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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one Star in the Hood.

Part 22.


Heindrich is already awake, and I whisper to him that I have to go to Gareth's place.

      He looks at the clock. "It's half past one in the morning! What's happened?"

      I kiss him softly on the lips. "Gareth has found out about Biermaier."

      Hendrich is immediately fully awake, and he says, "Oh my God! What's happened?"

I've got tears in my eyes when I say, "I don't know, but Aleric has just phoned me and asked me to go to him. I can't let him down. He needs me. I'll ring you as soon as I can, and let you know what's happening. If I'm not back before Hans wakes, just tell him I had to go and see a good friend who was taken ill, and that I'll be back as soon as I can. Give him his breakfast."


The lights are on in Gareth's flat on the top floor when I use the controller to open the gates, and I park the car in a space reserved for guests. I have key cards to the apartment, and I make my own way up to it. When I go in, they're all sitting on the sofa, but when Aleric sees me, he gets up and comes rushing to me, and I crush him in my arms as he sobs uncontrollably. I ignore Gareth and Gottwin, and lead him out of the room, and I ask, "Which bedroom are you in?"

      Aleric pulls me to the one they're in, closes the door behind us, and takes me to the bed, where we sit on the edge, and I hug him some more. He turns his tear stained face up to me, and says, "He knows about Biermaier."

      In between bouts of deep sobs and panic and utterances that he's spoiled everything, and that Gareth will hate him forever once he realises what a horrible person he is when the whole truth comes out; for the next ten minutes, he tries to explain everything. I get lots of self pity and cries of deep despair from him, and I spend some of my time trying to assure him that I can work it out. Only when he thinks he's told me everything do I say, "Don't worry. Your Kurt will sort things out." I lift his chin, and look into his eyes. "I promise. I've never let you down before, have I?"

      Aleric shakes his head, and gives out a deep, long, shuddering sob. "No." Then he shakes his head. "I think it's over, Kurt." And again he buries himself into my arms.

      I reckon I need to start being firm, and I push him away and stare into his eyes. "No it's not! Over my dead body! You two are made for each other, and that vile Biermaier is not going to split you up! You leave it to your Kurt! I'm going into the lounge now to talk to your lover boy. I'll send Gottwin in here to you while I do. Promise me you'll be OK until I come back to you!"

      Aleric nods, and I lift the duvet for him to get in bed. When I've tucked him in, I lean down and kiss his forehead. Then I smile at him, twist his little nose, and pull a silly face. "Captain Kurt to the rescue!"

      And for the first time since I arrived, I get a tiny smile from him.



I've made a coffee for me and Gottwin. We've said very little. More shrugs of the shoulders than anything as we glance at each other.

      Kurt comes into the room, tells me to go and make Aleric a coffee, and then sits by Gottwin. When I've made it, I take it to the lounge, Kurt tells Gottwin to take the coffee to Aleric, and that they're not to come out of the bedroom until he tells them to. Gottwin gets up, and goes to Aleric. And then I sit next to Kurt on the sofa.

      Kurt puts his hand on my knee. "How did you find out?"

      I tell him everything, and then I ask, "Have you and Aleric been in touch all this while?"

      He nods. "Yes sweetheart. It wasn't long after they went home, after the concert here. At first it was just Aleric wanting to thank me; then it progressed to intimate details about how he felt about you; then I wormed the conversations to Biermaier, and over time it all came out, including what he'd been doing to Hans.

I'm shocked. "To Hansie? The bastard! The poor little boy! Oh my God, Kurt, I'm so sorry."

Kurt takes my hand, and squeezes it. "Hansie doesn't know that I know about Biermaier, and I'm not going to quiz him about it, so let's not go there. This is repair time. I can sort Hans... and Biermaier. You need to sort Aleric. He feels utterly ashamed of himself. That he's betrayed you. You have to show him that he hasn't." Then Kurt looks at me strangely. "You don't feel that he has? Do you?"

I'm not sure what to say, and I can't look him in the face when I say, "I still don't know what's happened with Biermaier. I never got the chance to find out."

Kurt gets up. "I'll make us a coffee, and then I'll tell you everything."


