Chapter 7

Monday morning, after crawling out of bed, since Kyle had left Todd more than tired enough to want to stay in bed, they hopped in the shower to clean each other tenderly, and because even Kyle had been well satisfied, even he did not gain more than just a little chubbiness as Todd washed him fully. They got out and dried, diapered and dressed each other, then they brushed their hair and teeth and called themselves ready. Once they were ready to face the day, Todd called both builders and asked them if they were free for an impromptu breakfast meeting, telling them that he had a project for them that he would love to have them bid on. They both agreed and he told them where to meet him and when. He then called the restaurant that he used for these meetings and booked their private room for the next few hours.

Todd and Kyle headed out about twenty minutes before the appointment, so that Todd could set up everything. Todd put several things into the car, and then they were off. Once they made it to the restaurant, Kyle helped to bring everything in and then they set it all up. This restaurant was set up for doing business meetings, which was really nice, and though they charged a fair bit for their boardroom, they included all you can drink beverages and then they could order whatever they wanted to eat as well. It looked like almost any boardroom you would expect to see in any decent office building; a nice large table, capable of seating at least twenty, a large white board at one end, a roll down projection screen that would come down in front of that, a really good projector with connections coming out of the table for people to hook up to, and plenty of nice comfortable chairs for everyone.

The waitress that was to serve them greeted Todd in a friendly manner, she had served him several times in the past, because he loved having meetings here, it made life far easier. In actual fact, he did well over half his meetings there, almost half at the office, and then a few elsewhere when needed. No, he liked the idea of having near continuous service and not having to do all the cleaning himself afterward, he paid a fair bit for the privilege, but he was not worried about that, since he wrote all of it off anyway.

Seconds after having everything all set up and turned on, so that they were ready, their two guests arrived and were shown in.

“Good morning Dale and Harry, I'm glad that you were able to make it on such short notice. I would've called you last week and asked you, but I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to get my newest project ready for today, I figured it'd take me longer.”

“Good morning.” They both said, then Dale added. “It's not a problem, I'm not working on anything major at the moment, just overseeing a few small projects my guys are working on, acting as the general on just small projects right now. I assume you have a big project then?”

“Same here actually.” Harry said.

“That's good and yes, I have a project on the go for myself. I should introduce my Godson though, since he's the one that helped me with all this, and then we can order some breakfast. Anyway, meet Kyle.”

“Good to meet you.” They all said, shaking hands.

“Come, let's sit and order some breakfast.” Todd offered, waving his hands at the available chairs.

“What about the others, shouldn't we wait 'til everyone else arrives?” Harry asked.

“There is no one else, there's only two people I'd trust to do my house for me, and you're both sitting here already, so this is it. Anyway, we'll talk business once we've all eaten.”

“Oh.” They both said.

Their personal waitress came forth at that time and passed all four of them their menus and asked what they would like to drink. Todd and Kyle went with Earl Grey tea, whereas the other two went with coffee. Just as they made their decisions, their drinks were there and ready for them, so they placed their orders, and then started sipping their drinks and talking.

“So, how have you guys been, been keeping busy I hope?” Todd asked.

“Not as busy as it's been known to be, but nowhere near as dead as I've been before. I haven't had to lay anyone off at all and everyone's been keeping busy, if not completely steady at all times, but at least everyone's got full bellies.” Harry smiled.

“Actually, that pretty much sums it up for me as well. No one's got anything big on the go right now, so most of us are just switching to the reno's right now. They pay the bills, barely, and keep us somewhat busy, but nor do they really keep us going either.” Dale said, sounding a little resentful at it.

“Yeah, I can understand that, but better that than the unemployment line I suppose. I guess you can't always have huge projects, eventually even they slow down. My project isn't huge, just a house, but it'll be a tough one. We'll go over that later though, once we have the time to do so.”

“Yeah. So, how about you, how've you been keeping. I was talking to your boss just last week. I'd found out almost right away that you'd taken time off because you were sick, though he wouldn't tell me why, and I was worried. I've been keeping in touch with him, and while he said that there was nothing life threatening, that you were not ready to come back to work yet. He even told me he has almost a dozen clients lined up, waiting for you to come back so that you can do their projects for them, and they want only you, no one else will do.” Harry asked softly.

