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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one – Star in the Hood.

Part 25.


When Gareth hears the almost inaudible hum of the elevator, he walks to the panoramic window and stares down into the courtyard below. I join him, and link his arm. Heindrich and the boys exit the building and go to the VW Golf and not the Bentley. Gareth grins, and says, "I think Heindrich is frightened of driving the Bentley."

I snuggle closer to him, and we watch the boys pile into the car: Hansie at the front and the twins in the back, but before Aleric gets in, he looks up at us, sees we're watching them, and waves.  Gareth just smiles and ignores him, but I wave back. We watch them exit the gates, and then, because the whole day has been so full of wonderful emotions, and because I'm alone with the man I truly love, I hug Gareth really tightly and begin to sob. He puts his arm around my shoulder, gives me a massive hug, and then says he's going to the kitchen to make coffee for us. I don't follow him; instead, I get my handbag and shout to him that I'm going to his bathroom to clean up.

      My mascara is in streaks down my face, my eyelashes are a mess, and it takes me twenty minutes to make myself look half-right. I go out of the bathroom, into his bedroom, and stare at his bed with a photograph of Aleric in schoolboy clothes on the bedside cupboard. I pick up the photograph, and after I've studied it for a while, I kiss the little boy who I've come to love.

The bed hasn't been made up since last night. Last Night. Gareth had made love to his boy in this bed last night. My beautiful little Aleric had done all the things I wanted to do; be in Gareth's strong arms; have Gareth kissing and fondling my body in all the right places, and maybe Aleric even had the ultimate sexual experience; having Gareth inside him.

      Lying on the floor is a white, crumpled garment. I think I know what it is, and I'm right when I pick it up. It's a cassock, and there's also a white ruff on the floor. So that's how it happened! Gareth made love to his Angel of Pie Jesu. How lovely! And then, as I'm leaving, I see on the dresser an A4 sized photograph. I'm too nosy not to look at it. It's Aleric, and he's sitting on a bed and not quite naked. Not taken here, I can tell. I'm staring at it when I hear a soft, loving voice say... "That was the very first photo he sent me. He took it that night we met after the concert." Then his voice becomes really bitter when he adds, "Biermaier had probably just left him."

      I turn and see Gareth leaning in the doorway, looking at me. I kiss the photo, and say, "He's gorgeous. Completely gorgeous. If I'm honest... one of the most beautiful boys I've ever seen." I point to the cassock. "Your Angel of Pie Jesu... but he's not an angel... is he?"

      "No. If I'd known what Beirmaier had been up to that night, I'd be in jail now for murder." Gareth shakes his head. "I still wonder now what went on that night."

      I look at the photo again, and then turn to Gareth. "It doesn't matter what went on. Aleric had no choice. But I can tell you that when Biermaier left him, the little man showered and washed every trace of the vile man off him before he would speak to you. He even shoved the shower hose up his little bottom to rid himself of that last vestige of him. Then he threw the bedsheets in a corner of the room because it was important to him that his feelings for you wouldn't be contaminated by Herr Direktor. The poor boy."

      Gareth comes to me, takes the photo from my hands, studies it, and nods. "You're right. There's no linen on the bed. I never noticed that before."  

      I chuckle. "You wouldn't. You were smitten... knocked head over heels. Is he good in bed?"

      "Exceptionally good in bed."

      "That's good. He'll make up for you being useless."

      Gareth smiles. "I'm learning. Thank you for last night."

      I smile. "I'm glad I was there for you. I just wish I'd been a fly on the wall to see how you made up. That's the best part... making up with the one you love." I look Gareth right in the eyes. "Did you?"

      Gareth knows what I mean. "Yes. Biermaier has made sure I didn't hurt him. I am going to kill him, you know!"

      I go and sit on the bed, and beckon Gareth to sit beside me, and when he does, I put my arm round him and hug him. "No you're not. I'll sort Biermaier."


