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The Angry Boy 11

Keith joined Brad in the cottage after he finishing talking to his neighbour. He couldn't believe that the teen had just walked up to them stark naked like that. It had to have been on purpose the boy knew enough to put his shorts back on, he just didn't want to.

"Well, thanks for embarrassing me in front of Mike" Keith greeted gruffly. He saw that Brad had dried himself and put his shorts back on now.

"Yeah yeah, I think he was checking me out" Brad advised.

"Brad I'm serious, lets not start this week off on a bad foot" Keith admonished.

"You said we wouldn't see anyone," Brad protested

"But you did see him and you walked right up to us, you could have turned around and gone up to the cottage. You did it on purpose" Keith accused.

"So you're pissed off at me on the first day, great" Brad said flippantly.

"No, no, no, this is your doing. You pushed it, I guess ... I don't know, to amuse yourself." Keith snapped.

"Ok, ok, settle down" Brad said in a role reversal. "I'm sorry"

"And so you'll keep your shorts on?" Keith pressed.

"Yeah, yeah, I've skinny dipped at camp before, it's no big deal" Brad replied.

A quiet truce fell over the pair as Brad walked over to the man. He pressed his body into Keith, their noses touching.

"You seem tense, you want a blow job?" Brad offered.

"That's not happening and you're sleeping in your own bed tonight" Keith advised as he attempted to resist what he though was a manipulation.

"Oh that's mature, you're going to punish me with no sex" Brad snapped

"My feelings for you haven't changed but I'm really angry with you right now" Keith explained.

Brad stepped back and yanked his shorts down. He bent over the kitchen chair exposing his tight rump to the man. "Oh I'm a bad boy Keith, beat the devil out of me" he joked.

"Come on Brad" Keith replied.

"Oh, oh, did I see you smile?" Brad mocked

"Pull your shorts up" Keith ordered softly

"We're having sex tonight so you'd better punish me now buddy" Brad said as he wiggled his ass.

Keith walked over and put his hand gently on the teen's firm bum and squeeze softly. "No more nudity and you're going to spend some time with Mike's grandson"

"Come on Keith give me a couple of good hard smacks, I've been spanked before" Brad pressed.

Keith walked away and sat on the couch, looking out onto the lake. Brad pulled his shorts back up and joined him.

"So how old is this kid?" Brad asked

"He's twelve so don't talk to him about sex or anything rude" Keith warned

"Twelve ... I bet his granddad has taught him all about sex" Brad suggested

"I bet not" Keith challenged, "Your view of the world is bit warped"

"I had you figured out," Brad said mischievously as he rested his head against his man.

After a brief quiet time Keith asked, "Let me know when you're hungry and I can start dinner"

"I'm hungry now, hungry for cock" Brad replied cheekily

"I don't think so" Keith replied

"Come on it'll relieve your stress" Brad pleaded

"Brad, I'm not sexually frustrated, I'm frustrated with your behaviour. It's time for your adult brain to switch on boy," Keith said as he stood.

"I've been on my own for years now, I am an adult Dr. Brown" Brad replied resentfully.

The teen knew that Keith was right though, he did see things differently than even just a few months ago. He understood that the world wasn't as black and white as he thought. While he wasn't ready to admit it, he had an idea that there was a lot he didn't know. Keith had proven more useful to him than he ever thought possible. He hoped that the frequent sex was enough of a bond to keep the man coming back for more. Brad figured that he could survive without Keith but he had grown accustomed to the luxuries that the man afforded him. It was always in the back of his mind though, that Keith could drop him without notice but he figured that unlikely now, he hoped so at least now that he really liked him. Brad had a sudden epiphany; Keith wouldn't fuck him no matter how hard he'd worked on him because, according to the man, he should save his virginity for someone special. Keith had told him that he loved him a couple of times and the boy hadn't returned the emotion that was his mistake he figured. Keith wanted to know that he loved him before he fucked him. All he had to do was to say it the teen thought.

"I love you ya know, I just wanted to do something nice for you" He said before the man got all the way to the kitchen.

Keith turned and faced the boy, "I love you too Brad but sex isn't the only part of a relationship, respect is a big factor"

"I know, but I can't buy you stuff so this is what I've got to give" Brad suggested

"Brad, we've talked about this before. I don't expect you to buy me anything, I don't want you to have sex with me because you think you owe me. If you love me and respect me then we're good." Keith explained. "I bet that it was hard for you to say those words"

Brad shrugged nonchalantly, thinking they were just words, no harder to say than any other.

"Brad I won't leave you. I'm glad you're not trying to push me away anymore but I hope you realise that just because I'm not happy with you doesn't mean that I would ditch you" Keith consoled.

"No one breaks up with me Dr. Brown, I break up with them," Brad said joking confidently. A few months ago Keith would have gotten a snide remark about feelings so he felt that he was making good progress. This week might be a turning point for them he hoped.


Mid morning the next day Bradley walked along the path near the shore. He was heading to the neighbours to serve his punishment. He'd hang out with the little kid and give Keith some time to himself. The man had seemed weird ever since they arrived. Maybe it was because he was stuck with him for a week, there would be no easy way to just take him home, no matter what the boy did.