“Yeah, I had something happen to me a few months ago, and it was more than a little embarrassing, my bladder failed and I ended up wetting my pants mid meeting. Talk about embarrassing. Unfortunately even the very best bladder surgeon was unable to repair the damage, though he did tell me that there was a new procedure that looked to be shaping up into something that might work well for me, but would require life long medications if and when we went that route. So yeah, I ended up having to wear a catheter all day every day, but unfortunately they caused horrendous pain, so I had to move to other methods. Trust me, the past little while's been a tad bit depressing for me, but I'm getting better, and I'll be coming back to work full time in September. I decided to at least take the summer off, since I've never taken a holiday before, well not since I was ten anyway.” Todd said, surprising even himself with his ability to tell them.

“Sorry to hear that. Same thing actually happened to my son when he was fourteen. He's seventeen now and has to wear diapers full time. The first year was horrible on him, he had some bully find out almost right away that he was diapered and he tried to torture him, until my son ended up pretty much telling him to fuck off and die in front of hundreds of other students. The kid got in pretty big trouble, my son eventually got used to it, and now he's pretty happy and healthy. The funniest thing though, the kid that bullied him ended up dating my son and now they plan to get married after high school.”

“That's nice, but it's sad how some kids can be like that. Glad that he came around though and your son ended up with a good boyfriend out of it.”


“Your son's gay, and you're okay with it?” Dale asked in mild shock.

“Well, yeah, why wouldn't I be really, he's my son and I love him. I've never been against anyone or anything before though, except hatred, and to tell you the truth, I probably knew he was gay before he did. I started to suspect it when he was six, and by the time he was ten I was certain. He admitted it to me when he was twelve.”

“Oh. I'm not against gays either, but it'd be a bit of a shock if my kids told me that, not sure how I'd deal with it actually.”

“How old are they.”

“Youngest is eight, oldest is fourteen, I have three boys.”

“Well, if one of them does end up gay, or whatever, then you'll have to deal with it and just love him just as you always have.”

“I suppose so. I hope I don't have to though, I hope that my boys don't end up having to go through all that either, I know growing up gay can't be easy on the kids, feeling ostracized and all.”

“My son never felt that way, mostly because I made him comfortable enough to be able to tell me, I always told him that no matter what he had to tell me that I'd always love him. I also let him know that I wasn't against anything; sexualities, religions, races, fetishes or anything. So yeah, he was comfortable asking me what to do when he was scared that he was gay.”

“That's good I guess.”

The two of them ended up talking like that right until their breakfast was brought to them, Todd and Kyle hardly saying anything more. Finally though their food was brought and they all dug in and enjoyed it a great deal. Once they were done and their dishes cleaned up, and their drinks refilled again, Todd started the business portion of their breakfast meeting.

“Okay, so as I told you, you two are the only two that I trusted to build my house for me, so here it is.” And as he finished saying it, the screen behind him came up with the three dimensional color representation of what he wanted his house to look like.

“Gee, why such a small house?” Harry chuckled.

“I didn't want anything too big and fancy, it's just me after all, and my godson whenever he comes to visit.” Todd laughed.

“Yeah. Good grief though, is that really parallel curved walls on front and back, and just what the hell have you done to the roof?”

“Yeah, and you'll have to see it to believe it. Let's just say the steel manufacturers are gonna call me fucking nuts again.”

“Oh no, not another one. You realize that after the museum, my steel guy cringes every time I ask him to do something for me?” Harry asked.

“I don't doubt it. He'll probably full on cry when he sees what he has to make this time.” Todd said and then brought up the crucial juncture point in high definition.

“Eek, I might cry. How the hell do you plan on doing that. You have two sixty foot runs intersecting right there with next to nothing holding it, and then two different roof types, fuck man, are you nuts?” Harry gasped, Dale just could not say anything.

