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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one – Star in the Hood.

Part 16.



When Gareth hugs me tightly, I can feel him sobbing, but I don't cry, and that's because I have an overwhelming feeling of self-importance that the man I love is so moved by my company. I never doubted that he loved me, but as he strokes my back and bum, and as he rubs his face across my skin, sending shivers through me, and as I feel his tears running down my body, I can only begin to imagine how really deep his feelings are for me. I look down at his head and stroke his hair while he loves me, and when I think he's consumed enough of what I am, I drop to my knees, look into his face, and smile at him.

He takes my head in his hands, kisses me very softly, and whispers, "I love you so much Aleric."

I wipe away his tears, and stroke his face. "I know you do. That's why I'm here. I belong to you. I'm your boyfriend; your Star in the Hood; your Angel of Pie Jesu."

More tears now; flooding from his eyes and down his cheeks. He clamps his teeth together and screws up his face as he tries, desperately, to not let his feelings out. But he's helpless to stop them, and he again begins to sob like a baby. He's trying to hide his face from me now, but I won't let him, and I hold his head tight so I can see just how much he loves me. I want his love. I need to see it and taste it and feel it and experience it, because this beautiful man is inside me, and my own love needs to be reassured that it has an equal, and now I'm in no doubt what we mean to each other. But still I don't cry. It's strange why I haven't, but it's the difference between us, and I'm enjoying this journey of discovering what my Beautiful Man is about, and discovering that this part of him is so very rewarding.

When I first ventured down the stairs, and when I first stood in front of him, he stroked my body and kissed it when he could easily have removed my pyjamas and pants and gone for my pinkler. But he didn't. He went for my body first – the real Me, and it was only when I was so worked up and had to push his face onto my pinkler that he enjoyed the sexual Me. That's exactly how Gareth loves me. How absolutely beautiful!

I do love Gareth, but I'm different. Yes, I do need to give and receive love, but the sex part of what we are overwhelms me, and I need more from him, so I get up and push my pinkler at his face.



When Aleric stands up again, I want to kiss his navel and lower belly again, but Aleric needs more than that, and he pushes my head down to the level of his cock, which has now become erect again, and using his free hand, pushes the head of it along my lips.  And then he pushes forward, inviting me to take him in my mouth. When I open it slightly, he pushes himself inside me, and as it goes in, his foreskin rolls easily back. His legs are slightly apart. I cup his ballsac in my hand, grasp the base of his cock with a finger and thumb to keep it steady, and begin to suck his knob.

Then he surprises me. He pulls his cock out of my mouth, pulls the duvet onto the floor, pushes me back so I'm lying lengthways on the divan, lies down beside me, takes one of my hands and places it on his hard cock, puts the other on his bum, wraps his arms around my neck, and locks our mouths together in a passionate kiss. As I'm wanking him, I stroke his soft buttocks, allowing my fingers to go deep into the crease. He takes one arm from around my neck, and it goes down behind him, and I feel the crease widen. He's pulling himself open for me. My fingers go deeper. I find the hole, and he pulls himself even wider to allow me access. I expected to have to struggle to get in him, but the hole is large and pliable, and he's put some sort of grease on it in preparation, and because he has, I know what I'm doing is what he also wants. My middle finger slides easily into him without protest, and only then does he release his buttock to trap me inside him. His arm comes around my neck again, and he pushes his tongue right into my mouth.

I continue to wank him; rolling his pliable foreskin on and off as I do, and at the same time, I play with and suck the saliva from his tongue. This is, undoubtedly, the pinnacle of my sexual life. The body of the boy I love more than life itself is warm in my embrace; I have a finger deep inside the bum that I adore; I'm masturbating the part of him that gives him most pleasure, and while I'm sucking the saliva out of his sweet tongue, I have only one thought in mind: to give him the ultimate pleasure. He squirms on the finger inside him; pushes his tongue as deep into my mouth as it will go, and begins to tremble. I can feel the tension building inside him by the way his body is reacting to my ministrations, and when he shudders and gurgles and crushes himself against me, and at the same time I feel his anus contracting repeatedly on the finger inside him, I know he's reaching his climax, and he continues to shudder until the sexual feelings have left him.



