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The Angry Boy 20

Keith entered the café on his lunch break, he rarely took a full break but today he told the staff he would and not to book any extra patients, there was no dental emergency that an ER couldn't handle after all. He saw George waiting at a table, the large man was unmistakable as he went over to join him, still wearing his scrubs. The Café was in the basement concourse of the city centre almost directly below his office tower.

"Thanks for meeting me George" He greeted.

"You're welcome, ... Doctor" George returned noting the man's outfit.

"Yeah I'm just on my break" Keith explained.

"I'm not sure I can do anything for you Keith, I don't work for that house any more" George explained.

"I know, I was hoping you'd give me some advice on dealing with the staff, the new guy seems completely useless, he won't even talk to me" Keith lamented.

"Yeah that happens, you can try dealing with the supervisor again he's ok but he'll want to back the staff" George reported.

"I feel like we're loosing ground after getting everything stabilized" Keith noted.

"It's tough but you need to get Brad to react less ... extreme" George suggested.

"He's far more emotional than he seems I often forget how young he is but I'll do what I can" Keith replied.

"He needs you Keith, it's not like he's going to come out to someone his own age, that could be socially dangerous. It's not uncommon for guys Brad's age to have older boyfriends its safer and more comfortable for them" George explained speaking openly about their assumed relationship for the first time.

"What are you up to these days?" Keith asked quickly changing topics, as he was uneasy with the subject especially in a public place.

"I'm trying to start a new group home for a different organisation, we're hoping to set up a gay focused house. There are gay guys in the system but like Brad they can't reveal themselves without fear of how the other kids will react." George suggested.

"I think that's great I didn't even think of something like that," Keith noted.

"There are services for gay youth but it's not a cohesive program, the house staff are often part of the problem, our biggest issue is funding. It's not a political priority although there's data to support the fact that gay youth are at higher risk while in care." George reported.

"Well I wish you luck with that and if you think of anyway to help out with Brad please let me know" Keith asked.

"I'll make a call to the supervisor and see if the new staff would be open to any advice from me" George offered.

The men parted, leaving Keith feeling only slightly better. He knew Brad would call soon and it would be a big challenge to avoid what happened last time they blocked visits.


Brad woke early on Saturday morning with a hard cock. It was a frequent occurrence even with the regular sex from Keith. He figured that he wasn't likely to get any action from his man this weekend as he was grounded and knew that meant he'd not be allowed to see him. Brad began to slowly stroke his cock as he looked over at his roommate. Trevor was still slumbering giving the older teen some private time to take care of his needs. Brad quickened his pumping under the sheets as his mind drifted around to several pornographic images stored in his mind and occasionally his thoughts popped back to Keith. Brad was suddenly interrupted when his roommate lifted the sheet.

"What the fuck?" Brad hissed quietly.

"I figured I join you" Trevor said as he attempted to climb into bed with Brad.

"It's a solo job, that's why it's called masturbation." Brad protested.

"I've done it with other guys in my old house" Trevor explained as he lay beside the bigger boy.

Brad watched as the young hand sought to replace his own in the pumping action. Brad gave in and reached over for the smaller cock. Trevor was pretty typical perhaps a bit more than four inches of meat and a bit of fur. As the two boys quietly jerked each other Trevor seemed to know his work and wasn't fazed by the larger size of Brad's equipment. Both boys pumped and panted until Brad came first, grunting softly he quickened his pulling on the younger boy wanting to get it over with. Trevor began to whimper and quake just before unloading.

"Quiet!" Brad hushed. He didn't need to be caught with another guy in his bed.

Once Trevor caught his breath his whispered back, "thanks ... let's go watch cartoons"

"Cartoons are for little kids," Brad countered as Trevor trotted off.

After resting a bit longer Brad got up to the smell of pancakes and went downstairs to join his new protégé.

He made his way over to the table and sat down to join the two others already there. As Brad pulled a bunch of pancakes onto his plate he asked,

"Where's the syrup?"

"I finished it, I'll get another" Trevor replied as he eagerly bounded up.

The younger teen grabbed a bottle from the cabinet and came rushing back. He paused at Tom's stool and sprayed syrup onto it before returning to the table. Brad smiled broadly but said nothing as they ate. After getting their fill the two co-conspirators parked themselves in front of the TV.