"Leave it to me, sweetheart, but try to think this way... he can't help being what he is, no more than you can, or Aleric can, or I can, and never forget that despite whatever else he is, he's an excellent direktor, and our boys can sing all the better because of him. In fact, there's only one reason I'm bothering with him... he's too brutal. That's unforgivable." I take a long pause before I say anything else. I need to choose my words carefully. "He used something that was far too big for the boys; something only fully fledged homosexuals should use, and that's only on the very few who would want it. Do you realise that most gay people don't like anal penetration?"

Gareth looks really surprised. "Don't they?"

I shake my head. "No. I do, and Hansie does, but Aleric likes it because he's been indoctrinated into it. He actually likes it now, providing it's with you."

"How do you know all this, including what went on before he phoned me?"

"Because he's told me! Now I'm going to give you some advice, sweetheart. Instead of using that thing between your legs, if you have the stomach for it, try kissing him down there."

Gareth gives me a look that says he thinks I'm being facetious. "He'd kick me out of bed."

I laugh. "More like he'd never let you get out of it. You are a bloody ignoramus, aren't you? I think I'm going to have to teach you a few facts of life about how to please a randy little gay boy."

"He's not gay."

I shake my head to make it plain that I disagree. "As far as you're concerned he is. He very well may be bisexual, but as far as the homosexual part of him is concerned, you tick all the right boxes, and those boxes are the part you're going to have to please. You won't lose him if you don't, but it will make you both more complete as a couple if you get the bed part right. I'll get you a present. Make sure you use it." I laugh. "It will tickle him to death."

Gareth chuckles. "You're disgusting."

"I know I am, but I know things you haven't got a bloody clue about! Just make sure you lose all your inhibitions when you're pleasing your boy."

Gareth's chuckle breaks into a deep giggle. "He says he's going to wear a nappy and suck a dummy."

That breaks me up, and I roar with laughter. Gareth does, too, and we both get up and go to the kitchen, but not before Gareth puts the A4 photo in a drawer after I've told him not to leave stuff like that lying about for old gays like me to see... or his cleaner! When we get to the kitchen, we sit and drink coffee. I decide to tell him one more thing. He may already know, but I'm not sure. I'm grinning when I say, "One hundred and eightyyyyyyyy!"

He giggles, and says, "Are you going nuts?"

I laugh. "No, you dummy! What does that represent?"

He shrugs his shoulders. "Darts?"

I nod. "Exactly. Three in a bed."


"You really are a dummy, aren't you?"

"I must be if you say so, but I still haven't got a clue what you're on about."

I shake my head. "Gottwin? Identical twins? They look the same? They think the same? They are the same?"

"You don't mean...?"

"Yes, sweetheart, that's exactly what I mean. You may not love him like you do Aleric, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have the same needs that his identical twin brother has. You could have quite a time if you chose to."

Gareth shakes his head. "You're disgusting!"

I laugh. "I know I am, but at least I'm not an idiot in affairs d'amore. Three in a bed... mmmm... that could get veeeery interesting!"

Gareth is giggling now. "You'll have me in jail. That bloody Aleric will too! He keeps blackmailing me by saying he's going to send me obscene pictures over the phone."

I grin. "He's my clever boy." Then I'm serious. "So are you. Thank you, sweetheart."

"What for?"

"For being the genie in the bottle. For delivering Hansie to us. It's the most beautiful thing you've ever done for me."

Gareth smiles. "It's because I love you... you bloody fairy!"

I laugh. "And that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. Now shut up before I smudge my mascara again! How about we have pizza here tonight?"

"I was thinking we might celebrate at the Adlon."

I shake my head. "The thought crossed my mind, but I reckon us all having a family evening together would be nicer. The boys will love it, and we might even stay over?" I chuckle. "I could even spy on you and Aleric and Gottwin."

Gareth is still laughing when I stand under the cooker extraction unit and light up a cigarette. Then he points a finger at me. "You'll have to stop smoking now you've got a child in the house."