“I've been told so, yeah, in fact, you've both told me the same thing a few times now. Yet every time I come up with something like this, you manage to find a way to do it, and to do it perfectly. As always, I've included every minor detail you could possibly need in order to do it, and it can be done, you Dale did something similar for me already once, just not as big or grand, and you Harry, well you did the museum, that says a lot. I had more builders tell me that it simply couldn't be done than I had people brave enough to try it. You did, and you're both more than capable of doing this as well. The hardest part of course is that you have to marry glass and slate look steel tiles together, make it look good, but more importantly make it weather tight, the rest should be easy. Well, easy for you, since all you'll have to do is put it together, but you're gonna need big bastard cranes to do it all, and at least two of them, because the only way I see it being done at all, is to essentially do it all at the exact same time.”

“You really are insane, aren't you?” Dale laughed.

“Yes, yes I am, thanks for noticing.” Todd had to laugh, Kyle giggled.

“Yeah. So, what's the main construction then?” Harry asked.

For the next three hours the four of them went over every tiny detail of what Todd wanted, he showed them everything that they would need to know in order to make a full quote based on what he needed, he gave them both the full technical documents, so that they could study it all further as well, and finally with handshakes all around, they were done. Todd told them that they had at least two weeks time to come up with a quote, so told them not to rush, saying that he and Kyle were gong on vacation for about that long anyway.

“Two weeks, you mean it, we can go camping for two whole weeks?” Kyle asked excitedly once the two men were gone?”

“Sure, why not. They're gonna need at least that long anyway, and we have nothing that has to be done, so why not. I've never gone for two weeks before, and I don't think we should do so in one long stretch either, I say five days out, home for a few, then another five days or so. That way not only do we not have to pack so much, but it allows us to come home and take care of anything that needs taking care of and let us get a good cleaning, because after five days, we're gonna stink like crazy.”

“Wicked, that'll be so awesome.” Kyle smiled brightly. Their waitress could tell that he was super excited.

“Yeah, it should be. Come on, let's go home.”

They loaded all their things into the car and then Todd came back in and paid the couple hundred dollar bill and finally they headed home again. Almost as soon as Todd was in the car, Kyle asked the burning question that Todd wondered when was coming.

“So, can we go now?”

“No, we'll leave tomorrow morning. It's already after noon, it'll take us a good couple to a few hours to pack up everything and get ready to go, and by the time we get to the trail head, it'll be after four, and that's way too late to start on a hike if you ask me. No, we'll go home, pack everything, make sure that we have everything, hit the stores if we need to tonight, make sure everything's as ready as we can, and then first thing in the morning we'll take off.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess that makes sense.” Kyle said, sounding depressed.

“You'll survive, it's only one night. Actually, you know something, I just realized that with the amount of diapers we're likely to need and go through, that's gonna get insanely heavy and smelly, as well it'll be pretty bulky. You already have a cloth diaper, but maybe we should be going and getting more for both of us, so that we can just wash and dry them while we're out.”

“I know. That does sound like a good idea though, I haven't really even used my cloth diaper yet, just tried it that once, but it would be the best I suppose, because yeah, it was heavy and smelly when dad and I went camping and wore diapers the whole time.”

“The only problem is how do we dry them without others noticing?”

“Either we do it like we don't give a damn and just put them right out in the open, or we dry them inside our tent. Inside the tent would probably work the best, because it'll likely get hotter inside the tent anyway, and no bugs can easily creep inside them. We use a clothesline at home and mom says the one thing she's always hated about that is that bugs sometimes like to crawl inside the clothes. Dad made her start doing it though because it was the right thing to do, wastes less energy you see, and he was against wasting things. Mom just finishes it off in the dryer, because it gets rid of bugs, as well as makes the clothes at least a little softer.”

“I know why your dad did it, because it was his parents that taught him that, but I suppose you're right, inside the tent would be best.”

Given that they were already in the car and driving, as soon as it was determined what they needed, Todd had aimed them at the medical store. When they arrived, they both went in and told the owner what they wanted and needed and what for, he told them that was a great idea and went and got everything that they were going to need. Because Kyle already had one, he got six, Todd got seven new cloth diapers, the same as the previous ones, and they got the waterproof pants to match as well. While they were there, Todd decided that he also wanted to increase their first aid kit, since it really had very little in it he felt, so they gathered everything to make it a proper one, and then they looked around to make sure there was nothing more that they needed. Finally they paid their bill and headed out.

