Chapter 3

The following morning was a near identical repeat of the morning before, except that they woke up at a somewhat more normal time. Once Kyle was dressed and ready for the day though, he and Todd headed downstairs to have breakfast with Trish. As they were eating, they chatted.

“What time does your flight leave today Trish?”

“Six, so that means I have to be outta here probably no later than four to get there and get registered in time. At least I don't have to go through customs, that takes probably an hour more, but I do have to drop off and sign off all the rest of the rental stuff for the car, and that always takes a while.”

“Okay, is there anything you want to do today before you leave then?”

“No, just sit here and cuddle with my baby, it's gonna be so hard leaving him here for a couple months, so I wanna get as many cuddles as I can.”

“Fair enough.” Todd smiled.

Kyle was silent, and as much as he was going to miss his mom too, he knew being with Todd was going to be even better yet.

They all continued talking as they ate, and then they all went and sat back in the living room and relaxed. Kyle was cuddled right up to his mom almost the entire day, and they all talked and laughed, watched TV and that was about it. Finally four o'clock came and Trish said that she had to be heading out. She had packed all her things before coming down in the morning, it was all beside the door, so she was ready to go.

“Okay, come here Baby, I need some powerful good hugs and kisses to last me through the next several weeks.” Trish said, already starting to cry.

Kyle did not say anything, but he too had started to cry a little, he just went and gave his mom huge hugs and lots of kisses goodbye. With the standard parental warnings that probably every kid had heard a million times or more, Trish said her final goodbye and she was off. Kyle and Todd stood in the open door, watching as she drove off, and when she was out of sight, they went back inside.

“How you holding up Buddy?”

“I wish I could say that I didn't want her to go. I know she loves me, and I love her, but she doesn't really understand me either. You do, you make me feel normal, mom doesn't. Before dad died, she very clearly told me that she didn't want to see me in diapers, at all, other than right before bed. Her and dad fought about it, I heard them, she told him it isn't normal for a boy my age to want to wear diapers, let alone as much as I seem to. He told her that it was perfectly natural and normal. He admitted to her that he still likes them, but he didn't tell her he still wears them sometimes, and she even asked, and he said no, he doesn't any more, but says that if I want to, that it isn't their place to stop me. Mom said fine, but it's not normal.”

“It's weird sometimes how moms can be like that, but whatever, she'll either have to get used to it, or you'll have to stop wearing.” Todd shrugged.

“Then she's just gonna have to get used to it.”

“That's what I thought.”

“Speaking of which, you think you could take me upstairs and diaper me please?”


They headed upstairs and Todd lovingly changed Kyle, and as usual, Kyle was quite hard. As soon as the diaper was pulled up and taped on, Kyle sighed and Todd watched as the front of his diaper started getting more and more wet.

“Ahhhhh, I've been waiting for almost two hours for that. It was starting to get painful.”

Todd just laughed. “Do you need a diaper change now?”

“No thanks, this'll hold lots more yet.” He grinned.

“That's good. Do you want any clothes, or are you just gonna walk around in just a diaper?”

“Could I?”

“If you want. Couple things you have to know, I'll never tell you what you should or should not do, I'll never deny you anything that won't hurt you, within reason of course, and if you want something, you just come see me, no matter how embarrassing you may think it is. I assure you, I'm very open and understanding and don't embarrass easily.”

“That's cool, thanks. I like just walking around in my diaper.”

“Then by all means, do so. We'll just have to make sure the curtains are closed when you wish to do so.”

“Thanks. By the way, are you in pain today, you keep wincing every so often?”

“Oh, you saw that?”


“I've got another bloody bladder infection. I'm trying to flush it out of me, that's why I've had so much green tea and cranberry juice today, but it's getting worse, not better.”

“Oh, why do you get bladder infections?”

“Because of my condition, I can't hold my pee at all, so it just trickles out of me at all times, so as such, sometimes junk can get left behind in my bladder and cause problems. Then there's the fact that I have a foreign object constantly in there as well, and my doctor says that some people get more infections than others when using catheters. He says I'm one of them.”

“Ouch, that sucks. Do you have to take medications all the time?”

“No, unless it gets too bad, my doctor told me to just flush my system really good if I feel one coming on, but if it gets too bad, then to come see him and he'll get it taken care of. The problem is, the pain's starting to move into my back now, which is why you see me wincing every now and then, so that means the infection's moving to my kidneys, and that's not good. My first bladder infection did that to me, and I had pain like I never imagined from it.”

“Why do you still wear a catheter then if they bother you that much?”

“What other choice do I have?”

“Diapers.” Kyle said simply.

“No thanks, I'd rather this.”

“I think you should try diapers, I think that you're just embarrassed about someone seeing you wearing a diaper. You shouldn't be though, almost no one would be able to tell.”

“Um, yeah I'd be embarrassed, not sure how you can wear a diaper out of the house like you do, besides, I don't find them comfortable.”

“Yeah, and having a tube stuck inside your dick must be really comfortable.”

