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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one Star in the Hood.

Part 18.


Mum is angry with us. She stares at me and Gottwin, and says, "You shouldn't have done that!"

I know mum is right, and I don't argue with her, but Gottwin doesn't fully understand, and he tries to argue that it was just a bit of fun.

Mum points a finger at him, and then she mellows. "I know you did. It's not your fault. Come here."

Gottwin goes to her, and she hugs him close and rocks him as he snuggles into her. On the rug, I feel almost naked in my loneliness until mum puts a hand out to me. I get up and go to her, and she hugs me close, too, and she rocks us both in her safe arms.

I rub my forehead on her cheek, and say, "I'll go and find him."

Mum kisses me. "Not yet. There's something I need to explain to you all. I've been thinking about the situation with Gareth. Despite all his wealth, he's a very lonely person. He puts on a show to hide it, but he doesn't fool me. While you were all in bed this morning, he and I spent two hours talking, and I discovered a lot about him. You're all thinking that Gareth has come into our family, and that he's our benefactor. Well, I can tell you that it isn't like that, and Gareth knows it. Our family is his saviour. God has delivered him to us. It's us who need to care for him, as well as him caring for us! So, if we can all approach this situation thinking that way, then everyone will benefit. It's a mutual coming together of spirits. Destiny. God's destiny for us all, and it all stems from the beautiful song you were singing. What do the words of Pie Jesu really mean, Aleric?"

I have to think, and then I remember them all. "O sweet Jesus who takes away the sins of the world, give to them rest. Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, give to them rest. Perpetual rest."

Mum smiles. "Beautiful. Beautiful. So, let's put our faith in God, and let our family and Gareth find that rest."

Dad has remained silent, but now he speaks. "Amen to that, Mother. What do you think boys?"

Gunther speaks first. "I think we should go and find him and bring him home."

Mum smiles at him. "Home. Yes, from now on, this is Gareth's home if he wants it to be. I suggest all three of you go and find him and bring him back home, and then we can enjoy the rest of this beautiful day together, as one extended family. Off you go!"



When the boys have dressed and gone, I look at Ralf puffing on his pipe. He's deep in thought. I decide not to disturb his thoughts. I know my man well enough to give him room to think when he's considering things, and it's a full ten minutes before he asks, "What did you talk about this morning?"

I tell him everything, leaving nothing out, including Gareth's thoughts on having a specialist look at his injuries. And then I ask, "Well, what do you think?"

He smiles. "I'll tell you when Gareth gets back."



I'm almost by the end of the harbour when I hear them shouting my name. I turn around, see the three boys making their way through the snow, so I stop and wait for them. Breathless, they arrive at my side. Aleric takes my hand. Gottwin takes the other. Gunther has his arm over Gottwin's shoulder, and we walk along the quayside, saying nothing, but the grip of the twins' hands in mine speaks volumes. I've never had my hands grasped so tightly. We reach the end of the quay, and stand staring out at the sea.

Gunther, looking up at the stars, says, "Come on. It's cold. Let's go home. Mum and dad are waiting for us all."

We turn and begin our way back, and then Gunther breaks away and rolls up a ball of snow and throws it at us. It hits me squarely on the side of my head, and everyone laughs. I drop the boys' hands, make a snowball myself, and throw it at Gunther. It misses, and the boys laugh.

By the time we reach the Hahn house, we've fought the best snowball fight I can ever remember, and everyone is covered in snow, and all of us have tears of laughter in our eyes when we go into the house. But our laughter doesn't last long when Gretel comes into the hall and sees us, and we all go quiet when she yells, "Look at the state of you all! Get your clothes off and get in front of fire and get dried. All of you!"

When she turns and stomps into the living room, mumbling at Ralf about how stupid we are, we can't stop giggling, and the giggling becomes hysterical laughter when we see all the snow on the hall floor. Gunther ventures into the living room first, and again we burst into laughter when Gretel scolds him for acting like a ten-year-old. I refuse to go, and I suggest both twins go in together, but Aleric shoves Gottwin towards the door, and we wait while he gets a rollicking.

Aleric is serious when he looks me in the eyes, and whispers, "I'm sorry."

I smile at him, and whisper back, "How did you know where I would be?"

"I just knew you would be going to our special place." He smiles that knowing smile, and then says, "Shall we go in and face the music?"

