Chapter 4

The following morning, Todd got up right away, and instead of having a shower like he normally did, he went and knocked on Kyle's bedroom door. When there was no answer, he entered the bedroom to find Kyle still sound asleep. He decided to let Kyle sleep for a bit longer, since it was still pretty early, so he went to his office and started his design program and started entering the information from the day before. He worked for about an hour before deciding that Kyle should get up, so went to wake him up, only Kyle was not asleep when he opened the door.

“Oh, sorry for intruding, continue.” He chuckled and closed the door.

Kyle had waken up and decided that he was a little hard, and his diaper was so soft and thick and wet, just the way he liked to jack off, so he started the way he always did, by rubbing his hardness through his soggy diaper. Several minutes later he inserted his hand inside his diaper and rubbed for a bit more, and then finally, when he was getting pretty close, he pushed down the front of his diaper and started jacking off fully, stroking every millimeter that he had to offer, and he was enjoying himself. It was just at this point, just before the point of no return, that Todd had walked in. Kyle could not have cared less, in fact, he would have let Todd watch, but at that moment, he was not at the point of caring one way or the other. Two seconds later he exploded, and it was probably his best ever orgasm, it was long and powerful, and he squeaked so cutely as he came. Finally he came down, pushed his half hard dick back inside his diaper, and sighed deeply.

“If you're still there, you can come in now.” Kyle called out.

Todd entered the room, because he had just waited on the other side.

“Sorry about just entering like that, I didn't even think you'd be awake yet. When I came in an hour ago, you were still out like a light.”

“That's okay, I don't mind.”

“Okay, but it's still not okay for me to enter your bedroom when the door's closed without you saying so, it's not polite. So, feel better now?”

“Oh yeah.” Kyle sighed deeply.

“That's good. Let's get you out of that super soggy baby diaper and get you into the bath.”

“Okay. You have any bubble bath by chance?” He asked hopefully.

“Actually, I think I might still have the bottle that your parents left here the last time you came to visit when you were four.”


Todd stripped Kyle of his diaper and led him to the bathroom and started the tub with nice hot water. Once the tub was going, he dug through the cupboard to see if it was still there, and he found that it was, so grabbed it and dumped a good healthy dose of it into the water. The water started foaming up right away, so he turned to Kyle and picked him up and set him in the hot water. Kyle gasped a bit at first, then sighed.

“Okay Buddy, you go ahead and sit here and soak and play for a bit while I go have a shower.”

“Okay, when you get out, stay naked so that I can diaper you, okay.”

“I haven't said I'd wear a diaper.” Todd pointed out.

“No, but you haven't said you wouldn't yet either. How did you sleep last night?”

“Surprisingly better than I normally do since I've had to start wearing catheters. I'm a fitful sleeper and I'd wake up a dozen times a night to untangle myself from my catheter line, because it always yanked on my dick uncomfortably.”

“That's good. Let me diaper you today, please?”

“Okay. Enjoy your bath, I'll come wash and rinse you off in a few minutes, once I'm done my shower, and then we'll get diapered.” Todd sighed.


Todd headed to his bathroom and started the shower as hot as he could stand it, and then hopped in after removing his very wet diaper. He soaked for a few minutes, luxuriating in the hot water, and then started washing himself well. Once done, he decided it might not be a bad idea to flush his bladder again, and though he was loath to admit it, his infection already felt better. He sat on the toilet for several minutes after injecting all the water into himself, so that it could drain out, and he used that time to empty the other end as well, and then he put on his robe to go collect Kyle.

“Hey there Buddy, enjoying your bath?” Todd asked softly as he entered to find Kyle just laying back, eyes closed, relaxing deeply.

“Mmmhmm.” Was all he said.

“Would you like a few more minutes, or are you ready to get out?”

“Nah, I should probably get out before I turn into a raisin.” He giggled, opening his eyes finally as he said so.

“You probably wouldn't make a very tasty raisin I'm afraid, so yeah, we should.” Todd teased.

“You think.”

“I try not to.”

“Hmmph, yeah right.”

Todd got down on his knees and grabbed a loofah and soaped it up and started scrubbing Kyle gently. Once he was all washed, Todd did Kyle's silky soft hair, washing it twice and putting lots of conditioner in it. Once that was done, Todd pulled the plug to let the tub start draining, and had Kyle stand up. He started the shower next and rinsed Kyle off fully, and then picked him up out of the tub and dried him off, then led him back to his bedroom.

