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The Angry Boy 23

Keith walked into the church on a bright Sunday morning wearing his tuxedo. He smiled at his friends sitting in the pews as he walked past them. He approached the altar and saw him, his love, standing there in his white tuxedo. Brad had insisted on wearing white for his wedding even though Keith thought it was a strangely straight tradition. Keith stood beside him, at nineteen his angry boy had become an amazingly handsome young man while still retaining his boyish face. As music played Keith stood smiling at his love until a woman in a wedding dress stood beside them. Brad reached over and took her hand, the pair standing in front of the minister. Keith was dumbfounded as they took their wedding vows, how could Brad being marring this girl instead of him!

Keith sat up in Bed. He looked over at the alarm clock as it blared out the fact that it was eight thirty on a Saturday morning. He turned it off and slumped back in bed, chuckling to himself at his strange dream. He supposed it made some sense, he was wondering about Brad's future and his place in it. Keith was determined to stand by Brad but the boy's plans were far more near term. Today they were going to see the lawyer about Brad's charge. It had been two weeks since he'd come home and the teen's return to school was uneventful, except for the massive amount of catch-up work he had to do in order to have any hope of salvaging his year.

Keith got up to drain his bladder before entering Brad's room. As he sat on the bed beside his sleeping beauty Keith wondered if the teen was waiting for him to initiate sexual contact. Brad hadn't made any suggestions or any effort to even sleep in the same bed. Keith found it strange but was willing to give him time, he even considered that Brad might have already moved on. Perhaps sex with an older guy wasn't what the teen wanted anymore.

"What?" Brad snapped as Keith rocked him back and forth with a hand on his chest.

"We have to get up, we've got the lawyer this morning." Keith explained. He was happy that the lawyer was able to see them on a Saturday as it meant that Brad wouldn't miss any more school and he wouldn't have to rearrange his clinic schedule.

"Yeah" Brad sighed.

Keith nuzzled his face against his boy's and then began kissing him on the lips. Brad returned the gesture with small kisses but he clearly lacked the passion that Keith was trying to stir.

"What's wrong?" Keith asked

"Bad breath dude" Brad replied as he scrunched his face.

Keith stroked the boy's chest as he looked below the belly trying to see if Brad had a wake up woody.

"We've got time for a quick suck if you need one" Keith offered. He didn't want to pressure the kid but he wanted him to know that it was an option.

"Naw I'm fine, you start the shower and I'll be there in a minute" Brad rejected.

Keith left his boy wondering about the lack of sexual interest. Perhaps he should just come out and ask, Keith thought. Before stripping down Keith brushed his teeth. He started the shower, getting the temperature just to Brad's liking. The teen arrived in his night shorts and went straight for the toilet. Keith couldn't help but stare at the teenage cock as it expelled urine. When Brad was done he turned to get into the shower but Keith gripped him by the shoulders and moved in for more kissing.

"I cleaned my mouth for you honey," He said softly.

Brad returned the kisses but still lacked any passion.

"I love you so much" Keith announced as they entered the shower together.

"Me too" Brad replied casually as he began to wash himself.

The teen wasn't one for proclamations of love so such a casual statement was typical but still Keith felt the need to press the issue. He had to find a way to let Brad know how he felt without pressuring him into thinking that his staying here depended on sharing a bed.


As they drove home from the lawyer Keith wondered if Brad had understood what was going on. He was abnormally quiet during the whole process, abnormal for the Brad he knew at least. Keith figured that Brad's experiences must have been traumatic to cause such a personality change. While he wasn't expecting the return of the angry boy over night, he was looking for some signs that normality was on the horizon. Still Keith considered that Brad might be a changed man, the boy he was might really have been lost.

"So did that all make sense?" Keith quizzed as he drove.

"Not really" Brad replied, as he looked out the window seemingly unaffected his legal predicament.

"What it comes down to is that if you plead guilty you'll get less jail time than if you're found guilty at trial but since there were extenuating circumstances you might not get any time at all, so I agree with the lawyer you should plead not guilty and see what happens" Keith explained.

"You think Trevor will be there?" Brad asked

"He'll have to be he was a witness," Keith advised.

After a short silence Keith thought now would be a good time to talk to Brad about his feelings. He seemed relaxed and was a captive audience while in the car.

"Brad, when I say that I love you, it's not because I want to get into your pants, it's just how I feel, you're really important to me," Keith explained.

"Yeah" Brad replied disinterestedly.

"I'm going to support you no matter what Brad, it doesn't matter to me if we never had sex again" Keith said with a chuckle, "Well it would be nice, don't get me wrong but it's not required, I'd even stick by you if you turned into one those ... Straight boys" Keith continued jovially as he thought of his dream.

Brad smirked at the suggestion, "Yeah right"

"You know Brad I'm open to hearing about your time on the streets when you're ready." Keith suggested, "I'm sure it was difficult" he continued after pausing.

