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The Angry Boy 8

Keith rolled over causing the boy to tumble onto the other side of the bed. Brad scurried over and lay beside Keith reaching his hand down into the man's under wear and gripping his penis. Keith pushed the boy back and said,

"Brad! Man would you stop that"

"What's the problem?" Brad pleaded. "I know you want me, you check me out every time you get the chance and I see you looking at other guys too, it's pretty obvious dude"

"Yes, ok yes, I find you ... Attractive" Keith replied trying to find the right words, "But the question is what do you want and what kind of trouble is it going to get me in"

"I want you too," Brad said softly as he reached for the man's region again but Keith blocked his hand.

"Right, so you want to have sex with me just for fun, you're not going to want money or make threats about it later" Keith replied disbelievingly.

"I said I wouldn't have gone to the cops" Brad whined.

"Yes but that doesn't wash away the stress you caused me Brad" Keith countered.

"I'm sorry" Brad almost whispered.

"The problem is Brad that I just don't know when you're being truthful. I can't imagine you really want an old guy like me for sex" Keith explained.

"You like young guys why can't I like older guys" Brad challenged.

"So you're telling me you're gay then?" Keith pressed.

"Yeah, but it's not something I can say at the group home" Brad noted.

"Gay for older guys?" Keith asked.

"Yeah, girls my age are dating guys in their twenties" Brad reasoned.

"I'm twice that old Brad and what about Aaron?" Keith continued to interrogate.

"He told you? It's not serious just fooling around," Brad advised.

"See? It's like I never get the whole truth do I?" Keith challenged, "When was the last time you ... fooled around with Aaron?"

Brad paused before replying, "Today"

"Ah, great. I didn't realise I was arranging a conjugal visit for you two. I though it was just dinner" Keith said wondering what might have happened if they'd been caught. Aaron seemed so happy there, he hated the thought of the boy back in a group home. Keith figured he would have to find time to talk to Aaron if he was over there with Brad again.

"So?" Brad said

"So what?" Keith asked

"Am I going to get to play with a man cock or what?" Brad replied

"No, go to sleep you little sex fiend." Keith replied.

"I don't understand why won't you do it? I've never taken it up the ass, you could be the first" Brad offered.

"You have no idea what you're suggesting" Keith dismissed as he rolled over to sleep.

Brad remained quiet as Keith wondered what he was dealing with here. Was he a boy desperate to latch on to someone he thought could take care of him? Offering himself to Keith as payment of favours done and others to be demanded later? Keith fought for sleep as his body resisted him. He was hard, intensely aroused by the suggestion that he could fuck Brad. The boy likely had no idea what being penetrated felt like at first. His conceptions were most likely from porn films where it feels great right away. It was a strange quandary for the man, how often had he dreamt of having a willing young man like Brad in bed with him and now here he was but it was far more complex in reality. When he did roll over Brad had fallen fast sleep. The boy was on his back with his chest exposed. He seemed so peaceful while at rest, almost incapable of the things he'd done. Keith extended his arm and slowly ran his hand around the boy's soft chest. It was so inviting with his pert little nipples. Brad's eyes popped open and he turned his head to face Keith.

"Sorry I didn't mean to wake you" Keith said embarrassed

"You have to be a light sleeper in a group home" Brad replied as he rolled himself half onto Keith, resting his face on the man's chest. Keith put his arm around the boy's back and gripped him gently. He had a soft naked teen on top of him and he liked it. Whatever Brad's motives were he didn't care, for tonight they would share an intimacy that Keith realised Brad needed badly.


Keith woke the next morning when Brad jumped back into bed assumedly returning from the bathroom. Brad straddled the man who was lying on his back. The boy brought his face right up to Keith's and they touched foreheads. He could feel the boy's breath on his face when suddenly he felt the moist soft brush of Brad's lips against his own. Keith returned the kiss and then gripped the boy's head as their tongues went wild. Brad broke away grinning widely. Keith knew this was it, this was the day he was going to give in to the angry boy. Brad kissed his way down the man's body and arrived at his shorts. Brad quickly pulled them down and looked up at Keith as though it was Christmas morning. He then returned to the hard cock and slowly licked it up and down. Finally satisfying himself Brad took the cock head into his mouth and began to bob. Keith moaned in pleasure thinking the boy certainly had some experience with this. Keith put all doubts aside and enjoyed the moment, he had a teenage boy sucking his cock what a wonderful way to wake up, he thought. Brad moved to take more of the man cock into his mouth, slipping it down his throat. Keith was a bit concerned as the boy began to make gagging sounds but he assumed the boy knew what he was doing to himself. Brad had taken most of the cock down as he manoeuvred himself to accept more. Keith felt the kid's nose brush against his pubes and was excited by the thought of what Brad was doing. He backed off a couple of times and then eventually pushed his lips right down to the base of Keith's cock, taking all of his seven inches.

"You want to fuck me now?" Brad asked as he suddenly pulled off the throbbing cock.

Keith couldn't answer he was so excited by the sexual stimulation that he just shook his head.