Todd grabbed the new case of daytime diapers and opened it up, felt the diaper and hoped that it would be thick enough to hold up well, and then set it aside. Kyle picked it up as well and felt it and thought much the same thing, but thought it did feel nice as well. Todd grabbed the rest of the diapering supplies and then got Kyle all diapered and ready for the day. He then grabbed the clothes that Kyle would need, and considering the sun was shining brightly through the window, he knew Kyle would want shorts, so that was what he grabbed. He also grabbed a diaper shirt and a tee shirt, then went and got Kyle all dressed.

“There you go, and you can't even see that you're diapered.”

“Nice, thanks. I'll just have to be careful, these diapers aren't gonna hold near as much as my regular night time ones did.”

“I don't know, they probably hold a lot better than you think they do, considering the night time ones hold so well.”

“Hopefully. Let's go get you diapered now.”

“I still don't know about this.”

“How's your bladder feeling this morning?”

“Better, but I flushed it yesterday real well, and then I flushed it again this morning, that always helps.”

“With as bad as it was getting, I doubt it would've cleared up that quickly had you still kept the catheter in.”

“Maybe, hard to say.” Todd shrugged.

Kyle just left it at that and got up, leading Todd to his bedroom, where he stripped Todd of his robe, then diapered him the same way as well. He then went and grabbed the clothes for Todd and helped him to get dressed. He had chosen shorts and a tee shirt also, but the shorts sort of showed that Todd was diapered, and the shirt was not long enough.

“Hmm, I can still tell you're diapered, to the point others will probably see it as well, and I wanted to go out and do something today. Give me a minute.” He said, then headed back to the dresser to search through it again. He found a different pair of shorts and a shirt that he hoped would be better, so tried them next.

“Better, but it's still pretty obvious. We should probably go shopping and get you a few things as well. We'll only buy a couple things, in case after a couple days you decide you don't like diapers, but you should at least try them for a couple days.”

“I don't know why I'm letting you talk me into this.”

“Because deep down you know it's gotta be better than shoving a tube up your dick and causing all these infections.”

Todd did not say anything, there was nothing he could say to that, because in a way, he hoped that Kyle was right. He did go to his dresser though and grabbed a light sweater that he had in there and wrapped it around his waist, thus hiding his diaper much better. And though the sweater would look out of place, at least it looked better than a diaper bulge. They went downstairs and by silent agreement, they put their sandals on, so that they could head out right away.

“What are we doing for breakfast?” Kyle asked as they were pulling out of the driveway.

“We'll go get something to eat after we get me some new clothes. There's a restaurant in town that does an incredible brunch on the weekends, but they don't open for almost an hour still, so we may as well go get me looking decent.”

“You already look decent, to me anyway, but then again, I liked seeing you in just a diaper too.” Kyle grinned.

“Yeah, but you're a diaper lover, and more than likely gay too, neither of which hurts. Others, however, wouldn't be so forgiving.”


“So, do you still not have many friends at home? Your mom told me that after your dad died, you pretty much pushed away the couple friends you did have. Why'd you do that?”

“They're still friends, sorta, I mean they're school friends, but we have nothing in common, we don't spend any time together outside of school. Before my dad died, he tried to get me to bring friends over, to play, to try and be a boy, so I did, for him, but I wasn't really in it. We had some fun I guess, but after dad died, I just didn't feel like hanging with anyone, 'til now. I don't know if I really want friends, the second they find out I'm gay and or a diaper lover, they're just gonna dump me anyway.”

“You know, having such outgoing parents, you'd think you'd be far more outgoing yourself, but you're not, you're like me more. Without your dad, I was nothing, I was friendless, I guess I really am again. He's the one that made me have friends, he said I had to, because I couldn't keep holed up all the time by myself or with him. He needed constant contact with other people, me, I could be quite content seeing one or two people per day, for just a few minutes. Other than just one special person of course, which your dad was for me, you know that, but you seem to be able to fill that spot quite nicely as well. I haven't sat and talked to someone like I can talk to you since well before your dad died and we last got to visit. Granted, we still had those talks on the phone too.”

“Yeah, Daddy often laughed that I was more like you than him, and jokingly asked mom if I were yours instead. She just laughed and said, yeah right, like he would've let me anywhere near him.”

“She's right, like total turnoff.” Todd laughed.

“Know how you feel actually. He said that's fine too, but that I should try and be around others as well, because it's not healthy to spend too much time alone.”

“And he's probably right, but it doesn't change how we feel does it.”


