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The Angel of Pie Jesu.


Book one Star in the Hood.


Part 3.


I throw the Glenfidich into the back of my throat as if I'm trying to put out a fire. `No drinking tonight before the concert, sweetheart!' That was one of Kurt's orders to me earlier in the afternoon when I was in the office and he rang me from his shop. Sod that! My legs are shaking. I've been in the offices of some of the world's high-flyers and felt nervous, but it was as nothing compared to how I'm feeling now just because I'm going to meet a small boy. All day I'd been thinking what to wear. I even rang Kurt again to see what he was wearing and to get his advice. I'm grinning as I think about his answer. `Go in your birthday suit, sweetheart. Aleric will have an erection all night under that lovely red cassock. You won't see it of course, but I can guarantee he will.' After I'd told him he was a filthy minded tart, he told me what he was wearing: `White, darling, with a ruby shirt and a touch of mascara', and he said I was to wear something so as not to make him look like a church mouse.


Despite it being winter, I've selected a light suit. An iridescent, silver-grey, three piece one, with an eight-button waistcoat; white, open necked shirt, which reveals a hint of my chest hair, and black shoes. It will all be covered with my dark-grey overcoat and wrap around grey woollen scarf, but not when I'm in the theatre. I decide not to wear neck jewelry; just the brushed steel Rolex and cufflinks to match the suit. I want to be minimalist when I meet Aleric properly.


It's almost six when I decide to make a move, and I check my pocket to make sure I've got the new Blackberry mobile phone I've bought for Aleric this afternoon. It's on contract so he'll never run out of money if he accepts it and wants to keep in touch with me. It has only one number on it: the number of a new Blackberry I bought for myself that I intend using for only Aleric to call me. I could have bought him a better phone, but the Blackberry has two advantages; they're small enough for Aleric to hide if he has to, and we can SMS each other when he's used to it.


Kurt is chuckling again as I drive through the evening traffic to the Schiller Theatre with the soft background music of the S******** Boys Choir the only sound in the car. I ask him why he's doing it.


"Aleric will think all his Christmases and Birthdays have come at once when he sees you."


I turn to him, and smile. "And I reckon all the older boys will be swooning over you. You look gorgeous!"


I feel Kurt's hand on my right arm. "You say the nicest things, sweetheart. You know how to make a girl feel good. But if I could take little Hansie home and mother him, I would be content."


I turn my head, and smile again at him. "It's true. If I was your type, I'd marry you tomorrow."


Kurt does a womanly shake of the head, and says, "Oh shut up, darling! You'll have me smudging my mascara!"


That makes me chuckle, and I continue to drive, but every 100 metres we travel, I become more nervous. I look again at Kurt. "Have you had no luck with an adoption yet?"


He shakes his head. "No. As you know, we're on the list, but these things take time. Heindrich wants us to start a family before he's much older."


Kurt's answer to my question provides me with food for thought, which allows me to take part of my mind off Aleric. Kurt and Heindrich have been trying to adopt a boy child for some time now. Thank goodness that in this liberated Germany, it's now possible for two homosexuals to do that. They'll make wonderful parents to some unfortunate kid. I feel a little bit guilty that this is all about Aleric and me, and not about Kurt and little Hans Sticky Out Ears. It would be wonderful if he belonged to them.


We are honoured! The owner of the theatre is in the foyer waiting to greet us. The moment the concierge opens the door, he comes immediately to us, and he and Kurt exchange womanly hugs.


Kurt steps back and brushes an invisible speck of dust off the white jacket he's wearing. Then he takes both Albrecht's hands, and says, "You look stunning, Christian. I told you the blue and red would suit you!" Kurt is referring to the blue silk shirt Albrecht is wearing under a crimson jacket. Kurt turns to me. "Gareth, may I introduce you to Herr Albrecht."


I would reckon Albrecht to be about fifty, but he's still quite an attractive, foppish man. He offers me his hand. "Call me Christian, Gareth." He turns to Kurt, and says, "You make a lovely couple."


I shake his hand, and smile into his blue eyes. "She talks too much."


He laughs. "Come to my office. We have fifteen minutes before curtain call." We go to his office, and he asks if we want a drink.


I nod. "I'll have a Scotch, please."


"And you, Kurt?"


Kurt flickers his highlighted eyelashes. "Just a tomato juice, please. I'll make up for it after the performance when I'm mixing with those beautiful boys."


