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The Angry Boy 14

Summer was winding down, it was Keith's favourite time of year, the cooler calmer part of summer. He called the group home a couple of days before the Labour day long weekend, he was certain that Brad would expect to come over.

"Yeah Lock's moved he's not here anymore" A young staffer advised.

"What! When did that happen?" Keith said stunned, the boy hadn't mentioned anything about it.

"Yesterday or the day before I think" The young man advised.

"You think? Where did he go?" Keith quizzed, rather irritated with the lack of explanation.

"I'm not sure I wasn't here, you'll have to talk to his worker she took him" the man explained before claiming he was needed elsewhere and ended the call.

Keith was still in shock when he left a message for the worker, his tone was polite yet aggressive making his disappointment clear. He shouldn't have been surprised that he was excluded from the information let alone the decision to move Brad. He then suddenly got worried that the boy had done something to cause a quick move and he hoped it wasn't serious.

Keith called again the next morning from his office, as he still had no response. He spoke to a receptionist that had no information other than the worker was out. He was frustrated that it was the day before the long weekend, so if he didn't hear from her it would be Tuesday at the earliest.

"Any messages Sally?" Keith asked his office manager at lunch.

"No Doctor, I will interrupt you if children's services calls" She repeated his previous instructions.

Keith rarely interrupted a procedure to take a phone call but he figured he could play the family emergency card, he couldn't imagine a patient not understanding that. Keith arrived at the second station to see his next patient. He flipped the chart open to see all the details about replacing the patient's damaged teeth. Keith looked down at a beautiful thirteen-year-old boy lying in his dental chair. He had longish blond hair with the popular fringe swooping low across the forehead. His bright blue eyes peered out just at the edge, the boy's lush lips accented his face making Keith melt. The boy had smashed two front teeth skate boarding into a railing. He would have to extract them both, as the X-rays showed they were damaged below the gum line. Today he'd put in implants and arrange for permanent caps that would look close to the boy's original teeth. It was a shame Keith thought, the boy had such beautiful teeth.

"Strawberry or chocolate?" Keith asked with a disarming smile.

"What?" the boy asked confused.

"Which is your favourite flavour?" Keith asked again.

"Chocolate I guess" The boy said still not understanding.

Keith took the chocolate flavoured numbing agent and slathered it along the boy's gums. He turned his back on the boy and prepared the anaesthetic. With the needle in hand he turned around and gripped the boy's chin. He pulled the lip gently forward with his finger and then followed with the injection. The boy pressed his head back into the chair as though he could get away.

"Just a little discomfort" Keith said softly. He never liked working with kids, thankfully it wasn't often that he did. Oh he liked looking at beauties like this one but working with them was typically a challenge. They whined, cried and complained far too much. They wouldn't sit still or had to go to the bathroom in the middle of a procedure, they usually had to book double the time when working with a kid but the insurance company paid the same regardless.

"It's ok, that's the worst of it" He consoled as he mopped a tear drip from the prone boy's eye. "Just remember how much you don't like being here when you're back on your skate board again"

"It was an accident," The boy protested.

"You should be wearing a mouth guard" Keith admonished, "All the professional hockey players do" Keith had no knowledge of the skate boarding industry, so he wasn't sure if it could be called a profession. In the end he fell back on what he knew, every kid that played hockey had a facemask and a mouth guard, skate boarders should too he figured.

Keith gently prodded the gums with a mirror and getting no reaction assumed the boy was numbed up and ready for surgery. He motioned for his assistant to come in and began his work.

Once he finished and released the boy from his captivity, Keith quickly checked his voice mail and was again disappointed. There were no messages about Bradley, he was starting to worry that he wouldn't hear about him until next week.

Keith got home and changed into his casual clothes. He assumed that he wouldn't be seeing Brad this weekend and thought about what he might do with his new found time.

The phone rang around 7pm disrupting his quiet evening by the television.

"Hey Keith what's the plan?" Brad's familiar voice asked in his typically direct fashion.

"I don't have a plan buddy, so I hear they moved you" Keith said.

"Yeah, it's not too bad, there's only four of us here and I get my own room" Brad noted

"Where is this place?" Keith asked thinking it sounded like a step up perhaps.

"About a half hour drive north of the old place" Brad advised

"Half hour!" Keith blurted, they'd moved him north of the city it seemed. "Why did they move you?"

"I was being too disruptive and a bad influence as usual, didn't you talk to the worker?" Brad replied

"No, she hasn't called me, you should assume they don't tell me anything Brad" Keith explained.

"Well she said I wasn't getting along and that I should move before school starts. The place is ok, it's just a regular house but the staff actually lives in the basement. They got like an apartment down there," Brad reported.

"How many of them are there?" Keith asked

"Two plus the supervisor comes by, he was here when I moved in. So when are you picking me up?" Brad asked

"Well I'd need the address first but are you even allowed?" Keith quizzed.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Brad assumed, "hang on".

