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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one Star in the Hood.

Part 15.



I'm sitting with Gunther on the sofa, which is set back away from the roaring log fire. In front of me are Aleric and Gottwin, both sprawled on the rug in front of the fire, and on my right hand side is Gretel in one of the two rocking chairs. Ralf is in the one to my left. I have the perfect view of a happy family about to open their Christmas presents, which are piled up just in front of my legs.


Ralf is the first to get his presents. I liked him the first time I saw him, but now as I watch him chuckling and laughing as each present he opens contains either socks or long woollen underpants, I like him even more. He takes it all in great fun, is a naturally funny man, and I have to laugh at the faces he pulls as, after he's tweaked his bushy moustache to keep everyone waiting, he pretends surprise as he opens each one. Of course, the twins are laughing fit to burst when he opens them, and Gretel is almost as hysterical as the boys. Gunther, beside me, is shaking with laughter. Obviously, they've been saving his real present until last, and when he opens the small present, I can see that he's moved. It's a Baltic Amber box, and inside it is a small photo of each of the boys, and attached to each photo is a lock of their hair. He does well not to break into tears when, in turn, they go to him and kiss him and hug him. I look at Gretel, and see that she's wiping away a few tears. She sees me looking at her, and smiles at me, and shrugs her shoulders. I nod at her to tell her I understand how she's feeling.


Then it's Gretel's turn, and I discover more about this wonderful family. Gunther is the one who gives her the present from all the boys. She opens the gift-wrap, and I see that she has a photograph in a silver frame of them all together, sitting somewhere on the seafront. The twins are sitting on a low wall, and Gunther is behind them with his hands on each of their shoulders, and they all have a wonderful smile on their faces.


Gretel looks over her glasses, and smiles a teary smile. "My three beautiful boys. Thank you." Then she kisses each of them as they go to her.


Gretel's last present is from Ralf. It's a large one. She tears away some of the gift-wrap, and begins to laugh. It's an electric kettle. The boys are giggling. Ralf is giggling, and he says, "You did say it was about time you had a new one, because the other one takes too long to boil. That one boils a litre in two minutes. You can try it out and make us all a coffee."


When we've all stopped laughing, the boys open their presents.


Gunther is really pleased with his: a new pair of shoes; a heavy woollen shirt, and a beautiful book on cars. The twins have identical presents; the full national football strip, and a pair of Nike football boots. Gottwin jumps up from the rug. "Let's put them on!"


I don't look, but I can hear them behind me, stripping off their day clothes and donning the football outfits, and when they come back where I can see them, I'm amazed. Before, when they were dressed in different clothes, I could easily tell them apart, but now, they really look identical. Because I know every minute feature of Aleric, I can just tell them apart, but I'm sure a stranger would have difficulty identifying who was who.


Aleric's face is naughty when he glances at me as he poses in his, and I know why. Gottwin's shorts seem be longer than Aleric's, but I know they're not. The reason I can only see a small part of Aleric's shorts below the football top is because he's deliberately pulled them higher to display his beautiful legs. In fact, if the shirt was five centimetres longer, he would look like he had no shorts on. I give him a secret, knowing look that includes my eyes wandering all over his body, and he grins.


I'm about to go and get my presents out of the bag by the piano, when Gretel says, "Aleric, go and get Gareth's present, please."


Aleric grins at me, and I give him a puzzled look. He gets a gift-wrapped present from under the Christmas tree, gives it to his mother, and she hands it to me. I'm still looking puzzled, and now everyone is grinning at me. I open it, and I almost lose it big style. It's a photograph of Aleric in his school clothes; obviously a school photograph. I'm a bit puzzled why it wasn't taken with Gottwin, but then I remember that they go to different schools because Aleric is in the choir.


My beautiful Angel of Pie Jesu is smiling at me from the walnut photo frame, and I have to use all my powers of self-control not to shed a tear. He looks slightly younger than he is now, so it was probably taken earlier in the year, and I reckon it's one of the family photographs, and because they haven't had time to buy me anything, they thought of giving me this. I look up at Ralf and Gretel. "Thank you."


Aleric asks, "Do you like it?"


I grin at him. "Of course I do." I look at Gretel. "Are you sure you don't mind me having this? I didn't expect anything."


Gretel smiles into my eyes. "We didn't have time to get you anything special, so we decided you might like that."


I smile, and nod at her. "Thank you. Now I have something for you and Ralf."


I get up, get the bag from beside the piano, and give each a present. Ralf laughs, because he knows it's a bottle of something. There's no way you can wrap up a bottle and disguise it unless it's in a presentation box, and this one isn't. He opens it, and his eyes light up. Then he grins at me. "I reckon we might just manage this between us tomorrow. What do you think, Gareth?"


I laugh. "I reckon we might just do that."


