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The Angry Boy 10

It was hot and humid during the first week of July. A pattern had developed in Keith and Brad's relationship over the past six months, Brad was coming over every weekend now and stayed Saturday nights. Keith had stopped resisting Brad's advances and allowed the boy to sleep in his bed as if he had a choice. Brad demanded that they have oral sex during their sleepovers but Keith still refrained from anything more serious. For his part Brad had backed off from pleading for anal sex, he didn't give up on it but he wasn't pestering the man about it either. Keith and Brad had become close but it wasn't just the sexual connection there was a strong emotional bond that existed which Brad was willing to admit now.

Keith pulled up to the house to see that Brad was waiting at the curb. He was shirtless wearing just his long shorts. Puberty had been kind to Bradley, he was now an inch taller than Keith and had filled out somewhat. He was still a skinny boy but his shoulders had broadened and his muscles were beginning to show some definition. Keith motioned for Brad to put his luggage in the back seat, as the trunk was already full for their trip up north. As the boy got into the car Keith noted that he was sweating, his brown hair was damp and his skin glistened. Brad had hair now, although it was still short, there was just enough for Keith to run his fingers through.

"You look hot" Keith noted

"Thanks, you're not so ugly yourself" Brad replied in typical style.

It was true Brad was a hot boy, his skin had started to tan and his adolescent physique made him more attractive. He did have some acne on his face but it wasn't that much of a detractor for Keith.

"You're sweating already and it's only 9:30," Keith explained.

"I was taking a few shots before you came" Brad replied referring to the basketball hoop in the driveway.

"You must be eager to get going" Keith said knowing that the boy rarely saw the outdoors before noon.

"I was ready. No point in getting into any shit before I go" Brad explained. Keith knew he was right, he was worried that the group home staff would find some reason to cancel their week away. His acrimonious relationship with them hadn't improved. In fact he found himself siding with Brad more frequently when there was conflict and he knew the staff no longer saw him as their ally.

Brad pushed the buttons to get his death metal music blasting. The boy had taken over four of the six CD slots in the man's car. Keith used the steering wheel audio controls to lower the volume but he didn't bother to say anything about it. Brad reclined his seat for the four-hour road trip as he enjoyed the coolness of the air conditioning drying his sweat. The boy was excited about spending a week at Keith's cottage but it wasn't something he'd expressed. Keith invited and he accepted, however he was glad to be away from the group home for a while, there had been some typical staff turnover and the new college aged handlers were taking a hard line to assert authority. Brad had seen it all before of course, they'd eventually realise that strict adherence to the rules just led to more disobedience and they would wonder why. Wearing down group home staff had become a hobby for Brad over the years. He'd use logic and defiance as well as manipulate his housemates. It drove Keith nuts he knew, the man would often ask, `why can't you just cooperate' but that simply wasn't in Brad's nature.

"How can you understand any of these lyrics?" Keith asked of the music. It sounded like someone was just yelling incoherently to the man.

"Change it if you want" Brad offered with a dismissive glance towards his man. Keith really was his man now, with Aaron gone and the staff turn over the boy had decided not to start any new sexual partnerships. He had Keith now there seemed no need for anyone else.

The drive was long and boring for the fifteen year old so he ended up passing out. Keith nudged him repeatedly until the monster awoke.

"What?" The teen snapped

"We're here" Keith replied

"At the dock?" Brad asked as he regained his senses. He stretched his arms up and back, exposing his moderate pit hair to the man.

"No, at the town, remember we have to buy food before we go in. I'm pretty sure you'll get hungry," Keith advised

Brad got out the car and stretched his full body. The boy's firm lean form amazed Keith. He seemingly could eat anything but had retained his slim physique. The boy started toward the grocery wearing only his shorts and sneakers.

"Ah, don't you want to put a shirt on?" Keith asked.

Brad turned back to face Keith taking a few steps walking backwards. He squinted in the bright sunlight as he said,

"I'm fine like this"

"Well typically they want you to wear a shirt in a store" Keith explained.

"Its summer ... let em kick me out," Brad challenged as he spun back around leaving the man to lock the car and follow. Keith would have preferred that the boy at least bring his shirt but he figured that if he were asked to leave then it would be a lesson for him. He'd have to walk back to the car and get it.

Brad dutifully pulled out a shopping cart and followed the man around as Keith filled it with a week worth of food for them. As they walked through the grocery they encountered a couple of staff but no one said anything to the man or the shirtless teen. Keith could tell that the boy's puffy nipples were hard in the cooler air and he wondered if Brad wasn't missing his shirt now. The pair took the food back to the car and loaded most of it into the back seat, while some of it went into the cooler in the trunk. The sedan was completely packed as they drove further into the wilderness. Keith turned down a gravel road sending vibrations through the car.

After driving some distance Brad announced, "I got a hard one" as he looked down at his crotch

"You'll have to wait until we get to the cottage to take care of that" Keith stated.

"You can blow me in the car, it's not like there's anyone around" Brad suggested.

"Yeah, that's all I need to get caught giving head to a teenager" Keith replied.

Keith continued until the road came to an end at the landing. He parked his car right next to the dock and the pair got out.

"Start unloading the car and I'll call the water taxi," Keith ordered

"Water taxi?" Brad quizzed

"Yeah, a pontoon boat that will take the stuff and us to the cottage" Keith explained.

