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The Angry Boy 19

Winter had given way to spring and as the snow melted bringing spring flowers a sense of change was in the air. Brad was closing in on his sixteenth birthday in a couple of months he'd have some control over his life although not many options. Visits with his mother had continued but he steadfastly refused to go home with her. He had no interest in patching things up with the boy friend, husband now, and as for his younger step brother babies just weren't his thing. In fact he despised them, their whining and crying made him cringe, living with one was just out of the question. Things had changed at the group home as well, George was promoted to a supervisor position elsewhere giving Brad a new staff to victimize. Change was the only constant in Brad's life so loosing George wasn't a big deal to him in fact he found breaking in new staff an entertaining challenge.

As Brad ate his Saturday morning breakfast at the table the new guy, Tom, sat on a stool in the kitchen. He had yet to sit with them for a meal, it was as if that would be too familiar instead he kept his commanding position in the kitchen. The man was twenty just out of college and into his first job, not being much bigger than Brad he lacked the physical presence that George had as well as his experience.

"We got a new kid coming today," Tom reported to the two boys at the kitchen table.

"Who's leaving?" Brad asked thinking it typical for someone to leave when a new boy arrived.

"No one, we've got him temporarily until they figure out what to do with the kid" Tom said. "He's going to bunk with you".

"I don't think so," Brad replied out of principle, why should he be the one to share his room.

"Yeah he is" Tom said sternly still trying to dominate the angry boy.

"No he's not," Brad snorted, mocking the man's tone.

"You've got the biggest room, you guys can help move the extra bed out of the basement" Tom ordered.

"I'm not helping you do shit" Brad snapped, "You can put him in with Matt, he's moving out in a couple months anyway"

"Yeah you are helping you live here remember," Tom replied, "We don't know how long the kid will be here, might just be a few weeks"

"I live here, you work here, I don't get paid to move furniture" Brad countered.

"You'll help or you won't be going with Keith" Tom said angry at the boy's disobedience.

"You can't do that," Brad said smugly causing the man to get even more upset.

"I can and I will!" He almost shouted.

"You got anger issues dude" Brad replied enjoying the man's frustrations.

"You're grounded for the weekend," Tom said barely controlling his voice.

"I'm still going with Keith" Brad replied defiantly

"No you are not," Tom snapped

"What are you going do, stop me?" Brad knew that the staff had some latitude on the use of force but this guy was at best equal in strength. Brad assumed he'd been in a lot more fights than Tom so he'd have the guy down in three seconds.

"I'll stop Keith" Tom replied trying to sound confident.

"Right, Dr. Brown is with Children's Services, he won't be taking orders from you" Brad fibbed hoping the man would believe Keith was more than just a volunteer. Brad left the room having finished his breakfast, as Tom struggled for a response.

Brad put his things into his overnight bag and stood by his bedroom window. Thankfully it faced the street so Brad could watch for Keith's arrival. As the BMW approached Brad snatched his bag and leapt down the stairs. He had his shoes on and was out the door to meet the man at the curb. As the car pulled up he jumped in and threw his bag into the back seat.

"Ready to roll?" Keith asked.

"Good to go" Brad confirmed.

Keith drove off not worried about the pickup, Brad had often been waiting for him and this seemed no different than any other before.

"So you fucking me in your new bed?" Brad asked.

"It's the same bed Brad, new bedroom" Keith replied.

The man had moved into a townhouse closer to his work and about the same distance from where Brad was living now. The major move was over so all that was left for Brad to help with was the unpacking. Keith told the teen that he needed something closer to work and liked the idea of not having to use the elevator anymore but he doubted that he was fooling the boy. There was no way they would let Brad move in with him, without his own bedroom and the new place had three.

When Brad entered the new house he saw boxes everywhere. The main floor was one big room with an open concept kitchen surrounded by an L shaped living dinning room. Keith had one leather chair from the old place but the rest of the furniture was new. Brad went upstairs without being invited to discover Keith's bed in the Master bedroom and the computer set up in the smaller third bedroom. Brad entered the second bedroom to find it empty save for a few boxes. Keith stood at the doorway wondering what his teen was thinking as the boy turned around.

"So what's this room for?" Brad asked.

"I suppose I'll turn it into a guest room" Keith replied, thinking more about the frequent guest before him.

"I'll be sixteen in June" Brad reminded.

"Really?" Keith replied in mock surprise.

"So what do you want me to do first?" Brad asked, eager to get going.

Keith directed him to various unpacking work and left him to it, he was happy for the help and realised that Brad was already thinking of this place as his home. Keith ordered pizza for dinner when the bulk of the work was done. After the teen had his fill he lounged on the couch in front of the TV. Keith wasn't interested in the show he was content to just look at Bradley as the boy's short brown hair shone in the lights, giving it a reddish hue. Keith thought himself lucky to have such a boy even still he didn't expect to still have him figuring that was down to Brad's persistence. Brad turned to look back at him as though he knew he was being examined.

"You ready to fuck me now?" he asked

"Don't suppose you want to wait until tomorrow?" Keith asked thinking he'd have more energy then.

