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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one Star in the Hood.

Part 13.


Aleric really is zonked out. Each article of clothing I remove is not resisted. It's as if he's drugged. When he's down to his underpants, I stop and look at him. And then I remove his underpants. I love my twin brother in a way that I don't understand. It's not that I want sex with him, it's just that when I'm with him or look at him, I feel as if I'm not completely happy unless I have physical contact with him, and I can't help it when I strip naked and get back into bed with him. I pull the covers over us, wrap my arms around him, hug him, and revel in the warmth and softness of our two naked bodies being together. I'm not bothered about it. I've done it before, and Aleric has accepted it and not even asked why I've done it. In fact, I've woken up in the morning and Aleric has been stroking my chest and arms and face. But he's never gone lower than my belly, and neither have I with him. It's as if we have unwritten rules: cuddles, but no sex.

My thoughts turn to what's happening to him. He's in love with Gareth. I can tell, and I'm hurt that he hasn't talked to me about what's going on. Why hasn't he told me? Is he ashamed? Is it a gay relationship? I didn't have Aleric down as being gay, and if I'm honest, I can see no obvious signs in Gareth that he's gay, either. It's strange, and unless Aleric confides in me, I don't see what I can do to understand it better.

Gareth. He's a really lovely man. He's certainly good looking, but there's something else about him that's indefinable. He loves Aleric. Even a blind man could see that. But I don't see him as a molester. The secret touches and looks he gives Aleric are done almost as if he doesn't want to do them, but he's incapable of not doing them. Aleric is the one who's more forward. If anybody is driving this thing on, it's my brother. But I don't think he's is doing it for Gareth's money; he's genuinely attracted to Gareth, and if there's any sex stuff going on, it will be my randy brother doing it. He is a randy sod. But so am I. We're very much alike in that respect. I wank about three times a day, and I know Aleric does too. We've got our own ground rules for wanking in bed. Aleric pretends to go asleep and I have my wanks, and then when he thinks I'm asleep, he does his... or vice versa, depending on who goes to bed first. Wanking is the one thing we don't share.

No, I'm wrong there. We don't share singing either. My voice is almost as good as Aleric's, but for some reason only he was chosen to sing in the choir when we were small. Now his voice is trained, it's better than mine, but I reckon if mine was trained, I would be as good as him. But every time I've mentioned to Aleric to try and get me into the choir, he always finds an excuse not to. I've sort of got used to it now, but in the beginning I was hurt because I couldn't be with him. I've got my own ideas why I haven't been able to join; I don't think Herr Biermaier likes me. In fact, I know he doesn't. He rarely speaks to me whenever we're together. But why should he like Aleric and not me? We're identical in every way. It's strange.

I pull the duvet tighter over us, and snuggle close to his warmth. But then I feel my cock swelling, and I roll over onto my back and begin to wank. God! I love wanking! My hand is working its magic, and I soon get the feelings, and when it happens, I grind my teeth and tense my muscles to get the sperm to spurt that I'm making now. And it does just two small ejections onto my hand. It's sticky stuff, but sort of nice sticky stuff. I bring it to my lips to taste it, and try to think what it tastes like. But I can't think of a single thing that tastes like it. It's funny stuff.



My thoughts are jumbled because I'm so sleepy, but I begin to realise what's happening when I feel Gottwin wanking. I remember making myself comfortable on Gareth's car seat. I must have fallen asleep. So, who's put me to bed? And I'm naked. Why? Mum or dad wouldn't have done it. Perhaps Gottwin has done it again. He likes to be naked with me. I like being naked with him, that's why I pretend I'm asleep when he does it. When I hear and feel Gottwin climax, my pinkler swells and begins to throb, and I play with the end of it while I'm waiting for Gottwin to go to sleep. He turns away from me, and pushes his bum into the side of my hip, and that makes me feel even sexier. If I were to turn over, my swollen pinkler would be level with his bum. My experiences with Herr Biermaier and Hansie have made me realise that a bum is a sexy thing. Herr Biermaier certainly thinks mine is sexy, and I have to admit that Hansie's little bum is dead cute. It's curvy, and his hole gave me lovely warm feelings of being in there when I was fucking him. It was like being sucked off, but nicer. The fucking movements made it nicer because of the way my belly slapped against the softness of his bum cheeks. There was a sound to it: a fucking sound; and I remember when I climaxed that I thought it was probably like fucking a girl from behind, but in this case, it was an arsehole and not a cunt. According to some of the older boys in the choir, because it's tight and juicy in there, fucking a cunt is a super experience.

