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The Angry Boy 21

Brad sat outside a sandwich shop with his cap out looking for change. Lunchtime was often the best time for getting some cash and he needed it, as what he'd taken from Keith was gone. The money went faster than the boy thought it would, none of this had worked out like he thought it would. He found a squat in an unused garage along with a couple of other teen boys, he didn't trust them but necessity made them bedfellows. It had been cold at night but thankfully the days were warm, he couldn't wait for the onset of summer. It was so cold one night that he almost gave in and went back to Keith's where he hoped to convince the man to let him stay a night and give him some more money but in the end he toughed it out, as he knew it would put Keith in an awkward position. Living on the street was far rougher than the boy imagined but he figured it was better than being locked up for assaulting Tom.

Brad shook his hat and asked, "Change please sir" As a suited businessman approached on his way to the sandwich place. Women were the most generous especially if he put on his sad face but men weren't as affected by that. He'd learned that a polite request and smile often got the older business guys to put out but most men generally ignored him.

The man stopped and looked down at the boy, "Stand up" he ordered.

"Yes sir" Brad said softly, the guy looked a bit younger than Keith but was a lot bigger. Brad didn't want to argue he'd move on if told too, in fact he expected a lecture from the man, something like `get a job' or `go home to mommy'.

The man paused apparently sizing up the teen, "When's the last time you ate?" He asked.

"Couple of days ago" Brad lied, he'd had a muffin this morning but making things sound worse usually got him something.

"I'm going to get myself some lunch would you like to join me?" He quizzed.

"I don't think they'll let me in there" Brad replied meaning the sandwich shop. He'd done his best to keep clean washing his face daily but his clothes were dirty from living outdoors, he was ashamed of his appearance but what else could he do.

"I'll get us something and we can eat in the park, what do you want?" The man suggested.

"Anything with a lot of meat" Brad replied feeling hungry enough to tolerate the suit for now.

The man entered the shop and waited in line, " One large turkey and two large assorted, double the meat on both assorted" He ordered as he glanced through the window at the boy waiting outside.

"You shouldn't encourage those kids" the sandwich maker replied obviously having noticed him talking to Brad outside.

"Just make the sandwiches," The suited man snapped with authority.

Brad stood waiting as the man came out. He didn't approach in case the man was teasing him but it appeared that he was carrying a lot of food so Bradley hoped the offer was genuine.

"Come on there's a park down the street," The man suggested.

Brad followed a few feet behind towards where he knew the park was it seemed safe enough.

"Come on, walk beside me. I'm Joe" He encouraged.

Brad caught up to him as ordered.

"And your name is?" The man pressed

"Brad" he responded, there seemed no need to lie about it.

"How old are you Brad?" Joe asked as they took a vacant bench in the park.

"Sixteen" Brad fibbed.

"I got you a sub for now and one for later," Joe said as he handed over the sandwiches.

"Thanks" Brad replied before digging in, he really was hungry.

"So you a runaway or a throwaway?" Joe continued.

"What's the difference?" Brad asked meaning what difference did it make to the man.

"Well a runaway is someone who left home on their own, a throwaway is someone who got kicked out" Joe explained.

"What's it to you?" Brad snapped.

Runaway, Joe decided too confident, throwaways were usually meek already broken and ready to latch on to anyone that might take care of them.

Brad's mind drifted as the man gave the usual `you can always go home' talk but he suddenly came back to the conversation when the man finally got around to the point.

"You suck cock?" he asked.

Brad knew he'd be propositioned eventually, his cohorts had mentioned going with men when they had to, they had also told him to stay away from the young men that offered themselves in alleyways. They wouldn't allow such a young teen to steal away their customers and were just as likely to lure him to some trick pad where he'd become a drug addicted sex slave. It seemed a little to contrived of a story but Brad understood the warning and had no desire to become a rent boy but he knew there would be a time when it would be necessary to survive.

"Yeah" Brad replied

"How much?" Joe asked.

"Fifty" Brad replied using the number given by his bedfellows when they arrived with cash.

"That's a bit expensive for just that" Joe suggested.

Brad wondered about the inference, just that, were his friends lying about how they got the money? It seemed a strange thing to admit unless you had to, then it dawned on him maybe it was fifty for a fuck not just a suck.

"I'm good at it" Brad countered, as it was true.

"We'll I'll give you twenty now and twenty later" Joe offered.

"Ok" Brad sighed, this was it he was about to lower himself another level. "There's a washroom up the hill" He knew from experience as he washed there most mornings.

"I'm in a suit Brad, I'm not going into some dirty toilet," the man said as he handed over a twenty. "I have to get back to work, I'll come by the park about five"

"I guess" Brad replied wondering if he should wait around for the guy, it seemed strange to get paid half up front. He didn't care for the man's comment about the washrooms, that dirty toilet was where he cleaned himself, as best he could anyway.

