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The Angry Boy 24

Keith heard his bedroom door open in the night as he was really only half asleep. Tomorrow was the teen's first court date and even though it wasn't the actual trial both he and Brad were nervous. The angry boy had brooded around all day in a generally disagreeable state clearly affected despite his proclamations otherwise. Keith noted that it was almost two in the morning as his boy approached the bed. Brad lifted the cover and climbed in surprising the man as he expected the boy just to sit on the bed. Brad positioned himself on his side facing away from Keith yet he was close enough for physical contact. Keith wordlessly spooned in behind the boy and put an arm around to hold him. It was the first time that the boy had come to sleep in his bed since returning six weeks ago. Some semblance of the normal Brad had returned in that time but there was still a sexual distance between them. They had fallen into a pattern of occasional oral sex but hadn't slept together. As for anal lovemaking, Keith decided that he wasn't going to suggest anything and leave it up to Brad. Keith was thankful for the soft body next to him but he knew that Brad was there for reassurance not sex or even necessarily for affection rather just to be with him. Both parties welcomed the cuddling, Keith was happy to have the boy back in his bed again and Brad simply enjoyed the comfort of his man on a sleepless night. Neither said anything snuggling as Keith kissed the back of the boy's neck and nuzzled his face along the bristles of his short hair.

They woke in the morning as the alarm blared. Keith reached over and turned the machine off. Brad was awake he could tell but still required encouragement to get going.

"Come on, we don't want to be late" The man informed as he swung his feet out onto the floor.

"I don't feel good" Brad advised as he remained under cover.

"Unless you need to go to the hospital we're going to court buddy" Keith said firmly. The last thing he needed was more trouble for the boy and missing a court date would bring that.

"Ok, ok, I'm up" Brad complained as Keith rocked him back and forth.

"Feet on the floor" Keith ordered. He knew from experience that Brad couldn't be trusted to get out of bed, even if he said he was awake.

Brad reluctantly complied sitting up on the edge of the bed.

"Come on let's shower" Keith said as he held out his hand, expecting the boy to take it.

Instead Brad stood and preceded him into the bathroom.


It was a hot day in early July so Brad was uncomfortable in the dress clothes that Keith told him to put on. He didn't understand why the way he dressed would make any difference, the staff would be believed and he wouldn't, wearing a tie would make no difference the boy thought. Keith led Brad into the court building it looked more like an office than a court the man noticed. They found the appropriate room and located a place on the bench outside amongst the horde of other teens waiting nervously with their parents. As Keith examined the other kids he hoped that the youth court judge would see that his boy wasn't like the rest of them that he wasn't a hooligan. Clearly being a group home kid put a strike against him but still he hoped things would go well.

"Where's Trevor?" Brad asked as he had also been scanning the crowd.

"I don't know, it's just a hearing today so maybe he's not coming until the trial" Keith reasoned as he wondered why Brad was suddenly interested in Trevor, thinking perhaps he was just bored with the waiting.

The portly lawyer trundled up towing a wheeled brief case full of his documents. The man seemed almost out of breath as he arrived dressed in a suit.

"Hello Brad, Dr. Brown, wait out here `til your name is called and loose the tie Brad, it's too formal for youth court" The man said before moving on to another teen and his family, clearly the man had other cases he was working simultaneously.

Brad smirked at Keith "Told ya" He said as he pulled off the uncomfortable tie, even without it he was still one of the best dressed kids in the hallway with his dress pants and the new white dress shirt that Keith had bought for him.

They waited for over an hour and a half hearing other names being called but not Brad's. Keith wondered if they would break for lunch and leave them waiting all day. Finally the lawyer appeared in the much less crowded hallway. The man motioned for them to get up and led them down the hall to a secluded area.

"Ok, here's the deal, they're willing to drop the charge if Brad agrees to sign a peace order and stay away from the victim" The man announced

"What does a peace order require?" Keith asked on behalf of his youth.

"It means Brad has to keep the peace which he's technically required to do anyway as a citizen, he won't have a record and he won't be pleading guilty or anything. It just means he's to stay away from the group home and the other guy." The lawyer reported.

Keith and the lawyer looked expectantly at Brad,

"I can handle that," The teen said.

"Alright, sit tight and we'll go in and put this before the judge, all you'll have to do is agree to the conditions" The lawyer explained before heading off again.

Keith was relieved that Brad's charge had been dropped, the social was right after all, but he did lament that they hadn't done this sooner.

"So that's a relief," Keith said to Brad as they continued waiting.

"Yeah, so I guess I won't be seeing Trevor" Brad replied

"You seem fixed on him, do you want to arrange something?" Keith asked as he wondered what Brad's motives were.

"I can't go to the house, remember, but maybe you could take him out" Brad suggested.

"In fact Trevor asked me just that when you were away. Oh I gave him your mp3 player, sorry I didn't mention it earlier" Keith replied.

"Yeah I figured one of the kids took it" Brad snorted knowing how possessions quickly vanished in a group home.

