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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one – Star in the Hood.

Part 10.



Friday 21st. It's the big day when I'm to meet Aleric and his family in Greifswald. I spoke to Aleric as I was dressing. He'd been up early. It seems to be the usual thing in his home - to get up early. He was whispering because his brother had just left the bedroom and he had about two minutes to speak to me before it was his turn to use the bathroom. I could sense the excitement, and also the apprehension in him that we would, hopefully, be having our rendezvous in Greifswald. It was a food shopping trip they were doing, and not a Weihnachten-present one.

I get into the town centre at exactly half past eight. I know where the café is, because I drove around some time last evening to familiarize myself with the place, and the thought occurred to me that if I didn't get there early enough, I may not find a place to park by or near our rendezvous point. I was relieved to get one almost by The Teehaus, and when I walked away down the street and looked back, my car looked the part. At nine, I'm wandering about, trying not to look silly by staying in one place too long, but also not venturing too far from The Teehaus. It's almost midday when I get a text in. On our way to teehaus now. ILY.

My legs are like jelly because I'm nervous. Everything we've felt for each other; all the planning we've done could come to an abrupt halt if things go badly, and for the first time in a long time, I pray that everything will work out fine.



Gunther is pushing dad in the wheelchair. Mum is walking beside them. I'm behind them with Gottwin looking in all the shop windows.

Mum turns around and shouts, "Come on you two!"

I smile at her, and we quicken our pace. I've already seen Gareth's car, but I'm trying to pretend I haven't. Gunther will see it first, and I know that when he does, he'll be excited. I'm not wrong. Gunther cries out, "A Bentley Continental Supersports!" I look up, and Gunther is looking at me - open mouthed. He repeats his words. "A Bentley Continental Supersports!"

I pretend to be amazed, and me and Gottwin rush towards it, past Gunther and dad, and stare into the windows. Because I can see Gareth walking towards us across the other side of the street, I'm literally shaking with nerves. Gunther reaches us and stops the wheelchair, and stares into the interior.

Dad says, "It's the first time I've seen one of these," and pushes me gently to one side to look at the interior himself.

Gareth is directly across the street now, and when he begins to make his way across the narrow street, the keyless ignition synchronizes and I hear the sound of the door locks click open. I'm almost wetting myself now, and my throat is as dry as a bone. I look at Gareth, and say in a voice that's supposed to be complete surprise, "Oh my God! It's Gareth Rhys-Jones. The man who bought us the clothes!"

Gareth dodges the traffic in the street, and almost as if he's not interested in us, walks to the driver's door, and then stops and stares at me. He has a puzzled look on his face, and then, very slowly, he says, "Aleric Hahn?"

I grin at him. "Hello Sir."

Gareth's face lights up, and he comes round the car to me. He puts both hands on my shoulders, holds me away from him, and then he shakes his head. "My Angel of Pie Jesu! What are you doing here?"

I laugh. "I live here. Well, just a few kilometers away; at Wieck. Is this your car?"

Again he looks puzzled. "Yes, it is my car. But I thought you lived at S********, where the choir is." Suddenly, Gareth turns away from me and looks at my family. "Is this your family?"

"Yes Sir."

He goes to dad. "Please forgive me. You're Aleric's father?" Dad grins, and nods. Gareth holds out his hand. "Then I consider it an honour to meet you." He turns to mum. "And you're his mother?" Mum nods. He goes to her and kisses her cheek. "It's an honour to meet you too, Frau Hahn." Gareth waves his arm at Gunther and Gottwin. "And these are your children, too?" Mum nods again, and Gareth shakes my brothers' hands.  And then he turns to us all. "You'll have to forgive me, but I'm just so pleased to meet you all. Here I am, all alone in a place I've never been to before, and I just happen to meet the boy with the most angelic voice I've ever heard, and all his family to boot. Life isn't like this." Gareth looks at The Teehaus. "I hope you won't consider me forward, and I hope I'm not intruding, but may I buy you a drink or a meal. This looks a nice place."

