Chapter 2

Kyle had slept the best sleep he had in what felt like forever to him. He had not even cried himself to sleep the night before. After the awesome diaper change, he was so satisfied and drained, that he had passed out almost totally, and slept the entire night away. He did not even dream, something that had not happened since the accident. He had been having almost nightly dreams about the accident that had killed his dad, and he would wake up crying and cry himself to sleep once again. Not this night though, he slept right through, and when he finally woke the next morning, he felt refreshed for the first time since his dad had died.

Todd had waken up feeling refreshed as well, he too had not had a full nights sleep since both the accident that killed his best friend and the failing of his bladder. He had not had bad dreams per say, and he did not cry himself to sleep, well except a few nights, but he did not sleep either. This night he finally did. When he decided to go ahead and crawl out of bed, he removed his catheter, went and had a shower and changed his catheter to his day time leg bag and put on his robe and went to see if Kyle was awake yet. He went down the hall and knocked softly on the boys bedroom door, and Kyle said he could enter.

“Morning Kyle, how did you sleep last night?”

“Really good. I never woke up last night and I think I feel good too.”

“I'm glad to hear that. Are you ready for me to remove your soggy diaper so you can go have a shower?”

“Yeah, I probably should, I'm pretty wet.”

“Considering you didn't go to the bathroom before bed last night, I don't doubt you're wet.”

“Yeah, I probably should've, that's for sure.” He grinned and threw off his blankets and turned himself so that he was in diaper change position.

“Wow, you really are soaked, aren't you?” Todd chuckled, it looked as if Kyle were very nearly saturated even.

“Yeah, but I usually am, even if I do go to the bathroom before bed, that's how I still sometimes leak, even in these awesome diapers.”

“Your dad was the same.” Todd chuckled as he started to remove Kyle's diaper.

“Yeah, he told me that he used to leak at least once a week, and to be thankful that the diapers today are far superior to the ones he had.”

“No kidding. There you go, and you might want to take care of that baby boner while you're in the shower as well. What would you like for me to get for you to wear?”

“Yeah, I probably should, but whatever you want to dress me in is okay, I almost never picked out my clothes.”

“Okay.” Todd smiled and Kyle skipped to the bathroom, completely naked and not caring. He finally felt happy again.

Todd just went to the dresser where Kyle had stored all his things and dug through it. It was supposed to be a very nice day, so shorts and a tank top would probably be the best call, so he found a pair of satiny shorts with the underwear built in and a nice white tank top that would show off Kyle's very nice little body. Once he had Kyle's clothes picked out, he just sat down and waited. Then he realized that Kyle probably wanted for him to dry him off as well, so went to the bathroom and went in. The door was not locked, and Kyle was just climbing out when he walked in.

“Oh good, did you come to dry me off?” He smiled as he saw Todd.

“If you'd like me to. Did you have a good shower?”

“Yes and yes, I had a great shower.”

“Considering you're finally soft, it must have been. Come here.” Todd said as he grabbed a nice big towel, Kyle grinned.

Todd dried Kyle off fully and wrapped the towel around him and for good measure, picked the surprisingly light boy up and carried him back to his bedroom. He laid Kyle on the bed and pulled the towel away and then proceeded to dress him.

“Thanks, that was real nice, just like daddy did for me.” Kyle said with misty eyes.

“Good, I'm glad. Whenever you want or need me to do this for you, you just say so okay, and I'll do it.”

“Thanks. I'm glad I have you, it's almost as good as having my daddy back, but I know I can't.”

“I know. Go on and head downstairs, I'm gonna go get dressed quickly and I'll meet you down there and we'll figure something out for breakfast.”

“Okay.” He said and skipped from the room, looking far happier than he had in a long time.

Todd went to his bedroom and got some clothes out as well, and even though it was supposed to be hot out, he wore pants, so that no one would see his leg bag. He did miss wearing shorts though, especially on hot days, and today was likely to be hot if how bright the sun already was said anything. Once dressed, Todd headed downstairs and met Kyle there, who was already digging in the fridge to see what he could find for breakfast. Trish came down only seconds later herself. When Kyle finally pulled his head out of the fridge, it was to find Todd and his mom already there.

