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The Angry Boy 4

"Keith he played you" The social worker said.

He'd called her and explained what happened but apparently the group home had also made a report of their own.

"He wasn't in that room more than an hour before you got there, they have a late breakfast on the weekends and he was being disruptive so he was sent to the quiet room" She explained.

It made some sense, Bradley hadn't said what time he'd gone in there just that it had been after breakfast.

"He said he was going to be in there all weekend and what about locking the door?"  Keith snapped.

"I'm sure that was just an idle threat they can't and wouldn't confine him that long Keith.  I'm sure he wasn't locked in either," She continued.

"I know he was, they locked me in there with him" Keith countered.  "Why would they need a lock on an interior door anyway?"

"The next time I'm over there I'll take a look myself and talk to the supervisor," She promised.

"What about them not wanting to let me see him?"  Keith countered.

"Keith, I can't control everything the house does if it isn't working for Bradley then I'll have to move him, but after the way he reacted to his last move I'm reluctant to do it unless absolutely necessary" She advised.

"Yes, well I'm not sure it's working for me, it might be time to re-evaluate my role in light of the situation" Keith suggested in frustration, he really didn't want to loose Bradley.

"Keith, Bradley needs you he's not going to get anyone else if you quit on him" She advised.  The phrase `quit on him' burned the man.

"Alright we'll keep at it but he's difficult enough on his own, I need the group home staff to cooperate" Keith asked.

"When I'm over there next I'll impress that on the supervisor, you know we appreciate your volunteering your time Keith," The woman praised.

Ending the conversation Keith felt that he'd gotten his point across but wasn't sure much was going to change.  She was right though moving Bradley might be more painful than leaving him where he was.  If he did move it might end up being worse or too far away so Keith resigned himself to the idea that Bradley wasn't going anywhere and neither was he.


Bradley counted the money he kept stuffed inside a sock, at the back of his drawer.  There was his meagre allowance money and the money he demanded from Keith but the bulk of it was from the shoes he sold at school.  Claiming that they'd been stolen and blaming it on Tyrone had backfired a bit, no one was the wiser but his hope of getting the nosey shit moved into another bedroom hadn't worked out so well.  Brad expected some fallout but he hadn't planned on the shoving match that ensured and his detention in the quiet room.  He was quite surprised at how effective his mentor had been with all that though.  As he folded his money up and put it away he was thinking of how he might use the man to get more money.


Bradley had taken his usually position at the computer after dinner.  It was the third visit since the incident and it seemed that calm had prevailed.  Keith had thought better of questioning Bradley on the facts, rather he assumed the boy was being truthful and just moved on.  He was back in school now so that kept him busy at least.  Their visits had gone pretty much the same as before except that he was staying out longer.  The boy rounded the corner and stood before Keith.

"You can write prescriptions right?"  The boy asked.

"Yes" Keith responded wondering where this was going.

"Write me one for oxycodone" Bradley instructed.


"And what do you need a opioid analgesic for?" Keith asked.


"Doesn't matter just write it for me"  Bradley ordered.


"Brad buddy, there's no way I'm writing any perscriptions for you that's serious business"  Keith said softly but firmly.


"I'll let you see my dick"  Bradley countered with a mischeivious smile as he unbottoned his pants.


"Brad, I don't want to see that"  Keith answered.


"Yeah you do" Bradley replied as he pulled his underwear down to reveal his turbid cock.  It was a nice size for a boy his age, Keith thought as he couldn't help but look at it.  He forced his gaze back up Bradley's face, to discover that the boy was grinning widely.


"I'm not giving you access to drugs Brad" Keith advised firmly.


"Ok fine, you can touch it"  Brad said as he stepped forward.


"Brad, I like you but this too much.  Put that back in your pants, there is no way I'm going to do what you're asking"  Keith pleaded.


Brad flopped it back into his underware and buttoned up, his face growing into a scowl.


"Yeah you are or I'll say that you touched it" Bradley said in a menacing tone.


"How do you know about oxycodone anyway?" Keith asked, knowing it was a commonly abused medication.


"I blame the evil internet" Brad replied. "So?"


"No way, never"  Keith said with finality hoping the boy would crack.


Bradley turned suddenly sad almost fighting back tears, "You know I really like Keith but he put his hand down my pants and you know ... touched it.  He said it was alright... he said I was a good boy, but I knew it wasn't right.  I shouldn't have let him do it, it was my fault"  The boy performed.


It was a good performance, Keith thought for a moment that he really was upset.  Caring switched to anger as the man fought to keep himself in check.


"Alright I'm done with you then"  Keith snapped, "We're leaving"  the man ordered as he stood. 


Moving quickly to the door he left no doubt in the boys's mind that he was upset.  The car ride back was quiet as both stewed. As the car came to a stop at the house Bradley made one last pitch,


"I really don't wanna do this to you"  He said in a consilatory tone. "Just write the perscription"


"Get out of my car"  Keith said flatly.


"Last chance"  Brad warned.


"I don't ever want to hear from you again"  Keith said as Brad slammed the door shut.  Keith sped off driving quickly and not looking back.