Mum protests. "We don't want to put you to any trouble, Herr Gareth."

Dad comes to the rescue. "Nonsense! We'd love to share a few moments with you, Herr Gareth...?"

Gareth smiles. "Rhys-Jones, but do away with the `Herr', and call me Gareth. All my friends call me that. Let's go in then, unless the boys want to sit in my car while we eat all the cakes."

I laugh. "You were eating cakes in Kurt's shop."

Gareth looks at me with a devilish grin on his face. "I love cakes!" He points a finger at me. "Leave me alone, you cheeky monkey!"

The ice is broken. Gareth opens the door to The Teehaus, goes directly to a table, and moves some chairs so dad can be seated by the table in his wheelchair. This is a new side to him I'm seeing; the man who makes millions. He's super efficient as he ignores the young lady who comes to us, and arranges the chairs to accommodate dad's wheelchair so we can all sit together. Then he arranges our seating. Gunther is by the wall, and dad is next to him. Opposite are mum and Gottwin. I'm placed on a corner, and Gareth takes a place at the end of the table. He completely ignores the fact that his chair is blocking access to two tables unless the clientele make a detour.

He looks into my eyes, and I feel his leg press against mine. "Well, cheeky monkey? Are you going to introduce your brothers to me?"

I giggle, and introduce Gunther and Gottwin, and I don't miss the look on his face as examines Gottwin closely. Apart from we're dressed slightly different, we're difficult to tell apart, and a hint of jealousy passes through me when I think he might also fancy my twin brother as well as me.



It's all gone brilliantly up to now, and I'm pleased that neither Aleric nor I have put a foot wrong. Now I really have to do some scheming. It will all depend on Aleric's parents, but I may need his help with some things. I hope he's up to it, or I'll be seeing him infrequently during the time I'm here, and I don't want that. I want to spend as much time with him as possible.

The young waitress comes to us to take our order, and I pose my question to the head of the family: "Are we having a meal, or just bites, Herr Hahn?"

He smiles. "Call me Ralf, and my wife is Gretel." He looks at his wristwatch, and then at his wife. "A meal? It is midday, and I can hear the boys' bellies rumbling."

I can see the hesitancy on Gretels' face, and I reckon the cost of a meal may be not what she needs to spend her money on at the moment, so I glance at her. "My treat, Gretel. I wouldn't have it any other way. It will be my pleasure."

She accepts my invitation, and asks the boys what they want. We all order, and the waitress leaves us. Now for some serious plotting. I look at Aleric, who is wearing his bomber jacket again. I touch the sheepskin collar. "Does the coat still fit you? You seem to have grown since I last saw you in Berlin."

Aleric giggles nervously. "Yes. I wear it all the time." He tugs on the pullover under the jacket. "And the pullovers."

I touch his arm. "It was my pleasure." I glance at Gottwin, who is also wearing the clothes and bomber jacket I bought. "You both look super in them. Get some use out of them. This is the weather for them, and you're growing boys, and they won't fit you forever."

Ralf looks at me. "Forgive me for asking, Gareth, but why are you here?"

"I'm booked into the Hotel M***** until the 2nd. I was supposed to be staying there with friends over the Weihnachten period, but it looks as though I'll be spending it alone. Or I may go back to Berlin. They're flying in from England. Well, they were, but as you probably know, the airports in the UK are all closed because of the unusual bad weather, and there's no sign they'll be open before Weihnachten."

"Don't you have family?" Gretel asks.

"Yes. My parents live in the State of Texas; in the United States. I've just got back from visiting them, and then I spent a couple of days in London at my house there, and I've only got back to Berlin recently. I was lucky. The airports were almost at shutdown, but I got a helicopter down to the West Country where there was little snow, and hired a private jet to get back to Berlin. I feel as if it's my real home nowadays, and it's my favourite city in the world."

Ralf says, "You seem to like Germany, and you speak our language very well."

"I love Germany, and the German people. I have a knack of being able to pick up languages very easily. One of the few talents I have."

