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The Angry Boy 7

Keith was just finishing up for the day when his clinic partner arrived in the office.

"How are things with Aaron?" Keith wondered.

"Things are great, he's so excited about his first Christmas with us, it's almost like having a little kid around" Doug said smiling.

"I'm glad he's made the transition so easily, I'm really happy he's got a family Doug" Keith complimented.

"Well from what the worker said he wasn't in the system that long, so he hasn't developed the behaviours that many kids, like Bradley have" Doug explained.

"Yeah I don't know what it is about Brad, it may be antisocial personality disorder. I've never known anyone to be so unappologetically devious. He views all kindness with suspicion and manipulates everyone he can" Keith advised.


"Well mental illness among group home kids is certainly common but I've had some really good talks with Aaron and he has a decidedly different view" Doug noted


"Really?" Keith said disbelivingly.


"He saw Brad as his only friend, his protector even and while he might have been rude to him, he was apparently milder in his abuse than the others" Doug explained.


"I think Brad played Aaron into believing that" Keith suggested.


"Well their relationship seemed rather close, Aaron told me that there was a sexual element to it. Now I don't think it extended beyond typcial adolescent experimentation but I can't help but think that Brad's tough persona is just an act" Doug revealed.


"I'm glad Aaron was able to talk to you about it but it wouldn't surprise me to hear that Brad tricked him into sex. That's the problem with that kid I just don't know when he's being geniune." Keith lamented.


"Aaron doesn't identify himself as gay, in fact from what I've seen of his reactions he's definely attracted to the opposite sex but he did talk about the sexual component of his friendship with Brad in a positive way. I could talk to him about it again if you think there's something sinister" Doug reported.


"No Doug, if Aaron doesn't believe that he was abused then we shouldn't be trying to convince him that he was. I just don't think that Brad felt anything for Aaron, he likely just wanted a sexual release and Aaron was convienent." Keith said knowningly.


"Well, I'll let you know if he brings up again but otherwise I'll let sleeping dogs lie. Are you planning to have Brad over Christmas?" Doug changed the subject.


"He expects to spend his entire school holiday with me but I'm not keen on having him more than one night, if that" Keith replied.


"Well if you can get him on boxing day then bring him over, I know that Aaron would be happy to see him again, and you too, he's always asking how you're doing" Doug reported.


"Well I'll see what I can do Doug but if he's in one of his moods then it may not be worth it" Kieth noted.



Keith arrived at the group home on the day after Christmas with some trepidation about how things might go. Brad was in the living room using the Xbox when the man entered. He noticed three other boys there that he'd not seen before, two of which seemed to be preteens.

"Hello I'm Doctor Brown" Keith greeted a young woman staffer.

"Hi I don't usually work here but with all the vacations we've put the kids without families together temporarily." She explained.

"I'm here for Brad" Keith said as he thought her rather young to be running a group home by herself. He then figured that Brad was likely the one in charge

"Oh right, he's going with you until after new years?" The woman asked.

"Ah no, I'll bring him home tomorrow, tonight if he gives me any problems" Keith advised.

"Oh, well that's good, he's been a big help," The woman advised.

Keith assumed that his help was coming with a price, everything must be going his way. He didn't notice Brad leave the room but he must have as he came down the stairs with his luggage.

"You leaving for a month?" Keith asked on seeing the big suitcase.

"Just get me out of this preschool" Brad said in true form as he passed Keith out the door.

The man waved to the woman as he exited and met Brad at the car. As they drove off the boy asked,

"What's the plan?"

"We're going to have dinner with Aaron and his new family" Keith said cautiously

"I guess that's ok" Brad replied.

"Do you think you can behave?" Keith asked.

"Yeah, but it'll cost ya" Brad advised.

"No, it'll cost you. We're leaving at first sign of rudeness," Keith snapped.

"You can try and be nice it's Christmas ya know" Brad sulked.

It was true Keith figured, he could have been less aggressive,

"So what did you have for Christmas dinner?"

"She ordered in chicken," Brad replied.

Keith was suddenly guilty at the though of Brad stuck eating some take out meal on Christmas day while he stuffed himself at his relatives but he just couldn't trust the kid enough to have taken him.

"Doug's wife will cook us a wonderful meal I'm sure" Keith replied in an attempt to make up for his unfortunate question.

As they arrived at the house, it was obvious that Brad was impressed by the size of the place. Keith handed him an envelope with Aaron's name on it.

"What's this?" Brad asked.

"It's Aaron's present, you give it to him" Keith instructed.

"What is it?" Brad wondered.

"It's a gift card for the mall, he can use it at any store" Keith explained.

"How much is it?" The boy asked, "He'll ask me," Brad continued as he saw Keith's scowl.

"It's fifty dollars" Keith replied.

Doug greeted them at the door but Brad got suddenly quiet while he took off his boots and coat. When he and Keith entered the living room they were reunited with Aaron. Keith was amused as the boys fumbled to greet each other. Brad as expected went with a cool and collected,

"Hey how's it going?"

While Aaron extend his arms out for a hug, which quickly turned into a handshake. Not wanting to be hindered by adult supervision the boys went off on a tour of the house. They finished up in Aaron's room, it was massive by group home standards and was decorated with new furniture.

"It's pretty cool Aaron, now just don't fuck it up" Brad advised.

"Yeah, Betty and Doug are great. I got a Xbox for Christmas!" He said pointing to the game console hooked to the TV in his room.

