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The Angel of Pie Jesu.

By John T. S. Teller.

Book one – Star in the Hood.

Part 9.


I'm excited. Gareth is driving up to Greifswald today, but we've arranged to meet here in my village of Wieck first before he checks into his hotel in Greifswald. I've already rung him twice, and it's still only 10 am. I decide to ring him again.

Gareth doesn't give me time to ask anything, he just says, "Hello, Star in the Hood. I'm 50 kilometres from you now. Well, forty eight to be exact if this sat-nav is right. How are you, for the third time?"

I giggle. "I'm excited. I've got butterflies in my tummy."

"What's the weather like?"

"It's lovely. Cold but sunny."

"What are you wearing?"

"Your bomber jacket; my blue jeans; brown boots; your white pullover, and my blue wooly hat."

"No underpants?"

"Of course I have! I need to keep my cassock warm! And the cute bum I know you fancy."

Gareth giggles. "You're a disgusting little man! Where are you?"

"Waiting for you."

"I know that you silly boy. I mean where are you exactly?!"

"I'm not telling you until you get here."

"OK. I'll turn round at the next exit and go back to Berlin."

I laugh. "Don't you dare!  All I can tell you is that I'm walking towards our special place."

"Our special place sounds nice. Is it a special place?"

"Yes. I don't want to meet you in the main street, do I?"

"Why not?"



"Because I want to hug you when I see you, and..."

"And... what?"

I'm nervous as hell when I answer. "And because I want to kiss you."

Gareth is silent for a short while, and when he does answer, I can hear the emotion in his voice. "Me too. I'll ring you when I get to Wieck."

"OK. Make your way to the harbour, and ring me again."

Gareth breaks the call, and I begin to walk past the yachts moored in the harbour. I turn left away from the yachts, and take the path that runs adjacent to the sea, which I can't see because there are trees between the path and the sea. A hundred and fifty metres along the path, I take a right turn onto a sandy walkway that leads to the headland. I turn left again, and walk another two hundred metres to my favourite spot on earth. When dad was still fishing, we used to come here, and he'd tell us tales of the sea. Very few people are around in wintertime. Now, I can't see a solitary person. This is about as private a place as I know. I sit down and stare at the sea. He won't be long now.



"I'm driving along the harbour. There are some yachts moored on my right. Where do I go now?"

Aleric's voice down the phone says, "Go past the yachts and park on the car park on your left."

I drive along the harbour and park in the car park, get out of the car, and stretch my legs. The chill air makes me shiver. The gauge in the car said the outside temperature was exactly zero centigrade. I've not broken the call to Aleric, and I ask, "I'm parked. Where to now?"

"Walk back a few metres, and take the straight path on your right. When you've gone along there about hundred and fifty metres, take the sandy path to your right. You can ring off now. Ring me again when you're by the sea."

I take out my overcoat from the back seat of the car and put it on, wrap a woollen scarf around my neck, and then walk briskly along the path until I come to the sandy path. I walk along it through the trees to the sea. The breeze is fresh, but it's a beautiful day; the perfect day for meeting the boy who has never been out of my thoughts for more than a few minutes since I first met him. I look left and right, but I can't see him... nor anyone else. I phone Aleric again. "I'm there."

"Go left, and you'll find me."

Aleric breaks the call, and I begin walking. I've gone about two hundred metres when I see him, sitting all alone on a rock, hunched up, and I know he's crying. He turns his head and stares at me, and I can see the tears running down his cheeks. Tears are in my own eyes as I go to him, sit beside him and put my arm around his shoulder, and he melts into me, and cries like a baby. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In this case, our two are almost breaking as we come together. Aleric lifts his head and stares into my eyes. I smile through my tears. He smiles through his. I take his head in both my hands and kiss his forehead, and then his eyes, and then his wet cheeks, and his nose, and finally, I settle my lips on his, and he responds with passion as he locks his arms around my neck and crushes our mouths together. The kiss lasts for quite a while, and then we break it.

He smiles. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it."

I smile back at him. "Neither could I. I've wanted to do that since we had the last one in the theatre."

Aleric giggles. "Me too. But I didn't think it would be like that. I think we might have overdone it, don't you?"

I look into the beautiful, tearful eyes of the boy I worship, and shake my head. "No. We needed to do that. We didn't do anything we didn't want to."

Aleric stares into my eyes. "I know that, but I think we might have strayed into those other things with that kiss."