Gunther interrupts. "But you're an inventor!"

      I smile at Aleric's brother. "No I'm not. I'm a Venture Capitalist. I see people with good ideas who have difficulty getting finance from the banks, and if I think their ideas are worth taking a risk on, then that's what I do. Sometimes I go into partnership with them, and others I buy their inventions. It depends on the person. Some people have an idea what business is about, and others have no idea. The ones who understand business get my money and the backup of my companies. The others who don't have a clue about business, I buy their ideas. I don't have the time to run their business for them."

Ralf asks, "Why do you like Germany so much?"

"I like the work ethic of the people. I travel to so many countries in the world, and the two nationalities I admire most are the Japanese and the Germans. They don't sit on their backsides waiting for handouts. Their culture is one of self-help; ingenuity; hard work. Would it be rude of me to ask how you came to be disabled?"

Aleric answers my question. "Dad was a fisherman. He had his own boat. A cable snapped and injured him. That was about two years ago."

The look I give Ralf is one of genuine concern. "That's bad luck, Ralf." Then I look around the table at the rest the family. "But you have a lovely family. Three super boys." Just then, the waitress serves us our meals, and I turn the conversation to Aleric. "Do you have another tour planned?"

Aleric looks into my eyes. "Herr Direktor says we're touring England in February. We're doing one week in Cardiff."

"Cardiff! Wonderful! Wales - my home country. The land of song. You'll go down tremendously well there. Let me know the dates, and I'll be there to see you. I'll bring Kurt with me. He loves the little guy with the sticky out ears."

Aleric laughs. "That's Hansie. How is your girlfriend?"

I roar with laughter. "I said you were a cheeky monkey. For your information, young man, Kurt is not my girlfriend! He has his own partner, and he's perfectly happy, thank you! But I will tell him that you were interested in him enough to enquire how he was."

Aleric can't stop laughing. I've turned the tables on him, and I can see his face going red when he says, "Don't you dare!"

Even Gretel is chuckling at his embarrassment. She looks at me. "Well done Gareth! He's getting too big for his boots lately."

I smile at her. "If ever you need any help controlling him, just phone me, and I'll get Kurt to pick him up from school and tell all the other boys he's his new mum."

I put my foot on the top of Aleric's before he has the chance to kick me, and I give him a silly smile.

He looks at me. "I'll get you back for this one day!"

"Maybe in February, eh?"

The look I give him is one that says he needs to start playing his part, and I'm sure my clever boy understands when he says, "We're doing a concert in S******** on the Sunday before Weihnachten. Why don't you come along?"

I stare at him, and then look as if I'm thinking. "If my friends can't make it, I was thinking of driving back to Berlin before then. I don't want to spend Weihnachten on my own." I do some more thinking. "Is it a Midnight Mass?"

"No. It's a concert, and it starts at 7 pm; in the Cathedral, and it lasts for two hours." Aleric looks into my eyes. "I'd like you to come."

I look at Ralf and Gretel. "Will you be going?"

Gretel answers me, a little too quickly. "No. We have too much to do. Herr Biermaier will pick Aleric up and bring him home."

We have too much to do. That doesn't quite ring true to me. S******** is quite a way away, and it's more likely that family finances of getting a man in a wheelchair and his family there might be too much for them at this time of year. I could easily arrange transport for them, but it's far too early for me to become their crutch yet. Besides, I recognize a certain pride in Ralf, and I'm sure any offer of help that way would be declined. If everything works out as I've planned it, there'll be plenty more opportunities for the family to see their son at his supreme glory. Best to deal with the here and now, and I say, "I think I'd like to go to the concert, but it all depends what happens with my friends.  If they can't make it and I decide to go back to Berlin, I could go to the concert, and then drive back afterwards. I just don't know at the moment. Are you on the phone?"

Aleric interrupts. "Mum and dad are, but you could ring me on my mobile. The one Kurt gave me."

I take out my own mobile. "What's your number?"

Aleric takes his phone out of his jeans pocket and gives his number to me.

