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The Angry Boy 3

The next time that Keith arrived at the group home he could tell that the mood was intense. John was on duty that day and waved the man into the office.

"We've had a rough time of it with Lock" He advised.

"What happened?" Keith asked.

"Did his worker tell you that his mother's back on the scene?" The man asked.

"No" Keith said flatly wondering why he wasn't told.

"Well she got the worker's permission for supervised visits so we had her and her new husband come over on Wednesday night and well it wasn't the family reunion we were hoping for" John explained.

"Really, I'm sure he wasn't happy with his mother's long absence" Keith noted, suspecting it was the source of the boy's anger.

"There was lots of yelling and swearing and we had to end the visit early. I think that she went on too much about her life as though he wasn't a part of it anymore." John replied.

"What did she say to him?" Keith wondered.

"I don't know I wasn't supervising but it got worse. Lock got into a fight yesterday, apparently someone stole his new shoes, the ones you bought for him." John advised.

"Do you know who took them?" Keith asked.

"We don't have any proof but he thinks he does so he went after the guy. Keith I know you mean well but when one kid has something nice it becomes a big target. He gets everything he needs, maybe not everything he wants. We got him perfectly good shoes that no one would steal" John advised.

"Yeah, I guess I didn't think that one through" Keith said sheepishly.

"He's on restriction for the fight, he's lucky we didn't call the police" John said

"Why how bad was it?" Keith asked, more concerned about Bradley's safety.

"Nothing that bad, just some pushing and shoving but were supposed to call the cops for any violence, he's lucky the other kid didn't want to push the issue" John explained.

"Where is he now?" Keith asked

"He's in the quiet room. I'm really not supposed to let you see him but you can go in for a few minutes, I'm sure you won't upset him" John said more as a request than a statement.

"What do you mean? I have an appointment to take him out and his worker hasn't advised me otherwise." Keith challenged.

"There's nothing I can do" John said as he led the man to what was likely a small den originally. He unlocked the door and let Keith in. The locking of the door seemed rather excessive and almost like a prison. Brad was sitting on a small couch, which faced a bay window looking out into the back yard. There was a small bookcase but otherwise no source of entertainment. This wasn't a quiet room it was solitary confinement Keith concluded.

"I thought it might be you" Bradley said still looking straight out of the window.

"Oh? You heard me?" Keith asked.

"No but it hasn't been long since my bathroom break and I figured it would be close to noon" Bradley reasoned.

"How long have you been in here?" Keith said growing concerned.

"Since breakfast, I'll be in here all weekend I only get out for bathroom breaks and meals" Bradley explained.

"That's horrible" Keith replied.

"It's no big deal, I'll get em back" Bradley said flatly.

"So I heard your mother visited" Keith said as he sat next to the boy.

"Yeah, the bitch got married and she's having a baby!" Bradley advised with mock enthusiasm.

"I suppose that makes you feel left out," Keith said.

Bradley looked at him with irritation, "Yes doctor," He snapped.

"I mean that must suck" Keith translated getting a chuckle out of the boy.

"Yeah, at least I know I'm on my own, not knowing was worse" Bradley advised.

"You're not alone Bradley, you have your worker and you have me" Keith tried to console.

"Right, I've got a bitch and a perv to take care of me" Bradley said sarcastically.

"I'll see if I can get you out of here" Keith said as he stood.

"Good luck ... Hey just make sure they don't add time for when I'm with you. I'd rather just do it now" Bradley advised.

Keith found the door locked and banged on it. When John opened the door he went immediately aggressive.

"Why was this door locked? You can't confine me that's illegal," He snapped.

John taken somewhat aback just mumbled, "Sorry"

"You shouldn't have him locked up either, this is solitary confinement" Keith continued.

"Look buddy, don't tell me how to do my job, you're lucky I even let you see him" John challenged.

"That's Dr. Brown to you sir" Keith said firmly, he rarely stood on his title but he hoped it was sufficient leverage. "I'm calling the Children's services duty worker and reporting this abuse," He continued as he flipped out his phone.

"Abuse? That's your opinion I'm sure they'll be out here some time next week to investigate" John snorted.

"Yes, that's my medical opinion sir" Keith advised.

"Ok fine you can take him doctor" John spat.

"And he won't be serving any more confinement when he gets back right?" Keith asked.

"Ok here's the deal, you want my problem take him. Have him back Sunday at six when the next shift is on" John offered. Keith wasn't technically approved to have Bradley overnight but he didn't want to back down now, he'd just have to deal with the worker later. He was going to tell her about the confinement anyway.

Bradley was standing behind Keith smiling smugly as John pointed to the boy.

"Pack some clothes and no backtalk" insinuating that the deal might be off otherwise.

In the car Bradley spoke as Keith drove away.

"You're a rebel Dr. Brown," he said gleefully.

"They aren't allowed to confine you like that Brad" Keith advised not wanting the boy to think he was just being manipulative.

"They'll just say I was a danger to the other kids, the bitch will find a way to blame it on me" Bradley said referring to his social worker.

"Even so there's no way they can justify a weekend of confinement" Keith noted as he drove the boy back to his place without a plan for what they would do when they got there.


Bradley had spent the early part of the afternoon on Keith's computer and it seemed would be content do so for the foreseeable future. The man entered the room and put his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"What?" The boy said flatly.