I'm in a sexual seventh heaven as Gareth brings me to the magic moment. The combination of having his finger inside me, his mouth sucking my tongue, and the wonderful feeling of his fingers travelling up and down my pinkler are all too much, and I surrender my being; my soul; my sexuality to the man I love, and I give myself to him completely and unreservedly. I am your boy, Gareth. I belong to you... my Beautiful Man; the man who I know loves me with a passion I never thought possible, and a man who I love with a passion I never thought possible, and when I give myself to him, I'm almost in a state of shock at the beauty of it. Pie Jesu: Qui tollis peccata mundi: dona eis requiem. 



Aleric lies on top of me, and I pull the duvet around us and hug his warm, delicious, naked body. He's smiling at me as he plants kisses all over my face; whispering his love for me.

We both realise we need to whisper things, and I kiss his eyes, and ask, "Was that nice?"

"You know it was." Then he giggles. "I needed that."

I stroke Aleric's buttocks and look into his beautiful eyes, and grin at him. "I think you did!"

We're both giggling as he slides down my body, rests his head on my chest and plays with my chest hair. His moving down has brought our two cocks into contact with each other, and he wriggles his hips from side to side, and I feel his cock manipulating my own swollen one, and then he looks up at me and asks, "Are you going to unlock your underpants?"

I shake my head. "No."

Aleric looks up at me, puzzled. "Why? Don't you want me to do you?"

I put my hands under his armpits and pull him back up so we're looking into each other's faces again. I kiss his soft lips, and I'm serious as I look at him and stroke the sides of his beautiful face. "Tell me the truth. Do you really want to do that, or are you saying it because you think it's what I want?"

He asks, "Don't you want me to do it?"

I kiss his nose. "You didn't answer my question. Now answer me truthfully."

He's stroking the stubble on my chin and not looking into my eyes when he answers. "I want to make you feel as nice as you've just made me feel."

I lift his chin so I can look into his eyes. "Nothing you could do to me would make me feel as nice as what I've just done to you. It isn't about pleasing me; it's about making the boy I love feel pleasure. I'm not sure if you can understand that."



When Gareth says the things he does, I can't control my emotions. As I stare down into the beautiful face of the man I love - the complete opposite of a man I despise – it just confirms what I was thinking before he did me. And now I can't stop the tears escaping from my eyes. But I also feel part empty, because I really do want to give to Gareth what he's just given to me.

He kisses my tears and smiles at me. "Are you OK with that?"

I stare into his eyes, and shake my head. "No. Do you think I don't feel the same way as you? I know you love me, but stop treating me like a child."

Gareth's eyes mist over, and I can see that I've upset him, and I don't want him to feel any guilt, especially now after what's just happened, so I kiss him again and whisper that I'm sorry.

He kisses me back, holds my head in both hands, and smiles. "OK, but not tonight. Tonight was for my Star in the Hood; my Angel of Pie Jesu. Give me some time please."

I'm disappointed, because I really did want to give my Beautiful Man pleasure, but I'm beginning to realise what a complex person he is, and part of his complex make-up is that he's inexperienced. He still hasn't come to terms with me being the sexy sod I am. In his eyes, I'm still that innocent boy he first saw singing at the Schiller Theatre, all dressed up in religious garb, and he doesn't yet realise that I'm anything but that visage. He does need time, just as I did when Herr Biermaier first seduced me. I'm going to have to use Herr Direktor's teachings again to get what I want from Gareth. I'm going to have to seduce him slowly. Maybe that's a nice thing, because when I have, it will be all the better knowing that I'm in complete charge of what we do.

Despite the seriousness of this moment, inside, I'm amused. My seduction began when I put some Vaseline on my hole before I came down. I know Gareth likes my bum, and I wanted to climax with something inside it. I wasn't sure whether it would be Gareth's pinkler, or his finger. In different circumstances, and if we'd done it in a different position, it could have been his pinkler inside me when I had that amazing climax. That would have been fun, but I'd now be cleaning his stuff up if we had done it that way. At least we don't have to mess about with that now. But I'm not finished yet. Gareth will have to pay a forfeit for not letting me do him, and I know exactly what it will be. I smile at him. "OK." Then I bite his nose. "But you're not getting away completely."