I pretend to save it in my contacts. "Right. Got that. Let me sort some things out, and I'll let you know." We chat some more, and when the meal is over, I look at his parents. "I'm sorry if I've interrupted your day, but it's been wonderful to meet you all. It really has. Life is strange. I would never have gone to the concert in Berlin if my Personal Secretary's husband hadn't been taken ill. She had two tickets to Aleric's concert, and she gave them to me. Both Kurt and I were so impressed, that he pulled a few strings and we were able to go to the last concert too. The best seats in the house, and I'll never forget the boys singing Rock Around the Clock. I don't think the rest of the audience will either. The little boy with the big ears was wonderful."

Aleric laughs. "Hansie loves doing that."

I get up. "Right, I'll settle the bill, and let you get on with your day. I've already taken up too much of your time. It's been my pleasure."

While I'm settling the bill, Aleric and his family make their way out. I go out to them, say my farewells, and then sit in the car and watch them walk away. When they're about fifty metres away, Aleric turns to look at me. I flash my headlights at him, and he grins, no doubt thinking exactly as I am: it's gone brilliantly, and we'll be able to see each other again. Life is beautiful when you're in love with a beautiful boy. Unless something goes wrong that is. God forbid that it would ever happen, not now... please!



We all wave to Gareth as he drives past us and toots his horn, and I watch his car until it disappears out of view.

It's mum who speaks first. "What a lovely man!"

Dad laughs. "You said he was a bank robber, and you should never trust an Englishman!"

Mum laughs. "I've changed my mind. Anyway, Gareth isn't English... he's Welsh. He's a lovely man!"

Dad grins. "I wish I had his lovely money."

Gunther says, "I wish I had his car. Do you know how much they cost? Over two hundred thousand Euros!"

I'm keeping quiet now. The foundations have been laid, and I don't want to say anything to spoil what Gareth has done. Two hours later and we've done the shopping, and Herr Gross is waiting for us with his taxi that takes a wheelchair. We pile into it, and go home.


Later in the afternoon, I manage to slip out and ring Gareth.

I hear his familiar voice say, "Hello, Star in the Hood. What a surprise it was to meet you today"

I laugh. "You would win an Oscar. They never stopped talking about you after you left. Mum used to say you'd robbed a bank to make your money. Now you can do no wrong in her eyes."

Gareth laughs. "What about in your eyes?"

I laugh. "I'm only interested in your car. Now what do we do?"

"I'm going to ring you tomorrow and tell you that I've decided to go to the concert. As a matter of fact, I'm going to volunteer to take you to S******** and bring you back home. Then I'm going back to Berlin."

Gareth's words hit me like a hammer. "You can't go back to Berlin!"

Gareth giggles. "Maybe I won't. Because I'm a lonely old man in a strange place, maybe you can suggest that I might be invited to spend some time during Weihnachten with your family?"

I giggle when I've got over the shock. "I'll see what I can do. Ring me in the morning about nine and tell me you're going to the concert and then going back to Berlin because your friends can't be here. In the meantime, I'll suggest to mum and dad that it would be lovely to invite you to spend some time during Weihnachten with us. No matter what happens, I want to see you tomorrow in our special place."

"What time?"

"I'll ring you at five in the morning to tell you."

Gareth laughs. "If you want to wake me at that time, I may as well come and sleep with you and Gottwin."

I giggle. "You're only ever going to sleep with one boy, and it isn't Gottwin, even though you do fancy him."

Gareth is silent for a short while, and then he says, "I do not! Why would you think that?"

Because he's serious, he's caught me off my guard, and I stammer, "B-b-because he l-l-looks like me."

Gareth is still serious when he says, "But he's not you. Yes, he looks like you, but he doesn't have the special thing that you have."

Quietly, I ask, "And what is that special thing?"

"I don't know what it is, Aleric, but I could never feel the same way about anybody else as I do about you, even if that other person looked exactly like you. Please don't ever say that again. I love you, and nobody else."