Once they made it home, they started the very long chore of getting everything that they needed for their trip stuffed into their backpacks, and it barely fit. Todd was surprised that Kyle was even able to lift his backpack with as full and heavy as it looked, but he was easily able to, saying that it really was not all that heavy. Todd did admit that it was not that bad though when he picked it up. Todd had taken all the heaviest stuff, whereas Kyle had all the lightest stuff, but it was still a lot of gear and supplies at any rate, and was still fairly heavy. They both hoisted their now full packs onto their backs and helped each other to adjust all the straps and supports now that they were full, so that they rode properly and comfortably.

Once they were both satisfied, they went through all the cupboards and storage areas to be sure that they had everything. They found a few things that they had forgotten, but they were all small and easy to add, so that was good. By the time that dinner time was rolling in, they were ready to go.

They made and ate dinner and then relaxed for the rest of the evening, both of them going over everything as they watched TV, checking and rechecking verbally that they had everything that they needed, and they felt that they did. Their diapers and clothes that they would need for the trip out were set aside already in their bedroom, so that all they had to do is get dressed and go. They each had a belt with all the essentials on it, also ready to go, and their water bottles were already washed and ready to go in the kitchen, all they would have to do is fill them in the morning. By the time they headed to bed, they felt that they were as ready as they could be, and were happy.

As soon as they crawled into bed, they made each other even happier though, they sucked each other twice, going one at a time, one went, then the other, and then they repeated again until they were very satisfied. They changed their diapers and fell fast asleep.

At just a few minutes to six the following morning, Todd woke up, and Kyle woke up seconds later. They kissed for several minutes, reached their hands inside the others diaper and stroked each other until they were satisfied, which once again was two good cums, and then hopped out of bed. They went and made and ate breakfast, cleaned that all up, and then went and hopped in the shower. After washing, drying, diapering and dressing each other, they were now ready for their trip. They were now in their cloth diapers.

“You know, these diapers really are quite comfortable, but I can already tell they're gonna be a lot hotter to wear. I hope they don't chafe us too badly while hiking, and we're likely to be as soggy in our diapers from sweat as we are from pee.” Todd said.

“You're right, but it doesn't really matter too much, other than chafing of course, but they shouldn't, they fit well and are comfortable, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough.” Kyle smiled.

“Yes, yes we will, in fact, let's go.” Todd smiled, Kyle smiled larger and nodded his head.

They grabbed their water bottles and filled them, grabbed their packs and took them out to the car, and then they hopped in as well and headed out. They drove the hour and a bit to get to the parking lot, parked, hopped out and loaded up, and then took off. As they went, they talked happily, stopping three times for a good rest, because they were carrying a fair bit of weight now, but they still made it to the lake in only fifteen minutes more time than they had the last time they came up, so that was not too bad at all.

“Oh thank goodness, there's no one already camping here, I hope it stays that way the entire time, I love camping when there's no one else around.” Kyle said after looking around for a second.

“Yeah, that'd be nice. So, you pick the site you want.”

“Okay.” He said brightly and went and picked the one that was furthest from the lake, but had the nicest views. It would also be the most protected from wind, and was furthest from all the other camp sites that were there. The only problem with it was that it was also the highest up, because the entire camping side of the lake was on a hill. All the camp sites though had been leveled off and cleared, so they were really nice flat sites.

“Good choice.” Todd smiled, it would have been his choice as well.

“Thanks. Let's get set up now then.”

So, with that, they started unpacking their packs. They were fortunate that there were picnic tables that people had actually built out of logs, so they had nice areas to set things on, work on, and more importantly, sit at for eating and stuff. They did have cards and a couple games with them as well, so they could play games there as well. They first started with unpacking everything from their packs, so that everything was easily found, then they grabbed the tent and got it set up. They got their sleep mats and sleeping bags set up next, zipping the two of them together so that they could sleep together of course, and then they got their lanterns and flashlights out and ready. Todd got their food bag out, loaded it up with all the food, tied a rope to it and threw it up and over a high branch and hoisted it up, so that no animals could get to it. Their packs were set inside the tent, and then they were ready.

“Well, that wasn't too bad, but now we need fire wood. So come on Baby, let's go.”

