Chapter 6

The two of them slept peacefully all curled into each other all night long. They were holding each other as well, just the same as they had been when they went to sleep, and that was how they woke up. They were nose to nose as first Todd's eyes fluttered open, followed shortly by Kyle's. As soon as they saw each other awake, they smiled brightly to each other and kissed each other good morning.

“Mmm, good morning Baby, how'd you sleep?” Todd sighed a few seconds after the kiss ended.

“Good morning to you too Baby, I slept real well thanks, and you?”

“Great. I haven't slept so well since your dad cuddled me like this, I missed it, and I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do when it's time for you to go home. I can't move there and you guys can't move here.”

“I know, I was thinking the same thing. I doubt my mom would let me stay here with you either. The only way for her to be able to move is to get a new job for her here.”

“No, she wouldn't, I wouldn't even ask her, and as for getting a job here, that's probably every bit as hard as getting a job doing what she's doing now has been for her. She's a fairly specialized person, there's only a few places that can use her expertise. I suppose I could ask around, it couldn't hurt, but who's to say what your mom would think of that.”

“She'll say no, almost guaranteed.” Kyle sighed.

“More than likely, so that means we just have to take it day by day and enjoy what time we do have together.”

“Yeah, and I intend to. Should we get up and get some breakfast and get the smoker started?”

“Sure.” Todd smiled and they hopped out of bed.

They went down in just their soggy diapers and had some breakfast, and as soon as they were finished that, they went out on the back deck and got the smoke house started up and loaded up. They got all the pepperoni in it, though it almost did not fit. It was a good thing that the one they had bought was the largest they could find. Once it was all closed up and ready to go, they decided to head upstairs for a shower.

They stripped each other of their very soggy diapers and hopped in the shower, which Todd had already turned on to a nice hot setting. The both of them just stood under the hot water, soaking it up for several seconds before doing anything else. Kyle was the first to do something this morning, he latched onto Todd's erection, because they were both very hard, and started slowly jacking him off. Then Kyle did something that Todd had not been expecting, he sunk down to his knees and pulled his erection down as he was leaning in. In less than a second, and before Todd could say anything, Kyle was sucking him. All he could do was gasp at the amazing feelings.

“Oh god Kyle, what are you doing, you shouldn't be doing that.”

“Sucking you, and oh yes I should, it feels amazing.”

“Can't be anywhere near as amazing as it feels to me.” He gasped as once again Kyle latched on.

Kyle did not reply to to that, he just started sucking as best he could. Todd was a fair bit larger than Kyle had ever had in his mouth, though he had never sucked a dick before, it was still a bit uncomfortable on his jaw. He pushed that minor discomfort away though and just did whatever made Todd moan and sigh, and once he even made him squeal in ecstasy, so he kept trying to do that. Todd had already been close to boiling when they entered the shower, the starting of his very first blowjob brought him that much closer, and as much as he was trying his best to hold it in, because he wanted it to last for forever, since it felt so amazing, he was getting seriously close to the point of no return. He started trying to push Kyle away.

“Kyle, stop, I'm gonna cum, oh god, stop doing that, I don't wanna cum in your mouth............Oh holy fucking shit, here it comes.”

And that as they say is that. Todd exploded his most copious ejaculation to date, and the orgasm itself lasted a good two to three times longer than any other had before. Kyle did not let go, but he did not keep sucking either, he was just gently licking the head, gathering every sweet drop that Todd pumped out, and he was loving every second of it. As soon as his orgasm let him go, Todd fell against the wall, pulling his half hard dick from Kyle's mouth, and he slumped down the wall until he was sitting. It was a few more moments before he was back down to Earth.

“Oh my god Kyle, that was amazing.”

“Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I loved the taste of your cum, I so want that as often as I can get it from now on.” He grinned brightly.

“We'll see about that.” Todd smiled.