“Oh, good morning. There's some eggs and cheese, onions, peppers and ham in here, so I was thinking we could have omelets. Where's your potatoes so that we can have fried potatoes with them?” Kyle asked happily.

“Potatoes are in the cupboard over there. I'll get them, but do you know how to cook omelets?”

“Oh yeah, mom and dad taught me how to cook and I like to.”

Trish just stood there looking on in shock. It had been a long time since she had seen Kyle look so happy. She liked what she saw, and decided to just let the boys be, so went and sat down without saying anything.

“That's good. Well, I'll do the potatoes then if you get them, and then we'll eat.” Todd smiled.

So they got to work, and side by side they worked in the kitchen and cooked themselves a really good breakfast. Once it was all ready, they sat down with Trish, who had still yet to say a word, and they all ate.

“That was really good boys. Thanks.” She finally said.

“You're welcome.” They both said.

“So, what should we do today. For the first time in forever, I don't feel like staying home?” Todd asked.

“I don't know, what's there to do here?” Kyle asked.

“Lots I suppose. You know what, let's go to the amusement park.”

“Really, you mean it?” Kyle asked excitedly.

“Yeah, sure, What do you think Trish?”

“I'm not one for amusement parks, so why don't you boys go ahead and enjoy yourselves, I'll just wander around town and do my own thing today.”

“That's okay, why don't we do the amusement park another day after you go home, and we can all go do something today.”

“No no, that's okay. You boys go and have fun, don't worry about me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am. Just go and have fun.”

“Okay. It doesn't open for a few hours, so what should we do 'til then?”

“May as well just hang around here and relax, because if you guys go to an amusement park, you'll probably be coming home real late.”

“Not such a bad idea actually.” Todd said.

So for the next three hours, while the boys waited for the park to open, that was all they did. They laid back and relaxed, watched TV, and did nothing. Trish decided to head out first, almost half an hour before the boys had to leave, and they all said goodbye to each other, Trish telling the boys to go have fun and to not come home until the park closed. They were just about ready to head out when Kyle had a bright idea.

“Hey, you think I should wear a diaper so that I don't accidentally pee my pants while at the park? I'm not exactly known for my great control.”

“I suppose that's really up to you, isn't it. You know if you want to wear them, that I'll help you change. If you're comfortable wearing them outside the house and if you could have an accident and want to prevent it, then you decide.”

“Okay, then take me upstairs and diaper me please?”

“Okay. Do you have any diaper shirts or anything to help hide your diaper?”

“No, not any more, I outgrew my last one a couple months ago.”

“Then we'll stop somewhere and get you something. Not sure we can find a proper snap crotch one for you quickly, but we can get you a dancers body suit for sure. We can always modify it later if we have to.”

“That'd be cool, thanks. Diaper shirts do help a lot.” Kyle smiled.

“Yes they do. Well, come on upstairs then and we'll get the big baby all diapered up.” Todd smiled warmly to Kyle while rubbing his hair affectionately.

“Okay.” Kyle said brightly.

They went upstairs and Kyle hopped onto his bed and waited while Todd grabbed everything that they would be needing. Once he had it all, he went and pulled Kyle's shorts off, and once again he was hard. Todd just chuckled, asking him if he was ever soft, but slipped the diaper underneath him and applied the cream as Kyle giggled that he was not. Within a few moments, Kyle was diapered up and ready to go.

“Okay, do you want these shorts back, or do you want some bigger pants to wear?”

“These shorts are big enough to hide the diaper, and once I get a diaper shirt, I think it'll be fine, but we probably should grab a few pairs of pants for just in case.”

“Good idea.” Todd said and went and grabbed a few bigger pairs of pants that Kyle had.

They went downstairs and Todd found a backpack kicking around and stuffed the pants, several diapers, the wipes and cream into it and declared it a diaper bag. For some reason, Kyle smiled brighter.

“You really are a diaper lover, aren't you?” Todd chuckled.

“Yeah, I am, I can't help it.”

“That's okay, just as long as you're happy is all that matters.”