They continued the rest of their drive, talking the whole way there, until they made it to the mall. When they arrived, they went to the same sports store that Todd had bought Kyle's diaper shirts and went to the adult section and looked for a couple for himself now. He grabbed a few, then went in to try one of them on, and it fit well, so he left it on, just pulling the tags off, so that the lady at the counter could scan it. He had chosen three of them, so went and paid for them. Kyle smiled at the fact that he had bought three of them.

They hit a mens clothing store next and picked out a few things, and Todd went in to try them all on to see how they fit and covered his diaper. The first pair was laughable, in fact Kyle laughed when Todd opened the door and told him it looked like he was just wearing a cloth diaper now, so Todd laughed and went back in and tried the others. The second and third pairs of shorts worked well though, so he kept those, and then tried a couple of the pairs of pants. Both were good, and when Kyle looked, he claimed that you could not even see the diaper bulge at all, but admitted that anyone who knew what to look for would still see it, no one else was likely to though. Todd grabbed himself a couple new shirts, just because he figured he may as well since he was buying new pants and shorts, and then they went and paid for them. Todd had kept on one of the outfits, so gave the tags for them to the lady, explaining what he had done.

“Okay, can we go get breakfast now, I'm starving.” Kyle asked as soon as they left the store.

“Sure, it's only a couple minute drive from here, so you won't have to wait long.”

“Good. I'm not used to waiting this long in the morning for breakfast. I'm usually up at six and then I have breakfast before seven. It's almost ten already and my stomach's been growling since I woke up.”

“I know. You slept in this morning too, it was almost eight when I found you.”

“Yeah, that's actually really late for me. The last time I slept that late was when I was sick.” He laughed.

“You're feeling okay right?”

“Oh yeah, great.”


They got out to the car and Todd's purchases were tossed in the trunk and they took off to the restaurant. When they arrived, Todd was happy to see that they had already opened the doors and the line had already diminished, so they hopped out and went inside. As usual when he decided to come here, it was quite busy, but there were still a few tables left open, so they were in luck. There had been several times he had come and had to wait half an hour or so to get a table. A waitress came up and took them to a table, and then they gave her their drink orders and said they were going buffet, so as soon as she was gone, so were they.

Kyle had never seen a breakfast buffet so good in his life, there was everything there that his dreams could conjure, and he wanted it all, so his first plate had just a little of everything that he could fit. His plate was not stuffed, but it was full. He and Todd made it back to the table at the same time, Todd's plate looking just as full. They sat there and enjoyed their good food, and when the time came, they both went up for seconds, taking a bit of what all they missed. Finally they went and grabbed a few desserts and tried, almost unsuccessfully, to stuff them down their throats. It was a close call though, neither thought they could finish, and they probably should not have either, but it was so good. Todd left the money on the table to cover the bill and leave a decent tip, and then they took off.

“Wow, I've never ate such a good breakfast in my life. I'm so full now it's not even funny.”

“Yeah, hence the reason I only do this about once a month, otherwise I'd end up looking like Jabba the Hut from Star Wars.”

“That's too funny.” Kyle giggled and snorted, it was quite cute.

“So, what should we do now?”

“I don't know. What's there to do around here?”

“Lots I guess.”


“Parks and beaches, there's a couple play places around, as well as the amusement park, but I don't want to do that again so soon, there's a couple pools, and theatres. Pretty much everything a normal city has in it.”

“Could we go watch a movie at the theatre?”

“Sure. We'll go to my favorite one, it's pretty awesome.”

“Cool, thanks.”

Todd pointed them to the other side of town and drove nearly half an hour to get there. When they arrived, it was the largest theatre complex that Kyle had ever seen, or even heard of for that matter, and then they went inside. It was simply massive inside.

“Guess who designed this for their very first job?” Todd grinned when Kyle finally stopped looking around.

“Wicked, really.”

“Yeah, it was finished construction a couple years ago now, and I designed it totally around comfort and acoustics.”

“Neat. So you get free admission then?”

“No, hardly, they never even give me a deal. Then again, the people who work here never met me, and they wouldn't know me in the least. That's fine though. I don't care about the cost, I just enjoy coming here.”

“I would too.”

“So, what would you like to watch?”

“I don't know, haven't even seen the selections yet, or their times playing.”

Todd just pointed to the large board that showed what was playing and when. There were several movies that Kyle thought he would like to see, but there was only one that was coming up shortly, so he picked that. Todd smiled and nodded when Kyle told him of his choice, and went and got the tickets. They then headed to the snack counter and got the prerequisite snacks and drinks, then headed to their chosen room.