I take a long draw of the cigarette, rinse the lighted end under the tap, throw it in the waste bin, and say, "Not a chance." Then I hold up the gold lighter and gold case that Gareth gave me, and say in my sexiest voice, "Every time I light up, it's like having sex with you. Would you care to buy me a gold dildo?"

Gareth laughs out loud and walks out of the kitchen. He's by the window again, so I join him, just in time to see Heindrich turn the car into the courtyard and park below us. They all get out, and again Aleric waves, and again Gareth just ignores him and smiles. A couple of minutes later, they all come into the aprtment wearing huge smiles on their faces. Hansie has the PS3 in his arms, and says, "I've got it mum!"



It's almost nine-thirty. We've had pizzas; I'm sitting in one of the easy chairs; Kurt and Heindrich are on the sofa, and the boys are lying on their bellies on the rug in front of me, completely engrossed in the games they're playing while we grown-ups laugh and shout at them to do whatever when they're battling on the PS3. I've got an excellent view. They're facing away from me, and all I can see is three cute bums jumping up and down and wiggling as they play their games. Aleric has his legs open, and more than once I allow my thoughts to consider what's inside his blue jeans: creamy thighs that lead up to the soft fabric of his brief, light grey underpants that fit snugly and emphasise the shape of the buttocks I love to fondle. I can't deny that I haven't looked at Gottwin, too, especially after what Kurt told me about him being the same as his brother. Beneath his jeans with be the same creamy thighs leading to brief, light-grey underpants that will emphasise his cute buttocks. Three in a bed? Yes, that would be an experience. Aleric would never let it happen, but I can fantasise. Nobody can see in my head, can they?

      More than once, Aleric has turned to look at me and given me special smiles; knowing smiles; shared thoughts that only we understand.



Gareth is acting strange tonight. He's enjoying what we're doing, but I can see he's thinking, and he's not drinking either. I wish he was on the sofa, and then I could go and sit beside him and have a feel at him. I want to touch him; to stroke him; to feel him fondling me. Why shouldn't I go to him now? Hansie has spent half the night sitting on Heindrich and Kurt's laps when it wasn't his turn because we only have two controllers for the PS3. Everybody in the room knows about me and Gareth. Hans and Gottwin are playing now. I'm going to sit on his knee, and I don't care what anybody thinks.

      When I go to Gareth, he grins at me. "What do you want, Trouble?"

      I don't answer him. Instead, I push his hand out of his lap, sit in it, and lie back with my head on his shoulder. He surprises me when he wraps an arm around me and hugs me to him. Then he kisses me on the forehead, and we begin to whisper to each other.

      I look up at him, wiggle my bum, grin, and say, "This is cosy."

      Out of the corner of his mouth, he whispers, "Behave yourself!"

I settle my head back on his shoulder, and wiggle my bum again. He grins, and pushes his hips up slightly. I press down. He pushes up. Now we're both giggling. I look up at him again. "You're not drinking?"

"No. You don't like me drinking."

"That doesn't mean you can't have one."

"Or two... or three... or four... and then what?"

"You could take me to bed."

      "That's why I'm not drinking. I might get carried away and do all sorts of things to you when I'm drunk."

      I giggle. "I'll get you a drink." Before he can answer, I get off his knee, go to the drinks cabinet, and pour him a whisky. I pick up the glass, and look at it. It's a good measure. I look across at Gareth and see that he's watching me, so I grin and pour him a double. I take it to him, and he's shaking his head because he's amused at what I've done. I look at Kurt and Heindrich, and ask, "Can I get you a drink?"

      Kurt is grinning at me when he gets up off the sofa and comes to me. He puts his hand on my shoulder, and says, "Yes please. I'll have a brandy and lemonade, and Heidrich will have a very small brandy. I'll help you." When we're getting the drinks, he whispers, "Are you trying to get him drunk?"

      I whisper back, "Yes. He says he might get carried away if he gets drunk, and do things to me he shouldn't do."

