Chapter 5

The following morning found the two love birds still snuggled up to each other as they had been all night long. They were both awake, they both knew they were both awake, yet neither had said anything as of yet. They were just laying their cuddling into each other, they were tickling each others backs softly, they were just so relaxed that mere words were not needed. They had to have stayed like that for a good half an hour before the rumbling of their stomachs told them that they needed to get up. With sighs from each other, and yet no words, they rolled away from each other and got up. They finally spoke as they did so.

“I haven't slept so well since my daddy would cuddle me and sleep with me when we went camping or something like that.”

“I haven't slept so well since he did the same for me. Your dad may not have been gay, but whenever we slept together, he always cuddled into me all night long, I never slept so well as when he slept with me, not 'til last night.”

“Yeah, he was a cuddler he said. I loved just cuddling up to him all night long, or when we were watching TV, and he'd tickle my back just like you were, it was so relaxing. I fell asleep watching TV so many times from him doing that to me.” Kyle smiled sadly.

“Know how you feel actually, because he was the same with me. Whenever I was troubled by something, he'd pat his lap and tell me to lay my head down on his leg and he'd play with my hair and relax me like nothing else could. Sometimes he'd tell me to lay on my stomach on the bed and he'd tickle my back, it was always the same reaction from me though, I always fell asleep feeling so contented.”

“Yep, he never changed. God I miss him so much.”

“Yeah, me too Buddy, me too. There's nothing we can do but keep him in our hearts for forever though and never forget him and what he was to us.”

“I know, and with you to help me, I think I can finally do it too.”

“I know, you weren't ready to let go yet and admit that he was gone, in a way, I wasn't really either, but together we're helping each other. Let's head down to breakfast, because I'm getting pretty hungry here.”

“Thanks, and yeah, breakfast sounds really good.”

“And thank you as well. Come on.”

Without bothering to change each other yet, they headed downstairs so that they could get some breakfast. They were both very wet, and if it were not for the excellent holding capacity of their very good thick diapers, they would have both surely leaked long before now. They were wearing very good diapers though, so they had a little room left, but probably not enough for too much longer. As soon as they finished eating, they headed back upstairs.

“Can we shower together this morning?” Kyle asked.

“I suppose so, but nothing more than rubbing and kissing while in there.”

“Okay, that's all I wanted anyway.”

“Good.” Todd smiled, so they headed right to the master bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, they stripped each other of their very wet diapers and threw them in the garbage pail. Todd turned on the shower to a nice hot setting, and when it was ready, they both hopped in, sighing deeply as the hot water hit them. They both stood under the hot water for a few moments as they soaked up the heat, until Kyle pulled Todd down into a kiss. Because of their rather large height difference, Todd decided to get onto his knees, and this put them at almost the same height. As they kissed, they both latched onto each others erection at almost the exact same time and started stroking each other gently. This was yet another first for both, neither had ever stroked someones hard dick, they were getting to try out a lot of firsts together. About thirty seconds was all they lasted before they both exploded, and the entire explosion that Todd produced ended up splattered onto Kyle's heaving belly, before being washed away by the water. They did not break their kiss or their holds, and though they had stopped stroking, neither was ready to stop yet, it felt too good for that.

After coming down for just a few moments, they started stroking each other once again, and because the main pressure had been reduced now, they were able to hold off and last longer for this orgasm. They managed to last almost five minutes this time, and once again, Todd sprayed the front of Kyle with his entire load, and then it was washed down the drain once again. Finally sated, they decided that they should probably get cleaned, since they had spent the last several minutes getting very dirty. They both giggled at that when Todd mentioned it. Using just their bare hands and the soap, they washed each other from top to bottom, including each others bottoms, and then they washed their hair. Finally they stepped out of the shower and dried each other off and headed to the bedroom to get dressed for the day. They put each other into a daytime diaper, a diaper shirt, shorts and a tee shirt. They went and brushed their hair and teeth, put on deodorant and cologne, and they were done.

“Okay, so what now?” Kyle asked once they were finished.

“I wanna go work on the computer for a bit and see if I can get some more of the house plans done.”

