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The Angry Boy 5

It was almost seven weeks to the day since Keith had last seen Brad, when his quiet Saturday night was interrupted by a phone call. He was thinking about getting ready for bed as he checked his e-mail one last time. It was just after 11PM he wondered who might be calling.

"Keith Brown?" The voice asked.

"Yes?" He responded thinking it to harsh a greeting for a telemarketer.

"This is sergeant Todd from eleven division, I'm calling about Brad Lock," The man said gruffly.

Keith was stunned, the little shit actually did it, he went ahead with his threat the man thought.

"Yes" Keith repeated nervously.

"He's been arrested for public mischief, I can let him go on a promise to appear if you come get him right away" The cop advised.

Keith sighed, mostly from relief. Of course the cops wouldn't call him about allegedly abusing Bradley they'd have come over, it was silly for him to get worried. But then Keith was taken by a new fear, Bradley must have expected him to comply and now when he doesn't will he sing a tune to get himself out of trouble, play the victim.

"You'll have to call his group home, he doesn't live with me I'm just a volunteer" The man countered.

"The group homes won't pick the kids up, we'd have to send him to the detention centre. He seems really upset about the whole thing and asked me to call you," The cop advised.

"He's a good actor," Keith explained hoping the man would understand and be suspicious of anything the boy might say against him.

"Yeah I figured. A lot of police officers are mentors I used to be one myself so when he said he had you I thought I'd call and see if you could help out. Do you want to talk to him?" The officer asked.

Keith was reluctant but the way the cop had put it he felt that he had to do at least that much.

"Ok, I'll talk to him" Keith agreed.

"Hi Keith" Bradley's low quiet voice greeted.

"Mr. Lock" Keith replied thinking it best to set the tone.

"Can you come get me, it'd only be for the night you can take me to the group home tomorrow" Bradley pleaded.

"I can't think of a reason why I should," Keith said firmly.

"No I guess I can't either, I just though you might ... They're going to send me to jail" Bradley said quietly.

"You won't be with adults Brad, I'm sure you'll be fine" Keith consoled.

"I'll be with guys up to 17, I'll be one of the smallest" Bradley continued his pitch.

After an over long pause the boy continued.

"I guess I really did need you, I just messed it all up between us" Bradley said softly.

The words were having an effect on the man but he kept reminding himself that he was dealing with a master manipulator.

"How do I know you really mean that?" Keith asked.

"I guess you don't" Bradley said almost in a whisper. If it was an act it was a good one Keith thought. He had expected a pitch on how he'd be such a good boy from now on.

"Alright I'll come get you, but you're back to the group home first thing tomorrow" Keith acquiesced.

"Thanks Keith" The boy said softly before hanging up.


Keith collected the boy and brought him home. There had been no conversation in the car or on the way up to the apartment.

"Well it's late we should go right to bed" Keith announced as they entered the apartment. He grabbed a pillow and blanket then flung them onto the couch. "Good night" He concluded as he closed his bedroom door.

After lying in bed for a few minutes Keith felt that he had done the right thing and that perhaps he was being a little too harsh with the boy. He was pretty rude to him just now but with Brad, Keith couldn't tell when the kid's emotions were legitimate. He heard the door crack open and the silhouetted figure of the boy enter. Keith was comfortable with his presence for some reason he just knew he wasn't going be stabbed or anything.

"That couch is horrible" Bradley said as he threw his pillow down on Keith's double bed. He climbed in and wrapped himself in the blanket he had brought from the living room. Lying on his side facing away from the man he continued, "Don't get any ideas"

Keith was tempted to push him out of the bed, sharing one with him was definitely not a good plan but he wondered if the boy really wanted a better sleeping arrangement or just wanted to be near someone. At least he didn't call me a perv, Keith thought, as he kept quiet, not agreeing nor disagreeing to the situation.

During the night Bradley had pushed himself right up against Keith and seemed to be intent on leaning his back into the man. From his breathing Keith assumed the boy to be fast asleep so he read nothing into it and rolled his back towards the boy so that he kept him on his side. Having the young warm back against his own was a comfort for him, Bradley needed him and that made him happy.

In the morning Keith woke on his back with Bradley's head resting on his shoulder, the rest of his body stretched out in an `L' at almost a ninety-degree angle. How the boy was sleeping in such a position was an amusement to the groggy man. The boy was shirtless, he hadn't noticed that last night as he was wrapped up in a blanket but now he was exposed to the waist. Keith put his hand against the boy's back and moved in slow circles. The soft flesh was pleasing to the touch. The boy stirred, he moved his body half on top of Keith as he lay alongside. The man continued to stroke boy's back as Bradley spoke,

"Scratch me" He said surprising the man as he realised the boy was fully awake. Keith complied as he wondered if this was such a good idea. He could tell that the scratching excited Brad, as the boy's face rested against his hairy chest.

"Thanks for picking me up last night" Brad sighed.

"Have you ever been in detention?" Keith asked.