Thirty minutes later, I'm sitting with my head in my hands. Kurt has explained everything, including how Aleric ticks sexually. Biermaier had seduced him, and part of that seduction was awakening Aleric to sex acts that he actually enjoyed. Even though he hated Biermaier, Aleric's sexual awakening into manhood played a big part in him accepting what was happening. But now I'm stumped. I turn to Kurt, and ask, "What do I do now?"

      Kurt smiles at me. "Aleric is a randy little sod, and now he's woken you up that way, don't you dare tell me you don't enjoy what you do!"

      I half smile. "I do, but I love him so much, that I don't need that."

      "But Aleric does. If you reject that part of him, he'll think you don't love him. He'll feel terribly guilty all his life about it. I reckon you two can easily patch up the love part, but you both have to come to terms that you need each other that way, too. Despite what you've just said, I don't believe you when you say you don't need that part of what you do. You can fool yourself tonight; you can fool yourself tomorrow; you can fool yourself for a long time, but the truth is that you love the complete Aleric, and that includes what he and you want to do together. Now I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. I'm going to take Gottwin back to my place tonight, and leave you two alone. You're going to go straight to bed, and you're going to do to Aleric whatever he wants. Note... whatever he wants! You don't deny him anything!"

I'm puzzled by what Kurt has said, and I ask, "I'm not sure what you mean. I've not denied him anything!"

Kurt stares at me. "Yes you have. Aleric needs to know that there are no boundaries between you."

"There aren't any!"

"Bullshit, Gareth! What's the one thing you want to do, but daren't do to him?" I'm embarrassed, because I know what he means, but doing that would be the ultimate admission that I am like Biermaier. Kurt senses my reluctance to broach the subject, and continues, "Yes... that! But you won't be doing it for you; you'll be doing it for Aleric. Once he knows you've accepted him completely, sexually, and you can only do that surrendering your entire self to the boy who loves you, then the healing will begin. It's what Aleric wants from you; your admission that when you're together, you're both homosexual. At the moment it's very much one way. Sort it! And another thing! Biermaier must never come into your conversations again. What's done is done, and you can't undo it. Aleric's not going back to the choir, and neither is Hans. What do you think about that?"

      I look Kurt right in the eyes. "I wasn't going to ask Aleric not go back to the choir even before this happened. Hansie too. I've been planning something."

      Kurt looks at me, puzzled. "I don't understand."

      I get up and walk to the window. Kurt follows, and we look out into the night over the city. "I've been planning to make Aleric and Gottwin and Hansie into a trio. They're all fantastic singers. I've already put part of the plan into operation. I've got a publicist lined up to promote them, and it was to go from there."

      "Have you told the boys?"

      "No. I wanted to work things out while we were all together. I was hoping you'd be up for it."

      Kurt grasps my arm. "Of course I'm up for it! It will solve everything! Leave me to deal with Biermaier. I'll soon put him in his place. He'll never come into their lives again, I can tell you that! But neither will we stir up a hornet's nest, because to out him publicly will mean the whole affair will be a worldwide scandal, and no way are we having our boys dragged into court and having to describe their part in the horrible affair. It would damage them permanently. No, I can handle the bastard Biermaier." Kurt sighs. "Some kids will have been permanently damaged by what he's done, but I don't think it applies to either of our two boys. I know it's a horrible thing to say, but both our boys have learned something from what's gone on. Leave aside the brutality, and think about the rest of what happened. Hansie was always going to be gay, and Biermaier expedited his experience of what was going to happen to him in his life. Now, if it's possible, it's up to me and Heindrich to bring some equilibrium back into his development. Aleric learned a lot from the experience, and the love you share now is all the better for him knowing what to do, because as sure as Hell Fire, you don't! But I have got a warning for you. Aleric is still a young boy, and just as his body is developing, so is his mind. He's very impressionable at his age and can easily take things out of context, and given the complexities of what's going on his life, other things might happen that you can't deal with."

"Like what?"

Kurt shakes his head. "I don't know. These are the unknowns in a relationship between a man and a boy. That's where I come in. I'm always here for both of you if things get too complicated. Having said that, I think you're going to have to accept that you're the junior partner in all this."

      "I don't understand."