When Albrecht goes to the drinks bar, Kurt gives me a stern look. I grin, and ignore him, and look around at the office. It's not me - pinks and reds and womanly stuff. Christian takes a seat opposite Kurt and me, and I don't miss him looking at the bulge of my crotch. We chat for a while. Well, it's mostly Kurt and Albrecht who do the chatting. I'm a good listener. And then, when I hear the curtain call, my heart goes into overdrive. Albrecht walks with us to the entrance to the auditorium, gives us both a program, tells us he'll see us afterwards, and says for us to enjoy the performance.


I feel absolutely self-conscious as we make our way to the two best seats in the house; dead centre; front row. Kurt sits to my right. My nerves are jangling, and I wish I'd taken a piss before we went in.


Kurt wraps his arms around my right one, squeezes me tightly, looks into my eyes, and says with a grin on his face, "Good luck, sweetheart. Try not to cry too much tonight."


The lights dim; silence descends on the place; the lush green curtain begins to rise, and Aleric is presented to me in all his fabulous beauty. Our eyes meet; he takes in a great breath of air; his chest swells as he gives me the most radiant smile, and I nod to him through misted eyes.



I almost cry with relief when I see him. Oh my God, he is so utterly beautiful in his silver suit and white shirt! His open-mouthed smile reveals his brilliant white teeth, and then he nods to me. I nod back at him and wait for Herr Direktor to begin the show. For some strange reason, I'm not nervous now. I have been all day; running to relieve myself a number of times when I felt an unusual urge to pee. I told Herr Direktor that it was `last night nerves'.


Never have I sung as well as I do tonight. I miss not a single note, and I easily reach the high trebles, which is my forte. And then the moment I've been waiting for; the moment I've been daydreaming about; my Pie Jesu.


I look at Herr Direktor for my cue, and when he gives it to me, I look directly at Gareth; right into his wonderful blue eyes. After the first two bars, I see the tears falling from his eyes, and my own mist over, but never do I lose my place, and never do I take my eyes from Gareth's, and with my head held high and tears now slipping from my eyes, we cry our way through the whole performance. Maybe it's the emotion of the performance, or maybe it's the tears so obviously running down my cheeks that cause it; I don't know, but the moment I finish, the audience rise as one, and the applause is deafening. And then the cries ring out: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! The first from Gareth as he stands, clapping his hands above his head, and the rest of the audience take it up. For two whole minutes the applause rings out. I take countless bows and direct the applause to the rest of the boys and Herr Direktor and the orchestra. The curtain falls, and I'm exhausted.



I've managed to dry my face, but Kurt is weeping openly as we walk from the auditorium. The place is buzzing. I can hear the comments. `What a gorgeous voice!' `He was actually crying when he sang it!' `I've never heard anything so beautiful!' `He could make a fortune with that voice!' `He should be with the Vienna Boys!'


I feel a sense of superiority knowing only Kurt and I know why Aleric sung so beautifully, and a certain smugness knowing his wonderful performance was just for me and not them. I take Kurt's arm, and walk out of the theatre and into the cold night air. It hits me like the breath of fresh air it's supposed to be, and I take in great gulps of it, stare up at the stars, and say, "Thank you, Kurt."


Kurt has almost recovered. He dabs away the last tear from the corner of his eyes, takes a cigarette from the gold case I gave him as a gift, lights it with the gold lighter I gave him as a gift, takes a deep drag from the cigarette, blows the smoke almost vertical, and then hugs my arm. "You've ruined my mascara! You and that boy!" And then his face softens as he stares into my eyes. "I've never known anything so beautiful. It was like something out of a fairy story. Pinch me; I think I'm dreaming. Wait until I tell Heindrich! He won't believe me! He just won't believe me!"


I grin at him. "Are you alright? Can we go back inside now?"


"When I've finished this damned cigarette! Then we both need a Scotch!"


I chuckle, and ask, "What happened to the tomato juice?"


"Fuck the tomato juice! I need a Scotch, you Welsh bastard!"


I don't stop giggling until we take our seats.



Herr Biermaier has his arm around my shoulder. "Are you alright? Whatever brought that on? I've never known you to be so emotional."


I'm shivering. "I don't know, Sir. It was as if a spirit had entered me. I feel a little unwell. Drained. I'm not sure I can continue."


He leads me to a chair in the dressing room. All the other boys are watching us. He takes my hand and looks into my eyes. Then he places his hand on my forehead. "You're hot and clammy. Come on, let's get some fresh air."


He leads me out of the side door, and I breathe in the cold night air in great gulps. I feel a little better for it, but my legs are still shaking, and I feel as weak as a new-born kitten. I don't understand it myself. I felt none of this when I was singing Pie Jesu to Gareth. Then, I was on a different plane.


"Take deep breaths, Aleric. Deep breaths. That's it; in and out as I taught you. From the diaphragm. In through the nose, and out through the mouth."


