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The Angry Boy 16

It had been a week and a half since his clandestine meeting with Brad when Keith got a phone call from the house. He'd spoken to Brad a few times but there had been no contact from anyone in authority concerning their visits.

"Dr. Brown, it's George from the group home" A man greeted.

"Hello George" Keith said hoping that he was about to get some good news.

"We have a problem with Bradley" The man began.

"Really" Keith said flatly, it wasn't what he was hoping to hear but it wasn't totally unexpected. They needed something from him so suddenly he was worthy of a phone call.

"He hasn't been to school this week, he's refusing to go until we restore his visits with you" George advised calmly.

"Well it seems the solution is obvious" Keith replied thinking that this group home had no idea what they were getting when they took Brad.

"Yes it would seem so, but I can't authorize unsupervised visits. We're waiting on the worker's approval and I'm not sure we should reward this behaviour," George advised.

"I'm not reward" Keith spat.

"No, sorry Doctor that's not what I meant. I'm concerned that Brad would use this tactic in the future if we allowed it to work now" he said softly.

"Call me Keith. George I'm not certain I'm going to be a CS volunteer much longer regardless" Keith replied.

"I'm sure that would devastate Brad, but the situation has turned worse Keith and that's why I'm calling" George continued.

Keith sighed, wondering what Brad had gotten him self into this time.

"Brad is now refusing to eat, he's certainly not the first kid to do that but it's been almost two days now. If it goes into a third day we're supposed to report it as a mental health issue" George advised.

"Well, I'm sure he'll give in on that, he's a big eater" Keith dismissed.

"No, it's more about ... the bureaucracy as you put it. Brad would have to go to a mental health facility as he's in effect injuring himself. I'd have no choice Keith." George paused, perhaps for effect or waiting for Keith to respond. "They have locked doors, restraints and feeding tubes there Keith, it's not the kind of place I think Brad would do well"

"Brad's not mentally ill, he's just extremely stubborn. Have you told him about the consequences?" Keith asked.

"Yes but I don't think he believes me" George replied.

"Well you wouldn't be the first group home staff to make idle threats" Keith countered.

"Would you be able to come over and talk to him?" George asked.

"I didn't think I was allowed" Keith replied smugly as he thought; now you need me.

"You can come over you're just allowed to take him out." George explained.

Keith thought about refusing, it would send a message that he too was on strike but he realised that Brad needed him. The stupid kid would push things until they did have to hospitalize him he was that stubborn.

"Ok, I'll be over in an hour" Keith sighed.

"Thank you Keith" George closed.

Keith was almost reluctant to go, as he knew it would be all about convincing Brad to give in. The boy would clearly see that as weakness and Keith as a traitor for taking the other side.


Brad put his book down as his bedroom door opened. It was his only entertainment during his self imposed confinement. He refused to leave his room save for bathroom trips. After refusing to go to school wasn't getting the job done he'd gone on the hunger strike. While they could wait him out on the school issue, hoping that he'd get bored enough to give in, they couldn't ignore his refusal to eat.

"You have a visitor," George said softly.

"Who?" Brad snapped. He'd seen the supervisor already, as thought that was going to get him out of bed and the eldest inmate had a little talk with him. Obviously George had pressured him into the peer mediation approach. It had to be his social worker, he'd already refused to see his mother last weekend, that's what started the whole thing. His worker was able to get her access then clearly she could do it for Keith too.

"Keith is here," George advised.

"So" Brad said hiding his excitement. This was it, they were going to give in, suddenly his hunger returned at the thought of the end game.

"Would you like to get cleaned up and come downstairs?" George asked but the boy knew it was his way of giving orders.

"No, he can come up here" Brad challenged, thinking he had the high ground.

George closed the door and descended the stairs to where Keith was waiting with the supervisor.

"He wants you to go up and see him," George advised.

"Ok, how do you want me to play it?" Keith asked.

"You're the Bradley expert, I'll defer to your judgement." The staffer replied.