Keith could hear a discussion in the background but couldn't really make out what was being said until suddenly an unfamiliar voice came on.

"Dr. Brown? This is George," A man said

"Hello George" Keith returned

"I'm sorry but we don't have any arrangements for you, I'm sure children's services will set it up but for now Brad can't come over" George advised

"I understand, you're in a bureaucracy" Keith sighed

"Ah ... Brad seems upset, I'm not sure he's coming back to the phone" George advised

"Ok, tell him to call me later" Keith said in closing. He was going to give the man some advice on how to deal with Brad's anger but he figured he'd be wasting his time, staff rarely listened to what he had to say.

Keith decided to make dinner now that he knew Brad wasn't coming over. He pushed through the freezer looking for something adequate for his solo meal. He got out a pair of breaded chicken breasts and threw them in the oven. He figured that he'd make a little bit of pasta later, to go with it.

As Keith ate his meal he was a bit miffed that Brad hadn't calmed down enough to call him. He figured it might be that he wasn't allowed, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for the house to have silly rules about phone calls that couldn't be broken. He thought he should look at his e-mail just in case the boy was trying to communicate that way. Keith sat down at the computer and scrolled down through his messages to find nothing from his boy. He opened up the photo's he took of Brad at the cottage. He was such a goof when it came to posing for pictures, most of the them just looked stupid but a few made Keith laugh. There were a few sexy pics taken, when Brad was in the mood or when Keith took them candidly. He gazed into one such photo where Brad was leaning against a tree, naked. He was looking out onto the lake and would later claim to be waiting for his shorts to dry but Keith figured the kid was a budding nudist, thrilled by the naughtiness of being naked outdoors.

Keith flipped through a few websites and generally lost himself in the computer. He was startled by the sound of his phone just past 10PM. As Keith got up to answer it, he identified the caller as `front door', meaning someone was calling him from the lobby and since he hadn't ordered pizza he knew who it had to be.

"Hello" Keith said,

"Let me in" Brad replied

"Who's there? I'm not expecting anyone" Keith joked.

"Your fuck buddy, open the door" Brad said loud enough to startle Keith. He certainly hoped that no one was in the lobby with the kid as he quickly pressed the button to remotely unlock the front door.

Keith had the apartment door open and was waiting as the boy came down the hallway with luggage. He stormed in and threw his stuff down.

"You want anything to drink?" Keith asked.

"Yeah" Brad said as he made for the fridge himself.

"So how much trouble should I expect" Keith asked

"Fuck em" Brad spat as he crashed into the couch with his canned drink.

"Do they know you're here?" He asked

"I don't think they're smart enough to figure it out" Brad snapped.

"Well they'll report you missing, you should at least tell them you're here" Keith suggested

"They can work it out for themselves" Brad spat as he began flipping through the TV channels.

"Do we really want a police visit?" Keith pressed.

"If I call them, they'll want you to take me back" Brad reasoned.

"Maybe I'm not here" Keith suggested, "You do have your own key"

"No I don't" Brad retorted

"You do now" Keith replied smirking.

"Dr. Brown, you're a bad influence" Brad complimented. "What if they want to come get me?"

"Do you think they will?" Keith wondered thinking the staff might not be able to leave or might not want to bother, as long as they can write down that they knew where he was for the night in the log.

"No ... no I don't think so," Brad said as he reached for the phone.

Keith listened as Brad made his call. It was obvious by the boy's tone that they weren't happy he'd left without permission.

"So?" Keith asked as the teen completed the call

"He said I had to come back tomorrow and you're supposed to call them when you get `in'" Brad reported.

"Are you in trouble?" Keith asked out of concern. It was nice to have Brad here but he worried about the fall out.

"Oh yeah, but that's no big deal" Brad replied

"Well it's a new house, a fresh start for you are you sure this is the way to go about things?" Keith suggested.

"Yeah, set the tone right away ... I do what I want" Brad said with a mischievous grin.

"So what are we going to do?" Keith asked as he ran his hands along the boy's face. He knew Brad liked that as the boy leaned forward to rest his forehead against the man's chest. Keith put his hands on the back of the boy's neck as they embraced.

"I dunno" Brad said into Keith's chest.

"I bet we can think of something," Keith said lustily. "What time did he say you should be home tomorrow"?

"He didn't but I'm not going back until Sunday" Brad noted

"That might get us into more trouble Brad, I'll take you back in the afternoon" Keith suggested.

"You're going to have car trouble," Brad said lifting his head up. "They won't bother to come and get me"

As Keith gazed into Brad's deep brown eyes he wondered if playing this game was worth it. He might be better off to take the boy back earlier than planned in order to salvage some level of cooperation between him and the staff.

"Lets go to bed" Brad said softly

Keith allowed his teen to lead him to the bedroom wondering what price Brad would pay for his night of passion.


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