It wasn't long before Tom appeared and shouted,

"What the hell!" When he sat down in his usual place.

Tom jumped up with syrup all over his ass.

"It's just a prank Tom" Brad could hear Peter the other staff saying as he handed the man a roll of paper towel.

After getting cleaned up Tom stormed over and stood right in front of the TV to speak to the boys, as it was likely the only way to get their attention.

"You two are confined to your room for the day," Tom announced.

"What for?" Trevor asked aggressively before Brad could respond.

"I know one of you put syrup on my stool" Tom replied sternly.

"I didn't do that, did you do that?" Brad asked in mock surprise.

"No I didn't do it" Trevor lied with ease.

"Are you sure it was syrup? Maybe you just wet yourself?" Brad suggested causing shrieking laughter from his partner in crime.

"I don't know which of you did it but I'd bet you were both involved, you're not setting a very good example for Trevor" Tom snapped at Brad.

"Told you not put him in my room and remember you brought all this on yourself" Brad said using a typical group home staff response to complaints about punishment.

"Get upstairs," Tom snapped angrily, "You got your mom at one" He said pointing to Brad.

"What about Keith?" Brad asked already knowing the answer.

"You're grounded, he knows not to come" Tom informed smugly.

"Well if I'm grounded then I can't see my mom" Brad replied.

"Family visits are excluded" Tom replied

"Keith is my family" Brad challenged but knew he'd be rebuffed.

"Yeah nice try" Tom snorted.

"Well no Keith no mom" Brad replied as he stood to head up stairs.

"Well she's coming" Tom said dismissively.

"I guess you're seeing her cuz I'm not and I'm not going to school until I see Keith again so you'd better plan to have a staff here all day next week." Brad escalated.

"You'll go to school" Tom spat

"Or what? You'll drag me? Good luck" Brad pushed.

"Get up stairs!" Tom shouted clearly unhappy with how he was being defied.

"Make me" Trevor joined in

Tom grabbed the younger teen and pulled him up, twisting his wrist to force the boy to move.

"Fuck that hurts" Trevor screamed in pain

Brad had enough experience with group homes to know that kids screamed at the slightest touch in such situations, it forced the staff to back off he'd done it himself enough times. In this case though the pain was real, he knew what a faker sounded like and this wasn't it.

"Let him go!" Brad shouted but Tom continued to twist the younger teen's arm around, either not believing he was hurting the kid or because he wanted to hurt him.

Brad pushed the man back with such force that Trevor broke free and they both fell to the floor. Hearing the commotion Peter arrived to investigate.

"Call the cops Brad assaulted me" Tom said as he rolled around on the floor.

"Bull shit he was hurting me!" Trevor complained as he stood.

"Get up ass hole and I'll give you something to call the cops about" Brad challenged but the man remained safely on the floor.

"Up to your room please guys, we'll sort this out" Peter asked.

Brad turned to leave but noticed Trevor remained.

"Come on" He ordered in support of the other staff.

Trevor kicked the prone man and hissed, "Ass hole" and then joined the older boy on his way upstairs.

Once in their room Trevor asked, "You think they'll call the cops?"

"Yeah" Brad said as he rummaged through his stuff.

"He started it" Trevor protested.

"They won't believe us and you kicking him ... Peter saw that, he didn't see the other stuff." Brad replied.

"What are you doing?" Trevor asked as he watched Brad pack his overnight bag.

"I'm not hanging around for the cops" Brad replied.

"I'm coming too," the younger teen advised.

"No, he wants to nail me, you'll be fine" He advised as he handed Trevor one of Keith's business cards. "Here ... Call him if it gets crazy".

Before Trevor could say anything else he heard Brad going down the stairs and the front door slamming shut. He raced over to the window and watched as the angry boy walked down the street.


Keith's Saturday night was disturbed by pounding on the door. It was shortly after eight Keith noted, he'd expected Brad earlier after the group home called to say he'd left on his own. He was starting to get worried as the kid was taking so long to get there so he was somewhat relieved by the knocking. Keith opened the door to find two cops outside, his relief turned to fear, what might have happened to Brad racing through his mind.

"Keith Brown?" The one cop asked.

"Yes I'm Doctor Brown" He responded formally, hoping to raise his profile somewhat.

