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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one – Star in the Hood.



I dedicate this Epilogue to Nathan for the help he gave me in making the story a much better read than it would have been without his input. Rarely can a story be put together and successful without someone other than the author running an experienced eye over the finished product, and like mensch in some of my other stories, Nathan has been an exemplary proof-reader for me. Thank you for all your hard work, Nathan. It's appreciated. But I've really written this Epilogue because you pulled a grumps on me when you thought it wouldn't happen after all the hard work you put in. LOL.



3rd January. The day has gone brilliantly. It began with Aleric and I meeting up with Kurt and Heindrich and Gottwin and Hansie at Frau Müller's large, old house in Pankow. It was a strange place set amongst tall conifers, with a belfry, and had probably been a small church or chapel in the distant past. Aleric and I were the last to arrive, and when I pressed the porcelain doorbell, the chimes inside the place seemed to echo in the belfry. Then the door opened and we were greeted by a solemn faced butler dressed in evening wear, and I immediately thought of the sketch we watched on New Year's Eve: Dinner for One. He never even asked who we were, but stood aside and waved a hand to bid us entry. I looked at Aleric, and saw that he was stifling a giggle, so I gave him a stern look to keep him from being rude. The entrance hall was wide and lofty, with a single chandelier high above in the ornate ceiling. The butler allowed us in, and then shut the heavy door behind us, and because I heard Aleric snigger, I squeezed his shoulder very tightly. I understood why he was amused. If Count Dracula had emerged from one of the many doors off the hall, it wouldn't have surprised me, and things were made even worse, because the butler was wearing black, wooden clogs, and his footsteps echoed from the ceramic tiles like a trotting horse as he led us to one of the doors, opened it, and again, without speaking, bid us to enter.

      They were all standing by a grand piano in the large, old-fashioned room - which reminded me even more of Dinner for One - and Gottwin grinned when he saw us. Frau Müller – a lady with obvious class and a chest like a barrel - came forward, and I introduced ourselves. I detected a slight smile as she looked over the top of her half-moon glasses, and then she totally ignored me, instead, concentrating on Aleric. She lifted his chin, moved his face from side to side, and then looked at Gottwin. She nodded, put a hand on Aleric's shoulder, and led him away from me to the piano. That's when she really got down to business.

      Kurt and Heindrich and I were ordered to sit on one of the many chairs that edged the back of the room, and she began to take them through their paces. Knowing nothing about music, I was fascinated by her expertise; playing notes on the piano and making each boy individually match the note, and then two of them, and then all three of them in harmony. At one point, I felt sorry for Gottwin when she discovered he couldn't read the complicated parts of the music, and then I thought the whole lot was over and done with when Aleric began to protest that his brother hadn't been given the opportunity to learn. That's when Frau Müller went up another notch in my estimation, because she actually listened to Aleric, and then nodded sympathetically towards Gottwin before telling him she would teach him.

      And then, after just an hour, it was over as quickly as it began. No longer were the boys the centre of attention; Kurt and Heindrich and I were. She was positively beaming when she said, "Beautiful. Herr Biermaier has done a wonderful job on Aleric and Hans, and Gottwin will soon learn. He's a natural. However, the twins' voices will be breaking soon, and we have to decide how to accommodate that. My instinct tells me that we should split them up; Hans taking a solo career, and the twins going a different route, but I suspect that isn't what you want?"

      Kurt glanced at me, and I knew he wanted me to do the legwork. I thought for a moment before answering, and then I decided to be honest with her. "I know very little about music, Frau Müller, and I was aware that the twins' voices would soon be breaking, but if it is possible to keep them together, then that's what I would like to happen."

      She nodded, thoughtfully. "It would be possible, but it would depend on the songs they sing, and the audience you're aiming for."

      I gave her a slight sideways shrug of my head. "Again, I'm not an expert in that aspect, but I have a man lined up who is. Are you familiar with the publicist, Andrew Townshend?"

