and only hoped she would at least remember a few of them.

Just after lunch, Kyle and Todd were sitting at the table playing cards and talking, when Kyle asked the question that Todd did not want to hear.

“So, when are you heading back to work? You said you'd head back to work once I was back to school, and that's tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I know, and I should head back too, they all want me to, and I suppose I do too, but I'm gonna sorta miss being here all day with you too. I suppose you're gonna be in school anyway during the day, so it won't be so bad.”

“I won't be here anyway, so what difference would it make. You could always do most of your work from home too, and maybe even be here for when I get home from school.”

“Yeah, I could do that. I could easily arrange it that way, so that all my appointments are for first thing in the morning and then come home to work.”

“Then there you go, you go to work tomorrow then and we just do what needs to be done I guess.”

“I suppose so.”

That evening when Trish got home, she excitedly told the two of them all about her day and how big her office was, everything. They were happy that she was so happy, and they all ate dinner while talking excitedly. Kyle told his mom all about their school supply shopping trip and what all he got, including the five new sets of clothes, which of course included some more diaper shirts, she was happy with that as well.

The following morning they all got ready to go, and because they were a considerable distance from Kyle's new school, Todd was going to drive him to and from school until they moved and he could take the bus or ride his bike. Trish left first, and then shortly thereafter, Todd and Kyle left as well. Even though they wanted to kiss each other when Todd dropped Kyle off, they knew that was not a good idea. They did hug each other and give each other a light kiss as they said I love you to each other.

“Now, in case I'm a few minutes late, just wait out front here for me, okay. I shouldn't be, but you never know when I might get busy and forget the time, it happens to me all the time.”

“Okay, I can call too if you're too late.”

“True. Have a good day, love you, see you in a few hours..”

“Love you too.”

Todd pulled away and Kyle headed into the school. He went right to the office to talk to the principal to find out where exactly he was supposed to go. He ended up waiting a few minutes, but eventually the principal exited and smiled to see Kyle waiting there for him.

“Good morning Sir. I was just coming to find out where I was supposed to go, and if you'd even managed to get me into the proper class already.”

“Yes, I did, no worries there. I'll take you to your new class right now and introduce you to your teacher. He's gonna be in there already anyway, and there's where you're supposed to go first, so that's where I'll take you. I'm sure he'll assign you someone to help guide you around the school as well. So follow me.”

Kyle was led almost all the way across the school, they went about as far from the office as you could possibly be, but when they arrived, it was to a very nice large classroom that had great light and was coloured perfectly. The teacher at the desk looked up and smiled when he saw the two people arrive.

“Ah, glad you're here. Kyle, this is your teacher for this class, his name's Mr. Flounder, though most of the kids just call him Fish.”

“You either had to get used to the names or you got teased a lot as a kid I bet.” Kyle grinned.

“I got used to them.” He laughed.

“I bet.”

“So, you're Kyle then correct?”

“That's correct Sir.” Kyle said, shaking his teachers hand.

“It's good to meet you, Mr. Denton told me all about you, and I think you'll make a wonderful addition to this classroom. If ever you're in need of a diaper change, just put up your hand and I'll excuse you. One of the other two diaper wearers this school has is also in this classroom and that's how we deal with it. To help reduce the chances that others will find out and possibly tease him, he clearly does not go to the main washroom, so you'll go to the office during class, so that once again other kids don't see you going to the office all the time, and then the nurses office is in there, so that's where you can go.”

“Oh, that's a good idea. I'll probably only need to change once a day at most, and I can change myself.”

“That's good. The nurse can help out if ever needed, but the others just change themselves as well.”


“Okay, well the bell's gonna ring in just a minute here, so why don't you go ahead and take a seat, anywhere in the half circle you want is just fine. We don't have assigned seats here, you just sit wherever you want every day, though it's usually a fight who gets closest to the windows.”

“Okay, then I think for today I'll take that one.” Kyle smiled.

“Good choice.”

“Well Kyle, I'm gonna head back to the office, you have a good day and come see me if you have any questions or problems.”

“Thanks Sir, will do.”

He headed out right away while Kyle got all his stuff out and somewhat ready to go. A few seconds later the bell rang, and then shortly after that, several students came rushing in. A few smiled at the sight of a new boy in their class, a couple smiled brighter still that he was so cute, sadly one of them was a girl.