Gareth looks puzzled, and asks, "What have you got in store for me now, Trouble?"

I waggle my eyes at him, and he giggles. I turn over and lie on my back on his body with the back of my head resting on his chest; just under his chin. I adjust myself until I'm in the perfect position for what I want to do; I've bent my legs so my knees are on my chest and my legs are apart, and Gareth's swollen pinkler inside his locked boxer underpants is pressing against my bum crack. I take his hands, place one under my balls, put the other one on my pinkler, which immediately grows to its full size again, look up at him, and grin. "Do me again."

Gareth grins, leans down to kiss my forehead, and begins to wank me.

Now I can get on with things. I'm sorry, Gareth, but I won't be denied what I want!

Gareth, although he isn't going to let me do him properly, is feeling really sexy, because his pinkler is as rigid as a nail when I move my body down until I can feel it pressing hard against my bum crack, almost touching my hole. I'm half expecting protests when I rub my bum against it, but none come, so I pull my bum cheeks as wide as I can get them, and when I release them, his knob, although it's inside his boxer underpants, is pressing against my hole. Because Herr Biermaier has stretched me, if he didn't have his underpants on, with just a few delicate movements I could get Gareth inside me if I wanted to. But that's for another day - when we're better acquainted. Right now, I'm going to be really naughty and try and make him climax with my bum hole. I press down and move my hips from side to side, and I can feel the foreskin on his swollen knob rolling across the sensitive parts that are nestled inside my stretched bum hole. I use a better variety of movements to stimulate him, including moving my body up and down, as well as side to side, and I also use the muscles in my bum to clench his knob, and while I'm doing this, I reach up and pull Gareth's head down so he can kiss me. I hadn't realised what that would do, but as Gareth strains to get his lips to mine, it makes him tense his body, which makes his pinkler stick harder into me. I don't think I'm wrong that the sexiness of what's happening is also making him want to get his pinkler further in me, but whatever, I feel his knob push even more firmly against my hole, and then I know for a fact that I'm not wrong, because Gareth, while he's wanking me off, pushes his hips up as I manipulate him with my bum. This is a crazy and amazing sexual situation. Because I'd put loads of Vaseline on my hole, Gareth's cock inside his locked underpants is actually slipping into me! I can't help what I do next. I let go of Gareth's head and pull my bum cheeks as wide as I can get them, and when I do, I feel his whole knob slide into me, and I even feel my ring retract to clamp his knob inside. Gareth's reaction is to suck my tongue right out of my mouth, and it tells me that all is well, and within a few seconds, it happens. I'm fascinated as Gareth sobs in ecstasy as he pushes me right up into the air in a series of stabs at my bum hole, and at the same time, the fingers that are holding my pinkler go into overdrive. When I feel Gareth's knob pulsing as he shoots his stuff into his underpants inside my hole, the feelings surge through me again, and together we reach the magic moment of pure sexual release, and even my teeth are chattering as the fantastic feelings surge through every nerve of my sexual parts.

When it's over, Gareth slumps back onto the divan, his knob slips out of me, and I lie back to get my breath back. When we've recovered, I look up at him, and whisper, "Are you angry at me?"

He kisses the top of my head. "No, you sexy little monkey!"

Gareth's words release me from any doubts I had that I had been doing the right thing, and so I turn over and kiss his lips and stare into his eyes. "Do you still think I'm a little boy who doesn't know what he wants?"

Gareth shakes his head. "No. But when I patted that cute little bum in the theatre, I didn't have a clue it could do such special things."

I giggle. "What would you have done if you'd known what it could do to you?"

Gareth grins. "I would have caught a slow boat to China, and not come near you for twenty years."

I kiss his lips again. "But just think what you would have been missing, and when I do get you to unlock your underpants, it will be even nicer than what you've just had. I've got plans for us."

Gareth's body is shaking with amusement as he hugs me close to him, and I allow myself to sink into his loving arms, and bask in the warmth of his delicious body.



When Aleric gets up and sits on my thighs, he giggles, and points to my underpants, which are soaked with semen. "What are you going to do with those?"