They got seats in the back row center, so the perfect seats if you ask me, and as they were waiting for the movie to start, they ate their snacks. Finally the movie started and they watched it all the way through, enjoying it a great deal. Not only was it a great movie, but the seats were comfortable and high enough so that even Kyle could see the screen easily, and the room was designed with sound in mind, so it sounded perfect. When it was over, they went and dumped all their garbage and then headed to the family washroom to change each others diapers before heading out.

“I was thinking while we were watching the movie, if I really want a house built, I should probably get some property, so let's head to the real estate office down the street here, I have a client that works there, I designed his new house, so he can help me find the perfect property.”

“Okay, cool.” Kyle smiled.

They hopped in the car, and as soon as they were able, they headed to the real estate office and headed inside. Todd asked for the realtor he wanted, and they were in luck, because he was actually in and not with someone.

“Hi Todd, what brings you in today?”

“Looking for some property, I'm finally gonna build the house of my dreams, so I need the property to make it happen.”

“Excellent. I'm so happy in mine, it's absolutely amazing. So, what are you looking for?”

“Well, I was hoping we could get a nice five plus acres in the river valley. It'll be a bit of a drive when I have to go into work, but the area is just so nice. I want to stay on the north side though as close to the mountain as possible, so that I have really good southern exposure. I'd also like it to be up on the hill slightly if possible, so that when the river floods, like it's been known to do, it can't take my house with it. As long as it has some of a hill though will be all I need, but I don't want the whole thing to be hillside either, because I need to be able to make a good clearing. If it can have really good views of the river as well would be nice. I think that's everything, anything you can add to that Kyle?”

“Nothing that I can think of, other than you might want to make sure it has gas and power at the road.”

“Good point, although power shouldn't be a problem.”

“Okay, let me check all that, it'll take me a few minutes. Gas does run up there, but how far, I have no clue, and power goes all the way to the lake I know for fact.”

He took the next several minutes to search through the real estate data base, searching for what Todd was looking for, and finally he looked up and smiled.

“Okay, there's three properties that look like they might suit your tastes. We can go take a look at them if you'd like.”

“Sure, but what are the details?”

“Two of them are five acres, the last is nearly ten. They're all on the north side facing the river and should have amazing views if the pictures show it correctly. The ten acre one says that it has gas, electric and city water all to the road, so it's only up a few kilometers, since I know they don't take the water too far. It too already has a driveway cut and a clearing up top. My guess would be someone had already started the planning, but it fell through somehow.”

“Bad for them, possibly good for me. Do you need to call to arrange it?”

“I emailed the realtors in charge of all three properties, letting them know that I was taking a client to see them, two already responded saying that was fine, but that doesn't usually matter so much with bare land, but it is a nice gesture to let them know.”

“Okay, then let's go. We'll follow you then.”

“Nah, just come with me, we can save the fuel, no point taking two vehicles, and I can write my fuel off.” He smiled.

“Okay then.”

They all went out and hopped in the realtors car and headed out. It was quite the drive to get to where they were heading, but Kyle saw when they got into the valley that it was really nice. The first property they arrived to was the ten acres with the drive already cut in. It was already pretty close to finished as well, so they were able to drive all the way up to the top to see the clearing properly. When they arrived, they all hopped out.

“So, what do you think?”

“It's nice. The clearing isn't quite big enough, but it could be easily enlarged, and I'd want to take out a few more of the trees to get a better view, but it's very nice. This was the ten acre one you said right?”


“Okay, how much are they asking for it?”

“Seven hundred and fifty thousand.”

“Pretty steep for bare land.”

“Not really for nearly ten acres with incredible views. In town they're averaging their lots for a hundred and twenty, and they're tiny.”

“Yes, but that's in town. Okay, let's make it easy on the owners then, six fifty and they get the cash nearly next day.”

“You don't want to see the other two?”

“Nah, they're further out, smaller and will require more work.”

“Okay, fair enough. Let me see if I have reception here and I'll email the realtor.”

He took a few minutes to type into his phone everything that he wanted to say and emailed it off. It went, so that was good.

“Okay, sent. It'll probably take several hours now for him to get back to me, so let's head back now and get you guys on your way.”

“Thanks a lot.”

They hopped into the car and headed back to the realtors office. Just as they were about to transfer cars, so that Todd and Kyle could head back out, the realtors phone rang, so he told Todd to hold up, because it was the other realtor.