Freda Schmidt who lives four doors away will have a lovely cunt. She's got lovely tits. Before I met Gareth, she was the only one I ever thought about when I wanked. No, that's not true. It was before I fucked Hansie that I always thought about her. Ever since I've fucked Hansie, I try to think about Freda, but right at the moment when I'm climaxing, having my pinkler up Hansie has often been in my mind. And being sucked by Gareth is part of my wanking material now.

I hear Gottwin beginning to snore gently, and I know he's fallen asleep. I can get on with it now. I begin to wank, and my thoughts wander between fucking Freda, fucking Hansie, and Gareth sucking me. And then my thoughts slip to Gareth fucking me. What will it feel like to him? He loves my bum. What does he feel when he's stroking my bum?

Gottwin is to my left, with his back to me. Dare I? Will he wake? My heart is pounding when I take my left hand away from cuddling my balls and let it drop down between us while I'm still wanking with my right hand. The back of my hand is now resting on Gottwin's bum cheeks. All I have to do is turn my hand and I can hold one of them. Very slowly, I turn it, and grasp one. It's soft and warm, and really, really cuddly. He's lying almost on his front; his upper leg forward, and his bum cheeks are half open. This is exciting. I work my fingers into his bum crack, a slow centimetre at a time. It's a case of pulling his upper bum cheek up, and then slipping my fingers in a bit at a time. This is what Gareth will be feeling, and it's really sexy. Gottwin is me. A bit further, and my fingers are in the enclosed space. Just a bit further. And then I feel it with the end of my middle finger: Gottwin's puckered hole. Oh Gareth! Oh Gareth! That's it! Tickle my hole! Tickle it! Put your tongue in me! Ohhhhhh! Yeeeessss!

Thank God Gottwin didn't wake! That was fantastic! I've taken my fingers out now, but I want to do it again. I always do it twice. The second time is always the best. The feelings last a lot longer. What else does Gareth like doing? He likes my pinkler. He likes sucking it. Maybe I can suck Gottwin's and pretend I'm Gareth again. But he's the wrong way. I can't get to him. If I have a pee, and when I get back into bed and be rough with him and pull him over, it will be nothing out of the ordinary. I'm often rough with him when I want a cuddle. He's rough with me when he wants a cuddle. We arrange each other so we can cuddle, and neither of us objects. If I do it when I get back in bed and Gottwin wakes up, he won't think anything of it. He'll just think I'm making myself comfortable with him.

I get out of bed and pee into the chamber pot. Because it's cold at night in winter in our house, we still use that rather than going to the bathroom. I shake the drops from my pinkler, get into bed, pull Gottwin's leg back so it's straight, and his body automatically rolls back towards me. Now I can get at him. My handling of him has stirred him from his deep sleep, and he settles himself again. His head has rolled over, too. He's facing me now. Our room isn't quite in blackness; there's a bit of light filtering in through the curtains from the street lamps outside, and I can see Gottwin's features. It's like looking at myself. He's beautiful when he's asleep. His long lashes are gorgeous. I must look like this when I'm asleep. When I get to sleep with Gareth, he can look at me when I'm asleep, and this is exactly what he'll see. Will he kiss me?

Gottwin's lips are open and puckered. I giggle to myself. Dare I do what Gareth will do. I'll give Gottwin a few more minutes, and then find out what it will be like for Gareth to kiss me when I'm asleep.



What's Aleric doing? He woke me up. Did he get out of bed for a pee? I thought he just wanted a cuddle when he pulled me over. But he's kissing me. Not a hard kiss, just gently rubbing his lips on mine. His warm breath is all over my face. We haven't kissed like this since we were little. Will I kiss him back? No, it's nice to just lie here and let him do it. I'll pretend I haven't woken up.



Gottwin's lips are soft and pliable and warm. His breath is mixing with my own. This is what Gareth will be experiencing. Will he kiss my eyes? Yes, of course he will. He loves my eyes most, he says. Even more than my bum, the silly man! No, he's not silly! I love his eyes more than any other part of him. Every time I look into them, I get a tickly feeling inside me.



Aleric is kissing my eyes. What a wonderful feeling! He's doing each one in turn, and I can feel his lips caressing my eyelashes. This is lovely, Aleric. Don't stop doing this. Oh my God! He's got his hand on my thigh. He's kissing my eyes and stroking my thigh. What's he doing?! Oh God! He's stroking my balls and pinkler now, and I can feel it getting hard! Stop it, Aleric! No, don't stop it, Aleric! It's lovely!