“Okay students, go ahead and take your seats if you would, and we can get started.” He waited a few moments for them to all get seated and quiet, and when they were, he started again. “Okay, so as you've hopefully noticed already, we have a new student amongst us, and a few missing as well. Kyle, in case Mr. Denton did not inform you before now, this class has students of all grades in it, because there's so few of you in the advanced class, it's easier to have only one class. This means that you get to work at your own pace as well. So, students, this is Kyle. He recently moved here and is joining us. So, Kyle, I'd like you to get up first and introduce yourself, and then all the students will do the same for you as well.”

“Um, okay.” Kyle stuttered slightly and blushed. He knew this was coming, and he knew that it was going to happen, but still, he did not like doing what he was about to do, every person in the room could tell as well, but most of them were the same. “Okay, I guess here goes. I'm Kyle, I'm ten years old, and I guess because they've put me in with you guys, that I'm pretty smart too. I don't know about that most days though, this is really hard on me, I don't like talking in front of a whole bunch of people like this. My dad, before he died, used to tell me all the time that I was too shy and that I needed to work on that. So yeah, my dad died several months ago now, a really bad accident at work, and my mom and I came out here to live with my godfather, who was my dads best friend. That's the reason I'm here. My godfather told me I also had to tell you this, even though I don't really wanna, but he said because I got bullied so much at my last school, that I should tell you at least that I'm gay and that because I have a very bad bladder, I have to wear diapers as well. There, now everyone knows my deepest darkest secrets, so no one can tease me about it or try and harass me for it.” He said, the last part with such a blush. Three boys in the class were seen to smile even brighter now.

“That was very brave of you Kyle. I trust Mr. Denton told you about our gay bi group that we have and that you'd be welcome to join it?”

“He did.”

“That's good. As for being teased and harassed here, you won't have to worry about it. No one, in this class especially, would dream of teasing you for either, because to do so will earn them punishments far more severe than they care to partake in. And no, expelling them isn't what we do here, just make them wish we would. I know of a couple other gay students in this class though, and even another diaper wearer, I'm sure they'll introduce themselves to you before too long. We try not to have too many secrets in this school, so that everyone knows everyone, and at least in this class, I know of none.”


“So, starting next to Kyle, I want each of you to stand up and introduce yourselves as well. And remember, just like Kyle, most of you are very shy and don't like doing this, but he did it, and he doesn't even know any of you at all.”

It was true though, almost every student that stood up blushed and or stuttered as they introduced themselves. Kyle knew he was not going to remember all the information, but he found out a lot about all of them. There were three gay boys and one girl, two bi girls and one boy, and the one diaper wearer was also gay. The rest had secrets as well, and he found that two of the kids in the class still wet the bed every night, or almost anyway, and a few more that were occasional wetters, then one was so afraid of the dark that she slept with the light on, and there were a couple other interesting things said, but they all got up and said it.

“Okay, that was very good guys, you're getting better at that. Now, given that today's mostly a wasted day anyway, and you need to learn all about the school Kyle, we're gonna go on a tour of the school. We'll show you everything about the place, where everything is, and we'll even go over all the rules of the school and punishments for breaking them.”

The entire class then got up and followed the teacher from their class. Kyle was shown everything about it, where the nurses office was in case he needed to get a diaper change, where the gym was, where the gay group meetings were held, where the cafeteria was, where all the bathrooms were. He was even shown where their class evacuated to in case of emergency and where all the fire extinguishers were. He was told all the rules and what the punishments were should he or anyone break them, and he was happy to hear that while harsh, were not severe, but more than enough to deter anyone from doing anything too stupid. Though he was told that at no time would a suspension from school mean that they got time off, because all suspensions were held in school and you got no fun time and had to work even harder than normal.

“So, do you have any questions Kyle?” Mr. Flounder asked once they made it back to their class and they were all seated.

“No, at least not yet. I hope you don't expect me to remember all that, so if I forget, I'll ask.”

“That's fine.”

“Can you tell me Sir, why is it you told me how you made it so that the rest of the school wouldn't know I wore diapers, yet it sounds like there's no secrets here anyway?”

“Just in case you weren't ready to admit it yet. No one here will tell, and for the most part, the rest of the school doesn't have to know, though you're more than welcome to tell everyone as well.”

“Ah, I see.”

For the nest couple hours, Mr. Flounder went over what all they would be doing while in class every day, how it worked, so on and so forth. They stopped for lunch and then came back and continued on for the rest of the day. Lunch was a nice affair, they all headed to the cafeteria and got their lunch, then sat down and ate it, and it was actually pretty good, and pretty good for them as well. This was the reason the school did their own lunches, so that they could ensure that all the kids got a good meal, or in many cases any meal at all, because they had so many poor students that often came with nothing at all.