      "For goodness sake, sweetheart, who's been the driving force behind what you are? And why? Aleric has, and he's the one who realised what you two needed from each other. You're like a fart in a colander. You'd still be faffing about now if Aleric hadn't shown you what to do. Despite what I've just said about him still developing, I sense in Aleric a force that if I were to give you an analogy, would probably be similar to you and the way you run your business. He's got a pragmatically ruthless streak in him." Kurt grins, "So, beware the Hun!"

      Even though I'm still upset, I can't help but emit a rueful grin at Kurt's description of Aleric and me. He's right of course, as he always is in matters of the heart, and I can't help putting my arm around his shoulder and hugging him to me.

      He pushes me away. "Don't go soppy on me now, or I'll have you in bed and make you pay me properly! Now, I'm going to sort things! You get off to bed and wait for Aleric, and when he comes to you, don't you dare forget what I've told you! I'll speak to you in the morning. I'll be absolutely knackered! But it's going to be nice and frosty today. We'll all meet up and go for a long walk in the Tiergarten." Kurt giggles, and whispers in my ear. "Aleric says he likes his bum tickled, but he didn't say what with." And with that, he pulls us towards the bedrooms and kisses me on the cheek before he pushes me towards mine. As I turn, I see he's adopted his womanly walk as he goes to the boys. I know what that means. He's on a mission, and I know things will happen as he says they will.


I'm naked in bed when Aleric comes into the bedroom. I know we're alone, because Kurt made a lot of noise as he was sorting things, and he was talking to Gottwin as they went out of the apartment.

      Aleric is wearing his pyjamas and a worried look on his face as he comes to me. He goes to get in bed. I stop him, and point to his pyjamas. "Take those off! I want to make love to you, and not your clothes, and take them off slowly. I want to look at the boy I love more than anything in the world."

      Aleric slips his pyjamas slowly off, and I indicate that I want him to turn around. He twirls slowly, and stops with his back to me. I reach out and caress his soft, pliable, beautiful buttocks, and take in the beauty of this gorgeous creature who has stolen my soul, and I'm breathing heavily as he turns to face me and his gorgeous boy cock swells until it's almost sticking into his belly. Like me, despite what's gone on, or maybe even because of what's happened, he's highly aroused. He slips under the duvet when I lift it for him, and the moment he's in bed, I'm on top of him and crushing my mouth against his. He wraps his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist, and we kiss long and passionately, and then we cry for a long time. After a while, I get up and go to the bathroom, get the small tube of Vaseline I use on my bum hole if ever I've had a poor curry and and my anus is sore, and go back to the bedroom. Aleric is watching me, but he says nothing. I don't want him to. I don't want to speak another word until I've done the only thing I can think of that will tell him that I want him sexually; that from now on, this will be a joint thing between us. I've no intention of doing anything that we haven't already done, but this time there will be no locked underpants between us. I'm also hearing Kurt's words in my head: `Aleric says he likes his bum tickled, but he didn't say what with.' I think he'd be shocked now if he knew what I was about to use. But then again, I know he wouldn't. My Kurt has forgotten more about this stuff than I'll ever know.

I throw off the duvet, lift Aleric's legs onto his chest, and apply Vaseline to his bum hole, and then get between his legs and push my cock at his stretched entrance. How far he wants it in him will be up to Aleric, but my knob will certainly be in as far as he pushed it in that time on the sofa at his home, and when I'm towering over him and staring into his eyes, Aleric understands what's about to happen. He opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out; an invitation to suck it. I go down and take it in my mouth, and begin to suck it, and as I do, he reaches under him, takes hold of my cock and balls with both hands, and pulls me into him, and my swollen knob slips easily through his sphinter and into his tunnel, and I feel the skin retract behind my knob, trapping me inside him. He wraps his legs around my waist again, puts his hands on my buttocks, and pulls me into him even further. I'm amazed when my cock slides deep into him; so far that my pubic hairs are nestled against his bum cheeks. Just momentarily, I imagine Biermaier doing this exact same thing, but as quickly as the thought enters my head, it disappears. I couldn't give a fuck for Biermaier now: this is between my boy and me.