Five minutes we spend doing this; him holding my arm to make sure I don't fall. Eventually, I feel a lot better, and I tell him so.


"Good boy. Let's go back inside."


In the dressing room, the other boys come to me, and they look genuinely concerned. Little Hansie is holding my arm and staring at me. I'm his hero. I have been since he joined the choir. That was six months ago, just before he was ten. He's matured tremendously under Herr Biermaier. His voice is forming its own unique quality, and I'm in no doubt that one day he'll be as good as, if not better, than me. If he lasts that long that is. I've become his confidante and guide ever since he told me that Herr Biermaier was interfering with him. Up to yet, he's coped, but I'm not sure he will much longer. When I know Herr Biermaier has selected him for his nightly entertainment, I never go to sleep until it's over, and then I go to him and comfort him. And it's because of little Hansie that I manage to overcome the way I'm feeling. Herr Biermaier had told me just before we went on stage that I'm his choice tonight, and I know that if I'm not available to him, his second choice will be Hansie. I won't let that happen.


I drink the cold glass of water Herr Biermaier offers me, and nod to him that I'm alright now. I'm not emotional when the curtain goes up, but I do give Gareth a lovely smile. He smiles, and then nods to me.


Everything goes well, and then the final number: Time.


I am the hours
And moments of your yesterday
I am your time gone by
All days and ages fleeting long since passed away,
As endless years roll by.


Gareth sheds no tears, and neither do I as I sing my solo part and we stare into each others eyes. Gareth has his hands together, his fingers interlocked, his head to one side, listening to every note with a look of deep contentment on his face, and I devour everything about the man I've fallen deeply in love with.


Curtain call after curtain call, and even Herr Biermaier doesn't know when to stop them. The audience are thunderous in their applause, and every time the curtain goes up, it seems to get louder. All the boys are laughing now, and we're excited each time we see the curtain go up again. Eventually, Herr Biermaier steps forward and takes a microphone from a member of the orchestra, makes a very low bow, waves an expansive hand around the auditorium at the audience, and says, "Ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately, everything has to come to an end, and because you've been such a special audience, I regret this night ending as much as you do. But it's getting late, the night is drawing on, and my first priority is to the boys. They have a long journey home tomorrow, and they need to get some sleep. But, because this is their last concert before Christmas, I'm going to let them have a little fun. I'll send the boys backstage now to change into their normal clothes, and when they return, you can see what I have to put up with when they're not performing in front of an audience. If some of you think you have problems controlling a couple of boys at home, believe me, it's nothing compared to what I have to put up with while we're touring." He turns to us. "Right boys, go and get changed."


When Herr Biermaier says we'll be doing our fun piece, I'm excited. But I'm also nervous. I'm going to change out of the only clothes Gareth has seen me in, and I'm going to look like a normal boy. Will he still think as much of me when he sees I'm nothing special when I'm not dressed in religious garments and not singing solo? I selected the clothes I wanted him to see me in before we came to the theatre. Because my family are not wealthy, we can't afford designer clothes, but mum did push the boat out a few weeks ago. Me and Gottwin are both into rap music, and she sent for two hoodies from Tinchy Stryder's site. We were over the moon with them, and I brought mine with me. So I selected that, a white t/shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and white trainers... hoping Gareth would find me attractive in them.



I look around. Not a single person has left their seat, and the place is buzzing with excitement. Ten minutes later I hear the sound of feet treading the boards on the stage, and the sound of boys' laughter. I'm excited. I've been wondering what Aleric would look like as a normal boy, out of the cassock and surplice, and I thought I'd see that at the reception afterwards. But I'm going to see him now, and I can't wait.


Holding the microphone, Herr Direktor comes around the side of the curtain, and the place goes quiet. "Ladies and gentlemen, first of all, let me say that I completely disassociate myself from the following chaos. The boys have done this in their spare time. When the curtain falls after they've finished, that will be it, and you won't see them again tonight. So I give you the boys and their own version of: Rock Around the Clock!"


The curtain rises, and for the very first time, I see my Aleric in his singular boy beauty. He's wearing white trainers, blue jeans, and a black hoody with large gold letters on the front of it that say `Star In The Hood'. I'm familiar with the logo, because it belongs to a rapper called Tinchy Stryder from the UK. How do I know? Because when I first saw it, I was pissed off that I didn't own the logo, because it has such tremendous potential to make money.


Aleric is almost shy now, and I think he's wondering what I think of him as a normal boy. I need to put him at ease, so I nod to him and give him the `thumbs up'.