Gottwin's pinkler is getting hard even though he's asleep! I didn't expect that. Is this what will happen when Gareth does this to me? Will he wank me while I'm asleep? Of course he will. He loves me. All of me, and he loves to make me feel nice, and if my pinkler goes hard when I'm asleep, he'll still do it, because he'll think I'm having a nice dream. Yes, that's what he'll do. He'll do what I'm doing to Gottwin now; roll his foreskin on and off his knob. That's the nicest part, when you do it slowly. I'll do myself the same time as I'm doing Gottwin. That way I'll know exactly what he's feeling. That's it, Gareth! Keep doing that. You like doing that, don't you Gareth? Yes you do. On and off the knob. On and off the knob. That's it. A bit faster. That's it. Oh God! Gottwin is climaxing in his sleep. His pinkler is pulsing! So is mine. Oh yes! The feelings! I don't know where they come from. I can't tell if it's from my balls or my pinkler, but once they start, it's the most beautiful feeling in the world, and because this is my second time, they keep coming. Yeeeesssss! But Gottwin is still pulsing, and, what's that? He's spurted stuff on my fingers! Oh my god! I hope he doesn't wake up!



Oh my God! That was fantastic! I actually felt my balls being sucked into me when it happened, and I felt my stuff spurting on Aleric's fingers. What's he going to do now? I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to pretend I'm still asleep, and let him sort it out.



My fingers are really sticky. I've got to see this. I've got a small torch in my bedside cupboard, but I'll go under the bedclothes to do it.

It's not like mine. Gottwin's is the real stuff. It's white stuff. Real white stuff! Gottwin can make proper spunk. I'm dead jealous. I wish I could make proper spunk. What does it taste like? I'll try a bit. It's like mine. Well, it should be, I am his twin brother, and he eats the same stuff as me. It's between my fingers. I'll suck it off. I could have wiped it on my pyjamas, but I haven't got any on, and I daren't wipe it on the bedclothes or Mum will find out. I'm eating my brother. Well, that's alright, I do love him.



I'm trying not to laugh when Aleric gets the torch out. I know what he's doing under the bedclothes. He's looking at my stuff. I wonder if he can do it yet. What's he doing now? Ahhh... he's snuggling up to me. That's lovely. He's got his arm over my chest and his leg over mine, and I can feel his soft pinkler against my hip, and I know he's looking at me. I can't help it; I have to look at him. I turn towards him and look into his open eyes. He's sort of half grinning, because he knows he's been found out. I grin back at him. "Kiss me again."

Aleric giggles, cuddles even closer and kisses me softly on the lips. When he breaks the kiss, he asks, "Are you angry with me?"

I slip my arm under him and hug him closer. "No. It was lovely. Was it nice for you?"

Aleric nods. "I thought you were still asleep. I was feeling really sexy."

I ask, "Were you thinking about Gareth?"

Another nod. "I love him."

I smile at him. "I know you do. He's lovely. Are you gay?"

Aleric shakes his head. "I don't think so. It's just Gareth that makes me feel like I do. Nobody else ever has. Anyway, I'd like to do stuff with Freda Schmidt. She's got lovely tits."

We both begin to giggle. "Me too. Frau Adenauer at school has as well. I think she fancies me."

"Not Frau Adenauer... your teacher!"

"Yes. All the boys fancy her, but I think she likes me best. She keeps leaning over me and looking at my work, and her tits are almost by my face."

Aleric is gurgling with amusement now. "Why don't you turn your head and suck one?"

"I would, but I have to keep my head down because I'm trying to hide my hard pinkler."

We both burst out laughing now, and I'm loving every moment of this new found togetherness between us. We've crossed a barrier tonight. Sex has been something we've not shared before, and I've often wanted to talk about it with my brother. I want to ask him if he's doing stuff with Gareth, but I decide not to. If Aleric was thinking about Gareth when he was wanking, then they've probably done something together. Or maybe not. Perhaps Gareth isn't gay and really just loves my brother. I'll ask Aleric another time when we're doing stuff. He won't be able to keep it a secret from me if they are.



When we've stopped laughing, I snuggle closer to Gottwin. This is wonderful. We've never really talked about sex before. It's marvellous that he knows about Gareth. I can share things with him now. He won't tell on me. We know how to keep secrets between ourselves. It's always been like that. I'd have a flogging before I'd betray my brother, and I know he would do the same. But his next words make me feel almost nauseous.