      Kurt can't stop giggling, and neither can I as he goes back to the sofa and I go and sit in Gareth's lap again, and whenever our eyes meet across the room, Kurt tips his glass slightly to me, and gives me a hidden grin and a wicked roll of the eyes. Gareth knows what's happening, and he says quietly, "Behave yourself! You're getting as bad as that tart!"

I wiggle my bum and press it down against his hardness. The whisky seems to be doing its job. Then my phone rings. It's on the glass table, so I get up and get it. It's Gunther, and he says, "Hi Al. How's things going?"

I go and sit in Gareth's lap again. "Super! We're playing on Hansie's PS3 at Gareth's place. Everybody is here. We spent the day at the Tiergarten. It's a fabulous place. We had pancakes and honey at a café for breakfast, and went to Burger King for lunch. We've had pizzas for dinner." We talk some more, and then I pass the phone to Gottwin for him to talk to Gunther.

Gottwin pauses the game, takes the phone from me, and spends a few minutes talking to Gunther, and then I can tell he's talking to mum, and then dad. He passes the phone to me. "It's dad."

I chat to dad for a while, and then mum comes on the phone. "Hi mum. How are you?" I repeat everything I told Gunther, and then I say, "We're celebrating."


"Yes. Tomorrow it's official. Hans is going to live with Kurt and Heindrich. Children's Services are meeting them at eleven, and they've only got to sign the papers and Hans will be staying with them and not going back to Greifswald. Then, after three months, they can apply to adopt him permanently. Isn't that great?"

"That's wonderful! Is Hans pleased?"

"He's over the moon, mum. He's got his own mum and dad now."

The moment I say it, I realise my error, and I stop breathing. Everybody in the room looks at me.

Then I hear mum speak. "That's absolutely wonderful. Tell them all that I'm really happy for them. Can I speak to Gareth now?"

"Yes mum. I'll pass you over. We'll speak to you tomorrow."

I give the phone to Gareth.



I take the phone from Aleric. "Hello Gretel. How are you?"

      I hear her giggle. "Has he got a red face?"

      I giggle. "Yes, but don't worry about it."

"I won't. Gareth, as you know, we're not bigots. Little Hansie finally having proper parents who love him is wonderful news. What that little boy has gone through, no child should have to go through." She's silent for a moment, and then adds, "He has enough problems coping with the way he is without the rest of the stuff he's had to cope with. I think you understand what I'm saying?"

Without making it obvious to the others in the room, I answer in a sort of code, "Yes. He'll be much better with Kurt and Heindrich."

Gretel understood my code, and says, "Tell Kurt and Heindrich we're genuinely pleased for them."

"I will. Are you missing your pair of rogues?"

"Yes. Especially New Year we will. It will be the first year we've spent without them, but I thought they'd enjoy the experience of spending it in the big city."

Gretel's words make me think - and I can think quickly when I need to - and I say, "Gretel, can I ring you back in about ten minutes?"

"Yes, of course." She giggles. "We aren't going anywhere. Ralf has a full stein of beer."

I laugh. "I'll ring you back."

After I've ended the call, I hug Aleric, and then call to Gottwin to pause the game. He turns, looks at me strangely, and pauses the game. I waggle my finger at him to come to me. He looks perplexed when he gets up. I pull Aleric on one knee, and point to my other. "Sit here. There's something I need to discuss with you both." When they're settled on my knees, I say, "Your mum says this will be the first year you've not celebrated New Year with them. I'm not sure that's a good thing. How would you like to spend New Year with your family, and then come back here afterwards?"

Gottwin is the first to answer, and his face is excited when he says, "That would be great. We can drive up on New year's Eve."

I look at Aleric, "I was thinking that us all being together for this special New Year would be nice. It'll be like when I stayed at your place before. What do you think?"

Aleric looks right into my eyes, trying to see what I'm thinking. I wink at him, and he gets the hidden message: It'll be like when I stayed at your place before. I see recognition pass through his eyes, and he grins. "I think it would be brilliant." And then he says, "Why don't we ask Hans and Kurt and Heindrich if they'll spend it with us? That would be really fantastic!"