The lights don't go down this time; they remain on while the boys perform their own version of the famous rock song. Now it's no longer `them and us'. We are as one as the boys dance and sing, and we, the audience, clap and join in with them. Because he takes the lead, little Hansie Sticky Out Ears is the star of the show, and he has us all in tears laughing at his exaggerated antics, and Kurt in tears, because, by now, I know he's fallen in love with the little man. All too soon the song is ended and the boys take a single bow in response to the tumultuous applause from the audience. The curtain falls, the performance is finally over, and my legs feel like jelly at the thought that I'm going to meet Aleric in a very short while, and if we shake hands, I'll be touching him for the first time in my life.



As soon as the curtain goes up, I can see Gareth studying me, and when he gives me a lovely smile and a `thumbs-up', I feel three metres tall.


We perform Rock Around the Clock, and Hansie is absolutely brilliant in his skin tight jeans that show up his little bum and thin legs when he swivels and gyrates as he takes the lead part. It goes brilliantly, and when it's over, we get a tremendous reception. Then the curtain goes down, and I become a bag of nerves. In just a few minutes, I'll be close to my Beautiful Man; I'll shake his hand; I'll be speaking to him for the very first time; I'll be so close that I think I might swoon if he allows me to look into his fantastic cobalt blue eyes. I've been rehearsing what to say. If we talk about cars, I'll be OK... I think. I wonder what he smells like? I've doused myself with Lynx. He should be able to smell me from across the room. I can hardly speak a word of English. I hope Gareth can speak good German. In my jeans pocket are all the details I wrote down. If we get that far, I'll give them to him.



The reception room backstage is crowded when Herr Biermaier leads us into it. After polite applause, we do our job; mingle with the hierarchy. I intend to do no such thing. While pretending to accept the many gracious compliments with thanks, I search the room for Gareth. And then I see him, standing at the far side of the room with Kurt and the owner of the theatre, Herr Albrecht. He's seen me. I know he has, because he lowers his head and gives me a hidden smile. I smile back at him, and slowly make my way through the admiring guests until I'm almost by them. And then I hear a familiar voice call, "Aleric!" I look up. Kurt has come to our rescue again. "Aleric! Come here you beautiful boy and let me give you a big motherly hug!"


I grin, and then go to him and he hugs and kisses me. I look up at him. "Hello Kurt."


He looks down at me with a knowing smile on his face. "Let me introduce you to my very special friend, Gareth Rhys-Jones, aged thirty two, and a native of that barbaric tribe from across the English Channel."


I turn to Gareth, and we make eye contact. He holds out his hand. I slip my own into his, and he squeezes mine. The touch of his hand makes me tingle inside, and now we're close and I can see them properly, I sense the vibes as he looks into the depths of me with his fabulous eyes. My feelings are that I want to fly into his arms and crush him to death, but the presence of the theatre owner requires that I'm formal, and as normal as I possibly can, I say, "It's nice to meet you, Sir. Kurt tells me that you have a Bentley Continental."


Gareth smiles, and although it carries an unmistakable British accent, his grasp on my mother tongue is flawless, and his voice is warm and very soft, especially when he says my name for the very first time. "Indeed I do, Aleric. Actually, it's the Supersports convertible model. Do you like them?"


Without breaking eye contact, I reply, "Yes Sir. They're my second favourite car."


Gareth laughs, a beautiful deep laugh, and his eyes are teasing me when he says, "Then we share something in common, Aleric. They're also my second favourite car. My favourite is the Bugatti Veyron. Call me Gareth. By the way, what is your favourite car?"


I laugh, more in relief that at last we're speaking on first name terms, and I reply, "The same... Gareth!"


We maintain eye contact when he says, "Then that's at least two things we have in common. Maybe we barbaric tribes from across the English Channel are not so barbaric after all. Have you ever been in a Bentley Continental?"


The moment he says it, I think I know where he's going, and I phrase my words very carefully. "I sat in one in the city, but I'd love to have a ride in one, Gareth."


Gareth turns to the theatre owner. "How long does this reception last?"


Herr Albrecht looks at his watch. "Another hour... at least." He grins at Gareth. "What are you up to?"


Again Kurt comes to our rescue. "Aleric! You naughty boy! I didn't believe you when you said you would steal my Gareth just for his car! You little hussy, you!" He turns to Gareth. "And as for you, you still haven't grown up! You and your cars! You think more of them than you do of me and all your friends!" He shakes his head and puts his hands to his bosom. "Oh, I give up with you! I really do!" He turns to Herr Albrecht, and says, "They want to go for a drive in that damned car! Let them go Christian, or he'll sulk all night because he hasn't been able to show off!"


Herr Albrecht laughs, and then turns to me, and says, "And what, Aleric, do I tell your direktor when he asks where you are?"