"It was like camping in the city, it was hard keeping clean. Hey we going to the cottage this summer?" Brad replied quickly changing subjects.

"Sure, you'll probably have summer school in July but August is wide open, I could arrange to take the whole month off if you wanted" Keith suggested happy to see the boy interested in the future beyond the next meal.

"I'll get caught up don't worry I'm not going to summer school" Brad countered almost insulted at Keith's suggestion. "We stopping for lunch?" He added.

"We can if you like" Keith replied.

Keith stopped at a burger place and got them takeout. Once they were home and fed he got a box out of the closet and put it in front of the boy.

"Happy birthday" Keith said softly.

Brad cautiously opened the brown packing box to find a smaller white box inside.

"You bought me a Wii?" Brad asked. Keith wasn't sure by the tone if the boy was happy with the present or not.

"Yeah, the guy at the store said it was the most popular thing with the teen boys" Keith advised, "Well I guess I should think of you more as a man now that you're sixteen" He added as Brad quietly examined his gift.

"It's great ... thanks," Brad said softly as he set up his present. He played on it all afternoon until he got bored. Keith didn't really know what games to get so he just took what it came with.


After dinner Brad sat at the computer catching up on his e-mail. He didn't hear Keith enter until the man was almost on top of him. The teen felt the familiar hands on his shoulders as the man watched. He sighed as the strong fingers pressed into his shoulders and up into his neck. Brad enjoyed being massaged but he knew what Keith wanted, he wanted sex. All this talk about being ok if they didn't do it was just his way of asking for it, Brad decided, otherwise why mention it at all. Keith had made another effort at dinner to get him to talk about being on the street. Keith had to suspect that he had sex with another man, he just had to, even straight boys did it with men on the streets, Brad thought. Was he suggesting that he admit it and be forgiven or was he testing him ready to pounce when Brad told him how stupid he'd been. Suddenly the massaging fingers stopped and the warm hands were gone.

"Hey I didn't tell you to stop" Brad snapped in mock anger.

"I'm off to bed, can I trust you to be off the computer and in bed by midnight?" Keith asked.

"Yeah, I'll be done in the few minutes" Brad promised.

"Ok, well goodnight, I love you" Keith said as he kissed the back of the boy's neck,

"Yeah me too" Brad replied still focused on the computer screen.

True to his word Brad shut the machine down shortly after Keith left and went to his bedroom. He liked having his own room in Keith's house, he was so relieved that his worker didn't make him go to another group home, he wasn't sure that he could have dealt with another stressful transition. Being with Keith was the best thing for him, he decided. Brad pulled off his clothes and put on his night shorts. He liked the loose underwear as it gave his cock lots of room to flop around.

The teen made his way to Keith's bedroom and eased the door open. The lights were out but Keith couldn't have been asleep, he must have just gotten into bed. Brad stood in the darkness at the foot of Keith's bed and lifted the covers. He crawled under between the man's hairy legs until his face was near Keith's crotch. He pulled the man's underwear down and helped him get it off. The teen then began so slowly lick Keith's balls swirling his tongue around and below them. Once Keith had some rigidity he moved to slurping up and down along the shaft. He wanted it to last a while and give Keith as much pleasure as he could.

"Swing around so that I can do that to you too" Keith suggested in the darkness.

"No I want to concentrate on you first" Brad replied. He had done 69s before but always found the confusion of giving and receiving pleasure at the same time unsatisfying.

"Oh that feels great baby," Keith was moaning as Brad began to take the shaft into his mouth. He was quickly right down to the base on the medium sized cock. He worked Keith up to the verge and tried to keep him there, the man was moaning as the teen worked him until he finally complained.

"God Brad I almost came that time, make me cum" Keith whined.

Brad started to bob on the head of the man's cock, he would do as he was asked. Keith was groaning as he lifted his hips up off the bed, seeking to match rhythm with the boy's work almost willing his over sensitive cock to unload. Brad gagged a few times with all the gyrations the man was making with his thrusting but he kept at it working Keith into a fit of overindulgence. The man unloaded into the boy's mouth as he lifted his hips seeking to bury his cock in the warm wet pleasure. Gulping it down Brad continued to bob as the man had his orgasm. He slowed his pace working all the way down before coming slowly back up. Keith was moaning loudly as he put his hands on the boy's head, seeking to limit his movement. Brad felt Keith thrust a few times in an aftershock of pleasure, he continue to stroke his tongue against the cock now that he was prevented from bobbing on it. When Keith did release his head, Brad came off the cock and began to slowly run his tongue over the super sensitive head. He knew that Keith was unlikely to go for a second round so he was determined to milk him now, extracting every bit of pleasure possible.

"Ok, enough enough" Keith finally ordered.

Brad was happy with his work, as he'd given his man a release, one that he'd remember.

