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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one – Star in the Hood.

Part 31.


I start the car and switch the heater system to full power. In less than a minute, the frost falls from the windscreen, warm air is blowing through the car, and our seats are warm. I look at Aleric settled back in his seat, dressed in his bomber jacket, woollen scarf and woollen hat, and say, "To our special place?"

He nods. "To our special place."

There are just a few people about as I drive, but as we near the harbour where the bobbing yachts are moored – most covered for the winter - they disappear. I park on the car park, look around to see if I can see anyone, and when I can't, I lean across and take Aleric in my arms. He puts his arms around my neck, and we kiss passionately. I break the kiss, get out, take from the rear seat the thick, woollen blanket Aleric brought, and then get my own smaller travel rug from the boot of the car, roll them up so they'll be easy to carry, tuck them under my arm, and we begin the walk to our special place.

      Although it's cold and our breath is like billowing smoke in the night air, we're both warm as we walk along the headland, holding hands, mostly in silence, deep in our own thoughts. To our right the sea splashes against the shore, and overhead the skies are clear and our way is clearly lit by the brilliance of the stars. Thankfully, there's no wind to add to the chill factor. Aleric knows our way better than me, and when we come to our special place, he pulls me off the path and leads us to the depression in the headland that has so many fond memories to me. I unroll the travel rug and lay it on the ground. After I've taken off my overcoat and Aleric has removed his bomber jacket, we lie down, and I wrap us in the thick blanket he brought from home, on our sides, facing each other, Aleric's arms wrapped round my neck and both mine wrapped around his waist.

      I play with Aleric's lips with my own. He snuggles closer, and presses his hips at me. I lower my hands and caress his buttocks. He snuggles even closer, and presses his hips at me even more. I begin to knead his buttocks, pressing my fingers into the fabric of his jeans and into the crevice between his bum. He removes one arm from around my neck, places his hand on my fingers and presses them even deeper, and we kiss for a long time while I play with his bum. I can tell by his kisses how he's feeling, but he hasn't stuck his tongue in my mouth yet. I know why... he's scared of my reaction after everything that's gone on.

      All you wanted me for was to fuck me. You're no different than Herr Biermaier. That's right. Just fuck me off, and I'll explain to mum and dad that you're a con-man.

      Despite trying not to, those words have been echoing in my head all day. In all my life, nobody has been able to hurt me as much as Aleric did then. I'm not a fool. I know that I'll never be able to forget those cruel words. They'll come back to me in my worst nightmares. I'll hear them when I'm in bored in business meetings, and even now while Aleric is wrapped in my warmth, I can hear them.

      Gareth. Please don't go. I promise never to make you do things again, and I'll make sure I'm waiting for you whenever you come back from your trips. You can go whenever you need to, and I'll always be waiting for you when you get back. We can talk on the phone for hours if you've got time. It will be like having you with me. I'll work hard for you, and try to be the best singer in the world for you. Please don't go! I love you. Please don't go!

      I'll hear those words too... the words of my boy who realised the terrible mistake he made. But despite his words of remorse, I'm still deeply wounded, and I'm frightened of doing anything that could lead to more recriminations.



I can feel Gareth trembling, and I know it's not because he's cold; he's trembling because he wants me so much, but daren't make a move after what we've been through, just in case I hurt him again.

      Go back to bed. I'll take you home later today, and I'll never bother you again!

      I recall the look on Gareth's face when he said that. I've never seen anyone so distraught. Even though I was terribly angry, that was the moment I knew I was wrong. If I'd had any sense, or courage, that's the moment I should have gone to him to beseech his forgiveness; when I should have crawled to him on my hands and knees and kissed his feet to implore his absolution. But I didn't. Maybe it wouldn't have worked then, and maybe we'll never be the same again. Maybe, even now, as we're snuggled together and kissing, we can't make it up.

You couldn't be more wrong. Gareth is the exact opposite of Biermaier.

      That's what Kurt said, but he was wrong, and that's why Gareth is frightened now. I know he wants my body. He adores it. He loves my pinkler and wants to suck it, and my balls. He worships my bum; the part of me he likes most. He wants to spend ages sticking his tongue up it and tasting my insides, and he wants to fuck me, pushing his pinkler deep into me, and shooting his stuff right up me when he has the fantastic feelings. Gareth isn't the exact opposite of Biermaier... he's almost the same as him.