“No, I guess it's not.”

“I'll make you a deal, I'll try a catheter tonight if you try a diaper tomorrow night.”

“Why would you want to try a catheter?”

“Just to see what it's like and what you've been feeling.”

“Okay, I suppose I could go get a sample pack of diapers somewhere, and we're gonna need to find you more diapers anyway.” Todd sighed.


“So, what should we do now?”

“Just cuddle up and watch movies for the rest of the night.”

So that was what they did. They put in a movie and watched it, and then went and made and ate dinner. Kyle needed a diaper change, so Todd changed him, and then they went and watched two more movies before it was time for bed. When they went upstairs, Todd took Kyle to his bedroom and told him to lay down on the bed, while he went and got everything that Kyle was about to need.

“Now, are you sure about this, because the first time's the worst?”

“Sure, just be gentle, and just keep this diaper on me, because I've never slept without one, and I doubt I'll be able to.”

Todd just nodded and released the tapes on only one side of the diaper and folded it over. For once, Kyle was soft, telling Todd how nervous Kyle really was about the prospect of this. Without further warning, Todd got to work and got the catheter installed right away. Kyle grunted a few times as it was threaded in, and then Todd pulled up and taped closed his diaper once again.

“There you go.”

“God, how could you do this to yourself every day, it's horrible!”

“You do get used to it.”

“No way, I'd never wanna get used to this, it's horrible.”

“You want me to take it out?”

“No, I said I'd try it, and I will, as long as you wear a diaper tomorrow night.”

“Okay, fine.” Todd chuckled. Kyle really was a stubborn one.

Todd took Kyle back to his room and tucked him into bed and wished him a good night, and then he went to bed himself after getting ready. They both slept well tonight, other than Kyle was a little uncomfortable. When Todd woke up, he did all his morning duties, got dressed, and then went to get Kyle up, only to find that he was already awake.

“Oh, good morning. Didn't expect you to be awake.”

“Yeah, didn't sleep so well, but for the first time ever that I know of, my diaper's dry, but boy is the urine bag ever full. No wonder why I always feel so full in the morning.” He chuckled.

“No kidding, and here I thought mine was usually full.” Todd laughed after looking at the bag.

“Could I get you to take this thing outta me, and then, because I don't really need a shower so much this morning, and my diaper's already on me, I think I'll just leave it on.”

“Okay.” Todd smiled warmly.

He went and pulled the blankets down and Kyle turned so that he was in easier reach of Todd. Once Kyle was in position, Todd released only one side of the diaper, pulled the catheter out, and then taped him back up properly. Kyle just hopped out of bed, saying he did not feel like being dressed yet.

They headed downstairs to the kitchen and made and ate breakfast, talking almost non stop as they did so. They were just talking, getting to know each other even better yet, and they continued talking all the way through breakfast, then went and laid back on the couch and just kept talking for more than an hour more.

“Well Handsome, I think I've done talked myself out, I haven't talked this much since the last time your dad and I were able to sit back and talk all night long. Let's say you head on up and get dressed and we go out for a bit. We have to go get some groceries and diapers, then we can just look around the mall for a bit.”

“Okay.” Kyle said happily enough and headed upstairs to go get dressed.

While Kyle was gone, Todd went to the bathroom and emptied himself so that he would last a while longer, then went and got his shoes on, waiting for Kyle to make it. When Kyle came downstairs, Todd was almost surprised to see that he was not wearing his diaper still.

“Decided to go without your diaper this time?”

“Yeah, for now, I was starting to get pretty wet and I probably shouldn't wear diapers all the time. My dad always told me that too much of a good thing could ruin it. Don't know, once I'd like to wear for an entire week straight and see how that is.”

“If you'd like to, I'd let you. Without your mom here, now's the time to experiment and see what you like, what you want, as long as it's not dangerous or stupid, then I say do it.”

“Sure, now you tell me.” Kyle chuckled.

“There's always tomorrow. Besides, if you really want to do that, we should probably get you some better clothes, so that they don't show up too much. Your shorts were pretty okay, but you could still tell you were wearing a diaper under them, but there's no way you could wear a diaper under these pants and get away with it.”

“That's the biggest reason I didn't wear one today, because with it raining out like it is, I didn't want to wear shorts, and my pants don't hide my diapers.”

“But you would've if you could've!”


“Let's go then.”

Kyle put his shoes on and they headed out to the car and went on their way.

“Kyle, where does your mom usually get your diapers for you?”

“She doesn't, I do, she drives me, but she makes me go in to get them and I just use her card. I think she started doing that after dad died so that I'd be embarrassed enough to stop wearing them all the time. Doesn't work, because I don't mind buying them. Anyway, the ones I like I get at a medical supply store near our house, but it's a locally owned one, so there won't be one here as well. Just hit the medical supply stores though and I'll check out the selection at each of them if I don't find the ones I like.”

“Really, she actually made you do it?”

