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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one – Star in the Hood.

Part 7.


Mum runs her fingers over the sheepskin lining of our bomber jackets. "These are quality! How much did they cost?"


"A thousand Euros each."


"A thousand Euros! He must be a millionaire! And Hansie has got one too?"


"Yes mum. All the boys had something. He treated us all because he was so impressed with our performance. Herr Biermaier had two silk shirts. I think he liked me and Hansie best, because when he saw us looking at the pullovers after we'd said we wanted the bomber jackets, he chose two for us, and told us not to tell the other boys, and then he went and put them through the till and sneaked them into our bags. Do you like them?"


Mum smiles. "Yes, but I'll have to be careful when I wash them. They're pure wool, and expensive. Why did he buy clothes for Gottwin?"


"He said it wouldn't be right if I had all this stuff and my twin brother didn't."


Mum hugs me. "That was a nice thought. And the phone?"


I laugh. "That was the lady-man who owned the shop. It was for my Pie Jesu, he said, but I think it was really because he liked me. He also gave one to Hansie, but he said Hansie was to say nothing so as not to make the other boys jealous. He said he wished he was our mum. I was really embarrassed!"


Dad looks over his paper. "What was his name?"


"The lady-man was Kurt."


"No, not him. The other man who paid for the clothes."


"He's an Englishman. Gareth something Jones. Rais. No, Rees. But it's spelt funny. R H Y S. He's got a Bentley Continental Supersports! He's dead rich! I'll bet we can find him on Google if we look him up. Shall we try?"


Dad looks through the window. "It's snowing, and we're not going to church this morning. Come on then." He looks at Gottwin, who is just finishing his breakfast. "Can we use your school computer, Gottwin?"


My brother grins. "Yes. It's in the bedroom. I'll go and fetch it down."


We're all gathered around the table, and Gottwin has his school laptop open and is waiting for it to boot up. I'm leaning on dad's shoulders as he sits in his wheelchair. Gunther is behind me, and mum is peering around us.


Gottwin types in Gareth's name, and a list comes up. Most of the entries are in English, but some are in German, because his head office is in Berlin, and we all spend some time reading it. There's also a picture of Gareth on it, and I point to it. "That's him! That's the man!"


Mum comes closer and adjusts her glasses. "He's not very old! How on earth did he make so much money at his age? He must have robbed a bank to begin with. You can never trust these Englishmen!"


We all laugh at mum's remark. Gunther stares at the screen. "He's an inventor. It says he's Welsh. Where's Welsh?"


Dad laughs. "It's not Welsh. It means he comes from Wales, which is that piece that sticks out on the Western side of the UK. Type in `Wales' and see what comes up."


Gottwin changes the Google page to `Images', and types in `wales'. Red dragons and castles and snow covered mountains and beautiful scenery come up. Then a thought comes to me. Something Herr Biermaier had us listen to.


I tap Gottwin on the shoulder. "Go to Youtube, and type in Aled Jones. I'm sure he sings like me. Herr Biermaier showed it to us, and said something about him being from Wales. Try it!"


We're all in wonder at the beautiful voice of the small boy as he sings Fauré: Pie Jesu. I have my head next to Dad's, and my arms resting on his shoulders; mum has her hands on my shoulders and her head by the side of mine, and we're all swaying to the music. Very softly, I join in with Aled, and sing with him. Dad puts his hand up and caresses my cheek, and I feel mum's hands on my shoulders tighten, and I feel an overwhelming sense of security at being home.


When the song is finished, I hug dad, and then I turn and give mum a hug. She kisses me. I look up into her eyes. I smile. She smiles, and says, "Are you pleased to be home?"


I think about her words. I want to be with Gareth, but I am pleased to be home. "Yes mum. I really am!"



Aleric sounds very happy when he phones me at ten in the morning. I'm in bed, and I fumble for my mobile. "Hello, Star in the Hood."


I hear his giggle. "You sound tired."


"I am. I'm still in bed. I have a lie-in on Sundays, and I drank too much whisky last night."


"I'm sorry. I thought you would have been up and about. I've been up since seven. I'm sheltering by the harbour.  It's snowing here."


"Nice! Ring off and send me a picture, and then I'll ring you back."