      But there is one almighty difference between them... Gareth loves me more for my soul than he does for my body, and that's why we're together. If he didn't love me, I'd mean nothing to him. Maybe if some other boy had awakened him to what he really is, he might have been at the theatre to perv on us, and then he'd have looked at me and tried to get to know me because I'm good looking and fuckable. Very fuckable. I know I am. I'm not a fool. I'm almost fourteen, the legal age in my country to have consensual sex with someone over the age of twenty one. Men who want sex with boys are gay, and Gareth wants sex with me, which means he's gay.

But this isn't all one-sided. I know now that part of me is gay. I'd considered it before, when Biermaier was doing things to me that I liked, but I always dismissed it as rubbish; making excuses for myself that it was because I was a normal boy who was just a randy sod. The truth began to dawn on me that evening me and Hansie spent with Biermaier. The feeling of Herr Biermaier's tongue right up inside my hole, making me feel as if I was on drugs; Hansie sucking me off and having my pinkler stuck right up his little bum; the sight of Hansie sucking Biermaier off when I was fucking him, and watching Biermaier's stuff running out of Hansie's little mouth and down Biermaier's big thing and onto his hairy balls because Hansie couldn't swallow it all was one of the most exciting sexual moments of my life. That's why I was really crying when he took me home. Yes, I felt guilty at betraying Gareth, but the real reason I was upset was because I'd enjoyed it so much and realised being gay was part of my makeup.

Afterwards, I tried to fool myself that I wasn't gay by pretending it was just a part of what was happening at the time, but when I sucked Gareth off and swallowed his stuff, I actually enjoyed it, but even then I was telling myself that I was only doing it because I loved Gareth. It's not true. Now, as I lie in his arms, I know I'll get immense sexual satisfaction if I can suck him off and swallow his stuff, and maybe even more if he was fucking me and shooting his stuff right into me. I'd be his little gay boy, just like Hansie was to Herr Biermaier. I want that, but with a difference. I don't want Gareth without how he feels about me, and how I feel about him. I love him. I adore him. I worship him. But how do I explain all this to my Beautiful Man who is afraid of doing anything to me now. Maybe I need to be honest. Maybe we both need to be honest with each other before we can heal what's come between us. It'll kill or cure, mum says when she's giving me some horrible medicine when I've been poorly. Maybe it's time for me and Gareth to take some horrible medicine now, and take the risk that It'll kill or cure. One thing I am certain of, unless we exorcise the demons that arrived when I was horrible to him, we'll never be the same as we were before.



Aleric stops kissing me, and hugs me tightly. Then he releases his hug and looks into my face. I know he's going to say something, and I steel myself for whatever it is. He's looking at my mouth and playing with my lips with his finger when he says, "Gareth, if I told you I was really gay, what would you think?"

      I consider his words very carefully, and then I ask, "Are you telling me, or are you asking me a question?"

      Aleric realises how ambiguous his words were, and giggles. "Sorry. I was telling you."

      Because Aleric giggled, I feel somewhat easier, and I say, "I don't think you are all gay, but if you were, I wouldn't have a problem with it just so long as you weren't promiscuous."

      Another giggle from my boy, and he says, "No, I'm not. If I was, I could have had hundreds of lovers before I met you."

I can't stop the inner sense of absolute reality that makes me do it, and I'm brutal when I say, "Just the one before you met me then."

Aleric lifts his head, and stares into my eyes. "Herr Biermaier?"

I nod. "Who else but him?"

I'm surprised. Aleric takes my cruel remark in his stride, smiles, and says, "I suppose you're right. He was my lover. Well, he wasn't my lover, he was my sexual partner."

"Your sexual partner?"

"Yes. Everything we've done together, he did it before you came on the scene."

"And you enjoyed it?"

"Some of it. Some of it was horrible. But nothing you do to me is anything but beautiful. That's the difference."

"The difference between me and Biermaier?"

"Yes. He was just sex; you're love and sex. I love you so much that I don't want to live without you, but I don't want us not to have sex. I love having sex with you. Its special having you loving my body and making it feel as if I'm in a different world, and when I'm sucking you off and swallowing your stuff, it's a great feeling for me, and when you're kissing my bum or you've got your pinkler in me, I'm in heaven."

I ask, "Why are you telling me all this?"

