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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one Star in the Hood.

Part 8.


I'm in a really great mood as I sit on the school bus on the way home. It's Wednesday the 19th at last! School has just ended for the holidays. I'm giggling to myself. My wanking chart was almost spot on. But I've not done it today. I tried. I was halfway through doing one by putting my fingers through the hole in my trouser pocket while I was having lessons, and then we had a fire drill. Damn! That would have been number thirty nine. I'm hard now, thinking about seeing Gareth tomorrow. He's flying home today, and will be driving up in the morning. Oh God! I can't wait! It's been a long ten days. It's also been a strange ten days.


When Gareth flew off to the United States, I felt physically sick. The thought that he'd be thousands of miles away from me was horrible. The time difference made it awkward at times, too. He was always seven hours behind us. That meant that when I was waking up at seven, it was midnight in America, and when I got home from school at four, Gareth was having breakfast. But that part was good, because I spoke to him for long periods when he wasn't busy. We had a secret signal. I always kept my phone in my trouser pocket on vibrate and he would ring me when he wasn't busy in the evening. I told him once that he should stop ringing me. He asked why, and when I told him where I kept my phone and the vibrations were causing me problems, he couldn't stop laughing. We had some great fun with that. He told me to pretend it was him in my trouser pocket. I told him I already did. He laughed even more at that.

      We talked for two hours once. It was a nice evening, and I went for a ride on my bike to the harbour and sat in my favourite place on the headland. It was cold and dark, but I found a super place a depression in the headland that sheltered me from the wind and lay there, staring up at the stars while we talked properly rather than on SMS, which we use when we have long conversations when we're in a situation where we have to keep our conversations private from the ears of others. It was our best talk while he was away.


After we'd spent a long time talking about lots of things including my schooling and singing, and Gareth's work, I said, "Where are you now?"

"By the pool. My parents have gone into town."

"Is it hot there?"

"No. It's quite cold."

"Then why are you sitting by the pool?"

The phone went dead, and I knew what he was doing. He did it regularly. In a few seconds, a picture came in of the indoor pool he was by, with the message: It's an indoor one. Send me one of where you are.

I looked around. It was a three quarter moon, and the shore was easily visible, so I took one of the waves dashing against the shore, and another while I was lying on my back, staring up at the stars and the moon. I added the text: I'm in our special place.

Gareth rung me back, and said, "The pictures are beautiful. What do you mean by `our special place'?"

"This is where we're going to meet when you get back. This is where I'm going to kiss you again." Gareth was quiet for a while, and I had to ask if he was still there.

"Yes. I'm sorry. I'm a bit upset."


"I wish I was there with you now. God... I miss you!"

That almost made me cry, and I said, "Have you really missed me?"

"Yes. Every moment of every day. I think of you all the time. Because I'm with you in spirit, and not quite here with mum and dad, I've had to say that I have some business things on my mind that I'm thinking about." Gareth laughed. "Mum said I should take a holiday."

That comment made me chuckle. "You should have told them that you're going on holiday with your boyfriend when you get back." I realised the moment I said it that Gareth would have some comment to make about that remark, and I wasn't disappointed.

"Boyfriend. Mmmmm... that sounds nice. So I'm your boyfriend, am I?"

I chuckled. "Well you're not my girlfriend. But you can be if you want to."

It was ages before Gareth stopped laughing, and then he said, "No thanks. Maybe you should have dated Kurt."

I laughed. "No thanks. You're the one he fancies."

"And how have you worked that out, Young Master Genius?"

"It didn't take a lot. I'm not a child, you know. Have you ever wanted him... that way?"

"No. I love him, but he's not my type... that way."

"And who is your type... that way?"

"You. Nobody else in the world. Just you." I was stuck for words. Gareth had just admitted that he wanted me that way. It was what I'd wanted to hear for a while, but when he said it, I didn't know how to answer. Then Gareth asked, "Are you still there?"


Gareth sounded really apologetic when he said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

"I'm glad you did."


I blurted out the words, "Because you're the only person in the world that I want... that way."

I expected the conversation to carry on in the same vein, but all Gareth said was, "I love you Aleric Hahn, and I need you."

I was crying when I said, "I'm cold. I'm going home." And I ended the call. But on the way home, I texted Gareth. I'm sorry. But ILY Gareth. And I need you. Please hurry home to me so we can love each other. ILY. XXX.