It was almost a month since that night and thankfully there appeared to be no fallout from it.  Keith had come down from his anger over the situations but assumed that it really was over between them, he just couldn't see how having a relationship with such a devious boy was going to work. He was glad that Bradley didn't know much about his professional life, the last thing he'd need would be an irate boy yelling about how the dentist touched him, while standing in the waiting room.  Keith wasn't surprised to get a phone call from the house but it was still stressful not knowing how far Bradley had taken things.

"Dr. Brown, it's John from the group home, you haven't been by to see Lock umm Bradley in a while and I just wanted to find out what's happening" The voice began.

"Hey John, I'm not sure what Bradley has told you but I just don't think I can handle someone as devious as him.  He can call me if he wants, I'd talk to him but I think it goes back to the first day, he's just not into having a mentor and he's done whatever it took to get rid of me" Keith lamented.

"Well I think he misses you as strange as that sounds, of course it's not something he'll admit but you're right he's a manipulative one.  I'm going to take you off the schedule then so if you guys do patch it up let me know directly, don't expect Lock to do it" John explained.

"Thanks John, I appreciate your advice" Keith closed.


Keith returned to his former weekend routine, walking through the park, puttering around at the mall and idle people watching.  It was boy watching Keith admitted to himself, although when he saw young teens now, he was irrationally suspicious.  Perhaps Bradley was right a younger pre teen might be a better choice, someone he could grow with who wasn't already jaded and resigned to a fate of temporary relationships.  Maybe he'd call the social worker, if she wanted to hear from him.  She hadn't called when he fully expected her to blast him for giving up on her problem boy, perhaps she didn't even know but that was unlikely surely the home would have advised her. He saw a boy of perhaps eleven playing with a young man and felt a pang of jealousy.  Keith wondered why he couldn't have a relationship like that. He had a fleeting thought of asking for the other boy at the house, the accused dog fucker who had asked to be taken out but then he rejected the idea as something that might upset Bradley further.  He might see it as an attempt to make him jealous and retaliate against himself or Aaron directly.


Brad's life had also returned to its prior state, with him home alone on the weekends.  Well except for Aaron, they were the only boys without family visits of some kind.  Brad got up when he damn well felt like it and took his extra long shower for the week.  Allowing the warm water to flow over his body brought back memories of swimming with Keith.  He knew he'd pushed the man too far, he should have been more patient.  There was a lot more that he could have gotten out of the man, he knew now that pushing for the prescription was stupid but the man had always folded easily. 

Brad wandered the house bored and looking for something to do.  He found Aaron playing on the Xbox in the living room while John was at the kitchen table working on reports.

"What are we doing today?"  He asked the staff.

"Doing?" John asked looking up from his papers.

"Yeah aren't you supposed to entertain us?" Brad asked.

"Xbox, TV, there's your entertainment your highness" John replied pointing to the living room toys.

Brad turned to Aaron, "You play basketball dog fucker?"

"Lock!" John snapped at the insult.

"No" Aaron replied quietly

"Useless" Brad hissed

"Can I go to the mall?"  Brad asked turning back to John.

"I have to stay here for the guys coming back," John advised

"I can go myself," Bradley snapped

"Yeah" John replied sarcastically as he paused giving the request some thought. "Fine two hours and take Aaron with you"

"No way" Brad snapped

"Guess you're stuck here" John suggested.

"Fine, he can come" Brad grumbled.

"You're responsible for him, you have to bring him home and if he gets into any trouble it's your trouble too" John explained.

"Right so I'm doing your job" Brad said flatly

"It's your call" John replied

"Fine, lets go dog ... lover" Brad ordered.

The boys rode the bus to the mall in silence and when they arrived Aaron followed Brad around.


"Got any money?"  Brad asked

"No" Aaron advised.

The two walked in silence for a bit longer.

"You really fuck a dog?" Brad asked out of curiosity

"No!" Aaron whined as he looked as if he might cry.

Brad looked at the boy thinking is emotional reaction was a sign of weakness the kid was pathetic.

 "Aaron buddy grow some balls" Brad said aggressively "Are you afraid of me?"  He continued seeing the boy's reaction, in actual fact Aaron as slightly taller and definitely heavier than Brad.  "Listen, group homes are shit people will push you around if you let them you gotta stand up for yourself"

"This is my first one, I used to live with my grandma but she got sick and died.  My uncle said he'd come see me but he hasn't" The sheltered boy advised as he collected himself.

On the bus ride home Brad had an idea.  "Ask John to move you into my room, swap with Tyrone"

"Why?" Aaron asked

"We're friends now and Akeem doesn't like you in his room, he'd rather have Tyrone anyway" Brad suggested.

"Why would you be my friend, you always pick on me?" Aaron asked suspiciously.

"We're the only guys here on the weekend we might as well be friends" Brad suggested thinking the boy might be a useful subordinate, all he'd have to do would be to stand up for him once and the kid would do anything he said.

"What about Keith, don't you see him anymore?"  Aaron asked.

"Naa, he was just a perv," Brad explained.

"He seemed nice" Aaron noted

"He just wanted to get into my pants, taking me places buying me stuff you know he was going to want some payback, right?" Brad explained

"Yeah I guess" Aaron agreed.  He was suspicious of Bradley's sudden interest in friendship but figured that he had nothing to loose being completely on his own now.  He thought about what Brad had said about his mentor and decided that he'd be happy to have someone take him out, perv or not.


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