      We change tongues so Aleric is sucking mine, and he begins to roll his bum to make me feel good inside him. I don't try to fuck him, because I don't want to hurt him; I just allow him to do the work. That way I know he'll only be doing what he wants. He certainly knows his stuff, because his stomach muscles are moving in such a way that he's manipulating me inside him; clamping me and releasing me. I think this is the most fantastic thing I've ever felt, until, that is, he puts his hands on my hips and pushes me out just a small way with his bum muscles clamped, which rolls my foreskin back over my knob. And then, with my cock still clamped, he pulls me in again, and I feel it roll off again. He's actually wanking me inside him using just the muscles of his tunnel. He continues to do this, sucking my tongue in rhythm with what he's doing inside him. The feelings build; my spunk is rising from my balls, and Aleric knows it. He redoubles his efforts, and I feel my spunk pumping into him. Aleric releases my tongue, throws his head back, and squeals with pleasure, and I think I know why.



When Kurt tells me to go to Gareth, I'm as nervous as Hell, and shaking like a leaf. But my nervousness leaves me when Gareth tells me to undress so he can look at me. I can tell that he wants me sexually. It's in his eyes. I don't know what Kurt has told him, but if I had any doubts before, I certainly haven't now. I've seen the look before; many times; on Herr Biermaier's face when he's wanted me badly. When I'm in bed with Gareth and he's over me and we're kissing like crazy and crying, we're both shaking with nerves. Only for one short moment do I have doubts: when he goes to the bathroom. I think he's going for a pee, but when I see the tube in his hand, I know what it's for, and I get butterflies in my tummy. Gareth is going to fuck me. It's now that I bless Herr Biermaier and his massive dildo. It's quite a while since he used it on me, but I know, after some slight discomfort, I can accommodate Gareth completely, and make it enjoyable for him.

      He slides into me, past my ring, which clamps around his swollen knob, and I pull him further in. He's reached the second part where I have to push out to get him through it, and as I do, I pull, and he slips right into me until I feel his hairs on my bum. He's right in. I roll my insides to get used to him being in me, and the discomfort subsides. Then I do all the things Herr Biermaier taught me. Gareth doesn't know it, but he's fucking a boy who knows all the tricks. It's easy with Gareth. In fact, I'm getting lovely feelings myself knowing this is the man I love inside me, and knowing just how he's feeling. I push my tummy out so my pinkler is rubbing on the hairs on Gareth's tummy, and I'm working myself off at the same time I'm doing it to Gareth. I know all the signs. Gareth's breathing becomes shallower; he's beginning to tremble, and then I feel his warm stuff filling my insides as he tries to stifle his moans, and as he does, my own feelings boil over, and I climax myself, and as I do, I throw my head back and enjoy this supreme moment in my life, knowing that the man I love, who I nearly lost just a short while ago, is now back with me again.


Gareth kisses me again. It's about the twentieth time he's done it since it happened. I giggle and push his head away. "Are you going to leave it in there all night?"

      Gareth grins, and nods. "Uhuh! Do you want me to take it out?"

      I shake my head. "No. If you do, you'll need to change the sheets. I'm flooded inside."

      "Did it hurt?"

      Again I shake my head. "No. It was nice. It was beautiful. Couldn't you tell?"

      "You came the same time as me?"

I nod. "Exactly the same time as you. That's why it was beautiful. You're a fantastic lover, Herr Moneybags."

Gareth laughs. "So are you, you randy little sod."

"But I'm your randy little sod."

Gareth's face is serious now. "Indeed you are, and I love you, Aleric Hahn."

I pinch his nose. "I know you do, and that's why nothing will ever come between us. Right?"

"Right. Nothing. Just one thing I need to know. How come none of your phone calls to Kurt show up on your phone bill?"

I grin. "I used the money you gave me to buy a charger for the phone to ring Kurt on a landline. Then he sent me another phone just for me and him to use."

Gareth grins. "You scheming pair of sods."

I pull Gareth's head down and kiss him. "But we're your scheming pair of sods. I told you I loved Kurt. He's been my soul buddy when I was hurting and needed to talk to somebody about things you wouldn't understand. I'm not blaming you. I needed to talk to somebody about what was going on. You do know I've finished with the choir, do you?"

"Yes. But you don't know what I've got planned for you."

I'm puzzled, and I ask, "What plans."

"For you and Hansie and Gottwin. That's why I asked you all to sing together on the way down here. I want you to become a trio. I've started putting things in place. I just need a name for you now."

I'm shocked. "You mean we're going to be a group?"

Gareth nods. "Hopefully. Do you fancy it?"