So for the next two hours, they traipsed through the woods looking for firewood. Todd had the bow saw and Kyle had the hatchet, and between them they were able to collect more than enough firewood to last them a good couple days or more. Because they would mostly be using the fire for cooking and for later in the evening, they would not go through too much. All that they had gathered though was stacked neatly between two trees and then covered with one of their tarps, they had a few for just in case.

“Okay, what would you like to do now Baby?”

“We should probably fill the water jugs, so that they can purify the water for us, because my water bottle is empty and I'm getting thirsty, and then I definitely need a diaper change, and then after that, I say we sit back and play a couple card games.”

“Now that you mention it, I'm the same.”

So that was what they did, and in that order too. By the time they were ready to sit back and relax and play some cards, their water was finished, so they grabbed a drink and then played cards until lunch time. Kyle started the fire while Todd got their food down and decided what they were going to have. Because they made each of their meal packs as two good sized servings, he only had to grab one, and get it ready. By the time that Todd had their meal ready to heat up, Kyle had the fire going good and strong. Todd took the pot of water to the fire and set it on the cooking stone and left it to get good and hot.

“So, what'd you decide on for lunch?” Kyle asked.

“We're gonna try the stew and see how it turned out.”

“Cool. I could use a piece of jerky or pepperoni, that's gonna take a bit yet to get hot enough, that stone slab's pretty thick, and I'm getting pretty hungry.”

“Me too actually. We should'a thought of heating that stone earlier for sure, it's gonna take a bit, but oh well. Grab one of each for me when you grab yours then please?”


This was going to be the first time they tasted it, though both wondered why they had not tasted it after making it to make sure it was even edible. Kyle grabbed the food for them and they both sat back and enjoyed both treats a great deal.

“Wow, that's good, pretty spicy, but really good too.” Todd said.

“Mmmhmm, just the way I like it. It turned out darn near as perfectly as dad's always did.”

“Yeah, you did good Baby, congratulations.” Todd smiled warmly, hugging Kyle to his side.


Almost forty minutes later their water was boiling, so Todd dropped the now re-hydrated meal pack into the water for the two or three minutes it would need to heat up. Once it was ready, they carefully poured its contents into their bowls and they ate heartily.

“Hey, that wasn't too bad at all actually.” Kyle said as they both finished.

“No, not too bad at all. Needed a touch less water, because it was a little thin in my opinion, but that's hard to judge at the best of times, but the flavor was just fine. Good job.”

“Thanks, dad taught me well.” He smiled sadly.

“Yes he did, and he'd be very proud of you now, every bit as much as I am. Let's go get our dishes clean and we'll sit back and play more cards I think, we'll just let the fire die down on it's own.”

“Okay, and that way the stone will likely still be hot when it's time for dinner, or at least a lot warmer anyway.”

So for the next few hours, they stayed pretty much at the table talking and laughing, playing cards. Their fire had went out after about an hour, but when they finished playing cards, about an hour before dinner time, they restarted it and then walked around the campsite area, just looking around and stretching their legs some, because they had sat for a long time. They had not seen one other person all day so far, but considering it was a Tuesday, and there had been no other cars in the parking lot when they arrived, this did not surprise them. Finally once the fire was going good and strong, and they knew that the cooking stone was likely to be good and hot, they came back and lowered their food from the tree.

“So, what should we have for dinner?” Todd asked.

“Not too sure. Actually, what we should do is cook up that chicken.”

“Oh right, we do have some fresh food, so yeah, we certainly need to eat that first. So, fried chicken and mashed potatoes sound okay to you?”

“Sounds awesome actually. We can have corn with it as well. If you wanna get the chicken, I'll get the potatoes and corn then.”

“Sounds good to me. You think that stone's smooth enough to just cook our chicken right on it?”

“Probably not, it's flat, but when I was lighting the fire earlier, I felt it, and it's not really that smooth. Not so sure I'd wanna cook directly on it anyway, there's just no telling what other people have put on it.”

“Mmm, good point. Can you throw the frying pan onto the stone then when you put the water on to boil please?”


