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The Angry Boy 12

Keith finished patching the boy's arm up before heading back to his cottage. The immediate crisis had been dealt with, now there was the emotional side of things that needed attention. He expected Brad would be upset but he didn't think the boy would be waiting by the dock with his bag packed.

Keith smiled at the angry boy as he turned and headed up the stairs toward the cottage.

"Take me home now!" Brad demanded from the dock.

Keith stopped and turned to face the monster, "Come on, lets barbeque something for dinner" He suggested.

"I'm not fucking around" Brad advised.

"Brad buddy it's too late in the day to go home and everything's ok now, there's no reason to go" Keith suggest softly.

"I don't care" Brad spat.

"Well I'm going back up and starting dinner, I would really appreciate it if you came up when you're ready" Keith replied.

"I'll just take the boat," Brad said pointing to the boathouse.

"And then you'd steal my car?" Keith asked, "Brad I know you're upset but it all worked out, Mike's calmed down, David doesn't blame you, let's not go crazy" He continued before turning and heading further up the stairs.

Brad remained stubbornly defiant, standing on the dock with his bag. He watched as Keith ascended the stairs toward the cottage. He wondered if he should start the boat, that would bring him back down in a hurry, he thought. Brad admitted to himself that Keith wasn't blaming him, in fact the opposite was true but he'd packed and demanded to go, how could he stand down from that?

Keith was worried about leaving Brad on the dock, he could likely carry out his threat but would he risk it? With Brad he just didn't know how far the boy might take things, even though they had a good relationship now. Keith got some burgers out of the freezer and started the barbeque. The smell of food was often a good tool for dealing with the teenager. He tried not to worry as he flipped the meat but he was somewhat expecting to hear his boat pulling away from the dock. If that happened it would set in motion a series of events that could prove catastrophic for their relationship. He'd have to report it stolen and him missing, not the way Keith had thought the week would end up. He had hoped that their extended time together would lead them to an even closer bond but as always, managing Brad's anger was the issue.

Keith watched as Brad appeared up the stairs and threw his bag in the door. He stomped over to the barbeque and announced.

"Fine, you can take me home tomorrow"

"If that's what you really want" Keith said softly. He wasn't sure if the appeasement approach was the right course of action but the direct confrontation wasn't usually successful.

Brad sat down at the out door table, his face still flushed with anger.

"Bun toasted?" Keith asked.

"Yeah" Brad sighed.

"I'm sorry I asked you to take David out, it wasn't fair of me to expect you to entertain him," Keith suggested as he provided the evening meal.

Brad looked at Keith with fury in his eyes. It actually frightened the man into thinking an explosive reaction was at hand, but the boy turned his attention to dinner instead. The evening was quiet as Keith let the teen cool off. He figured the boy would come down on his own, often encouraging him to relax just had the opposite effect.


Keith walked up behind the chair that the boy was sitting in and placed his palms on Brad's soft face. He hoped that the touching would be accepted. It had been hours since the teen had demanded to leave the island.

"You want to come to bed?" Keith asked softly as his hands remained.

"It's just past ten" Brad reported, inferring that it was too early.

"I thought we could have some fun," Keith suggested using their code word for sex.

Brad continued flipping through the available channels on the satellite TV. Keith released his grip and walked away assuming the silence to mean a negative response. Before he got to the bedroom he heard the TV go off and the squeak of the chair that told him Brad had gotten up. He waited at the bedroom doorway for the teen to arrive, then he pulled him in for a gentle hug. He was relieved to feel that Brad had relaxed during the comforting gesture, it amused him that Brad was now a touch taller than himself but Keith still outweighed him by a significant Margin.

Brad eased out of the hug and began to unbutton Keith's shirt. He found it strange that Brad liked them to undress each other, he never got an explanation as to why but it seemed oddly romantic for the brash young man. Keith pulled off Brad's T-shirt to reveal his lean tanned torso and then pulled on the string of his shorts, causing them to drop to the floor. As Brad worked to remove Keith's pants the man pulled down the boy's boxers and out popped his already hard cock.

Keith knelt down and orchestrated the removal of the teen's boxers from his legs. He then began to slowly lick up and down on the young shaft as Brad quivered with excitement. Keith had learned how to easily bring the boy to a quick release but preferred to give him extended pleasure before allowing one. Today though he had thoughts of just working him hard to get the day's stress out.

Keith accepted just the head of the cock into his mouth and slowly sucked as he squeezed Brad's firm balls.

"Get the lube" Brad ordered, his usual signal to transition into the finger-fucking phase of the evening. He was also making it clear to the man that a quick release option was not desired tonight.

Keith complied as Brad lay on the bed. The man joined him, as they lay side to side positioned inversely for the traditional 69. Brad wasted no time in taking the thick cock deep into is throat. The usual gagging sounds heralded the arrival of pleasure for Keith. Brad was definitely the best cocksucker he had ever known. There had been no one who could keep him on the edge longer or bring him to a quick release if that's all time allowed and the boy never turned down an opportunity to suck it.

Keith worked a single lubricated finger into the boy as he slowly sucked on his young dick, mindful of causing a premature release. Keith quickly added the second finger and began the rhythmic pumping motion as he rubbed the teenage prostate. Brad's moaning sent shivers through Keith's body as he continued to be sucked.

They were about half way through the repertoire when Brad left Keith's cock to ask,

"Fuck me Keith".

"We've talked about this Brad" Keith replied. The boy's requests had become less frequent and the refusals more easily accepted over time but it still came up.

"I love you ... and you love me even when I'm being a Jerk" Brad said hoping the words would do the trick.

"Yes Brad I love you that's why I think you should save yourself" Keith suggested.