“Yeah, but like I said, she doesn't understand. I think that she thought that dad babied me too much. I don't think it was too much, not enough maybe, but certainly not too much. So yeah, she told me that it was my problem and because she didn't like buying diapers for her ten year old son, that I could go do it myself. The first time she told me that, I just said, okay, can I have your card, and when she gave it to me, I went right in and bought them. That's how it's been ever since.”

“Hmm, and here I thought she was more understanding.”

“She is, about certain things, but I don't think she is so much abut diaper wearing. I think it weirds her out for some reason.”

“Well, if you decide to wear diapers more, when you go home, you're just gonna have to sit her down and make her see that it's what you want, whether she likes it or not.”


Todd pointed them to the medical supply store where he got all his catheter equipment, since he knew that they carried diapers there as well. He also knew the guy there fairly well and trusted him, so that was good. When they made it, they both hopped out of the car and went inside.

“Hi Todd, back for more catheters already, and who's this handsome young man?” The guy asked him, Todd was absolutely certain he was gay as could be, but he had never asked.

“Not entirely, and this is Kyle, he's my god son, he's spending the summer with me, since he's been having troubles dealing with his dad dying, and since his dad and I were best friends, his mom thought that the two of us could talk a lot.”

“Sorry to hear your dad died buddy, but you've got a nice guy here to take care of you for a while.”


“So, what are you here for today then?”

“Well, Kyle here needs some new diapers, and he's suggested to me that diapers might be better than catheters and bladder infections, which I currently have. Do you have good quality diapers?”

“Only the best. I once told you that I used to have to use catheters as well, well I didn't tell you that I had to stop wearing them for that very reason, so I wear diapers all the time now. So with that being said, like I said, I carry the good ones, because I need them as well. Looks like you're what, youth small Kyle, and for you, I'd say adult small Todd.”

“Oh.” Todd said.

“Yep, exactly.” Kyle said happily.

He said nothing further, just went to the back room and came back with two cases, and they were not small ones either.

“Oh, I forgot to mention I only wanted a small sample pack.” Todd said.

“I don't have any samples, but given these are the ones I use, if it turns out you don't like or want them, just bring them back and I'll credit you for the balance.”

“Okay.” Todd sighed.

“How long have you had to wear diapers Kyle, and is it day as well, or night only?”

“All my life for night, but occasionally for daytime.”

“You seem to be not at all embarrassed about it, that's good. So many kids are embarrassed it's not even funny. Just last week I had this twelve year old boy in with his dad to buy him some good diapers. When his dad said that his son needed some good diapers that wouldn't leak during the night, because the Goodnites and the Underjams weren't able to hold up, he was so embarrassed, he was blushing more than I'd ever seen before.”

“No, I never saw the point of being embarrassed about it, it's not like it's my fault or anything, I don't do it on purpose, so who cares. How was the boy when he left?”

“He was fine. I told him that I sold diapers to a great deal of young men like himself and that there was nothing to be ashamed of here. I let him know that I had almost a hundred regular customers for the exact same diapers that he was about to get and for the exact same reason, and that wasn't including the other hundred or so that needed them all day for whatever reasons. I also told him that there was a bed wetter support group that he might want to contact, you could too if you wanted, but given you're only here temporarily, there might not be any point.”

“That was nice, and no, there really isn't any point, not that I have troubles with it, but I could help others who do.”

“Yes, you could for sure. Were you guys needing anything else today?”

“Um, I don't think so.” Todd said.

“Yes, we need diaper cream and some good skin lotion, a few packs of wipes, and do you carry plastic pants and things like that?” Kyle said.

“Yes I do. For you or both of you?”

“Mostly for me, but maybe one pair for Todd as well please?”

“What do you need plastic pants for?” Todd asked.

“Just in case.”

“You'll find with these diapers that I'm giving you that plastic pants really won't help any anyway, they're really good at holding. The only reason I have plastic pants at all, and they're not actually plastic, they're a high tech waterproof material that's soft and breathable, and that's for the people who want or prefer cloth diapers. If you'd like, I can give you one of them as well.”

“Maybe later, I prefer the diapers I have, I've never tried cloth before, and I've never tried this brand of diaper either. Hopefully it's as good as the ones I use.”

“I personally guarantee them. The only thing I'd be concerned with is that they're pretty bulky if you have to wear during the day. How often do you wear during the day?”

“Okay, I'll take your word for it. Lately it's been a lot more often, so do you have a good daytime diaper as well?”

“Yes, made by the same company, just as soft and absorbent, but because it's thinner, of course holds less, but I still only have to change maybe three times a day, plus a night diaper, so that's not too bad.”

“No, that's not too bad at all. Can I get a box of them as well then please?”

“Okay, be right back, and I'll get the rest of the things for you as well.”

He came back several minutes later, the small stuff he had put into a box which was on top of the diaper box.