I can tell by Gareth's voice that I've hurt him, and I'm feeling shit when I say, "I'm sorry."

Gareth's voice is soft and gentle now. "That's OK. I'm glad you said it now. It's something we needed to get out of the way." Then Gareth voice becomes cheerful. "I love all your family. They're really nice. Gunther looks just like you, too. I quite fancy him."

I giggle, and ask, "In a kissing way?"

"Not really. There's only one boy I want to kiss... the one who takes naughty pictures of himself."

His comment amuses me. "You like kissing me, don't you."

"Yes. And more."

I feel my pinkler swelling when he says that, and I ask, "What's the `and more' bit mean?"

Gareth giggles. "I'll let you guess. Ring me in the morning. I need to hire another car now."

"What do you need another car for?"

"I intend meeting you in our special place as often as I can, and parking the Bentley there isn't the wisest thing to do."

"You think of everything."

"I need to if we're to get through this. Hopefully, by the time Weihnachten is over, we'll be able to communicate openly. What do you want for Weihnachten?"

"You and your unlocked underpants."

Gareth laughs. "I meant, what do you like playing with?"

I can't help it; I break into giggles. "You've got two guesses."

Gareth laughs. "I know what one is, you rude boy; what's the other."

"Lego. I love Lego."

"Lego? Do you want something from the Technic series? They're more your age."

"No thanks. I like them, but they don't do a ship in that series. I like building ships."

"OK. And Gottwin?"

"He likes my phone."

"And Gunther?"

"He likes my phone."

"Sorted. Your mum?"

"She likes embroidering."

"Your dad?"

"I think he might be offended if you got him anything too expensive. He's a very proud man."

"OK. I'll think of something for him. Does he drink?"

"Yes. He enjoys Schnapps and beer."

"Excellent. So do I. I'll bring him a bottle of the very best, and we can share it after dinner if I come to dinner. Now it's time for you to win your Oscar. Do you think you can do it?"

"I'll try my best."

"Good boy. Go for it. ILY."

"ILY." When we've ended the conversation, I think about what's just happened. At the back of my mind was a lingering thought that when he saw Gottwin, he would fancy him as well as me, but now Gareth has said what he has, I'm beginning to understand better what it is he and I have. He's right. There are loads of good looking men I've seen, some maybe even as good looking as Gareth, but they don't have that certain something that attracts me to them. Part of what we have is not defined by looks; what Gareth loves me for is simply because of the Me part, and that part is indefinable, just as I love Gareth because of the indefinable. It's spiritual. I giggle to myself. And it's sexy.



I spend the rest of the day sorting things, including hiring an Audi A4 for a week, which is being delivered to the hotel later today. Then I ring Kurt.

The first question from him is direct. "Have you kissed him again?"

I laugh. "Mind you own business."

Kurt laughs. "That means yes. I hope it was a juicy one. Or maybe more than one... and maybe more than kisses?"

We spend the next thirty minutes chatting, and by the time we're done, he knows everything except the very private details of what Aleric had me do to him, and he asks me to buy Hansie a present of Lego and give it to him when I go to the concert. I'm to write on it: `To Hansie with love from your greatest fans. Kurt and Hendrich.'

When I've ended the call, I stare out the window of the hotel foyer. The weather is still lovely and crisp, and because I need to do some serious thinking, I decide to take a long walk.



When I get back after talking to Gareth on the phone, for some reason, I'm feeling sad. Mum is embroidering; Gunther is on the computer, and Gottwin is reading. Dad is sitting by the fire, reading the paper and smoking his pipe, so I go to him, push his paper away, sit on his knee, put my arms around his neck, and sink into him.

He puts his pipe down, and hugs me with his strong arms. "You don't seem very happy?"

I can't help it; I begin to cry. "It's not fair."

Dad lifts my chin, and stares into my eyes. "What isn't fair?"

"He has all that money... and you're in a wheelchair. It's not fair."

