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The Angry Boy 17

George popped his head into the bedroom to find that Brad was under his blanket still fast asleep.

"Bradley" He called softly but got no response.

"Brad!" He said with his deep commanding voice, the one he used very sparingly.

"What?" Brad moaned from under the covers as he reluctantly revealed his head.

"It's nine thirty your mother will be here in a half hour," George explained.

"So" Brad whined as he rolled over indicating his intention to stay in bed.

"You agreed to see her Brad" George reminded

"Yeah, yeah" Brad sighed.

"You should get up and take a shower," George instructed.

"What time is Keith coming?" Brad asked as he rolled back over to face the large man.

"He'll be here at one" George advised.

"So I guess I have to be a good boy or you won't let me go with him" Brad snorted, that's the way it always worked.

"I think you should try and be nice to your mother but I know how much you love Keith, I won't take that away from you" George replied softly.

"Yeah maybe he'll marry me" Brad replied every flippant.

"You'll have to wait until you're 18 for that" George replied with a sight smile.

"Eww" Brad protested as he got up to take his shower. Flippant comments had always put the staff on the defensive that didn't seem to work with George.

After cleaning his teenage body Brad parked himself in front of the TV. He was apprehensive about his mother's visit. It wasn't that he was worried about what might happen but rather he just wanted to get it over with so that he could go with Keith. It had been two weeks since his hunger strike ended and he was finally allowed to sleep over with his man again. Part of him wanted Keith to meet his mother to see what he had to deal with but another part was embarrassed by her the epitome of white trash.

The doorbell rang startling Brad from his focused gaze on the tube. He remained motionless as George spoke to him from the kitchen.

"That's likely her, answer the door Brad" He instructed.

Brad didn't want to, it seemed too friendly almost too eager to be rushing to the door to see his mommy like some little kid. Brad got up reluctantly and walked slowly to the door in his passive aggressive fashion, thinking she could wait. Brad opened the door to find his mother with a baby in her arms and him, the boyfriend or whatever he was calling himself.

"Hi Brad" She greeted over cheerfully.

The teen turned and left the door open without a word, expecting them to follow, which they did. Brad sat back down at the TV as they came in behind him. George came in from the kitchen and turned the TV off.

"Make yourselves comfortable and let me know if you need anything, I'll just be over here in the kitchen" The man said calmly.

The house wasn't really big enough for a dedicated visiting room, so they used the living room for the purpose. In fact it was rare that anyone had visitors over, for the most part the inmates all went out for visits.

"So this place looks nice" His mother opened.

"It's ok" Brad replied disinterestedly.

"Well you won't be here for long, Bob's going to marry me and then you can come live with us," She explained exuberantly.

"You're not going to get a second chance to ditch me" Brad replied smugly. He saw that his future stepfather wasn't happy with his response.

"Oh honey that was along time ago, things are different now. Besides Bobby here needs his big brother around," She said referring to the baby on her lap.

"Do I have any other brothers and sisters I should know about?" Brad insulted.

"Sit up straight and talk to your mother right" The man said clearly unhappy.

Brad couldn't resist he slumped lower the in the chair and cocked his head to the side. He smirked at that man, silently telling him to `make me'. The man seethed shifting in his chair, it appeared the guy was going to have a melt down, which Brad found rather entertaining.

"We told the social worker you didn't need that doctor guy anymore, you could come visit us on the weekends" Brad's mother said in an attempt to turn the conversation and turn it she did.

"You guys are nothing compared to him" Brad began venomously. "If you think I'm hanging around you losers just forget it."

Brad was focusing on his mother, he'd allowed himself to be distracted as the man came out of his chair and stood before him. Brad was grabbed by his shirt collar and pulled up, he gripped the man's forearm to steady himself as he planned his counter attack. Brad had been in fights before so he knew what to do. This guy was bigger than him so if he were going to take down his step daddy he'd have to get vicious.

"You little fucker" The man snapped just as he ripped Brad's shirt but before Brad could fight back he saw the speeding hulk of George slamming the man out of the way. His mother's boyfriend scrambled back to his feet still clutching the bit of the boy's shirt. George stood directly in front of the man and said,

"You're leaving now" calmly but sternly.

The man looked at his woman who quickly got up and collected her things. The pair was out and gone in a flash as George watched them through the open door. He returned to Brad and asked,

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I've never seen you move that fast" Brad said smirking.

"He won't be allowed back but I hope you realise that provoking people is dangerous" George said calmly.

"What? I didn't do anything besides I could have taken him." Brad said his confidence returning.

"Perhaps but it's my job to keep the peace" George said as though he were some Wild West sheriff.

"So?" Brad asked.

"You have a question," George stated and he returned to his lunch preparations.

"Am I still going out with Keith?" Brad asked, wondering if he was going to be punished. It would certainly be typical staff behaviour to sanction him for something like this.

"You can if you still want to go but you should get a new shirt," George said in a rare moment of comedic relief.

Brad went up stairs to get another shirt thinking that George was a rather different sort, although he didn't think he needed his protection he was impressed that the man didn't blame him directly.

Thankfully Keith arrived fifteen minutes early, as Brad was anxious to get going. He wanted to run up to the door to greet the man but that would make him look stupid so he let George answer it. As Brad approached the doorway he could hear their conversation.

"So I'll have him back Sunday by five" Keith advised.

"Seven" Brad said as he picked up his overnight bag and looked for his shoes.

"Have a good time guys," George said ignoring Brad's extension request.

"Oh I assure you, we will" Brad said in mock seriousness.

Once in the car Keith asked, "How did it go with your mother?"

