Chapter 11

The next week flew by for all of them, they were all doing very well and were having as good a time as they possibly could while being dragged along by the drudgeries of life. Though, to say drudgeries may be a bit of an overstatement in that none of them hated their daily chores. Kyle once again loved going to school, he had a great friend who was completely and totally like him, yet they found out they had many differences as well, this only caused their friendship to blossom even more. Todd of course absolutely loved his job, he loved nothing more than to be drawing and designing beautiful works of art in building form, although he could do without the meeting with people, but you cannot have it all as they say. Even Trish loved her job, and the new one that she found herself in was far better than any she had ever had before, she was working with great people, doing what she enjoyed, and she was making great money doing it as well.

All in all, everything was going as smoothly as can be expected. As had been expected though, the new house was very nearly complete when last we visited, and today, being Friday, Todd was called by Harry and told that it was ready, and that he wanted to meet him as soon as it was good with him. Todd explained that it would have to wait just a couple hours, because he knew very well that if he did any such thing before Kyle was out of school, that he would be a very upset little boy. Harry laughed at this and said he understood and agreed to meet them at the new house at just after two.

Todd was so excited that he did a little jig around the living room, because he had just arrived home from work not two minutes before his phone rang. As soon as that was done, he called both the furniture and electronics stores and asked them to arrange delivery for as soon as they were able to pull it off, that the house was ready. Both said that they would be there the following day. Todd was surprised that they would come on a Saturday, but he was very happy with that as well, but then he did pay an awful lot of money, so they really should anyway. He called the movers to come get the stuff from the house packed and moved that they were taking with them, and they said they would be there first thing Monday morning. He skipped all the way upstairs to change his diaper, did a few things on the castle he was still working on, though the preliminary stuff was almost done and ready to be sent to his clients to receive their input on where he was going with it. By the time that he had to leave though, Todd had it ready and sent it off, so that they could look at it so that they could request any changes.

Kyle, Mason and a few of the other boys from the gay youth group had all sat together during their breaks and they all had a good time, laughing and joking around, and though a couple of the boys still had a hard time accepting that Kyle and Mason wore diapers, the others could care less. Speaking of the gay youth group though, Mason had asked Kyle a few days before why he had yet to join and come to one of the meetings, and Kyle explained that because they lived so far away still, that it would be a pain in the butt to do so and get home in decent time to make and eat dinner. He did swear though that once they moved, that he would at least attend one, the other members of the group were happy to hear this news as well, for to have more members was always a good thing.

Finally the bell rang and the kids all rushed from the school. Kyle got to the front entrance, stopped to search for Todd, found him and ran all the way to the car and hopped in. They told each other all about their day, except Todd had yet to tell Kyle the house was done, all before even leaving the parking lot, because it was usually easier to wait several minutes for the main rush to die down before trying to leave. As soon as they left the school though, Kyle knew they were heading to the new house, because that was the only reason they would be heading the way that they currently were.

“Oh goody, we're going to check out the new house. I wonder if it'll be ready soon, Harry hasn't called yet to tell us anything and I can't wait.”

“Patience Baby, it'll be done when it's done, you can't rush perfection.” Todd smiled warmly, showing nothing.

“I know, but I am in fact a kid, and us kids aren't exactly known for our patience.”

“Tell me about it.” Todd chuckled.

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“You should've waited five more years before raping me.”

“Yeah, like you wanted to wait that long either, and besides, can you really rape the willing?” Kyle grinned brightly.

“No, I don't suppose you can.” He laughed.

A few minutes later they pulled up to the house, and because the exterior had already been completed for a bit already, this showed nothing. Though Kyle did see that all the landscaping was done now as well, but he knew that that meant nothing either. They pulled up to the front door and hopped out and headed in. The only thing that Kyle did wonder though; was where were all the workers, there were usually at least five vehicles there every time they came to inspect the house. There was only one today, and that was Harry's. As soon as they entered the front door though, Kyle knew the truth, because everything was done, and it was absolutely perfect.

“Oh my god, it's done, it looks amazing. Why didn't you tell me it was done?” Kyle asked, smacking Todd on the arm lightly.

“Wanted to surprise you, and besides, I received the call only two hours ago myself. I've already called to have the new furniture and electronics delivered and set up for tomorrow as well, and the movers are scheduled to start Monday.”

“Awesome, can we stay here tonight?”

“I wondered how long it'd take you to ask.” Todd laughed.

“Had I'd known, I would've asked this morning. Now we'll have to go back to the house and grab our sleeping bags and stuff.”

“What makes you think that I didn't already think of that and pack it all into the car?”

“Did you?”

