The Apple Tree, a story by Josh Terrence


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This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter One: The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree -

At 6:00 on any Friday evening, most of the homes on Johnson Street are bustling with activity. Kids are immersed in their homework and parents are either just getting home from work or in the kitchen, fixing dinner for their brood. There's chatter, teasing, arguments and even background noise from TV sets or gaming consoles. In some homes, kids are online browsing their favorite viral video sites, or maybe in their rooms watching porn with the door shut.

It's Winter, and the sun goes down early so the majority of homes are glowing with light. From the sidewalk, one can practically channel the energy of life that every house emits. From the smell of spaghetti sauce to the sound of a garage door closing, it's the time of day where most people are getting home and enjoying time with their families.

Deena Applebottom and her 13 year old son Nathan are also enjoying their evening at home. The 39 year old divorcee has been home for a little over an hour and a half and has already taken the time to feed her son dinner. She picked up a cheese pizza on the way home from work, much to the delight of her boy. While she and Nathan were sharing the pie, she opened his book bag and went through his school work. Much to her own delight, her middle schooler had finished his homework and all of his folders were organized for Monday morning.

So at 6:00, while other homes are still abuzz with the back and forth over unfinished homework and what to make for supper, Deena and her son have moved on to other things. For Deena's part, she's taken up refuge in her bedroom with her chosen lover for the night. Her last instruction to Nathan was that there were sodas and leftover pizza in the fridge. Otherwise, he was to enjoy himself and she'd see him in the morning.

For Nathan's part, he had no issue heeding his mother's instruction to enjoy his night. Because he was also in his room with the door closed. At the moment, his soft moans were echoing off of the walls and the aroma of pheromones were dense in the air. In Nathan's king sized bed, it was a cozy situation for the boy, who was running his right hand up and down the heaving torso of his barrel chested lover Sam. He had his lips wrapped tight around the thick base of Sam's rigid man pole and a dreamy smile on his face.

Sam's toes were just starting to uncurl and his fists were no longer balled up. There was a strong feeling of carnal goodness in his chest that had spread all over his 27 year old body. Just moments earlier, his midsection had come back to rest on Nathan's bedspread after his back arched suddenly. His cock, which was being slobbered on by the eager 13 year old, was still throbbing and twitching after an explosive climax that he'd enjoyed so much. And while he would normally have pulled Nathan off of his prick by now, the man had a feeling in his body that he didn't want to let go of.

Nathan's own boner was standing at a 45 degree angle while he slurped and sucked on the 8 inch pleasure stick in his mouth. Having just turned 13 years old, the boy had a modest patch of pubes that had sprouted right above the base of his penis. At full mast, the youngster was packing a little over 3 inches of boy cock, and at the moment, it was covered in precum that he was producing at an accelerated rate. His short, skinny legs were shaking with energy that was still coursing through them, even as a luscious afterglow began to set in for him.

Adding to Nathan's pleasure was the fact that his left hand was busy. That's because he had it wrapped tight around the cock of the other man in his bed, 33 year old Jeff. He was slowly stroking the 10 inch treat, but the base of Jeff's dick was just too big for the small boy to wrap his entire hand around it. So instead, the crafty teen took a different approach and gripped the thick skin flute near the top, right beneath the impressive helmet. For his resourcefulness, the horny boy was rewarded with several thick globs of precum that dripped down the back of his stroking hand.

A half hour earlier, when Nathan first got undressed and crawled into bed with his lover's for the evening, he had an itch in his ass that he knew only a cock could scratch. He treated himself to several deep kisses from both men, then he worked his way down to the foot of the bed, where he took up position between Jeff's legs. With a naughty smile, he slipped his mouth over the massive head of his lover's cock and felt his lips stretch tight. When he managed to contain the bulbous glans with his watering mouth, the horny boy added suction with a dreamy smile on his face while he worked for the rest of his lover's shaft.

When he managed to swallow the crown, his young body experienced pleasures so intense that he forgot all about that pesky itch in his rear end. Instead, he realized that he had a different itch, a craving that was much more urgent than the yearning he felt in his ass for penetration. He could feel his desire growing more and more intense with every swallow of hard dick that he enjoyed. As the long, thick pole moved in and out of his throat with every bob of his head, he felt a burning in his groin and his abdomen that he couldn't deny. As he swallowed the tasty precum that flowed like water from the end of Jeff's cock, he knew that he was getting exactly what he needed at the moment.

So with his young body sizzling with passion and his mind dizzy with pleasure, 13 year old Nathan Applebottom gave in to his needs. He indulged in plunge after decadent plunge, all the way from the head to the base, where his pert nose smashed over and over again into Jeff's well trimmed but still thick pubic bush. The men in his bed could see his eyes rolling back with pleasure as he treated himself to a full throat fuck while his smooth cheeks bulged with the mass of cock they were accommodating.