“Hello.........yes, that's right, he's paying cash and they could have it as early as tomorrow...........I'll ask him, but don't bet on it............okay, give me just a minute, don't hang up.”

“Okay, as you heard, it is him, and the owners came back with a counter of seven twenty five.”

“Counter at six seventy five then.”

“Okay.” He said, and then informed the realtor as such.

He waited for a few minutes as the realtor must have been talking to the owners in person, because he just stood there and waited. Finally he was being talked to again.

“Okay, we'll be there in ten minutes.” He said and then hung up.

“They accepted?” Todd asked.

“Only because they've had it on the market for more than a year already and had no bites at all, and they're facing bankruptcy otherwise. This pays it off for them at least, but they were hoping for a bit more.”

“Great, so we have to go meet with them then and sign papers and stuff?”

“Yes. If you have a lawyer that can come and sign off on it all and take care of the legalities, then you might want to ask him to come with you Just a simple property transfer, it's up to you really, but it is advisable.”

“Okay, I'll call him and see if he can come out. Where are we going?”

As soon as Todd had his answer, he made the call and talked to his lawyer and explained what was happening. Todd smiled and told him where to meet them, and then hung up.

“He'll be about five minutes behind us, but he'll meet us there.”

“Okay, let's go then.” The realtor smiled, because this was shaping up to be a nice simple sale for him.

They headed out right away and went to the other real estate office and met with the realtor there. The owners were not there, so that was good, and a few minutes later, Todd's lawyer showed up as well. They took care of all the niceties first, and then got down to business. Once all the paperwork was drawn up, Todd just had to write out a check, and he decided to give the old owners twenty five thousand more than he had offered, because he felt bad, no one wanted to lose everything, and he was taking the land from them for a very good price. He knew that it was valued much higher than what it had been offered at, but he also knew land prices were down pretty low right then. He had to explain all this to the realtors of course, because the amount was higher than it should have been, but they were good with it as well. Within an hour, they had all the paperwork taken care of. Todd and Kyle hopped in the car with the realtor and he took them back to his office, so that they could head out.

“Thanks a lot Todd, I'll see you later.”

“No, thank you. That was nice and painless, and soon my house will be built.”

“You're welcome, you guys have a good day.”

“And you too.” They both said.

Todd and Kyle went and hopped in their car and headed back home. They were both in need of diaper changes, and after that, they would decide what to do.

“So, after changing, what should we do?” Todd asked once they made it home.

“Don't know.” Kyle shrugged.

They headed up to Todd's bedroom and he got all the diaper change stuff ready. Kyle was told to lay down first, so he did and Todd got him changed right away and redressed not long after. They traded places and Kyle changed Todd as well.

“Thanks.” Todd smiled, it felt so loving, even though he was aware that it might not seem appropriate to have a child change his diaper.

“You're welcome. Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, you know you can ask me anything.”

“I know, but I doubt you want to answer this one.”

“Oh, well go ahead and ask and I'll see what I can do.”

“Okay. Whenever I see you naked, I get really hard, I mean more hard than normal, and I get all funny feeling, like my knees are jelly and my stomach's full of worms or something. I know I love you almost as much as I loved my dad, and I know that the feelings I'm getting are because I'm falling in love with you. I know all that, but what I want to ask, is if I wanted to play with you, have sex with you, would you do it?”

“I'm not really all that shocked to hear you say that to tell you the truth. I could see it. I wish I could say no, I wish I could say that we absolutely cannot do that, I know that's what I should say, I know that's what the law says I should say, but it's not what my heart feels. There is a problem though, and you have to be aware of it. It's not even the legalities of it that you need to know about, because you're more than smart enough to know them already I'm sure.”

“I do, so what is it?”

“It's that when I look at you, I see your father when we were your age. I can't be certain if what I'm feeling for you is because it's you or not. I don't know what'll happen if I say yes to you, I don't know what it'll do to me or to you. I'm really conflicted, you have no idea.”

“Oh, I guess I can see what you mean. I look just like my dad, so you don't know who you're seeing. That's easy, it's me and him. I'm him, as well as me, because I'm his son, I look like him, but I'm all me too. In a way, you can have both. You can dream that you finally got your boy, but in reality, you get his son instead, hopefully as good as or better than you ever dreamed.” Kyle smiled brightly.

“Okay, so you at least understand some of what I'm feeling, but I don't know if you really understand it all. I don't know what it'll do to me if it isn't right in my head.”

“I guess we work it out at that time if needed.”

“But also, you're leaving in a couple months.”