When Gretel opens hers, she looks at me in amazement. "Oh, Gareth, you shouldn't! It's beautiful! I've wanted this for ages. I can tell Heidi she can sell the one she's been keeping for me now."


I laugh. "Heidi has already sold it. You're holding it in your hands. I called at the embroidery shop in Greifswald, and it was Heidi who advised me what you liked. I'm glad she did. I wouldn't have had a clue without her help."


Gretel scrunches up her face. "Thank you Gareth. It's beautiful."


While Ralf is looking at his bottle of peach Schnapps, and while Gretel is showing the boys what she has, I decide to tell the boys what I'm intending to do. "Boys! I've decided to give you your presents tomorrow." They look at me, puzzled by my words. I grin. "In the UK, we give presents out tomorrow, so that's what I'm going to do with you three. Is that OK with you?"


Gunther and Gotwin just grin at me, but Aleric gives me a dirty look. "Spoilsport! I wanted mine now!"


I pull a face at him. "Well, you'll just have to be patient. Why don't you go and play football?"


"Because it's snowing, and it's freezing out there!"


I laugh. "Wuss! When I was your age, I was playing football in a metre of snow."


"I don't believe you. Mum says you should never trust an Englishman."


I pull a funny face at him. "Mum's right, but I'm not an Englishman. Are you forgetting? I come from Wales; The Land of Song."


Still growling at me, Aleric points a finger at me, and says, "OK then, Pavarotti... then let's hear you sing."


I grin at him, and get up and go to the piano. Many years ago when I was a youngster, I took piano lessons, and I can play reasonably well. I lift the lid of the upright piano, settle myself onto the piano stool, play a few practice notes, and then look at him. "What do you want me to sing?"


Aleric's face is a picture of disbelief. "You can play the piano?"


Nonchantly, I shrug my shoulders. "Of course I can. If you like, I'll play, you can sing, and I'll join in with you. How does that sound to you?"


Ralf interrupts. "We can all sing! How about Silent Night, Gareth?"


The next hour is beautiful. Aleric and Gottwin stand beside me as they sing along with me. I'm a poor tenor, but, thankfully, although I don't have the finest of voices, I can sing in tune. It's not only Aleric who has a fine voice, all his family can sing, too, and Gottwin's voice is almost as sweet as Aleric's. After an hour of us all singing, and having fun, and me getting tactile touches from both boys, I get up and go back to the sofa. Gunther comes and sits beside me. Ralf and Gretel sit in the two rocking chairs. Gottwin sprawls on the rug, Aleric gets between me and Gunther, and then leans back into Gunther at the end of the sofa. Then he casts off his slippers, lifts his legs, deposits them on my thighs, and says, "If we can't have our presents, I might as well make use of you."


I grasp him just above his knee, and pinch him. He giggles, and pushes my hand away. Then he smirks at me, and I know exactly what he's thinking. He's presented me with his beautiful, naked legs, and there's not a thing I can do about it. He's teasing me, because he knows I want to fondle and stroke them, and he also knows what he's doing to me, because I see the naughtiness in his eyes as my cock swells and pushes up against the underside of the calf that's resting on it. I also didn't miss the fact that when he put his legs on me, he pulled his football shirt down so it was loose on his front, hiding what I'm certain is a little stiffie under it. I hope he's got enough sense not to move too much to reveal what we both know could be a very embarrassing situation. The things I can touch are his feet. Like the rest of him, they're beautiful, and pretending to do it absent-mindedly, I fondle his toes through his football socks. It becomes a game. Each toe I fondle is bent when I touch it, but as I rub my fingers on them, they straighten up like an erection. There are some situations in life which are just plain sexy, and this is one such time. Aleric knows exactly what's happening, and so do I.


Ralf helps divert my attention from what we're doing when he says, "Gareth, I've discussed it with all the family, and if the offer is still available, and if the terms are right, we'd like to take you up on your very generous offer."


I look at all their faces. Gretel is smiling; Gottwin is grinning; Gunther looks pleased, and Aleric is wearing a smug grin on his face when he says, "You're going to be a fisherman."


I chuckle. "I don't think so. I get seasick. I'll let your dad do the fishing, and I'll eat the catch."


