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The Angry Boy 9

Keith got up after resting with Brad for about an hour more, the boy however had fallen back to sleep. As Keith got dressed he looked down at his slumbering young man. Brad wouldn't be considered hot or a hunk but he was attractive for a skinny boy. His puffy nipples stood up on his otherwise flat front. Brad's legs were long and lanky, perhaps why he excelled at basketball but as a small boy Keith wondered just how much bigger he might get. Puberty was clearly upon him and he was likely due for the big adolescent growth spurt soon. He'd grow and fill out some and maybe his duckling would turn into a beautiful swan, Keith thought.

Brad got up when he smelt Keith cooking brunch. The boy sat at the breakfast bar intentionally naked. Keith put a glass of juice in front of him.

"Can I have coffee?" Brad asked.

"You don't get coffee at home" Keith replied

"Sure I do, remember who you're dealing with here," Brad said cheekily.

"Eggs over easy?" Keith asked.

"Yeah" Brad replied, letting the coffee issue go.

As Keith fed his boy he decided to ask about his past, he needed to know even though there was nothing he could do about it.

"I wanted to talk about this morning" Keith began.

"Here we go" Brad said rolling his eyes.

"I want to understand what you meant by `you've been sucking cock since you were eleven'" Keith stated.

"Just that" Brad said not wishing to be interrogated.

"I assume with the staff? I'm not asking for names and places or anything," Keith asked

"Some staff some kids" Brad replied wondering just where the man was going with this.

"Was it your idea at first or did someone talk you into it?" Keith quizzed.

"You know me, once I figured out that some guys liked my body I used it to get what I wanted" Brad said proudly

"Is that what you're doing with me?" Keith wondered

"It's different with you" Brad replied

"How?" Keith pressed.

"I didn't like you really, you're not good looking and you seemed a bit stuffed up," Brad advised.

"Oh, thanks" Keith interjected.

"You wouldn't give up so I used you and then well I guess I started to like you. I never thought you'd actually come get me at the police station" Brad explained

"So why did you call me?" Keith asked.

"It was a long shot and the cop seemed to think you would, you know what he said?" Brad asked


"He said, `no one who cares about you would let you go to detention'," Brad reported.

"I guess that's true" Keith replied.

The man watched as Brad mopped up his egg yoke with his toast.

"So who taught you to suck then?" Keith returned to the original subject.

"I'm self taught" Brad replied.

"Your not very forthcoming with information Brad" Keith noted.

"What's the big deal, I've sucked a few dicks," Brad snapped.

"I don't want to be just another one of those dicks" Keith replied.

"Can I go online now?" Brad asked as he stood up.

"Sure, are you going to put some clothes on today?" Keith asked

"Naw" Brad replied as he headed for the den.

"You'll have to before I take you home," Keith reasoned.

"Home? Call them and tell em I'm staying" Brad retorted

"Brad I agreed to one night" Keith reminded

"I'm not going home until you fuck me," Brad said cheekily

"You're going to have a long wait," Keith said as he watched the boy's firm ass until it disappeared when Brad sat down at the computer.

Keith knew that he'd opened a door that wouldn't easily be closed. Now that Brad had sex with him, he was going to want it frequently but the man wasn't keen on penetrating him. Oh sure he liked the idea of fucking a young guy but knew that breaking him in wouldn't be at all what the boy imagined.

Keith got into the shower, the warm water was welcome on his back. As he washed himself the stall door opened and Brad joined him. The man hadn't heard the boy come into the bathroom but didn't object to him being there. He allowed Brad into the water stream as he rubbed the soap all over the boy. He got the shampoo and lathered it over Brad's head. It seemed strangely comforting for the boy to be washed, it was the first time that Ted though of him as a child. The pang of guilt returned over what he was doing with this boy. He just wasn't old enough for this kind of relationship Keith admonished himself.

They got out of the shower and they dried each other in another comforting gesture. Brad looked directly into Keith's eyes as he spoke softly.

"Fuck me"

"No Brad, we've done too much already" Keith replied. On seeing the boy roll his eyes he continued, "Maybe when you're older"

"I'll be fifteen in April" Brad reasoned.

"Maybe you'll want to save it for someone special" Keith suggested, thinking that Brad would be quite popular in three or four years time.

"You're special enough" Brad offered as he pulled in for a naked hug. Keith looked at himself in the mirror as he hugged the boy. He wondered if he'd be able to look at himself if he did go through with what Brad was asking. What would he say to Bradley five or ten years from now when he might ask why his innocence was taken. He was the adult, he would be solely responsible, then of course there was the very real possibility that Brad would use it against him if they had another falling out. Although Keith figured they'd done enough to put him self in that dangerous position already.