I grin at him. "Say I've gone for a poo, Sir. A long one." I put on my best appealing look. "Please?"


Thank goodness the old man has still got some devilishness in him, because he jerks his finger over his shoulder. "Go through that door into the corridor. There's a toilet in there, and the first door on your left is an exit from the theatre. The code is 8691. But don't go yet." He takes hold of Kurt's arm. "Come with me, Kurt. We can get Herr Biermaier to have a wee drinky with us in my office. Maybe you can fix him up with something from your shop?"


Kurt's face can't hide what he's thinking. He gives me a naughty smile, and takes hold of Herr Albrecht's arm. As he's walking away, he turns and gives me the most delicious wink I've ever had.


Our silence is an awkward one as we wait for Herr Albrecht and Kurt to get Herr Biermaier into the office. I spend my time looking at my feet and stealing glances at Gareth, who, because he's tall and can see across the room, is keeping an eye on how they're doing. I begin to giggle. "Have they gone yet?"


Gareth giggles, too. Then he says, "Almost. You go through the door and wait for me. What was that code?"




Gareth pushes me towards the door, and says, "You go now, but don't forget that code number, or we won't be able to get back in."


I leave Gareth, and I'm feeling very exposed as I walk towards the door. Hoping that nobody is watching me, I slip through it. The corridor is in semi-darkness, lit only by a few dim lamps. It seems like an eternity, but then the door opens and Gareth walks through it.


He's laughing as he walks towards me. "Punch the damned number in. Quick! Lets' get out of here."


My hands are shaking as I punch the numbers into the ten digit code lock. Gareth pushes it, and it swings open. He pushes me through the door and closes it as quietly as he can behind us. Then he takes my hand and pulls me towards the car park.




Aleric's hand is warm in mine as I hold it tightly. We're both laughing like two small boys playing truant as we run towards where I know my car is parked, and as soon as we're near the car, the key in my pocket automatically operates the door locks, and I tell Aleric to get in. By the time he's in and strapped into his seat, I've pressed the starter button and we're off. I look across at him, and in the semi-darkness of the evening, I can see his face is alight with excitement as I drive half a kilometre before parking the car. He gives me a puzzled look, and asks, "Why have we stopped?"


Nervously, I put my hand out to him, hoping he'll take it. It's as if everything is in slow motion as he lifts his arm and wraps his warm hand in mine as we look into each other's eyes. My heart is pounding, because I know that if this doesn't go right, I'm going to lose the boy I've fallen in love with, and I'm sure my voice can't hide the worry I'm feeling when I say, "I've stopped, because there's something I need to say, and if I don't do it now, we may not get the chance again." I can't work out what Aleric is thinking, but now I've begun, I need to finish the thoughts in my mind, and I continue, "I don't know how you feel about me, Aleric, but I'm going to tell you how I feel about you, and if you don't feel the same, we'll drive, and then I'll take you back to the theatre and I'll never bother you again. I promise. So, if I've made a big mistake, please forgive me. I haven't stopped thinking about you from the first moment I saw you. You're in my head day and night. I want to be your friend and see you as often as I can. If you don't want that, tell me now, and I can put this silliness to bed."


Aleric stares right into my eyes. His grip on my hand tightens, and he pulls it to his cheek and caresses himself with it. "It isn't silliness, Gareth. I feel the same. I don't know why, but I've wanted to be special friends with you ever since I saw you." He releases my hand, fiddles in his jeans pocket, takes out a piece of paper, and hands it to me. "All my details are on there. I was hoping I'd be able to give them to you after the show. I've made a new email address up just for you. Aleric1234Gareth@XXXX. I want us to keep in touch when I go home."


Relieved as Hell, I take the tightly folded piece of paper from him, put it in my wallet, open a dashboard pocket, and take out the mobile phone, one of my cards, and a 20 Euro note I'd stashed away in there. "I want us to keep in touch, too. That's why I've bought this for you. My very personal number is on it, and you'll never have to pay anything. It's on contract to me, and you can speak to me anytime. Anytime! Day or night! I don't care. The personal card has all my details on it. If you lose the phone, don't worry, just phone me on the number on the card, and I'll get another to you. Are we really special friends?"


Aleric's face breaks into a wonderful smile, and he nods. "Really special friends. What's the money for?"


"I've brought the charger to the phone, but I was afraid you wouldn't have anywhere to put it. Do you have a phone shop near to where you live?"




"Good. The phone is fully charged now, so you should be ok for a few hours before it runs out. You can buy another charger with the 20"


Aleric is grinning when he says, "I can take the charger, and when we get back, I'll hide it in my underpants and go right to the dressing room and put it in my bag."