Kyle got probably twice as much water on to boil than they needed and got the frying pan on there as well, while Todd got the flour and spices they had and made up a dredge for the chicken. It was not going to be proper fried chicken, but it would still be tasty. The frying pan and the chicken were both ready at almost the same time, so Todd got them put together and started cooking the chicken. The water started to boil just as Todd was putting the chicken in, so Kyle used a cup and scooped some out and poured it into the bags of potato and corn and let them sit. He had added a spoon full of milk powder to the potatoes already, so that once they were pretty much ready, all he had to do was mix them up real well. Both bags were then added back into to the pot of water over the heat, so that they would truly cook as well, because neither technically was. The corn was pulled out first a couple minutes later and set aside, and just before the chicken was cooked, the potatoes were pulled and Kyle got them finished off. Within a few minutes they were sitting down to eat a most incredible dinner.

“Wow, that was good, it was damn near impossible to tell the corn and potatoes weren't fresh. Impressive.”

“Good, I'm glad, that means we did them just right then. I even got just the right amount of water into the potatoes so that they weren't too thin, so that's good. The chicken was real good too, thanks.”

“No prob. So cleanup and then let's sit back in our chairs by the fire.”

So that was what they did. After they were all cleaned up again and everything put away, they stoked the fire back up and sat back and talked for the rest of the night. Just before bedtime, Todd grabbed their lanterns and flashlights, turned them on, and they went about putting their fire out.

While they were down at the lake getting the water, they also stripped down to their soggy diapers and strung them on the line that they had their diapers from earlier in the day on, and just put them back into the lake. They had decided during their afternoon diaper change that this was going to be the easiest way. They had intended on coming back and cleaning them after dinner, but that had never happened. They felt though that the lapping of the water would probably do a pretty good job of washing out most of the urine from them, and then all they would have to do is wring them out and rinse them in good hot water, then hang to dry.

It took four trips each to get water to sufficiently put out the fire, and once that was done, the two of them headed into their tent, now totally naked and starting to get very cold, ready to warm themselves up and get to sleep.

“Todd, I know you still don't think I'm ready for it, but I am, I really truly am, I want you to make love to me tonight please?”

“But, we haven't even started preparing your little bum for that, I'll hurt you too much, and we didn't bring any lube?”

“Not true, to both. Ever since the day we started planning this, I've been preparing myself for this very night. To me, there's nothing more romantic than sleeping outside, and I want my very first time to be right how we are now. I also snuck in the lube, it's in the front pocket of my backpack, where we put nothing else, so I knew you wouldn't see it and panic. I knew you'd say no, and I even understand why, but you don't have to worry, I can take you, I can guarantee it.”

“Oh. How've you managed that though, we've been together all day every day?”

“Easy, I have to go to the bathroom at some point during the day, so I played and prepared a bit each day while I was in there.”

“You can't possibly have prepared yourself enough for me, that's not enough time. You were only ever gone at most twenty minutes. Not to mention, I'd think I'd see the signs when I changed your diaper.”

“I did though, I promise you. I knew where your toys were, I found them a while ago, and I always snuck in and grabbed one. You know that big pink one with the purple polka dots you have? Well, I can take that now easily.”

“Yeah, right, you would've bruised huge had you taken that in you, it's huge compared to you.” Todd actually laughed.

“I don't bruise, or at least it takes a huge amount to make me bruise. I'm like my dad that way, he didn't bruise easily either, you probably knew that. So, if I don't bruise, you probably wouldn't have noticed it, besides, it never hurt anyway, I was smart enough to start with just my fingers and go from there. I also started with your smallest toy and worked up. Didn't you ever wonder though why when I first came here I might go to the bathroom at most twice in a day, yet in the past week and a bit, I've been going two to three times a day?”

“Now that you mention it, I did wonder, but, well, I still can't believe you took that dildo.”

“Trust me, I did, and had there been a way to hide it from you, I would've worn one of your butt plugs. I almost brought one with me as well, so that I could put it in earlier, so that when we had this conversation, because I knew this was exactly what was gonna happen, that I could bend over and show you. I wasn't able to though, because I couldn't really fit it. I also wasn't really sure if I'd be able to hide it from you, I've never worn one, though I did do some research on how to put one in of course, I wasn't really sure if I'd be able to and not let it show when I walked. Then there was the obvious problem of diaper changes.”

