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The Angry Boy 13

Keith woke the next morning to find his boy lying beside him on his back completely exposed. He'd thrown off the sheet in the heat of the night and now lay naked to the world. The morning sun was bright even through the bedroom curtains as a gentle breeze pushed them open. Keith usually left the front door of the cottage open to get a cross flow of air, keeping the place cooler at night.

Brad was oblivious to his exposure, but he wouldn't have been likely to cover up even if he wasn't. Keith ran his hand gently over the boy's chest and then down onto his soft belly but the teen didn't stir, he was still lost in slumber after his night of discovery. The man felt the boy's firm abs as he circled the deep navel. Keith looked down at the young man's flaccid penis. It seemed so sexy when it was soft, it must be close to six inches now he figured. It might gain a little more length and thicken up once manhood was fully upon him.

Keith was still worried about what they'd done last night. He knew that it was more painful than Brad had expected or let on, he just hoped that his boy would wake up without any lingering discomfort. It was obvious that the experience had been overwhelming for his confident companion and while he was guilty for the pain he'd caused the boy he was also happy with the trust he'd engendered. Brad wanted him to break him in, as the boy put it, because he trusted the man. He wondered if Brad would move on now that he'd gotten what he wanted or if this was just the beginning of something that would become a frequent activity.

Keith heard a noise at the front door and then a knock. He was out of bed and into a robe in a flash, panicked at the compromising position he was in.

"Keith it's Mike" he heard being called through the screen door.

Keith was out of the bedroom pulling the door closed behind him. He didn't have time to even cover Brad but it seemed pointless anyway.

"Morning Mike" Keith greeted as calmly as he could. The man and his grandson were at the door waiting to be invited to enter. Keith searched his mind in vain for any excuse to have them come back later.

"How's the arm?" Keith asked as he let them inside.

"It's ok" David said as his eyes darted around searching for his friend.

"I wanted to thank you again Keith and to apologize to the boy," Mike reported.

"It was pleasure to help Mike and as for Brad, he was the one that swore and stormed out, I think he's the one who owes an apology." Keith explained hoping there would be no further need for them to wait to see Brad.

"He knew what my expression meant" Mike replied.

"Where's Brad?" David interrupted.

"He's still sleeping David, teenagers are often late risers" Keith explained, hoping the boy wouldn't get the idea of waiting for him.

With a lull in the chitchat Keith noticed that Mike was eying the kitchen, clearly he was hoping to be offered something.

"I was just about to make some coffee would you like some?" Keith replied, hoping to discover in fact that he was out of coffee but he knew he wasn't.

"That would be great" Mike replied.

Keith set to work as the pair of visitors planted themselves in the living room. David had figured out how to turn the TV on so Keith knew it wouldn't be long before the noise woke Bradley.

"Why don't you turn that off please David" Keith suggested, hoping that the boy would be quickly bored and on his way. Keith kept glancing nervously at the bedroom door, horrified at the thought of Brad emerging naked from his bedroom to see who had dared cause so much noise. He fought to find some explanation for the boy being in his room, surely Mike would draw an immediate conclusion should it happen. Keith's best hope was that Brad would be smart enough to stay quiet and wait for them to leave, only it was his job to get them to leave and here he was making Mike coffee.

As Keith handed Mike his coffee he felt a breeze blow through the cottage. It could mean only one thing the bedroom door was open. Keith whirled hoping to catch Brad before his guests saw him, putting his finger to his lips to indicate silence Keith looked up to discover his bedroom door was in fact still closed. His eyes immediately went to the second bedroom door as Brad appeared thankfully in his boxers.

"Who's making all the noise?" Brad mumbled.

Keith was so relieved that he sighed. Quite how Brad performed this magic trick didn't matter, that he was smart enough to do it was a big relief.

"I have fresh coffee ready," Keith announced.

"I gotta piss first," Brad said as he made his way to the bathroom.

Keith assumed that Brad must have transferred rooms through the bedroom windows, he was lucky that the second window wasn't locked.

Brad came back from the bathroom having serviced his bladed and crashed on to the couch. Keith came over and handed the freshly woken teen a mug. The boy slurped the hot liquid, as Mike addressed him,

"Brad I'm sorry about yesterday, I know you didn't mean for anything bad to happen"

"Yeah no worries" Brad replied nonchalantly.

After some idle chatting the guests finally decided to leave much to Keith's relief.

"I'm glad you fit through the window," Keith said to Brad as he refilled his coffee mug.

"Barely" Brad said smirking.

"Well I'm glad that little crisis is over" Keith sighed.

"What's the big deal if they did know" Brad challenged.

"Brad, please we've covered this, it would be damaging to my reputation and maybe my profession if people knew ..."

"You're fucking me" Brad completed.

"Something like that, so I do appreciate your little trick today that was very intelligent of you but please remember that we have to be discrete" Keith asked

"Don't worry" Brad replied.

"Do you want to shower first, then I'll hop in and start breakfast after I'm cleaned up?" Keith asked

"We can shower together after we fuck" Brad replied

"Brad, I don't think that's a good idea," Keith stated

"Why not?" Brad challenged

"It hurt you" Keith replied

"It fucking killed but when I shot my load with your dick inside me, that made it all good" Brad replied.

"You were supposed to tell me to stop when it hurt" Keith challenged.

"When it hurt too much" Brad retorted.