“No, stupid me, I never thought of it 'til about a second ago.” Todd laughed.

“Nuts. Oh well. It won't kill you to drive to the house and go get it though.”

“Why, aren't you coming with me?”

“No, I'm staying here to explore. You forgot it, and didn't mention it the second you were able to, so consider the long car ride all alone punishment.” Kyle grinned mischievously.

“You know, there are things I could do to you that'd be torture beyond anything your puny little mind could possibly cope with.” Todd said menacingly.


“Oh, I don't know, but there's certain things you enjoy a great deal that I could make you refrain from.” He grinned evilly.

“Ah nuts.” Kyle said, knowing exactly what Todd was referring to.

Obviously Todd did not say what it was that he would withhold, because Harry was in fact in the room with them, though he had yet to say a word, he was enjoying watching Kyle and Todd's reactions.

“So, Harry, it looks absolutely amazing in every way, thanks so much. How'd it all go though?”

“The poor finishers were wondering how the hell they were gonna get solid maple, finely detailed, profiled trim to possibly look good on your curved walls, or how they were possibly gonna do it on time, but they did a stunning job if I say so myself. The floor finishers did a beautiful job on everything, then again, so did everyone. The only truly tough thing was the trim though, everything else went quite well. Even early on when we were putting the roof together went surprisingly well, as you already knew, but though we've had sprinklers on it day and night for weeks now, testing it for any possible leaks, there hasn't been one drop of water in the house. Your water collection system though is absolutely amazing. Once the tank filled up, I don't think that it's reverted back to city water once. We've had very little rain of course, so it's mostly collected from the sprinklers that we had running.”

“Very nice.”

“It is, that was my biggest concern, that that bastard would leak, and I had no idea what we'd do if it did. It was perfectly designed and built though, to within a thousandth of an inch, there wasn't one tiny fraction of an inch to spare as we were moving all the steel into place, I can't tell you how much I was biting my nails as the poor crane operators were putting them in. The main guy, he said he was sweating buckets, never before had he had to do something so precise, and he's done work on bridges and high rises.” He laughed.

“Yeah, well it had to be perfect, or like you said, it would've leaked, then there's no telling what we would've had to do to fix it.”

“Exactly. The pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room are all fully functioning and I must say, it's stunning in there. At night, the moon and stars shining in, it's very romantic feeling in there to tell you the truth. And then there's all the utilities that you have in the house. Between the solar and wind power generators that you have running, I've checked out the meter and there've been days where we used no actual power from the grid, and some days we used less than they supplied, so that's really good. Overall I'd say that you have just enough there to keep you running almost bill free, so that's excellent. I wish I could put them in myself, but my place has horrible southern sun exposure and I'm not allowed to put the wind generators in, because my property isn't big enough. I still don't understand the city's deal about us not using them.”

“I know, but they claim that it's both physical and visual noise pollution, so they don't want that. I mean, I guess I can understand having hundreds of people putting up towers in their back yards, it'd probably look pretty ugly, but the new ones you can hardly hear.”

“Tell me about it. The other day, I was outside working with the landscapers, it was really windy and they were going full tilt and I never heard a thing from them. Just a soft humming sound really, otherwise the wind itself created more noise.”

“And that's why I have these ones. They're the biggest and most efficient I could find, as well as the quietest that's out there bar none.”

“Yeah. So, let's see, what else was there. Oh yeah, the stone workers, man, those poor bastards, even my back was hurting watching them put an entire quarries worth of stone into your kitchens and bathrooms. Between your indoor and outdoor kitchens, you have well over two hundred square feet of counter tops, and then there's the back splashes as well. They did another amazing job though, I tried as hard as I could after they were done to find a seam anywhere, and I couldn't. It's been waxed already, and he said that you should only have to do it once or twice a year, depending on usage and especially weather outside. There's no harm in using more though, because it's just bees wax with mineral oil in it, so when it starts looking dull, just redo it as you wish. That's really about it. I have a binder here that has all the info about everything that we've put into the house, and I've included some paper to write on for a deficiency list, so any time you come up with anything, write it down so that I can check it out. I don't foresee you needing it at all, but you never know.”

“Excellent, thanks as always.”

“No problem. Well, here's your keys, I've taken off all my builders locks and installed yours now, so these are the only keys to the house. I'll let you guys get to it and explore your new house, it's absolutely amazing and I hope you enjoy it a great deal.”

“Oh, we will, have no fear there. Have a good night and I'll call if I need anything.”

“Great, talk to you later then.”