“Okay, I'll come and watch.”

“You don't have to, you could go watch TV or something. It could get boring for you to watch.”

“I know, but I'm interested to see how you do it all, and I wouldn't be bored if I got to be beside you.”


They headed to the office and Kyle pulled up a chair beside Todd, and for the next few hours, they sat there in near silence as Todd worked out all the minor details and designed the house in the computer. Kyle found it very interesting, he was enjoying watching as Todd created the main level of the house first. They spoke almost none at all, but that was okay. Finally Todd stood up, saying that he had done enough for now.

“Wow, that was really cool. How much longer do you think it'll take?”

“If I do the same amount of work every morning, it'll take me a week or two to do it all. It depends on how much I have to calculate. Once I hit the roof structure though, that's gonna take some serious time. It'll take every bit as much time as I used today just to design the main joint where the pool house glass roof meets the main house main roof. Maybe even more, hard to say. I can't imagine how the poor bastards are gonna construct it, then again, some of the things I've designed I wondered if they were gonna be able to actually do, but they did it. Granted, I had one contractor call me fucking nuts once for something he had to try and figure out. I just laughed and said, I know. I asked him if he was gonna be able to do it or not, and if not, could it be done, and if it couldn't, should I redesign it somehow. He admitted that he wasn't certain he could do it, but had asked the help of a specialist who seemed to think it could be done. I'd included some pretty decent drawings and technical details of exactly how to do it, but it was still hard to do.”

“Wow. Why will it be so hard though? I've seen lots of malls and things with huge glass skylights.”

“Yes, but this is different. A skylight is an add on to a roof, and as long as there's enough structure to hold the weight, they're not hard to do. This is an entire glass roof that has to meet up at odd angles with a steep pitched roof, they can't physically be connected in the same manner you'd normally connect two roof structures together, because they're so dissimilar, so I'll have to marry wood and steel together and try and make it look good. Joining them isn't the problem, well to anyone except the poor bastards that have to actually build it, because I assure you, it'll take a lot of time and precision crane work to do it, it's how to make it look nice and not leak that's the real problem.”

“Oh, I think I see what you mean. You haven't done this before?”

“Not entirely what we're doing, no, but I've done similar, and I've seen what I want to do done before, but as with all custom things, I have to redesign the entire thing. We're also dealing with huge spans and even larger beams, so that makes it tricky too. The only time I saw something like this be done, it was half the size, and while I know it can physically be done, because the spans can be done by the beams I'll use, trying to make it all work perfectly is going to be tough, so yeah, it'll take time to do.”

“Cool, well I have faith in you.”

“Thanks. I know I can do it, I have no problem there, it just takes time to figure out.”

“Well, you have a bit of time, so no worries there. When are you gonna get a contractor to get started on all the work?”

“I can't really get anyone 'til the plans are all done, so that they can bid on the job, because they're gonna need to know what they're up against before they even start.”

“Fair enough. Do you have any that you know that can do this for you fast and good?”

“There's only two in town I'd trust to do this for me, because I've worked with several now, and only these two I like, so they're gonna be the only ones I ask. Both I'm sure can do this. One of them did the museum and the other the theatre, and I'm sure you can see they do good work. The guy who did the museum, he actually laughed at me when I showed him the plans, and he said you've got to be kidding, how the hell could I build that thing. I told him all the details were very intricately notated and that the building of it would be easy, as long as he followed the plan, the poor people who had to try and make the steel, now they were going to be in for it. He laughed and said, yeah, no shit. He did it though, he took the plan for more than a week and scoured over it and said, yeah, they'd get it done, come hell or high water, and they did too, a week early and on budget. He's actually the one I'd like to do it for me, because he's a lot better than he thinks he is, and his guys like him, and to me, that says a lot.”

“Yeah, sounds like a nice guy.”

“The other one's really nice as well, but a tad arrogant, he's good and he knows it, and while his guys all like him, most of them have gotten a bit on the arrogant side as well, because like him, they've all gotten really good at what they do.”