"Maybe we did, and maybe we will stray into those other things sometimes. The reason we did it just then was because we've both missed each other so much." I grin. "Right now, I want kiss your cute bum just to taste you."

Aleric laughs. "With my underpants on?"

I shake my head, and give him a naughty grin. "With them off! No way am I kissing your smelly underpants!"

Now Aleric is really chuckling. "My underpants are not smelly! They're clean on this morning, and I haven't had a poo today. Have you?"

"No, but I have farted a few times."

"Ugh! You smelly devil! You should have stayed in Berlin!"

I laugh. "Maybe I should, but somehow, I think a little boy I love would have missed me."

Aleric lifts his head to mine, and kisses me softly on the lips. "I think he would. Come on. Let's go for a walk."

As we walk away from the harbour, I have my arm around Aleric's shoulder, and he has his arm around my waist. We chat, and occasionally give each other soft kisses on the lips, and giggle each time we do. After about half a kilometre, Aleric stops and pulls us into a depression facing the sea. If anyone were to walk along the headland, they wouldn't be able to see us. He sits down on the soft grass, and beckons for me to sit beside him. As I do, he lays back and stares up at me. I lean beside him on one elbow and stroke his face, which is now serious, and I sense something is going through Aleric's mind that might lead us into dangerous territory.

I look into his eyes. "Maybe we should be getting back?"

He shakes his head. "No. We will if you want to, but I don't want to. I want to kiss you some more."

I smile at him. "OK, but no tongues!"

Aleric's face is still serious. "No tongues, but everything else."

The kiss, with our eyes open, is long and searching: warm lips exchanging the deep love we share. Aleric strokes the designer stubble on my chin, and I stroke the softness of his cheeks. There are no tears now. This is serious love stuff, and we both know it. I said `no tongues', but we can't help it. First the tips of our tongues meet and kiss, and then its open mouths and we're exchanging saliva, and then exploratory thrusts, and finally I give way to what I subconsciously desire, and the kiss becomes a sexual, passionate one.

Eventually, I break the kiss and stare deeply into the eyes that enchant me. "I'm sorry."

Aleric smiles, and shakes his head. "Don't be sorry. I think we both needed to do that. I know I did."

I give him a peck on the lips. "So did I, but I think we did some serious trespassing there, don't you?"

Aleric grins. "Yes. But I like trespassing with you." And then Alerics face is serious again. "Gareth, I think we need to talk, don't you?"

I nod. "I think we do. I don't want to lose you."

Aleric strokes my lips with the tips of his fingers. "You won't lose me. No matter what we do. I promise. You haven't done anything to me that I didn't want, but you haven't done some of the things I do want, and I'm afraid that if I ask you to do the things I want, I might lose you. I'm not sure you understand the way I feel about you, or the things I've been feeling all the while you were away."

I look down into the face of this exquisite boy; displayed between the cute woollen hat he's wearing and by the roll neck collar of his white pullover nestling under his chin; at the flush of colour in his cheeks; at the soft, creaminess of his skin, and the tantalising eyes, and I know that whatever he wants from me, I can never refuse him. "Maybe you should tell me what you want then?"

"I belong to you. All of me. I want to give myself to you. I thought when I sent you that photo that I was doing it for you, but I was fooling myself. I was actually doing what I'm thinking now; wanting you to know all of me. Give me your hand."

I'm puzzled, but I give it to him.

Now his eyes are deadly serious. "Please don't stop me."

With his left hand, he slips down the zip of the bomber jacket, and pulls it open. He takes my hand, and caresses his chest with it. He pushes it lower, and caresses his midriff with it. Not once have his eyes left mine, and I see the gaze become even more serious, and when he pushes my hand onto his jeans and to his crotch, the gaze is fierce. He opens his legs, clamps my hand with both his, and presses it onto the hardness I can clearly feel, and then he manipulates my hand, rubbing himself with it, and pushing his hips at me. His face betrays his feelings, and I know he's climaxed when he lets out a low moan and a series of sobs. When it's over, he grabs me and kisses me passionately. After a while, he stops, and smiles. "That will do for now."

I grin. "For now?"

His look is mischievous. "Yes, for now. I might want more later, but I can go to bed tonight happy knowing what we've done. Are you angry at me?"

I shake my head. "I could never be angry with you, but I am a little worried."

"Because of what we've just done?"

I nod. "I'm worried because I enjoyed doing it."