I grin, and nod.

Gretel ignores Aleric as she glares over her glasses at me. "As for you, you stupid boy, I don't know what I'm going to do with you! It was bad enough having three children in the family, without having four! Dry yourself, and I'll clean up the mess in the hall!"

Furtive amused glances; exaggerated painful expressions as we warm our frozen hands; Ralf laughing at the steam coming from my jeans before I go behind the sofa and change into dry ones, which makes Aleric giggle because I'm trying to hide myself in the same underpants he had on his head; grumblings from Gretel in the hall with a bucket and a mop, and then we all settle down again, but there's an awkward silence, and I feel the need to heal things, so I say to Aleric, who, by now, has changed into his football strip, as has Gottwin, "Get Pie Jesu on your phone again, and this time, we'll all sing it."

Lying on the hearth rug with Gottwin, Aleric gives me a questioning look, and I nod. He looks at his father, and Ralf nods, and then he looks at Gretel as she comes back into the room and takes her place at the table with her sewing. She smiles, and nods. Both boys set into finding it again, and when they have, they begin to sing, and we all join in with them, and no tears escape from my eyes this time.



At ten, mum says she's going to make supper, and I get up and go to the kitchen with her. As we're sorting stuff, she keeps smiling at me, and I can't help smiling back at her. Suddenly, she stops doing what she's doing and comes to me and hugs me. I hug her back, and look up into her eyes. There's no need for words between us; she knows I love Gareth, and I know she knows, and the hug I'm getting is her acceptance that I can get on with my life with my Beautiful Man, and she will support me any way she can.

It's eleven when we've eaten supper. The schnapps is all gone; mum's bottle of peach brandy (the special present dad bought her besides the kettle, and which he hid and gave it to her later) is one third down; and we're all getting tired when dad hold up his hands, and says, "Right! Before we go to bed, I want us all to thank God for this wonderful day." He puts his hands together, and closes his eyes. We all do the same, but I squint up at Gareth to see what he's doing, and I'm surprised he's doing it, too. Dad continues, "Dear God, we thank you for this wonderful day; for the fare you've provided; for the love you've brought into our humble home; and for your most precious gift of bringing Gareth into our family. Especially, Dear Lord, we give praise that you have given to Gareth a spirit of generosity that is rare in any human being, and we will accept everything he has to offer us, because we know it was your intention when he was created that we would eventually come together. Through Gareth, you are our saviour. We thank you Lord for all these things. Amen."

I look up, expecting to see tears in Gareth's eyes, but he's smiling at me. I smile back at him, and through our eyes, we share the special love we have.

Gareth says goodnight to dad and mum and Gunther as they carry dad up the stairs. Gottwin gets up, goes to Gareth and gives him a huge hug, and then he goes upstairs. Normally, mum would have told me and Gottwin to go first, but tonight she hasn't, and I know why. Even Gottwin understands.

While everyone is sorting themselves upstairs, I lie on the rug near to Gareth and stroke his jeans, and we exchange loving glances. When the house is quiet, I switch off the light, and as the flames from the fire send eerie lights and shadows dancing around the darkened room, I go to him, sit on his knee, and snuggle into him. I feel his arms come around me, and they hold me close as he rocks us in the chair. We stay like that for a while, occasionally exchanging soft, loving kisses, and then Gareth's hand fondles my hardness. I grin at him, get off his knee, lower my soccer shorts and underpants to my ankles, sit on his knee again, and he begins to fondle my nakedness. It takes but a few moments before our passionate kisses and Gareth's manipulating my swollen pinkler brings me to a climax, and when I do, I send my tongue deep into his mouth, and he sucks it until the exquisite moment has passed. When we break the kiss, he squeezes the juices on the end of my pinkler onto his fingers, brings it to his mouth, and sucks them off while we're staring into each other's eyes.



When I know the boy I love is sexually satiated, I lift him from me to allow him to dress, and then he gets back on my knee again. We cuddle for a while, and then I point to the doorway, and whisper, "Time for bed!"

He smiles, and nods, and whispers, "I'll see you in the morning. Go to bed in those clothes tonight! I don't want you getting cold. I'll make sure you don't when I sleep with you in your apartment. When are we going there?"