So now I'm suddenly an expert, Keith thought.

"Should I promise him anything just to get him eating again?" Keith asked.

"I don't lie to the guys, in the end it's more damaging" George said calmly.

Keith didn't realise how huge this guy was by his manners on the phone. He seemed an odd person to be working in a group home. In his thirties and seemingly above average intelligence compared to the others he'd encountered. Keith assumed that the man's large overweight frame and unkempt beard made him look rather intimidating, but it didn't surprise him that Brad was unaffected.

Keith opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind him for some privacy.

"My god it smells in here" He greeted his boy "When did you last shower?"

"Sunday" Brad replied as he looked up.

"So what's your plan here?" Keith asked as he sat on the bed beside his boy taking his hand and holding it gently.

"I'm going to make it so they'll have to let me visit you again" Brad reported as though it should have been obvious.

"Well, it's not working" Keith replied

"Sure it is ... you're here" Brad said with a grin.

"They're going to put you in the hospital if you don't eat" Keith reported

"Yeah right" Brad said disbelievingly.

"It's true Brad, I'm a doctor I know about these things remember. They can't just let you starve yourself, George has no choice but to call in the nice men in the white coats" Keith half joked to take the edge off his message. "We need to find a way out of this crisis you've created"

"And how do we do that?" Brad asked knowing the man had a plan he just wondered if he'd like it.

"You start eating, that takes away any reason for them to say you're endangering yourself. Then we'll negotiate visits," Keith suggested.

"Doesn't work that way," Brad said irritated, "They give in then I start eating"

"You're going to have to trust me on this" Keith said hoping he'd earned enough trust.

"No way" Brad snapped. "I haven't sat up here for a week to get nothing!"

"You will get something Brad, you've made your point now it's time for a strategic retreat" Keith suggested.

"You have no clue do you?" Brad said with a chuckle. "The next time I leave this room is to go and eat at your place," He continued sternly.

Keith sighed in exasperation thinking this kid is impossible at times. "Let me be the hero here, it gives me some credit with the staff and you don't have to give in to them"

"What are you talking about?" Brad snapped.

"They called me to fix this. If I look like the Brad tamer then they'll think I'm on their side" Keith explained.

"They're not going to go for it Keith! I give in and I'm fucked" Brad blurted in full fury.

"Bradley" Keith said softly, "I do my best to do everything you want, now I'm asking you to do something for me. Not for them, not for your worker, for me" Keith said as he squeezed the boy's hand.

"What do you want me to do?" Brad said rolling his eyes. He thought the man had no clue how to deal with staff and here he was trying to take control.

"You go take a shower and I'll order a pizza. Come down when you're clean and we'll talk while you eat" Keith explained.

"That simple eh?" Brad spat.

"Will you do it for me?" Keith asked, hoping that the boy would give in not because he won or lost but because he'd asked him.

"Fine" Brad sighed as he flung the covers off to reveal his naked body. The boy was really hungry and he knew he could go back on strike once Keith's plan failed so he figured he had little to loose.

Keith drank in his beauty's frame as he stood up.

"You been naked all week?" Keith asked

"Yeah it freaks em out" Brad replied as he headed for the bathroom, "Not like I had a reason to get dressed anyway" The boy concluded as Keith watched the teens' firm ass until it vanished behind the bathroom door.

Keith went down stairs as he heard the shower. He knew it would be difficult but he had no idea it would be so emotionally draining having to plead with the angry boy. At least he agreed to cooperate, for now anyway.

"How did it go?" George asked.

"He's showering now, I told him I'd order a pizza" Keith reported

"He'll eat?" George asked with anticipation.

"I think so" Keith hoped.

"Ok, I'll order it" George replied

"I'll pay for it" Keith offered.

"No, the other guys will want some too, even though they've had dinner, I shouldn't exclude them" George replied as he made for the phone.