      I knew she was when Frau Müller opened her eyes wide in appreciation of the quality I was aiming for, and she said, "Oh yes!" Then she gave me one of her rare smiles. "Now I understand how high we're aiming, and if Herr Townshend can get in touch with me, and if all three boys are prepared to work very hard, then I think we might make something of them."


I can't stop giggling when I'm in the kitchen making Aleric and Gottwin a drink. They're howling with laughter and making jokes about Frau Müller and her spooky house, and especially about the dumb butler. But they've been like that all day; while we were having an afternoon lunch with Kurt and his lot in a café; when they phoned home from here while we were eating pizzas; and when they were both in the spa bath about half an hour ago. I'm in a good mood myself, and I've had a few whiskies to celebrate the success of the day, and although I'm miles away from being drunk, it's gone to my head slightly, which is part of the reason why I'm giggling. I was hoping to be alone with Aleric tonight, but Heindrich has invited friends round to show off their new boy, and Gottwin came home with us. I don't really mind, because Kurt and Heindrich have their own circle of friends, and I reckon I've already invaded their privacy enough during the last week.

      I'm thinking so hard about the events of the day that I don't hear the boys' laughter die down, and Aleric surprises me when he comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. I expect his hand to go down to my crotch, but it doesn't. Instead, he rubs his head across my back, and says, "I love you."

      I glance over my shoulder. "What were you two laughing at?"

      He giggles. "The dumb waiter."

That makes me chuckle, and I say, "I nearly wet myself when I heard his clogs clip-clopping on those tiles in the hall."

That reduces Aleric to a jelly as he shakes with laughter behind me, and then he releases me and runs off to the bathroom, yelling that he'll wet himself if he doesn't have a pee, quick! That makes me giggle even more, and I reflect that when things are on an even keel, having these two boys in my apartment is a wonderful experience. I finish making the drinks and take them to the lounge where Gottwin is sprawled on the sofa, watching TV, dressed in his pyjamas. They're not short ones this time. Like Aleric's, they're full length ones; flannelette; a soft green, and he looks lovely in them with his cute, naked feet peeking out from the legs. He sits up when I give him his drink, and he smiles at me and thanks me, and then I pick up my drink before sitting down in the centre of the sofa. Just as I'm taking a nibble from the glass, I hear him say, "Thank you for a great day, Gareth. You're a very special person."

I turn to look at him. His face is serious, and his beautiful green eyes that are almost like Aleric's, stare into mine. I'm very moved by his genuine comments, so I smile at him and lift my left arm, inviting him to come to me. He places the drink on the table beside him, scuttles over to me, and I wrap an arm around his shoulder and hug him. He relaxes into me, and I kiss his hair. "So are you. I love you both."

The arm that comes around my waist clamps onto me, and he presses himself even more firmly into me. Automatically, my hand slips down his body to settle on his firm buttock, and I caress it softly. I hear him sigh, and the hug becomes even tighter. I'm becoming aroused by his closeness and warmth, and because I know Aleric wants me to love his brother in the same way I love him, the temptation to make this contact even more sexual is overwhelming. But just as I'm about to reach further over his buttock and caress between them, Aleric walks into the room and sees us. He grins, takes the whisky from me and puts it on the glass table, sits on the other side of me, grabs my arm, throws it around his shoulder, and hugs my chest just as Gottwin is doing. Both boys' heads are together, right below my chin, I kiss each of them on top of the head. Gottwin moves forward slightly, and gives Aleric a peck on the lips. Aleric returns the kiss, and for a while they play with each other's lips, and then they caress each other's cheeks with their fingertips. It's truly, truly amazing and beautiful to see the love these two boys share, and my eyes mist over, and that's the moment when I realize that Aleric's desire to share me has very little to do with sex, but is more to do with sharing the things in life that each find pleasurable.

Then Aleric lifts his head and stares into my eyes. I stare back at him. He puckers his lips, inviting me to kiss him. I lower my head and my lips settle on his. At first the kiss is one of our soft, loving ones, but then I feel Aleric's tongue slipping between my lips. I allow him to enter, and the kiss becomes a passionate one. He breaks the kiss, stares into my eyes for a while, and then I see an almost steely look enter them, a challenging look that makes my cock begin to swell. I know what's coming before he does it, and when he lifts Gottwin's chin and pulls it up towards my mouth, I know that if I'm not to ruin this beautiful moment, I have no other option other than to lower my head and caress Gottwin's lips with my own.