"Same" Brad replied.

"Same as?" Keith pressed as they drove away.

"Same as always, the boyfriend got all upset, this time he ripped my shirt" Brad explained calmly.

"He what?" Keith blurted

"He ripped my shirt but George took him down, he's not allowed back anymore" Brad reported.

"That guy does sound like bad news" Keith considered.

"Told ya," Brad said playfully.

"Things good between you and the staff?" Keith asked.

"Yeah George is ok, Peter is too but he doesn't deal with me much, I guess they divided us between them" Brad responded.

"So George gets two and Peter gets the other two?" Keith confirmed.

"I guess, when George isn't around me he's always with Matt" Brad noted.

"Which one is Matt?" Keith asked

"He's the oldest, seventeen" Brad answered.

"So do you think George has figured out what we're up too?" Keith asked nervously, he knew that Brad was able to read people better than he was.

"I asked him for some condoms before we left" Brad replied cheekily

"Brad!" Keith admonished.

The teen reached around and dug into his luggage, pulling up a bunch of condoms.

"What the?" Keith said as he looked over, having stopped at a traffic light.

"Green light" Brad instructed as the man stared.

Keith drove off as Brad laughed, "relax they give those to all of us. Peter puts two on my dresser every Friday, not like they want us getting some girl pregnant." Brad explained.

"I bet" Keith snapped.

"George is hard to read, he's not like most staff but I don't think he knows you're fucking me" Brad answered the original question.

"That's good" Keith sighed. " I was worried he was starting to put things together"

"Who cares if he does" Brad replied

"You know what that would mean" Keith said exasperated.

They arrived at Keith's apartment and the boy went right to the computer, it was as if they're time together had never been interrupted, as he was right back in the old pattern.

"Can I have half an hour?" He said as he turned the machine on.

"Take as long as you need" Keith replied. He wanted Brad with him but just having him around was enough. It was a big relief when George called to tell him that they were good to go with overnight visits again. He feared those would be a while off yet.

Keith didn't hear the keyboard sounds stop as he was focused on the TV just relaxing. Brad appeared before him, clad only in underwear holding the bottle of lube from the bathroom.

"You look good in undies" Keith complimented.

"Little boys wear undies Keith, I wear boxers" Brad corrected.

Keith was happy with how Brad filled them out regardless of what he called them. The boxer briefs fit him perfectly, tight around his thighs and bulging at the right parts up to his firm belly. The white material was a stark contrast to the teen's lean tanned skin, although he was fading back to his normal colour as the summer had ended.

"So lets fuck," Brad announced

"Oh Brad, there's lots of other things we can do" Keith suggested.

"Yeah ... fuck time," Brad proclaimed as he pulled on Keith's arm.

Keith allowed the boy to lead him into the bedroom where the youngster undressed him, as was his custom. Once naked Brad knelt down and slowly began to lick the sides of his cock. Keith sighed, as it had been too long since his boy pleasured him. Brad was all for doing it at the house when Keith visited but the man though it far too risky, so they made due with kissing mostly. Brad had sucked the man into full hardness as Keith moaned stroking the boy's face as he worked.

The teen came off the cock and put a condom on his man then handed him the lube. Keith watched as the boy lay on his back and put a pillow under himself. He then lifted his legs and displayed his spread ass.

"New position?" Keith asked.

"Yeah" Brad replied,

Keith began to finger the boy, lubing up his hole. Once he sensed some relaxation from the teen he positioned his cock for entry.

"Push in hard with one thrust," Brad instructed.

"You've been reading about this on the internet I see" Keith reasoned.

"You need to get in deep enough to reach my prostrate." Brad explained.

"Yes but you need to relax, that's the important thing" Keith advised.

The man ignored his boy's instructions and pushed in slowly. Brad groaned as he was parted allowing the man to push most of his cock in. Keith waited a moment for Brad to relax, looking at his face to determine when he should proceed. He began making small thrusting motions to keep his rigidity. Once he'd felt Brad ease up a bit Keith began fucking in earnest. It felt great to have his boy again. Brad's moans became more like whines as Keith gave him the fucking he'd asked for.

"You ok baby?" He asked.

"Yeah keep going" Brad insisted as he pulled on his own cock.

Keith continued at the same rate until the whining returned.

"I can't do this if it's hurting you," the man said as he paused.

"No, it's ok keep going" Brad insisted.

"Ok but keep quiet baby" Keith instructed.

The man knew it was too long since the last time for the teen, it was like was starting over with him but now he knew it was going to hurt. Keith began pounded the teen as he neared his release. The boy was whining and grunting as his body recoiled with each thrust.

"Hush baby" Keith said as he pushed in the last few times. "Oh god I love you, I love you," he chanted as he filled the condom.

Brad was furiously pulling his own cock as Keith regained his senses, it was a powerful orgasm from both the sex and the relief of having Brad back with him. He stayed inside the boy making slow thrusts until Brad finally sprayed his cum onto his chest. His orgasm sounds were loud as the boy squeezed the man's cock hard with his ass. Brad's whole body twitched in several spasms of pleasure.

"Leave it in" Brad plead breathlessly

"Ok baby, you were awesome" Keith replied honestly.

"Get hard again, keep fucking me!" Brad ordered.

"It's ok baby" Keith consoled.

"I want more" Brad demanded.

Keith eased his weight down on the teen and held him. Brad seemed so perfect in that moment. The man couldn't think of having anyone better than the teen. As they cuddled Keith softened and slipped out. The two fell into a light sleep as they recovered from their afternoon delight.


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