“Okay, here you go, and just so you can test it out, I've given you a pull up style cloth diaper and one of the waterproof pants. You have to remember that cloth doesn't hold quite as well as a disposable does though, so you'll require more changes, but the plus side is that they're really comfortable. For night time, if you like them, I carry a booster pad for it, but boy does it add to the bulk of the diaper.”

“Wicked, thanks a lot.” Kyle smiled brightly.

“You're welcome.” He smiled as well.

He then rang through the purchase and Todd paid the surprisingly high bill without complaint. They took it all out to the car and stored it all.

“Thanks Todd. I appreciate this.”

“I know Kyle, I know.” He smiled warmly.

“You know he's hot for you right?”

“I've noticed before, yes, but well, I don't know if I could go out with him.”

“One of these days you're gonna have to realize that even if my dad was still alive, that you couldn't have him anyway, so you should try and date.”

“I know. I know my standards are too high, your dad was and always will be the one and only in my heart.”

“Mine too.”

“We should go shopping before we both start crying again.”

“Yeah, we probably should.” Kyle smiled sadly.

They headed to the grocery store next, where they loaded up on all the groceries that they would be needing for the next week or so. They headed back to the house, only to drop everything off and get the cold stuff into the fridge and or freezer, and as soon as they were done that, they headed back out right away, this time heading to the largest mall in the city. Because the weather had started to clear up, and Kyle far preferred wearing shorts whenever possible, he had changed into a pair of his soft silky shorts that he liked. Todd had to admit that the cute little boy did look quite good in them.

They made it to the mall and went in to look around. There was a very nice boys clothing store there, one of the few stores that actually catered to boys clothing, so they went there first of all. When they arrived, Todd took them right to the pants section to check out the selection. Todd found out what size Kyle normally wore and grabbed the next size up, selecting a few pairs in different styles. They then headed to the change room.

“Can you come in with me please?” Kyle asked.

“No, you don't need me in there, just come out to show me, besides, there's not nearly enough room for two of us.”

“Okay.” He said and took the four pairs of pants in with him to try them all on.

One by one, Kyle tried them on and came out and showed Todd. They all looked good, and while the fit was certainly baggy enough to hide diapers, they were lacking in the nice fit that a boy like Kyle should have. They were also a little too big in the waist, but Todd figured that was what they would need anyway, so would have to grab some belts. Todd told Kyle to wait there, that he was going to go grab a few more pairs in a different style, so went and grabbed them and brought them back. These ones were much better, they still showed off Kyle's very nice trim frame, but would not show off his diapers. The waist was still a bit big, but he grabbed a couple nice belts to go with them, they were both pleased.

“Can I get some new shorts as well please?”

“Sure. Pick out whatever you want.”

“Cool, thanks.” Kyle smiled brightly and skipped off.

A few minutes later, Kyle came skipping back with four pairs of the same shorts he liked in the next size up. He went right back into the change room to try one of them on, and because they were all the same style and size, he only had to try one on. When he opened the door, Todd had to laugh, he could tell Kyle was very hard in the shorts.

“I think you really like these shorts.” He laughed, looking pointedly at the pointy protrusion.

“Oh yeah, they feel so good against my little baby pee pee.” He giggled, cupping his little package.

“You're supposed to wear underwear under those to try them on. Did you even have underwear on to try on the pants?” Todd whispered.

“No, I never wear underwear under my shorts, they always have the underwear built in, but these ones don't, not that I'll need them anyway.”

“Don't tell anyone then.”

“I won't.” He grinned, then got a cheeky look on his face and pulled the leg of his shorts up and flashed Todd his hot little boy bits.

“You're naughty. Now get changed back into your shorts, and you should probably take care of that so that no one sees it, you might make some other boys jealous.” Todd whispered, trying his hardest not to laugh.

“Thanks.” He grinned and closed the door.

There was no one nearby anyway, but he knew he should close the door. Todd did hear that Kyle took care of his risen problem though, because he heard him squeak quietly, and cutely, a few minutes later, and then a few moments after that, a much more calm looking Kyle emerged from the change room.

“You're gonna get me arrested if you keep that up.”

“Sorry, can't help it, these shorts always do that to me if they don't have built in underwear.” He grinned brightly.

“Yeah. At least they seemed to fit quite well.”

“Only because I had the tie drawn as far as it'd go.”

“That's fine. Do you want anything else from here?”

“Can I grab a few new shirts, there's some nice ones?”

“Sure, go ahead. Make sure they're a bit on the long side to help hide some of the bulge.”

“Will do.” He said, once again skipping away merrily.

This time Todd followed him as he went to pick out several shirts. Todd was carrying the pants and shorts that Kyle had picked out and liked, he knew that Kyle would not need the change room to try on the shirts anyway, so as Kyle picked out the ones he liked that he knew would fit, Todd added them to the pile. Five shirts later and Kyle said he was done.

“Good, how are you set for socks?”

“Pretty good, but considering I rarely wear them, because I prefer my sandals whenever possible, they usually last a long time.”

“What about winter time?”