Finally it was the end of the day and the students were all released. Kyle went out front to wait for Todd, and when he walked out, he saw Todd already there and waiting for him. He happily skipped to the car and hopped in.

“So, how was your day?” They both asked.

“Really good.” They both answered, giggling.

Kyle ended up telling Todd all about his day, and by the time they made it home, he was just finishing up. They headed inside, where they both headed to their bedroom to get a much needed diaper change, because neither had changed since that morning. Once they were finished that, and they stayed in just their diapers too, they went down and talked, and Todd told Kyle all about his day.

As soon as he had dropped Kyle off to school, Todd headed into town and to the office building. As he walked in he was greeted by everyone, and when he knocked on the bosses door and asked if he had a few minutes, he was gladly told to come in.

“So, how's it goin' Todd?”

“Not too bad, thanks, and you?”

“Pretty good. So, are you finally coming back now then? You told me you'd be coming back once school started, and I think it started today?” He asked happily.

“Yeah, I am, even though I almost don't want to either.”

“Well, everyone here's gonna be happy to see you back at any rate.”

“I'm sure once I get back into the swing of things I'll be fine as well. So yeah, the reason I came in to see you though is that because my godson's gonna be living with me now, his mom just finished moving here herself, I'm gonna need to take the afternoons off, so that I can be there for him. I plan on doing all my meetings in the morning and taking off after lunch some time and just doing the rest of my work at home. If I have no meetings scheduled for a particular day, I might not even come in, unless you call and ask me to come down. I can do everything from home just as easily from here anyway, so it shouldn't affect you too much.”

“No, that's fine, but well, I wanted to ask you something.”

“I think I know what it is you're about to ask me, and sadly no, I can't.”

“Why not, I thought you'd be ecstatic about becoming a partner?” He asked, clearly shocked, he had thought that Todd would have wanted this more than anything.

“Mostly because of my godson. Before he came along, I'd probably gladly do it, but not now. The fact of the matter is, the second I become partner, all sorts of things become mandatory for me, going to parties, getting to know important people, putting myself out there more, and I really don't want to give up all that time. I know the money might be a bit better, but really, probably not, in fact I might make less. Then there's the fact that I really don't like doing all those upper level parties and stuff like that, I'm just no good at them, I start to stutter and look like an ass. Granted, it can't be any worse than pissing my pants in front of a bunch of guys, that was pretty bad.”

“Okay, I can understand that. I do put in a lot of hours, I admit that, and the reason I'd hoped you'd come aboard was so that I'd be able to do a little less. If I promised that you wouldn't have to do everything, would you reconsider?”

“We'd have to talk it over more, so that I knew fully what I was getting into, should I decide to do it, but honestly, at this time, I'd have to say the answer would still have to be no.”

“Fair enough. I'd never expect someone to go into something like this blindly, it's a huge step. As for money, that's where you're wrong though. You'd get your standard pay for what you already do, because that wouldn't change, but then you'd also get a percentage extra of what we make and profit sharing bonuses when we do even better. In all, you'd probably make an extra hundred thousand a year or so.”

“Hmm, that's at least a good plus to doing it, but really, the money doesn't matter to me so much as the time that it takes does. Not to mention , it's not like I truly need the money either, I have plenty already.”

“It'll be your choice of course, but I sure do hope that you take me up on the offer, because it's a good one.”

“I know it's a good offer, have no fears there, and I'd be stupid not to at least think about it, and I will too. What I'd like you to do for me please is write up a proposal, telling me what all that'd be expected of me, how many hours I'd be having to put in, stuff like that, so that I can at least make an informed decision. It still won't change that I won't be in the office all the time though, I do want to be home more for my godson right now, because right now he really needs me, and it might not even change my mind, but the three of us can at least talk it over at home.”

“That's fair enough, family really does have to come first, I understand that, and when my kids were younger, I tried to spend as much time with them as I could, but I did have a company to run too, so I did miss some stuff. Now that they're all grown up though, I don't mind putting in more hours, especially if it gets me away from my wife more. I swear the only reason she married me was because she knew I was gonna make a lot of money.”

“Thanks for understanding.”

“No problem Todd, I like you, you're an amazing architect and an even nicer person, and that means a lot to me. I'll write up a proposal for you and have it ready for you by the time you head out. What time will you be leaving today anyway?”