I got a text back. It won't be long. Hold on, and keep that Axe handy, but don't chop it off! LOL. ILY. XXX

That made me giggle. It was only when Gareth wanted to make fun of me that he referred to my deodorant by its German name. All other times he called it by the English name of `Lynx'. I've always known they were the same thing, but when Gareth explained the word `Axe' in English meant `axt' in German, I saw the funny side of things. I texted back: I might do that if you don't hurry. LOL.. Where do you want me to spray it?

LOL. On your bum first of course! And the second one you can guess. ILY. XXX

I was almost home when I stopped and sent him one back. You have two guesses. Somewhere between my knees and my tummy. ILY. XXX

And I was laughing when I got home, thinking about his answer. Don't chop it off! I love your cassock! Sleep tight my special boy. ILY. XXX


We had many more conversations, but none as nice as that one. I think it frightened both of us that we went so far. But at least now, neither of us can deny what we want from each other. It's just a case of having the opportunity.


I haven't long been home when mum comes into the kitchen where I'm studying at the table, and says, "That was Herr Biermaier on the phone. He'll be picking you up in fifteen minutes for choir practice. Something to do with the Christmas concert. He's picking Hansie up on the way."

The moment mum says that, I'm alert. He said we wouldn't be practising before the concert. I saw him earlier today before we broke up for the school holidays, and he didn't say anything about choir practice. Why has he suddenly decided we need to practice? I'm about to ask mum to tell him I'm not feeling too well, when I think of Hansie. My senses are telling me that this has nothing to do with choir practice and more to do with Herr Biermaier wanting sex with us, and I can't leave Hansie all alone with him.

I grab some food from the fridge and wolf it down, and as soon as I've finished, there's a knock on the door.

Ten minutes later, and I'm in the front seat of Herr Biermaier's car and Hansie is sitting in the back, and we both know he's heading towards his house rather than the school hall where we usually practice. I look around at Hansie, and he grins. Although I don't feel like doing it, I grin back at him to try and put him at ease, but I'm thinking this is the last thing I need now. Gareth will be here in the morning, and I wanted to save myself for him!

Another twenty five minutes, and we're in Herr Biermaier's house. He didn't even try to make any excuses when he was driving us there, and neither Hansie nor me put up any resistance.

He lives in a big old house, and we're in his big main room with a roaring log fire and he's drinking schnapps as we sit each side of him on the big leather sofa, staring into the fire. The room is poorly lit, with just one bulb switched on. In different circumstances, it would be cosy.

Two more schnapps and some gentle hugs from Herr Biermaier, and he considers we're ready. He hugs us both to him, and kisses our heads. "My two beautiful boys. I've missed you both so much." He turns to Hansie. "Aleric did tell you of our arrangements, did he Hansie?"

Hansie nods. "Yes, Herr Biermaier. But I thought it was only when we're on tour."

Herr Biermaier pulls Hansie to him, and hugs him. "No! I love you two boys so much, I can't wait that long! We'll have special fun here together whenever we can, eh?"

Hansie nods.

Herr Biermaier turns to me. "Aleric?"

I nod.

"Good boys. Take off your clothes, and let me cuddle you."

I strip naked, Hansie does the same, and we sit each side of Herr Biermaier. He drapes his arms around our shoulders and fondles our pinklers. Despite my inhibitions, my pinkler can't stop getting hard as he expertly manipulates it, and so does Hansie's schwanzie. And then Herr Biermaier strips off his own clothes and lies on his back on the massive bear rug by the fire with his big thing sticking up. He beckons to us, and we go to him.

Hansie is holding onto Herr Biermaier's fat waist as his big hands pulls Hansie's small bum onto his face, and I watch as he pulls my little friend's bum cheeks wide to get deeper into him with his tongue. I see Hansie shudder, and I know the tongue has reached that part he was telling me about. I'm not sure what to do, but the sight of Hansie's pinkler going really stiff as that tongue works its magic brings my own pinkler back to attention. Hansie looks at me, and puts out his hand. I go to him, and push him up straight. Then I stand straddling Herr Biermaier's chest, and put my pinkler by Hansie's face. Eagerly, he takes hold of it and pulls it between his lips, and I feel the wetness and warmth as he sucks me. I hold the back of Hansie's head; he puts his hands around my bum, and we get up a rhythm. In just a few moments, I hear Hansie make noises, he shudders violently, and I know the tongue has done its job. But Herr Biermaier and Hansie haven't finished. Hansie wriggles his bum, and the whole thing begins again, and again Hansie makes noises and shudders.