"We're looking for Bradley Lock, may we come in?" The cop asked as he stepped forward, making Keith think they were coming in regardless of the request.

"Yes" Keith said as he stood aside.

"Is Bradley here?" The second cop asked.

"No, I was hoping it was him at the door" Keith replied.

"You're expecting him?" The first cop asked.

"His group home called to say he'd run away and he typically ends up here when he does that" Keith replied.

"Yeah they sent us over, how often has he run away?" The cop asked

"Ah three times I guess" Keith replied as the policeman scribbled notes into a pad.

The second cop left the room, likely looking for a hidden teenager, despite Keith's report that Brad wasn't there.

"Has he contacted you?" The man asked

"No, which is unusual but the group home prevented him from using the phone. There's a new staff there and things haven't been going well." Keith reported.

"Well you call us if he does contact you or if he does arrive bring him down to the station we need to talk to him" The cop advised as his partner reappeared from the search.

Keith closed the door and sat down. The situation was clearly more serious than before, Brad really was missing, the cops would search the obvious places, his mother, his friend who was a girl and here but where was he Keith wondered.

It was about fifteen minutes after the cops left that there was another pounding on the door. Keith opened it expecting to see the police again, likely with additional questions but instead Brad pushed past him and closed the door.

"The cops were just here," Keith reported as he gripped the boy's arm. He wanted to hug him he was so relieved but Brad had other plans.

"Yeah I know I was waiting for them to leave, took them long enough to get here" Brad complained as he raided the fridge for something to eat.

"I'll make you something," Keith offered.

"I can't stay" Brad replied "How much cash do you have?"

"You were waiting outside why?" Keith asked getting a little behind in the conversation.

"Once the cops had been here they're not coming back to search again for a while." Brad reported. "Money?"

"A hundred I guess a bit more why? What happened" Keith asked.

"I pushed Tom and he's saying I assaulted him," Brad replied as he wolfed down the cold pizza he found in the fridge.

"Let's go to the police station, they'll take your statement and we'll work through this" Keith said calmly.

"No way they'll lock me up for this" Brad reported as he stuffed can's of pop into his bag.

"Was Tom hurt?" Keith asked thinking this was far more serious.

"No, he's fine" Brad said irritated that Keith seemed at all concerned with the man's condition.

"So, I'm sure this isn't that serious Brad, there might not even be an arrest warrant, give them your side of the story and we'll go from there" Keith pleaded.

"You're a good guy but you don't get it, whatever I have to say won't matter, I've seen it before and I'm not going to the detention centre, now get me that money" Brad ordered.

Keith grabbed Brad by the shoulders and held him firmly seeing how panicked the boy was.

"Brad! Listen, we can work this out if you're telling me the whole story, then I'm sure we can resolve it. Running is a big mistake" Keith attempted reason.

"You're not going to help me?" Brad asked almost whining.

"I'm trying to help, but I can't in the way you're asking" Keith countered.

Brad broke away from the man's grip and walked over to the table where Keith's wallet sat. He opened it and pulled out a wad of bills then stuffed them into his pocket. Keith stood unwilling to stop the boy, how could he if he was leaving anyway he'd need some money. Brad made for the door but Keith stood in front of it.

"Please Brad, this is a big mistake"

"Get the fuck out of my way, I don't want to hurt you" Brad said aggressively.

"You won't" Keith challenged.

Brad put his hand on the doorknob and pulled, Keith gripped the boy's arm and said,

"Please call me to let me know you're ok and when you're ready to come back we'll go to the police station together"

Brad broke away from the man's grip and ran out into the night, taking with him all of Keith's hope for a better future for the boy. Once Brad was out of sight Keith closed the door, he was instantly despondent for not having convinced the teen to stay but what could he have done, wrestled the almost sixteen year old to the floor, would that have even been possible? Keith reassured himself with the thought that Brad would come to his senses, he had no place to go and would soon be back, he'd just have to wait.


Keith walked the downtown streets during his lunch break, he was lucky today a cancellation had given him ninety minutes of searching time. He took the subway over to where the young vagrants begged for spare change. He looked into each of the boy's faces hoping to find his love staring back at him but today was like every other day for the past two weeks, no Brad. The kids were rough looking and dirty for the most part, he felt sorry for some of them realising that they might be just like his boy, the boy he lost the one he let get away. Keith kept replaying that night in his mind, what more could he have done to keep Brad in his house, even if it had meant a physical confrontation it would be better than this not knowing.