I grin at him. "I'm going back to Berlin the day after tomorrow. I've spoken to Kurt. He's arranged for Hansie to spend New year with him and Heindrich, and you're coming with me."

Aleric looks at me as If I'm mad. "I don't understand."

"Kurt and Heindrich want to foster, and then adopt Hansie. They put the wheels in motion before the holidays. It's all going superbly, and I'll be the one taking Hansie down to them."

Aleric gives me a troubled look. "I'm not sure mum would let me."

I grin at him. "It's already arranged. When I explained what was happening, she suggested Hansie might like you around while he was making friends with his potential foster parents."

The puzzled look on Aleric's face changes to a grin, and then he says, "Now I know why mum hugged me when I was making supper with her. She's craftier than you!"

"Your mum leaves me behind in the crafty stakes. Even I'm putty in her hands. Now get off to bed, and don't say anything about what I've told you. Let your mum do the plotting."

Aleric grabs my head and kisses me, and his face is excited. He grins again. "I'm going to get in your locked underpants. That will be fun!"

I shove him off me, pat his lovely bum, and point to the door. "Bed!"

He pulls a face at me, and goes towards the door. Just as he gets to it, he turns and comes back to me, and asks, "Can Gottwin come with us? Please?"

I give him a puzzled look. "Why would you want Gottwin with us?" He sits on my knee again, and looks into my eyes, and I can see he's struggling to say something, so I prompt him again, "Wouldn't it spoil things?"

Aleric breathes in deeply. "No. He knows about us. He won't say anything. He knows how much I love you."

I smile at him. "OK. But only if it's OK with your mum and dad." Then I push his nose flat against his face. "But there's no way I'm having two of you in bed with me."

Aleric grins. "If it was dark, you wouldn't know the difference who was doing what to you. That would be fun!"

I giggle. "Go to bed."

Aleric gives me a long, thank-you kiss, grins at me, and then takes off all his clothes except his long, white football socks. I give him a puzzled look, which earns me a naughty grin, and then he takes my hand, lifts me from the chair, and pulls me to the sofa.

Once again my beautiful boy is in front of me, silhouetted against the backdrop of the fire. I'm sitting on the edge of the sofa, and when he puts his hands behind my head and pulls it towards his swollen cock, I eagerly take it between my lips. He pushes slowly until every bit is inside my mouth and rubbing against the back of my throat. It makes me gag slightly, so I place two fingers at the base of it to stop it going in so far. Aleric understands what's happening and allows me to dictate the depth as he begins to fuck my mouth. Then he decides to do things differently, removes my fingers and puts both my hands around his bum, puts two of his fingers at the base of his cock, and begins again with long, slow movements, stopping on the outstroke to allow me to suck his swollen knob, and then pushes himself deep inside me again. While we're doing this, I grip his soft buttocks and push my fingers deep between his bum-crack until I'm touching his hole. I worm a finger inside him, and he shudders. Then he begins to fuck my mouth in earnest until, with a whimper, he shudders and pushes himself right in and climaxes again, rolling his pubic bone against my nose. When it's over, he pulls out enough for me to suck the tiny bit of his juices that have escaped from the slit, and then goes and puts his clothes on. When he comes back to me, he leans down and kisses me softly on the lips, grins, and says, "It's always nicer the second time."

I take his head in my hands, kiss him, and whisper, "Get off to bed before I unlock my underpants!"

He giggles. "You wouldn't dare!"

I chuckle, turn him around, give him a gentle slap on the bum, and I can't stop smiling as he walks out of the room.



When I get in bed, Gottwin is still awake, and he isn't wearing his pyjamas! I settle down, and ask, "Why aren't you asleep?"

"I couldn't go to sleep thinking about what you were doing. What did you do?"

I giggle. "I'm not telling you."

Gottwin giggles, and snuggles even closer. "Tell me! Did he put it up you?"

His question makes me chuckle, and talking about what happened is also making my pinkler stiff. I whisper, "No, you daft sod! He wanked me off."

"He wanked you off! Did you wank him off?"

I whisper, "No. He won't let me do that... yet! But I will when we go to Berlin the day after tomorrow. You're coming with us."

I spend the next few minutes explaining everything, and when I've finished, we're both giggling. And then I ask why Gottwin has no pyjamas on.

