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The Angry Boy 18

As the days grew colder a familiar pattern returned to Keith's life. Brad was coming over every available weekend again save for the times he'd see his mother or the house had some group outing. Keith found himself content with how life had returned to normal Brad even seemed to be settling down. Keith figured that was due to George, the man just seemed to know how to mange the angry boy better than any other group home staff ever had. Keith's relationship with George had become closer too, while they weren't confidents they were united in supporting Bradley.

Keith called on Friday night to arrange for the weekend pickup, as was the usual process. An unknown teen male voice answered the phone, it seemed strange as Brad typically kept a waiting brief for the man's call. Keith asked for George.

"Hello" George answered calmly after a short wait.

"George it's Keith, just checking on the pick up time for tomorrow" Keith explained.

"Hello Keith, he's got his mother tomorrow afternoon, how about four" George suggested.

"Sure I guess that's fine" It was later in the day than their typical pickup but he was content to work around Brad's family. "I'm surprised She's still pushing Brad for these visits"

"It's gone better with just her but it's really the social worker that's pushing them. Brad's only got two and half years left with us, once the government money dries up then he'll need someone to go live with and his mother seems the best option" George advised.

"I'm not sure about that" Keith replied

"We share the same concerns but we do tend to loose kids in transition. Once they're sixteen they can leave on their own and many do but of course they've no way to support themselves and end up on the street, so we try and get a plan in place to avoid that. It might be best if you told the social worker if you had an alternate plan now" George suggested.

"I'm not sure I'm set-up for that George, Brad still needs supervision and my work hours aren't that flexible." Keith suggested knowing the man was talking about Brad coming to live with him.

"We aren't planning for this weekend Keith, we're looking to when Brad's 17 and nearing the end of his time with us. I like to have plan for all the guys, it makes them feel better about the future and gives us something to work towards" George responded.

"Yeah I'll have to give that some thought" Keith skirted the issue. He would sure like to have Brad `out of the system' but he wondered just what it would be like having the teen around full time. In reality he knew it wouldn't be paradise, becoming Brad's caretaker would be very different from just being his friend and lover.

"CS will always focus on reunification with the family regardless of how dysfunctional they are, unless a court order prevents that. You might have a challenge convincing the social worker that you're the choice for Brad, so you'd have to be sure yourself before talking to her about it." George suggested.

"Yeah I see your point" Keith said wishing to end discussion on the subject.

"I know it's a month away but I was wondering if you were taking Brad over Christmas?" George asked

"I suppose I am, he'll want me too I'm sure" Keith replied wondering where this was going. Perhaps his mother and the social worker had a scheme of their own.

"If not then I'd take with me when I see my extended family, they're used to having lost boys over for Christmas" George replied making Keith realise that this guy really was a cut above.

"Ok, I'll work it out. Assume he's with me for Christmas. Is he around now?" Keith asked

"No Brad is out with his girl friend" George replied

"Girl friend? When did that happen?" Keith blurted surprised that the boy hadn't mentioned it.

"He first brought her around a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised too, I suppose he didn't mention it to you" George explained.

"No he didn't" Keith said feeling felt out.

"Well the guys go through a lot of transitions at this age, they try things out and move on" George said cryptically but Keith knew he was referring to the teen's sexual orientation. Keith realised that he would have to talk to Brad about it. Having a girl friend seemed to fly in the face of his constant demands for anal sex. As he ended the call with George, Keith wondered if he was affecting Brad with his own desires. It was obvious that he liked making love to the boy, it was an intense experience for both of them, perhaps Brad insisted on it because he thought that's what it took to keep him around.

The next day Keith collected the teen from the house and drove him back to his apartment.

"So how did it go with your mom?" He asked

"Same" The boy replied.

"Do you think she wants you to go live with her?" Keith asked, not even bothering to quiz the teen further on the visit itself.

"Not gunna happen. There's no way I'm going with her, the only reason I see her is cuz I wanna see you." Brad replied firmly.

"You think the two issues are tied?" Keith asked

"With my worker they are, George doesn't care about it" Brad noted, meaning the visits with is mother.

"So I hear you have a girl friend now" Keith announced.

"She's not my girl friend, she's just a girl I know. I'm in high school, I have to hang out with a girl sometimes" Brad said pragmatically.

"I'd be ok with you having a girl friend Brad, I care about you more than the sex" Keith suggested.

"Don't be stupid, you're fucking me tonight," Brad said with irritation, wondering why Keith didn't get it. Without showing an interest in girls he'd be an outcast, for all the enlightenment shown on TV programs, the real teen world just didn't work that way.

Keith let the issue drop, he'd planted the seed and if Brad wanted further discussions on the subject the boy would bring it up.

As soon as they got into the apartment Brad began to strip down, giving Keith the distinct impression that he wanted to show him just how much he wanted the sex.

"Come on" He ordered.

"I thought we'd wait until after dinner," Keith said referring to their usual pattern.

"We can do it after dinner too" Brad suggested, as he now stood completely naked before his man.