I look across at Hans. He looks up at Kurt and Heindrich, and asks, "Could we go, too? Please?"

Kurt smiles at him. "I'm sure there's not room for us all, darling."

"But you could stay in a hotel?" I say. "It would be even nicer if you three came."

Gottwin speaks. "They can stay in that hotel you stayed in, and then we can introduce them to mum and dad and Gunther."

Aleric interrupts. "Yes, then they can see why you wanted to buy the whole of Wieck for them."

I laugh. "I was drunk when I said that."

Gottwin looks at Kurt and Heindrich. "He did you know. He said he was going to buy up the whole village for you two."

Aleric says, "He said you were the loveliest people he ever knew."

I pinch both boys' bums. "Shut up! You're embarrassing me!"

Kurt grins. "Did he really?"

Hans, who is sitting on Hendrich's knee, looks at me, and says, "But he's right. Mum and dad are the nicest people in the world."

I look at the small boy, and I sense that I'm going to love this little fellow a lot. In just two days, he's taken completely to his new parents. He's adopted them as easily as if he was putting on a pair of slippers, and I reckon all three were made for one another. "You're right, Hans. They are." I look at Kurt and Heindrich. "Well? What do you think? A nice trip to the seaside. You could bring your buckets and spades, and spend a day building sandcastles."

Heindrich puts his arm around Kurt, and hugs him. "I think it's a wonderful idea." Then he stares at me with a look that is asking a question, and he says, "That's if the boys' parents won't mind us joining them?"

I know exactly what he means, and I wink at him when I say, "They're lovely people. I'm sure you'll get on fine."

Heindrich smiles. "Then that's a `yes' from us."

I look at my two boys. "And from you two?"

Aleric falls back into my arm and puts his head on my shoulder. He looks at Gottwin, and nods. I'm not sure if a hidden signal has passed between them, because Gottwin falls back into my other arm, and puts his head on my other shoulder.  They giggle at one another, and then Aleric says, "Yes. Brilliant idea, Herr Moneybags."

Roughly, I shove both boys off my knees, and they lie on the rug together, watching me while I dial Gunther's number from my address book, and when he answers, I ask to speak to Gretel. When she comes on the phone, I explain everything to her.

"Can I ring you back, Gareth?"

I chuckle. "Of course. I've only got a small whisky, so we're not going anywhere."

Twenty minutes later, she rings back and speaks to me. "Gareth, I've had a word with these two, and they'd love you all to come up here. I'll organise the sleeping arrangements, and everybody can stay here if they like. The only problem Ralf has is that he wants to know if he can still smoke his pipe."

I laugh. "Of course he can! Kurt smokes like a chimney when he's having fun, but he smokes cigarettes. Ralf can help me with a few beers and a bottle of Schnapps. Tell him I'll be spending most of my time with him anyway, just to get away from these bloody kids."

When I've ended the call, I tell everyone what's happening. They're all excited, and then I say to Hans, "When you and your mum and dad have sorted things with Children's Services in the morning, I'll come after lunch with Gottwin and Aleric to pick you up, and we can all go and get a new PS3 for here. And maybe a Wii system?"

Hansie's eyes are excited. "And an Xbox!"

I laugh. "And an Xbox. And loads of games." I look at Kurt and Heindrich. "That's unless you'd got something else planned after you've tied things up?"

Because Hans is so happy, I can see Kurt is almost crying with joy. He grins at me, and turns to Heidrich, "What do you think, darling?"

Heindrich laughs. "I think my nice peaceful life has come to an end."

Hans hugs him. "But it will be more fun."

Heindrich kisses him. "Yes, it will. Lots of fun, sweetheart."