"I was thinking we could go for a swim if you wanted" Keith suggested thinking it a good idea on a hot August day.

"Can't wait to see me in a bathing suit?" The boy asked flippantly.

"I've seen you in your shorts already" Keith said growing weary of the banter.

"No I mean in a tight skimpy bathing suit," Bradley said smiling at the man.

"You have one of those?" Keith replied thinking he'd called the bluff.

"No but I bet you do, just in my size too" Bradley continued.

"I was thinking the shorts you have on now would be fine. I got you out of the house for the weekend you think you could stop giving me a hard time?" Keith said exasperated.

"Ok, ok, relax ... So where's this pool?" Bradley asked.

"It's here in the complex, it's just a two minute walk outside" Keith explained.

"Ok let's go" Bradley said.

Arriving at the outdoor pool Bradley pulled his shirt and shoes off quickly and dove in. Without much hair the boy didn't look any different when he was wet but the way the sun glistened off his skin made him look very attractive to the man. Keith was much more slow to get into the pool and when he did just swam in straight lines. Bradley flickered around aimlessly seeming a much younger child in his insane manner of play.

"You seem pretty comfortable in the water," Keith said as the boy swam over to him. "Maybe I'll get permission to take you up to my cottage"

"Or maybe they won't let you see me again after your `Dr Brown' routine" Bradley suggested.

"I'm not going to let that happen," Keith promised.

"So where's this cottage?" Bradley asked interested in the man's material things.

"About four hours drive north, on a lake" Keith replied.

"How big is it?" Bradley asked.

"Fair size, three bedrooms. It's on an island so we'd take a boat over" Keith said proudly.

"Just you go there?" Brad wondered.

"I'll let my friends borrow it sometimes but mostly it's just me, I like the peace and quiet." Keith suggested.

Keith watched Bradley swim about until he got hungry.

"What are we having for dinner?" Bradley asked as he pulled himself up out of the pool water flowing down along his sleek body.

"What would like?" Keith asked.

"Pizza" The boy announced.

"We could go out somewhere if you like" Keith suggested.

"Naa, just have it delivered" The boy decided.

After watching the slim boy devour the pizza they watched TV until bedtime. Keith hadn't really thought about the sleeping arrangements. Obviously the boy would have to sleep on the couch, as he certainly wasn't about to give up his bed for him.

At bedtime Keith gently stroked the boy's head, as he lay prone on the couch.

"You shouldn't get me all excited before bed," Bradley mocked.

Keith allowed his palm to cross the boy's soft cheek before heading to his own bed, without responding.

In the morning he saw that the boy had thrown off the sheet and lay sound asleep on his back. Bradley's morning erection was making quite a tent pole in his shorts. Keith attempted to estimate the size, it seemed about average, before carefully dropping the sheet back over the boy. It didn't seem sporting to be perving him, as the boy might say, while he was sleeping. Keith made breakfast and as expected the sounds and smell woke the sleeping monster.

"You sleep ok?" Keith asked the waking boy

"This couch sucks," He mumbled in response.

"I don't think it was meant for sleeping" Keith said wondering what he might do if the boy slept over again.

The remainder of the day was quiet. It struck Keith that Bradley seemed rather calm and relaxed now that he'd been away from the group home for a while. He found him sitting shirtless at the computer, it seemed his favourite thing to do. Keith slid his hand along the boy's shoulders and rested it there. After a few minutes of gentle touching without protest or snide remark Keith began to slowly massage the boy. He was tense that was obvious as Keith worked his thumbs into Brad's back. The boy moaned but didn't protest. Keith knew that massages were against the rules and this couldn't be considered just affection any more but it was intensely erotic for him. He didn't want to speak, lest it break them moment but Bradley was moaning constantly now as he worked up along the boy's neck.

"This ok" He rasped.

"Fuck yeah" Bradley replied.

"You're so tense" Keith noted

"Ya think?" Bradley said sarcastically.

Having worked the neck sufficiently Keith placed his hands on the boy's chest and pushed in along the front of the shoulders. Bradley stood immediately.

"You playing with my fucking nipples?" He protested.

"NO! No, Brad. I'm sorry I should have warned you that I was going to massage your front. I won't do it again," Keith promised.

"Yeah, cuz were done" Bradley announced.

Keith retreated both happy and concerned about how far he'd gone with the boy. The physical closeness was changing their relationship, they were both starting to form an emotional bond but how would Bradley react Keith wondered.

Keith delayed as long as he could before announcing.

"It's time to go back now"

"Back to jail" Bradley lamented as he prepared to leave.

Brad stood right in front of Keith as he waited at the door. Again he put his head on the man's shoulder. This time Keith wasn't going to miss the moment and put a hand on the boy's back. Bradley wrapped his arms around Keith and squeezed hard. Keith did the same as their faces pressed together. It was intensely pleasing for the man, as the boy wasn't making an effort to end the embrace. That's what it was now, not just a quick hug, he was holding the boy. Finally Bradley spoke into the man's ear,

"I charge five bucks a minute so let go when you're reached your limit," He advised.

"What am I up to now?" Keith asked as he played along. Surely the boy couldn't admit to wanting affection for it's own sake.

"Twenty" Bradley advised.

Keith released the boy and said, "We'd better go I don't want to be late".