I point to my holdall. "Go in there and get me a clean pair."

Aleric has no shame as he stoops down and rummages through my holdall. In the now fading light from the dying embers of the fire, I can see right up his bum and make out the hole that has manipulated me to such dizzy heights of sex, and the thought goes through my mind that there is now not one single part of this gorgeous boy that I don't know intimately. He finds my underpants, puts them on his head, giggles as he's walking back to me, takes them off his head and throws them in my face. Then he kisses me, puts on his briefs and pyjamas, and says, "Clean yourself up. I'll see you in the morning, Sexy!"



It's been almost an hour since I heard Aleric sneaking downstairs. Ordinarily, I would have fallen asleep, but the events of the day have made my brain active, and I'm finding it hard to shut down and get to sleep. Ralf is snoring gently beside me, and in the other room I can hear Gunther snoring. He's like his father when he's been drinking. I smile to myself. He'll have a hangover in the morning. Gottwin doesn't snore, and neither does Aleric.

Aleric. I'm thinking about the situation between him and Gareth. If I had any doubts it was about sex, I have none now. No way would they be together on the divan at this time of night unless it was sexual. Thank God it's Aleric going to Gareth, and not the other way round. That makes all the difference. It means Aleric is making a choice. In fact, he's been making the choices all day. I've picked up on snippets of conversation, and any contact between them have been my boy's deliberate actions, and not Gareth's. I almost laughed when Aleric dumped his legs on Gareth when they were on the sofa with Gunther. The poor man had no chance of avoiding the situation, and I felt for him as he tried not to make it look so obvious.

Aleric. Although he's my son, it's not a mother's blindness towards her kin that I know he's exceedingly beautiful. He is! Those naked legs he put on Gareth were a deliberate act of teasing him. If Gareth is that way inclined, he stood no chance against Aleric and his beautiful, long, sexy legs, and I didn't miss him altering his position to hide his `discomfort'. At least he had enough common sense not to touch him other than pretend to tickle his knees and toes. I'm also beginning to find a new admiration for my boy. In matters of love, he most certainly isn't backwards at coming forwards. In that regard, he reminds me of me. But what will his next trick be? I'm sure there will be one... if not more. If I was in his situation, the first thing I'd want to do is rid myself of the shackles of my family so we could be alone, so I expect very shortly that Aleric will propose he wants to go somewhere with Gareth, and he won't want company. That's where I come in. I may have to help my boy out.

He's coming back now. The third stair has creaked. Next it will be the last one, and then the slightly loose floorboard right by the boys' door. It's there; the familiar sound, and then I hear the door click shut, and finally the bed creak as he gets in with Gottwin. I can rest now. He's done very well to get away with it. Well, he thinks he has, but as far as my boys are concerned, I'm always three steps ahead of them. Let's see what tomorrow brings. I turn over and put my arm around Ralf; my beautiful man who I still love with a passion. Hopefully, Gareth will help me change him back into the proud man he once was. I wouldn't prostitute my boy to do that, but equally, neither will I spoil his happiness if part of the equation involves a relationship that Aleric desires, and is completely consensual, and I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I'm dealing with here. But I have one quite serious and lingering doubt about what's going on: the white briefs Aleric brought back with him from Berlin. Obviously, Gareth bought them for him. They're really sexy ones, and could fit a girl, and I'd like to bet he was wearing a pair when he went downstairs to Gareth. But that isn't what's bothering me. I can't come to terms with what Aleric is doing to them. He doesn't know that I know he's got them, and he certainly doesn't know that I've seen the few pairs he stashed away in the back of his underwear drawer, in a plastic carrier bag after he'd soiled them with his faeces and urine. There are none there now, but there were a few soiled pairs in his drawer before Gareth took him to the Evensong Concert. When they'd gone, I went upstairs into the boys' room to check, and the dirty ones had gone. Why does Gareth like fouled underpants? That's sick. Even sicker is the fact that Aleric has allowed himself to be part of this kinky act. He's never done it before he met Gareth, so they have to be for him. This is something I'll have to ponder over, but it's not pleasant doing so, and I don't know what I can do about it other than stop them seeing each other.