“As long as they don't let it get to their heads, a little arrogance isn't too bad, and as long as they don't get cocky my dad always said.”

“Yeah, exactly.”

“So, what should we do now?”

“Don't know. It's a nice day out, so let's just go lay back in the back yard and just relax today.”


So that was what they did for most of the day. They even made and ate their lunch out there. They threw around a ball for a while, they even play wrestled in the grass, they just had fun together, so that was good. After dinner, which they made and ate outside again, they went in and watched TV, then went to bed, where they had a nearly identical repeat of the night before.

The following morning was almost the exact same as well. They woke up and cuddled for a while before crawling their soggy bums out of bed. They went for breakfast and then a nice hot shower. They then went to the office and Todd did some more of the main floor design. He got that part completed today in just over three and a half hours. The pool house still had to be designed, the basement as well, and then the hardest part of all, the roof had to be done. Once all that was done, then he would get the electrical and water systems designed before all the finishing touches.

“Cool, that's gonna look so awesome once it's all done.” Kyle said happily.

“Yeah, it will. Thanks to you of course.” Todd smiled.

“So, what should we do now?”

“Doesn't matter.”

“Can we go for a hike or something? Are there any good hiking trails around here?”

“Sure, there are lots here, so let's get ready and go then.” Todd smiled.

They had been just sitting around in their nice thick diapers, knowing that they were not going anywhere anyway, so they had to go get changed and dressed. They opted for thinner diapers and diaper shirts, and they got themselves dressed in good sturdy clothes, packed a diaper bag and a few other things, and then were off. Todd pointed them to the same river valley that he would soon be moving to and drove past the new property and for another hour more before pulling into a parking lot. There were already a half dozen cars there, which meant that there were others already using the trails, so they got out to join them.

“This is a three hour return journey hike, for the closest of three lakes, are you sure that you'll be able to go all the way, or are we only gonna go about half way today?” Todd asked.

“Three hours is nothing, dad and I hiked all the time and sometimes we'd go on an all day hike, four hours in and four hours out, and we'd only take a couple or a few breaks, depending on how steep and hard the terrain. My favorite camping trip though was once we hiked for five hours with everything on our backs, stayed at one lake for the night, then hiked another three hours the next day, stayed at another lake, then four hours the next day to stay at a different one, and finally a two hour hike for one more night. We went back the same way and stayed at all the same places, it was probably the nicest camping trip we'd ever been on, and we stayed diapered the entire time too. That was almost exactly a year ago, so let's go.” He said and they started walking, and as they did so, they continued talking.

“I remember your dad telling me that you two were going camping and hiking this time last year, but he never said it was going to be that intense. We did things like that a few times as kids, and it was always a lot of fun. It was your dad that gave me the love of hiking and camping. My parents hated that sorta thing, so I'd never gone before. We were eight the first time we went camping together, and we loved it.”

“You went on your first camp when you were eight, by yourselves?”

“Yes, but technically we were in someone's yard and not far from help if we needed it. Your dads uncle owned a ranch and we stayed in one of the pastures out by a creek. We actually spent a lot of time out there as kids, because there was so much to do for us. We hiked and swam and fished and camped, it was great. I doubt his uncle ever actually saw us.”

“Oh, that's cool. Maybe we should take a real hike soon and camp somewhere as well.”

“I haven't got any of the gear to do that sorta thing any more. You don't have yours here either.”

“Oh, yeah I suppose you're right, no point then.”

“I suppose we could just go and buy the stuff, that'd be fine.”

“You mean it?”

“Sure. We'll save that 'til after the house plans are finished, so that we can get it in to the two guys to give them time to work it all out, then we could take a week to go camping and hiking.”

“That'd be awesome, thanks. I miss camping a lot, that probably depressed me the most about not having dad around any more, that I wouldn't get to go camping any more.”

“Why couldn't you. You could get yourself some friends and go with them, or you could have joined scouts or cadets and go camping with them. I know your mom hates camping, so she wouldn't go with you, but there were other options as well.”

“I suppose so, but it wouldn't be the same, and besides, there's the little issue of diapers. How do you hide such a thing from so many other kids.”