"Where's your boat?" Brad asked

"It's at the cottage," Keith said as he headed for a pay phone.

"Why don't you use your cell phone?" Brad wondered.

Keith laughed and said, "We're way too far north for cell coverage"

Brad had the car about half unloaded when Keith returned to help. Once they finished the two stood around waiting for the taxi to arrive. While Brad looked down the lake in anticipation Keith was looking at him. He Marvelled at the young man the boy was becoming. Brad turned back toward the man who was sitting on the cooler and now was looking directly into the boy's deep navel. Brad eased his shorts forward and presented part of his flaccid penis.

"Brad, don't do that, we're in public," Keith snapped

Brad let his shorts snap back as he gestured with an outstretched arm. "Yeah right, there's like no one around"

Keith stood up and pointed out toward the lake at the approaching pontoon boat. Once the boat stopped they began loading their stuff onto the flat deck. Keith went off to park the car leaving Brad and the taxi captain to finish the loading. Rejoining the boy on the boat, they headed out on the twenty-minute ride to the cottage. Brad was typically quiet and nonchalant during the boat ride. Arriving at Keith's dock Brad seemed unimpressed with what he found.

"That's your cottage?" he asked of the small building beside the dock.

"Yeah don't you like it?" Keith joked

"It's smaller than I thought" Brad noted

"That's the boat house Brad, the cottage is up the hill. You can sort of see it behind the trees there" Keith said pointing.

"Ok, right" Brad said embarrassed by his mistake

"Here you take the cooler, lets get the food up first," Keith instructed.

Arriving at the top of the hill Brad waited for the man to unlock the door.

"Go down and get more stuff, don't wait on me" Keith ordered as he approached the top of the stairs.

The teen trotted back down and got as much as he could carry, hoping to limit his trips. Finally when it was all in the cottage he took a look around. The living / dining room stretched the length of the cottage facing the lake. Besides a table there was a couch, chairs and a TV much to Brad's delight. The Kitchen was small but equipped with a microwave the boy noted. The first two bedrooms had a double bed and the third bedroom featured a pair of bunk beds built into the walls. It was separated from the other bedrooms by a bathroom.

"My Bedroom is the first one, you can set yourself up in second if you want" Keith instructed as he put things away.

"Why do you have bunk beds?" Brad asked thinking of the group home setup.

"They were here when I bought the place, I assume they were for kids" Keith offered.

Brad threw his bag into Keith's bedroom, if the man was under any illusion that the teen wasn't sleeping with him, that gesture would settle it.

"So this is an island?" The boy asked as he stood looking through the big bay window out onto the lake.

"Yes, we need to use the boat to go anywhere" Keith explained as he walked up behind the boy.

"It's a pretty big island, how many cottages are there?" Brad asked

"Seven but we won't see anyone, we're pretty well spaced" Keith said as he hugged the boy from behind. "But don't go snooping around we all respect each other's privacy" He continued as Brad didn't resist the affection.

"So I can go naked," Brad said cheekily at the assurance of privacy. He wondered what getting his cock sucked outdoors might be like and it got him instantly hard.

"Let's not push it" Keith advised as he let the boy go.

"So how fast does your boat go?" Brad asked changing topics

"It's not that fast, it's more of a fishing boat than a speed boat," Keith reported

"Can I drive it?" Brad quizzed excitedly. He'd been to camps before but the only boats they had were canoes.

"No you need a license and you can't get one til you're sixteen, sorry" Keith explained.

"Oh come on," Brad pleaded.

"It's like a car, you need a license buddy, but I do have a canoe you could take out" Keith offered.

Brad rolled his eyes thinking Keith was so by the book. "Can I go swim?"

"Sure off the dock is fine, there's a sandy beach a little to the right," Keith said.

The boy was gone down the stairs in a shot. Keith could hear his splash in the water a few minutes later. The man got himself a drink and walked slowly down the stairs toward the water. As he passed the boathouse he saw another man approaching. He recognized him as his retired neighbour and shook the man's hand as they met.

"So you've got a boy with you?" The man said.

"Yeah Mike he's a group home kid, that I mentor. We're up for the week," Keith reported.

"Ah that's good I've got one of my grandsons up, he's twelve and all for getting into mischief." The old man explained.

"Well, Brad is fifteen and a bit short of social skills but he's a good sort, I'm just not sure he'll hang out with a twelve year old, we'll see." Keith advised.

"He's certainly a handsome boy, and not very shy I see" Mike said.

"Yeah he's grown some and started fill out" Keith said. He suddenly realised that Mike must be looking at Brad and whirled around to see the naked teen arrive on the path. Keith's eyes went straight to the boy's flaccid cock. Thank god he wasn't sporting an erection, Keith thought.

"Where are your shorts?" Keith asked

"I didn't want to get them wet" Brad advised as he looked at the old man.

"This is Mike, he's my neighbour. His grandson is up maybe you two can hang out," Keith offered without saying the kid was twelve. "Go dry off and put something on please," He concluded.

Brad turned back on the path, he knew the old man was checking out his ass. He had to be, the guy was staring right at his cock the whole time he stood beside Keith. Everyone was a perv it seemed.


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