Unlike Aleric's, Gottwin's lips are firm and the kiss is tentative, but when Aleric's fingers come between our lips and forces Gottwin's to open, I help him by allowing my own to part. That's when I feel Gottwin's lips moving, the first stirring of mutual sexuality. Aleric's fingers are still between our lips, and he manipulates us to do what he wants, even reaching a finger into my mouth to get my tongue working. And then he does the same to Gottwin, and I feel his tongue responding when I play with the tip of it with my own. Gottwin's lips begin to soften; Aleric puts his hand behind his brother's head and forces it up even more, and the kiss becomes really passionate with tongues and teeth and lips working in unison. Thank goodness my dressing gown is wrapped around me, because I get a raging erection as we exchange saliva, but the kiss ends as quickly as it began when Aleric puts his hands on the top of Gottwin's head and pulls it back down onto my chest. Then the two boys kiss again, and I'm sure while they're doing it, they can hear the loud thud of my heartbeats.

Then again Aleric drives the agenda. He pushes Gottwin away, unfolds himself from my arms, gives me my drink from the table, and both boys take their own drinks and sip at them. Then they begin to giggle, and the giggles turn into deep chuckles, and then into laughter. I can't help joining in with them, and soon we're all helpless with laughter, and when Gottwin says, "Clippity clop... clippity clop," referring to the butler's clogs, we become hysterical.    



What a beautiful, wonderful day it's been! Not only was the meeting with Frau Müller good, music-wise, but the fun we've had since about the place and the dumb butler makes me think I've never known such a funny day. The best thing for me at the test with Frau Müller was when she said Gottwin was good enough. I'd been worried to death that his lack of appreciation of the finer points of music that can make so much difference when you're singing would put the dampers on us becoming a trio, but she was a lovely lady, and even though I know she won't settle for second best with us, I can sense in her a niceness that doesn't show when you first see her. I thought she was going to be really awful towards Gottwin when she found out that he couldn't read difficult music, and I was ready to walk out if she'd said it would rule him out, but that's when I saw the really nice side in her, and she took my comments really well. In fact, after that, she spent more time with Gottwin than she did with us. He sang beautifully, and I was really proud of him. Yes, it's been a fantastic day, but it seems to be getting better.

      We were a bit late getting up this morning, and even though I had a hard pinkler when me and Gareth were showering together, I didn't protest too much when he wouldn't do anything to me. I spent most of my time giggling at the love bites he's got all over his body, and I noticed I'd got my own share, mostly on my inner thighs and just above my pinkler. Gottwin was amazed when he saw them when we were in the spa bath, and he pointed out some on my bum, which I didn't know about. Then he told me what he and Hansie had been up to last night; that he'd spent most of the time fucking Hansie's bum. He was really horny and wanted us to do stuff, but all day I've been thinking about tonight, so I told him to hold off and I'd see if I could get him into bed with us. So we didn't do anything. I didn't know how we were going to do it, but when I'd had a pee and went into the lounge and saw him in Gareth's arms, things went from there without any planning. That was really sexy, and my pinkler is still like a nail and throbbing now as I'm finishing off my drink.

      Gareth has had a few extra drinks, and that's made him sort of relaxed, and I don't think I'll ever have a better chance of getting Gottwin in bed with us than tonight. The kiss they had was really sexy, so I know I'm halfway there. But I've still got to be careful and not overdo it. I've got a plan, but to carry it out, I want Gareth in bed first.