“Thanks. I still hurt so bad that I don't have my daddy any more, but with you around, it does make it easier.”

“That's good. Well, should we hit the road then and go have some fun?”

“For sure.” Kyle said excitedly once again and they were off.

Their first stop was to the store where Todd was going to get Kyle his new diaper shirts, and Kyle bravely went in with Todd, surprising him, but he said nothing. They went right to the rack that had the boys body suits and Todd found one that he was pretty sure would fit Kyle. He asked the sales person if they could go try it on, and she showed them to a change room. The two of them went in and Todd stripped Kyle of his shorts and shirt and tried it on, and it fit perfectly. It was just a touch snug, but was still more than stretchy enough to last a good while, and it hid Kyle's diaper perfectly. With a smile, Todd redressed Kyle in his shorts and shirt, leaving his new diaper shirt on, but taking the tags so that they could pay for it. They went and grabbed four more suits in four more colors, since the first one had been just white, and then went and paid for all five of them. Within twenty minutes of arriving, they were gone again, and Todd pointed them to the amusement park.

When they arrived, Todd got them parked and then they went and paid the outrageous price for both the parking and the entrance into the park. Todd had never been here before, all he knew was that it was very large, so as they walked in, the first thing they did was grab a map each so that they could try and learn their way around a bit, as well to figure out where they came in from, so that they could get back. Todd even went so far as to mark on the map where they entered. They found some lockers where they could store their pack, as well they found where the family washroom was, so they knew where to go for diaper changes. Once they felt they knew what they were up against, they headed into the park.

“So, have you ever been on a ride before?” Todd thought it best to ask Kyle.

“Sure, Dad brought me to the park near home a few times, I always loved it, the bigger and faster the rides, the better. And if they flipped you all around, even better yet.” Kyle grinned brightly.

“Good, same with me then. Your dad and I went to the park back home several times, but from what I understand, this one's even better, so it should be fun. They apparently always have lots of exhibits and things to look at as well, so when we don't want to or can't ride the rides, there should be lots to see and do still. By the way, don't be asking to play all those games to try and win prizes, they're just a scam as far as I'm concerned and a waste of money to be sure.”

“Okay, my dad never let me play them either for the same reason.”

“Probably because one of the times we went to the park, we each played this game there and we both thought we won it, but then the guy said nope, you had to do this as well. We were pissed, and he sure never told us that before hand, just told us we had to hit the target, but no, he wouldn't budge. We never played another after that.”

“I think he told me that once actually. Was a long time ago though. I'd rather do the rides anyway.”

“Cool, then let's go and check out the roller coasters and see if the rumors that it's awesome beyond belief are true.”

“I love roller coasters, let's go.” He said and grabbed Todd's hand and led him to the biggest one he could see.

When they reached it, even Todd was thinking maybe this was not such a good idea, it was huge, and looked like it was going to be insane. When he said so to Kyle, he just grinned brighter and said, “I know, it looks awesome.”

It took nearly ten minutes for them to get through the line to get on the ride, and then it took roughly two minutes for the ride to complete. They both screamed themselves hoarse, it was so awesome.

“Wow, that was totally tubular dude.” Kyle called out.

“That's too funny, your dad used to say exactly the same thing whenever we got off a good ride.” Todd laughed. He had not heard that statement since he was a kid, and it brought back a lot of memories.

“I know, Daddy used to say it all the time whenever we got off a good ride.” He smiled.

“You remind me so much of your dad sometimes it's scary, it's just like the ten year old version of him is walking beside me.” Todd said, a little misty eyed.

“Yeah, mom says the same thing all the time.” He said softly.

“Trust me, that's not a bad thing.” Todd smiled warmly to the little boy and hugged him tightly.

“Good.” Kyle said from inside the hug.

Kyle wanted to go back on the same coaster again, so they queued up in the line again and went once more, then after that, they went to the next largest coaster and rode it twice, and then they did the other two coasters as well, and rode each of them twice in a row. By the time they finished all the coasters, they were getting quite hungry, so they headed down to food row and found some absolutely horrible for you food and enjoyed far more than could possibly be healthy. They even had some dessert as well, and they enjoyed that too.