"Yeah once, it was rough" Brad replied, "You want me to give you a hand job?"

"What?" Keith said not fully believing the suggestion, perhaps he was still in that early morning dream state.

"I figured I should do something for you ... unless you want to give me one" Brad continued.

Keith knew that he'd love to get a hand job from the teen but that wasn't just over the line, it was on the other side of the riverbank! He wanted to believe that the boy's offer was genuine gratitude but he was still wary of his manipulations.

"No Brad, we should get up," Keith advised as he sat up. He turned himself away from the boy attempting to hide his erection as he put on his robe. Brad remained in bed half covered by the blanket. The boy flung the blanket off revealing that he just wasn't shirtless, he was naked.

"Do what you want, I'll give you ten minutes" Brad offered his body.

"Get out of bed and put some clothes on," Keith snapped as he left the room. He put the kettle on wondering how he could have allowed Brad to sleep with him, especially naked. He knew that he should have insisted the boy sleep on the couch it was a big mistake to let him sleep in his bed.

Brad arrived nude in the living room. He collected his clothes and started dressing as Keith watched from the kitchen. "Don't you think I'm cute?" he asked.

"Yes, your hair is too short but otherwise you're cute enough" Keith replied.

"So why don't you want to mess around with me?" Brad wondered.

"I wanted to be your friend Brad, not your fuck buddy" Keith spat.

"Fuck buddy" Brad repeated as he laughed.

The teen walked over toward Keith wearing only his pants. He stood right before the man putting his hands on Keith's shoulders.

"I'm sorry, I wouldn't have gone to the cops, I hate the cops. I get what I can from people," Brad advised as he looked directly at Keith. "You're too nice to be doing group home stuff"

The boy wrapped his arms around Keith and pulled himself in for a hug. Keith resisted for a moment and then encircled the boy in his arms as well. The warm soft skin of the boy's back was pleasing as they embraced. He wanted to believe the teen, that he really was sorry yet here he was hugging him having left his shirt behind, mostly likely on purpose. Keith had just no idea of when the boy was being truthful.

"How much is this costing me?" He asked.

"This is free, anytime you want it" Brad spoke softly into the man's ear.

Keith continued the gentle rubbing until he realised that they'd been at it for fifteen minutes. He released the boy and stroked his head, "I should call the group home"

"Yeah" Brad sighed


At the house Brad led Keith through the door.

"I didn't expect to see you so soon" John said to the boy.

"Yeah yeah" Brad said as he unfolded his promise to appear form. He handed it over to the man and then went upstairs. Keith was disappointed that the boy had ditched him so quickly.

"You know Dr. Brown his worker would have gotten him out on Monday, a couple of nights in a cell might have done him some good" John advised.

"I don't think that's true" Keith said.

"So you and Lock patch it up?" John asked.

"No, I'd say were right where we left off." Keith sighed.

He saw Aaron eye him suspiciously as he entered the room.

"Hi Aaron" Keith greeted.

"Hi, Lock got arrested" the boy informed.

"Yes, I brought him home he's upstairs now" Keith explained.

"You bailed him out?" Aaron asked

"So to speak" Keith replied.

"Lock and I are friends now" Aaron advised, "But I'm not like him"

"I'm glad to hear that Aaron" Keith said.

Brad appeared from upstairs and came straight over to the man. He thrust a twenty-dollar bill into the man's hand.

"What's this for?" Keith asked, wondering if it was some of the money he'd given the boy earlier.

"I don't know, gas money, whatever" Brad replied before heading straight back upstairs. Keith was surprised by the gesture, in some way the boy was trying to settle things with him. He noticed that Aaron was still standing there and extended his arm around the heavy boy. Keith pressed the twenty-dollar bill into Aaron's hand out of sight.

"Thanks" The boy said quietly.

"I didn't give that to you" Keith said as he turned to leave. The staff was busy and as there was no sign of Brad, the man quietly left.

He started the car and then was suddenly surprised to see Aaron knocking on his window and lowered it.

"Can you give me a ride to the mall?" the boy asked.

"Are you allowed?" Keith quizzed.

"Yeah I asked" the boy confirmed.

"Ok get in" Keith replied. As he pulled away he said, "Can't wait to spend that money?"

"I guess" Brad said sheepishly, "You can take me to your place if you want"

"I can't do that Aaron" Keith sighed as he drove the car. "I didn't choose Bradley I was assigned to him. Did you ask your social worker about a mentor of your own?"

"Yeah, she said there was a long waiting list" Aaron advised quietly, "I'm a good boy ... I'll let you into my pants"

"You've been spending too much time around Mr. Lock" Keith noted.

He dropped the boy at the mall as promised and drove off. Keith couldn't help feeling sorry for the boy but didn't know what he could do to help him, or even if he should. It was obvious that Aaron wanted and needed attention but based on his offer, Keith couldn't help be see Brad's handiwork. Manipulating Aaron would be child's play for the teen.


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