Harry headed out, and then Todd and Kyle clasped hands and walked throughout the rest of the house hand in hand, taking it all in. Everything was stunning to say the least. The woodwork was amazing, the craftsmanship outstanding, the details flawless, you get the picture. The pool house was incredible and Todd absolutely loved his brand new home office and just knew that his best work was yet to come from there. The basement too was great, but as of yet, it really had nothing in it, though all the platforms in the theatre looked really good and they could not wait to see it with seating and electronics all installed.

Finally they decided that they should head out and grab the stuff that they would be needing to spend the night. Kyle called his mom as soon as they were in the car and told her to come to the new house once she was off work, she was definitely okay with this. They made it back to the old house a few minutes later and packed up what all they would be needing and hopped back into the car within minutes of arriving and took off once again for their new house.

“Can we go swimming?” Kyle asked as soon as they walked in the house.

“Sure thing. You wanna go naked?”

“Hell yeah, let's go.” Kyle said excitedly and started stripping immediately.

Todd just laughed and started stripping as well. They made it to the pool a few seconds later and jumped in. The water was perfect and they both sighed deeply as they surfaced.

“Wow, this is gonna be so awesome having such a nice pool at home.” Kyle said a few minutes later.

“Yeah, it will be for sure.”

“Let's go sit in the hot tub for a bit, and then maybe we can swim some more later.”


They hopped out of the pool and into the hot tub, and right away Todd realized the reasoning for this, because as soon as he sat down, Kyle sat on his lap, facing him, and the grinding that he was doing with his hips told him instantly that there were no innocent thoughts flowing through Kyle's head at the moment. At most five seconds of this grinding was all it took for both of them to be hard and ready for anything to come, or cum as it was to be. Once Todd was hard enough for what he wanted, Kyle started working himself so that he could sit down on his man and enjoy being filled up once again. Kyle grunted a bit at first insertion.

“Not so forceful Baby, you don't have any lube and you didn't even prepare yourself. I don't want you to hurt yourself.” Todd said, trying to stop Kyle from forcing himself down so hard.

“Don't care about the pain, just need you in me, besides, it doesn't hurt, it's just a little tight still 'cause I didn't open myself.” He grunted, and then, because as he finished saying it, he was able to relax himself enough and slid all the way down, and then sighed deeply. “Ah, now that's better. Nothing feels as good as having deep inside me, right where you belong.”

“Oh god, so tight. Oh Baby, I love you so much.” Todd sighed deeper still, he loved being inside Kyle, almost as much as he loved Kyle being inside himself.

Kyle started a gentle rocking motion once he was ready to and made tender love to his man in the hot tub. The very first usage of their new hot tub and it was being given a grand opening to be sure. Kyle even giggled, saying this as he was riding Todd, Todd had to laugh, and said, “Yeah, you certainly have a grand opening for sure.”

Their first ride lasted only a couple minutes before they both exploded in a fantastic orgasm, and as soon as they came down, Kyle pulled off and stood up. He then pulled Todd so that his bum was hanging over the edge more and started fingering him gently to open him up. He did not want to slip in and hurt Todd, so he prepared him for a minute first, and then when he was ready, Kyle slipped in all the way, they both sighed.

With one large cum already out of the way, and Kyle going so incredibly slow, they both managed to last almost ten minutes before cumming once more. Once they came down, Kyle took up his previous spot on Todd's lap, only this time he did not sit on his dick to restart the fun. They were both aware that once each was more than enough, and all Kyle wanted now was some hugs and kisses and tender cuddles. They stayed in the hot tub loving each other in that way for at least twenty minutes more before they were starting to get too hot.

They hopped out and then hopped back into the pool and swam lazily for probably fifteen minutes or so before hopping out and getting showered, something they realized they had forgot to do before hopping in in the first place, but told themselves that they had to remember to do so from then on. They headed back into the house to find their bags of stuff, so that they could grab their diapers and get nice and thickly diapered.

Once they were properly contained, in just their diapers, they toured the rest of the house, checking out every last detail. In fact, they were still doing so when they heard Trish calling their names. They had been in the basement at the time, so they came upstairs right away.

“Hi there guys, wow, this place is amazing.”

“Wait 'til you really see it, it's way better than amazing.” Kyle said excitedly.

“Yeah, all I've seen so far is the outside and then what I can see from here, and so far I'd have to agree with you.”

“Go ahead and tour the place then while we get some dinner ready.”

“Okay, thanks.”

So the boys went to the kitchen and grabbed what all they needed from their bags of stuff and made dinner while Trish toured the house. She was nowhere near done checking everything out by the time she was called in for dinner, and because they had no furniture to sit upon, they stood at the kitchen bar table, which was actually a serving station, and ate their dinner. As they ate, Trish talked excitedly.