He went through the day roaming around as usual, there was really nothing for him to do. The key begging times were lunch and the rush home. His trick there was to hold open a subway door with his hat out he usually got ten bucks out of the hour of work, sometimes more. A meeting with Joe would preclude that today but he knew twenty bucks more was on offer. Brad was tired, his quality of sleep was usually poor in the squat and he had no idea that he would miss his bed at the group home. His usual complaints about internet access and TV time seemed trivial now. He gave some thought to just giving up he could surrender at the police station, sure he'd be locked up but at least he'd have a bed and be able to get clean, he hated being so dirty. The detention centre would have it's own issues he knew from a previous stay. The older teens would pick on him, take his stuff until he pushed back and then they'd pound him. No, two nights in detention had been enough Brad decided, regardless of how hard it was freedom on the streets was the lesser of the two evils.

Brad thought about Keith, the man was so na´ve he meant well but he didn't understand what the teen's life was like. He missed him though and his gentle ways that Brad had mistook for weakness. Brad's travels took him back to the park just before five. Joe was there waiting, he seemed impatient perhaps nervous.

"I though you might not come" the man announced.

"It's just five now," Brad countered thinking he almost didn't. This was a big step for Brad, he was about to get paid for it. He'd done stuff to manipulate people before but this was for cash, it seemed different.

"I was thinking you could come back to my place, it'd be more private and you could take a shower," Joe suggested.

"I don't know" Brad replied reticently. He liked the thought of a shower but once in the man's house he worried about what might happen, he seemed ok though.

"You can just give me the twenty back and we'll call it even," Joe suggested.

Brad didn't want to give the money back, in fact he wanted the second twenty as promised.

"Ok, I'll come but you have to give me forty more" Brad suggested as he thought that if he were selling himself he should get the most that he could.

"So, the twenty you have now plus forty more?" Joe confirmed

"Yeah, I'll do a good job" Brad promised.

"Ok ... but I want to watch you jerk off too," Joe added.

"Fine" Brad said casually, it wasn't like jerking off was going to be any more work he figured, it didn't matter if someone watched him.

Brad followed the man to his car it was a newer silver Audi sedan. Joe made idle chat as he drove up town into a nice neighbourhood. They pulled into the driveway of a well-kept older house and then walked up to the front door. As the man unlocked the door Brad stood nervously on the porch wondering if this was such as good idea after all. He felt out of place here in his dirty clothes about to go into a nice house.

Joe opened the door and went in first, Brad stood momentarily at the threshold pausing to hear if anyone else was in the house. His heart was pounding he was so anxious, this was dangerous and stupid he decided but before he could take off the man urged him inside.

"Come on in" Joe encouraged smiling broadly.

The boy stepped in and closed the door behind him, his eyes darted around the house seeking to confirm his fears.

"My wife's out of town, don't worry" the man explained but Brad was more worried about other men lying in wait. This might be a private place to do business but that also made it dangerous.

"Bathroom is up the stairs and then go straight. Once you've cleaned up don't bother getting dressed just go into the little bedroom on the right as you come out" Joe instructed, making it obvious to Brad that he wasn't the first boy he'd brought home.

The teen stepped into the shower and sighed as the warm water sprayed over him. It was nice to get clean again, something he hated about being on the street. He wouldn't consider himself a neat freak but Brad had always kept himself clean. As the steam surrounded him Brad leaned against the wall allowing his back to be massaged by the spray. He suddenly heard a rapping at the door.

"You almost done in there" He heard Joe call.

"Yeah" Brad called back. It was show time, not that he was nervous it was just that he was enjoying the shower so much. He turned off the water and got out to dry himself. The bathroom was well decorated and had thick bath sheets available.

Brad walked out wrapped in a towel to find the man sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting in just his underwear.

"Ok lay down here and stroke yourself but don't cum til I say so, just let me know when you're close" Joe instructed as he handed the boy a bottle of lube

The teen complied and was quickly erect stroking himself. He was able to keep it up for a while but was nowhere near close, perhaps having the stranger nearby was putting him off.

"You're fucking hot, ok you can cum now shoot it onto your belly" Joe ordered.

Brad closed his eyes and tried to think of something that would give him a release. After flipping through a series of hot porn men he'd seen online he settled on Keith, he allowed himself to believe that the man's cock was deep in side him. Brad began to moan softly and spread his legs as though the imaginary cock could pound deeper into him. The teen arched his back and groaned as thick streams of cum fired up and fell back down on his chest. When the twitching stopped he opened is eyes still panting from the effort. It occurred to the teen that it was the first time he'd had a release since leaving, he just hadn't felt the need.

"That was fucking hot dude, that's the best jerk off any boy's done for me" Joe gushed clearly excited by watching. "Eat it up," he ordered.