"I worked today man, I deserve a good fuck" Brad countered.

"Sex isn't a reward Brad, I do it because I love you" Keith countered.

"And because you get off" Brad suggested.

"Come on then" Keith said as he turned off the TV and stood.

They went up to the master bedroom where Brad got naked in a flash and into his new favourite position, on his side with one leg up, the other straight. Keith straddled the boy's bottom let and positioned for entry. Brad moaned softly as the cock went in easily. Keith supported his weight on his outstretched arms as he slowly rocked back and forth. The teen seemed to get the most enjoyment out of the slow prostate massage. Keith smiled as the boy reached his first squirt of the night. The teen quivered and twitched as the orgasm washed over him. Keith increased his pace a bit ensuring he stayed hard as he made love to his boy. The second orgasm was always the best for Brad and tonight it seemed to come early with more convulsing as the boy came with the hard cock deep in his ass. Keith began to fuck hard now, pulling more of the penis out before slamming it back in. Brad's body recoiled with each thrust as the man grunted. Keith slowed right down when he reached the edge, waiting for Brad's third orgasm. The teen was stroking his cock quickly, sensing that Keith was ready. He soon felt the boy's ass tighten and then fucked hard to bring his own release. Brad extolled his pleasure in load moans as Keith gave him the last few thrusts before collapsing down on the soft boy.

Keith didn't remember much after the dismount until he woke Sunday morning with the teen's head on his chest. Their relationship had matured to the point where Keith knew that Brad was his and would be for a long time to come. The sex was only part of it as there was a strong emotional bond that neither could deny. Keith gently stroked Brad's head as the boy fondled the man's testicles. The teen seemed to have a fascination with his flaccid penis but Keith wasn't going to complain about a gentle young hand stroking him. It wasn't long before the boy had gotten him hard again as Brad moved his head down to suck gently on his cock. Keith moaned at the pleasure, Brad knew just how to do it. The boy swung his leg over the man and positioned to ride the now hard dick. Keith looked into the teenage eyes as the boy sat down on him. He could see the moment of entry and the point of relaxation. Brad began to fuck himself as Keith took his turn fondling the boy's genitals. It wasn't long before the boy was spraying Keith with his love juice. The man was close as well and began to pump up into the boy seeking a release. Brad was finished but continued to move up and down to satisfy Keith. The man grunted loudly as he filled the condom, the teen lay down on the man and waited for him to go soft and slip out.


Brad arrived at the group home having said his goodbye to Keith at the curb and went up to his room. He opened the door to discover another bed had been assembled there. It was hardly unexpected but what infuriated Brad was that kid was much younger than he assumed. The boy sitting on the other bed playing his DS was maybe twelve Brad figured, skinny like he used to be with sandy brown hair, worn short but not as short as his own. Sharing was bad enough, he'd finally got his own room but having to share with a little kid was awful.

"Hi I'm Trevor" The boy greeted.

"I'm Brad, this my room" The older teen set the tone.

"Oh" Trevor replied softly

"How old are you?" Brad asked

"I'm thirteen" Trevor responded.

"They just take you from your mom?" Brad asked, assuming from Tom's comments about him not being here for long. It was likely that the kid was just captured and they had no placements open.

"No, I was at another house but I got into trouble so they moved me" Trevor advised casually. Brad thought him a boy in his own image a troublemaker, this might be fun after all he thought.

"Yeah that's the way it works, I've been moved a lot. I'm used to having a room to myself but I think I'm going to move out in a couple of months so I'm not going to sweat it. I'm still going to give the staff a hard time though," Brad explained getting a wry smile from the young teen.

Tom popped his head in to find that he had heard correctly, Brad was home.

"You're supposed to knock first," Brad snapped.

"I talked to the supervisor, since you left without permission you're grounded for two weeks and I'm calling Keith to tell him not to come" Tom advised.

"Oh, so you want a war then?" Brad asked. The man withdrew without responding.

"Who's Keith?" Trevor asked as though he was missing out on something.

"The guy I spend my weekends with" Brad replied as he unpacked. "He's the man I might go live with"

"Oh, so what are you going to do?" Trevor asked

"About numb nuts there?" Brad asked referring to Tom

"Yeah" Trevor replied

"I'll push him until he lets me do what I want, hey you ever had a food fight?" Brad responded.


The teens came down for dinner when called. Brad and Trevor made sure they sat opposite to each other before the meal was served.

"You keep out of my stuff dick-less" Brad insulted Trevor.

"It's my room too ass hole" Trevor replied before firing his bread into Brad's chest. Brad smiled, the kid did it, this one had possibilities he thought.

Brad returned fire but saved his spaghetti for when Tom approached from his perch in the kitchen to restore order, as though his presence would do that. Brad let him have it and Trevor followed suit. The man staggered back covered in pasta and meat sauce.

"Get to your rooms!" Tom shouted.

"We're in the same room, remember" Brad said smugly.

"You room" Tom snapped at Brad, "You couch," he said pointing to Trevor and then to the couch as though the boy didn't know where it was.

Brad resisted the temptation to high five his new friend on his way upstairs, they'd won the first battle, now he'd plot the next.


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