He giggles. "I've got no underpants on either. I was doing it while you were downstairs, but I'm still hard. Can we do stuff? Take your pyjamas off, and let's play games for a while."

Talking about what Gareth did has made me even more randy, so I slip out of bed and take them off. As soon as I'm back in bed, Gottwin is fiddling with my stiff pinkler, and I reach down and begin to wank him. We're lying, facing each other, and we're pulling each other off. Gottwin moves a bit closer so our pinklers are touching, and then he stops, and I ask, "What's the matter?"

He whispers, "Get the torch so we can see what we're doing."

I get it, and switch it on under the duvet, and shine it on our pinklers. I push forward so mine is by the side of Gottwin's, and we measure them. He's almost a centimetre longer than me, and he has just a few more strands of hair. We begin to count them, and giggle as we search for each one. The count is eight for me, and twelve for Gottwin. Then we compare balls. We're equal in size with them. Then Gottwin pushes forward so our pinklers are side by side again, and he grips them both in one hand, and begins to wank us together. This is really nice, and I watch as his hand moves backwards and forwards. I reach down and push his hand away. I want to share this experience. Its nice feeling both our pinklers in my hand, and absolutely no trouble to do it so both our foreskins are rolling on and off on each stroke. By now, Gottwin has his hands around my neck as he humps in a fucking motion each time I do a stroke, and I try to match his rhythm. It's getting nicer, and we're both beginning to breathe harder, and because our heads are together, I can feel Gottwin's hot breath on my forehead. Slowly, I lift my head. Now, our mouths are close together, and Gottwin begins to peck at my lips with his, and I do the same. I can feel the feelings beginning to build down in my balls or wherever, and I think Gottwin's are, too, because our pecking becomes more urgent. Our pecks turn into sloppy kisses, and then, when the feelings are at their peak, Gottwin's hands around my neck draw me to him, and our mouths lock. Lips; teeth; tongues; saliva, all are enjoined when we both go over the top as my hand down there doubles in speed, and with a series of grunts and ahhh's, the passions boil over into a tremendous climax for us both.

We both lie back, eyes closed, panting, exhausted by the effort.

Gottwin is the first to speak. He whispers, "I like this gay stuff, don't you?"

I whisper back, "Yes. It's dead sexy." Then I giggle. "But I'm knackered now."

Gottwin giggles. "And me. That's four times I've done it. I did it three times while you were with Gareth."

I chuckle. "You randy sod! I wondered why you didn't make spunk."

Gottwin's chest is shaking with amusement. "That went the first time. The second time, just a tiny bit came out. Wait until I'm older; I'll plaster you with it. I might even shove it up your arse if we both turn out to be gay."

Our giggles turn to hysterical laughter, and Gottwin has to get out of bed and piss in the chamber pot before he pisses the bed. When he gets back in, I get out and have a piss, and we're still giggling when we cuddle up to each other again. Gottwin seems to have taken a fancy to my pinkler, because, even though we've finished doing things, he's still fondling it. It's soft now, but I know if I let him keep doing it, it will be hard again, so I move his hand away. "That's enough now. I want some sleep."

We're drifting off when Gottwin whispers, "Next time, can we try sucking each other? I've never done that. Have you?"

I'm half asleep when I answer. "Yes. It's nice. Now sod off to sleep!"




11.30 am. I'm in my hotel room talking to Helena about business when a call comes through on `Aleric's phone'. I put Helena on hold and answer Aleric. "What is it now, Star in the Hood?"

      Aleric chuckles. "I'm missing you."

      That makes me chuckle, too. It was only an hour ago since I left the Hahn home to go back to the hotel. We had breakfast together, and then I said I'd go to the hotel to sort some things out, have dinner with them later, and go on from there. Aleric wasn't too happy that I was leaving, but when I explained that I really did have to sort things, and I had to do it in private, he, grudgingly, agreed to let me go. But now he's disturbing me, and I have to be firm with him. "I'm missing you, too, but I'm in the middle of a phone call. Can I ring you back in ten minutes?"

      "OK. Don't forget!"

      I chuckle again. "I wouldn't dare do that. Speak to you soon."

      Twenty minutes later, after I've done some business, but not all, I ring Aleric back. The first words out of his mouth are, "You're ten minutes late!"