Aleric kisses me, and I don't reject it. And then he says, "Because if I don't, we can't mend the hurt. I was right and wrong about you. What I didn't realise when I said those horrible things to you is that I wasn't being honest with myself. I was blaming you for me being gay. Or part gay. I'm only just beginning to understand myself. But I shouldn't have hurt you like I did. That was unforgivable."

And as I look into the beautiful face and wonderful eyes of the boy I love, and as I feel the warmth and softness of his body next to me, I know that everything he's said is true, and I say, "You're completely forgiven."

Aleric smiles and kisses my lips softly. Then he says, "But you're not yet."

I'm puzzled when I say, "What have I done that needs to be forgiven?"

Another peck on the lips. "For not being completely honest with me."

"What do you mean?"

"You haven't admitted that you're gay."

I shake my head. "I've already admitted that I want sex with you."

"But you haven't admitted that you want sex with boys."

"I've never wanted sex with boys before I met you. I don't want sex with other boys."

"You're not being honest with me Gareth."

"I don't know what you mean."

Aleric looks right into my eyes, and I can't stop his gaze going deep into my soul when he says, "I want you to tell me the truth. Have you never thought about doing things with Gottwin? The truth now! The honest truth. And nothing less will do."

      His words hit home, and I tell him the truth. "I can't deny that I've looked at Gottwin and seen the same beautiful body that you have. I can't deny that I've wondered what it would be like to do the same things with him that we've done. But I also know that if it did happen, whatever I did with Gottwin, it could never compare with what we do."

Aleric grabs my head and kisses me passionately, and when he breaks the kiss, his eyes are excited when he says, "But you would do it if circumstances were right, and that's the important thing. You're like me, Gareth: gay. But just as the stuff I did with Herr Biermaier was just sex, that's how it would be with you and Gottwin or any other boy." Aleric grins. "Well, not quite. I know you love Gottwin a bit. Maybe I'll let him have you one night. He'll think all his birthdays have come at once."

I smile, and say, "You're a disgusting sod!"

Aleric grins. "I know, but I'm your little gay boy disgusting sod, and that's what matters, doesn't it?"

I pull Aleric to me, crush my lips against his, and when I feel his tongue force itself into my mouth, I know for certain the rift is healed. I decide to show my boy that it is, and I grab his crotch and massage his cock. Immediately, he undoes his jeans, shoves them down his legs, pushes off his shoes with his feet, and slips his jeans and underpants off completely. Then he fiddles about with my jeans, undoes them, pushes them down to my knees, and grabs my cock with both hands while I wank him. Then he leaves hold of my cock, takes my hand and adjusts my fingers so I'm holding both our cocks together; his on top of mine. Then he pulls me over so I'm half on top of him, locks his arms around my neck, and we continue the kiss while I wank us both off, and he almost screams with delight when we climax and my hot spunk spurts onto his cock and balls and between his legs, and I'm in no doubt that I've spurted so much, it will be running into the crack of his bum.

When it's over and the madness has receded, we both giggle, and I say, "You're in a mess."

Aleric waggles his eyes. "A nice mess. Now let's clean up and go to bed. The second time is always the nicest for me, and it will be even nicer if you're sucking it while you've got your finger up my bum." Then he kisses me, and says, "I might even let you put yours right up me if you're nice to me, and you can fill me up with what you've got left."

I shake my head, and laugh. "When we go to bed?"

Aleric laughs. "We're on the sofa."

"And how do you know that?"

"Mum told me before we left. Mum and dad are in their room; Kurt and Hendrich are sleeping in Gunther's bed, and Gottwin, Gunther and Hansie are sleeping in my bed."

I laugh again. "The three little bears."

Aleric bursts out laughing. "If Hansie is in the middle, he'll think all his birthdays have come at once."

We're still laughing when Aleric uses his underpants to clean us both up, and then throws them away, and we're still laughing when we dress, fold the rugs, and run all the way back to the car.



They're here. 2.30 am. They must have had a lot to talk about! But it's best they are late. It gave me time to organise things while they were away. The others followed orders like sheep. Ralf was the one I needed to explain things to. At one point, I had to give him one of my special stares to shut him up after he kept enquiring where they were, and when we finally got to bed at two, he was soon demanding to know what was going on. I told him that our spoilt little brat had caused problems for Gareth by being too possessive, and that they'd had a big row and needed to sort it out.

      It started by him asking, "What's going on between those two?"

      I pretended to be ignorant. "What do you mean – what's going on?"

      "They've been avoiding each other all night, and then they go off together!"