“Be more like your dad I suppose. In grade seven, our teacher took the entire class on a weekend hike and camping trip, your dad was still wetting pretty good then, but was just starting to stop wetting every night. The first night he never said anything, we just went to our tent, we were together of course, and I changed him like I always did. In the morning though, as we were leaving the tent, another of the kids saw that he was carrying a wet diaper to put in the garbage. He tried to tease your dad, but he just smiled and said, 'yes, I still wet the bed and wear diapers for it, do you really want to make fun of someone for a medical issue, do you really care to tease me, because I don't care, and neither should you.' I admit I was more embarrassed by it than he was, I thought all the kids were gonna tease him now, and because I was his best friend, I'd get it as well. The entire class heard the exchange, the teacher and the helpers as well, the boy said, no, he wasn't going to, because he knew he wasn't gonna get the reaction he was looking for, and he walked off. Our teacher came and talked to your dad and told him that he was proud of him for standing up for himself like that, and that he was far stronger than all the kids in the class, for which he knew that there were two other bed wetters as well. Funny, none of them stood up and said yeah, don't tease him for that.”

“Yeah, he was amazing at that sorta thing, he was almost never embarrassed by anything, in fact, I don't remember him ever being embarrassed about anything, but he said he was about a couple things. He never said what, but he said he was. I'm not like that though, I would be embarrassed.”

“The one thing he was embarrassed about was anyone ever finding out he was a diaper lover. Other than that, I know of nothing else either.”

“I sorta suspected that, because of all the things he told my mom, that was not one of them, and the only thing that I can honestly say I knew of that he lied to her about. Then again, he knew how she felt about diapers, so maybe that was why.”

“What do you plan to do when you go back to school though if you wish to continue wearing diapers?”

“I don't actually know yet how I'll deal with that.”

“There's two choices I guess. One is that you don't wear them, only when at home, but then you'll still have to tell your mom, and two, is that you just suck it up and tell everyone as soon as you can that your bladder failed and you have to wear diapers now. I have a feeling I know what your choice will be, but it has to be your choice.”

“Yeah, there can really only be one choice, I'll have to lie to them and tell them all that my bladder failed, because I'm not giving up my diapers. Of course I'll have to tell my mom the truth, even though I know how she's gonna react to that.”

“You never know. She already suspects a fair bit I bet, and even if she doesn't like it, so be it, that's her problem, not yours. If worse comes to worse and she refuses to buy you diapers, so that you can be normal, which I doubt she would, then we'd figure something out.”

“I'll ask that you be there with me when I tell her though please.”

“Of course, you know I'd be there for you.”


For the rest of the hike up to the lake, they talked happily. Kyle loved the hike, because it was not so hard that they had to really work for it, but it was certainly more than challenging enough that they had to push themselves a bit. The scenery was also very nice, easily the nicest hike that Kyle had ever been on before he said. They had met only a couple other people on their way up to the lake, all of them saying hi to each other as they passed, otherwise, it was a very peaceful hike. Then they got to the lake.

“Wow, nice lake. It's so clear. I've never seen a lake look so clear before.” Kyle said in awe.

“Yeah, it's nice alright, but I wouldn't go swimming in it if I were you.”

“Why, a bit on the cold side?”

“Cold doesn't begin to describe it. The only reason it doesn't have ice covering it even in the summer, is because of the sun that hits it I'm sure. I swear though it's so close to freezing temperature that the water here is thick.” Todd laughed.

“Really.” Kyle said, heading to the water to feel it. When he got there, he dipped his hand in to test it. “Yikes, that is cold. My god, you imagine what'd happen to your dick and balls if you jumped in there. They'd suck back inside so fast they may never come back out.” He giggled.

“No kidding. What's funny is that there's a lake another hour or so up, and it's not even this cold. Both lakes are ice cap fed, and the other lake's actually bigger, yet it's warmer. Granted, the wind here can get surprisingly cold and violent, whereas the larger lake doesn't get anywhere near the wind, so that probably makes a big difference. When we hike up here to go camping, you can't stay next to the lake, you have to go into the trees, or the wind will just rip your tent to shreds, whereas the bigger lake, you can camp right at the edge of the lake if you want.”