Aleric giggles. "I knew you would, but don't worry about it. You wouldn't have done it if I didn't want to, and that's why it was so special. Maybe we should both accept that it's what we want. I know it's what I want. Boys don't fall in love with men, and men don't fall in love with boys unless they both want that."

I kiss him gently on the lips. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I need to do some serious self introspection. Maybe I've been waiting all my life for a special boy?"

"Have you found him?"


"Good. Now can we really begin to enjoy what we are?"

I grin, and zip up his bomber jacket. "Yes, but I'm still having those boy-proof underpants made."

Aleric laughs, and then stretches his legs to get his phone out of his jeans pocket, moves away from me slightly, and sits facing me so I can't see what he's doing on his phone. When my own phone rings, he grins at me. He's sent me a picture message. I open it, and I'm pretty shocked. It's a picture of Aleric; naked. He's sitting on a bed in almost exactly the same position as the other photo, but now his folded legs are open and I can see his small, soft penis hanging down over his ballsac.

I'm about to say he shouldn't have done it, when he places his fingers over my mouth to stop me speaking. "It's for your artist friend."

I grin. "I'm surprised you managed to take one that wasn't pornographic."

Aleric giggles, and gives me a cheeky grin. "It took me ages to do that. A couple of minutes earlier, and it would have been. I had to think of being in a freezing cold bath to get it like that. Do you like it?"

I stare some more at the photo. "Yes. Has anyone ever told you that you're the most beautiful boy in the whole world?"

Aleric shuffles forward on his knees and locks his arms around my neck. He kisses me softly. "I don't care about what anyone else thinks. As long as you do, I'm happy. Shall we go now?"

I get up, and then pull Aleric up. We dust ourselves down, and then, with Aleric hugging my arm, we stroll back towards the car. On the way, we discuss how we're going to see each other again. He tells me that he's going shopping with his mother and father and his brother, tomorrow, Friday the 21st, in Greifswald, and that I can't park in the main square because it's traffic-free, but I'm to park outside a small café called Das Teehaus, and he'll try his best to get his family there, and then we'll try to put in place the plans we've laid for him to be looking at my car and I go to it and we have our `surprise' reunion. I, of course, have already made plans for my reason for being there, but I won't tell Aleric, because I want to try and make it as genuine as possible.

We reach the harbor, and I tell Aleric that I'll sit in the car while he walks to his home. It would be silly for me to give him a lift. He'll phone me later. He touches my fingers, and walks away. I sit in the car and watch him until he disappears from view, and then I play his Pie Jesu, and in this beautiful place, in the home town of my beautiful boy, I shed a few more tears as I think of Kurt's wise words: Good boy, and well done. But don't be surprised if you both stray from the paths of righteousness, and don't judge yourselves wrongly if you do. We did, and it had been beautiful. But I want more. The hardness I felt was firm and not overly small. Not like the photo. I want to feel and kiss the hardness in all its naked beauty. I want to give my boy the supreme pleasure, and the reason I want to do it is because I know he wants me to do it.


The 4* Hotel M***** is situated on the southern edge of Greifswald, and as soon as I've checked in, I go to my room to shower. As the hot water flows over my body, I think about my meeting with Aleric.

I hadn't known what to expect when we met again, but I'm not surprised at what happened. Maybe a little surprised at Aleric's passions, but they were no less than I was feeling. Our first kiss had been what I'd been dreaming about. Yes, I wanted to crush our mouths together and taste the boy I love. Aleric had wanted it, too. Him putting my hand on his swollen penis and making me masturbate him, was unexpected, but the most singularly portent moment was when he said, Maybe we should both accept that it's what we want. I know it's what I want. Boys don't fall in love with men, and men don't fall in love with boys unless they both want that. Not only has Aleric hit the nail on the head; but he was showing a degree of knowledge that I found startling. Maybe I'm out of touch with today's youngsters, and all kids his age are aware of unnatural affections between men and boys.

Whatever, it means our love is a sexual one, and it's now been, in part, consummated. Now, it's just a matter of discovering exactly what Aleric wants. And that's the important bit. What Aleric wants. But maybe not. There's no way on earth I would violate him the way Kurt likes to be violated. I could never do that. But I can't deny that I want to kiss every part of his beautiful body. In fact, as I sat in the car after Aleric had gone, I brought up on the phone the picture of him naked, and kissed the part he had my hand on when we were lying on the grass. I want him. I want all of him. I wasn't joking when I said I wanted to taste his cute bum. If he was here with me now, I'd be smothering his body with kisses, especially his cute bum, and then I'd kiss that beautiful soft cock until it became hard, take it into my mouth, and give him the supreme pleasure.