      "They've fallen out."

      "What about?"

"Aleric thinks he owns Gareth, and forgets that Gareth has work to do. Our spoilt little brat thinks he can make Gareth come and go as he wishes. Gareth put him straight, and Aleric got the humps. They haven't spoken all day. They weren't ill at all. Then Gareth chucked him in the car and brought him home so that he could be here with us. I think they part made up on the way here, but I was angry with them, and told them to go and sort themselves out. They've gone for a drive to talk about things."

"Where's Aleric sleeping?"

"Downstairs. I was going to put Gunther down there, but because they weren't back by the time we all went to bed, I decided they should sleep downstairs so they don't wake everybody up when they get back. I've left a note. Aleric can sleep on the sofa, and Gareth can sleep on one of the rockers. I've left a rug for him. I'll give them both what for in the morning for staying out so long."

Ralf laughed. "I'm glad I'm not in their shoes."

I giggled and cuddled up to Ralf, and said, "No you're not, you lovely man. You're in my shoes. Well, not in my shoes, in my knickers! I hope you're not too drunk to see in the New Year properly!"

Ralf rolled over onto his back, and said, "Not at all, Mein Liebling."    


I found out what had gone on from Kurt. He didn't escape my clutches. I got him in the kitchen and demanded he tell me. He didn't know I knew about the pair of monkeys, but I soon put him in the picture that nobody could pull the wool over my eyes. He was impressed with me, and in no time, we were co-conspirators, and giggling as we whispered to one another and made plans for what comes after. I'm beginning to like Kurt very much. At one point, he made me laugh by asking what shade of lipstick I used, and when I went and fetched it for him, he put some on, and asked if he looked alright in that shade.


They've settled in now. They've made hot drinks. I heard them in the kitchen. I put plenty of logs on before I went to bed. It will be lovely down there. I turn to Ralf and cuddle up to him. He smells wonderful. I feel wonderful. I always do afterwards. I kiss Ralf on the cheek. I'm sorry my Beautiful Man, I told you a few lies, but some things are not yours to know. One of the lies was that one would sleep on the sofa, and the other in a rocker. I've pulled the sofa into a double bed, and they'll both sleep in it, and I reckon after the note I've left them, they'll still be in it when I get up to light the fire at seven. I'm having an extra hour lie-in in the morning.



Dear boys, I've made the bed up for you. I hope you've sorted things. Kurt has told me about EVERYTHING. We've made plans for the New Year. I'll tell you about them later today. Sleep tight. I love you both. Mum. XXX

I'm in tears when I read the note mum has left for us on the kitchen table. I give it to Gareth, and when he's read it, he hugs me. I look up at him, and kiss him, and when we break the kiss, I whisper, "Are you hungry?"

      Gareth chuckles, and whispers, "Only for my little gay boy."

      I stick my tongue out at him. "Not before he's had some cookies and a chocolate drink. Do you want one?"

He nods. "You'll taste even sweeter then."


The burning logs on the fire send flickering lights dancing around the room as we lie on the sofa, naked; being as quiet as possible as we press our bodies together and kiss. Gareth is under me, and his pinkler is dead hard between my legs, just above my knees, as I massage it between them. Then he puts his hand round my waist, pulls me up his body until I'm sitting on his chest, puts his hands under the cheeks of my bum, pulls me to him until my pinkler is by his lips, and leaves the rest to me. I'm pleased he has, because that's the way things will go from now on. The gay man and his gay boy are starting anew now we fully understand what we are.


As I'm fucking Gareth's mouth, I think about the picture Raul painted of me. Only God knows how he was able to understand me. He depicted me as an authoritative, sexual creature who knows what he wants, and even more important, a boy who needs to control what happens to him. Raul was right. Gareth can't take me... he can only have what I give to him, and I intend giving him everything I desire. I've come of age. It will soon be my fourteenth birthday. I'll make that the marker of this coming of age so I can remember in the future when I first discovered myself... when I realised that Aleric Hahn is more gay than heterosexual. Herr Biermaier opened the gates; Gareth has carried me into the house, and from now on, he will service every hole in my body; sucking the juices from me; filling me with his essence; take me to the dizzy heights of sexual satisfaction in any way I see fit. Only after he's given me sexual satisfaction can I give him the love he desires. That love will be like a drug to him, and I'll use his addiction to keep him. I need to, because I also love him



Aleric has taken control. Expertly, he rolls his hips while his cock is deep in my mouth, and then he pulls it part way out so I can play with the nerve endings underneath his knob with my tongue. And then he begins to fuck my mouth in earnest; long, deep thrusts that have his pubic bone banging against my lips. Faster. My mouth is like a cunt to him. He grabs my hair, and speeds up even more. I grasp both his bum cheeks and squeeze them hard. He rams his cock into my mouth and shudders aggressively as the intense feels surge through him.