“Well buddy, what say we go look at some of the exhibits around here for a bit to let our food settle some, and then I think once all that pop goes through you, that you're gonna need a diaper change, and I'll probably have to empty my urine bag.”

“Okay.” Kyle said happily enough.

They went and spent about an hour looking through all the exhibits that they could see, and once they were ready to go back on the rides, they went to their locker and grabbed their pack and then to the family washroom to get ready for more fun. Just as they were walking up, a mother and her seven or eight year old son walked out, so they went right in.

“He was cute, and I think he was diapered as well.” Kyle giggled as soon as the door was closed.

“Yeah, and my guess would be gay too.” Todd laughed, because he had seen how the boy looked at Kyle. Then again, Kyle had a tendency to get lots of admiring looks, because he really was a very pretty boy.

“More than likely. My god, look at all the diapers in the garbage can, and only about half the ones I see are baby sized, there's even one near the top about your size.” Kyle said, because he actually looked right in the garbage can.

“What would you expect in a place like this. Anyone with any sort of bladder problem at all would be far better to wear diapers here, diaper lovers or not. It looks as if the boy who just left though likes the same diapers as you do.” Todd said, noting that the very top one was in fact the same as Kyle's.

“Yeah, I saw that as well. Lucky him, luckier me.” He smiled.

Todd quickly stripped Kyle of all his clothes and his very wet diaper and then laid him on the changing table and proceeded to clean, cream and diaper him up, and then he helped Kyle to get dressed again. He then closed the valve on his leg bag, removed it and emptied it into the toilet and reattached it and opened the valve. Kyle watched the whole thing.

“Isn't it uncomfortable to wear that around your leg like that?”

“Yeah, and a pain in the ass as well. I always have to be careful that I don't hit it on anything so that I don't burst it or anything like that.”

“And you think diapers would be worse. Not sure how I see your reasoning on that one.” Kyle laughed.

“Well, you're a diaper lover, you wouldn't see it really. Well, we better get outta here so that someone else can come change their diaper as well.” Todd smiled, and he was right too, because as they left, there was a man waiting to enter, both could tell that he was very full.

They just smiled and nodded to the man and then headed back into the park and continued riding the rides for a while longer, enjoying several different rides this time. For almost three hours more they rode all the rides they could before all the running caught up to them again and made them hungry. So they headed to the food section again and got something different this time. After dessert, they went and toured more of the exhibits once again, and then they went for diaper change and leg bag empty. This time as they were leaving the washroom, a very cute pair of fourteen or fifteen year old boys were waiting to enter. From the looks the boys had on their faces, diaper changes were not the only thing they needed when they entered, though both could see their diapers were very full as well. Todd had to chuckle, Kyle very nearly came, and they both admitted that they would love to be a fly on the wall in there for the next several minutes.

They repeated this pattern all day long, ride for a couple or a few hours, get food and drink, tour, then change, and repeat. They did this all the way until the park closed at one the following morning. By the time the park closed, Kyle had no more diapers left, they were tired beyond belief from running around for thirteen hours, and they were more than ready to go home. They went and hopped in the car and headed home, Kyle, probably not so surprisingly, did not even make it half way home before passing out.

When they arrived, Todd went and carried Kyle all the way up to his bedroom, and considering they had changed his diaper for this very reason just before leaving the park, Todd just laid him down and pulled his covers up, gave him a kiss on his forehead, and wished him a good sleep. He had not even bothered to undress Kyle, he did not want to possibly wake Kyle up, and what he was wearing would be fine.

Once Kyle was situated, Todd went to bed himself, and after getting himself ready for bed, he crashed and slept in well the following morning. It was almost noon when Todd woke up in fact, the latest he had slept since the time he and Kevin had stayed up all night long to watch a meteor shower when they were thirteen. They ended up only able to stay awake until three in the morning, and passed out on the lawn in their sleeping bags.

Todd stumbled from his bed and went and started his shower as hot as he could stand it, got himself all ready, and then hopped in and had a very long hot shower. As soon as he was ready to, he got out, dried off and went and got ready for the day. Once he was, he went to see if Kyle was alive yet. When he knocked on Kyle's door, there was no answer, so he went right in to wake him up.