For fifteen decadent minutes, the boy sucked, moaned, slurped and deepthroated his way to pure ecstasy. Along the way, his little pecker looked like a figurine made of the finest ceramic material that money could buy. It was so hard that it looked almost painful to the men. It was bulging with tiny red and blue blood vessels, and the small head looked angry. His smooth ball sack seemed to be pulling tighter and tighter to his body as he relentlessly fucked his throat around the oversized dick he seemed to be obsessed with.

But just when 13 year old Nathan thought his body couldn't realize a pleasure more wicked than he was enjoying, the dick in his mouth started to swell with girth. It suddenly dawned on the young cock hound that the dick he was sucking was growing more plump, more moist and even juicier than it had been. As this reality began to unfold right before him, his 4 foot 11 inch frame experienced a sizzle of pleasure that affected every nerve ending in his body and carried him to a new plane of carnal lust. His brown, almond shaped eyes grew even more animated and a cowlick formed on the top of his short head of black hair.

Then it happened.

As Nathan's head was swimming with carnal energy and his body was enveloped with the heat of his passion, the dick he was enjoying so much jerked hard and erupted with cum. Nathan was too far gone at the moment to react to the eruption, even as a torrent of hot, thick sperm spouted like hot lava from a volcano and filled his mouth. A huge portion shot into his throat, and the cute seventh grader instinctively swallowed it all. Nearly a full shot rushed into the back of his nasal cavity, but the boy only moaned with pleasure while he inhaled deep so that the invading sperm reversed its course and slid into his tummy. The third and forth shots filled his mouth with the remainder of the bounty, giving him a luscious mouthful to savor and taste while his lover's watched.

Grateful for the load he'd received and wanting to put on a show, the boy held onto the mouthful and gave his lovers a naughty expression. With his cheeks bulging with sperm, he slowly pulled his lips all the way to the head of Jeff's prick and gave it a final, succulent suck before pulling off. Then, with the proclivity of a true cum slut, he opened wide and showed off his mouthful before sealing his lips and swallowing with a satisfied sigh.

Such a good boy,” Jeff praised him as he went back to work, licking and sucking away the thick strands of cum that were covering his lover's cock and balls. Pleased with the positive attention he received, the horny boy spent an extended amount of time licking his lover's shaft clean, then he moved down to his nut sack, eager to suck and lick it for his man.

At Jeff's urging, the horny boy crawled back up to the foot of the bed for a deep kiss. While his tongue was dancing in Jeff's mouth, he could feel the 33 year old kneading his buns and rubbing his moist pucker. The boy responded by moaning into Jeff's mouth with need, then the tip of the man's middle finger burrowed its way into his opening. He could feel the large fingertip stirring around his anal ring like a spoon, stretching it and making it tremble with need.

Finally Jeff broke their kiss and said, “Would you like me to pay some more attention to your rear end, buddy?”

Yeah,” Nathan practically stuttered, then he turned his head and cast his hungry eyes on Sam's dripping pole. With fire in his body, the horny boy admitted, “I need to give more head, too.”

You're always in the mood to suck a big dick, aren't you kiddo?” Jeff observed, and the boy nodded. Sliding his thick digit all the way up the boy's ass, Jeff said, “Go ahead and treat yourself to another mouthful, and I'll get to work on this end.”

With that, Nathan leaned in and initiated one more French kiss with Jeff, then he turned his head and did the same with Sam. While the horny teenager moaned into the 27 year old's mouth, Jeff treated him to a firm finger fuck, running the flat of his digit across the boy's sensitive prostate over and over again. The continuous stimulation of Nathan's anus filled the room with the aroma of his desire, a sharp metallic scent that had an intoxicating effect on all three males. The smell of Nathan's desire worked in concert with the masculine musk that the men were emitting, making the air in the room dense with the smell of gay sex.

When Nathan broke his kiss with Sam, he smiled over his shoulder at Jeff, who had gotten on his knees and was preparing to get behind him. Knowing that he was about to be treated at both ends, the eager boy got on his hands and knees, then he slipped his mouth over the end of Sam's juicy dick with a horny smile. Soon, his head was spinning all over again as he facilitated an immediate throat fuck while Jeff used his thumbs to part his plump ass cheeks.

Nathan could feel his pucker stretching tight as Jeff's fingers invaded his crack, then he felt the warm breath of his lover and his eyes sparkled with joy. Soon, his deep throating of Sam's pole grew more and more passionate and his moaning more urgent, then he felt Jeff's tongue lapping away at his asshole and his small toes curled. As the rim job he was being treated to deepened, his little prick started to throb. A torrent of heat inundated his midsection and his groin felt like it was boiling over with carnal delight.

Just when he thought his young body might explode with sexual joy, Jeff pulled his tongue out of his crack and placed the head of his prick up to his entrance. Eager for a deep lay, the boy responded by churning his hips so that his pucker ground back into the cock that was poking it. He was still treating himself to frantic swallows of Sam's rod, which was being sheathed so perfectly by his throat, but he was trying to push back and hasten the moment of entry through his back door.