“Oh.” Was all Todd could say.

“So come on, make love to me, then I'd love to make love to you too.”


“No buts, there's only one butt, and that's mine, being filled with all your love, well, two, because I want to fill you up too, though I won't fill you up anywhere near so good as the toys do.” Kyle smiled warmly.

“Fine, but I want you to promise me one thing, if it hurts, or if it doesn't feel right or good, I want you to tell me to stop.” Todd whispered.

He knew of course that there was very little that he would not do for Kyle, but he did have a problem, and that was still that he had no idea if he was going to see Kyle or Kevin when they did finally make love to each other. He hoped that it would feel right in his head, but he felt that it was not going to, no matter what the rest of him felt.

“I promise, no worries there. I love you so much though that it's not gonna right or good, it's gonna feel amazingly perfect, or maybe even better, I know it. You're still not sure though, are you, I can see it in your eyes?”

“No, I'm really not. You know what this is doing to me, I told you in great detail before we started, we've talked about it several times already, I love you, really I truly do, I'm starting to accept that your dad's gone and I'll never have him, but you still look and act so much like he did, and sometimes it still feels like it was when we were your age.”

“I know, but truth be told, there's times when I've had a hard time not seeing you as my dad, you two are different, but in so many ways, you're so much alike as well. No, you don't look the same, but I feel the same love for you that I did for him. I told you I loved him like I love you, even though I knew it could never happen, because he was straight and he wouldn't do what we're about to do with his son even if he was gay, he told me so, I never told you that before, but I did ask him, when we went on our last camping trip, I asked him to teach me about love.”

“Oh Kyle, I had no idea.”

“I know, it's wrong to love your daddy like I loved mine, that's why I thought I must be gay, because I did love him like that, just like you loved him, like we still both love him. But, he's gone, we both have to admit that now, and now we can be him for each other, because he was never gonna be ours in the way we wanted him to be.” Kyle said, tears freely flowing now, it was the first time he had said that to himself.

“Oh, Kyle, I had no idea you felt like that. No, actually I did, I thought that maybe you did, but figured that you couldn't possibly, but you did.” Todd said, crying now too.

“I did, now, make love to me, let my dad unite us, make us one, he's here with us right now and he wants us to do this, I feel him like I've never felt him before, we have to make love to each other, to heal each other fully, I know it, it's how he would've wanted it.”

And that was all they said, as soon as Kyle finished, he leaned in and pressed their lips together firmly and kissed his man deep and passionate. Todd melted then, not only could he not say anything, even if he could have, he had nothing to say that would change the way he felt, any more than Kyle felt, he now knew that they were going to make love, that they were going to heal each other, and he even felt that Kyle was right, Kevin was there with them, telling them to let go and be there for each other, to become one.

Todd reached out and grabbed Kyle's pack as they continued kissing, rummaged around the pockets for a minute, trying to find the lube, and when he finally did, he pulled it out and opened it up. They were still naked, their erections were rubbing each other, and Todd scooped more than enough lube onto his fingers for what he needed to do, and then found Kyle's beautiful bum. He started slipping his fingers deep into the cleft, searching for the small hole that was buried in there, and when he found it, and stroked it gently, Kyle sighed deeply as he let go of the kiss for just a second.

“Mmm, that's it, make me ready for you, start with two fingers, I can take it.”

Kyle reattached their lips and Todd just did as he was told. Getting his index and middle finger ready, he started slowly thrusting them in and out, just a tiny bit at first, then more, and more, until he had both fingers thrusting as deep inside Kyle as they could go.

Kyle was moaning and sighing all throughout this, yet he never broke their kiss. After only a couple minutes, Todd realized that Kyle had been telling the truth, because not only was he very clearly not in pain, but he was more than ready to take a third finger already, so he started introducing his third finger to the already dilating hole. Kyle just moaned even deeper still, he loved this so much, yet he knew that when the time was right, that he was going to feel even better still. That time was fast approaching though. Both of them were just about to cum, as they kissed and Todd fingered, Kyle was rocking his hips, grinding their erections together, and they were both about to explode. Kyle wanted the very first load though to be deep inside him though, so he took matters into his own hand, so to speak.