“Man, I can't believe that you designed and had this built, it's absolutely amazing in every way.”

“Thanks, and Kyle helped as well. Many of the design elements are his and he helped me a great deal on lots of different aspects of it as well.”

“Really, you never told me that Kyle?”

“Yeah I did, I told you I helped Todd to design it.”

“Oh, well I guess I didn't realize just how much you helped.”

“Yeah, Todd did all the hard work, but we both did all the designing. I watched him do everything though and he taught me everything that he was doing as he did it.”

“That's very good. So, am I to assume that because I see your sleeping bags here that you're staying the night?”

“For sure.” Kyle said happily.

“That's what I thought. Well, because not only do I have no interest in sleeping on the floor, nor do I have anything in which to sleep, I'm heading back to the other house for the night then, so I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Kyle said.

“Okay, we'll come over first thing in the morning to start packing up our personal things, stuff we really don't want the movers to see, as well as all the food, and you may as well come back with us as well and be here for when the furniture and stuff gets delivered.” Todd said.

“Okay, sounds good to me, you boys have a good night.”

They both nodded happily and Trish headed out. And it was a very good night too. They had already had their afternoon session in the hot tub, but well before bedtime, Kyle dragged Todd into the living room, turned on the gas fireplace, and laid Todd down on his back. From there, Kyle rode Todd four more times, and then traded places and Todd rode Kyle for only two more times, they were both very sore, worn and more than a little tired as well. They diapered each other up, turned off the fire, curled up into their sleeping bags and passed out cold for the night.

The next morning Kyle woke Todd up in a fashion that certainly few people could complain about. Though Todd did have to admit that his dick did still feel raw and sore, but Kyle was riding him so nice and slow, it was without a doubt the most loving way Todd knew to be waken up, and hoped that he got to enjoy this many more times. After cumming, Todd admitted that there was no way that he was going to be able to ride Kyle again though, his thigh and calf muscles were still aching from the previous night, so Kyle laid down on Todd, Todd pulled his legs up and out a bit, and Kyle slipped in after only a few moments of preparation and made love to his man.

“Good grief Baby, what's gotten into you?” Todd gasped once he finished his final orgasm of the morning.

“You, and that's all I need to survive.” He smiled warmly.

“Mmmhmm.” Todd sighed deeply.

“We both seriously need diaper changes, but I think I wanna go for a good morning swim, so let's get up and go for a swim.”


They got up and headed to the pool house, stripping off their diapers as they went, rinsed off in the shower and then hopped in the pool. They swam for almost an hour and then went and laid back in the hot tub for about twenty minutes before getting out. They went and washed off in the shower, went and grabbed fresh diapers and diapered each other, got dressed, and then brushed their hair and teeth and deemed themselves ready for the day ahead.

They decided to change the plans ever so slightly and called Trish and told her to meet them at a restaurant for breakfast, she was good with this, and they all headed out. Trish made it first and got them a table, and when they arrived, they ordered their food and shortly thereafter they were eating. Together they headed back to the old house to gather anything and everything that they were going to be needing right away. They grabbed all the food, as well as most of the cooking things and utensils, and then they got most of their clothes and all their personal items that they wanted to take. Once done, they headed back to the new house and got started on getting everything into the house and put away.

Not even half way through doing this though, the furniture truck arrived, and then a few minutes later, so did the electronics truck. The furniture truck was parked by the front door, so the other guys were told to back around the side of the house and bring in all their things through the back, so that everyone was not tripping over each other. Everyone was good with this. Todd, Kyle and Trish did pause their unloading though, so that they could watch over everything else, as well as not be in the way, they thought that this was prudent.

It took two and a half hours for the furniture to be brought in and set up, but almost four for the electronics equipment to be done. Finally it was done though, and everything looked amazing.

“Wow, would you look at all this, I can't believe it.” Trish whistled.

“Me neither.” Both Todd and Kyle said at the same time.

They did go finish unloading the cars of everything that was still in them, but they were getting tired and hungry, and they had barely had but a snack while the stuff was being unloaded, but it was only just two in the afternoon, so too late for lunch and too early for dinner. They decided what the hell though and just went out for dinner, because they all knew they were not going to last.

After a nice dinner, they all came home and relaxed the night away, and when they went to bed, Todd and Kyle had a very good night. They made love to each other twice, sucked each other once to start off the evening, and then diapered and cuddled each other for a few minutes before passing out cold.

