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The Angry Boy 6

"So let me get this straight, you want to take both of them?" John asked.

"Yes, both Brad and Aaron" Keith replied, "I wanted to run it by you first though. Then I'll ask Brad if it's ok with him before even mentioning it to Aaron"

"You're making this too complicated, I'll just tell them their going" John suggested.

"Well it's supposed to be fun for them, not something they're forced into" Keith admonished as he thought some of Brad's frustration must come from living in a totalitarian environment.

"Alright, I'll call Aaron's worker but we really don't need her permission on activities" John explained.

"I'd feel better about it if she knew, maybe I could ask you to talk to the boys after you've spoken to her. Brad's never mentioned an interest in hockey so I'm not sure this is going to fly with him" Keith asked.

"Are you kidding? If they don't want to go to a Leaf game then I can find you two boys that do in a heart beat" John noted.

"I appreciate your help John" Keith said thinking it best to stroke the man, as the staffer really had no incentive to cooperative with him.

Keith hung up the phone and prepared for his next patient wondering if his plans for taking both boys out were really the right thing to do.

On the way home from the clinic Keith's cell phone rang, it was the group home calling he could tell by the ring tone he'd set up. Keith heard Brad's voice as he answered.

"You wanna take both of us out to a Hockey game?" Brad asked, obviously having spoken to John.

"Yeah, I got four tickets and I'm taking my business partner so I figured you two could come as well, if it's ok with you" Keith explained.

"Double date huh?" Brad replied "You can take dog, er Aaron by himself if you want"

"I was hoping you would want to go" Keith replied.

"Ok, but tell Aaron I begged you to take him with us" Brad requested.

"Why?" Keith wondered if he'd get an honest answer.

"That way he thinks he owes me" The boy replied.

"You're smarter than Aaron but that doesn't mean you should take advantage of him" Keith lectured.

"Yeah yeah" Brad said dismissively.

"So we're ok for the both of you on Saturday night then?" Keith confirmed.

"Yeah, I'll tell Aaron, he'll be up for it he really likes you" Brad replied.

"Yes, so he's said" Keith said thinking of ride to the mall with the boy.


On Saturday Keith picked the boys up and drove them to the arena. As expected Aaron was super exited while Brad was blasť about the whole thing.

"This awesome Keith, I've never been to a Leaf game before" The heavy boy said almost bouncing in the back seat.

"You're welcome Aaron, what about you Brad?" Keith asked.

"I've never been before" Brad replied flatly "But you can buy me a Jersey if you want" thinking that it was something that could easily be sold at school.

"How about I buy you a hotdog," Keith suggested cheekily.

"Aaron you like dogs don't you?" Brad countered, muting the boy in the back seat.

Arriving at the game Keith introduced the boys to his older business partner. The man was married but his kids had all left the nest so Keith was hopeful that an encounter with Aaron might convince him of the merits of mentoring. He wasn't sure that he would be able to get Doug assigned to Aaron if the man was agreeable but it seemed worth the meeting nonetheless. He positioned the boys so that Doug was beside Aaron as they sat to watch the game. The boy seemed to be completely engrossed in the game and the attention he was getting from the older man. The two appeared to be comfortable with each other right away. Watching Brad Keith wondered if the boy was intently focused on the game as he was with the basketball event or if he was just bored.

"You ok?" Keith asked.

"Yeah" Brad replied with a puzzled expression.

Keith thought better of pushing it and just said, "Aaron's really enjoying himself"

"Yeah, I'll make sure he knows it was your idea to bring him" Brad offered out of the blue. Keith felt some satisfaction as he saw another crack in Brad's amour.

After the game Keith drove the boys home. He found it rather magnanimous of Brad to insist that Aaron ride in the front seat.

"Stop over there" Brad ordered from the back seat as they neared the group home.

Keith pulled into a small store's parking lot only to realise that it was closed.

"What are we doing?" Keith asked.

"Drive over there to the side of the building and park" Brad instructed.

Keith stopped the car in a darkened area of the lot but kept the engine running as he started to get nervous.

"We had a great time tonight Keith, both of us" Brad said.

"Thanks Keith" Aaron jumped in.

"You're welcome boys" Keith answered proud of the gratitude that he had engendered.

"Ah, if you want ... if you put your seat back I could ... suck your dick" Aaron offered cautiously.

"I don't want to have to have sex with either of you!" Keith snapped. "You stop manipulating him," Keith said pointing at Brad. "And you shouldn't be offering men sex, especially not Doug" he said with his parental finger waving at Aaron.

"Ok... I'm sorry" Aaron said with his head down.

"I'm not mad at you" Keith said more softly as he lifted the boy's chin.

"You wanna watch Aaron suck me off? Or I could fuck him" Brad said not ready to concede the battle. Aaron got wide eyed at the suggestion of anal sex, that clearly wasn't part of the plan.

"No!" Keith snapped "Why does it always come down to sex with you?" He continued as he pulled out of the parking lot and sped to get the boys home.

"I'm a teenager" Brad replied smugly.