"Aleric, are you going to tell me why you keep me away from joining the choir? You know I can sing as well as you. It's not fair."

I don't know how to answer him. When I first joined the choir, Gottwin wasn't bothered, and said he didn't want to, and it was only after I discovered what Herr Biermaier was like that he said he would like to join after all. But I wasn't going to let Herr Biermaier near my brother. No way! I decide not to answer Gottwin. This isn't the time. I decide to tell him a half truth. "He doesn't like you. I don't know why, but I can sense it in him, and no way is he going to be nasty towards you, or I'll walk out on him. I'm sorry."

Gottwin shrugs. "I thought that was the reason. He's a really funny person. I knew he didn't like me. He hardly ever speaks to me. Shall we go to sleep now?"

I grin at him. "Don't you want to kiss me good night?"

Gottwin snuggles closer, and giggles. "Sod off!"

I giggle, and then ask, "Who put me to bed?"

"Gareth. He carried you upstairs and put you on the bed. Then he told me to undress you. I told him I'd tell you it was him who undressed you."

I'm still giggling when I ask, "What did he do then?"

"He just laughed and ruffled my hair. And then he stroked yours and went away grinning. He didn't stay long because I heard his car driving away not long after he went downstairs."

When I close my eyes and try to go to sleep, I'm thinking how strange it is that all these things are happening at once. Ever since I met Gareth, it seems that my whole life has changed. Gareth calls Weihnachten, Christmas. Well, my Beautiful Man, I reckon all our Christmases have come together at once. Tomorrow is Heiligabend, and it's going to be the most special one I've ever had because you'll be spending it with me. My final thoughts are of Hansie standing in front of Herr Biermaier when we left the cathedral. He said he was taking Hansie home, but I don't believe them. I reckon Hansie will be staying with Herr Biermaier tonight. Hansie's foster parents weren't there, and it's a long drive from the cathedral to Hansie's home. Perhaps they're doing it now, and if they are, I'm more than sure that Herr Biermaier's Litle Gay Boy will be enjoying it.



I was feeling sexy all night after Herr Biermaier suggested to my foster parents and they agreed - that I should stay the night with him to save him the trouble of driving me home in the snow, and he kept feeling me up on the way to the cathedral. Because Herr Biermaier told me not to, I didn't tell Aleric what was happening. Why should I? I love Aleric, but he's not gay like me. Yes, Herr Biermaier hurts me sometimes, but I enjoy doing what we do, especially having his tongue up my hole while I'm sucking his pinkler and swallowing his stuff. After the service, when we were driving back, he had his pinkler out and I was playing with it, and because he'd asked me not to change out of my cassock and religious things, when he asked me to drop my underpants so he could feel at me, I took them right off and pulled up my cassock so he could look at me as well as play with me. But he wouldn't let me make him do his stuff. He said that was for later.

Now, I'm glad he didn't, because we're on the big bear rug and I'm sucking his big thing while he sucks my hole and puts his tongue inside me. I've still got my cassock on, and my neck ruff, but no underpants. But we're doing it differently this time. I'm normally on top of him, but this time I'm the one lying on the rug and he's over the top of me. When he knelt by my head with his big pinkler above my face, I wondered what he was going to do. I soon found out when he pulled my legs right back so far that my bum was high off the floor, and then leaned over and started sucking my hole, which was stretched open by the position he'd got me in.


When we first got in the house, he had two glasses of Schnapps, and then made me stand by the fire while he put his head up my cassock and kissed my pinkler for ages while he was rubbing his hands up and down my little legs. I had the feelings twice while he was doing it. And then he made me go down doggie style, pulled my cassock onto my back, and put his pinkler up me after he'd been playing with my greased hole for a while. He's in a good mood tonight, because when he went in so far that it was hurting and I yelped, he kissed my neck and apologised. Then he got hold of his big pinkler with his hand and shoved it in only as far as his hand would allow. Although I enjoyed it when he was banging me up the bum, and I had the feelings twice more before I felt his hot stuff filling my hole, because he can only do it once, I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to suck him and have his stuff in my mouth. I like big pinklers, and I like the stuff that comes out of them. Afterwards, he went to the toilet, and when he got back and sat on the sofa, completely naked, I was really pleased. He asked if I wanted a poo. I didn't, and told him so. He seemed disappointed, and drank two more glasses of Schnapps. Then he asked me if I wanted to suck his big thing for him. I didn't need asking twice, and waddled on my knees to him and grabbed it and put it in my mouth. He laughed while I was gorging on his swollen knob, and he said how much he loved his Little Gay Boy. He let me suck it for a while, and then told me to get on the rug and lie on my back.