“Yeah, I know, but that doesn't mean I won't be back.”

“It won't be soon enough for me as it is, it'll only be worse if we do what we both want to do.”

“Fair enough. Can I at least get a kiss? I've always wanted a real kiss.”

“Okay.” Todd whispered.

They grabbed each other and hugged tightly, and then they pressed their lips together and kissed deeply. Kyle was the first to introduce his tongue to the kiss, and they both started getting light headed because of the intensity of the kiss. Both were painfully hard inside their diapers, and then Kyle had had all he could take, and exploded in an amazing orgasm. Todd felt it all through the kiss, and it caused him to explode as well. As soon as they came down, they broke the kiss.

“Wow, that was amazing. I had no idea kissing could make you cum.” Todd gasped.

“Me neither.” Kyle sighed deeply.

“You're a great kisser.”

“Mmm, so are you.”

“I've never kissed anyone before.”

“Me neither.”

“I think I liked learning with you.”

“I think I wanna learn a whole lot more with you.” Kyle grinned.

“Same here. Let's save it for later though, go real slow and just play around a bit.”


“Let's go out and do something else now.”

“Okay, what.” Kyle asked softly.

“Don't know, but I should probably go get some thinner daytime diapers, because I think I'm gonna stay wearing them.”


“Yeah, but you knew it already.”

“Yeah, I knew that eventually you'd see how nice they were, I'm glad. I always wanted to share everything with the one I loved.”

“And you will.” Todd smiled brightly.

They got up and headed out, Kyle grabbing Todd's hand as they went, and walked downstairs hand in hand. They put on their shoes and climbed in the car and headed out. Their first stop was the medical supply store, and when they walked in, the owner smiled.

“Came back for daytime diapers now I trust?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, we did.” Todd had to laugh.

“They all do. You'd be surprised just how many people have had to go through what we did and then decided diapers were a far better choice.”

“Probably not. So yeah, the same daytime ones as for Kyle please, just in my size.”

“Of course, be right back.”

And he was right back too, and then because that was the only thing they needed today, they paid right away and headed out.

“So, where to now?” Todd asked once they were all loaded up and in the car.

“I don't know. Can we go play mini golf or something like that?”

“Sure, that sounds like a great idea.”

Todd got them on their way to an incredible indoor fun house that had several mini golf courses to choose from, as well as hundreds of games to play. When they arrived, Kyle was excited, because it was great, far better than anything he had seen before by a long shot. He asked to play golf first, so they went and chose one of the courses and played through.

After their game of golf, they went and played a whole bunch of arcade games. Whenever possible they would play a two player game, and when that was not possible, they were playing side by side as much as possible. They stopped for a bit and played another round of golf, and then went and had some food. They finished off their stay there with another hour or so of playing on the games before deciding that they had had enough fun for one day. They were both getting seriously close to needing diaper changes, but oddly enough there was nowhere here for them to do so, so they decided to head home for the rest of the day.

As soon as they arrived home, they went up and changed each others diapers. For the first time, Todd let himself get hard as he was being diapered, and other than a bright smile, Kyle said and did nothing, just cleaned him up and taped him into a nice thick diaper. Todd would definitely have to reposition himself once he was able to, but then again, so would Kyle. Todd changed Kyle next, and as always, he too was quite hard.

“Much better, thanks.” Kyle sighed.

“Yeah, thanks as well.”

“What should we do now?”

“Wanna just go watch a movie?”


So they headed downstairs and Kyle was told to go ahead and pick out the movie he wanted, so he did so, and then they curled up on the couch and watched it. When it was done, they decided to just kick back and watch TV for the rest of the day, and other than stopping for dinner, they just did that all night.

They got each others diapers changed and crawled into bed, Kyle just crawling in with Todd, and as soon as they were both in bed, they reached into each other and kissed tenderly. After a good five to ten minutes of kissing, Kyle was the first to reach down and start petting Todd's diapered dick, but Todd followed suit quickly and started petting Kyle as well. They stayed only on the outside of each others diapers for tonight, but it felt so good, and within only a second of each other, they both came, exploding in twin amazing orgasms.

“Wow, that was amazing.” Todd sighed a few moments later.

“Yeah, now I'm ready to go to sleep though. Goodnight, I love you.” Kyle sighed.

“Me too, I love you too, goodnight.”

They curled right up into each other and they both fell fast asleep and slept well throughout the night. Neither moving hardly any at all, and considering Todd was normally a restless sleeper, this was surprising.