The flickering flames of the dying embers are diminishing, and I pull the duvet tighter around me. I can still smell and taste Aleric. He has a distinct body odour that even overpowered the scent of soap. Especially I smelled it when I was sucking his beautiful cock and my nose was buried in his tummy. It's not a repulsive smell –far from it – it's a smell I've never come across before. I can think of no other way to describe it other than it's the smell of Aleric, the boy I love. The taste of his cock I could analogise to that of a fine Malt; but rather than the subtle hints of barley and yeast and discernable water from various sources, the tang of the boy semen he'd just produced inside those briefs was still available to my taste buds in the form of a hint of salt and complex minerals that the human body consists of. Again, I can find no words to describe it, other than it's the sexual taste of the boy I love. His saliva, when I was sucking it from his tongue gave me the same sweetness reaction I get when I'm eating syrup; the sort of taste that stirs the nerves in my mouth and makes me both want to gag and yet have more at the same time: intoxicating and very sexual, stirring a primeval desire within me to want to devour his body.

His body. I'm bewitched by it, but I'm also surprised. His cock is perfectly normal, but his bum isn't. Well, I don't think it is. I'm still in partial disbelief that he used that part to bring me to an amazing climax. The feelings I got were breathtaking, but they were even more amazing because I was so excited he was using that to bring me deep pleasure. He knew exactly what he was doing. Despite having my underpants on, I was inside him! But how can a thirteen year old have a bum hole that is so malleable? Mine has always been as tight as a duck's arse, and I certainly wouldn't have been able to do that! And when he bent down to get my underpants from my holdall, his bum hole was not a puckered thing; it was a hole. Maybe he was born that way. I don't know enough about other people's bums to know how each one is constructed. I only know about my own. I really am an ignorant sod! If I pluck up the courage, I'll get a rundown on arses from Kurt. He'll put me right.

But there's something else nagging away at me that is driving me to distraction – the depth of my feelings for Aleric. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I was capable of such deep, emotional stuff. In the past, when I've read or discovered things people have done because they're in love, I've always thought they were crazy. But now I've been afflicted by this bitter sweet emotion, I'm beginning to understand why people commit murders and all sorts of stuff that sane people don't do. So, is love a sort of insanity; an imbalance of normal behaviour, whatever that may be? A simple glance at Aleric can make my throat go dry, and tonight I shed tears again. I just can't help it. When I was away, staying with mum and dad before Christmas, mum said quite a few times that she thought I was acting strangely. I couldn't tell her it was because I was constantly thinking of my beautiful boy and how I couldn't wait to get away from them to be with him, and often when we spoke on the phone, I couldn't hold back my emotions. My love for him has reduced me from a pragmatic guy into a blithering idiot at times, and I really do have to learn how to control my feelings, because if I don't, there's a danger that I could do something really stupid and spoil everything we have. Yes, I'll work on that and try to put my love for Aleric into a compartment in my very busy life.



I can't get rid of my hard pinkler. The thought that Gareth's pinkler has been inside me, is enthralling. Herr Biermaier does have his uses. Without the experience I've gained from him, I wouldn't have been able to do that to Gareth. I'm pretty sure when I do have the opportunity, I'll be able to get Gareth completely inside me, and it will be relatively painless compared to having Herr Biermaier's massive thing up me, which is at least six centimetres longer, and almost twice as thick as Gareth's. That's why my bum is stretched so much.


I remember the first time Herr Biermaier's did it to me. But that came after he first touched me that afternoon when he said he wanted to show me some music scores at his home. We were sitting on his big sofa, and he had his arm around me as he was showing me the score. I was wearing shorts, and he had his hand resting on the top of my legs. Although I pretended to be reading the score, because his fingers were making their way up my thighs under my shorts, I was unable to concentrate. I was almost shivering with fright, but at the same time, I was excited, and I couldn't stop my pinkler getting hard the nearer he got to it, and when he did get to it, he rolled my foreskin around in his fingers until I climaxed. Afterwards, he smiled at me, told me I was a good boy, and that I would go far in his choir. After that, he did it to me regularly, and I never protested, because he made it perfectly clear to me that I was only keeping my place in the choir because I was letting him do things to me. But I also didn't protest because it was so nice having my pinkler manipulated by a hand other than my own.