I'm sitting up in bed, naked; the duvet covering me to my midriff, and the boys are in their own bedroom. I'm surprised Aleric hasn't pushed the agenda since the kiss. I actually wanted him to, but it seems to have slipped past him. That's strange. Perhaps he wants me for himself tonight. If Aleric had pushed the agenda while Gottwin and I were kissing, I think I wouldn't have been able to resist, and I was fully expecting Aleric to go further and, perhaps, get me to play with Gottwin's cock. But he didn't. And I'm disappointed. After last night, I'm ready for anything he wants me to do. But I'm in his hands, as I always have been.

      These thoughts are in my mind when the two boys, laughing their heads off, suddenly come bursting into the bedroom: Gottwin chasing Aleric. Aleric dives onto the bed, and Gottwin throws himself on top of him, and they begin to wrestle. I have to grab the duvet to keep it from being dragged off me, revealing my nakedness. Laughing, I yell, "What's going on?"

      Neither of them answer me; they're too busy trying to gain the upper hand. Eventually, Gottwin comes out on top, and sits on Aleric's chest, holding his brother's hands behind his head, his cock right by Aleric's chin. Aleric is still laughing when Gottwin stares down into his eyes, and says, "Submit!"

      Aleric shakes his head. Gottwin giggles, and then makes saliva drool from his lips and drop onto Aleric's face. Aleric stares defiantly at him, licks his tongue out, and says, "No way, bully!"

      They're lying down by the side of me, Aleric's head level with my chest when I ask, "What's going on?"

      Aleric looks up at me. "Nothing. We're just playing. Get him off me."

      I shake my head, and grin. "Nothing to do with me. Fight your own battles."

      "Coward Moneybags," Aleric growls. "I thought you loved me!"

      I pick up the whisky from the bedside cupboard and take a drink. "I do, but I'm not getting involved with you two lunatics."

      Aleric looks at Gottwin. "Did you hear what he called us? Shall we get him?"

      I put the whisky back on the bedside cupboard immediately when I see Gottwin nod, and it's a good job I do, because in a flash, both boys are scrambling up on me. I try to fight them off, but because I'm laughing so much, it isn't long before they're both kneeling on my arms, one each side of me, pinning me to the bed, giggling like mad. It's Gottwin who says, "Submit!"

      I laugh, and shake my head.

      Gottwin looks at Aleric, and asks, "What do we do now?"

      Aleric grins; a really evil grin. "Pee on his face."

I look at him in astonishment. "Don't you dare, you disgusting little sod!"

For an answer, Aleric fiddles in his pyjamas and pulls out his fully erect cock, and holds it above my face. Then he says, "Submit!"

I stare up at his laughing eyes, and shake my head. He looks at Gottwin, and nods. Then I'm shocked when Gottwin pulls out his fully erect cock and points it at me, and it's Gottwin who says, "Submit!"

I look at both boys in turn, and then say, "I submit."

Aleric looks daggers at me. "Spoilsport Moneybags! You shouldn't submit that easy!"

I chuckle. "I'm half pissed now without getting pissed on by you two."

Aleric grins. "Mmmmmm... so, you're half drunk, are you? Well, you'll have to pay a forfeit if you don't want us to pee on you."

I can't stop laughing when I ask, "And what would that be, bully?"

Gottwin is also grinning when Aleric, pulling a funny face, says, "I'm not telling you until you absolutely swear on the bible that you'll pay the forfeit."

I pull a face at him. "I don't believe in the bible."

He spits out the word, "Heathen!" Then he thinks for a while, and his face is really serious when he adds, "Then swear on my life!"

I look up at him, into the eyes of the boy I love more than anything in the world, and although I know nothing will ever strike him down dead because of a silly little game, and because I probably know him better than anybody in the world when it comes to his sexuality, I sense that the forfeit will be along those lines, so I have to decide how far I will go to accommodate him. But after the kiss, will it be to accommodate only him? When Aleric pulled his cock out, I felt the usual sexual feelings, but when Gottwin did it, I felt a stirring of sexual excitement that went beyond the usual. What will the forfeit be? Aleric isn't a fool, and he'll know how acutely embarrassed I'll be if he goes too far and wants me to do some of the things I still have difficulty doing with him, so I'm either going to refuse, or accept the forfeit knowing that it will probably be not too embarrassing. I intensify the stare, and say, "I swear on your life to accept the forfeit."