I'm overwhelmed, and I crush Gareth to me. "Oh yes! It's a fantastic idea!"

Gareth giggles. "I think I'm slipping out of you. Can you hold the stuff in while I get a cloth?"

I'm laughing so much that I can't help pushing Gareth's pinkler right out of me, and he gets up and stares down at my bum, and still I can't stop laughing, and as I do, I feel all Gareth's semen coming out of me. He gets out of bed immediately, and runs to the bathroom, and when he gets back, I'm still laughing and tears are streaming from my eyes while he cleans the mess up as best he can.

Then Gareth begins to giggle, and then he begins to laugh until tears are coming from his eyes, too, and while he's mopping up down there, I know how long he'll have to do it, because he's filled me to the brim. But I'm also pleased that he's laughing, because Gareth is now facing the reality of having fucked me. It's the part people don't think about; the mess that comes out of a bum after it's been fucked; the traces of shit mixed with semen, and sometimes it smells. But Gareth is cleaning it all up and not batting an eyelid. Thank you, Gareth. If it had been repulsive to you on our first time, I would have felt awful!  



I can't believe how much semen I've produced. It keeps seeping from Aleric's bum hole as fast as I mop it up. He's making it worse by laughing. Sometimes a glob of it will shoot out of him when he bursts out laughing again, and I think he's doing it on purpose sometimes. The little sod! And I'm laughing too. Our laughter subsides when the semen and traces of faeces stop oozing from him, and I look up at him and ask, "Is that it?"

      He giggles, and drops his legs to the bed. "No. I can't go to sleep until I've done it three times at least."

      I stare at him. "You've got to be kidding me!"

      He grins, and shakes his head. "No. Three times minimum. Get rid of that cloth and do me again."

      "Do me again? You don't mean...?"

      Alric chuckles. "That's up to you. You can if you want to." He points to his erect cock. "Or you might want to kiss it for me."

"Kiss it for you?"

      Aleric puts his finger in his mouth, and makes suggestive movements. I giggle. "You mean you want me to suck you off?"

      He nods. "Something like that, Herr Moneybags."


Aleric is lying with his hands behind his head, watching me as I lie between his legs and suck his cock. He's nodding to me when I do something he really likes, and that's usually when I clamp my lips firmly over it and roll his foreskin on and off the pink head as I'm bobbing up and down. He clamps his mouth shut, and breathes through his teeth as he's climaxing, and then takes a deep breath and holds it when he reaches his peak, which culminates in him slumping on the bed when it's over.

      I'm fascinated when I see his cock soften and slump onto his belly, and I continue giving it small kisses, and I don't neglect his balls either. Aleric is now lying with his head to one side, and he's got a contented smile on his face as I kiss his cock and balls. Then I begin to work my way up his body until I'm over him.

He looks up at me, and grins. "You're pretty good, Herr Moneybags."

      I chuckle. "Do we get to go to sleep now? We're going for a walk in the Tiergarten in the morning."

      Aleric pulls a face. "Awww! I thought we were going to stay in bed all day!"

      I laugh. "No. I'm going for a pee and a shower, and then you're going to have one, too, while I change the bedding."

      Aleric giggles at me as I'm walking to the bathroom. "We don't always need to shower after you've filled me up. You can buy me some nappies if you want. Some men like boys who wear nappies."

      I turn back to him, and grin. "But I'm not one of them."

"Spoilsport! Can I have a shower with you?"

I shake my head. "No chance! You've knackered me completely!"

And I'm still grinning when I walk away and hear Aleric's amused voice shout, "You're hopeless you are!"


We're cuddled in each other's arms, kissing. I turn out the light, and Aleric wraps a leg over me, an arm around my chest, and snuggles his head under my chin. I reach down; wrap a hand round his buttocks, and say, "Sleep tight."

      All I get is a long, contented, "Nnnnnnnnnn."

      I look at the digital clock. It's almost 3.30 am. It's been a long night; the longest night of my life; the most difficult night of my life, but, amazingly, the most satisfying night of my life. Tonight, Aleric and I have put all our bogeymen to bed: emotionally and sexually. My final thought as I drift off to sleep is of me holding Aleric's hand later this morning as walk in the Tiergarten. I'm going to be so proud of my boy. 

To be continued...

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