“Oh, I wondered why I could see a bunch of camp sites up in the trees, but none by the water where most people would rather stay.”

“Yeah. From what I hear, some new people stay on the edge of the lake every so often, but find out the hard way for the second night why the camp sites that are well used are further from the lake and protected by the trees.”

“I bet. So, what should we do now then?”

“It's too early to eat lunch, and there's no point in hiking too much further, so let's collect some fire wood and go sit in one of the camp sites and sit by the fire and talk for a bit.”


The went and searched out a bunch of good dead wood and went to the site that had the nicest views and set up a fire in the pit that was already well made out of stones. Within a few minutes of lighting the fire, they were sitting back and relaxing.

“This is nice, I'm so glad that we're getting to do this.” Kyle sighed.

“Me too. I haven't gone camping since the last time your dad and I went, which I think you were two then. He almost brought you, because you cried so hard that he was leaving without you, but it would've been really hard to pack you along, since we were hiking as well.”

“And here I thought a year was bad. I can't wait 'til we actually get to camp here though, and then we can hike up to the other lake as well. How many lakes are up here?”

“Four, but I've only been to two of them and I've heard that the other two aren't very nice either, so we'll just do the two lakes, and we'll spend a night here, hike to the next one the next day and spend several days there, then hike here, spend one more night, and then hike home the next day.”

“Okay, cool. We should at least hike during the day to one or both of them though.”

“We could probably do that, sure. It's not like we won't have the time.”

“What do you do for food though, because for several days like that, you have to be careful?”

“Powdered milk and eggs, unfortunately, so that we can still have them but not have all the extra weight and bulk, and then dehydrated things that we can easily store and cook. Your dad was a master at using a food dehydrator and all year long he made things that we could use. I'll have to go buy one and try and learn how he did it all.”

“No need, he taught me well.” Kyle grinned.

“That's good. We'll have plenty of water, and I'll buy a good water purifying jug that we can use to make sure our water is nice and clean before we drink it, so we don't have to worry about that. And I guess we'll have to get everything else that we'll need as well over the next few days.”

“After lunch we could probably head back down, and then we can go and buy almost everything we'll need today, so that we can get started on the food that we'll need at least, because that'll take several days to prepare enough for us for several days of camping.”

“Okay, we can do that, and if we get a couple dehydrators, that'll make it easier.”

“True, we have two at home for that reason. Dad was always taking whatever leftovers he could use and dehydrating it for us to use, and he said it was great for emergencies as well to have all that food ready to go. My mom hated it though, she thought it was nasty, but you know what, I have no idea why she thought so, because other than the powdered eggs, I hardly ever noticed that it wasn't fresh.”

“He always did the same when we were kids, if there were too many fruits and veggies that were going to go bad, he'd dehydrate them and store them for camping. He was always at people's farms asking them if they had too much fruit and veggies, it didn't have to be perfectly fresh, because when dehydrating food, that wasn't so important, just as long as it was still good. A little over ripe didn't matter too much either, and in some cases actually helped. I preferred the bananas he did when he used the ones that were almost to the point of no good, I thought that they had more flavor that way.”

“Yeah, and he was always asking at the grocery stores for deals on the produce that was just past its peak, and if he did, he'd take it home and dehydrate it. It actually helped a lot a couple years ago during that huge storm and we were without power for like five days, it was like camping, and we had tonnes of food to eat, whereas some of our neighbors nearly starved, because after a couple days, all the fresh food was bad, and they ran out of canned stuff. We ate all the frozen and fresh stuff first, then had lots more dry stored that we could still eat easily. Mom hated it, but like dad told her, get used to it, we have provisions for at least a month, so if we have to last that long, we can. I figured he was being kind, because we probably have three months worth of dried food at any given time at home. Granted, not so much any more, because I haven't been making any new stuff and I've been eating some of it, because it reminded me of dad.”