"For who? I want you to break me in, I trust you" Brad continued pleading his case.

It was a new tactic for the teen and Keith did ponder what the boy had said. Love was a rare word out of Brad's mouth but the man had to gauge his meaning, in the end he copped out.

"We don't have any condoms" He noted, happy that it was miles and multiple vehicles to the nearest store, if one was even open.

"We don't need a condom, it's not like you've done anyone in ages" Brad replied

Keith wasn't insulted by the boy's truthful remarks but he wondered about all Brad's former partners, there was no telling how big that cast was.

"Safe sex always" Keith replied.

"Yeah, so if only we had a condom you'd fuck me?" Brad asked

"There's no chance without one" Keith skirted the question.

Brad rolled away from the man and reached for his bag on the floor. As he fished through it upside down the man thought it would have been easier had the boy just gotten out of bed. Brad threw a box at Keith, he just knew what it must contain and his assumption was confirmed as he looked at the box of condoms.

"Planning ahead?" Keith stalled.

"Yep" Brad said with a mischievous grin as he returned to the man's side.

"We're going home tomorrow, I can't have you with a sore ass" Keith suggested as he though to justify a refusal.

"We don't have to go home," Brad said as he returned to sucking his man's cock in order to keep its rigidity.

"You say that now" Keith said cautious of the boy keeping to his word. He had certainly been less manipulative as of late but this evening's events was evidence that he still tried to play him.

Brad reached for the box of condoms and extracted one. He stopped sucking and ripped the package open with his teeth. He grinned as he sheathed the man's cock in latex. Brad grabbed the lube next and squeezed a large amount into his ass and then rotated so that his face was up near Keith's.

"Fuck me Keith, I want it," He said lustily.

"Ok but the second it hurts I'm stopping" Keith promised as he wondered if this really was the right time. He could easily push in hard and then quickly give up at the first yelp but he thought he'd at least try and ease it in. He was under the assumption that the first attempt would quickly be aborted anyway. "Knees up to your chest, get your ass up" He instructed.

Keith knelt behind the boy and put his cock head at the entrance to the hole. He gripped himself at the base and then said, "Ok push back and take it slowly, you're in charge of how deep it goes"

Brad moved back instantly as Keith watched the head disappear into the boy. Keith heard the boy grunt as he was entered. The boy's moans sounded more like whimpers as he took the first part of the cock inside, Keith knew that he needed more depth to reach the prostrate. His only choice was to pull out or push in, as Brad seemed stuck where he was. Keith pushed forward getting about half way in and then began to pump slowly.

Brad was grunting on each push as he accepted the penis.

"I know this is hurting you" Keith said

"Ok, nagh .. I'm ok .. ahhh ... I'm ok owhh" Brad whimpered.

Keith stopped pumping and was on the verge of pulling out when Brad encouraged, "Don't stop" as he began to push back fucking himself on the still cock.

Keith decided to allow the boy to keep doing that, occasionally pushing forward to get more depth. He reached around then began to pull on the boy's cock, seeking to give him some pleasure. Suddenly the hole tightened and Brad shot his load onto the sheets as he shuddered. Having an orgasm with the thick cock in his ass overloaded Brad's mind. The sudden switch from pain to pleasure was very intense. Keith pulled out with a pop causing Brad to grunt loudly.

"Put it back in" Brad whined in a pleading tone.

"That's enough for today" Keith replied

"You didn't cum" Brad said as he rolled over onto his back.

"That's ok" Keith comforted.

Brad pulled a pillow over and pushed it under his bum, raising his hips. He then lifted his legs up, splaying out his hole in the typical porn film position.

"Fuck me Keith, fuck me hard!" Brad ordered forcefully.

Keith straddled the boy and brought his face up kissing him lightly on the lips.

"This isn't a movie Brad, this is reality, I don't want to give you any more pain" He replied.

"I've never had a cum like that before Keith, it was awesome" Brad reported.

Keith could feel the boy's hand on his cock as he was guiding it back towards his hole. Keith thought Bradley was giving himself willingly and didn't resist. He waited until the boy had everything lined up and pushed in hard. Brad grunted and groaned loudly as Keith began to fuck him at a pace the man could enjoy as well. The teen was as relaxed as he could be but still held the man's cock like a vice. Brad's head flung from side to side as he panted. It was hurting him, it had to be, Keith thought.

"Don't stop, don't stop" Brad panted as he must have detected a slowing of Keith's actions.

Keith complied until thankfully the boy began to soon quiver in another orgasm. The switch had been thrown again as Brad lifted his head, looking directly at Keith with tears in his eyes as he fired his cum into the man's chest hair. The boy was loud in extolling his pleasure, the noises seemed more like animal sounds to Keith. The man was close as he continued to fuck the boy as his orgasm subsided. He slammed this thick cock in deep a last half dozen times, filling the condom with his juice. Keith collapsed down on his boy, panting. Ever so slowly he eased his cock out getting a loud grunt from Brad.

Keith lapped at the boy's neck and kissed him in an attempt to comfort him.

"Are you still in pain?" He asked.

"A bit" Brad sighed but Keith knew it was more than just a bit. Brad was lying there beaten and completely submissive.

"I'm so sorry I hurt you baby," Keith said as he nuzzled.

"You asshole" Brad snapped sending Keith's heart plunging. "You should have been fucking me months ago, that was so awesome" The boy continued.

"It still hurt" Keith insisted.

"So, I can take it" Brad said proudly "We're going to do this all the time" Brad said as he lay back and allowed the man's guilty affection. Keith wasn't going to argue, but the doubts remained. Was Brad really ready for this?