Sitting where and how he was though, it was impossible to escape the fact that Kyle's hot hard little boner was pointing angrily at his face. So, what was any self respecting man to do for the person that had just given him the most incredible feelings that he had ever felt, well, reciprocate of course. Todd grabbed Kyle by the bum and pulled him forth, until Kyle slipped his dick right into Todd's hungry mouth. Kyle gasped and then sighed deeply as Todd engulfed everything he had to offer, dick and balls, and started panting as Todd started sucking, licking and humming. Kyle lasted almost half the time that Todd had, and even though he had tried to speak a couple times, nothing at all came out except squeaks, squeals, moans and sighs. It was by far the most erotic thing that Todd had ever experienced. And then Kyle exploded, his dick pulsed madly, his balls tugged inside Todd's sucking mouth, his entire body was vibrating, and he screamed out a bit as the first wave washed over him. His orgasm lasted almost twice as long as Todd's had, and as soon as it let him go, Todd had to gently lower him to the floor of the shower, because he was wiped now and had nothing left to keep him standing. It was nearing several minutes when he was finally able to speak.

“Wow, that was definitely the best thing I've ever felt in my life, thanks so much.”

“You're very welcome. It was the least I could do after having felt the same thing caused by you just minutes before.”

“Yeah, so I suppose we should probably try and stand up now and get ourselves cleaned up huh.”

“We probably should.” Todd sighed.

They both managed to stand up, and then they washed each other lovingly with bare hands and lots of soap. For once though, Kyle was very nearly soft. Even when Todd washed his cute little dick and balls, as well as his bum, he only sighed and chubbed up a bit, but he did not get hard. Todd smiled, clearly he had very well satisfied the incredible little boy. He too did not get hard though when Kyle washed him down, though he too gained a little chubbiness to his dick, but that was as far as it went. He too was very well satisfied. They hopped out of the shower and dried each other off, then headed to the bedroom, where they diapered and dressed each other for the day.

“So, what should we do now?” Todd asked.

“We can't really go anywhere with the smoker going, we've got both the dehydrators already full and working, so we don't need to do that, so let's start making the beef jerky and the trail mix, since we bought all the stuff to do that.”

“Okay. I trust you have a good recipe for the jerky?”

“Yep, sure do. It's a really good flavored one too. Let's go.”

So they headed down to the kitchen and got started. They had grabbed a couple big beef roasts to use, so Todd grabbed the meat slicer and got started on that, while Kyle printed off the recipe and started making the marinade that the meat would soak in overnight. Their vacuum sealer had come with an attachment to suck the air out of special bowls, so they had grabbed a few of those as well, and as Todd cut the meat, he was tossing it into the bowls. They finished at the same time. Kyle poured the marinade evenly in all three bowls, and Todd fitted the lids and sucked out all the air that he possibly could. This would speed up the marinating process, as well as get the flavor even deeper into the meat.

With that done, they grabbed the largest bowl that Todd could find and they started adding all the nuts that they had bought the day before into it. This was really all they could do, because they wanted to add some of the dried fruit to it later. They did add some nice chocolate chips to it as well though.

“Hey, wanna make some granola and add it to the trail mix, I think I have a good recipe for that in my file somewhere?”

“Sure.” Todd shrugged.

Kyle went to the computer once again and searched it for what he was looking for, and when he found it, he printed it off, and they got to work on making some of that as well. By the time the granola was done, because it only took an hour to cook, they were getting pretty close to lunch. They decided to just go ahead and make and eat something before doing anything else. As they had been waiting for the granola, they just sat and talked. They continued talking as they ate, and then they cleaned all that up.

“So, how long does the pepperoni smoke for anyway?” Todd asked.

“Four to six hours, depending on how we want it. We'll probably want closer to six or maybe even seven hours though, because we want it pretty much dried as well, so that it keeps longer and we won't have to refrigerate it.”

“Oh, okay. It's been in for about four hours now. How do we tell when it's done, and when do we need to change the wood chips?”

“Once the smoke stops, then we change the chips, which by the looks of it, will be pretty quick actually. The only way to know when it's done though is by the look and the feel of it. I hope I do it properly, daddy taught me, but he was always the one to make sure it was done.”

“I'm sure you'll do just fine, you've been doing it all here, and I see no reason to doubt your skills. If it's ready to change now, then we should do so.”