"Spare some change sir?" a young voice asked.

Keith almost missed this one sitting in a recessed doorway of a bankrupt storefront. The boy looked younger than Brad, fourteen maybe with a narrow freckled face attempting to smile up at him. He fished through his pocket and pulled out a pair of two-dollar coins and some other loose change, it might have been close to six bucks in total. He dropped it into the boy's hat and got a gleeful,

"Thanks Mister" in response.

It likely seemed more than it actually was to the boy and Keith hoped that it was going to food. This one seemed to lack that vacuous stare of the other drug addicts he'd seen, perhaps just new to the streets himself. Keith rarely gave out money but when he did it was to the young kids on their own, not the ones sitting in groups with a couple of men in their mid twenties watching over.

"You know Children's services will take care of you," the man suggested.

"Spare some change" The boy asked to the next passer by, ignoring the man's comment.

Keith bent over to speak to the boy and got a shocked expression when the boy's head swivelled quickly toward him. Perhaps he thought the man might hurt him or steal his meagre possessions.

"You don't have to live on the street," Keith suggested.

"You a social worker?" The boy asked.

"No, I'm just looking for someone" Keith replied as he pulled out a photo of Brad. It was one of his school photos where he looked a most serious young man. "Have you seen him? His name is Brad or he might call himself Lock" Keith asked.

The boy shook his head. "I though maybe you were trying to pick me up" he noted.

Keith couldn't tell if the boy were relieved or disappointed, it wouldn't be difficult to get a vulnerable kid like this to come with him. That was his biggest worry with Brad that he was already caught up in the sex trade. A confident guy like him would think he could make a lot of cash and get out anytime he wanted but would find that world far more dangerous than he imagined. Keith had been educated by a shelter worker about how the young ones were quickly befriended and then coerced into prostitution. Often they were shipped off to other cities so that they would be reliant on their handlers, he was told.

"I can give you the number for CS" Keith told the boy.

"I'm not going home," he blurted.

"There's a shelter for young people, I could take you there" Keith continued.

"Shelters are where bigger guys steal your stuff," The boy snapped.

Keith stood, he didn't want to argue and attract attention to himself. He slowly walked away leaving the young one to his work.

Keith arrived at a drop in centre, a place were a lot of the young people came during the day for a meal or to get cleaned up. It was run by volunteers strangely many of them were old retired ladies. A group of girls stopped talking as Keith entered and a large man stood right in front of him, blocking his path.

"I'm doctor Keith Brown, I called Lynn earlier" Keith said to the wall of a man.

"Oh hello Keith, I'm Lynn" An older lady greeted.

The guard, or so Keith assumed, stepped aside and allowed him entry.

"I didn't know you were doctor," She continued.

"Dental surgeon" Keith replied as he followed the woman into an office. It was obvious that all the furniture and the computer were donated nothing matched or was in style. This was clearly a real charity not a marketing company pretending to be one.

"Would you be able to donate your expertise? We often have kids in need of a dentist," She asked.

"Any ER can handle urgent dental issues, I tend to work more on the repair side of things. I will talk to my partner and see what he thinks, we might be able to do some after hours work" Keith replied thinking he'd rather not have his waiting room filled with dirty street kids, perhaps he'd just write a cheque instead and blame his partner for not wanting to meet Lynn's request.

"Oh that would be great. You brought a picture of your boy?" She asked

Keith produced the school photo of Brad.

"Oh he's a handsome young man" Lynn commented

"Have you seen him?" Keith asked hopefully.

"No, but I'll put it up where the other volunteers can see it. Is he in any trouble?" She asked

"Yes ... he's wanted for a minor assault, it's why he ran away. I want to convince him to surrender so that we can deal with it and then I can get him back home" Keith explained.

"I'll write your number on the back of the photo and we'll call you if he comes in" Lyn promised.

Keith left the centre and headed back to work, he didn't have time to make another pass by the beggar kids so he jumped on the subway and headed back to the clinic, hoping he'd hear from or about his love soon.


Look for the next chapter in a couple of weeks.