“I can see why you'd continue eating it, even if you strictly didn't need to, it was definitely a good part of your dad. He was a survivalist through and through. I once asked him why he didn't go into forestry or survival training instead of mining, because he would've been great at it. He told me that his dad told him once to never take what you love and make it into your job, because then you don't have what you love to fall back on when your job gets too hard. I suppose I understand the reasoning, I do what I love, and some days I find it irritating how people want things now now now, but I can't work like that, I have to have real inspiration to create, and that takes time sometimes. Whatever, and like I told my one client, if you let me work at it at my own pace, you'll have something that'll be far better than you could imagine, otherwise you'd just get good. She let me work at my own pace, and it turned out great.”

“Yeah, he told me the same thing once before as well, and it does make sense. He even told me he wasn't sure how you could go and do what you loved to do so much as a job, but he said you were different in that aspect, that you'd still enjoy doing it no matter what, that whenever you guys were out somewhere, you always had an artists sketch book with you, but instead of drawing animals and landscapes, you were always drawing buildings and things like that.”

“I still do that you know.”

“I'm not surprised.”

“So, what do you want to do when you grow up then?”

“Actually, I'd like to be an architect as well. I love the outdoors, and that'll be my hobby, same as my dad, but I love to draw and make buildings, same as you do.”

“Then it's good that you watch me as I design my new house, and from now on, I'll explain what I'm doing and why, so that you start learning and understanding how and why certain things need to be done.”

“That'd be great, thanks.” Kyle smiled brightly.

“No problem, let's get some lunch now, I think I'm getting more than hungry enough, and I think we're probably gonna have to figure out a way to change our diapers soon.”

“Sounds like a plan, and we'll just change each other right here. There's no one around, and there's a better than even chance that no one will come through right then, so there shouldn't be a problem. We should also be able to hear almost anyone coming, because most people will try and make noise, just in case of wild animals.”

“Good points. We'll just have to make it as quick as possible, that's the last thing we want to be caught doing. There's no telling what some people would make of that.”

“No kidding.” Kyle laughed.

They got their lunch out of the pack and ate it as they continued talking. They were letting the fire burn down now though so that they would not have to bring so much water to put it out, and by the time they finished eating, there were just coals at the bottom. They very quickly changed each others diapers, making sure of course that they could see or hear no one else, and they managed just fine without being caught. They only had a couple cups to put the fire out, so they each hit the lake a few times to collect more than enough water to douse it completely. Once they were done that, they headed back down the hill. As anyone who hikes knows, the law of gravity says that it should be easier to go down than up, but that it is actually just as hard, if not more so to do so. They took almost the exact same amount of time to go back down as it had taken to go up, and when they hopped in the car, they took off.

They drove straight into town and to an outdoor supply warehouse style store. Todd had never been to this one, because without Kevin to go camping with, he just never did. He hiked some, but never did he go camping without his camping buddy. Kyle would make a great camping buddy though now, so now he felt he could do so again.

“Wow, this store's huge.” Kyle said as soon as they entered.

“Yeah, it is, I've never been in here before.”

“Let's go then.” Kyle said, grabbing a buggy as well, because Todd had already grabbed one.

Todd almost said something, but thought that maybe two buggies would be for the best. They went right to the camping section first and looked at everything there. They picked out a really good tent, two of the best sleeping bags they had, two of their very best sleep mats, a couple really good high powered LED camping lanterns, as well as a couple good LED flashlights, a couple mess kits and a camping cookware set, which was just a good fry pan and a good sturdy pot, some cookware and utensils and a couple other things. They also found a nice folding bow saw and a hatchet, as well they each got a really good pocket knife, because as any Outdoorsman knows, a knife is your best friend.

Todd found the emergency preparedness section and thought a few of the items in there would be a very good idea, so they grabbed everything that they could think of to make a first aid kit and an emergency pack. They hit the back pack department next and they each picked out the best packs they could find that fit them well, and then the hiking boots were next, and they each grabbed the best feeling ones they could find.