“Thanks.” Kyle smiled brightly.

They went out and changed the wood chips, and Kyle tested the pepperoni while they were in there, and he felt that another two hours was definitely needed for sure, and then an hour or so more to dry it out. He said they would lower the temperature for that though.

“So, how long do the dehydrators take then?”

“Well, I don't know on these ones, because we had one that had a heater in it, which my dad said he hated, because it still tended to cook the fruits and veggies too much in his opinion, but they were fast. These ones don't heat up at all, so they're probably gonna take longer, but probably a full day anyway.”

“Okay, well we're well over twelve hours now, so how do we tell?”

“By touch and how it looks.”

They went to the units and Kyle opened up the one for the fruit first and checked it. Some of the fruit was already done, whereas some of it was almost done. The bananas, peaches and the pineapple for instance still needed more time, but the rest of it was good to go, so they removed it, so that they did not get over done. They checked the vegetables next and found that they were all good, so it was turned off and everything was extracted.

“So, now I guess we can store all this and do what we want with it.” Todd said.

“Yeah. Some of the fruit can go in the bowl with the nuts and granola, the rest we can just bag. As for the veggies, let's start cutting some of it up and making a few meal packs.”

“Meal packs?”

“Yeah. We can start the breakfast ones right now, since we have everything we need for them, but maybe we should fill the dehydrator full of potatoes first, so that it can get working on them.”

“Okay. Your dad never did potatoes before, how well do they work?”

“Surprisingly well actually. Depending on what you're doing with them, they're about the easiest to work with. If you just want mashed potatoes, throw them in a pot with water and boil them 'til they're done. If you want fried potatoes, then soak them for about half an hour in warm water first and then drain well and fry. We usually cut them into pretty small cubes, so that either is easy to do.”


So that was what they did. They cut up as many potatoes as would fit into the dehydrator and got it plugged in again.

“So, what do we do for the meal packs then?”

“Real easy. All we need to do for breakfast ones are put some powdered eggs and milk into the bags, add whatever veggies you want into them, and seal. When it's time to cook, all you do is pour in some water and let it soak for half an hour, then throw it into a pot of boiling water for a few minutes until cooked. We like doing that and then put it into tortillas and make breakfast wraps. Makes a good omelet as well, and when you fry up some potatoes with it, you have a gourmet camping breakfast.” He grinned.

“Wow, you guys sure have learned a lot since the last time I went camping.”

“Yeah, dad was always doing research and trying things out. We can even make a pretty decent stew the same way once we have the potatoes, and we'll have to dehydrate some meat as well, but the gravy is a bit on the tricky side. We actually tried cooking the beef and getting the juice for it, and then dehydrating all that, but we got it wrong and weren't able to get it fully dehydrated, we never got the chance to try again, because Dad died only the week after our first try. I'd like to give it a try again though and see if we can do it, because without the beef juice, the stew was pretty boring.”

“Oh, whatever you want to try, you know I'll be there to help you. We can also do all sorts of research to figure it out.”

“Thanks. I might just do that later then, try and research it more. It shouldn't be that hard, especially if you make a fairly thick gravy, I think that's where we went wrong, because it was fairly thin and watery, so it took forever, and by the time it was done, it was bad. In the case of the gravy, we might actually need a dehydrator with heat though, not too sure.”

“If we need one with heat, then we'll buy one with heat, no worries there. So let's make these breakfast packs then.”

They got started on them right away, and they really were that easy. They just measured the egg in, added a tablespoon of the milk powder, and then added onions, peppers, tomatoes, some chillies, and then that was when Kyle smacked his forehead.

“What, what did we forget?” Todd asked in shock, because Kyle had just been adding things and then he stopped, smacked and groaned.

“Cheese, what kind of great egg breakfast is it without cheese. It just can't be done if you ask me.”

“I agree.” Todd had to laugh.

“Yeah, so we need to dehydrate some cheese as well. We can finish these up though and add that later, because we probably shouldn't put that in with the fruits that are almost done. We didn't buy any yesterday though, so do we have enough?”