The boxer clad teen got up and walked over to Keith. Brad leaned on the seated man's shoulders as he said,

"We can try a different position ... I don't suppose you'd do it outside would you?"

Keith searched for a way to satisfy the sex monster. He surely wasn't doing anything outdoors however.

"What if you fucked me?" Keith suggested.

"I could, I guess but you'd still have to fuck me after" Brad suggested.

"What about just our usual stuff?" Keith asked hoping to turn the boy away from anal sex.

"I'm not going to get used to it if we don't do it" Brad reasoned that he needed frequent anal intrusions to stretch himself out.

"You don't have to get used to it Brad, you can wait until you're ready to enjoy it" Keith challenged.

Brad moved around to the front of the chair and straddled the man, putting his tented boxers right up to Keith's face. The man breathed in the sent of teen cock as the boy flipped down his waistband, the turbid cock slapping the man's face. Keith opened his mouth and took the head of the cock inside. He teased it with his tongue as Brad quivered with excitement. The boy lifted himself up higher so that he could get more cock into the warm inviting mouth. He began to pump his cock in and out moaning as the chair creaked from his shifting weight. Keith pushed back into the boy's crotch lessening the depth at which his mouth was being fucked. Brad's rapid breathing told the man that his teen was close to a release. Keith slowly sucked up and own on the young shaft as he squeezed the teen's balls. Brad was moaning loudly as he was clearly on the edge. He could see the boy's legs straining in the unnatural position of half standing in the chair over the man. Suddenly Keith felt the warm fluid flowing into this mouth as Brad growled. He continued the slow suck milking the boy for more pleasure. Finally Brad got down and slumped into the man's lap. It was times like these that Keith felt appreciated, Brad was laying here in his lap quietly satisfied. Keith slowly stroked the boy's face feeling the bumps of his acne and ran his fingers through his short coarse hair. Keith felt sorry for Brad that his face seemed to be getting worse while the rest of his body blossomed. It wasn't hideous but it was a detraction to his natural beauty.

"Ok, lets shower" Brad announced as he got up. Seeing that Keith wasn't moving Brad grabbed the man's hand and pulled. Keith got up half reluctantly and allowed himself to be led to the shower.

The stall was small, meant for one really but Brad insisted they try and use it together, soaping and washing in the tight confines. The teen reacted with a shriek when his still sensitive genitals were washed. Brad got down on his knees literally between Keith's legs and teased the end of the man's penis with his lips. Keith was soon hard as the boy took more into his mouth moving ever deeper. Brad's head was bent back looking straight up as he throated the cock all the way up to man's pubes. Keith moaned in pleasure, just how Brad was able to take the entire thing was a mystery to the man but the teen's gagging sounds added to the pleasure, not that he thought he was hurting the kid but rather from the vibrations they caused.

Brad seemed really into it today as Keith felt him pushing his head up even higher until he felt the tip of the teen's tongue on his balls.

"I'm close baby" Keith sighed.

Brad backed off and slow sucked the man, taking about three quarters of the cock before going back down to the tip. Keith's legs quivered with excitement as he braced himself against the stall. Brad could feel the man was nearing his orgasm, as Keith typically telegraphed it with a deep whining moan. The teen moved lower so that he could take the impending load. He wasn't disappointed as he began to swallow, determined to take it all. Keith was gasping as Brad suckled on the end of his cock getting the last drops of cum.

"Oh baby" Keith sighed as the master cocksucker kept him in ecstasy.


Brad emerged from the cottage after breakfast cleaned up and in a fresh pair of shorts. He wasn't completely surprised to find the twelve-year-old waiting for him behind a tree.

"Hi Brad" The boy chirped.

"Hey kid" Brad replied as he headed down towards the dock. The boy puppy dogged behind him.

Brad walked along the path up around the shore to stretch his legs with his uninvited companion.

"Brad" The boy began softly, "what was it like ... when you put your thingy in Keith's mouth"

Brad whirled on the boy, "You were spying?" He snapped

"I could see through the living room window," the boy explained.

"You're not going to say anything," The teen ordered

"No!" David promised in an insulted tone.

They walked in silence along the path until Brad decided to say something about it, "It's the best feeling in the world, getting your cock sucked."

"Would you suck mine?" David asked cautiously

"No" Brad said with a laugh, "I'm not into little kids ... what would I get out of it?"

Brad could see the wheels turning in David's head as the boy was realising the cost of his request. Brad looked around as they paused behind a stand of trees, nothing but the wind around them. The teen untied his shorts and reached into his underwear. David watched intently as the teenage cock appeared above the lowered waistband, semi hard, as it was most of the time. The younger boy stared at it and quickly considered the trade silently proposed.

"Forget it" David decided.

Brad pulled his shorts back up, he figured the kid wasn't going to go through with it anyway. They walked up into the forest on the path that would circle back around to the cottage.


Their remaining days at the cottage were a quiet affair intertwined by mostly oral pleasures. Keith had remained steadfast in his reluctance to fuck Brad again despite that the boy seemed to want it so bad. Brad was ok with things as they unfolded, he wanted to be fucked again but didn't push it. Getting Keith to do it the once was more than he expected. He'd have to use the love word sparingly if it was to keep it's power, regardless he'd get the man to impale him again.

Both returned to their lives somewhat disappointed that their extended time together was over.


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