His tongue is right inside my stretched hole, and I can hear him snuffling. The feelings are fantastic, but I'm wallowing in the other feelings I'm getting of having his big pinkler in my mouth while I play with the massive balls dangling over my eyes and the mass of hairs that are tickling my face. Because his legs are spread apart each side of me, I can see right up between his bum cheeks to his big, hairy bum hole. It's brown around the edges and looks horrible, but I'm fascinated with it. It's sort of making movements every time I suck on his big thing, and I can't help it when I reach up and feel at it. The moment I touch it I feel a sense of urgency in the fucking movements he's doing in my mouth, and it makes me feel so sexy that I shudder to another nice feeling down there, and just as it happens, I feel his thing swelling in my mouth, so I pull on it even harder, and I'm rewarded when the stuff starts spurting into my throat. This is what I've been thinking about all night, ever since he whispered to me just before we began singing that we were going to do special things at his house tonight. Herr Biermaier knows what I like, and he knows how to get the best out of me, and I'm really pleased I'm his Little Gay Boy when he spurts so much stuff that it fills my mouth and runs out of the corners and down my cheeks.  


We're on the sofa now, both naked, and I'm cuddled into Herr Biermaier's big hairy body when he takes a drink of Schnapps. Then he reaches down, grins, and fondles my pinkler. "You're not tired, are you?"

      I shake my head. "No."

      He squeezes my pinkler and plays with it for a while until it becomes hard again, and then says, "Good boy! I told you that tonight was going to be special, didn't I? You couldn't wait to get back here, could you?" He adjusts our position and pushes his hard pinkler between my legs so it's snuggled by my balls. Then he takes my hand and wraps my fingers around the swollen, purple knob. "Play with that for a bit and tell me what you like doing best." I'm really shy, and I can't answer him, but when my pinkler starts to go really hard, he knows that the sexy talk is turning me on. He gives me a little hug, and then says, "You like my spunk, don't you my Little Gay Boy? You love it when it spurts up your gorgeous little bum and into your sexy little mouth, don't you my Little Gay Boy?" Still I can't answer him, and he continues, "Oh yes! I've had little gay boys like you before. All boys like what I do to them. They pretend they don't, but they do. Even your friend Aleric loves what I do to him. Doesn't he?"

      I nod. "He likes your tongue best."

      Herr Biermaier laughs. "Of course he does! All my boys like my tongue. I'll bet that Gareth hasn't got a tongue like mine, has he?"

      I shrug my shoulders. "I don't know, Herr Biermaier."

      He gives out a strange giggle. "You can tell me, Hans. They're doing things together, aren't they? They can't fool me. I've been around too long to be fooled. Has that Gareth been in his pants yet?"

      I shake my head. "Aleric says not. He says Gareth just loves him."

      "And does Aleric love Gareth?"

      I nod. "Aleric says he does."

      "I knew it! They can't fool me. I reckon Aleric isn't telling you everything, Hans. Will you let me know if you find out they're doing this together?"

      Although I know I can never tell on Aleric, I have to answer, "Yes Herr Biermaier. If I find out, I'll tell you."

Herr Biermaier leans forward and fills his glass again, and swallows it in one go. Then he lifts me up so my bum is over his big thing, and slowly lowers me onto it. I pull my bum cheeks wide so it can go in easily, and I feel it sliding deep inside me. It's hurting, but Herr Biermaier has a cruel grin on his face as he forces me right down so all of him is inside me. And then, with his hands under my armpits, he begins to bounce me up and down. It's hurting so much that I begin to cry, but he ignores me and continues impaling me with his big thing. But the strange thing is that even with the pain I'm feeling, my pinkler is still hard, and in a very short time, the feelings surge through me again. When I've had the feelings again, Herr Biermaier lifts me off him, kisses me on the mouth, picks me up and carries me to his bedroom in his arms.

      Viagra. 100 mg. He pops two of them in his mouth and swallows them with a drink from his glass of Schnapps. Then he gives me a small white tablet and tells me it will help take away the soreness up my bum. The last thing I remember is lying on his belly with my bum in his face, and he's pushing the buzzing toy into my hole. I try to stay awake to enjoy the feelings, but I can't stop my eyes closing. 

To be continued...

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