“Probably not, because there's no point in doing a small amount. I'll run to the store and grab that. Is there anything else we'll need while I'm there?”

“If they have a heated dehydrator, maybe grab one of them as well, and maybe another good beef roast for some stew, and grab celery and carrots and whatever else you like in stew, so that we can try that. I'll just start with a small batch, so that we can see how it works. And just grab anything else you want as well. While you're gone, I'll do some more research.”

“Okay, be back in a few minutes then Baby.”

“Okay, love you.” He smiled and they kissed. Then Todd was gone.

Todd headed right to the store and grabbed everything that they needed and a few other things as well. Kyle on the other hand went right to the computer and started doing more research on dehydrating different things. He found an article from a guy who had successfully dehydrated gravy, and it was pretty much just as Kyle figured it would be, start with thicker gravy and it would work better, and set your dehydrator to its highest heat setting would help out. He already knew how to dehydrate meat, and cooked meat was no different, in fact it was better that way, but he read a few more articles on it anyway. By the time Todd made it back home, Kyle was just shutting the computer down to go check on the rest of the fruit to see if it was ready yet.

“Oh hey there, I was just about to go check the rest of the fruit. Looks like you bought a lot.”

“Yeah, I did. You go ahead and check, I'll go get the rest of the stuff.”


When he checked, he found that the rest were perfect, so he removed it all and cleaned the trays completely, so that they could do the cheese on it next. Todd brought in the last of the stuff and started grating all the cheese, and he did not buy a small block either. The cheese was then spread onto the freshly cleaned trays, and once it was all done, it was put on to dry out.

The roast was then cubed into small bits and thrown into a pot full of water, two whole onions were added, as was some celery and carrot and spices. That was then left to simmer for the next couple hours or so, while Kyle explained what he had learned.

“Sounds easy enough, hopefully it works as well this time as it sounds like it should.”


“So, what other meal packs can you make?”

“All sorts really. We can do mashed potatoes that way, so once the potatoes are dried, all we have to do is grind them down to a powder and store in a bag. Once ready for them, add water and soak for half an hour, then boil right in the bag. You have to be careful though, sometimes they can either be dry or watery, because they don't always use the same amount of water, but I've gotten pretty good at figuring out just how much water to use.”

“Cool, what else?”

“We did pork chops in a mushroom gravy, we've done chicken, all sorts of things really, it doesn't really matter all that much. Just use imagination, almost anything you can make, you can dehydrate as well. Oh, and soups, they're the greatest, because all you have to do is make a dry pouch and then put it into a pot with water and cook 'til done, it's the easiest except our breakfast packs. We should almost do up a whole bunch of the soup ones, and I hope the stew works better this time, because that'd be super easy to do as well.”

“Okay, but I doubt we have everything here to do soups.”

“We can work with what we have to start with, and then go from there.”

“True enough.”

Kyle started by searching through the cupboards to see what all there was to make soup from, and he found a fair bit in the pantry. For the next few hours, the two of them had fun working in the kitchen, and by the time they were done, they actually had a couple dozen soup bases made in four different types. None of them had any meat in them, at least yet, because they were going to add that, just later. By that time though, Kyle felt that the pepperoni was more than likely done, so they went and checked on it, and found it to be as perfect as he had ever seen. They reloaded the smoker and put the jerky in and closed it up. The jerky would take far less time to dry out, so probably only a couple to a few hours, so hopefully before they were ready for bed. Once that was done though, they felt that dinner was needed, so they went and made and ate that. Once it was cleaned up, the beef cubes were turned off, and everything was left in the pot to cool over night in the fridge.

Todd decided that he should probably go ahead and do some more work on the house plans, so he and Kyle headed to the office and worked for a few hours. When Kyle went to check on the jerky the last time, he called up, saying that it was done, so Todd saved his last changes and went down and helped to get it all out and get the smoker shut down and cleaned up. Once everything was done and the jerky stored, they checked on the potatoes and the cheese. The cheese was done, so it was put into a container for the night, but the potatoes were only about half way done, so they were left. They then headed to bed for the night.