The movers came before Kyle even had to go to school, even though he said that he would stay and help, Todd said no, that he was staying home from work and the job did not require two people, so it was not necessary. Considering none of the furniture was going, but all the rest of the stuff in the house was mostly fragile, it still took a good few hours to pack everything properly, and then take it to the new house and unpack it. The chore of putting it all away would be theirs now, but that was okay. Todd barely managed to make it to the school in time to pick up Kyle, and they headed back home to watch over the last few minutes of unpacking.

The rest of the week was a whirlwind of activity, trying to find homes for everything and learning where everything was put, Todd worked in the mornings and Kyle was in school until two, while Trish was at work most days until nearly five, sometimes later. They got everything done though and the house and the office looked even more amazing than before, and that was saying a lot. Kyle did start walking too and from school now though, considering it was only a ten or so minute walk, but did ask for a new bike soon so that he could ride, which would be faster. His mom had left his old one at their old house, because not only was it almost too small for Kyle, but she had had no room left to bring it anyway. He had been told that they would eventually go get him a new one.

Saturday morning that was what they all went and did. He did not want a mountain or trick bike, he wanted just a good road bike, something that was comfortable and perfect for riding on roads, since that was all he ever did. His old bike had been a mountain bike, but he hated it, because it was too hard to ride comfortably on roads. They all chose a good one for him, it was a few hundred dollars, but nowhere near hugely expensive, so that was good. He got outfitted for all the things he would need and then they were off.

The following week Kyle went to his first gay group meeting at the school and had a nice time. They all mostly just sat around talking and laughing, but the teacher in charge of the club did hold a discussion as well. Kyle got to meet even more of the gay, bi or lesbian students that were in the school and all of them were quite nice.

That week Mason even came over after school one day and he really liked Kyle's new house, and was surprised to learn that Kyle had helped to design it and everything, Kyle excitedly told him all about it, and even showed Mason Todd's beautiful office. They went swimming too, and neither boy was at all embarrassed to go swimming together totally naked, in fact there was an awful lot of looking going on. When Todd joined them, Mason looked at him appreciatively and said he now knew why Kyle liked him so much, saying that Todd had an even larger dick than his dad did, and it was pretty good sized.

From then on, Mason came to visit at least once a week, Kyle even went to his place occasionally, but Mason preferred going to Kyle's, because there was a lot more to do. Kyle never missed another gay group meeting and they always had a lot of fun, and learned things too, so that was good. Kyle did exceptionally well in school, acing every single test he ever took, and he received not less than ninety nine percent on everything else he did as well. He did go to school and became an architectural engineer, and when he graduated, with top honors as well, he went and worked for Todd, and were partners in business as well.

Todd was happier than he had ever been in his life. All throughout growing up, he had the best friend in the world, but in a way it was horrible too, because he knew he would never have what he truly wanted. He had that now in Kyle, and they loved each other dearly for it. Todd's boss retired the same year that Kyle was to graduate, so handed the business over to Todd fully, but his name was still on everything as full partner, so he would always receive royalties and everything, so he never truly left, but when he died ten years later, the entire business was left to Todd, fully and completely. Todd and Kyle took the business and made it grow even more so and truly created some of the worlds most amazing buildings.

Trish stayed working at city hall until she retired, she loved the work so much that she never wanted to leave. When Kyle was sixteen, she found herself a real nice boyfriend and it looked to be getting serious, and just after Kyle turned nineteen, they decided to get married. They had no more children, but they did move out together, and Todd gave her his old house, since he had just been renting it out as a executive rental, so there was rarely ever anyone in it.

Every night, in one form or another, Todd and Kyle made tender passionate love to each other. Sometimes they used just hands or mouths, other times they did all of it or just made love to each other anally, sometimes they even just kissed and cuddled and did nothing at all sexual, but it was lovemaking none the less. As they went on, their love for each other grew even stronger, it never stopped growing, and by the time Kyle was sixteen, almost everyone that saw them together knew the truth behind their relationship, but fortunately no one ever said anything about it, until well after Kyle was legal, then they asked.

Many weekends, several holidays, and as often as possible during the summer, the two of them went hiking and or camping, they never lost their love of nature and going and doing that. Their favorite trip though was when Kyle was thirteen, they took a flight to Europe with all their gear and hiked and packed and camped all over the beautiful country for the entire summer.

And though their story continued on for many wonderful years, sadly, this has to be the end of our tale of Todd and Kyle, but though the tale ends, their story never does.

***Thanks as always for reading, I hope that you enjoyed the story. Even though it almost feels like the ending is rushed, it is not, it actually went on for far longer than I had originally anticipated it to be, but I wanted to tie up all the loose ends and clean up a few things. So, anyway, if you are still here and reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts, please email me at erich5748 @***