Brad scooped a large portion of his cum from his chest and put it into his mouth then swallowed. He looked up at his customer thinking this phase of the event was over.

"Eat it all" the man snapped.

Brad looked down and collected the remainder from his belly and put that into his mouth as well, then swallowed again.

"Fucking hot" the man repeated as he came around to stand beside the bed. He flipped his underwear off the reveal his hard dick.

"That's big" Brad commented.

"Yeah eight and half inches of fun" Joe said proudly.

It was thick too Brad noted, thicker than Keith's making Brad wonder what sucking it would be like. He'd had cocks bigger than Keith's before but this one was both long and thick surely the largest meat he'd seen in person.

"Ok on your back this way" Joe instructed the teen to rotate ninety degrees, "and put your head over the edge"

"You wanna mouth fuck me? I'll do a better job sucking it on top" Brad suggested.

"Yeah I'm paying so it's my way" Joe snapped.

Brad complied with the order and got into position. He felt the cock caressing his face and stuck his tongue out. Joe moved his dick around as Brad licked it, clearly most boys he brought home didn't have the skills so Joe had taken to this method. Brad relaxed as he felt the big cock slip past his lips. Joe was moving it in and out slowly as he hissed, rather than moaned his pleasure. It wasn't long before Joe pushed his cock deeper into Brad's throat. The teen made some gagging noises but surprised even himself as the cock went easily in.

"Oh fuck yeah baby, take it" Joe hissed thinking this one was experienced.

Brad was one of those guys that could relax enough to allow this type of mouth fucking to happen, it wasn't as though he got any pleasure from it or more correctly he didn't care that Joe was enjoying it. The man eased the cock out and slapped the boy's face with it a couple of times. Brad had seen that done in porn movies but never understood why.

"Ok I'm close flip over and lollypop me, I'll tell you when I'm ready to come and you get off it so I can shoot in your face, keep your mouth open though ok?" Joe ordered clearly very excited.

Brad rolled over and propped himself up on his elbows, he didn't know what the man meant exactly so he sucked quickly bobbing on the first quarter of the cock. His mouth was dry and he lacked any enthusiasm for the work. It just wasn't the same as the other times he'd done it.

The man moaned and continued to swear as Brad waited for the command.

"Off!" he shouted, as the boy complied he sprayed his cum into Brad's face and mouth. As Joe recovered from the orgasm he pushed his cock head back into the teen's mouth where Brad sucked on it gently.

"Fucking hot" Joe sighed.

He pulled back and looked at the teen, after a short pause he spoke,

"Lets go to the bathroom, I wanna piss in your face" Joe ordered.

"No way" Brad said firmly revolted by the suggestion.

"Twenty bucks" Joe offered.

"No" Brad repeated hoping the guy would drop the issue. He thought about where his clothes were and how quickly he could get out the door in case it was necessary.

"Come on it'll be over in a minute" Joe pleaded, "OK how much then?"

"No pissing" Brad snapped with far more confidence that he actually felt.

"Fine" Joe hissed and stormed off.

Brad could hear him relieving himself in the toilet, after the man was done he joined him in the bathroom to wash his face.

"I want my forty bucks now" Brad said as he washed.

"Now? ... Don't' worry kid you'll get paid. You can stay the night I'll put your clothes in the wash in the morning. If I feel like it I'll let you suck me again" Joe suggested.

"Pay me now and I'll stay" Brad countered nervous that he might not get his money.

"Fine" Joe sighed as he went back to the bedroom. Brad followed him and waited as the man found his wallet in his discarded pants. He thrust two twenty-dollar bills toward the boy. Brad snatched them and then realised that he was naked and had nowhere to put the money. As he searched for his pants he noticed a pair of leather cuffs just inside the closet. He picked them up and held them out for Joe to see.

"What are these for?" He asked suspiciously.

"I like to tickle guys sometimes" Joe explained as he dressed.

"And tie them up?" Brad asked

"Yeah I don't want to get kicked, I pay two bucks a minute. You wanna get tickled later?" Joe invited

"No" Brad replied firmly, there was no way he was letting this guy tie him up.

"You don't wanna do anything," Joe snapped.

Brad grabbed his pants and stuffed the money into his pocket.

"Don't get dressed you stay naked, that's the deal if you're staying" Joe blurted

"Ok!" Brad snapped back liking this suit less and less.

"You want pizza?" Joe asked as they went downstairs.

"I get a lot of that how about something else?" Brad asked softening his tone.

"Chicken?" Joe suggested

"Ok" Brad replied.

When the meal was delivered Brad kept himself out of sight of the doorway, hanging around naked with Keith felt like total freedom, doing it here made him feel embarrassed and out of place.

"You want a beer?" Joe offered as he open the bag of chicken meals.

"Pop or water is fine" Brad replied.