When they got to their bedroom, they stripped each other and got each others diapers changed, so now they were ready for bed. With several minutes of kissing, and a little petting that took care of their pressure problems, they fell fast asleep.

The next day went about the same. They worked side by side almost all day long, both of them actually having a lot of fun. The potatoes were done when they woke up, so they were removed, the meat and gravy were prepared and set to dry, and they got some other things done as well, including a whole bunch of crisp cooked and crumbled bacon, which they needed for all their breakfast packs as well as two of their soups. The rest was just going to be saved for baked potatoes and things like that.

They also went to the office and Todd did more work on the house. He was now in the basement, designing all that completely, and for the most part, he was able to get that all done in just the one day. There were going to be more details added later when he was doing the rest of the stuff, but for the most part, it was done. Kyle sat and watched the transformation, intrigued by how it was coming together, and the entire time he worked, Todd was telling Kyle all about what he was doing and why. Kyle was loving it.

That night they went to bed and kissed and cuddled more, just enjoying their loving embraces, but they did jack each other off as well. Finally they were sound asleep, cuddled right into each other as they now always were as they slept. And that was how they woke up too.

The next two days went by in almost the exact same way, they worked in the kitchen and in the office side by side, laughing and talking almost the entire time, they both really enjoyed their time together. They got lots more food prepared and dried or smoked, and Todd was now working on the exceptionally hard roof of the new house. He was going faster though than he had expected, because after only two days of roughly three hours each, he was done the main roof, so all he had to do was the pool roof and the junction between them. He claimed that it was going to be an engineering feat to be sure, but was definitely going to be worth it.

“So, what are we gonna do today, we should go out and do something else?” Kyle asked after they had had their breakfast. They were just sitting in the kitchen side by side in their equally soggy night diapers.

“Don't know, I didn't have any other plans, but almost anything with you would be great.”

“Same here.” Kyle smiled brightly.

“What would you like to do then?”

“Not too sure. Just go out and do something fun though. We've worked more than enough in the kitchen for a few days I think, even though it's definitely starting to show, the pantry's almost full.”

“Yeah, that it is. Should we do more on the house designs before we go and do something though and then spend the rest of the day out?”

“Probably could. My diaper will last for another couple to a few hours, so why don't we just go now and have our shower and change after we finish for the day on that.”

“I think I'm about the same, so sure, let's go.”

So they headed up to the office and got right to work. Once again they talked the entire time, Todd telling Kyle almost everything he was doing, and most importantly why. The pool house roof was really easy to do, he had that done in only an hour, no real designing there was needed, since it was all metal already anyway. Then in a flash of brilliance, he figured out how to join them together perfectly and seamlessly, entered it all and ran a simulation on it to see how it would stand up. It was perfect. They were nearly at the four hour mark though when he finally finished, but so were their diapers. Kyle had started to leak, though he had not noticed, and Todd was real close as well.

“Well, it's a good thing we were planning on going for a shower anyway.” Kyle giggled.

“No kidding. Boy am I full though, these diapers hold a lot.”

“Same here, I've never gotten a diaper so full before, they usually leaked long before now. Let's go get us big soggy babies all cleaned up.”

“Okay.” Todd smiled brightly, and they headed to the master bedroom.

Once there, they stripped each other of their diapers, and Todd's diaper was ready to leak as well, because not all the liquid was actually being held any more, it was pooling, so just a little longer and he too would have leaked. They threw their diapers away and hopped into a nice steamy shower, which they planned to make more steamy in just a few seconds.

It did not take a few seconds though for them to make it more so, because almost as soon as they were in, Kyle hopped up into Todd's arms, wrapped himself fully and completely around his man, and laid on him a kiss that could melt even a snowman’s heart. They were both painfully hard getting into the shower, they were more so during the kiss. They did not do anything about that yet though, they were far too happy just kissing each other, and under the hot spray, they stayed just like that, kissing tenderly for at least five minutes, but it could have been an hour.