“That's the only time I do wear shoes, but even then as soon as I get home, I take them and my socks off and go barefoot. I prefer being barefoot whenever possible. I hate my feet being covered. I even get in trouble at school all the time for kicking my sandals off, they have some stupid rule saying that our feet have to be covered at all times. Whatever.”

“It's so that in case you step on something you won't get as hurt.”

“I know that, but if I'm sitting at my desk, who cares. As soon as I leave my desk, I put them back on, so it's not like anything can really happen there.”

“That's true I suppose, but they have to enforce the rules for everyone, no real exceptions, and you're more than smart enough to know the reason why.”

“I know, doesn't mean I have to like it though.”

“No, you don't, but you do have to accept it. Do you need new sandals then, they're looking a little tired?”

“Sure, thanks.”

“Okay, let's go pay for this then, then we'll head to a shoe store.”

“Why, they sell shoes here?”

“Because they're not a shoe store. If you want shoes, you go to a shoe store, trust me, and the one I'll take you to has the best shoes for good prices. The shoes here aren't anywhere near as good and are higher priced.”

“Okay, cool.”

They went and paid for their purchases and then headed to the shoe store that Todd had mentioned. When they arrived, Kyle was in sandal lovers paradise. Because it was early summer, the store had a huge selection of sandals to choose from. He went right to the boys section and searched through the various offerings to see what ones he liked the best. There were two of them.

“I can't choose between these two, they're both so nice, and they look super comfortable as well.”

“Try them both on then and see how they feel and choose the one you like the best from them.”

“Okay, good idea.”

He searched for the correct sizes in both and tried them on, taking a walk around the store for a few moments to see how they both felt.

“Still can't choose, they're both really nice and really comfortable, so you choose for me.”

“Okay, both.”

“I don't need both though, I can only wear one pair at a time, and either one will go with anything I wear.”

“Fair enough, okay, go with the black ones then, they're the nicer of the two in my opinion, but you have good taste, because they're both really nice. I think I'll grab a pair for myself as well.”

“Okay, cool.” Kyle smiled brightly once again.

Todd found a pair in his size as well and then they went and paid for everything.

“So, where to now?” Kyle asked.

“I need to go to the health food store quickly.”

“Okay, what for?”

“Unfortunately, if you want pure cranberry juice, you can't get it at a grocery store, all they carry is the crap that's mixed with other stuff and filled with sugar, so you have to get it there instead. It's actually pretty expensive as well, and pure cranberry juice is quite nasty to most people, but I like it, so that's probably why they fill it full of sugar and other fruit juices.”

“Okay.” Kyle shrugged.

They headed there next and Todd grabbed six large bottles of the juice, as well as some really good mint green tea, he liked it more than regular green tea, it was quite soothing. They looked around in there for a few minutes more, Todd grabbing himself a few supplements, and even getting some child versions for Kyle. Once they were done, they paid and headed out.

“Wanna get some lunch now?” Todd asked.

“Sure, I could eat a bit I suppose.” He grinned.

“That grin says a bit means you might drain my bank account.”

“Not drain, but put a good dent in it for sure.” Kyle giggled.

“I don't doubt that.” Todd laughed.

They hit the food fair in the mall and they both went with a really good stir fry and tea. They went and sat down and ate and drank their fill, neither of them able to finish the meal, there was so much. It was all put into just one of the containers though to take home for later, they would add it to whatever they made for dinner they figured. After that they just toured the mall for a good hour more, picking out a few things here and there that they either wanted or needed, and finally they headed home.

Once there, they got everything unloaded from the car and got all the clothes into the wash, including the new cloth diaper and waterproof pants. The rest of their stuff they put away.

“You said that the reason you bought this house and haven't designed your own was because you hadn't had the time right?”

“That's right.”

“And you have the design stuff here right?”

“Of course, I have a full home office all set up.”

“Cool, I haven't seen that yet. Can you take me and show it to me and then can I help you design your new house?”

“Sure, why not. I'm already off anyway and I have nothing better to do, so why not.”


Todd took Kyle to the office and he was impressed. Of all the rooms in the house that he had seen so far, this was the nicest of them. He had always loved drawing things as well, so architecture intrigued him. Todd showed the curious boy all the things in there, and instead of going to the computer once he was done, Todd went to his drafting table. He explained that he preferred to do his first draft the old fashioned way, saying that he got a better feel for it that way.

“So, what are your ideas, what do you think my new house should look like?”

“Well, definitely not like a big box with windows, you need something more you, but I don't think hard angles either. Circles would look horrible, so maybe just nice and curvy, but not sure how you could do that either.”

“Something like this?” Todd said and drew out a line with a bit of shape to it.

“Yeah, something like that. The question is, if that were the front of your new house, can it be built?”

“Sure, almost anything within reason can be done. It usually boils down to how much you want to pay for it though, because the second you go away from straight lines, you increase your costs. The reason for it's simple though, nothing in building materials comes rounded, so it has to be custom made. I wouldn't want the entire thing to be like that, because I don't want stupidly expensive, but I do want some shape to it, and I do like this shape. Now, the question is, how do we incorporate this shape into my new house?”