"I'm only good for one squirt Brad" Keith noted as he felt himself hardening with the sight of his teen beauty. Brad was the perfect age, boyish and full of sex drive, sadly Keith was past his prime.

"Take some viagra," Brad suggested.

"I can get up it Brad, maybe you need a younger partner" Keith countered but it was truly not what he wanted, he wanted to keep the boy all for himself, however selfish that sounded.

"Right some guy that would squirt in two minutes and leave me hanging" Brad spat. It wasn't the loving comment that Keith was hoping for but he knew the boy didn't speak in those terms.

"I love you Brad and I know that you need the freedom to choose" Keith stated.

"Yeah enough talk, lets fuck" Brad replied.

Keith followed the boy into the bedroom and allowed himself to be disrobed. He waited for the boy to stroke him and sheath his cock in a condom. The teen then guided the man to lie on the bed and straddled him. Brad had first introduced them to riding the man's cock a few weeks back. They didn't do it often but the boy seemed to like the variety of positions. Brad grunted as he eased himself down on the dick. Keith gently toyed with the boy's genitals to help him along. Brad was comfortable with anal penetration now and was quickly bouncing on the man's cock. His moans conveyed his urgent need of relief as well as his enjoyment, gone were the painful whines that Keith once worried about.

Brad bounced faster fucking himself on Keith's cock suddenly releasing his fluids into the man's hand and all over his belly. The boy moaned as he came with a powerful orgasm continuing to cause spasms with the still hard cock deep inside him. Brad paused to catch his breath and then resumed his riding. Keith had gotten better at avoiding his own early orgasm. This way Brad would get a second squirt and sometimes a third. Keith had suggested they use a dildo but the boy would have none of that, only natural cock for him.

Keith could see that the second orgasm was close, Brad's breathing became rapid and his motions urgent as sweat began to drip off the boy. The teen's loud vocalisations left no doubt that he was having an orgasm, this time Keith joined him with the boy's hole gripping him tightly, today there would be no thirds. Brad crashed down on the man's chest and lay still, catching his breath. That was a good one, Brad decided. He figured that Keith was spent but as he'd done all the work today the man could fuck him tomorrow morning, that way he'd last longer. Brad preferred the passive role, he wanted Keith to dictate the pace and hopefully last as long as he could.

Brad grunted as the man's softening cock slipped out. "I love you" the boy mumbled, something he knew Keith would like hearing.


Christmas was a quiet time for the pair. Keith had risked taking his wild boy with him to his family Christmas dinner. He was relieved that Brad behaved himself and didn't embarrass him. He wasn't surprised that Brad stayed close, hanging out with the adults rather than the kids and the other teens that behaved like kids on Christmas day. Keith was amused by his thirteen-year-old niece who seemed enamoured with the quiet bad boy. She prattled on nervously to him and Keith could tell that Brad was irritated.

"Katie, Bradley's already got a girl friend, sorry" Keith interrupted. The girl looked horrified either that Brad was taken or perhaps because she'd been caught pining for him. Either way she scurried off much to Brad's relief.

On Boxing Day they went to see Aaron and his foster family. Brad greeted his old friend at the door with a big hug, something Keith never thought he'd see. Aaron looked like a completely different boy, Keith noted. He had reached his mid adolescent growth spurt and was now four inches taller than Brad. He had slimmed down some and there was also an air of confidence from the boy.

"Look at the size of this creature!" Keith complemented, "What have you been feeding him?"

"It's good to see you Keith" Aaron said in his new deeper voice as he gave the man a hard hug as well.

"Bradley's gotten bigger and filled out some" Betty commented. "The poor thing needs to see a dermatologist though" the woman said of the boy's acne.

"Yeah, I got him a referral to a friend of mine, we got him all the products but it's just adolescence, they can mitigate the effects but there's no cure" Keith replied as he realised that his comments were true of teenhood in general and not just the boy's skin problem.

"We figured Brad would be living with you by now" Betty commented.

"He practically is, almost every weekend now," Keith said trying to appear exasperated by the time the boy was taking up.

"Come on, let's get some Xbox time in before dinner," Aaron announced. He seemed far more comfortable and sure of himself, Keith was happy for him, having parents had made a difference.

The two boys disappeared to Aaron's room.

"So what's up with you?" Brad asked.

"Not much, got a girl friend now" Aaron said proudly.

"You fucking her yet?" Brad asked confidently, making it sound as though it should be a regular occurrence.

"No, she's a nice girl" Aaron challenged. Brad was impressed a year ago the boy would have hung his head in shame at the thought of not living up to expectations.

"I got a girl too" Brad replied, "Let's get to your total destruction" Brad completed as he picked up the game controller realising that Aaron was unlikely to be interested in anything sexual.

Doug called the boy's out for the evening meal, Betty as usually prepared another gut busting feast but with two teens at the table there was little left over.

At the end of the evening they said their goodbyes each adult commenting on how much each other's teen had changed over the year and promised to get together again soon. Keith reflected on Brad's changes, he was a better person now, certainly more patient but Brad would likely attribute that to having frequent sex. They parted company another year in the book.


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