His lips are soft and warm as he kisses me, his tongue flicking in and out of my mouth like a viper's. It's not ten minutes since he fucked my mouth, and now he's working himself up into a sexual frenzy again.


The Painting. This is the boy in The Painting. Raul knows what Aleric is: a sexually deviant boy on the verge of manhood. It was all there in The Painting. Love! Yes, we love each other, but our love can't exist without this. When we first met, we were both ignorant. But Aleric is a quick learner. Quicker than me in the sex-stakes, but I'm leaning very fast under my young tutor, because, instinctively, I know what he'll do next.


When I watch him lowering himself onto my stiff cock until I'm deep inside him and he's sitting on my pubic hair, I know that he knows that he needs to satisfy me to hook me onto the drug of sex that will ensure I have no resistance to his desires, and when he rolls his hips and uses his inner muscles to draw a fantastic climax out of me that has me heaving my body high from the divan to plant my spunk deep inside him, I see an almost cruel look pass across his face, and then a knowing smile when I've slumped back down and he's tearing at the hairs on my lower body and chest. Now for the Coup de Grâce, whatever that might be, or maybe that should be a not-so-painless Coup d'État, because this wonderful, small boy has done a magnificent job of taking over my soul.


I'm almost unimportant when he makes me raise my hips and shoves two pillows under my lower back. When he lifts my legs and pushes my knees onto my chest, I know he's going to fuck me: the ultimate surrender of what I am. I'm nervous because nothing has ever been in there. Plenty of Vaseline, smeared around the entrance, and then a small finger works its way into me. I wince when he goes in too deep, and he whispers, "Shhhh. You'll get used to it. Just relax." I do, but it's still uncomfortable, but he perseveres until his middle finger is right inside me. He looks at me, smiles, and blows me a kiss. I feel the finger working inside me; twisting and groping. The discomfort subsides. Then he takes the finger out, inserts two fingers, and takes all of five minutes letting me get used to him widening me. He takes his fingers out, shows me three fingers closed together, and waits. I nod to him, and he works them into me. I was embarrassed when he started, but the only worry now is if I fart. But I seem to be OK in that regard, and after five minutes of his administrations, he's satisfied that I'm ready for him.

      After the fingers, Aleric's cock is a doddle. It slips right into me until his lower belly is against my bum, and then he begins to fuck me. I can see he's struggling for height, so I push my bum higher to make him more comfortable. He smiles at me, and nods. I want him to enjoy this, so I reach down and grab his buttocks, and match the rhythm of him fucking me by pulling him in and out.

      "Yessss! Yessss! Yessss!" I'm amazed! Aleric has his eyes closed and is smiling as he climaxes inside me, and his belly slapping on my bum cheeks seems to last for ages until the passions are over.   


We're naked and huddled together, and Aleric's lips are soft on mine as he kisses me, stares into my eyes and strokes my face. He grins, and asks, "Did I hurt you?"

      I shake my head. "Not a lot. You're a big boy now, so goodness knows how I'll feel when you're eighteen."

      Aleric's face is serious now. "Will you still want me when I'm eighteen?"

      "Will you still want me when I'm thirty six?"

      "Not the same. You're a man now, and you'll be a man when you're thirty six. I'm a boy now, but I'll be a man when I'm eighteen. So will you still want me when I'm eighteen?"

      "I'll always love you."

      "That isn't what I asked. Let me spell it out to you. This boy body that you love will have grown bigger and have lots of hairs. I'll have lots of muscles. I'll be able to make lots of stuff. So I'll ask you again, will you still want me when I'm eighteen?"

      "Will you still love me when you're eighteen?"


      "Then I'll still want you when you're eighteen."

"Good. That's all I wanted to know. Now you can go wherever you want in the world and I'll be waiting for you when you get home."

We kiss and press our bodies together, hug each other for a long time, and because we're both exhausted, we fall asleep without saying another word. 

To be continued...

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