“No later than one thirty, so that I can make it in time to pick up Kyle. Normally I'll leave at around noon or one, but today I'll stay a bit longer so that I can get caught up with everything and make all the calls I'm undoubtedly gonna have to make. I hope that I don't have a hundred clients waiting for me though?”

“No, we took care of most of them, but there's still four I think it was that were waiting for you to come back. I did a preliminary sketch of what one of the guys was wanting and I've left it on your presentation board, he wasn't gonna be able to come back into town when you got back, but he wanted you and only you, so I said I'd do that for him and you could call him for the rest.”

“Okay, where's he from?”


“Really, he came all that way for me?”

“Yeah. He wants his very own castle, no really, he does. The only difference is that his won't be all drafty. He wants you to go all out on your creativity though, he said it'll be almost no holds barred, he was here for almost a month touring all your works and fell in love with the museum, so says your his man.”

“Wow, a castle, that's something I never thought of. Turrets and battlements and all?”

“Yep.” He grinned.

“Now that'll be cool. I'll have to take that one home and have Kyle help me with it then, he loves castles and fairy tales and stuff like that.”

“Ah, is he gonna be an architect like you?”

“Yeah, and he helped me to design our new house, which is almost finished by the way. You'll have to come see it once it's done. I'd just give you the plans, but believe it or not, they don't even do the finished product justice.”

“That's great then. Well, I better get started on this proposal then so that I have it done for you by the time you leave. Just make sure and come see me before you leave.”

“Will do, thanks a lot for the opportunity though.”

“No problem.”

Todd headed back to his office and checked out the preliminary drawings that had been done for him though and whistled. He then made the call to the man who wanted it designed and they talked for almost an hour. In the end, Todd said he would do all that he could and send him the results in a month or so for approvals and changes, and then they would go from there. The man agreed. Todd had three others that were wanting to see him as well, so he made appointments for them to come see him, and they would come over the next three business days. All in all it was not a bad first day back, but before too long, Todd was almost ready to head out. He stopped in the bosses office quickly before heading out.

“Okay, I'm outta here for the day. Did you manage to finish the proposal?”

“Yeah, I just finished it off, so here you go.”

“Thanks. I'll see you tomorrow then and we'll talk more.”

“Excellent, have a good night.”

“And you too.”

Todd headed out and headed straight for the school to pick up Kyle. He arrived just as the bell rang, so he was just in time. Not even two minutes later, Kyle emerged from the school, looked around for a second to find Todd's car, saw it, and came skipping over happily.

As soon as they made it home, after Kyle telling Todd all about his day, they went and changed each others diapers, then sat down and Todd had told Kyle all about what he had done and what was pretty much said.

“Cool, you knew he'd be asking you to become a partner, so that's no surprise. Open up the proposal then and let's read it together and see what we make of it.”


They read the proposal twice, just to make sure they got it all, because there was a lot of information in there that really bore close scrutiny.

“Hmm, it doesn't seem that it'd be all that different to what you're already doing. Sure, you'd have to go to all the functions with him and stand up for and with the company, but otherwise, that's about it. He's still letting you work mostly from home, and really, once every few months for benefits or dinner parties, things like that, that's not a big deal. I think you should do it.”

“Yeah, but I'd be expected to make speeches and stuff like that too, and you know just as well as I do how much I like that, because you can't deny that you wouldn't want to get up there and do that any more than I do.”

“Yes, that's true, there's no way I'd wanna do it, but sometimes we all have to do things we don't like or want to do, remember. You told me that, or at least something close to that not all that long ago. We both know what my dad would tell us if we balked at just doing a silly speech, he'd say stop being a sissy, they're only people, they don't bite and they won't laugh if you stumble.”

“Yeah, but he would've said it a lot better.”

“Yeah, well he was the public speaker, the ever enthusiast, he could talk a room full of cowards into going out and being superheros, which I even told him once by the way, he laughed and said he'd sure try.”

“Yeah, that was your dad alright, such an amazing person, taken from the world far too soon, but he did leave it a better place, and for that no one can complain.” Todd smiled warmly.

“For sure. So, are you gonna do it then?”

“I should talk it over with your mom too, since it does impact her a bit as well.”

“Why does it impact her at all, she's not your wife, nor will she ever be.”

“No, but she's my friend and she's gonna be living with me, even if in a different bedroom, so it'd only be fair.”

“She's not gonna care one way or the other, she'll tell you it has to be your choice.”

“More than likely yes, but I still want her opinion too. I wanted yours most of all though, because, well we're baby boyfriends of course, and I couldn't do this without your approval.”