“Good question. How many bedrooms and how many levels do you want?”

“I hate the three story that I have now, the basement is hardly even touched, it's still unfinished the way the builder left it, and I don't really even need two levels either. I was thinking three or four bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms, then another for a powder room.”

“Okay, cool. Do you want a pool or games area or anything like that?” Kyle said more as a hopeful suggestion than a question.

“I could be talked into it I suppose.” He chuckled.

“That'd be super cool, because I love swimming.”

“You do know that by the time this is built, that you'll be long gone back home right?”

“Yeah, but I plan to visit as often as possible.”

“Good.” Todd smiled warmly.

“So, why not put in a pool and have a basement that you can design as a games room and everything.”

“Okay. What else?”

“You definitely need a great office, and maybe you should just work for yourself right from home.”

“That's okay, I prefer working for someone else, less headache that way. They let me work from home though when I want to, because really, I don't need to be there all the time. Not to mention, I think they're gonna ask me to be a partner soon, since I've been the one to make them as big as they've become. They were already one of the largest in the country before, but I've made them grow even more.”

“That'd be cool, so that'd mean more money.”

“Not really, since they already pay me so well, but it would mean a bit more headache for sure, because I'd be required to work more with the clients, hobnob with them more, be in the spotlight more. Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I'd accept, just because of that, I hate being up front like that. Your dad would've loved it, I don't.”

“I don't really blame you, I wouldn't want that either, even though Daddy did teach me how to do it, I still don't care for it.”

“Yeah, so anyway, nice big office for sure. I also want a great kitchen, and I do love movies, so maybe the new basement should have a great theatre in it. What else am I missing though?”

“That'd be awesome. I don't think you're missing anything really, but I do have another suggestion. Make the ceilings nice and high, and I've always love really nice vaulted ceilings with exposed beams.”

“Ooh, the rustic look. I could work with that. I love the rustic look too. So, we make it look like a modern old farm house, so wrap around porch and all.” Todd smiled, he loved it.

“Cool, and I say have the pool right off the living room. Can you make it so that you could have the entire wall between them removable, so that you could literally have the pool in the house when you want it, but closed off when you don't, and have it look almost as if it's actually part of the house?”

“Sure, full size glass doors that pivot and slide as needed and can be tucked inside a false wall. I've used them on a few projects now. Great way to bring the outside in. If we do that, then we should have a second set from the pool to a nice deck, which also has some good sized doors leading to the kitchen, so that everything's nicely connected.”

“That'd be cool. Do you need to have any supports though, because it'd look best if there was next to nothing in the way?”

“Depends on the sizes of everything, but in most cases, it can be done, I just have to incorporate a lot of steel and concrete. Considering the fact that I prefer using them anyway, because not only are they super strong, but they're easier to do some of the things I do, that's what we'd be using anyway.”

“Cool, the less in the way the better if you ask me. What about floors and stuff?”

“Well, we want rustic, so we go with a good hardwood and stone tiles everywhere. For the kitchen, we use lots of good knotty wood and metal, give it a great country kitchen feel, but be huge and modern. All my furniture will have to go though, because none of it'd match what we want the new house to look like anyway. How big a pool do you want, and I suppose you want a hot tub as well?”

“I don't know about size, but definitely big enough to dive and swim in and have lots of fun. A hot tub would be great, and maybe a sauna and a steam room would be cool too, just like the pool back home has.”

“Okay. Now, what about the bedrooms and bathrooms?”

“The bedrooms should each have their own exit onto the deck, maybe a nice set of double french doors, a nice realistic fireplace would be nice, a good sized closet for sure, and of course vaulted ceilings in there as well. The bathrooms, especially the master bathroom, should be grand, four or five piece, whichever you prefer, have them nice and open as well, except a water closet for the toilet, oh and have showers with multiple heads, because everyone loves multiple head in the morning.” Kyle giggled.

“You're ten, you shouldn't know anything about that.” Todd laughed.

“Yeah, well I may be ten, but my dad taught me all about sex at a young age.”

“Have you experienced it yet?”

“No, but not for lack of wanting.” He grinned.

“That's good.”

“Depends on who you ask I guess.” He giggled again.

“Yes, I suppose it does. So nice big bathrooms and bedrooms, anything else?”

“I don't think so, except skylights. There should be lots to let in lots of good natural light, same with windows, lots and big.”

“Okay. Let me sketch out the preliminary drawings then. If you see anything you don't like or think should be different, let me know.”


Todd started drawing, and so far he was not even using a ruler. For the next hour, he just sketched everything, Kyle giving him lots of suggestions as they went, and between the two of them, they got a pretty good idea of what the house was going to look like. The only thing that he was worried about was that with such a high vaulted ceiling, and that they had decided to do the entire pool house roof in glass, but that it was to meet up inside the house, that they were going to have a hard time finding roof members large enough to do such a large span as they were going to need. This meant that if the house was designed just the way they wanted, a good portion of the living room ceiling was actually going to be glass as well that would flow into the pool house. The entire wall was to be glass and steel, only the steel would be faced to make it look like a massive beam. Todd figured that that was what they would have to do with the roof beams as well. The doors for the pool house, as mentioned, would be all glass that would slide off to the side when not wanted.