It was the middle of the following week that Doug came into Keith's office while he was eating lunch.

"Hey Keith I just wanted to update you on Aaron" He said quickly

Keith braced himself for bad news as the man continued, "I spoke to his worker and to Betty, we're going to take him on as a foster son"

Keith practically choked, "You're going to let him live with you?"

"Yes, we thought about what his worker said about him starting to pick up bad habits from the other boys at the group home but we won't rush him into it. I'm having him over on Saturday so we'll see how he and my wife get on."

"That's great, he's such a nice kid and you're right, he's not going to get any better sitting in that group home" Keith suggested.

"I guess you're not even thinking about taking Brad in, the worker said they were all surprised that you're still even mentoring him" Doug said

"Yeah, he's a fire cracker all right" Keith replied as he realised that Doug was right, he'd never considered letting Brad move in with him. He certainly did seem a different boy when he was over at Keith's apartment but his devious ways made any sign of friendship seem suspicious.


Two weeks later Brad asked if he could come over and Keith had agreed. He pulled up to find the boy waiting for him. Brad jumped into the car and Keith pulled away.

"So when am I moving in with you?" Brad asked aggressively

"What?" Keith said taken aback by the suggestion.

"You found the dog fucker a new family, he's moving in with them next week" Bradley whined.

"I just introduced them Brad, I don't manipulate people. Doug's found his house rather quiet since his youngest daughter went off to college and with his wife only working part time they can focus on Aaron. I just expected Doug to mentor him the whole moving in thing is their idea" Keith explained.

"It's just a foster family, I told Aaron not to get used to the place, they'll dump him at the first sign of trouble." Brad explained.

"Don't ruin things for him" Keith admonished, "I think he'll fit right in"

"Yeah he's a sheep, he'll do anything Doug wants" Brad said suggestively.

"He'll want him to get good grades and stay out of trouble, not share his bed" Keith replied.

"You mean like we did?" Brad retorted, "How do you know they don't want him for a three some, maybe the old guy can't get it up anymore"

Keith sighed, "You know I think you might be jealous"

"He's getting out of the group home ... thanks to you" Brad said in agreement.

"Brad buddy, I'm trying to be a good friend to you but you're not working with me here. What I want from you is respect and courtesy not sex. I don't mean you have to be a sheep but if you could treat me like an equal that would be a start" Keith explained.

"An equal? You've got everything, your own place, a car, money we're not equal," Brad advised.

"Those are just things Brad, I'm taking about being a good person and not trying to scam me. If you were less aggressive and more trustworthy you'd already be spending your weekends with me" Keith suggested.

"Now you tell me" The boy replied flippantly.

"I can take you back if you're going to be difficult" Keith warned.

"It's ok, I'll be a good boy ... and take my shirt off" Brad said quietly.

"See, that's what I'm talking about" Keith said exasperated by the exchange but he did understand where the boy was coming from. Aaron was getting a new home with two parents all to himself and while Brad was manifesting it as anger it was really pain that the boy was feeling.

Keith approached Brad after about an hour of net time, gently rubbing the boy's shoulders. The boy paused and put his arms up as if in surrender but Keith got the meaning. He was supposed to pull the boy's shirt off.

"Come on" Brad encouraged, "Ok I'll do it myself," He concluded impatiently as he yanked his top off. The boy went back to the computer as Keith continued the shoulder rub. It wasn't long before the boy leaned forward silently encouraging Keith to get more serious about the massage, which he did. Keith knew it was erotic for both of them but he thought it harmless enough as he pressed his fingers firmly into the boy's back. Brad's soft grunts and moans got Keith hard, he was giving the boy pleasure and he was reacting at a basic level. Eventually Keith left the boy on his own lest it get any more intense.

Keith was surprised when Brad joined him on the couch to watch TV. The boy's typical internet session lasted two hours at least but here he was in less than half that time. Brad had sat closer than he needed so that their shoulders touched. Keith wasn't oblivious and put his arm around the boy's exposed back affectionately.

"Don't get any ideas," He said pre-emptively to the boy

"Oh good one" Brad replied sarcastically.

"You want to grab something to eat on the way home?" Keith asked.

"I though I was staying the night" Brad replied.

"Oh really?" Keith replied.

"You said I could spend the weekend if I was a good boy" Brad reminded.

"That's not exactly what I said Brad, besides you don't have a change of clothes and you don't like sleeping on the couch." Keith reasoned.

"Your bed's big enough and I sleep nude," Brad reported pragmatically.

"I don't think so," Keith concluded.

As they watched TV Brad had slowly shifted his weight so that he was leaning on the man with his head on Keith's shoulder. It was a nice warm feeling one that Keith realised was difficult for Brad to request. As he reflected on the last time the boy was over and when he dropped him off, Keith realised that the boy had gone from quiet and affectionate to almost ignoring him. Keith had not only his ego defences to deal with but also his peer persona as a tough shit. The question was, with the boy's propensity for deception would Keith ever be able to trust his motives regardless of Brad's obvious need. In effect would he ever know the real Brad?


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