And now I can see why Herr Biermaier calls Hansie his `Little Gay Boy'. There was I thinking I was saving Hansie from being molested, but he's enjoying it immensely. Maybe the big pinkler up him did hurt, but apart from the pain, Hansie is enjoying every moment of this sexual romp. It even crosses my mind that now Hansie has me with him, he's braver than I am.

Herr Biermaier tells us to change places. "I'll have your bum now Aleric, and you can suck Hansie's schwanzie."

I do as he tells me, and after he's pulled my bum cheeks wide, I feel his tongue delving deep inside me. I've never had a pinkler in my mouth before, and feeling Hansie's little thing bobbing about in my mouth is not unpleasant given the fact that I'm now very sexually aroused. Hansie has got quite well-formed balls for a little boy, and as I pull him in and out of my mouth, they slap against my chin. I take hold of them with one hand and use his ballsac to pull him in and out of my mouth. I look up, and my little friend, wide-eyed and excited, nods to me as I suck him off. It's all too much for me; Herr Biermaier's tongue creating havoc with my insides; one hand wanking me, and the other stroking my back; Hansie's schwanzie bobbing faster in my mouth, and I let out a groan as I climax, and I must admit that it's one of the best climaxes I've ever had. Hansie, realising what's happing to me, rams his little thing into me, bashes his belly against my face, and he climaxes, too.

We're lying on the rug now, and Herr Biermaier is fondling us and himself at the same time. Suddenly he concentrates on just me.

"Look, Aleric, I think you've just made your very first sperm." I look down, place my finger on my pee slit, and feel the sticky stuff on the end of my pinkler. I look up at Herr Biermaier, and he nods, and smiles. "Good boy!" And then he goes down and sucks the clear stuff off my knob. Another grin. "I've had your very first journey into manhood. I think we should celebrate. I'll make you two boys some hot cocoa."

We drink the cocoa while Herr Direktor throws a few more schnapps into his throat. He's becoming tipsy now, and more adventurous; making each of us sit on a greased finger while we pour the schnapps down him. Compared with his big thing, his finger waggling inside me is not too bad, but I still don't like it. Hansie, on the other hand, (yes, pun intended dear readers) is wriggling his bum on the finger, and giggling as he enjoys every moment of being penetrated.

The big clock strikes the hour, and Herr Biermaier tells us we can now have the final fling. I don't know what he means until he greases Hansie's bum inside with two fingers, and then lies on his back with his legs open wide. He directs Hansie to kneel between his legs, and pulls my little friend's head down to his swollen thing. I'm expecting Hansie to rebel, but instead, he puts his two hands around the monster, and takes the head of it into his mouth. I'm pretty shocked. Hansie never told me had done this before, but the way he's going at it, I just know this isn't something new to him.

Herr Biermaier's beckons with his finger. "Put yours into Hansie now, Aleric."

I'm on my knees, behind Hansie, and I'm hesitant. Hansie's little bum is in front of me, and I can see his hole clearly, and I'm expected to put my pinkler in it. I can't refuse, or I'll be out of the choir, so I sort of waddle forward until the end of my pinkler is right by Hansie's hole.

Herr Biermaier nods to me. "Go on! Just push, and it will slip in easily. Don't worry, Hansie likes it."

The moment my swollen knob touches Hansie's hole, he pushes back, and I watch, fascinated, as it slips in easily. Hansie pushes back some more, and I watch all of me disappear into the warmth of his little bum.

The rest is pure sexual frenzy. I've got hold of Hansie's hips and am fucking his bum; Hansie's head is bobbing up and down on Herr Biermaier's knob, and then it all happens at once. I see Herr Biermaier bucking and forcing himself deeper into Hansie's mouth, and at the same time, the lovely feeling of my pinkler rubbing inside Hansie brings me to a climax. I can see around the side of Hansie's head, and Herr Biermaier's hot stuff is pumping out of my little friend's mouth, and spilling over the little hands that are clamped firmly around the big thing. And I don't think I'm mistaken that Hansie has also climaxed, because besides taking all the stuff, he's making his noises that tell me he's also reached his peak.