It's almost midnight. Because they said they needed to be up early to prepare for Children's Services, Hans and Heindrich and Kurt have gone home in a taxi. Hansie did ask if I could go and stay with him overnight, but Heindrich said it would be better for everyone if only the three of them were there in the morning when Children's Services came. I saw Hansie's look of disappointed when he said it, and I tried to pretend that I wasn't bothered. I was really, because all night I'd been thinking about Hansie sucking me off again and me having my pinkler up his bum.

Gareth said he had some work to do before he turned in, and me and Aleric have showered and are lying in bed. I'm rubbing my rock hard pinkler while we wait the prescribed time for me to, supposedly, go to sleep before Bro goes to Gareth. I turn to Aleric. "This is bloody daft! Why don't you just go to him?"

      Aleric giggles. "You know how he is. He still thinks you're an innocent little boy."

      I chuckle, grab Aleric's hand and put it on my hard pinkler. "There's nothing innocent about that! Tell him tonight that I'll be wanking and thinking about him sucking me off."

      More giggles from Aleric, and then he says, "He'll be sucking me off before you go to sleep."

      I turn over and wrap my arm around him, and then I plead, "Can I come with you?"

Aleric shakes his head. "Not yet. It's taken me a month to get him in my pants! I'll work on him and see what I can do. But give me time. Do you want me to do it for you?"

I'm grumpy when I kiss his cheek. "No!" Then I giggle. "But you can suck me off if you want."

Aleric must be feeling as randy as I am, because he suddenly disappears under the duvet, and the next thing I know, he's going crazy under the duvet, kissing my legs and my balls, and then he gets my pinkler in his mouth and he's bobbing up and down on my knob while he tickles my balls. I don't last long, and when I climax, I push his head down and shove my pinkler right into his mouth, and I can feel my stuff spurting in him.

When I've collapsed, he comes up the bed with a grin on his face. "Is that better?"

I'm breathless when I ask, "Did you swallow it?"


I giggle. "You're a proper gay, you are."

He waggles his eyes. "So are you, you kinky sod. What was all that about... Hansie wanting you to stay over?"

I giggle. "I'm not telling you."

Alric giggles. "You've been in his pants, haven't you?"

I laugh. "He hadn't got any on."

Aleric's eyes open wide. "What did you do?"

I tell him everything, and we end up laughing so much, we have to hold our pinklers to stop ourselves peeing the bed.


Aleric gets out of bed very quietly, and says, "I'm going now. Don't you dare come in to us, or I'll kill you!"

I grin at Aleric when he says that, and I say, "I'll be there in thirty minutes. Switch out the lights and pretend to go for a pee. Then I'll go back in your place. He'll think you've had porridge."

Aleric is giggling when he goes out. As soon as he has, I strip naked and start to wank again. They think I can't hear them, but I can. I'll pretend it's me in there, and not Aleric. I'm not gay, but I couldn't care less who it is sucking me off when I'm feeling like this, and the older I'm getting, the more I need it.


Gareth is lying on his back. Me and Al are over him with our pinklers by his mouth, and he's wanking us together and rubbing our knobs on his wet lips. Al is feeling really sexy, grabs my head and kisses me, and puts his tongue right inside my mouth. I suck Al's saliva from it, and then he stops kissing me and says he's getting the feelings. So am I, and we both look down as we climax together. My spunk shoots out of my pinkler onto Al's, and it runs down his pinkler and into Gareth's open mouth, and Gareth is going so wild that he pulls me and Al together and gets both our pinklers right inside his mouth and gives them a good thrashing with his tongue. Yeeeeeesssss! Oh, Yeeeeeessss!

I lie back, exhausted. After I've recovered, I get up and go to the bedroom door and listen to what they're doing. I can't tell what they're doing, but I know it must be really sexy, because I can hear Al making the noises he does when he's having sexy fun. My pinkler goes really hard, and I begin to wank again. When I hear Al making his muffled sexy noises that I know he has when he gets the feelings, I redouble my efforts on my own pinkler and get the feelings at exactly the same time as he does. That's three times I've done it, and I'm almost satisfied. It's a good job I am, because when I was doing the last one, I very nearly went in to them.

To be continued...

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