Darkness is well set in by the time Gretel and Aleric go to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and by that time I've learnt more about cod fishing than I thought I ever would. As I expected, although Ralf hasn't fished for two years, he's still well abreast of all things regarding his trade. But I'm not a novice either, and Ralf is impressed that I know so much. My couple of weeks away from Aleric had not been spent idly. I'd instructed one of my employees to research the subject and have his summary on my office desk before I came up to the north coast. Because stocks of cod are limited in the Western Baltic, and because we're three months into an EU moratorium of a one year's ban on fishing in the area, some boat owners will be strapped for cash and struggling to survive, so we'll have the chance to buy a vessel with a licence. Had we been in one of the Eastern Baltic States, the gamble wouldn't have been worth taking, because the EU Fisheries are trying to close down fishing for a few years there to allow fish stocks to recover. It's all so complicated, and in the end we decide that Ralf will set the wheels in motion, and I'll step in when the financial side of things need to be set up. We don't venture into any discussion about the terms of our partnership, because, until many other things slot into place, it would be a futile exercise yet. But there is one thing I want to do: get Ralf mobile, but I'll need to discuss that when he and I are alone. I also want to know the extent of his disability. I've been giving that much thought, because his level of paralysis will determine if there's a possibility that with the best medical treatment money can buy, there's a chance he could have a partial, or even complete recovery. But that, too, is for later. Now it's time for dinner, and later, hopefully, a chance might present itself for Aleric and me to spend some time alone. I'm not sure how he feels, but I've been wanting him in my arms ever since he laid his gorgeous legs on me.



The whole day has gone brilliantly, and the icing on the cake is that Gareth was invited to stay over again, and he accepted, and he's now settling down on the sofa/divan downstairs. Although dad and Gareth said they wouldn't get drunk, they did have a few beers after dinner; enough to make them merry, and so has Gunther. Gottwin went to bed at eleven. He said he was tired, but I recognised that look in his eyes that told me he was feeling sexy, and I knew what he really wanted to do, but because I have other plans for tonight, I avoided looking into his eyes so he couldn't sort of ask me to go to bed with him now we've discovered we like wanking each other.


At half past eleven, I decide to go to bed; give mum and dad a kiss, Gareth a small hug, and say I'll see them all in the morning. When I get to the bedroom, Gottwin is asleep. I shake him to make sure he is, and because he doesn't respond in any way, I know he isn't pretending to be asleep, so I go to the bathroom.


Gottwin has had a bath and left the bathwater in as mum told him to, so I run a bit more hot water to make it comfortable, and then get in and have a soak. I desperately need a wank, but I don't have one because I've been thinking about tonight since the moment Gareth accepted the invitation to stay over. So I wash my body scrupulously clean, including putting a soapy finger right up my bum just in case the unlikely might happen, and scrub behind my foreskin. I'm so worked up by what I'm thinking that I almost climax, but I manage to stop it by getting out of the bath and towelling myself off. I'm about to spray myself with Lynx when I suddenly think that I don't usually do that before going to bed, so I decide not to so mum and dad can't tell I'm doing anything different than normal. Then, naked, I go to the bedroom and am just about to put my pyjamas on when I think of something else. The white underpants Herr Biermaier bought for me are really sexy ones; so brief that they only just fit over my pinkler, and the waistband is so low that they reveal most of my tummy and half of my bum, so I go to the drawer and take a pair out from the small pile at the back. I'm giggling when I put them on, because I can only just get my swollen pinkler inside them, and that's with it bent sideways across my lower tummy. Pyjamas. My light blue ones. I sniff at them before putting them on. They're clean ones mum has put out, and smell of washing powder, but they're flannelette ones that are thick and soft and warm. That's it. I'm ready, and I get in bed and wait.


The bedtime sounds are familiar to me. Mum and Gunther bringing dad upstairs and leave him on the toilet; five minutes later mum goes into him and helps him wash and then dress in his nightwear; mum and Gunther put dad to bed; Gunther uses the bathroom and then comes into our bedroom and gets in bed; mum uses the bathroom and goes to bed with dad, and that's it. The beers Gunther has drunk have made him tired, and I only have to wait ten minutes before he's snoring. That's when I text Gareth. Are you asleep?


Almost immediately, my phone - which is switched on to silent vibrates, and I read his reply, No. I'm lying here thinking about you.


What are you wearing?


Why do you want to know?


You know why, Tell me!


My locked underpants.


What are you thinking about?


How much ILY, and about those legs you dumped on me you naughty boy.


His answer makes me giggle, and I decide to be really cheeky. LOL. What did they do to you? Did they give you a Weihnachtstag present?


LOL. Yes. It's a good job I had my locked underpants on.


This is getting good, and I decide to be even cheekier. I've got the key to your locked underpants. Guess what it is? You have two guesses.


Your big toe?


Now I'm shaking with suppressed laughter, and it takes me a while to do the next text. LOL. No. Go higher.


Your ear?


No. Somewhere between them.


When Gareth's answer comes in, tears are streaming from my eyes. Your snotty nose?


No you fool! Somewhere between my toes and my ears!


That's not fair. You've got lots of things. Give me a clue.


I can imagine Gareth downstairs, giggling as much as I am, because he knows full well that there's one part of me that, as far as keys are concerned, is unique, and he's now left me no alternative than to refer to it. I try to think up a witty answer. It takes me a while, and then I text him back. It likes to have your scarf wrapped around it.