"Where are you going?" Keith asked as Brad got out of the bed.

"To the bathroom" The teen said as he opened the door.

Brad went to the bathroom and rinsed out his mouth. He took a piss and then went back to his bedroom. He thought about rejoining the man but he'd done his job and he didn't want the man to feel obligated to reciprocate. Once back in bed he heard Keith in the bathroom draining his snake as well. He wasn't completely surprised when his bedroom door opened and the man sat on this bed.

"Why didn't you come back?" Keith asked.

"I'm pretty tired I just wanted to go to sleep" He fibbed.

"You don't want me to suck you?" Keith wondered.

"It's ok" Brad replied feeling that his gift would be cheapened if he allowed the man to trade blowjobs.

"Ok, you're welcome to come sleep with me anytime you want" Keith said as he left.

As Brad watched the naked man leave he thought about joining him but felt more comfortable, more in control remaining in his own bed. As he drifted off to sleep he was satisfied with a job well done.


Keith was disappointed as he woke on Sunday morning to find himself alone in bed, as his love had not joined him in the night. He also found himself strangely dissatisfied with last night's sexual encounter. Brad had given him a wonderful suck but wouldn't allow him to return the favour so he worried about where the kid's head was. For all his well-meaning words, he feared that perhaps he'd actually talked Brad into sex.

Downstairs he prepared breakfast and as expected the smell drove the boy from his bed. Brad arrived and sat at the table in his shorts waiting to be served. Keith put a plate in front of him and the boy began to devour the food.

"That was awesome last night Brad, I just wish you would have stayed with me" Keith noted as he ate.

Brad looked up but didn't answer the man.

"I know being on the street must have been difficult" Keith attempted as Brad rolled his eyes thinking `here we go again'. "But it doesn't matter, all that matters is that you're here with me now Brad".

The boy nodded as he continued filling his face with breakfast. Brad didn't understand why Keith kept coming back to his time on the street as he wondered what the man expected him to say.

After breakfast Brad took his shower then wandered to his bedroom still naked. Keith surprised him again gripping the boy in a big hug. The pair crashed down on to the boy's bed as they lost their balance.

"What do you want?" Brad asked irritated with the man on his back.

"I just wanted to hug you" Keith said softly as he caressed the naked teen.

"Fuck me if you want, just do it" Brad snapped.

"Bradley I just wanted to cuddle" Keith explained as he rolled off the boy and lay alongside. "I love you Brad" Keith said as the boy sat up.

"Yeah I know, you keep telling me," Brad snapped.

"It's true. I just want things to work for you Brad, if you don't like something tell me and we'll change it, I just want you to be happy" Keith explained.

"What the fuck do you want me to say?" Brad asked exasperated. "You want me to talk about sleeping in a garage? Begging for change? What?"

"I want you to be happy, tell me what you need from me," Keith said softly

"I need your big cock in my ass, is that what you want me to say?" Brad blurted

"No but if you felt like laying down here and cuddling that would be great" Keith replied patting the bed behind the naked teen.

Brad got up and stormed out of the room but was back in a flash throwing a condom and lube at Keith. He found them where they were always kept, in the man's night table drawer. Brad got down into a doggie position preparing to be penetrated.

"Come on fuck me, it's what you prevs want right" Brad snapped.

Keith began to laugh as he patted the boy's ass.

"What's so funny" Brad asked angrily as he got up on his knees.

"I remember you called me a perv when we first met, it feels like we're back there starting over." Keith suggested.

"What are you talking about" Brad wondered as Keith stood and patted him on the head.

"I'm taking my shower now, give some thought to what you want to do today, or just a lazy day is fine with me" Keith said as he left the room.

He knew Brad was confused and stressed about everything going on, he just hoped that his love would open up soon. Once the man had cleaned up and shaved he headed back to his bedroom to get dressed. Brad was standing in the hallway between the bedrooms his head down again.

"I let another guy fuck me," He blurted to the floor.

"I still love you" Keith said as he approached. He suspected Brad might have sold himself on the street but didn't count on that including anal sex.

"I went to his house, it was stupid" Brad continued.

"It doesn't matter, you're ..." Keith said, as he stood right in front of the boy.

"He paid me" Brad interrupted.

"I still want you" Keith proclaimed as he pressed his body against the teen's

Brad gripped him hard and began to cry.

"I just wanted to suck him but he put something in my drink and fucked me, I didn't know he would do that, I never should have gone home with him it was so stupid!" Brad sobbed.

"We all do stupid things we regret Brad, I never should have let you leave that night," Keith offered as he held his boy.

Keith led the boy to his bedroom and crashed down on top of the teen. He held him tightly as if trying to merge their two bodies.

"I love you so much Brad and I'm going to keep saying it" Keith announced.

"I love you too," Brad returned as he recovered.

After spending a while longer in their holding cuddle the pair finally separated and started the day.


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