As the feeling of unbearable lust began to consume the boy, Jeff pushed forward with his hips and the head of his prick melted past Nathan's anal ring. In a moment of sheer Nirvana for the 13 year old, he felt his moist chute fill up with the long, thick pole that he wanted so badly. As he was accepting all 10 inches, Sam's midsection came up off of the mattress, then his prick jerked and throbbed with authority in the youngster's mouth. Unable to believe what he was being treated to, Nathan let loose with a hot moan just as the juicy dick spouted with its thick offering.

Young Nathan was in the midst of welcoming his mouthful of hot cum when Jeff began to thrust, sending his sexed up little body into sensory overload. With his instincts driving his every action, he found himself gulping furiously while at the same time, pushing his hips up so that he could meet Jeff's inward thrusts. His young body was suddenly engulfed in the sexual fire that his two lovers had set, a five alarm inferno that tore across every pleasure receptor that he had.

With Sam's full load spewing in his mouth, little Nathan Applebottom felt his fists bunch tight and his toes curl hard. His rigid little member felt like it was under assault as it trembled between his shaking legs, leaking precum and throbbing over and over again as he received stroke after luscious stroke of hard dick in his ass. By the time Sam's load was swallowed, he felt like he had achieved the absolute pinnacle of gay ecstasy. As he reveled in the elation of the moment, Jeff pulled out of his ass and sat back, watching as Nathan's dilated hole winked and throbbed uncontrollably.

The horny bottom boy pulled off of Sam's meaty prick with a loud slurp and spun around, eager to wrap his puffy lips around Jeff's talented member. With a lascivious expression on his young face, Nathan blew his top with the same deep throat action he had been giving since the start of his romp. After a full minute of non stop cock sucking, Jeff threw his head back and the boy's mouth filled up with a third load, this one smaller but still thick and delicious. He swallowed it with a greedy smile while his little dick sizzled like a fire cracker between his legs.

When Jeff eased his prick from the boy's mouth, the two shared a deep kiss, then the man collapsed on the bed while Nathan turned his attention back to Sam. They kissed hungrily for a full minute, then the horny boy wrapped his lips back around the man's cock with a satisfied smile. He felt Jeff spoon up behind him, so he reached back and fondled the man's package for a while before finally wrapping his fingers around it with a contented sigh.

At 11:30 that night, little Nathan Applebottom woke up from a blissful sleep when he heard the shower start in the bathroom across the hall from his room. Figuring that it was his mom, the little scamp carefully extracted himself from the warm heap of male bodies he was sleeping in and walked across the hall. His little wiener was soft as a marshmallow as he opened the bathroom door and fanned the steam away from his face so he could get to the toilet. With an audible sigh, the youngster relaxed his bladder and peed into the toilet.

Just as he was flushing the toilet, the shower stopped so he called out, “Sorry mom, I had to go pee.”

With that, the red curtain pulled back and a man popped his head out.

Oh hey buddy, you're mom's sleeping,” the man said, and Nathan blushed.

Sorry, I thought she was in here taking a shower,” the boy said shyly, then he spotted the man eyeing him up and down.

That's okay kiddo, I don't mind the company at all,” the man said with a suddenly lecherous smile, and Nathan felt a strong shiver run down the backs of his legs.

I like the company, too,” Nathan flirted, then he looked over his shoulder, drawing the man's attention to his bubble butt. “Sorry that I don't have any clothes on, mister.”

With that, the man pulled the shower curtain all the way back, giving the boy a look at his naked, dripping frame. In a flash, the boy's tiny member got hard, standing straight up as he looked at what the man was packing.

Do you like what you see?” the man asked, seeing that Nathan's eyes were trained on his developing erection.

Yeah, I like it a lot,” the boy admitted, feeling his mouth start to water for the growing stalk.

Well, it's all clean now,” the man said, an obvious offer for the boy who was clearly interested. “There's not a trace of pussy on it, buddy.”

With a hot moan, the boy licked his lips and smiled up at the man, who stepped to the side and let Nathan get into the tub with him. Before the man had time to turn the shower back on, 13 year old Nathan Applebottom was bent over in front of him with his lips wrapped tight around the base of his cock, moaning like a bitch in heat.

Two minutes later, the boy was bent over again, but this time he was holding onto the shower wall, cooing over his shoulder as the well endowed stranger ran his cock along the walls of his tight rear end. His tummy was glowing with the goodness of the cum load he'd just swallowed and his boy cock was twitching wildly. Five minutes later, the horny boy was on his knees in the tub, grinning up at the man with another mouthful of cock and a glow that radiated from his body.

Goddamn, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?” the man exclaimed, and the starry eyed boy shook his head no. “Are you going back to your room when we finish up in here?”

With a hasty nod and a needy moan, Nathan answered his anonymous lover without relinquishing the cock he was enjoying so much. When his lover fired a third load for his pleasure, the boy sat back and swallowed, then the pair dried off and went their separate ways. Nathan rejoined Sam and Jeff in his room while the man whose name he hadn't even bothered to learn slipped out through the front door.

Coming next, Nathan throws a fit of horny passion


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