During those early days, it wasn't so bad. He didn't even make me touch him, although he often positioned me so part of me was rubbing on his thing. Then it progressed to me having my trousers and underpants completely off, and then he began to suck me. That was nice. It got even nicer when that tongue found its way up my bum hole. The first time he did it, I was disgusted, but I was also hooked. Only somebody who has had a tongue up their bum can know the fantastic feeling of that pliable weapon doing its stuff, and Herr Biermaier's tongue was so big that I could feel it right up inside me. He taught me how to relax, and then I would feel it slip into me, and he would create havoc with my insides at the same time as he was wanking me off, and the magic moment was always so much nicer than doing it myself.

Then we reached the vibrator stage. The first one was completely smooth, and having it inside me humming away like a bee while he sucked me was another stage of sexual heights. At this stage, even though I knew it was wrong, I couldn't help but enjoy what he did to me, and I couldn't wait to go back for more. And then came the ribbed vibrator. It was shaped like a proper pinkler, and for the first few weeks it was uncomfortable. But I got used to that eventually. The one I never got used to was the Big One. That, too, was shaped like a pinkler with a great big knob, but it was twice the size of the ribbed one, and at first it was terribly painful just to get it past my hole. Herr Biermaier used to push it hard at me while holding me firmly over his knee. I tried to wriggle away, but he was too powerful, and he ignored my crying and screaming as he shoved it inside my stomach to my thoughts. But a boy's body is an amazing thing, or so he kept telling me. In just a few weeks, with me learning how to relax at the right time, he could slide it in me to the hilt, but he stopped using it when he discovered that my pinkler was always soft when he did it, and he went back to using the ribbed one. It was only when he was half drunk and feeling cruel that he shoved the big one up me, and he never let me get to the stage where it wouldn't fit.

In between using the ribbed dildo and the Big One, he began to put his pinkler in me. At first I tried to stop him, but he would have none of it and told me not to be a silly boy. He never got it right inside me until after he'd used the Big One, then it was a relief to have his pliable thing right inside me, rather than the brutal hardness of the Big One. It still hurt, and it took me quite a while before I could take all of him and get a hard on myself while he fondled my knob. But Herr Biermaier was an expert. In fact, he boasted many a time of all the boys he'd had who'd finally succumbed to his charms. I was just another in a long line of boys who he educated. And always as a reward was that tongue, and as much as I hate to say it, although I would never miss Herr Biermaier, I will miss his tongue.


Maybe Gareth will do that to me? He loves my bum. He loves kissing my bum. I want him to kiss my bum hole. I want to lie on my back, clutching my legs while he spreads my bum cheeks and pushes his tongue up me, and I'll reward Gareth by doing what I've never done to Herr Biermaier: I'll suck his pinkler for him. All this thinking has made me hard again, and I begin to play with myself. I'm on top of Gareth, sucking his lovely pinkler while he has his tongue up my bum. At the same time, he's wanking me. Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh Yessssss!!!


Berlin. I need to get to Berlin with Gareth. To his place. I can teach him everything I've learned, and then he'll really be able to give me the pleasure he knows I want. I can tease him by wearing the clothes he first saw me in. I'll sing to him with my cassock and ruff on, but I'll be wearing nothing underneath them. He can go under my cassock and suck me while I'm singing to him like Herr Biermaier makes me do sometimes, and when I can make spunk properly, just as I get to a high note, I'll spurt it into the back of his throat while he's got three fingers up my greased bum, or even better, while he's pushing a vibrator in and out of me.


But today is Gareth's Christmas. His day for giving presents. I wonder what Lego he's got for me? Because he loves me so much, I know it will be a good one, but I'll bet it won't be as good as the present I gave him tonight when I got his pinkler inside me and made him fill his underpants with spunk. So, my beautiful, Sexy Man, the Lego had better be good to match the present I gave you, or I'll rip them off next time and make you fuck me properly! Mmmmm... I'm going to make you do that anyway.

To be continued...

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