They even put a huge stone fireplace in the living room to give it more ambiance, the fire itself though would be gas burning, even though they had both thought about wood for a bit. The entrance way was going to be large and grand as well, the kitchen huge and spectacular. The dining room was actually going to be the most simple, but was still going to be nice. They did five bedrooms, all of them very nice, the master bedroom and bathroom were huge and beautiful, and the other four were just beautiful, but still large. These four bedrooms each had a bathroom to share with another, so there were only two bathrooms for the four bedrooms, and they were very well appointed as well. All four bedrooms had gas fireplaces and doors leading to the porch as suggested.

The only other things upstairs were the powder room and the office. The powder room was just nice and simple, since it was just a toilet and a sink, but it was going to be very nice as well. The office was actually not in the house so much as connected to the back of the pool house, and was to have a smaller set of the large doors. The office was going to have a fully glass roof as well, as well as many great windows, it was going to be much like an atrium, so it would have great light and views, just what Todd wanted.

The pool house though was going to be incredible, huge and beautiful for sure. They put everything in that they could think of. The connecting patio area was going to have its own outdoor kitchen as well with a nice big fireplace and lots of seating, this fireplace though they decided would be wood burning. Then there was the basement. The design for it was pretty simple, four rooms, two of them small, one medium and the other large. One small one was a small bathroom of course, the other was a fairly good sized utility room, the next sized one was the theatre and then there was the games room. None of this was really designed, mostly because they did not need any more yet.

“Cool. This is gonna look amazing.” Kyle said once Todd put down his pencil.

“Yeah, I think it will as well. Now I get to take it to the computer and start all the technical stuff, but I think that'll wait for later. It'll take me a couple hours to enter all this into the computer as it is, and then a lot longer to figure out all the details.”

“Cool, but how will you make the sizes?”

“I do that on the fly. I know approximately what size I'll want everything, so now it'll all get done in my head as I'm drawing it all in the computer.”

“Neat. I love the way the front wall and the back wall both have neat soft curves in them, it'll make it look really interesting.”

“That's good. I like a little interesting, and even though that little architectural detail will cost a lot to recreate in real, it'll certainly be worth it.”

“Yeah, not like that massive glass roof won't cost a lot as well.”

“No, that's gonna be huge, to say the least, but again, it'll be worth it.”

“What were all those notes you put in by the utility room, they're just a bunch of codes it looks like?”

“They are. All they're telling me is that I want an ultra high efficiency heat pump furnace and air conditioning unit, heat recovery when in air con mode, so that the heat from the house actually preheats the water, as well any extra heat that's not used to heat the house during the heating season is used to preheat the water. The water heat will also be an ultra high efficiency system with unlimited hot water. Then there's a water purification system with a switching system that'll switch automatically from city water to a cistern that'll collect rainwater. The air will also be recycled and or refreshed as often as needed, and it'll be cleaner than the best hospital, because I'll have the same air scrubbers as they use, as well as ozonation to keep it fresh. You don't see it here, but those are about the only things here that I've already changed in this house.”

“Cool, I didn't know that. I mean I've had a couple good long showers and never run out of hot water, but you really collect rain water and filter it for the house?”

“Sure. I'll take you down and show you the water system, it's quite amazing. Underneath the patio in the back yard is a huge fifty thousand litre plastic water tank and all the water run off from the roof is collected in that. More than half my water usage comes from there. During the rainy season, I can fill that huge tank a dozen or more times, yet it takes me more than a month to empty it. The new house is gonna have a couple of those, or maybe one even larger, I don't know, I'll have to see.”

“That's really cool.”

“Yeah, it is. I figure that if my estimates are correct, that the average years rainfall here is more than enough to supply all the water that I could ever use, and that's only on this roof. The new house will have nearly twice as much roof to catch water with. Maybe I should have four times the collection.”

“Maybe you should. If you collect water, what about solar and wind energy then?”

“Those are a couple of the other codes I've entered. I haven't upgraded this house because the way this house is set up, and where it is, I just wouldn't have the efficiency to make it worthwhile. When I buy the new land for this house, I'll be making special considerations just for those reasons. They're really easy to incorporate though, because they're just connections by the electrical panel, which is noted right here as well by the way.”

“Neat. If the house is all steel and concrete, won't it be really cold though? Most concrete and steel buildings aren't very efficient I thought.”

“Most of the older ones aren't, that's for sure, but the new ones sure are. Houses are also a lot better, and this will be amongst the best. The concrete will be all foam encased, including the floor, all the windows and doors will be the best available, and the roof will be very well insulated. Trust me, this new house will be the most efficient house you'll find anywhere.”