"He asked me and I said it was all right. I'll buy you a new one" Keith explained

"It's fine, don't worry about it. So can you pick up Trevor?" Brad replied

"It's not that simple Brad, I'd need his worker's permission, maybe you guys could talk on the phone first" Keith offered, wondering why Brad hadn't done so already.

"I don't really wanna call the house" Brad moped.

"Tom doesn't work there anymore but I'll ask the lawyer about it before you get into any trouble." Keith advised.

Brad was bored with all the waiting around for nothing. He was happy that it was all going to be over but it made his running away seem stupid. Brad was muted as he felt down on himself. He'd spent that time on the street for no reason, Keith was right after all he should have just stayed and faced it. Brad had an epiphany there would be times that Keith did know more than him. If only he'd realised that before things might have turned out differently. In that moment Brad decided that he would put more credence to what Keith suggested he do, after all he'd taken him back and got him this lawyer that had worked a deal for him. He understood what he meant to the man and he felt so lucky that fate had put them together.

Brad went into the courtroom and spoke when the lawyer told him to and then it was all over. He and Keith were on their way home having wasted the better part of the day.


Once in the door Brad began pulling off his clothes, he couldn't wait to get out his semi-formal wear. The shirt went on the back of the breakfast barstool and the pants were thrown on the floor.

"I see you've wasted no time making yourself comfortable" Keith said as he came in to find his boy standing there in his underwear.

"Yeah" Brad replied thinking it was obvious, why would he want to wear that stuff a minute longer than he had to?

"Brad, pick up these pants, come on!" Keith snapped, "Hang these up nicely right now please"

Brad gave him the defiant `make me' stare and then decided that he'd better do as he was told.

"They better be hung up nicely not thrown in the closet," Keith said as the boy scooped his clothes up.

"They have to be washed any way, I sweat tons in them" Brad advised pragmatically.

"Ok, shirt in with the whites and put the pants on my bed, I'll get them dry cleaned when I do my suits next" Keith replied realising that the boy was right.

He watched as his hot young man disappeared up the stairs, his firm young ass waggling. Keith sighed, the boy likely had no idea how much he turned the man on simply by walking around in his underwear.

Keith went upstairs to change out of his suit. When he got down to his undies he was suddenly attacked by his teen and found himself prone on the bed with a smiling boy straddling his belly.

"You seem a lot more relaxed," Keith noted

"Well yeah" Brad said, again thinking it was obvious.

"I didn't realise how much this was stressing you" Keith replied

"I coulda gone to jail dude," Brad advised. "I've seen it happen to other kids"

"I figured you'd get off lightly, having it end early like this is better than expected," Keith advised.

"Yeah ok, you were right, happy?" Brad replied in playful aggression.

"Yep I'm happy" Keith responded.

"Yeah I'm the stupid one" Brad said sombrely as he realised his mistakes again.

"You're not stupid, you're a teenager your decision making abilities are clouded by hormones and lack of experience. Just take a deep breathe and don't make decisions in the heat of the moment" Keith consoled.

"I should have listened to you" Brad continued.

"Yeah but it's over now, you're here with me that's all that matters" Keith replied.

Brad leaned forward to bring his face close to his man's and then began kissing him. As Keith responded he was shocked to feel a tongue entering his mouth as the pair rekindled their passion.

"You going to fuck me now?" Brad asked softly.

"We don't have to Brad" Keith replied thinking the boy's offer was out of indebtedness.

"I want to, I offered weeks ago but you didn't do it" Brad complained

"That wasn't much of an offer Brad, until last night you haven't even slept with me, I remember when you used to sneak into my bed" Keith recalled.

"Yeah, so I'm ready now, fuck me" Brad said lustily.

"You're so romantic" Keith replied. "You know I can accept that you might want someone your own age, like Trevor" Keith suggested as he recalled how Brad was constantly asking about the other teen.

"Trevor's a little kid" Brad shot back.

"He's smaller than you Brad I'll give you that but he's not a little kid" Keith countered.

"Yeah what's he going to give me? Four inches?" Brad replied finding the suggestion silly. "I'm attracted to guys your age not my age why don't you get it?"

"I can imagine you being interested in a hunk in his twenties Brad, I've seen the porn you look at remember but I just find it hard to believe that you find me that appealing" Keith countered.

"Well I do!" Brad protested, thinking that all porn was of guys in their twenties. He admitted to himself that his attraction to Keith was more emotional than physical anyway.

"Now let's make anal love" the teen demanded.

Brad reached over Keith to get the required equipment from the drawer and began to lube himself in preparation. Keith was already semi-hard so it wasn't much effort to stroke himself into rigidity as he waited for Brad to put the condom on his penis. Keith sighed as the boy rolled it onto his turbid cock wondering whether Brad had practiced safe sex when he was on the street. The teen then positioned himself for entry down on his knees. Keith found the hole and began to push in. He found it a challenge as he slipped around with all the lube the boy had smeared himself with. Keith lifted the boy's hips a bit trying to get a better angle but still couldn't seem to get in.

"Brad buddy, you've got to relax" Keith complained

"I am relaxed, just shove it in" Brad retorted in an irritated tone.