I grin. "In your underpants! Are you sure? Have you got room in there?"


Aleric does a naughty giggle. "Yes. My hoody will hide it. Well, I hope it will. Goodness knows what people will think if it doesn't!"


I can't stop giggling myself as I reach into the dashboard pocket and give Aleric the small box the phone came in. "Shove that down your underpants when we get back. And keep the money. It will buy you some new underpants after that box has stretched them." I laugh nervously. "If I'd known where it was going, I'd have put kisses on it."


Aleric can't stop giggling at my naughty remark; then he turns and looks in the back of the car. "Is that your scarf in the back seat?"


I look round at where I've dumped my overcoat and scarf before we went into the theatre. "Yes. Why?"


Again Aleric giggles. "May I have that too, please? I can stuff that down my underpants as well."


I reach round to get it, and give it to him, and I'm laughing when I say, "You'll look like the Michelin Man!"


He grins, and snuggles the scarf to his face. Then his face becomes serious as he asks, "When will we be able to see each other again?"


"Whenever you like. I can get to you anytime, but you will have to choose your moments. Where do you live?"


"At Wieck; a small fishing village near Greifswald." And then he adds as an afterthought, "It's a long way away."


I smile at him to ease his worry. "I'd come to you if you lived in Siberia. What are your family like?"


Aleric is visibly relieved at my comment, and he says, "There's mum and dad, and I have a twin identical brother; Gottwin, and an older brother; Gunther. He's twenty-one."


"Do your parents work?"


"Dad used to be a fisherman. He had a bad accident at sea two years ago. He can't work now. Our village is by the sea."


"How does your family manage without your father working?"


"Mum goes to work. She works in the market. Gunther works as a car mechanic. Can we go back now? I'm not supposed to be with you. Herr Biermaier is very strict about us not associating with anybody."


I take Aleric's hand and squeeze it. "OK. Shall I put my foot down?"


Aleric laughs. "Yes. Let's hope the cops don't catch us."


I do show off on the return drive, and as soon as I've parked, we get out of the car and run to the side door. Aleric stops, and looks at me, puzzled. "I've forgotten the code!"


I look into his eyes and see mischievousness in them. "You haven't!"


He giggles. "No. I was just teasing you. It's 9186."


I giggle. "No it isn't!"


Aleric can't stop giggling as he punches in 8691 and the door opens when I push it. Into the semi-darkness of the corridor, and we go towards the other door. Before I have a chance to open it, Aleric grabs me and brings me to a halt. I turn and look at him.


His face is serious when he says, "Can I hug you?"


I smile and sweep him into my arms, and we hug. He pushes his head up and rubs his forehead on the stubble on my chin, and then, when he pulls away and looks seriously into my eyes, he asks, "What sort of special friends are we Gareth?"


Very slowly, I lower my face to his. I can feel his breath on my mouth. I go the extra couple of centimeters, and our lips touch. He closes his eyes, pushes his face up, pouts his lips, and the kiss firms. I push him gently away. "That sort of special friend? Is that what you want?"


Aleric smiles. "Yes. That sort of special friendship is what I want."


I grin at him, and give him a quick peck on his lips again. "Then that's the sort of special friendship we'll have. We'd better go in now. Put that stuff in your underpants."


He lifts his hoody, revealing the whole length of him to his chest, and I get butterflies looking at the part of him that has remained hidden since first I set eyes on him. He wraps the scarf around him, tucks the phone box under the hoody, and grins when he says, "I look like Herr Biermaier with his fat belly!"


I grin back at him. "I thought they were going in your underpants?"


Aleric licks his tongue out at me. "You're a naughty man." Then he grins again, and says, "Anyway, you didn't put any kisses on them, or I may have done."


I ease the door slightly open and peek through the gap. I can't see Herr Biermaier, Herr Albrecht, or Kurt. I turn to Aleric. "I can't see them. You go in first, and I'll follow in a few minutes." I push him through the door and pat his bum as he goes. Then I close the door and lean against the wall. My heart is pounding. I wait ten minutes, and then walk confidently into the room. Aleric is with little Hansie Sticky Out Ears, and they're chatting happily to a man and a woman. I go to the bar and order a large Scotch. I shouldn't really, but I need one. Our secret assignation has drained me. I lean against the bar where I can see him, and sip at my Scotch, watchong everything he does: every smile; every laugh; every sly glance he throws my way. One time, his gaze sticks, and I tip my glass to him. He nods and smiles, and then turns back to the half dozen people who around himself and little Hansie now. Inwardly, I'm chuckling. The evening has surpassed even my wildest expectations. Then I see them: Kurt and Albrecht and Biermaier. Kurt breaks away with his usual ladylike manner, and comes directly to me. He looks me in the eyes. "Well?"