After I've looked at the picture of the harbour, I ring Aleric. "Don't ever be sorry when you phone me. Any time; day or night, and I meant it. Besides, I can't think of a more beautiful way to be wakened than hearing your voice. How are you?"


"I'm missing you. I wish I was in your bed with you, hugging you."


I take Aleric's t-shirt from under the pillow, and kiss it. "You are. You're white, and I've just kissed you. I'll buy you some more Lynx."


Aleric laughs. "How do you know I use Lynx?"


I decide to have fun with him, and I speak to him in English with an awful German accent. "Ve haf vays off knowing zese sings."


Aleric is chuckling now. "What did you say?" I explain it to him, and he's highly amused. Then he asks again, "How do you know I use Lynx?"


"I've slept with a little boy who uses it all the time."


There's a long pause, and then he asks, "How old was he?"


"He was thirteen. Brown hair. The most gorgeous brown and green eyes that I've ever seen. He had the face of an angel, a body like one, and he sang Pie Jesu like one. I was in love with him. I still am. I met him in Berlin, and I want to be with him all the time. I miss him like crazy. I hope you don't mind me loving him."


I hear a nervous giggle. "No." I can tell Aleric is emotional, because he's having difficulty speaking. "I met a man in Berlin. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I don't know why, because men have never interested me before. But this man is the most beautiful man I've ever seen. But I'm wondering."


"What are you wondering?"


"I don't know what he wants from me, and I'm too shy to ask."


"I think I know that man well. When we were chatting about you, he told me quite a few things."


Aleric has picked up on using the `third person' to discuss things, and he asks, "What did he say about me?"


"He said that you'll always be safe with him."


"Doesn't he want to do other things with me?"


"Do you want to do other things with him?"


In almost a whisper, Aleric says, "I want to be in bed with him."


"He wants to be in bed with you, and he says the other things will take care of themselves."


Aleric's voice is soft when he says, "Can you tell your friend that I'm a bit mixed up, and that it might take me a while to understand him?"


"I think he already knows that, Aleric. He's asked me to tell you that he's a bit mixed up too, and it might take a while for him to understand you. He thinks too much when he's been drinking."


Aleric laughs. "Yes, I've noticed that your friend drinks a lot! I wish he wouldn't!"


"Why? Maybe he drinks because he's unhappy?"


"Is he unhappy?"


"He was until he met you. Now he can't stop grinning, and all he wants to do is hug you and kiss you."


"Would kissing him not be the same as doing those other things?"


I have to consider my answer before replying. I don't want to balls it up, but, equally, I don't want to lie to him, and I say, "Probably. But just so long as they were loving kisses as well as the other things kisses, then he'd hope he'd be forgiven for kissing you that way. As a matter of fact, he says he's already kissed you. Is that true?"


Aleric is chuckling again. "Yes. We sneaked one once. It was lovely, and I suspected his kiss was part other things."


"And did that worry you?"


"No, because that's how I felt, too."


"Then I suggest you save those beautiful lips of yours up for the next time you see him, because I'm sure he's going to enjoy kissing you just as much as you enjoyed kissing him. Anyway, let's stop talking about him. Let's talk about us. I think I've been forgotten in this conversation!"


Aleric laughs. "That's because you're not all that important! But I suppose I do want to see you sometime."


"At Christmas time?"


"Before then. Christmas is a long way away."


"It's only two weeks away! Surely you can wait that long?"


"No! I can wait one hour if I have to."


I laugh. "I'm afraid you're going to have to wait two weeks almost. I've got to go to the United States on Tuesday."


"What for?"


"To visit my parents. I was going to stay with them over Christmas, but now I'm spending it by the Baltic, I'll need to see them before then, so I'll be in The States for a about a week, and then a couple of days in the UK, and then I get back to Berlin. My plans are to be back in Germany on Wednesday the 19th, and in your area on the 20th. How we're going to meet up, I haven't worked out yet, but I'm working on it. I can be devious when the need arises. Can you recommend a good hotel for me."


Aleric giggles. "You can come and sleep with me and my brother."




"Yes. Gunther sleeps in the other bed."


"So, two beds; three boys, which leaves no room for me. I think I'll stay in Berlin."


"That's OK. I'll catch the train. Expect me on Weihnachten (Christmas Eve), and I'll sleep with you."


"I'm always drunk on Christmas Eve, so it's not a good idea."