Finally Kyle hopped down, and sunk right down to his knees and sucked in all that he could of Todd's erection, giving it his all to suck all that Todd had to offer. Todd though was already far too close, because after at best thirty seconds of the wondrous feelings, he exploded, giving Kyle what he had been searching for. Kyle did not stop though, he just paused for a minute, leaving Todd in his mouth as far as he could, and waited until he came down some. As soon as Kyle heard him sigh, he started sucking again.

Todd had almost said something, but the words died before they even reached his lips. He was enjoying the sensations too much, even though some of them were very nearly painful. He did last longer this time though, nearly five minutes before he gave to Kyle what he wanted once more. Kyle only too happily slurped up all the nice thick creamy cum. Todd though pushed Kyle away before he could even think of starting again, because his dick was becoming almost painful, he was certainly not used to this sort of thing, Kyle would try and make him very used to it though, he had no doubts about that.

“Wow, that was amazing.” Todd said as he was lifting Kyle up to kiss him once again.

“You're welcome.” Kyle grinned, and then kissed his man.

After another few minutes of kissing, Todd set Kyle down and then sunk down himself, only he sat right down and pulled Kyle to him, sucking in all that he had to offer. Kyle sighed deeply, and then exploded within mere seconds. It was too much, he was too high, and it felt amazing. Todd did not stop though, he just kept on sucking Kyle, letting him rest for only a few seconds.

Kyle was good with that though, he never wanted this to end. Almost five minutes later, he came again, and still Todd did not disengage. He let Kyle come down some again, and then started sucking again. Kyle did not stop him, he did not want to stop him, he would go for as long as Todd wanted to suck him if he could. Todd managed to suck Kyle four times before Kyle's poor dick started to get too sore, so he had to push Todd off. Todd did have to hold Kyle standing though.

“Wow, now that was awesome.” Kyle finally said some three or four minutes later.

“Glad you enjoyed. I envy you being able to go for longer like that. Twice in a row was almost too much for me, but you were able to go four times, I wish I could still do that.”

“You're hard again, I could try for it?” Kyle grinned.

“No thanks. I'm hard, but I'm also still sore, so no worries.” He grinned.

“The offer's always open.”

“I know.”

“Well, should we get washed up now?”

“We probably should, before the gas company sends someone out here to repair a leak, only to find out we're using it all just having a hot shower.”

Kyle giggled, but they started washing each other none the less. Once again, just using their bare hands and the soap, they washed each other from top to bottom, then did each others hair, and finally they hopped out and dried each other off. They brushed their hair and teeth, put on deodorant and cologne, and then headed to the bedroom to diaper and dress each other, which they did in quick order.

“So, figured out what you wanna do today?” Todd asked once they were all dressed.

“Nope, not a clue. How about you?”


They talked it over and ended up finally deciding on something to so, so they headed out and went and had some fun. They spent the whole day out and stumbled home just before bedtime, tired but happy. They changed each others soggy diapers, kissed, cuddled and stroked each other through their fresh diapers until they were satisfied, and then passed out for the night.

The next week flew by for the two of them, they were so happy together that they were often glowing. Every morning they sucked each other, usually in the shower, though one morning they did so in bed just after waking up, and then they got ready for the day. During the day they did more work on the house plans and then did some more food preservation, so that they had plenty of food for their up and coming backpack trip. They did have to go do some more grocery shopping, not only for fresh food for them to eat, but more stuff for drying as well. Their stocks, by the end of the week, though, were looking incredible and they had far more than they would need for just one week, but like Kyle said, it was great stuff to have in the house for just such an emergency. Every evening they went to bed and kissed and cuddled and stroked or sucked each other to satisfaction, and though Kyle truly wanted to go further, Todd was not letting him.

The overall design and drawing of the new house plans were completed on Friday, and then on Saturday and Sunday, Todd went over the entire thing with a fine tooth comb to make sure that there was nothing at all that he missed. All throughout, he was telling Kyle exactly what he was doing and why, every time he found even just the tiniest flaw in the plan, he explained what it was, why it was bad and what he had to do to fix it. He ended up spending almost six hours on Sunday doing just that though, because he was hoping to hand it into the two builders that he was going to have bid on it on Monday.