"Lets just stay naked today" Brad suggested as they left the bathroom

"I don't know" Keith replied

"Come on Dr. Brown, be naughty" Brad encouraged.

"Ok, but I'm turning the heat up" Keith replied hoping he wouldn't regret his decision.


Later in the afternoon Brad returned to the couch where Keith lounged still naked. Brad climbed up and rested his body on top of the man. The young warm skin against his own was pleasing for Keith.

"We should think about getting you back" Keith suggested

"Let me stay one more night" Brad pleaded.

"I committed to taking you home today" Keith said firmly

"One more fucking night, it's Christmas I don't have school or anything," Brad said as he brought his face up to the Keith's.

"I don't like it when you swear" Keith said softly as he stroked the boy's face.

"You don't like it when I fucking swear?" Brad replied cheekily

"No I don't" Keith confirmed as Brad touched his forehead to the man's

"Pleeeeeease, let me stay" Brad continued.

"No, get dressed" Keith ordered.

Brad kissed him lightly and then got up to find his clothes. Keith was stunned that he got no back talk or threats on the issue as the boy disappeared into the bedroom. Brad fished around for his clothes, disappointed that the man wouldn't budge on allowing him to stay. He really didn't want to go back to the boring group home and didn't understand why Keith was so reluctant to keep him. He thought about what the man had said about loving him. He'd heard that word before and had been disappointed. His mother loved him and where the heck was she? He did have to concede though that Keith was the best thing that had come his way in ...well forever.

Brad returned to the living room to find Keith hanging up the phone assuming that he'd called the house to confirm someone was there to receive him.

"I'm ready," He announced now fully clothed.

"You can stay another night," Keith advised.

"So I got dressed for nothing?" Brad complained.

"No, you can answer the door when the pizza guy arrives" Keith ordered.

"I'd rather do it naked and see his face" Brad suggested.

"Yeah he wouldn't report that" Keith said sarcastically

"Maybe he'd join in," Brad challenged

"Yeah that only happens in porn movies," Keith explained.

"So you watch a lot of those" Brad said ever flippant.

After the pizza arrived Brad was back out of his clothes, cuddling on the couch with his man. He enjoyed the physical contact immensely but still had difficulty expressing it. He felt safe with Keith, in many ways the man's constant refusal to move things forward made him more attractive to the boy. He really was in control, Keith wasn't going to suggest anything, Brad figured.

Brad nuzzled his face into Keith's neck, "You going to fuck me now?" He asked

"Ask me again in a year" Keith retorted.

"A year, right" Brad chuckled. "Lay on your back, I'll suck on you while you finger my ass" he instructed.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea Brad" Keith replied

"You promised you'd finger me," Brad protested

"Actually I said maybe," Keith reminded.

"Maybe means yes" Brad advised "But you can rim me first if you want"

Keith lay back on the couch as instructed. Brad got on top facing opposite as he got down on all fours. He slowly licked Keith's cock into hardness as he positioned his ass for the man to access. Keith pulled the boy's hips gently back and started lapping at the hairless hole. The vibrations of the boy's moaning increased Keith's pleasure as Brad continued to suck his cock. The more aroused Brad became the deeper he took the man's penis and Keith could tell that he was very excited by the rimming. The boy's dick was hard and dripping precum as it rubbed along Keith's chest. He felt the boy's nose bumping his testicles while he listened to a chorus of moaning, slurping and gagging. Brad was working hard and Keith appreciated it. The man replaced his tongue with a finger and eased it into the boy. Brad must have been telling the truth as the finger slipped in easily. As he fingered the boy he felt a discernable change in the noises Brad was making, they'd become more guttural. Keith added a second finger and pushed in finger fucking the boy faster. Brad reacted instantly pushing his mouth right down to Keith's pubes as he moaned loudly. Suddenly Keith felt the boy's hole tighten as he unloaded his fluids on the man's chest. Keith too was stimulated by the boy's actions and flooded Brad's mouth. The boy gagged at the sudden influx of fluid struggling to swallow as he came up off the cock. As the teen cleared his throat Keith patted his soft ass to get the boy to move.

"You came a lot for an old guy" Brad said with a cheeky grin.

The man went to the shower to clean himself as Brad lingered by the bathroom door. Keith started the water and motioned for Brad to join him.

"Come on, get in here"

Brad entered the shower and rubbed the soap over his man. Keith washed the boy's belly at the same time.

They dried each other again and returned to the couch where Keith lay prone and motioned for Brad to lie on him. As they cuddled Brad manoeuvred his hips so that Keith's cock was between his legs, rubbing between his ass cheeks. Brad rubbed his nose against Keith's as he ordered,

"Finger fuck me some more"

"Maybe later, let's just rest for a bit," Keith suggested.

Things were progressing too fast for the man as it was, he was going to need time to digest where all this sexual passion was taking them.


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