There was an entire section of emergency rations, and while they looked for ideas as to what they could make themselves, they did not grab any of them, because they were going to make their own. They did however grab a few bags of each powdered eggs and milk, since they were in that area as well, and they did need them. They next found the area where the food preserving stuff was kept, and Todd grabbed two of the biggest and best food dehydrators they had.

“Can we get one of the food smokers as well, I love jerky and stuff like that, and it's really good for preserving meats?” Kyle asked as he was looking at one of them.

“Sure, I haven't had proper jerky and pepperoni since the last time I was out at your place.”

“Cool, thanks. It's a good thing my dad taught me all his recipes and stuff.”

“Yeah, because while I know some of it, I'm sure he knew way more than I did, because he usually did that when we weren't together.”

“Yeah, and he got better and better at it too.”

“Good to hear.”

They loaded one of them in the buggy and continued on after grabbing several bags of a couple types of wood chips. From there they found the clothing department and picked out some good sturdy clothes that they could wear in layers, as well as some of the very best rain gear, for just in case. Kyle was the first to see the water purifying jugs, so grabbed two of them, saying that they both may as well carry one, Todd figured it did not hurt, and it was not like they were heavy. They grabbed a dozen filter cartridges for them as well, just so that they had them.

“Hey Todd, do you by chance happen to have any of the stuff to make your own sausages and things like that?” Kyle asked as they were passing that particular section.

“No, I don't, well not really anyway. My mixer does have a meat grinder attachment, and in it came the sausage stuffing attachment as well, so I do have that part I suppose. I've never made sausage before though, so I'd have to learn.”

“No need, dad and I learned how to a few years ago and we've made all our own sausages since. Those my mom likes. We even created our own really awesome kick butt pepperoni recipe, I'll have to have my mom email me all our recipes for everything that we've created. We've tried lots of things, some were nasty, some were awesome, obviously we kept the awesome ones. Dad actually started us on a diet he called the all natural diet. Nothing at all prepackaged or processed. About the only thing that was pre made were the powdered milk and eggs, but like he said, they're real milk and eggs, just dehydrated in a way we couldn't possibly achieve at home, so they're about as good as we could do. I haven't had store bought sausage in a few years, until I came here actually, and I must say, I don't miss it. We're almost out of them at home though, so I guess when I get home, I'll have to start making more again, since I haven't done so in a long time.”

“That's cool, great actually. You'll have to teach me everything before you leave, so that I know, and I'll definitely keep all your recipes.”

“Awesome.” Kyle said and grabbed the sausage casings and the spices, because some of them were not ones you could get from the average grocery store, though most of the spices you could.

“What else should we get while we're here?” Todd asked.

“Hmm, let me think.” He said, looking at all the things that they had in their buggies. “Oh, we're gonna need some good sturdy zip top bags that we can boil in a pot of water for sure, we should also get a vacuum sealer and the good bags for that, some good plastic containers as well for storage, and maybe we should get at least a couple small stools or something to sit on.”

“Okay, let's get all that.”

As they went, they found a few other things that they could use, so grabbed them as well, but before too long, when Todd asked the same question again, Kyle finally said no, so they went and paid and headed out. Neither of them cared for fish, so they did not get any fishing equipment, and though they had both fished before, it had mostly been for Kevin's sake, because he had loved fish. By the time they had everything paid for and out and loaded into the car, they were happy to be heading out. They were starting to get hungry once again, but they decided that they should head to the grocery store and pick out some things that they could get started on. They spent only half an hour there, grabbing several items that they wanted or needed, and before too long, they were headed back home.

As soon as they made it, Kyle called his mom at home, hoping that she would be there, she had just walked in, so he asked her to email him the entire recipe folder on the computer. There were hundreds, if not more, of recipes that he and his dad had found and or created. He of course then had to explain to his mom why he wanted them, and she only laughed and said she was happy that they were going to get the chance to do so together now. She emailed the folder as soon as they got off the phone and when Kyle received it, he was happy.

“So, what should we do first?” Kyle asked once they had everything unloaded from the car, because he had called his mom before doing anything else at all.

“Have some food I say, it's close enough to dinner time, and I'm starting to get hungry.”