Kyle stopped moving, reached back and pulled Todd's hand from his ass, sat up, got up a bit, moved back, and then sat down, impaling himself fully on his mans erection, sighing even deeper than he had before, or ever had before, and then that was it. Todd had had all he could take, he had already been so close to cumming that it was not funny, and the feeling of Kyle sent him over the edge.

When Kyle had ripped his hand from his ass, Todd had thought that he had hurt the little boy, but that clearly was not it. Todd had never felt anything like what he was feeling then, Kyle was so hot and so tight inside, he had to wonder how it could possibly feel good, but clearly it did. Now that Kyle was sitting astride Todd, the lantern was shining on Kyle, illuminating him, and he was glowing, his smile was large, his eyes were closed, and you could tell that he was in total bliss. Todd barely had a second to register all this before he came, and with the largest orgasm he had ever had, he filled Kyle up.

Both missed the looks of complete and total bliss that crossed the others face as they both came and Kyle lost his virginity, but it was immeasurable. Kyle also loved the feeling of Todd filling him up, he could feel every precious spurt, every even more precious drop as it entered him, he was now whole, he was now full of his mans love. It took considerably longer for both of them to come down from their orgasms than it had taken for them to have had them in the first place, but when they did, Kyle did not hop off.

Instead of hopping off, Kyle had far better, far nicer plans for his man, no, he leaned forward, pressed their lips together once more, and started thrusting himself forward and back, slowly, gently, and they both loved it. Todd was almost about to say something, but once again he felt that there was no way for him to say it. All that was important at the moment was what they were doing, what they were feeling.

This time, though it lasted far less than they had hoped for, they managed to last almost five minutes before cumming once again, and as soon as Kyle exploded, it sent Todd over the edge once more, and then they collapsed. Almost ten minutes later, they came down, and once again Kyle did not hop off.

Once again Todd almost said something, once again the words died on his lips before they were able to exit, once again Kyle started thrusting. He also introduced their tongues once more and they kissed just as tenderly as they had been all throughout their lovemaking. This time they managed to last almost ten minutes before cumming, and this time Todd managed to keep focused just a little, and as soon as he finished his orgasm, he lifted Kyle off, his dick feeling rather well worn, and already starting to soften. They did slump down though as they came down fully from the most intense experience of either of their lives. It was probably a good fifteen minutes before either of them could form a coherent thought.

“Oh my god, that was totally amazing, I've never felt something so good in my entire life. Your toys were good, they always made me feel so good, but they were nothing compared to how you felt inside me. I love you so much, words just can't say how much I love you.” Kyle said, tears once again falling as he professed his undying love for his man.

“Oh Baby, I feel that and so much more for you as well. Never before have I felt something so amazing. I love you, 'til the end of days I love you. Now, even though I am so tired already, I have to feel you in me, at least once tonight, make love to me please?”

“Oh yes Baby, I'd love nothing more.”

Given their size difference, Kyle was unable to prepare Todd while they kissed, but that did not matter, nor did it take all that long. Kyle was able to start almost immediately with three fingers and started working Todd's far more experienced hole for only a couple minutes before he was ready.

As soon as Todd was ready, Kyle removed his fingers and crawled up Todd's body, aligning himself and then sunk in as far as he could go. Once again, since he was too short, they were unable to kiss as Kyle gently thrusted deep inside Todd. Maybe not so deeply as Todd was used to, but as deep as he could at any rate, and any worries that Todd had that he would hardly feel Kyle, considering Kyle was not exactly large, died immediately. Kyle just instinctively knew just what to do to make it feel so amazing, and both were moaning and sighing deeply, contentedly.

Ten minutes more was all they were able to last, and when they came, once again together, Todd had just a couple tiny drops to offer, and then they slumped down once again. Kyle though had had more than enough, his erection was shriveling, slipping away from heaven, and then as he finally came down from his orgasm, Kyle passed out. Kyle did not even stir as Todd rolled him off his body, grabbed a fresh diaper and slipped it on him, then diapered himself, nor did he stir as Todd had to pull half the sleeping bag out, so as to cover the two of them up. Todd kissed his baby's forehead tenderly, whispered to him that he was loved more than anyone could say, then Todd turned out the light and passed out as well.