"Because when I've been drinking, I'm silly, and I have no resistance to you. You'd take advantage of me, and I can never remember anything I've done when I wake up with a hangover the next morning."


I hear Aleric giggle. "I could make you do those other things, and you wouldn't be able to remember anything when you woke up."


"I would. I'd be able to taste you."


"What do you mean?"


"Do you put Lynx everywhere?!"


For a while, Aleric can't answer me for laughing, and then he gurgles, "Yes... especially on that, and my bum."


I laugh. "You shouldn't mention your bum. I dream about that."


More laughter from Aleric. "Why do you dream about my bum?"


"Because it's the most beautiful bum in the world, and I want to kiss it."


"If you come here now, I'll let you kiss it for hours."


I laugh. "Is that with, or without your pyjamas on?"


"Whatever turns you on."


"I'd best keep away then. I think I'll stay in America, or I'll be getting locked up for life because of you!"


"You can take my photo to jail with you. Did you really like it?"


"Yes. Of course I did."


"I was giving myself to you. Could you tell?"




Aleric's voice is low. "Would you have preferred I took my pyjama bottoms off?"


My heart is pounding now. "I'm not sure. Maybe right then, it was right that you didn't. I was more than satisfied with what I had. Besides, just thinking about what you look like without any is good fun."


Aleric giggles. "So that's what you spend your time doing?"


I chuckle. "I'm afraid so. I told you that you were beautiful beyond words, so goodness knows what I'd think if I saw all of you. You're being as naughty as me now."


"I knew I was being naughty when I sent the picture. I was sending you a message."


"What was the message?"


"I was telling you that I'm yours, and you can do anything you want with me, just so long as you don't stop loving me. Does that sound silly?"


"No. But I think this is the time to make something absolutely clear to you. Well, that's silly really. I can't make something absolutely clear when I don't know what I'm talking about. You see, I've never been in this situation before. But I do know this... I love you without those other things. Do you understand?"


"Of course I do, you silly man! I know that's how you feel. If you didn't feel that way, we wouldn't be talking now. Because I feel exactly the same about you, I can enjoy anything we do, or don't do. But I'm not going to tell you a lie and say I don't think about those other things. So, do you understand?"


"I do. It sounds as if you're wise beyond your years. Anyway, I'm getting worried about you. Are you warm?"


"Yes. I've got a wooly hat and my bomber jacket on."


"What did your parents think about it... and the pullovers?"


"Mum said you must be a bank robber to be so rich at your age. We've spent some time Googling you this morning. They've seen you. They know what you look like."




"Yes... all of my family. Gottwin has a school computer he brings home to do his homework."


"And what did they think of me?"


"I'm not sure. I think they like it that you come from Wales. We got Aled Jones up on Youtube, and I sang his Pie Jesu along with him."


"That must have been beautiful!"


"Dad stroked my cheek, and mum hugged me when I was singing."


"I think I'm going to love your mum and dad. When we meet that is."


"How are we going do it?"


"Meet up you mean?"




"I've been thinking. If you can tell me what day you'll be together, doing some Christmas shopping or something, I can park my car somewhere where you won't miss it, and you can go to it and admire it, and say that I have one just like it. Just then, I can appear out of nowhere and we, amazingly, are reunited! How does that sound to you?"


Aleric laughs. "You're a genius! If I saw a car like yours, I would go to it anyway. And Gunther would too, because he's like me; we both love cars."


"There you are then! Along comes Mr Wonderful; he introduces himself; says he's lonely, and invites himself for Weihnachten with the Hahn family. He's asked to stay over. You ask Gottwin to sleep with Gunther, I sleep in your bed with you, and I can kiss your bum all night long. How does that sound?"


Aleric is chuckling fit to burst. "You might have got drunk with dad. I could take advantage of you."


"No you couldn't. I would have my underpants on."


"I could easily take them off."


"I'd put a lock on them before I got drunk."


"They don't make such things!"


"I could invent one. I think I'd have to, or I'd end up in jail with your picture."


Our wonderful conversation lasts another half hour, during which time we have fun with our innuendos, and we also chat about the practicalities of meeting. Then Aleric says he has to be getting back home.


"OK. Do me a favour. Take some more pics and send them to me. I need to know what it's like where you live."


"We don't live in a posh house."