I shrug my shoulders. "It went OK... I suppose."


Kurt grits his teeth. "Tell me, you bastard!"


"There's not much to tell really. We just kissed, and we've made plans to see each other again."


Kurt's eyes open wide, and so does his mouth in an expression of astonishment. "You kissed! Oh my good lord! You kissed?!"


I grin at him. "Do you want a little drinky?"


Kurt shakes his upper body in a very exaggerated ladylike manner, grabs my arm, and hugs it very tightly. "A double Schnapps, you sexy creature!"


While I'm ordering the drink, the Blackberry phone in my trouser pocket vibrates. I take it out and look at the call number. Aleric! My first ever call from my beautiful boy! I turn and see him standing slightly away from anyone, and he's got my new phone in his hand as he's looking at me. I grin at him, and we look into each other's eyes as I say, "Hello... Star in the Hood. What do you want?"


I can see him mouthing the words, and his beautiful voice is in my ear. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm missing you already."


I stare at him. "And I'm missing you already. But I thought it was my car you wanted."


He grins when I add the bit about the car. "I'm torn between that and you, but the car might be winning, because it's the Supersports version."


I laugh. "Make up your mind, and tell me later tonight... when you're in bed."


Aleric laughs. "That would be naughty."




"Because it would be like having you with me."




"Stop asking so many questions! You're embarrassing me!"


I giggle. "I know I am. I'm getting my own back for 9186."


I watch Aleric giggling. "First my underpants, and now my bed. I'll have to watch you! I'll ring you later."


I laugh. "When you're in bed?"


He stares at me for quite a while, almost frowning, and then his face softens, and I see and hear his words. "When I'm in bed. It will be nice having you with me."


I decide to tease him further. "I should have put kisses on the box."


I see him laugh. "Maybe you should. But it's too late now. I'll be wearing your scarf instead."


"You'll be too hot with that round your neck."


He giggles again. "It won't be round my neck."


"Where will it be then?"


We stare into each other's eyes for a while, and then, just as he turns away to join his little friend, he says, "Where the box would have gone if you'd put kisses on it."


I can't see his face now, just the contours of his back. Perhaps it's as well. I don't know how either of us would have followed his last comment.




I've told Herr Biermaier to suck me off first, but he's stopped on the way down to suck my tits. I push his head down to my slim belly, and he dips his tongue into my navel. My pinkler is really hard, because I'm imagining its Gareth doing this to me.



Gareth. I wonder where he is now? Maybe he's thinking the same things about me that I'm thinking about him. The ride in the car was exciting. When Gareth stopped, I was puzzled, but to hear him say all the same things I wanted to say, but didn't dare, was wonderful. I might not have had the courage to say anything other than that I had my personal details if he wanted them. But Gareth's forthrightness was what was needed. The kiss was beautiful. I could smell his lovely aftershave. But something else happened that Gareth didn't know about: my pinkler got hard when he kissed me. I couldn't stop it, and I had to bend my bum back when I was tying the scarf about my waist to stop it showing when I lifted my hoody. I don't think he saw it. Well, at least he didn't seem to. And he had his hand on my bum when he patted me as I went through the door. That was nice.



Herr Biermaier is lying between my spread legs now, and is sucking on my pinkler. He has two fingers holding the base of it, and he's pushed my foreskin right back, and is slipping my swollen knob in and out of his wet mouth, and his other hand is fondling my balls and the part between them and my bum hole. If Gareth was doing this to me, I think I'd be bucking like a horse trying to get it further in. Whatever else Herr Biermaier is, he certainly knows all the parts that stimulate a boy, because, despite the fact that I don't like him, I can't resist the sexiness of what he does to me at times, and right now he's doing one of the things that really turns me on. Oh, Gareth!



I'll ring him after this is over. I want to hear his beautiful voice with that British accent. I'm going to tease him about his scarf and him being in bed with me. It's in the drawer now, waiting for this to be over. I'll get it out and have it in bed with me when I ring him. I can put it by my pinkler when he's talking to me. That will be sexy. Does he want to go to bed with me? Do I want to go to bed with him? Yes I do. I want to be snuggled up to him. But will we ever do it? Too many questions. All that matters now is that I'll be speaking to him as soon as this is over. But there's no harm in me pretending its Gareth doing these things to me rather than the fat Herr Direktor.



Oh yes, Gareth! That's it. Suck it like you're doing now, and keep playing with my balls. That's it Gareth! Suck me! Suck me! Suck me! Yeeeesssss! Ohhhh Gareth, my lovely, beautiful friend! That was wonderful!