      I laugh. "Sorry. What do you want?!

      "Can you meet me by the Dorfkirche in Wieck at two this afternoon?"

      I'm puzzled, and I ask, "Why do you want to meet me at the church? Do you want to get married?"

      Aleric giggles. "Something like that. Well, can you?"

      "Hold on." I check the text Helena sent me after we'd finished the call, and see that I have a call at 1 pm to Abu Dhabi, and then two others at 1.45 and 2.15 to France and England respectively, neither of which I want to put off, so I continue to Aleric, "I can meet you at that time, but I have two phone calls to make that will take me until about half past two. I'll get there before you, but I really do have to make these calls before we deal with getting married. Will that be alright with you? Anyway, what's going on?"

      Aleric adopts his bossy voice. "I'll tell you later. The Dorfkirche in Wieck. Can you find it?"

      "I'll find it. See you at two."


At a quarter past one, having finished my call to Abu Dhabi, I punch into the sat-nav the address of the village church in Wieck that the hotel receptionist gave me, and set off, hoping that I'll get a good signal when I reach it. If I don't have a good signal, I'll have to phone Aleric and tell him where I am.

When I reach the church at 1.45, I park in the deserted single line of parking beside the church, and switch off the engine. Fortunately, I've got a good signal, so I make the call to France. While I'm talking, I study the church. It's nothing special. In fact it's rather a strange church with solar panels for the roof and a funny shaped tower with a clock on it. I know most of this part of Northern Germany is predominantly Protestant, and this church just smacks of Protestantism, not that it bothers me, but is just part of my deliberations, and I'm deliberating because I haven't got a clue why Aleric would want to meet me at a church, especially one that seems to have little in the way of sightseeing.

I'm still talking and looking at the church when Aleric opens the passenger door and gets in, so I put my fingers to my lips to tell him to keep quiet. He licks his tongue out, blows me a kiss, shivers, and points to the seat-heater switch to tell me he's cold. I start the engine, and he grins and switches the seat-heater on. Although he's not saying anything, he's listening intently to my conversation, and making faces as I talk. I end the conversation, point a finger at him, and say, "Naughty boy! Now then, what is it you want?"

      He points to the clock in the car, and says, "You said it would take you `till half past two. It's only ten past now." Then he grins. "It was lovely hearing you speak in French. You're very clever, aren't you!"

      I give him a smug grin. "I've still got this other call to make. I'm going to speak in English, so be quiet, because this one is very important!"

      Aleric grins. "OK, Herr Moneybags. Fire away. I'll be on my very best behaviour if you'll play with my pinkler while you're talking."

      His comment makes me laugh, but I ignore him and put the call through. But Aleric wasn't joking. I'm talking into the phone, which is in my left hand, and my right one is tinkering with the top of the gear lever. Well, that is until he takes it off, pulls it into his lap under his coat, and presses it against his hardness, which, when I fondle it, I discover is bent over and I can't get to it properly. He soon solves that by unfastening the zip of his jeans, and takes it out. This is difficult; talking business down the phone and rolling Aleric's foreskin on and off his swollen knob. My phone call is serious business, but so is Aleric's determination when he puts his own hand over mine and dictates what I do to him, and well before I've ended the call, he's reached his teeth-clenching, silent climax, and tucked his cock back into his jeans. But I now have another problem; the small amount of clear semen he's produced is on the end of my fingers. Silently, I mouth at him, "What am I supposed to do with this?" He chuckles and makes licking movement with his tongue, which makes me laugh silently, and so I spend the next thirty seconds sucking the musky juices from my fingers. Five minutes later, I finish the call and give him a stern look. "Naughty boy!"

      Aleric shrugs his shoulders. "Sorry. I can't help it sometimes, especially when you're around. Can we go in the church now?"

      "Go in the church? What for?"

      I expect a grin, but I don't get one. Instead, Aleric gets out of the car and waits for me to get out. I go to him; he links his arm in mine, and leads us through the gate to the church doorway, opens it, takes off his woolly hat and puts it in his pocket, closes the door when we're inside, pulls me to the second from the front pew on the left of the aisle, pushes me along it, I sit down, and Aleric drops to his knees and begins to pray. I look around. Thankfully, the church is empty.