“Yeah, we are, aren't we. I like that, baby boyfriends. So, now to something fun, let's look at those preliminary sketches and the details of what this guy wants in his castle, I so wanna help you to do that one for sure.”

“Okay.” Todd said happily and they headed up to the office.

They ended up going over all the plans and details right up until Trish made it home, and when she did, they made dinner and sat down and talked as they ate. As Kyle had said she would, she told Todd that it had to be his choice and his alone, but that no matter what he chose, she was going to be okay with it anyway. Todd of course said that it had to be Kyle's choice too, since they were a couple, Kyle smiled brightly and Trish smiled softly.

After dinner they sat back and relaxed and watched TV together until bed time. When Todd and Kyle headed to bed, they kissed and cuddled for a bit after changing each others diapers, and fell fast asleep without having any playtime. They were both tired for some reason, but they had both had long days doing stuff they had not been accustomed to doing for a while. When they woke the next morning though they were both nice and fully refreshed, and they got up and got started on their day by having a very nice shower, in fact they got very dirty twice each while in the shower before even getting cleaned up.

Kyle had hopped up into Todd's arms almost as soon as the water had started to cascade down their naked bodies. He pressed their lips together, as their erections were pressed into each other. Todd felt Kyle doing something to himself behind his back, then felt him grab his erection and line it up, and then sank down. Todd sighed deeply into Kyle's mouth, they were still kissing as Kyle sunk down as much as he could, and then while still in his mans arms, he rode his lover until they both came.

Once they were down, Todd was urged wordlessly onto his knees, where Kyle slipped in behind him and started kissing his neck and shoulders as he prepared his man, and once he was, Kyle slipped in slowly and made love to Todd. They had never made love to each other in the shower, it was different, good, but Todd had to admit that he preferred making love in their bed more.

Kyle came before Todd did and slipped out of his ass. Todd was motioned to stand up, and when he did, Kyle sunk down and sucked in Todd's erection, bringing him ever closer to his orgasm, until after at most thirty seconds elapsed and Todd exploded. Kyle happily sucked down all the cream that Todd had to offer, and then urged Todd onto his knees, but he sat down instead, and Kyle presented his own pulsing erection.

Todd was more than happy to suck Kyle in to the root, sucking his hot little balls in as well and giving his young lover all the pleasure he could give, and Kyle was loving it. This time he lasted a few minutes, but finally he came, and then slumped down. They ended up sitting there for a few minutes, kissing as the shower continued spraying them with hot water, and finally they got up and cleaned each other.

“Mmm, now that's a good way to start the day.” Kyle sighed once Todd had finished washing him.

“I'll say. That was definitely different, I'll say that much for certain, but to tell you the truth, I prefer making love to you in bed.”

“Me too, but different can be good too.” Kyle grinned brightly.

Kyle washed Todd finally, and once they were both good and clean, they hopped out and dried each other off. They brushed their hair and teeth, headed into the bedroom and got diapered and dressed, and then headed downstairs for some much needed breakfast. Trish was already down there when they arrived and they all chatted happily as they ate breakfast. Before too long though, they all had to head out, and then they were gone.

Kyle was dropped off to school and Todd headed to work. His first appointment made it a few minutes early and they ended up talking for a couple hours, so that Todd could get a feel for what the client was looking for. When they were done, Todd informed them it would be a good month or so before he had anything for them, and they were okay with it and they all shook hands. When he was finished with his clients, Todd headed to the bosses office.

“Hi there, have a few minutes?” He asked.

“Sure, come on in Todd and have a seat.”

“Thanks. So, we talked it over last night, and I'd be willing to take your offer, as long as you can guarantee that overall, this doesn't change too much. I understand that the nature of the business means of course that things can and do change, and that sometimes I may be busier than others, but I don't want to be, nor will I be forced into doing even more work than what's set in here. When you're away, of course I can take over for short periods of time, as long as it's fully agreed upon that it's only ever to be temporary.”

“Excellent, we have ourselves a deal then, because I ask nothing more of you and would expect nothing less.” He stood, so did Todd, and they shook hands. “Welcome, you're now officially a partner in the countries leading architecture firm, the second partner I might add. I never thought when I started this business that I'd ever make anyone partner, but you and I are a lot alike and I know you'll do me proud. I do plan to retire in another ten to fifteen years though, and when I do, all this gets passed to you now.”

“What about your kids?” Todd gasped, because that was certainly not something that was in the papers.