Mike's cottage looked older than Keith's Brad noted as he climbed the steps up to the door. He rapped loudly and waited. The old man appeared and examined the teen. Brad was wearing just his board shorts today and a hat that Keith had insisted he take. The man had slathered him up with sunscreen as the boy was obviously going to go shirtless.

"David! Bradley's here" the old man bellowed as he motioned the teen inside.

Brad figured the old guy was checking him out again as he looked around the cottage. The décor was definitely older than Keith's place and the furniture was too but it was clean and in good condition.

The dark haired boy arrived quickly, eager to see his new friend, Brad noticed his olive complexion as he stood beside his grandfather for the introductions. The boy seemed a contrast to the pasty white old man. Perhaps the kid wasn't his grandson, maybe that was just the cover story Brad wondered but Keith was likely right, he figured, the old guy wasn't actually doing anything with the kid.

"David this is Bradley" The man announced.

Brad greeted in his usual style, "Hey".

"So you guys are going to take the canoe out?" Mike asked.

"I guess" Brad replied

"David is an ok swimmer but I still want him to wear his life jacket" The man instructed.

The two went down to the dock in silence. Brad wasn't really interested in younger kids, in fact they tended to annoy him. Most of them were so used to being babied that they had no idea how to fend for themselves, Brad thought. They got the canoe down into the water and got in. There was no discussion on who would take the steering position in the stern, both assumed it would be Brad. He had some skill with canoes after attending camp each summer. Camp was often an exciting time for Brad, he was in a relatively free environment with dozens of horny teenagers. He recalled when he was David's age that he was quite popular with a few of the leaders. Back then the price of a blow job was an extra desert and the dominant position among his cabin mates. He didn't really think of them as friends, they just happened to be there with him. For the most part Brad found people his own age or younger useless to him. There were of course sheep like Aaron that would prove to be of some use but otherwise his interests were always focused on the older crowd.

As they paddled out onto the lake Brad made conversation, "So how long are you staying with your grand dad?"

"Most of the summer, my mom has to work so my grandpa takes care of me" David replied.

"You're old enough to take care of yourself" Brad spat. "What about your dad?" He continued.

"He left us" David said quietly.

"Well, my mom and me left my father" Brad announced proudly. He always thought of his father as a weak alcoholic, someone of no value to him. When his mother left his dad he was happy that she saw what was obvious to Brad, but then the bitch left him behind. What man would want someone else's son, Brad thought of her new boyfriend. It was different with Keith, the man was dating him, not his mother.

Suddenly the boat made a screeching sound and Brad found himself in the water, the canoe upside down. They had hit a rock, the stupid kid in the front was supposed to warn him, as the sterns man couldn't see directly in front of the canoe. David was in the water too, flaying about and screaming. Thankfully he had his life jacket on as Brad ignored him and set about righting the boat. He used his weight to flip it back over as he'd been taught. It was still swamped with water but at least it was controllable. He grabbed the boy by the back of his life vest and pulled him into the canoe. It was then that he saw why the kid was screaming. He was bleeding from his arm, likely when they went over. He remained outside the boat, kicking his legs to provide thrust. They weren't that far out but it still took some time to get the water laden craft back in. Keith's dock was closer so Brad took them there. He pulled the crybaby onto shore and then lifted the canoe up, tipping the water out. Brad swam back out to get the paddles but could only find one, before returning to shore. When he got there David was gone so Brad made his way up the hill to Keith's cottage.

"Back so soon?" Keith asked as he put his book down.

"We hit a rock and the canoe went over," Brad reported.

"Are you guys alright?" Keith asked standing.

"I'm fine but David's got a cut on his arm, he was crying the whole way back" Brad reported.

"You swam him back in?" Keith asked.

"Yeah, he was back on shore but I guess he's gone home" Brad explained.

"Ok, I'll get my bag and we'll go over" Keith said as he went to the bedroom for his med kit.

The two went over to Mike's cottage. Keith urgently seeking to find out how the boy was, while Brad wondered how long it would take before he'd be blamed for the whole thing. He didn't even want to take the little kid out in the first place.

Keith walked right into the cottage to find the boy and his grandfather at the sink.

"How is he Mike?" Keith asked.

"It's a pretty long cut but it's not bleeding that bad" the old man said with concern on his face.

"Yeah, it's going to need stitches" Keith said as he examined the sniffling boy.

"Should I get the boat?" Mike asked assuming trip into the nearest city was required.

"No I can do it here" Keith said as he pulled a syringe out of his bag. With one hand Keith pulled the tip off with his teeth and then stabbed it into the kid's arm. David wailed at the pain but the dentist was quick and it was over before anyone realised. While he washed the cut the arm became numb from the anaesthetic. Brad watched with amazement as Keith stitched the cut closed, it was as though he were watching an ER show, he was impressed by the man's skill.

The teen caught the old man scowling at him.

"I could have left the fucker out there in the lake" Brad blurted.

"Brad, wait outside please" Keith said as he finished up on the boy.

"He did everything right after the boat went over" Keith said to Mike after the door slammed shut. "He doesn't understand your worry Mike and he takes things very personally."

Brad stormed along the beach toward the cottage. He knew he'd get blamed for it, he just knew. He made it up to their bedroom and began stuffing his things into his bag. It was only a matter of time before Keith told him he was going home. He was going to beat the man to it, he would demand to go and right now.


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