      This is crazy. This small boy who, not many minutes ago was making me wank him off, is now on his knees praying to his God. An enigma? He certainly is! Never mind him being a boy; I've never met another human being like him in my life! It wouldn't surprise me one bit if, after he's done praying, he doesn't get up and make me wank him again! I hope not! But looking at his beautiful profile; at his hands together in the prayer position; at his lips mouthing words I can't hear, I'm filled again with that intense love for him that drives me to distraction. I think about getting down with him, but I don't. I'm not a `God Person'.

      Aleric has finished praying and is sitting by my side now, his arms linked again with mine and his head resting on my shoulder. Then he looks up at me with a lovely smile on his face, and asks, "Do you believe in God, Gareth?"

      I shrug my shoulders. "I don't think so. Well, at least not the God you pray to; a man sitting on a big throne."

      Aleric is serious. "I don't either, but I do believe in God. My God is a good God. He's everywhere. He makes us do what he wants. Do you really think we met at the theatre purely by chance?"

      I shrug my shoulders again. "I just don't know, Aleric. Meeting you has made me think I don't know everything."

      Aleric looks into my eyes. "Was meeting me the best thing that's ever happened to you?"

      I stare into his beautiful eyes that have captured my soul, and my answer is unambiguous. "Yes."

      He smiles. "Me too. My God brought you to me, and I wanted us to be together to thank him. Will you do something for me, Gareth, please?"

      I'm really puzzled now, and I ask him, "What do you want me to do?"

      Aleric's pleading eyes never leave mine when he says, "Pray with me. Don't worry, you won't have to say anything. I'll do the talking, but I want you to hold me while I'm doing it. It will come from both of us then. Please?"

      I lift a hand and stroke his soft cheek, and while looking into his soul through his eyes, I nod. He smiles, takes my hand, and gently pulls me onto my knees beside him as he kneels. Then he makes me put my hands together in the prayer position, puts his left arm through my right one so we're linking, puts his hands in the prayer position, and begins to speak as he stares at the small cross between the four brass candlesticks at the front of the church. "Dear God. Thank you for bringing us together and for making us love each other. Please promise us that you'll never let us stop loving each other as much as we do now. I know some people would say some of the things we do are wrong, but we do them because we want to do them, and they wouldn't have happened if you didn't want them to happen, so because you want them to happen, we don't care what people say. I love Gareth, and Gareth loves me. That's all that matters."

      Tears are welling up in my eyes as my boy says these innocent words. He's shutting out the cruel world of human judgement and is baring his soul to something he sees as much higher than humanity: his God. And I'm not the only one crying: tears are running down Aleric's cheeks, too, as he stares, unblinking at the cross. And then he continues, "Keep us safe from humans, Dear God, and let us enjoy what we have. They don't understand like you do. That's why I've brought Gareth here today. I want you to give us your blessing. Make me and Gareth your special Angels of Pie Jesu. Thank you, God." Aleric turns his face up to me and stares into my own teary eyes. He smiles through his tears, and says, "You can kiss me now. Everything will be alright."

I don't even look around as I lean down and kiss his soft, warm lips, and when our lips touch, we're still looking into each other's souls, and I deliberately press my lips harder to confirm to Aleric that I fully accept what he's done, and he smiles at me to tell me that he understands. And then he gets up, pulls me to my feet, links his arm in mine, and walks deliberately from the church. When we're outside, Aleric is grinning when we get to the car. I expect him to get in, but he doesn't, and I ask him if he wants me to run him home. He shakes his head. "No thanks. I can walk. I'll see you later at dinner. Don't be late. Oh, and don't stay over tonight."

I'm really puzzled, and I ask, "Why don't you want me to stay?"

He laughs; a delightful, tinkling laugh. "I'm saving you up for when we get to your apartment. You can make up for it then." He scrunches his nose up. "Anyway, you've been inside my pants once today, so I can manage, and you've tasted enough of me to last you until we get to Berlin."

I laugh. "Get off home you randy monkey!" And when he's walked away and I've watched him until he's out of sight, I drive back to the hotel, and while I'm driving, I'm thinking that before I met Aleric, I knew very little about the complexities of boys, but now I've met him, I understand even less! But I might as well go with the flow, or maybe put my trust in God? Why not? It's as good a reason as any other, because I have little control over what's happening to me at the moment.

To be continued...

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