“Come on baby boy, time to wake up, it's getting late and your diaper's probably gonna start leaking soon.” He repeated to Kyle at least a dozen times or so. Finally he came to.

“Ugh, mornin.”

Todd just laughed.

“It can't possibly be time to wake up yet, I feel like I just went to bed.”

“It's almost noon, you've been sleeping long enough. I just got up myself and had a nice hot shower, you can go hop in the shower as well as soon as you're ready, so come on, spin around so I can remove your diaper, because it's probably really full.”

“Oh yeah, it is.” Kyle chuckled as he checked with his own hand.

“I bet.”

Kyle finally threw the blankets off and turned so that Todd could remove his very wet diaper. Finally a few seconds later, Kyle was naked.

“My goodness, how you didn't leak is beyond me, this thing has to weigh nearly twenty pounds.” Todd laughed at the weight of the diaper he just removed.

“Yeah, well what can I say, I wet quite heavily.” He grinned.

“Just like your dad.” Todd smiled back.

“Yeah, he often said he wished diapers were as good back then as they are now, because he would've had far less wet beds to deal with, even though he was wearing diapers.”

“Yeah, he often had me double diaper him, just so he wouldn't leak.”

“I bet.”

“Okay Handsome, go hop in the shower and get nice and clean.”

“Okay.” He said brightly and skipped from the room, naked as can be, he did not care at all.

Fifteen minutes later Kyle was back, still almost dripping, he had the towel wrapped around him, and that was it. As soon as he was standing in front of Todd, he passed the towel over and just stood there. Todd chuckled, most boys Kyle's age would never dream of having someone else baby them so much, but Kyle was different. He just loved the extra attention, so Todd gave it to him. Once Kyle was all dried, Todd got him dressed in another pair of satiny shorts and a tank top, similar to the day before, only he was not diapered again, though Kyle almost asked him to diaper him, but knew his mom would notice, and that was not something he cared to show her too much.

“There you go, now all you have to do is brush your hair and teeth, and you're all set. Meet me downstairs as soon as you're set and we'll get some food, because I'm hungry, and I'm willing to bet so are you.”

“Oh yeah.” He said and then grabbed his brush as Todd was leaving the room.

When he made it downstairs, Trish was sitting on the couch watching some TV, so he went and sat down and said hello. They held off on talking too much more though until Kyle came down.

“Morning Baby, how was your day yesterday?”

“It was really great mom, it reminded me of when dad would take me, it was so nice.” He said happily.

“That's good, I'm glad.” She smiled warmly.

“Thanks. So what did you do yesterday?”

“Nothing much, but I do have something to tell you guys, but you should probably go get some lunch first.”

“Okay, nothing bad is it?” Kyle asked softly.

“No, at least not really. Go on, go get some food and then I'll tell you guys.”

They headed into the kitchen and made themselves some sandwiches and soup, and then went and ate it in almost total silence. Once they were done, they headed back to the living room so to hear the news.

“So, what's up?” Both kyle and Todd asked at the same time.

“Well, I doubt you knew I was doing so Kyle, though I did mention it to you Todd, but I've been trying to get a job at city hall now for a couple years, since long before your dad died. Once you were old enough, I wanted to get to work, I just can't stand sitting around all the time, and well, this works with the schooling I took. So anyway, they called and told me that the position is mine if I still want it, but at this time it's only temporary while someone's on maternity leave. I was told though that if I work out well, that the position may stay mine if the person comes back and wants to change positions, because she's actually trained for something else, and that position will likely be opening up real soon for her. So, I have to go back tomorrow night to take the posting. I'd hoped to stay the whole week, but a few days will have to do. You're of course still gonna get to stay here, and in a way it works out perfectly, this way I don't have to find daycare for you for the summer, since you're only ten and shouldn't be home alone too much yet.”

“Oh, that's really good Mom, I know you were getting bored at home, and I knew you took those courses for a reason, so I knew you wanted to go get a job. Does it pay well?”