Aleric's face softens, and he nods. "Right, stay where you are." He gets off the bed and goes to the wardrobe, selects a long tartan scarf from my scarf-rack, comes back to the bed, wraps it around my head so I can't see, and ties it tightly so there's no chance of me peeking under it. Then he says, "Right, we're going to play a guessing game. It's called `Guess the boy.' We won't be speaking or you'll recognize us, so one tap on the head means you're right, and two taps means you're wrong. Are you ready?"

I begin to chuckle. I was right. This is going to be sexual, but just how sexy, I don't know. I nod. "Get on with it!"

Both boys get off the bed, and I hear them whispering. It starts with hands, feet, arms, faces, lower legs, and upper thighs. It's strange, but I haven't got a clue, so I just guess. According to the boys, I get only one right. But after feeling at their upper thighs, I do realize one thing; both boys are naked. Then I get a kiss from each of them, and I get that one right away. It's Gottwin who goes first, because I know immediately it isn't my special boy. Nobody kisses like Aleric. When Aleric kisses me, I push my tongue right inside his mouth, and he giggles, because he knows I wouldn't do that to Gottwin. I hear Aleric say, "I'm not even going to bother asking you whose that kiss was, but I'll bet you don't get the next one right."

More whispering, and then I feel a boy straddling my chest, and then a cock with its foreskin rolled back rubbing along my lips. I touch the end of it with my tongue, and a boy guides the cock so my tongue touches and licks every bit of the swollen, throbbing knob. I'm guessing this is Aleric, because Gottwin wouldn't want to go first, but I really can't tell if I'm right. The boy gets off me and another replaces him. The thought does occur to me that it might be the same boy if Gottwin is too shy to do it, but again I can't tell when we repeat the process. When the second boy gets off me, I say, "Aleric first and Gottwin second." I hear them giggling and get two heavy taps on my head. So that means I was wrong, or they're kidding me. I chuckle and shake my head in disbelief.

Again I hear them whispering, a boy mounts me again, and this time he shoves his cock through my lips and pushes until its right in and making me gag. He pulls out and gets off me. The replacement gets on me and shoves his cock right into my mouth, and again I gag. He gets off the bed, and more chuckles when I say, "Aleric first and Gottwin second." And again I get two heavy taps on the head.

Then Aleric says, "Right. On the next one, you can use your hands, but under no circumstances can you go in between bum cheeks. Do you understand?"

I nod, and in a few moments I feel a boy mounting me, shove his cock into my mouth, and begin to hump at me. This is really sexy, and because I've been given permission, I caress the back and buttocks and soft, silky thighs of the boy on top of me. At first the movements in my mouth are jerky, like someone inexperienced, but as the feelings rise within the boy and the movements become more measured, I'm almost sure that this is Aleric. And when he begins to manipulate his abdomen to make his cock do circular movements in my mouth, rubbing the sensitive parts of his knob to get the greatest satisfaction, I know with absolute certainty that it is, and I relax and bring my special boy to his shuddering climax and swallow his sweet boy semen willingly. When it's over, I reach under him and squeeze every last drop from his slit, and then slap his bottom. Aleric giggles, because he knows I know. Aleric gets off me, and I wait for Gottwin.   

Thank goodness my cock is still under the duvet, because it's throbbing with anticipation when Gottwin mounts me and slips his cock into my mouth. He begins the movements; I begin the caresses. Compared to Aleric, he's like a carthorse compared to a racehorse, not in size, but in actions. Gone are the slow, deliberately sensual thrusts that Aleric employs, this is a mouth-fuck by a boy bashing his cock at me as if he's in a race, and he's rattling at me so hard that I have to reach under him and place my fingers at the base of his cock to stop him knocking my teeth out. And choking me! I decide to make this as pleasurable as possible for him, and ignoring Aleric's demand that I don't go inside the crease of his buttocks, very slowly I allow my fingers to creep inside them until I'm touching his tight, little anus, and then I gently work a finger just inside him, and rotate it around the tight ring of skin. Because Aleric will be able to see everything, he'll know what I'm doing, but he doesn't stop me. What he does do is slip his hand under the duvet and begin to wank me. He's holding something over the end of my knob to stop the semen going everywhere, and I suspect its part of one of the boys' pyjamas. I've no doubt he's watching his brother and everything I'm doing to him, and I've no doubt he's going to try and bring me to a climax at the same time as Gottwin.