Brad arrived in the living room, clean and clothed. Keith wasn't sure if the boy was waiting to hear the doorbell or if it was a coincidence that he arrived just as the pizza was being delivered. The teen crashed into the couch beside Keith and put his feet up on the table in his passive aggressive way.

"Feet down" Keith said softly.

Brad complied with a sideways glance and then took Keith's hand and held firmly. The man was shocked, it wasn't like Brad to be openly affectionate, this might be a gesture to the staff that Keith was important to him but regardless it made the man uncomfortable. The pizza was placed on the table and opened so the smell quickly permeated the room. Brad remained steadfastly reclined on the couch, continuing the stand off. Keith selected a slice and handed it to Brad, then took one for himself. They both began to eat much to the relief of the adults in the room. George was right three other teens appeared out of nowhere in response to the smell of the pizza. They scooped up a couple of slices each and then disappeared just as quickly as they had arrived. Maybe it was just the way they were dressed but Keith thought them a nicer group of boys compared to the other house.

Keith started the conversation, "Brad's going to school tomorrow"

The boy practically choked, thinking the man was giving away everything he'd struggled for.

"You can come over and see Brad any Saturday without condition" George offered.

"I wanna go to his place" Brad countered, before Keith gave everything away.

"We'll make that happen as soon as possible" The supervisor chimed in.

"This weekend" Brad pressed.

"That's unlikely Brad but we'll try" George replied, "I'll make sure you guys have some alone time here"

Brad wasn't happy with the outcome, he'd gotten little for his efforts with Keith's awful negotiations but he realized that he could start again if they strung this out.

"Fine" He mumbled as Keith gave his hand a firm squeeze.

"Brad won't be punished for this" Keith added, giving Brad some hope that the man knew what he was doing. He'd played this game before himself, give away unimportant concessions and then asked for what he really wanted, but that was agreeing to do the dishes this was for much higher stakes.

"I'll give him immunity but perhaps he'd like to apologise for the way he's spoken to me" George said calmly.

Keith nudged his boy with an elbow.

"Yeah ... I'm sorry I swore at you" Brad replied

"Well I have to go, thanks for coming over Keith," The supervisor said as he stood and shook Keith's hand.

"I can give you two half an hour together," George advised looking at his watch. "Brad why don't you take Keith to your room, I'll make sure you're not disturbed" the man continued when the pair didn't react.

Brad got up and led his man up the stairs and into his room. It still smelled like unwashed teenager. As soon as the door closed Brad wrapped his arms around Keith and held on tight.

"We're going to work this out baby" Keith consoled.

"I'll just do it again if they don't" Brad noted.

"Please just cooperate for now, we'll need everyone working together" Keith asked.

"Ok" Brad sighed as he kissed his man.

"This is dangerous" Keith said as they paused.

"He said we won't be disturbed" Brad countered, as he locked lips again.

Brad lowered his pants and began to jerk his semi hard cock, he took one of Keith's hands and put it on his penis. Keith took over stroking as Brad continued tongue wrestling with him. He could sense from the boy's rapid breathing and repressed moans that a release was soon coming. He dropped to his knees and sucked the shaft a few times before he was rewarded with a mouthful of boy juice. Keith swallowed and licked up the remainder before standing and ensuring his clothes were straightened. It was dangerous but he knew Brad needed the stress relief and the affirmation of their love.

Keith went back downstairs as their half hour was up. George was sitting in the living room watching TV with another teen. The man got up to see him to the door.

"Thanks for everything Keith" He advised.

"I'm sorry it go to this point" Keith replied.

"Yes, I should have realised the nature of your relationship with Bradley. I understand now why he's been so truculent." George offered.

Keith left pondering the man's words, it send a chill down his spine to think that George had picked up on their subtle cues, clearly the handholding was obvious but could be explained away as a reaction to stress. He wondered if the man really had the measure of things and if he did would he be their ally or their betrayer.

As he got in the car he felt quietly satisfied; he'd averted a crisis that they couldn't. Better still, Brad had done it on trust, for him.