My thoughts have aroused me, and I take my own hardness in my hand and slowly stroke it, and all the while I'm doing it, I'm thinking of his beautiful eyes, and his naked body. My lips are on his; he sinks his sweet tongue into my mouth, and then he pushes me to my knees, and his hardness slips between my lips. I stroke the softness of his slim, inner thighs, and then place my hands on the wonders of his cute bum, and pull him deeper into me. He tenses and shudders as I give to him that that he desires so much, and for the first time in two weeks, I climax, and my spunk spurts onto the glass sides of the shower, and into the swirling waters.

After the pleasures have subsided, I feel guilty, and not too pleased with myself. In my thoughts I've defiled the boy I love, and no matter what he says about us both wanting it, I can't help feeling guilty about it.



I pretend to be asleep as Gottwin wanks himself off beside me. I was in bed half an hour before he was, and I did it twice myself before he came to bed. The first time, at the crucial moment, Hansie's hot pinkler was in my mouth, and I could feel Herr Biermaier's long tongue stimulating my bum hole as he wanked me. The second time, I was lying with Gareth on the grass by the sea. He'd taken my jeans down to get to me, and he was all over me down there, kissing my pinkler and my balls, and then he sucked me off. As usual, although it took me longer, the second climax was the best. Getting the first one out of the way has always been my way ever since I learnt how to wank. The second one was dry, but the first one produced some of my sperm. I did what Herr Biermaier did, and tasted it. It was pretty tasteless, and I can't understand why anybody would want it.

I'm facing away from Gottwin. The bed begins to rock, and then I hear the familiar sounds as he climaxes. The bed stops rocking, and after a while, I hear the nasal breathing that tells me he's fallen asleep.

Today has gone brilliantly. My Gareth is back, and the kiss I'd been dreaming about actually happened. I expected it to be a closed mouth affair, but Gareth was as eager for me as I was for him, and when we kissed with open mouths, I was surprised he did it. But it was beautiful. It was really sexy stuff. He still puzzles me in many ways, but I'm also puzzled about myself. Never in a million years would I have thought kissing a man was in my makeup. But Gareth is different. Not only do I want to be in his arms all the time, I actually want him that way. Before today, the thought of playing with a man's pinkler was alien to me, but now I actually want to hold it and make him spurt his stuff. Gareth's stuff isn't like Herr Biermaier's; it comes from the man I love, which is a whole new ball game.

Gareth. I don't think he properly understands himself. I don't think he realised there was a sexual side to us until I sent him the picture of me. Maybe he had his own thoughts about me, but not about the us part of what we are. Although he doesn't know it, and God forbid he ever will, I'm more experienced than Gareth. I knew almost from the beginning that our love had some sexual stuff in it. That's why I sent him that first photo, and I'm 100% certain that he likes the nude one better. I only wish I could have been hard when I took it. I was before I took it, and it took me ages thinking about other things to make it go soft, and as soon as I'd taken it, it went hard again, and I wanked myself off. I want to send him pictures of me doing that, and I want to send him some of my bum, which I know he likes. The thought of Gareth kissing my bum and putting his tongue in me is really exciting. I think I'd be on my knees for hours letting him do that to me.

Gottwin is snoring now. I'm going to do it again, and think of Gareth sucking my bum hole.

I'm sitting on his face, and his tongue is right up me, creating those wonderful feelings. I move my bum on his designer stubble and feel it sticking into me. It's wonderful, because this is Gareth. He's playing with my pinkler, too. I can see his big one sticking up, and I go down to it and suck on the end of it exactly like I saw Hansie doing to Herr Biermaier. It's clean and smells of his aftershave. I fondle his big balls, and I feel the pleasure building up inside him as he works even harder on my hole. And then, as I reach my moment of pleasure, he spurts his stuff into my mouth in bucketfuls, and I swallow it. But I can't take it all, and it runs from the corners of my mouth and down my hands. I get up and turn around. He's smiling at me, and I look like Hansie did when he'd done Herr Biermaier with his spunk still oozing from my mouth and down my chin. He holds his arms open, I sink into his love, and we share a fabulous kiss where his spunk is all over us.

      Oh, Gareth! Yeeeesssss! Yeeeesssss!

To be continued...

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