My Little Gay Boy. When I see Hansie grinning like a lunatic, with Herr Biermaier's hot stuff dribbling from the corners of his mouth, I know he's right.


Herr Biermaier stops the car about a half kilometre from my home. He'd dropped Hansie off on the way. I'm in tears. Not because of what has happened, but because I feel I've betrayed Gareth. Any previous times I've done stuff with Herr Biermaier, I've not felt guilty. But now I do. And I'm frightened. If Gareth ever finds out what I've done, he'll dump me. I know he will. Why shouldn't he? I'm just a piece of shit that allows himself to be used just to be able to sing and travel. I'm worthless, and not worthy of my beautiful Gareth.

Herr Biermaier puts an arm around my shoulder. "Now now Aleric! What are the tears for? It was you who said we should do it together, not me! Hansie was happy enough when I dropped him off. I thought you'd be pleased I hadn't put it in him. Come on! Dry your tears and pull yourself together. We can stop it anytime. All you have to do is leave the choir. And if you tell anybody, I'll say I've finished you because you've been interfering with Hansie. I know he'll back me up. He won't dare do anything else, or they'll take him away from his foster parents and put him back in a home. Who are they going to believe? You; a small boy, or me; a respected gentleman who's never been in trouble in his life? Think about it."

I do, and I know that what is happening is now out of my hands. Everything Herr Direktor has said is true. I need to pull myself together. I wipe my eyes and grit my teeth. "I'll be alright Herr Biermaier. Just give me a minute, and then take me home please. I won't say anything."

"Good boy. Don't worry about it. It's only sex. You enjoyed some parts of it, I know you did. I'll let you have a rest until we begin practice for the next tour. Just go and enjoy the rest of your holidays. We have a tour of England coming up in February. That will be fun. You'll get to see London."

Through my teary eyes, I look at him. "Will we be going to Wales, Sir?"

"Yes. Our third week is in Wales. The capital of Wales; Cardiff."

"Will we meet Aled Jones, Sir?"

Herr Biermaier smiles. "You remember! Maybe. He's grown up now. Would you like to meet him?"

"Yes Sir. He was a beautiful singer."

"Indeed he was. I'll try and invite him. Leave it with me. Are you alright now?"

"Yes Sir. I'll be OK now."

He drives the half kilometre to my home, stops outside the house, and when I'm out of the car, he says, "Give my regards to your mum and dad. I'll see you at the concert." And then he drives away.

My thoughts turn to Gareth. I wonder where he is. I know he's back from Texas, because I spoke to him at the airport as he was leaving on Saturday, and when he was on the plane, and also when he was at his place in London. He said he had some business to see to there, and then he was flying back to Berlin today. He told me he'd booked in a posh hotel in Greifswald from Thursday 20th tomorrow - to the 2nd January. I can't wait to see him; to hold him; to be in his arms while he kisses me. Despite what's just happened with Herr Biermaier, I feel myself getting aroused thinking about Gareth, because I'm now pretty certain that some of the things I've just done and seen are a part of what I want from my Beautiful Man. But will he want the same?



I'm in the private jet I've hired to get back to Aleric, somewhere over the North Sea when Aleric's call comes in. I'm excited when I say, "Hello, Star in the Hood. How are you?"

He doesn't sound too happy, and his voice is quiet. "I'm OK. I'm missing you. Where are you? I've been watching the news and seen how bad the snow is in England, and I've been worried to death that you might be stranded there and I wouldn't be able to see you tomorrow."

"I'm on my way to you. I got a helicopter down to the South-West of England and hired a private jet just so I could sleep in the same country as you tonight. You don't sound too happy. Are you alright?"

"Yes. We've had choir practice tonight, and I didn't particularly enjoy it."

"Why not? I thought you loved singing."

"I do. But not tonight. I just didn't feel like it."

"Where are you now?"

"I'm in the bedroom. Everybody else is downstairs, watching TV. I can't speak long because it's almost bedtime. But I needed to hear your voice. You are still coming here... aren't you?"

"Of course I am! Don't be sad. I'll be with you tomorrow. I'll drive up in the morning, and I'll be there by lunch. If it's convenient, we can arrange to meet."

"I hope so. I can't wait to hug you. I want to be in your arms now. ILY."