"Who knew the dopey good boy thing was the way to go" Brad said as he sat down and took a controller. Aaron oblivious to the insult sat beside his friend and the gaming began with the boys getting increasingly aggressive, bumping each other as they played.

After about a half hour of play Keith popped his head in. Brad didn't break away but Aaron took the time to greet him with a quick,

"Hi Keith"

"Nice room" Keith offered before rejoining the adults.

A couple of minutes later Brad sprang up and went over to sit on Aaron's bed, which was out of sight from the hallway.

"Come on" Brad ordered as he unbuttoned his pants.

Aaron got up to join him as he said,

"What if we get caught?"

"Keith just checked on us, we've got some time," He concluded now that he had his cock out.

Aaron had complied and sat also exposed on the bed beside his friend.

"I don't have a playboy"

"Use your imagination" Brad snapped as they began to mutually masturbate. Bradley took his friend's cock in his hand, it was a bit longer and thicker than his own five inches. Aaron was gentler as he took Brad's wiener in his hand and slowly stroked.

Brad imagined what a sight it would be for Doug or Betty to walk in and see two teens stroking each other as they panted with their eyes shut tight.

"Quiet" Brad hissed as Aaron was getting into the moment, groaning his coming release. His eyes were shut as his breathing became erratic. Brad moved his head down between Aaron's legs took his friend's cock into his mouth and began to suck on him. Brad slurped up and down knowing that his heavy friend was very close. Aaron lost interest in stroking Brad as he flooded his friend's mouth with his sticky juice. He moaned and trembled as Brad elicited the final pleasures from is dick. After he recovered he noticed that Brad was stoking himself. Aaron moved his head down between Brad's legs and went right down on the boy sucking quickly. Brad wasn't as ready to cum so he took longer and tired his friend out. Brad became more active pushing his cock in and out of Aaron's mouth as he neared his release. His eyes were wide open as he pulled his cock out except for the head and filled Aaron's mouth. He watched as Aaron swallowed and then licked his cock head sending shivers of pleasure through Brad's body. Not wanting to get caught the two quickly pulled their pants up and laid back on the bed.

"Brad, does doing this make us gay?" Aaron asked thinking back to his conversation with Doug.

"Na, it makes us horny losers who can't get girls. Don't worry, living in a place like this you'll get a girl soon enough" Brad reassured.

"Dinner's ready" The boy's could hear Betty calling. They got up and went to the rejoin the adults.

Keith was happy that Brad remained silent through most of the meal. It was a nice meal at that, turkey with potatoes and corn. Brad had heaped a large amount of Gravy over his food, clearly enjoying the feast. The boy wasn't big on compliments but at least he wasn't being rude, Keith thought.

After the meal the boys exchanged gifts. Aaron was clearly happy with his present as he handed Brad a box in return. The boy opened it to reveal a Leaf Jersey, it was a lot more expensive than fifty dollars Keith noted.

"Wow thanks" Brad said quietly.

"Aaron told us that you've always wanted one" Doug noted as Aaron beamed.

"Yes Brad, I'm sure you'll be wearing it at the next game we go to so you'd better take care of it" Keith said as warning.

Brad pulled the Jersey on over his shirt as if to confirm his intentions.

"Brad seems like a nice boy," Betty noted quietly as she joined them in the living room

"When he wants to be," Keith replied knowingly.

That night when they said their good byes, Keith gave Aaron a big long hug but Brad stood back unwilling to engage in physical affection. Aaron reluctantly let Keith go as his new mother put an arm around him. The drive home was quiet as Brad reclined his seat seeming to signal his unavailability for conversation. When they arrived at Keith's home Brad lugged his big suitcase up to the apartment and dropped it in the living room.

"Can I go on the computer?" Brad asked.

"Just for a bit, it's getting late," Keith advised.

After about half an hour Keith called,

"Ok, bedtime" and then went off to complete his evening routine. After flossing and brushing the dentist returned to his bedroom to find that his bed was already occupied.

"What are you doing?" Keith asked sternly.

"What does it look like?" Brad returned.

"It looks like you're in my bed again," Keith countered.

"We have a winner!" Brad mocked.

"Brad, you can't sleep in my bed" Keith advised.

"If you didn't want me in your bed then you'd have some blow up bed for me" Brad retorted.

Keith stood silently at the foot of the bed in his night shorts. The boy was right, he should have thought to get him some type of inflatable or rollaway bed.

"Get in, I'll rub your back" Brad offered.

"Rub my back?" Keith asked suspiciously

"You rub mine all the time," Brad countered.

Keith wasn't sure what he should do, clearly he failed to plan for this and now getting Brad out of his bed would take a significant effort as well as upset him. The man got into bed and lay on his belly. He felt Brad straddle him as the boy worked his fingers into the man's back. It wasn't long before Keith began to moan as Brad did have some skill with massage, whether prior or from copying Keith. He felt guilty for the pleasure he was receiving but Brad obviously felt that he should reciprocate for the times that he got a shoulder rub.

Keith felt the boy turn around and pull his foot up. Before he understood what was happening the boy was massing it. It was rather erotic as the boy sat on the man's ass, pushing his fingers expertly into the man's feet. Keith knew that he should stop him that this was getting him far too aroused but the pleasure was welcome. He allowed himself to believe that for this moment at least that the affection being offered was genuine.

The boy completed his work and then lay himself down on the man's back as he pulled the blankets over them. It was a nice warm soft feeling having the boy spread over his back but Keith wondered where this was going to lead, given their history.

"Are you wearing anything?" Keith asked recalling the boy slept in the nude last time.

"No" Brad replied softly.


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