“One went and disgraced me horribly and became a lawyer,” He fake swooned and then laughed heartily, “I always swore I'd disown any kid that became a lawyer, but he's really quite good. I tease him all the time about that actually. My other son's just finishing his residency as a neurosurgeon and is doing fairly well for himself already too. So, yeah, neither are architects, so what could they possibly do with it.”

“Ah, fair enough. I recall you mentioning that your eldest was in school to be a lawyer and how ashamed you were of that. I remember you laughed at that then too.”

“Yeah, like I said, I tease him all the time about it, but I begged him not to become one of those lawyers that's ruining the country, and he swore he wouldn't. He's actually a child's advocate lawyer, so he helps kids whenever they need it.”

“Oh, that's good. So, anyway, I'm heading out now, unless you wanted anything before I go?”

“No, I think I'm good for now, you have a good day and I'll see you tomorrow. I'll have a surprise for you when you get here though.”

“Okay, I guess, see you tomorrow then.” Todd said warily, he was not certain what kind of surprise it would be.

He headed home, and then when he got there, he changed his diaper and got to work on the castle. It was only sheer luck that Todd realized the time in time to go pick up Kyle from school, but he had to hurry.

As soon as he was dropped off to school, Kyle was met by the boy from his class who was both a diaper wearer and gay.

“Hi Kyle, Mason, in case you forgot, how are you today?”

“Not too bad, thanks. I did remember your name, only because you were gay and wear diapers as well. How about you?”

“I'm good too. I'm glad there's another gay diaper wearer here now. So, would you like to go sit and talk before class starts?”

“Sure, why not.”

Kyle was not at all used to having friends, he had a few when his dad was alive, but this was the first time that he ever actually talked to another kid just because he wanted to. They went and sat down against a tree as far as they could get from everyone else.

“So, what would you like to talk about?” Kyle asked softly.

“Just wanna get to know you is all. I don't have a lot of friends, even here where there's several other gay kids, I'm almost all alone in the needing to wear diapers, so that limits the amount of people that'd wanna hang with me. I still have friends here and all, I belong to the gay youth group and the kids there are great, but to have someone here just like me is gonna be so nice. So, you have a boyfriend already, don't you?”

“Yeah, I do, How'd you know?”

“Just figured as much.”

“Oh. As for having someone here just like you, yeah, I suppose that'll be kinda nice for me too. I'm not used to having friends though, never really truly had any to tell you the truth.”

“Why, you're really nice, you're very good looking, and you just seem like the type of person that'd be a really good friend.”

“Thanks, I guess. You are too though.”

“Thanks. So, who's your boyfriend then?”

“You wouldn't know him.”

“Ah, but I think I do.”

“What makes you think that?”

“The man who dropped you off, you said he's your godfather, but I was watching as you said goodbye, I know you wanted to really kiss him, I saw how you looked at him, and he patted your little diapered bum so nicely too. He's your boyfriend, isn't he?”

“Oh god, you won't tell will you, you can't ever tell, he'd get in so much trouble and I'd just die if he was ever taken from me? I can't lose another man I love.” Kyle said, starting to cry almost right away.

“You don't have to worry about me, but you might wanna be more careful here, there's just no telling who else might see the same things I did. I'd never tell on you for loving an adult like that, because so do I. Like you need to, we have to be very careful outside the house to not show just how much we love each other. So, we're really a lot alike. Though, can I ask you another more personal question?”

“Um, yeah, okay.” Kyle stuttered.

“Do you really truly need diapers or just like them?”

“Depends I suppose on when you're referring.” He smiled shyly.

“Yeah, that's what I thought. I wet the bed too, the rest of the time I just wear because I love my diapers.”

“So, you have an adult lover as well?”

“Yeah, my dad. I always knew he was gay and when I was eight, I pretty much forced him to teach me everything I wanted to know. It was shortly after that I told him I was a diaper lover, and I even got him into diapers, and now he loves them too.”

“Wow, almost the same thing happened to me and Todd.” And he gave Mason the quick version of his life.

“Cool. We're so much alike it's not even funny. Ah crap, there goes the bell. Definitely sit with me at lunch, okay, but we better head in.”

They headed in and had a good day. They did sit together at lunch and talked and talked more and more, getting to know each other. By the end of the day, it was agreed that they were definitely friends.

When Todd pulled up to the school, Kyle was already out there waiting for him, and as soon as he was stopped, Kyle hopped in.

“Hi there Baby, have a good day at work?” He asked happily.

“Sure did, and how about you at school?”