Herr Direktor is kissing my forehead and my eyes. I decide to be brave. "Herr Biermaier. Being as this is our last night, can I do something I want to do?"


"What is it you want to do my sweet boy?"


"Can I give you a surprise? It's something we've not done before."


Herr Biermaier smiles at me. "Is it sexy?"


"I think so, Sir. If you lie on your back, I'll show you."


He lies on his back, and spreadeagles himself. "Will this do?"


I stroke his stiff thing. "Yes Sir. Stay exactly like that."


While he's watching me, I smear gel all over his pinkler, and then onto my balls and right into my bum crack. I can see stuff oozing from his slit, and I know he's worked up already. Good. I don't want that up my bum tonight. I manoeuvre myself into position; sitting on his thing so it's between my bum cheeks and pressed down onto his fat belly. Then I reach up and get my underpants from under the pillow, turn them inside out, and press them onto his face, making sure the part I want is on his nose.


The part I want is something I'd prepared earlier; before we went to the theatre. I did a poo. It was a smelly one. That's when the idea came to me. So, instead of wiping my bum with paper, I wiped it with my underpants, and for good measure, I did a small pee into them, too. Then I put them on the radiator to dry. When we got back from the theatre, I checked they were dry and that the aroma was nice and ripe, and then slipped them under the pillow. The one thing I've learned about Herr Biermaier, is that he loves to smell boy shit. Well he's got some now! I press down very firmly to keep the underpants over his face, and I begin to work him off by sliding up and down his thing. The underpants soon do their trick, because in just a short while, I watch his stuff shooting up his body. Some of it even manages to reach my underpants, which are still over his nose, and I feel a tremendous satisfaction that I've achieved what I set out to do. It had been a brilliant idea, and I reckon it might just save me having his thing up my bum a few more times.


Herr Biermaier is sitting on the side of my bed, holding the shitty underpants in one hand, and fondling my limp pinkler with the other. He looks into my eyes. "I think we're getting to know one another, Aleric. I enjoyed that. I'll take these pants with me if you don't mind. They'll last me until we do the next tour. You can give me a special Christmas present if you want to?"


I false-smile at him. "What will that be, Sir?"


"Post some fresh ones to me whenever you can. Dirty ones of course! I love the smell of you."


Another false smile. "Sir. Can I ask you something?"




I pretend to be shy. "I'm not sure I should say. You might be very angry."


He looks at me; puzzled. "I won't be angry with you."


I avert my eyes as if I'm afraid. "Hans Drescher. I know you do it to him as well as me. He likes it, but when you're in his bum, it makes him bleed. That's how I found out. The blood was running down his legs one morning. It took me ages to get him to tell me why. I know I shouldn't interfere with what you do to the other boys, but I get jealous. The next time you want to do Hansie, can we do it together; you and me and him. You can do stuff to Hansie, but let me have your thing in my bum. We could do it really special. Hansie could sit on your face, and I could do the other thing."


Herr Biermaier studies my face. "Do you think he'll say anything to anyone?"


I shake my head. "No Sir! Not if I tell him not to. But I'm afraid that if he has to go to hospital or anything, it will all come to an end. This way we can keep our secret. But I don't want you to stop sucking me and putting your tongue in me. I really like that!"


Herr Biermaier smiles. "You're a clever boy. You're my best ever. We understand each other. OK. On the next tour, we'll do it that way. Tell Hans that I won't put it up his bum. In fact, when we do it together, I'll let you play with his bum, and I'll suck Hansie's schwantzie. How does that sound?"


A false grin. "That's great, Sir. You can put yours up my bum, and Hansie and his schwantzie is yours. And I'll send you some really smelly pants through the post. I'll wear them for a few days and then send them to you. Can I go to sleep now Sir?"


"Of course you can. By the way, you know that gay fellow, Kurt? He has a gentlemen's outfitters shop in the main street, and his partner has invited us all to go there in the morning before the coach takes us back, and he'll pay for anything we want. I'll choose some underpants for you. Would you like that?"


I nod. "Yes Sir. Some white ones. Do you like white ones?"


"I love white ones. You go to sleep now. Goodnight, Aleric."


"Good night, Sir."



I want to punch the air the moment the door closes, but instead,  I clean every last vestige of Herr Biermaier out of my room and off my body, and I'm as clean as a new pin when I lie in bed with Gareth's scarf between my legs. I call him on my new phone, and within a couple of rings, I hear his beautiful voice.


"Hello, Star in the Hood. Are you nicely tucked up in bed?"


I giggle. "Yes. With your scarf."


I hear Gareth chuckling, and...



To be continued...

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