"Ok, I'll let you cum in my mouth" He promised as the boy return to the cock. Brad began to tease the head with his tongue. Keith moaned in pleasure as the boy worked the head with his lips gripping the base firmly with his hand. It wasn't long before Keith felt the tingling of his orgasm as cum surged into Brad's mouth. He could hear the boy gulping it down as he continued his stimulation. Keith was in pleasure overload as the boy took the cock deep again. Brad was slowing going right down and then back up, milking the man.

"Oh Christ Brad" Keith managed squeak out as the boy extended his rapture.

Finally Brad gave up on the soft sensitive cock and asked, "So you like that?"

"That was amazing" Keith sighed wondering how such a devious creature could work so hard to please him.

"I've been sucking dick since I was eleven" Brad said proudly of his skill.

Keith was suddenly guilty to hear that Brad had been taught at such a young age. It made him feel dirty as though he'd paid some kid to blow him in the back of his car and now he couldn't wait to get rid of him.

"There's a lot of dick to suck in a group home" Brad continued, "I like doing it"

The boy gently touched the man's cock and then cuddled up with him.

"Brad, I'm sorry we shouldn't have gone that far," Keith announced.

"Don't be stupid" Brad scolded, "All it's going to cost you is a blow job"

It didn't sound as reassuring as the boy meant but Keith's personal guilt was weighing on him. The kid was forced to suck cock at age eleven and now he was benefiting from that abuse.

"It was wrong" Keith announced.

"You're strange" Brad countered as he straddled the man. He put his cock up to the man's lips and it was allowed inside. The boy knew what he wanted as he pushed it in and out of Keith's mouth. Keith had never had a boy fuck his face before but that's what was happening. Brad was moaning as he slapped his five inches into Keith's face the man's lips forming the pleasure hole. Keith gagged a few times as Brad pushed all the way in panting and moaning.

"Lick my balls" Brad ordered as he withdrew his cock and placed his testicles at the prone man's mouth. Keith took them into his mouth and rolled the little orbs around with his tongue.

Brad was sitting on Keith's chest leaning back as his testicles were tongue washed.

"Keith ... would you rim me?" Brad asked.

It wasn't an order but an actual request.

"Ok" Keith agreed.

The boy flipped over and brought his ass right up to Keith's mouth. The man pulled the boy's hips back and parted his cheeks with his tongue.

"Ohhh fuckkkk" Brad moaned as Keith lapped at his hole. "Wicked"

Keith was determined to please the boy as much as he'd been and worked tirelessly at his ass, the boy's soft cheeks pressing urgently into his face.

"I wanna cum" Brad announced as he twisted his head around.

Keith nodded and Brad acrobatically leapt up returning his cock to the man's face. Brad mouth fucked quickly, groaning loudly as he filled the man's mouth. The boy wasn't able to take much after suck and threw himself prone on the bed beside his lover.

Keith got the feeling he was a spectator in all this after Brad had seemingly been the active partner in both sexual releases. The man stroked the boy's back as they lay still for a while. Keith gripped Brad's arm, pulling him back toward himself but Brad just rejected the hand and pushed it away. Keith was not going to take that for an answer and rolled himself to spoon with the boy, gripping him tightly.

"Go ahead and fuck me," Brad said misunderstanding the hold that Keith had him in.

"No, I don't want to hurt you" Keith replied.

"I know it'll hurt the first couple of times, I'm not stupid," Brad explained.

"Maybe next time I'll finger you a bit" Keith said, suddenly aware that he'd committed himself to a next time.

"I do that to myself already, next time you fuck me," Brad decided.

Keith squeezed the boy tightly, "We'll see" he sighed feeling very close to the boy. The soft warm flesh against his own was comforting and he hoped for Brad as well. He certainly had shown an interest in being held even before this evening.

"I love you" Keith sighed.

"Shut up" Brad snapped.

It wasn't the reply that Keith was hoping for, he had hoped that his wasn't just sex that it was a true connection between them. Perhaps it was the words that were the problem, maybe Brad just wasn't ready to believe that it was true that he was loved. It might also be that they'd been used falsely and now the boy discredited such statements.

Keith could feel Brad relax under his grip as they rested. He kissed the back of the boy's neck demonstrating his feelings rather than vocalising them. Brad twisted himself around under Keith and pushed the man over, so that he could once again lie on top of him.

"I don't like you laying on my back" Brad said as he cuddled in.

"Sorry" Keith replied as he put his arm around the boy, feeling a bit guilty.

"When I was smaller they'd restrain me like that" Brad explained.

"Restrain you?" Keith asked softly into his ear.

"Yeah, they'd hold me down on my belly and put their weight on my back. When I struggled they push their fingers into me making it hurt" Brad explained softly

"That's horrible" Keith replied softly consoling.

"It's ok, I'd kick em in the nuts every chance I got" Brad said calmly.

The two lay quietly in the afterglow of their first time as the sun peaked in through the shaded window. Keith knew that they'd turned a page in their relationship, he just hoped that he would see the real Brad from now on.


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