I know I'm beaten when he replies, I can't see how your neck can unlock anything.


I decide to bully him. I'm going to send you a picture of it.


I'm surprised at his answer. Go on then.


Now I'm in a dilemma. Do I send him a picture of my pinkler? I can't do that, because Gareth has already told me, very firmly, that I'm never to send those sort of pictures to him again, because in his business world he has a lot of enemies who would stop at nothing to discredit him, and the mobile phone network is not really secure. So I stick up a middle finger, snap a picture of it, and send it to him.


His reply makes me feel warm inside. Clever boy. I knew you wouldn't let me down. ILY. Shall we try to go to our special place tomorrow?


It's time to put all my plotting into action, and I'm almost shaking with nerves when I text back, We won't have the chance tomorrow. I need to be with you. I'm coming down to you in 15 minutes. Don't worry. They're all asleep and I'll be as quiet as a mouse.


Gareth's answer isn't what I expected. Just be careful.



Aleric's last text to me is, I will. That was fifteen minutes ago, and I'm straining to hear if he's coming. God help us if he stumbles or makes a noise. When he said he was coming down to me, my first thought was to put my trousers on, but I know if I do, it won't be what either of us wants.


The only illumination in the room is the flickering soft lights generated by the burning logs in the fireplace behind the close mesh fireguard. Apart from the occasional crackling of the logs, the whole place is bathed in a delightful silence: the most perfect romantic setting imaginable.


Suddenly, as I'm lying on my side staring into the fire, a shadow looms in front of me, and Aleric, silhouetted against the fire, stands by the edge of the divan. I reach out a hand to grasp his hand, bring it to my lips, and kiss his fingers. Then he grips my hand and gently tugs at me, and I know he wants me to sit up, so I roll back the bedclothes and sit on the edge of the divan. I look up at him and see that he's smiling, and then he takes my hands and places them each side of his hips, inviting me to caress him.


But I want more than that, and grip his slender waist and draw him to me so I can nuzzle the softness of his tummy. No Lynx, just a fresh smell of clean pyjamas; soft pyjamas that exude the warmth of the body beneath them, and I pull him closer and crush my face deep into the softness of his tummy, which yields to my facial caresses, even more so when Aleric places both his hands on my head and uses it to stimulate his excited body. I feel his stomach muscles retracting his midriff to draw my head deep into his body cavity, so far that my jaw is resting on top of his pelvis. Although I'm worked up, I know Aleric is even further gone, because he's gyrating his hips below my chin, and it's only because I'm leaning forward that I can't feel his cock against my chest. Aleric pushes me away, undoes the buttons on his pyjama top and slips it off his shoulders, and it falls to the floor behind him. Then he slips his pyjama bottoms down over his slim hips and they fall to his ankles. He steps out of them, comes back to me, puts his hands around my head again, and draws me close.


He's wearing white briefs, and his cock is bulging, and I want it. But Aleric seems to have other plans, and he draws my head back into his tummy again and begins to do what he was doing before. I slip my hands around his waist and caress the softness of his buttocks, which are only half covered by the briefs. Because he's using the muscles of his buttocks to manipulate himself against my face, working my fingers into the cleft of his bum is difficult, so I just settle for pushing his briefs down off them so I can grab two handfuls of warm flesh. That spurs Aleric onto greater passion, and I feel his hands pushing my head lower until the bulging cock within the confines of the briefs is rolling against my face. I need the nakedness of his cock, but Aleric is too far gone. He shudders violently and crushes himself against me, doing rolling and fucking movements against my face while he's whimpering softly as the climax overtakes him, so I concentrate on stimulating his stiff cock while it's happening, and continue until I know for certain that the sexual passions have left him.


Everything has become gentle now, and Aleric is softly stroking my hair as I kiss his tummy. Then he pushes my head away, smiles at me, and whispers, "You can take them off now if you want to."


I grin at him. "It's a bit late for that now."


Aleric giggles. "You shouldn't be so sexy. I couldn't wait. Take them off and we can start again."


I'm about to retort, but decide not to, and after hooking two fingers into each side of the waistband of his briefs, I pull them down his legs, he steps out of them, and stands with his legs slightly apart, revealing his shapely, naked body, silhouetted against the backdrop of the log fire. I stroke the outside of his thighs, caress his belly, and then, very slowly and deliberately, move my hand down until I'm fondling his balls and his cock, which is now in a semi flaccid state after his recent climax. I'm bewitched by the beauty and the softness and the curves and the warmth and silkiness of his skin, and I put my arms around him, and hug him to me with my head resting against his tummy.  I stroke his back and his soft buttocks, and Aleric strokes the back of my head, and I'm overwhelmed at the presence and aura of having my naked boy presented to me like this, and tears begin to fall from my eyes.


To be continued...


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