Despite everything that's gone on, if I couldn't tell before, when Gottwin reaches his climax and spurts about twice as much semen into my mouth as Aleric does, that would have told me who was who, and I drink it greedily just as Aleric redoubles his efforts and sends me over the edge, collecting my `produce' within the folds of whatever he's holding. When `the boy' gets off me, and I say, "Gottwin first and Aleric second," they both burst into uncontrollable laughter.    



Gareth has put his dressing gown on and gone to make us hot chocolate. Gottwin and I are still in bed, lying on our backs, side by side, holding hands, both of us fondling our stiff pinklers. I look at him, and ask, "Well? Was it good?"

      "Brilliant! I've never known anything like it!"

I giggle. "I know. Are you feeling gay?"

"You're the gay boy. I'm just feeling randy and want my pinkler sucked again."

"Did he put his finger up your bum?"

"Not right up. Just inside my hole when he was sucking me."

"Was it nice?"


"Good! It's twice as nice when you've got something up your bum."

Gottwin giggles. "You really are gay, aren't you?"

"Only with Gareth. Anyway, look who's talking! You didn't turn your nose up at fucking Hansie, did you?"

"Neither did you!"

"I'm not the one who says he isn't gay, you are. Anyway, it's only sex, and there's more to being gay than just that. The best way is to enjoy it, and then you can go and fuck as many girls as you want when you're older. If we're famous, you'll have millions to choose from."

"Won't you fuck them?"

"Probably, but I won't stop doing stuff with Gareth."

"Because you love him?"

I nod. "Yes."

"But you might stop loving him."

"I won't. I just know I won't. You don't understand. Even if I start fucking girls and get married, I'll always love him. He's my special man."

Gottwin lets go of my hand and brushes the side of my cheek with his fingers, and I can see the love in his eyes when he says, "I know he is. And you know I'll always love you."

"Yes, I know that. I wouldn't want to live without you."

Gottwin grins. "What do we do now?"

I stare into his eyes. "Gareth will have had enough for tonight. Well, I think so." I chuckle. "He's knackered after last night. Shall we do it together; upside down? I'll suck you while you suck me?"

"We won't have time. He'll be back in a minute."

I giggle. "I'm not bothered if he sees us. He'll probably enjoy it. He loves seeing us together."



When I walk into the bedroom with a tray of drinks, the boys are in a sixty-nine position, sucking each other off. Because they're going at it hammer and tongue, they don't know I'm there. I watch them for a few moments, and then go back to the kitchen. A few minutes later, I hear Aleric yell, "Where's the drinks?"

      When I go into the bedroom, Aleric, still naked, but with his cock drooping and not in its normal mode of sticking into his belly, gets out of bed and points to the middle. This time I obey him, and still wearing my dressing gown, get into bed beside the naked Gottwin, and Aleric climbs in after me. There's no mention of what we've just done while we sip at our drinks, and I've no intention of bringing that up, but I do say, "Have you told Gottwin about Raul, yet?"

      Aleric leans his head on my arm. "Yes."

      "Has he seen the painting?"

      "No. Shall I show it to him?"

      "If you want to."

     Aleric puts his drink down, gets out of bed, pulls the painting out from under it, and carries it across to the far wall and sets it up. When he returns to the bed, he gets the light controls and switches on the central light, which illuminates the whole room.

      I'm watching Gottwin, and I see his mouth open wide, and his jaw drop. I take a longer look at him, and I can see there's something wrong, so I ask him, "What's the matter? Don't you like it?"

      Aleric leans forward and looks around me. "What the matter, Bro?"