They quickly made and ate some dinner, got that all cleaned up, then decided to unpack all their new things that they had just bought.

“Okay, so what now?” Kyle asked once again.

“Well, we can stack a fair bit of food in the dehydrators, so let's just get a whole bunch of things cut up and get them started. I say fruits in one and veggies in the other.”

“Okay, works well for me. Do you have a mandolin or some other sort of perfect slicer?”

“I have one of those as well as an electric meat slicer, so you can use whichever you want and I'll use the other.”

“I'm more used to the manual style, so I'll use that. You want fruits or veggies?”

“Okay, that sounds fine. Since I happen to be holding a bag of fruit, I suppose I could start with that.” Todd looked at the bag in his hands and shrugged.

“Sounds good to me.”

For the next hour and a bit after dinner, the two of them stood almost side by side in the kitchen preparing all sorts of fruits and vegetables, putting it all into the two dehydrators as they were going. By the time they were finished, they had all of it fit into them, and turned them on. These were really good commercial grade units, they did not use heat at all, just a fan, so they would do the job properly, but quick they were not. They now had to set them aside for almost a couple days to let them do their work.

“I think we have time enough to at least start on the pepperoni recipe you have, so go print it out and let's take a look at it.”

“Okay.” Kyle said happily and ran to the computer and printed out his recipe as fast as he could.

Once back, the two of them got started on preparing the ground beef and pork that they had. It was going to be a two meat type with lots of spices in it, it was going to be pretty spicy Todd thought with the amount of some of the spices Kyle was putting in, but he assured Todd that it was going to be great. They got all the meat mixed and then started stuffing the casing. They had ten pounds of meat, and that apparently made a lot of sausage, because by the time they were finished, there were well over a hundred good sized pepperoni sticks ready to go into the smoke house. That would wait until morning though, so they stored it all in the fridge to keep safe until then.

“Well, that was a fair bit of work, but we're done for the night. I'm getting pretty tired and ready for bed, and we're both in desperate need of a diaper change.” Todd said, yawning as he did so.

“I agree. Our last diaper change was hours ago now, I'm surprised neither of us have started leaking actually.” He laughed.

“Yeah, we changed before lunch, but that's good. Let's go to bed.”

Kyle just smiled brightly, saying nothing and grabbed Todd's hand and led him upstairs. Once there, Kyle hopped up on the bed and laid there, waiting for his diaper change, which he knew for fact was not going to end without an explosion. Todd came to the bed with all the proper diapering gear for both of them and proceeded to strip Kyle completely naked, exposing his incredibly hard little boy nail. He just laughed and proceeded to diaper Kyle the way he liked. Kyle did not last though, not even half way through the application of the diaper rash cream, he exploded, and it was amazing, as usual. Todd just laughed and finished diapering Kyle nice and thick, just the way he liked it. Just as Todd was finishing, Kyle came down.

“Mmm, now that's a good diaper change.”

“Yeah looked like it. I could use a good diaper change too though come to think of it.”

“Then please, by all means, trade places with me and I'll see what I can do for you.”

Todd was only too happy to do so, so he did so, and Kyle stripped him naked as well. His much larger erection was pulsing away madly, showing that he too was not likely to last half way through the change. Kyle just grinned brighter and went about his happy chore. As more than suspected, Todd did not last even half way through when he exploded all over the place, his chest and stomach were plastered with his exceptional ejaculation, Kyle just grinned brighter still, and used a fresh wipe to clean it up and then taped Todd up nice and thick, just as he was coming down.

“Wow, what a diaper change. Had I known I'd get diaper changes like that, I would've started wearing them years ago.”

“Had I had the chance to do so, I might've actually done so for you.” Kyle giggled.

“I don't doubt that. Come on into bed gorgeous and let's kiss and cuddle for a bit before we go to sleep.”


Kyle hopped into bed and cuddled right into Todd and they started with just kissing each other tenderly. That was how it stayed though for almost ten minutes before they whispered goodnight, I love you to each other, and then seconds later, they were both sound asleep.