Dad kisses my forehead, and smiles at me. "I'm richer than he'll ever be. I've got your mum, and three beautiful boys. As a matter of fact, I feel sorry for Gareth. I'll wake up during Weihnachten and I'll have you all around me. Gareth will probably wake up with nothing except a lot of money in the bank, his big car, and a hangover."

Our conversation is being listened to by the rest of my family. I look at mum, and she smiles at me, and nods. "Your father is right... as usual."

I can't believe it when Gunther says, "Dad; mum; if Gareth's friends don't turn up, why don't we ask him to spend Weihnachten with us?" I look at him. Everyone else does, too. He shrugs his shoulders. "It was just a thought. He seems to be a lonely person, and I just thought we could make him feel welcome."

Dad smiles, looks at me, and kisses me again. "There you go! Even Gunther understands what I was saying." He looks at mum. "Do you fancy having another mouth for Weihnachten, Gretel?"

Mum grins as she looks at dad. "I know you're up to something, and I know what it is!"

Dad puts on a pretend hurt look. "Up to something?"

"Yes. I don't suppose sharing a couple of beers and schnapps with a man rather than playing with the kids would have entered your head?"

Dad laughs, and puffs at his pipe. "The thought never crossed my mind." He pulls my head to him, and kisses my cheek. I look into his eyes, and he grins. "Ring your friend and ask him if he'd like to spend Heiligabend (Christmas Eve) with the Hahns. Then maybe he'd like to spend some of Weihnachten (the Christmas period) with us, too."

I giggle, and I can't help my exuberance when I return his kiss. The family listen intently to my conversation.

"Hello Gareth. Mum and dad want to know if you'd like to spend Heiligabend with us if your friends don't turn up."

I hear him chuckle. "That's very kind of them. Are you sure I won't be intruding?"

"It was Gunther who suggested it. I think he likes your car."

I see mum gesturing to me, and she whispers. "Ask him to come to tea tomorrow."

"Oh... and mum says to ask you if you'd like tea with us tomorrow evening."

"That's wonderful! Thank your mum for me, and I will have tea with you tomorrow, so even if I can't make it on Heiligabend, I'll have the pleasure of your family's company while I'm here. What time?"

I look at mum. "Gareth wants to know what time for tea tomorrow."

Mum looks at dad. Dad shrugs his shoulders. "Early afternoon if he likes. He can spend the afternoon with us, and then we'll have tea."

"Early afternoon if you like. You can spend the afternoon with us, and then we'll have tea."

"Super. Ring me in the morning and give me directions."

"OK. I'll do that. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Aleric, and thank your parents for me. And Gunther. I might take him for a ride in my car. I know a special place by the sea."

I giggle. "I don't think so."

Gareth chuckles. "Goodbye."


I'm in my bedroom, leaning on the windowsill, looking through the window towards where I know Gareth will be somewhere, and I'm rubbing my pinkler on the warm radiator. I've gone to bed alone because I want to be on my own and think about things. It's as if fate is aware of what me and Gareth want. Everything is going brilliantly. I'll be seeing him in the morning in our special place. We'll be kissing, and this time, I'm going to make him hold my pinkler inside my underpants, and he's going to wank me. I'm going to make him do it even if he doesn't want to. He does want to. I know he does, but he'll be scared. What I really want is to be in bed with him, with both of us naked.

I'm feeling really romantic, and I decide to practice Bach's Air on the g-string that Herr Biermaier has been drumming into us lately. I've been taking the lead, and because it doesn't have words, it's extremely difficult getting the notes right. I open the window, and despite the cold coming in, I sing it towards where Gareth will be, and my breath dissipates like smoke in the cold night air as I send my love to him. No doubt the neighbours will hear me, but I don't care. They will hear just the tune; they won't know why I'm singing it.

I'm part way through it when I feel a firm pair of arms come around me. I don't stop, because I know those arms well. They're mum's, and she's standing behind me with her head by the side of mine. Still singing, I turn to look at her; she kisses my cheek, and nods to tell me continue. I do, and then Gottwin joins us, and he pushes past mum, stands by me, and tries to follow me. Now mum has one arm around each of us as we sing.