“Definitely. I met a new friend today and we're so much alike?” He smiled brightly and then told Todd all about Mason.

“Wow, another diaper loving gay boy who loves his daddy, lucky boy, luckier daddy.”

“No kidding. So, how about you, what'd you do today?”

Todd told him the short version of his day, and before they knew it, they were at home. They went in, and because Todd was still mostly good in the diaper department, but Kyle certainly needed a change, they headed up to their bedroom to take care of that, where of course they stripped each other down to their diapers.

“Uh oh, looks like baby is hard, again.”

“Yeah, would you mind taking care of it for me, then I'll suck you after?”

“I'm still good from this morning, so I'll suck you and just wait 'til bedtime myself if you don't mind.”

“Oh, okay, but I wanted to taste you again, you know how much I love your flavor.”

“I know, but I probably still have nothing left to offer you anyway.”


Todd bent down and inhaled all that Kyle had to offer and sucked him slowly and gently, making him last far longer than Kyle thought he was going to be able to, because he had been so hard most of the day. He had almost gone to the bathroom to jack off, but decided to wait. It took almost ten minutes for Todd to bring Kyle to his orgasm, and when he did, Kyle squealed and came powerfully. As Kyle was coming down, Todd pulled up and off and got Kyle into a fresh diaper, all before Kyle came down fully.

“Wow, that was nice, thanks.”

“You're very welcome Baby. Wanna come see what I got done on the castle and help me a bit more today?”

“You bet.” Kyle said happily and they headed up to the office.

They were so happily working and having fun, talking and laughing the whole while, that they failed to notice the time pass, and before they knew it, they heard Trish calling them. Todd saved the work he was doing and the two of them went to the top of the stairs.

“Oh, there you two are. I shoulda' known. Let me guess, you didn't even start dinner, did you?” She laughed.

“Um, no, to tell you the truth, we hadn't, we didn't even realize the time.” Todd grinned.

“Yeah, thought not. Well, I thought to at least take something out before I left for work, so there's meat defrosted, so come on down and you can both help make it.” She laughed and headed to the kitchen.

The two of them apologized once they reached the kitchen and Trish said it was not a big deal, and then all three of them helped to make dinner. Before too long they were sitting down to eat and they had an enjoyable meal together. After that they sat back and relaxed for the rest of the night, and when they went to bed, Todd and Kyle made love to each other just once tonight.

The following morning they all got up and got started on their day as they would normally, and before too long, they were all off for the day. Kyle was dropped off to school, and as soon as he was dropped off, Mason was there to greet him and they went and sat back and talked more. As soon as Todd made it to the office, he saw what the surprise was instantly. There was a sign company already there working on adding his name to the face of the building. He smiled and headed inside. When he walked in, everyone applauded him and congratulated him on the grand promotion, even the few guys there that Todd had always thought would be made partners long before he ever did. They knew though that they could never truly compete with Todd, and they were happy for him. Then the boss came out and added his applause to them all, and when it died down, he waved Todd into his office.

“How long have you had that planned for, because I know for a fact sign makers can't do things over night like that?” Todd asked as soon as he sat down.

“Couple months now actually, but I called them the other day to ask them to come put it up today if you were good with it. That's part one of your surprise, part two was your co-workers congratulating you, though I never had to arrange that, I just told everyone yesterday after you left and they did the rest. Part three is your new office. I'm sure you've always coveted the other corner office, everyone has, but it's now yours. Your name's already been etched into the glass on it and everything.”

“Wow, really.”

“Yep. Your first appointment of the day should be here pretty quick though, so you won't have time to move everything before they arrive, but you can certainly do so after they leave.”

“Thanks, a lot, it never even dawned on me that I'd get a new office outta the deal, and such a nice one too. What'll you do for your private meetings though, that's the room you always use?”

“I know, but I'll manage, don't worry about me. We've got three boardrooms and my office is more than large enough for most, so I'm all good.”

“Fair enough. Well, I probably should go, because that's my next appointment walking in now, unless I'm mistaken.”

“You're not, be good to them, they're old friends of mine and they can't wait to meet you.”

“They're old friends of yours and they want me to design their house! Why don't they want you to do it?”

“Because, you're a true artist, I'm just an architect. They're both artists, he's a sculptor and she's a painter, so they appreciate what you do, I just can't do what you do, and we all know it. I've designed several things for them, but this time, they want something that speaks to them, and you can give it to them.”

“Oh. Well, thanks I guess.”

“No problem, go, and have fun.”

“Will do.”