"I didn't expect you to. A house is only a roof over your head. What you've told me about your parents tells me you're loved, which makes that roof over your head into a home. That's the important thing. Oh, another thing... I need some more pictures of you personally."


"What for?"


"I'm having a painting done of you, and the artist needs a few more pictures of you to fill in the gaps."


"I'll take one with my pyjama bottoms off then."


I laugh. "No! Don't you dare!"


Aleric laughs. "I will!"


"Go away you naughty boy! You'll have me in that jail yet!"


"Haha. I can blackmail you now! If you don't come and see me often enough, I'll keep sending you pictures of me doing those other things."


I laugh. "Go away! ILY."


"ILY, Gareth."


I get out of bed, make coffee, and stare out over the city as I drink it. Our conversation has been both wonderful and worrying. For a boy his age, Aleric has slipped easily into the other things topic. Of course he'll know about such things, but he was very easy talking about it. He drove the agenda, and he kept slipping back into it. I seem to be getting out of my depth in this strong current of sexuality that's developing between us. Maybe I should take lessons from an expert. But then again, I've always worked my own way through life, and it could be enjoyable learning new things from the raw.


It was the suggestive photo that really changed my perspective from one of platonic to other things. It confirmed to me what I suspected, but didn't dare think about. Our love affair is both spiritual and sexual. But how we get to the second part, I have no idea. The practicalities of having the opportunity are blurred because of our situation. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't. I'm not going to worry about it. All I am going to worry about is how I get to see my boy on a regular basis. I don't really want to go to The States, but I have to. I'm going to have to learn how to juggle my valuable time between what I need to do, and what I want to do.



As I walk back home, I'm happy, excited, feeling very sexy, and miserable.


I'm happy because I've spoken to Gareth, and because he'll be here at Weihnachten. And that's why I'm excited, too. I'm feeling very sexy because of what we've just talked about. It's easier now to talk about the things I want to do with Gareth, and it's getting better, because I know now that we both want the same thing. But I wasn't completely honest with him, and I suspect he wasn't completely honest with me. How can we be? I can't say that I want to be naked with him and have him kiss my body all over. I can't say that I want my pinkler sucked by him. I can't say that I want his tongue up my bum. I can't say that I also want him to put his pinkler up me. And I do. I've thought about it. After Herr Biermaier, who is always boasting that he has a pinkler bigger than most men, most probably, Gareth will have one that fits comfortably, and letting Gareth shoot his hot stuff up me is exciting to think about. I want to watch his face when he does it. It will be exciting knowing how he's feeling just because he's in his boy. And that's what I am: his boy. I feel proud to be able to say that.


I'm miserable because I won't be seeing him for almost two weeks. I can get the sexy stuff out of the way by wanking. Three times a day. Maybe four or five. I'm not sure. It's the 9th now. Gareth says he'll be here on the 20th. That's eleven days from now. So, say four a day as an average. Four times eleven equals forty four wanks. Yes, I can do it that way. I'll make up a chart when I get home, and tick the wanks off to when I see him. I'll have him doing all sorts of things to me when I'm thinking about him. But what about when he gets up here? I'm not sure, but the sooner we're doing things together, the better I'll feel. I'll make plans for when he gets here. We can meet somewhere and do it. If he's shy, I'll help him out. I know how it works. Herr Biermaier seduced me, and I reckon I know enough to seduce Gareth. When somebody is fiddling with your pinkler, it's hard to say `no'.


As soon as I get home, I go to the bathroom and lock the door. There's a long mirror in there. I strip off all my clothes, and stand in front of it. My pinkler is sticking right up. I turn round and look at my bum. It is nice and curvy. I stroke it and feel it. It's soft and lovely to feel at. I bend over and pull my bum cheeks wide to look at my hole. I turn round again and begin to wank while I'm looking at myself. This is what Gareth will see. He'll be on his knees, sucking my pinkler. I'll have hold of his head while he's doing it; pulling him on and off me. That's it, Gareth. Just like that. Rub your tongue in circles round my knob. That's it. That's it! Like that! Yeeeesssss!


I go to my bedroom. In my dresser drawer is my homework book. I rip out a page, and put a single stroke on it. That's one down. Just another forty three wanks to go before I see you Gareth. By the time I go to sleep, I'll have only forty to go. And then the real thing?


To be continued...

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