      Tears are coming from Gottwin now, and I hear him mumble, "So that's what I saw!" Gottwin puts his drink down, scrambles over me, and clings to Aleric. "When we were going to Wismar. When we were in front of you. Something flashed through my head, and I got a strange tingling all over me. Then I saw that picture, and thought there was something wrong with you; that something had happened to you, and I yelled at Gunther to stop because we couldn't see you behind us! He slowed down and you came into sight and you were alright. Mum said I was seeing things, and because I was still crying, she cuddled me until it had passed. When we got to Wismar, I was alright. That's why I didn't tell you about it. I didn't want to worry you." Gottwin is quiet for a while, staring at the painting, and then he says, "But it's impossible!"

      Aleric asks, "What is?"

      Gottwin points to the painting. "It isn't just you, it's both of us."

      I ask, "What do you mean?"

     Gottwin pushes at me. "Go and get it! Stand at the end of the bed with it!" I don't argue, I just get out of bed and get the painting, return and place it on the foot of the bed, and hold it while the boys look at it. Then Gottwin says to Aleric, "Look! Can't you see what I mean?"

      Aleric is looking puzzled, and slowly shakes his head. "No. What do you mean?"

      Ignoring his nakedness, Gottwin gets to his knees, scrambles down to the painting, points to a small, square birthmark on his right shoulder, and then points to exactly the same birthmark in the painting. Then he scrambles back up the bed, rips the duvet off Aleric, points to the almost heart shaped birthmark just to the right and above Aleric's cock, and then scrambles back down the bed, and points to it on the painting. He looks at me, and then at Aleric, and says, "If you didn't send him a picture of me with nothing on, then it's both of us!"

      I don't know what the boys are feeling, but I'm getting goose bumps all over my body, and I can literally feel the hair at the back of my head rising. Both boys are open mouthed, unable to grasp the situation, and I guess they're feeling exactly as I am.

      Then Aleric begins to cry, but they're certainly not tears of fear, because he's smiling through his tears. He grabs Gottwin and folds him in his arms, and kisses him repeatedly on the forehead. And then he begins to speak. "You're right. Raul couldn't paint me without he painted you as well. Raul was us! Well, the spirit inside him was. Those funny feelings you got when we were going to Wismar; I got the same ones, didn't I Gareth?" He doesn't wait for an answer, and continues, "That was the exact moment when Raul died, and the spirit left him and came to us. That's why I'm not sad now that Raul has died. He didn't die; he's with us." 



I'm sitting up in bed, both boys are asleep and have their arms and legs wrapped around me; their heads resting on my chest; their foreheads touching; their slow breathing gently lifting the arms that are enfolding them. I caress the curve of each of their waists, and then fondle the upper part of their tender buttocks as I stare at the painting of the Hahn boys; Raul's boys; my boys; the boys that belong to The Spirit. Fate works in mysterious ways, or as Gretel would say: It's God's work. Maybe it is. I'm not clever enough to know whether it is or isn't, but I am clever enough to know, despite whatever happens to me, even if in the future both boys reject me completely, that it will be my life's work to look after them and protect them. I kiss each of them on the top of their heads, and I know that, platonically, I now love them equally.

      We'd been listening to the music earlier. Aleric had insisted we did while both boys hugged each other and cried, and now they're asleep, it's my turn to cry. I reach out and get the controls; press the button to play, and let the tears flow of their own accord, and as freely as they like, because the tears I'm shedding are the most beautiful ones in the world: Tears of Love. And for a long time while I'm looking at the painting and cuddling The Boys, I listen to Nyctalgia, and let my tears of love flow and fall onto the two heads resting on my chest until we're all soaked with them.

Merciful Jesus: Who takes away the sins of the world: grant them rest. Pie Jesu: Qui tollis peccata mundi: dona eis requiem. 


The end of book one – Star in the Hood, the first of a trilogy of stories entitled, The Angel of Pie Jesu. The second book from this series: Hansie's Story, will follow when I've taken a sabbatical, which I think I've well and truly earned after a year of hard work creating this one.

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