Keith pulled back and began to penetrate the boy's hole with his thumb and found that he was far from relaxed. As the man continued to thumb fuck him Brad complained.

"You going to put it in or what?"

"When you open up a little" Keith replied wondering if this was such a good idea after all. It was obvious that the boy wasn't ready it was almost like he was a virgin again.

Keith kept the thumb in and tried to guide his cock into replace it. Once he'd breached the opening he thrust in quickly causing Brad to grunt loudly. Keith gripped the boy's hips and pulled back hard pushing his cock most of the way in.

"It's in," Keith announced as he felt the young anus gripping him.

"Ya think?" Brad replied irritated with the man's obvious proclamations. "Now fuck me"

"Relax Bradley" Keith replied softly.

"It doesn't feel good unless you move it" Brad instructed.

Keith complied thrusting his hips slowly until the boy began to loosen his anal grip. Then the man began to pump in and out at a normal pace causing Brad to grunt with each push.

"Ok?" Keith asked as he made love to his teen.

"Yeah, faster" Brad spat out between grunts.

Keith increased his speed as ordered giving himself pleasure but he wondered about all grunting the boy was doing. After a few minutes of effort he felt a noticeable difference with Brad pushing back as he thrust forward. The teens' grunts had taken on a higher pitch as he enjoyed the prostrate massage. Keith alternated between hard fast thrusts and slow deep thrusts, he wanted to give the boy the lovemaking that he desired and cuming too soon would spoil that.

Keith pulled back causing his cock to pop out.

"You cum?" Brad asked as he looked back

"Not yet" Keith announced as he flipped the boy over on his back.

"Hey, take it easy" Brad complained as Keith hoisted his legs up and apart.

Keith wanted to see the young man's face as he finished off. He pushed back in and fucked hard. Brad was clearly engrossed in the pleasure as the grunting was replace by moaning.

"nuh, nuh, nuh, ahh, hmmm," Brad extolled.

Keith was reaching his limit and slowed to extend both their pleasure. He felt himself on the edge and slapped in hard with a few final deep thrusts, almost lifting Brad off the bed. He collapsed on the boy, spent and sweaty his cock still buried deep.

He noticed that Brad was furiously stroking himself and wanted to help the boy get off. As he moved to dismount Brad snapped, "leave it in" and seconds later shot his creamy cum all over his chest, convulsing with pleasure as Keith's still hard cock was squeezed.

"Can you go again?" Brad asked hopefully in his post orgasmic bliss.

"Ah, well maybe tonight" Keith chuckled. Seeing a disappointed look on Brad's face he added, "See that's why you need a younger boyfriend".

Keith pulled out and got final grunt from his teen before he lay on him, resting as they cuddled.

As they recovered Brad laid on the man's chest fondling his testicles, clearly seeking a response. Keith stroked the boy's short hair as he conjured up images in his mind of him fucking the boy senseless as Brad begged for it. It worked Keith began to harden again, much to Brad's delight. The boy was stroking him at the base as he gripped him firmly. Brad lifted his head to look into the man's eyes as he smiled expectantly.

"Ok get another condom," Keith said in mock surrender.

Brad complied in a flash and was soon lubing up Keith's cock. The teen decided he'd do the work this time and straddled the prone man. He inserted it into his ass finding it a lot easier the second time. Brad groaned as he pushed himself down on it and began to bounce, the cock deep inside him getting harder as he worked. The boy felt the man's hand on his teenage cock, helping him along. Keith tried to keep himself hard as he touched the soft sweat body bouncing on him. He could tell that Brad was in heaven, panting and moaning as his second orgasm neared. Keith stopped stroking the boy to extend the pleasure but Brad wasn't one for holding back. The teen fired creamy cum onto the man's chest, making Keith wonder where the boy stored it all.

"How was that?" Keith asked softly

"Good, ... fuck me til you're done too" Brad said as he rolled around to take the bottom position.

Keith lifted the boy's legs again to mount him and once in began to pump.

"Come on faster" Brad ordered.

Keith complied and fucked his teen hard, it was the only way he was likely to cum any time soon.

"Harder!" Brad snapped as he wrapped his legs around Keith urging his man on.

Keith pounded into the teen at full speed, his back was aching but he wanted this for himself and his boy. He felt the teen quiver with his efforts as Brad's moans changed pitch. The kid was having another orgasm Keith thought as the anus tightened around his pounding cock.

"Don't stop" the insatiable teen said between clenched teeth.

Keith kept going fucking the boy through his orgasm, finally getting one of his own as the young ass squeezed. Keith pounded in a final time.

"I love you," He groaned, looking into the boy's face.

As their sweaty bodies lay together Keith found himself blissful in the knowledge that Brad was back in his arms. He hadn't realised just how much he needed the boy until he was gone and now they had a second chance. As Keith watched his boy resting he knew in that moment that Brad was perfect, the boy he'd always dreamt of having. Brad was amazed with the man's second effort, he had no idea that Keith had it in him. The teen sighed finally realising that he'd found the man he'd always needed the one who would take care of him. He reached out slowly and touched the man's face, as Keith opened his eyes Brad cheekily suggested.

"Wanna go again?"

The end.


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