When we get to the end, mum says, "That was beautiful. Dad's pipe is smoking like Thomas the Tank Engine. Shall we sing some more of the same for him?"

Gottwin is enthusiastic. "Yes." He looks at me. "You can teach me to sing it, bro."

I nod. This is one of those special moments that rarely crop up. Gottwin has a beautiful voice, too, but he's never been taught properly. In our special moments, we sometimes sing together. The something between me and Gottwin is similar to what Gareth and I have – spiritual. I love my twin brother, and he loves me. People have often commented on how close we are. Mum always tells them the same thing: `They've played together ever since they were conceived and in the womb, and that's why they're close.' She's right. But we have more than that. No matter where we are, we instinctively know how the other is feeling.

Gottwin moves closer, puts his head against mine, wraps his arm around my waist, and we begin to sing again. I wrap my arm around his waist, and this time, because our heads are touching, and he's feeling the vibrations coming from me, Gottwin gets the tune, and it's as if our voices are singular, but now doubled in volume, and even when I come to the end and start again, Gottwin is with me every step of the way. We're no longer two people; we're one, as we were when mum first produced the single egg, before it split into two to create us.

I know mum is crying, because I can feel her sobbing as she rests her head on both ours, and hugs us tightly from behind, and even though it's eleven at night, mum's love spurs us on to sing even louder just for our wonderful mum, who we both love so much.

Even the neighbours come out to listen. The nearest house is just twenty metres away, and old Frau and Herr Granz are standing in their back doorway, cuddled together, listening to us. To our right, Frau Berkenhol is leaning through her bedroom window, smiling, and beyond her the whole of the Weis family are bunched together in their back doorway.

Then mum catches the tune, and begins to sing with us, and now there's no melancholy as we all join in one last rendition of the beautiful tune, and when it's over, we wave to everybody, and mum draws the curtains.

We go downstairs where dad is sitting with an unlit pipe, and for the first time in my life, I see tears coming from dad's eyes. Gunther is sitting on the hearth rug in front of him, between his legs, and dad is stroking his hair. It seems as though there's been a lot of loving going on in the house besides that between mum and Gottwin and me, but now it's time for a lot more, and mum goes behind dad and kisses his head. Gottwin goes to dad, sits on his knee and puts his legs over Gunther's shoulders and Gunther grabs him by the ankles, and I go beside dad, wrap my arms around him, and hug him very tightly.

Dad lights his smelly pipe, and says, "Did you wake the neighbours up?"

Mum giggles. "Yes. All of them."

Dad grins. "Serves them right for living near a bunch of cats."

We all laugh.


The smell of Gareth's aftershave on his silk shirt is like an aphrodisiac to me, and when I bury my face into it, my pinkler begins to throb. I'm not wearing pyjamas tonight. Nor underpants.

I'm naked, and lying spread-eagled on my side of the bed, and the hands that are wrapped in Gareth's silk shirt are Gareths hands as they caress my body. They stroke my eyes and my nose and my lips, and then I kiss them; a long sexy kiss that makes me shiver. The hands move down to stroke my neck, and then, very slowly, they caress my chest, stopping to fondle my nipples, and for the first time in my life I feel a sensation from them that goes right down to somewhere inside my bum. It's a fantastic feeling, and I pretend Gareth's tongue is inside me. I begin to do fucking movements as I tickle myself, and the feeling builds. The silky fingers are driving me crazy; my knob slips out of my foreskin and rubs against the duvet; the feeling inside my bum becomes more prominent, and then I feel a sensation of something major happening in there that builds so much that it spreads up my balls and right through my pinkler until, without even touching my pinkler, I shudder to an amazing climax that makes me almost faint with pleasure, the likes of which I've never felt before.

I'm contented, so utterly, utterly contented as I wrap the silk shirt around my pinkler and balls and fall into a deep sleep thinking about the man I love; the man who does things to me that nobody else has ever done. The last thing I remember is Gottwin saying, "Just be careful, bro."

To be continued...

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