“Surprisingly well actually. Not that we need the money so much, at least we had good insurance for your dad and he had good coverage at work as well, then there was workers compensation who also paid out, so we don't need the money, but this way we can use what I make and keep the rest in savings.”

“You know I don't care about the money we got because Daddy died.” Kyle said icily.

“Kyle, be nice. You're mom was just making a point. No one likes to think of money as being more important than someones life, but the fact of the matter is, your dad died and insurance did pay you because of it. It's a simple fact, and you don't need to be snotty about it.” Todd said softly.

“I'm sorry, I'd just rather he still be with us. I'd rather be poor and have him than be rich without.”

“You and me both.” Trish said.

“Same here, but it still doesn't change the fact that he's gone, you need to accept it and learn to move on with life.” Todd said warmly, hugging Kyle to him.

“I know, it's just so hard.”

“We all know that Kyle, why do you think your mom tried to have you see a therapist, because you weren't progressing in your grieving and learning to live with it.”

“I know.” He whispered.

“I know it's hard for you, you were so close. It was hard on me too, we were real close too. It was hard on your mom too, they were real close. No one escapes death, no one escapes losing a loved one from feeling what we all felt, but there does come a point where you have to accept what is, what cannot be changed, and move on with life.”

“I guess so.”

“So, you excited about finally getting this job then Trish?” Todd grinned.

“Oh yeah, two years of night school to do it, and it's been two years since I finished trying to get this bloody job. I tried a few other places, but city hall's where I really wanted to be, not only because they pay better, but they get way better benefits as well.”

“I know it was starting to get more than a little frustrating, especially when they made that posting and someone else within the department who had seniority took it, and they weren't even fully qualified.”

“Frustrating, that downright pissed me off. I guess I can see it from the persons perspective, it was a better position than she was in, still not what she was trained for, but better none the less. I should've just asked to take the position that opened up, to at least get in, but I know nothing of financing and book keeping. I'm a bloody public works planner.”

“That's how city hall works though, everything goes by bidding, and the highest bidder always gets it, unless of course they have no experience at all.” Todd laughed, he knew this, since he had worked directly with city people on many occasions.

“I know, doesn't make it any easier when someone with far less qualifications than I have can get the job, but oh well, I have it now, and unless I can't help it, I'm keeping it.”

“That's good. What should we do today then, since you have to go home tomorrow?”

“Don't know, whatever you want to do is good with me.” She shrugged.

“Then let's go to the museum of natural history, I happen to know we can get in for free, and it's really neat in there.”

“Why can we get in for free?”

“Because the one it's named after usually gets in for free. I donated all the time to design the entire place, as well as gave a one million dollar donation toward building it.”

“Wow, you can afford to give a million dollars away?” Kyle gasped.

“Yeah, in case you didn't know, I'm not exactly hurting for money. My parents were really good with money and taught me well, then I've done very well with it as well, and when they died and the airline company paid me out, I invested all of it and it makes me about a million a year just by itself. Also, when I do decide to work, I usually average about five hundred thousand a year, apparently I'm really good, at least that's what everyone tells me.” Todd said simply.

“Wow. I didn't know your parents died in a plane crash.”

“Yeah, year before I finished university in fact, I'm surprised you don't remember that, you were four I think, well I suppose that might have been too young for you to really remember, but you were at the funeral. You stayed glued to me the entire time and kept telling me I'd be alright.”

“I do sorta remember it, but I don't know if I remembered whose funeral it was. Was a pretty long time ago.”

“Yeah, holding you the entire time and having you reassure me like that probably helped me the most.” He smiled warmly.

“I guess then it was only fitting that you helped me with my dad dying.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“Let's go then, I want to see something that you designed.”

“All you have to do is drive downtown with me and I can show you more than two dozen different office towers I did, and I could take you on a drive and show you some of the houses I designed as well.”

“Cool, I'd like that. Did you design this place then, because it's nothing like what my dad said you did. He said you did the most amazing designs around, and well, this house is sorta just plain and boring, like most houses.”

“No, I didn't. It was the first house I saw that I actually liked the looks of when I was looking, so I bought it. I worked so hard after moving here designing everything for everyone else, that I never did get around to designing my own house. One of these days I might just have to do that, because while nice, this house doesn't really speak to me, doesn't really flow or give me creative energy.”