Joe got two glasses out and filled them with Pepsi from a large plastic bottle. Brad ate the meal, thankful for the variety. Spending a night in a bed would be welcome he just wondered if he'd get much sleep with the tickle monster. The house had a typical amount of family photos many with children but he saw no evidence of a young person living there. Brad conjured images of young nephews or cousins being mercilessly tickled and begging for it to end, he wondered if they got two dollars a minute.


Brad rolled over in the bed to find Joe was sleeping soundly beside him. The teen swung his feet down to the floor and suddenly felt sick. The morning sun was peaking through the blinds, as it was still rather early. He waddled to the bathroom with an upset stomach and his ass was sore. Brad sat down on the toilet and allowed his bowels to empty. Images of last night flickered through his mind as he recalled Joe fucking him. Brad trembled as the memories came back, things were spotty after dinner but he distinctly remembered the man slamming his cock in and out of him. Brad remembered enjoying it, feeling blissful and having an orgasm. He examined himself to find encrusted cum in his pubic hair and on his legs. He rubbed his wrists, as they were inexplicably sore. He didn't remember it specifically but the man must have had him in the restraints. Brad was angry about what Joe had done but he was also upset at himself, this was so stupid. Brad got up off the toilet and quickly washed himself he didn't have another shower, as he didn't want to wake Joe, he just wanted to leave. Cleaned up as best he could Brad found his dirty clothes and put them on. Joe stirred and looked at the boy,

"Hey, you were awesome last night"

"I'm leaving" Brad said firmly.

"What?" Joe replied sitting up.

"You gave me something last night" Brad accused.

"My big cock, man you were loving it" Joe recalled.

"No something else, I don't remember it all but I know you tied me up" Brad reported

"Yeah, just something to help you relax, but come on you weren't a virgin or anything" Joe said casually.

Brad turned and started down the stairs.

"You don't want to get paid?" Joe called back.

Brad stopped half way down struggling with his desire to just get out of there and his monetary needs. Joe appeared in the doorway his long dick hanging down.

"Come on I'll fuck you again," Joe suggested.

"No" Brad snapped almost in tears at the thought.

Joe extended another twenty towards the teen, "You over charged me on the sucking" he explained

Brad stepped back up and snatched the money his hand trembling, then headed back down the stairs.

"I'll see you around kid" Joe called

"No you won't" Brad replied as he opened the door.

"Oh you'll come back for more, they always do" Joe replied as Brad left.

Brad headed for the subway more upset with himself than with Joe. What the man had done was wrong but what he had done was stupid, a quick blow in a public washroom might have been dirty but it would have been safer.

"Never go home with anyone," He ordered himself. "Stupid!"

Brad stopped and suddenly vomited, he wasn't sure if it was from the drugs or the stress regardless he soiled some lady's flower garden. He moved on quickly the acidic taste still in his mouth. Brad bought a coffee at a twenty-four hour place and waited for the subway station to open. He wondered what he'd do now, as he sobbed in self pity, Keith would never want him back after this, he'd allowed another guy to fuck him he was just a dirty whore. He steeled himself at the realisation, all options were closed to him now this is what he'd become like it or not.


Keith sat watching TV on a quiet evening thinking that the house felt so empty now that his boy was gone. He wished that he was back in his old familiar apartment all this empty space was just a reminder of what he'd lost. The phone rang disturbing his thoughts but when he looked at the call display he was suddenly excited, it was the group home calling.

"Ah Keith it's Peter from the group home" a strange voice announced.

"Yes?" Keith replied eager for news about Brad.

"We're clearing out Brad's stuff and I wanted to offer it to you before we get rid of it" Peter explained.

Keith was disappointed at subject of discussion they were calling about the boy's stuff when all he wanted to hear about was the boy himself.

"I don't understand you want me to take Brads things?" Keith confirmed

"Yeah, he's been gone more than a month now and we've already filled his bed. So if you don't want it I'll donate it to the other kids and anything left over to charity" Peter explained.

"CS doesn't want it?" Keith pressed

"They don't keep kids stuff Keith, in Brad's case they'll close his file when he turns sixteen anyway" Peter reported.

It dawned on Keith that he was the only one looking for Brad no one from the house or Children's services was out there searching. The police would likely arrest him if they happened upon him but there was no active searching going on. This was all because of inept group home staff that this had happened, Keith decided.

"Fine I'll come get his stuff" Keith snapped and hung up abruptly. They were tying up his line after all as he still held a glimmer of hope that Brad would check in at some point. It shouldn't be happening this way Keith thought, but he was a member of establishment, despite his boy calling him a rebel what he was used to doing was filling out the correct forms not railing against the bureaucracy.

Keith poured himself a glass of wine before bed, the alcohol would help him sleep and take away some of the pain he was in, temporarily anyway. He felt completely helpless there seemed to be nothing he could do, Brad was gone and he was the only one who cared.


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