“That's really awesome. I can't wait to see it all done.”

“Me neither to tell you the truth, and I'll owe it all to you for giving me the inspiration to do it.” Todd smiled warmly and hugged Kyle.

“Thanks, but you're the real artist. Can I get you to diaper me please, I really have to go pee now, I've been holding it forever, and I want to try one of those new night time diapers?”

“Okay, let's go to your bedroom and get you all diapered up.” Todd smiled.

“Thanks.” Kyle said and then happily led the way.

As he was going, Kyle was shedding clothing, and by the time he made it there, he was naked and ready for his diaper. Todd laughed as he entered the room, not only was Kyle naked, but he was hard once again, and he was laying in diaper change position.

“You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were a diaper lover or something silly like that.”

“No, how silly is that, who could possibly love much as I do.” He grinned cheekily.

“Yeah, right.” Todd laughed.

He grabbed the new case of diapers and opened it up and pulled one out, amazed at how thick and soft it was. He opened it up and set it next to Kyle as he went to grab the rest of the supplies. As soon as he turned his back though, Kyle grabbed the new diaper and felt it to see how it felt. He too was surprised by how nice it felt, it was so thick and soft, even nicer than the diapers he already had, and they were nice too. When Todd came back, Kyle set the diaper down and let Todd get him all diapered. Kyle was cleaned, lotioned, creamed and then diapered in quick order, and as soon as the diaper was pulled up and taped on, he let go his bladder and filled the diaper almost half full right away.

“Ah, much better. Thanks. Can I diaper you now please, so that you can start to feel what they're like and how much nicer they are?”

“It's not bedtime yet, the deal was bedtime remember.”

“I know, but come on, what have you got to lose, other than your bladder infection, which by the way I can tell is getting worse, because I keep seeing you wince more. When we were about leave the office and you stood up, I saw you really wince, so I know you're in pain.”

“Yes, it's getting really bad, I should go have a big drink of cranberry juice and some green tea, then lots of water as well after that.”

“Yes, and you should get that catheter out of you before it does real damage.”

“Fine.” Todd sighed and led Kyle to his bedroom.

Kyle helped Todd to strip down completely, and then to remove his catheter and flush out his bladder some, and before too long, Kyle was repaying the favor and diapering Todd up nice and thickly. He cleaned, lotioned, creamed and taped up the diaper nice and softly, it felt surprisingly nice and gentle to Todd, but he had had to try with everything he had to stay soft. He had to force himself to think of fat ugly naked women in order to do it, but he managed to stay soft.

Kyle though was clearly disappointed that Todd did not get hard. He wanted to see how big Todd got when he was hard, and truth be told, he just wanted to see someone elses hard dick, he liked seeing them, though it was very rare. Finally he was done though, and a few seconds later, the bladder flush started exiting Todd.

“There you go, now we're just two big baby boys. I know you don't appreciate it yet, but let's go get you something to drink and try and get that infection taken care of soon, so that you can learn how good they are.”

“Thanks, I think. It still feels wrong though.”

“But it isn't, especially for you, you clearly need them. It's either catheters and infections, or diapers and comfort.”

“Yeah, but I don't see diapers as being comfortable, in fact, it's pretty bulky and hot.”

“Yeah, but soon you'll start to realize how nice they can be. I can't even sleep if I'm not diapered, they're so comfortable.”

“You only say that because you're a diaper lover, right now I don't see them as comfortable at all.”

“Maybe, but you gotta start somewhere. Come on, let's go get you fixed up.”

“Okay.” Todd sighed and let Kyle lead him to the kitchen.

Todd poured his own large glass of juice, and a smaller one for Kyle, while Kyle found the kettle and got it going for some tea for both of them. As soon as he had that done, Kyle grabbed the glass of juice that Todd had poured for him and tried it.

“Wow is that ever bitter, and a bit sour as well, but I do sorta like it.” He said, then took another sip. “Yeah, I could get used to that.” He smiled.

“Good, and it's good for you as well.”

They drank the rest of their juice, Kyle going back for a bit more, and then when the tea was ready, they each took a cup of it and went and sat in the living room, sipping on that as they watched some TV. Kyle admitted that he really liked the tea as well, and between them they finished off the whole pot that they had made, which amounted to two good sized mugs each. Then for the rest of the afternoon before dinner, they both made sure to drink lots of water. Kyle did not need it strictly speaking, but it also never hurt to flush any impurities from ones body every so often. When they decided that they were getting hungry, they both went and made some dinner, then sat down to eat it.

For the rest of the night, until bedtime, they sat back and watched some more TV, and when bedtime came, they both went upstairs and changed each others diapers. Todd tucked Kyle into his bed, and then shortly thereafter, he decided he should go to bed as well, since he was pretty tired. He had been worried that he would not sleep with the extra bulk of the diaper, but found that he slept surprisingly well, because he was not having to roll back over a dozen times during the night to untangle himself from his catheter line.