“That's why I wondered if you'd done it or not.” Kyle chuckled.

They all went and got their shoes on and headed out right away. Because the museum was clear across the city, and it was a pretty big city, it took more than an hour for them to make it. As they went though, Todd showed Trish and Kyle a few of the buildings he had designed. Two of which were still in construction in fact, though one was nearly complete. They were awe inspiring to say the least though. Then they pulled up to the museum.

“Holy shit, you designed that?” Kyle gasped, then clasped his hands over his mouth so hard that it had to hurt.

“Yes.” Todd just started laughing.

“I'd get mad at you for swearing Kyle, if I wasn't thinking the exact same thing, and from how hard that smack sounded, I don't think I need to punish you.” Trish had to laugh as well.

“Sorry.” He whispered.

“Just don't let it happen again Baby. I do understand though. My god, it's amazing.” Trish said.

“Yes, this I'm proud of. A museum should make you feel inspired, make you want to go in and learn, well this felt inspiring, and the inside's even nicer yet.”

“Wow, I can't wait.” Trish and Kyle said at the same time.

They all got out and headed inside the building, the lady at the counter recognized Todd right away and told him to just go on in.

“How long has this been here then, it looks brand new?” Kyle asked.

“They just finished tearing down the old one. It was almost falling apart, so I was asked to offer them some preliminary drawings as part of a bidding process. My drawings were accepted almost instantly, and during the bidding process, all the people who were in charge of it, as well as a panel of experts, were supposed to all decide on the one they liked the most, and mine got all the votes. When they came back and asked me to take the contract, I gave them my offer, so they offered me a wing with my name on it. In total I would guess that I gave them roughly one and a half million dollars though, so that's huge.”

“Wow, your designs sell for that much?”

“Oh yeah. Because I'm both an architect and an architectural engineer, my plans can be very expensive, but they don't have to go through two or more people, I do it all myself. A building as large and complex as this can take six months or more just to design, and then just as much to go over all the technical details to make sure everything's perfect. I did this entire thing in my spare time from home, so that I could donate it free of charge, I didn't go through the office at all.”

“Wow, my dad said you were good, I had no idea he meant incredibly amazing times a million.” Kyle said effusively.

“Thanks.” Todd smiled and hugged Kyle to him.

They toured the entire museum for the next several hours, and everything about the building itself was amazing, and then there were all the exhibits in it as well, which were great too. Kyle had the most fun looking at all the technical details of the museum itself though. In and of itself, the museum was a piece of artwork, Kyle was not the only one to think so, because Todd had been told so by many people, several of them architects as well. They stopped for an early dinner, and then left once it was closing time at seven. They saw all the exhibits and enjoyed it a great deal.

“That was the coolest museum I've ever visited before, and I love museums.” Kyle said happily as they were walking back out to the car.

“Thanks. Like I said earlier, this one I'm proud of, it turned out amazingly, even if I do say so myself. Though there have been hundreds that have told me as well.”

“Count me as one of them.” Kyle said.

“Me too.” Trish added.

“Thanks guys. We should probably head back home now though and let you get some rest before you have to leave tomorrow Trish.”

“Yeah, probably should, and I'm betting that both of you are getting more than a little tired after your long day yesterday as well.”

“Now that you mention it, my legs are starting to feel a little jelly like.” Todd laughed.

“Same.” Kyle admitted.

They arrived home a little later and went in and sat back and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Not even half an hour after getting home, Kyle asked Todd to come to his room for a moment, Todd knew Kyle wanted to get diapered and ready for bed. He went and diapered and jammied the tired boy, and then they went back downstairs and watched TV for a bit more, before Kyle passed out on the couch. Trish gave him a kiss on the forehead and Todd carried him up to bed and tucked him in, Kyle did not stir at all, and Todd went back downstairs.

Not long after putting Kyle to bed though, Todd admitted that he too was getting more than a little tired himself, so was going to head to bed. He said goodnight to Trish and then headed up and got ready for bed and crawled in. He slept well through the night.