Aleric goes silent, and I'm almost sure he's crying, and I ask, "Are you really OK? Is there anything wrong?"

"No. ILY. I'll speak to you tomorrow."

The phone goes dead. Although Aleric can sometimes be moody when we're chatting, which I put down to us not being together, I sense his mood now is different. Something isn't quite right, and I'm worried. If we'd been found out, I think he would have said. No, this is something else, and I haven't got a clue what it is. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow when he calls me.

I'm still pondering when a text comes in.

I'm OK. I was really missing you. That's all. Sorry I put the phone down on you. ILY. ILY. ILY. Don't text me back. ILY.

I don't text him back, but I'm slightly less worried now.


The moment I get into the apartment, the landline phone rings. It's Kurt. We chat for quite a while about various things, including Aleric, and then he tells me little Hansie has phoned him quite a few times on his new phone. I can tell by Kurt's voice that he's delighted Hansie has phoned him. Apparently, Kurt and Heindrich have already made enquiries to see if they have a chance of adopting him permanently. Because Kurt and Heindrich have already gone through the rigorous procedure required by the authorities to be both foster and adoptive parents, the authorities have promised to follow up their enquiries.

I have to ask. "Has Hansie given you any indication that he'd like to live with you?"

I'm shocked by Kurt's answer. "Sweetheart, between you and me and the deep blue sea, Hansie is gay, and I think he'd quite like to live with people who understand him. Not molest him: understand him."

"Gay? He's only ten! How does he know he's gay?"

"Sweetheart, this may come as a shock to your prudish mind, but I was enjoying gay sex when I was eight years old. I knew I was gay before I knew how to write properly. You've lived a very shallow life, darling. Hansie is old enough to know where his sexual preferences lie."

"But he's not old enough to have sex!"

"I didn't say he was having sex. I said he was old enough to know where his sexual preferences lie! Maybe he is having sex, but he's not going to tell me, is he? Well, not yet he isn't, but if he has anything to tell me, he'll know he has someone to confide in who won't be judgemental."

"How do you know all this?"

"I knew Aleric was the boy for you the moment your eyes met, didn't I?"

"I suppose."

"Have you considered that Aleric might want sex with you when you go up there tomorrow?"

"I've considered it."

"Good boy, and well done. Don't be surprised if you both stray from the paths of righteousness, and don't judge yourselves wrongly if you do. He may even insist on it! The little darling! Do you know what really pleases me?"

"No, but you're going to tell me."

"Because you love for him for what he is, you'll never lose his trust. That's so important in a friendship." Kurt is silent for a short while, and then he adds, "It's why you'll never lose my trust. But I think you knew that, didn't you?"

"Go away! You're embarrassing me!"

I hear Kurt's delightful giggle, and then he ends the call without saying another word.

As I sit on the sofa drinking a small Glenfidich, looking at my photo of Aleric, and thinking about Kurt's wise words, something is nagging at my brain; something I remember Aleric saying to me the first time he called me when he was in bed. The visit to Kurt's place was supposed to be a surprise. Aleric had said, `Yes I know. Herr Biermaier has just told me.' Has just told me. His comment was singular, not collective as in `us'. Why should Herr Biermaier have just told Aleric only? `Just' would mean immediately before Aleric rang me. Does Herr Biermaier go round all the boy's bedrooms before they go to sleep? It's possible, and maybe Aleric is his pet, so maybe he told him specially. That's perfectly feasible. But tonight Aleric was troubled. I know he was, and he'd just been to choir practice. Again I remember his words clearly. `We've had choir practice tonight, and I didn't particularly enjoy it'. And he'd put the phone down on me. Maybe I'm being paranoid. Apart from tonight, he seems to be a perfectly happy and normal boy. I look at the photo of my boy, and tears slip from my eyes. I've cried more tears over Aleric than I would ever have thought possible. I look at his body, and smile. Yes, he is a sexy little man. Kurt's words have eased my thoughts about some of the things that have been in my mind. But I'm as nervous as Hell. If there's an opportunity, we'll be meeting tomorrow. Will it happen then? How will I cope with it happening? Will it spoil things between us? I don't know how I'll react. I don't know how Aleric will react. Too many `don't knows' here, and I'm frightened. There's a million miles between talking and doing. I don't want to lose my special boy.

To be continued...

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