He went and met his two newest clients and then they went to sit down and talk about what all they wanted. After a good few hours, Todd thought he had a good feel for what they were looking for and told them that he would call if he needed anything and gave them the approximate time line for completion.

As soon as that was done, Todd started moving all his things to his brand new office. Before doing that though, he looked all over to see what all was now his. His bathroom was large, his office larger still, and everything was almost perfect. Once he got all his things in there though, it would be very nearly perfect. As soon as he was done that, he decided to call it a day and headed home. Once it was time to pick up Kyle, he headed out to go get his baby.

Kyle had had another really good day at school, and today even met and talked to a few of the other kids, and he liked them as well. He was impatiently awaiting the time though when school was over and he got to see his baby once again as well. Finally it did end and he headed out to find Todd already there and waiting for him. He hopped in the car and they headed out.

“So, how was your day today Baby?” Kyle asked first.

“Pretty good, and yours?”

They both told each other all about their day as they drove, but Kyle realized after several minutes that they were not heading toward home.

“Um, where are we going?”


“Oh, okay then.”

“Yeah, we both need diapers again, groceries need to be restocked, and we still haven't managed to go buy all the new furniture for the new house.”

“Ah, have you by chance called mom to tell her to meet us somewhere once she's done, so that she can pick out her furniture as well?”

“No, actually, I never thought of it. Here, take my phone and call her, the number's in the memory.”


Kyle took the phone and quickly found the number and made the call. He told his mom what the plans were and to call once she was done work to find out where they were, so that she could meet them there. She was good with that. They hit the medical store first to stock up on their diapers, and they got lots of stuff as usual. They then headed to the grocery store and got everything they needed, as well as more stuff to restock their dried goods, so that they always had lots. Just as they were finishing up storing everything into the car, fortunately Todd had a powered cooler in the car for grocery shopping days, so it would all stay nice and cold, Trish called to say she was leaving. Todd told her to meet them at a restaurant that was about half way between both of their current locations. They all met at the restaurant a few minutes later and had a nice dinner.

“So, where to now?” Trish asked once they were finished eating.

“There's a furniture store a few minutes from here, I love all their stuff, they have the best stuff I've ever found anywhere, and it's all very high quality, just really expensive. I've only bought a couple small things from there in the past, because I bought all my furniture elsewhere before I found them, which is too bad, but I'm gonna get it all from there this time for sure.”

“Okay, cool.”

They headed out right away and met at the furniture store that Todd told them about, and they went in and found all the furniture for the new house. They ended up spending a good solid two hours there, and then several thousand dollars as well, but they were now fully set up. The store was to be called once they were ready for it to be delivered and they were going to bring it all and set it up, they said the next day after calling should not be a problem.

As soon as they were done there, they headed out and once outside, Trish asked, “So, where to next?”

“Well, I got all the appliances already, but we still have no electronics, and the store I want is open for another two hours still, so, wanna go electronics shopping?”

“For sure.” Kyle said happily.

“I'd rather not, maybe I'll just head back home.” Trish said.

“You have your car, so you're more than welcome to head home now. Before you go though, what size TV do you want for your bedroom?”

“I don't know, I still have no idea what size the bedroom even is, you've told me nothing and haven't let me see the new house, remember, so you'd know what size TV would fit better than I would.” Trish grinned.

“Right, then we'll figure it all out for you.” Todd grinned right back, not falling into the trap that Trish had tried to set. The boys wanted it to be a surprise for her though, so had told her nothing.

“Okay, well you boys have fun then.” She said and headed out.

Todd and Kyle headed out as well and went to the electronics store and got everything that they wanted. Kyle was near to bursting at all the really great equipment they were buying, it was top of the line stuff, and their theatre, once done, would be every bit as good as, or possibly better than a real theatre. Everything else they got there too though was the best, and they were having a great time. They ended up walking out only a few minutes to closing time, having spent several more thousand dollars than Kyle had ever thought even possible. This store too said they would deliver and set up probably the following day after receiving the call to say they were ready.

Finally they made it home, and because it was getting pretty late, both boys were very tired. They said goodnight to Trish and then headed up to bed. They had changed their diapers right after dinner, but it was a good thing that they had not been out any longer, because they were both very nearly saturated and would have likely started leaking had they left them too much longer. After getting each other changed, they curled up together, kissed and cuddled and rubbed just one quick orgasm from each other to release the tension, because they were both quite tired. They kissed for only a minute or two more after their one and only orgasm, and then before too long, they were fast asleep.