The Apple Tree, a story by Josh Terrence


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Chapter Three: 11 inches hits the spot

"Such a dedicated little cock hound," Mark gushed, using his fingers to comb through Nathan's dark hair with an affectionate smile while the boy between his legs moaned softly. "You're enjoying yourself, aren't you buddy?"

"Mmm," Nathan moaned, drawing his lips all the way up to the tip of Mark's jumbo sized erection and pausing for a moment so he could nod in agreement. Then, with bedroom eyes that were filled with nothing but arousal, the horny 13 year old swallowed the man's entire 11 inches with one impressive motion. When the man's thick shaft was fully sheathed in his throat and his lips were stretched thin around its base, Nathan let loose with a deep sigh of contentment and began his journey back to the moist, mushroom shaped head.

Mark had been in Nathan's bed for about 10 minutes, sitting up with his back resting comfortably against the head board while the boy knelt between his legs and indulged in the mouthful of cock he'd been craving so badly. As soon as the man arrived Nathan's eagerness to blow him showed, as the boy almost melted down when Deana told him to take his lover upstairs and not to blow him by the front door. Stomping his size 7 feet, the horny boy acquiesced and endured another minute and a half of agony before finally wrapping his lips around his stud's cock.

When they made it up the stairs and closed the door, Mark disrobed and got comfortable in Nathan's bed while the boy made no move to shed his briefs. Instead, he scrambled in at the foot of the bed and got between the man's thighs, holding onto them for support while he got to work. With a greedy smile on his cherubic face, little Nathan Applebottom fell into an indulgent sucking of Mark's dick that drew sharp hisses and the occasional swear from the man. While his stud was expressing his pleasure with cuss words and crude hisses, the boy expressed his own pleasure with contented moans, wet slurps and soft whimpers of lust.

With the man's flared glans filling his mouth so much that his cheeks bulged with the outline of their ridges, Nathan took the time to savor the precum that was pouring from the end. The salty treat was running so generously into his mouth that the naughty boy got caught up in the sheer pleasure of swallowing it by the mouthful. At the same time, is own little boner was leaking precum that soaked the patch of his white briefs while he used his tongue to explore the edges of his lover's glans. Another glob of precum emerged from the end of Mark's hard prick, sending a thrill through the boy and making his little boner tingle as he prepared to swallow the man's full length yet again.

I can tell that this is what you needed, buddy,” the man said with a look of affection on his face while the youngster smiled around a mouthful of cock, then he watched with amusement as his entire length disappeared into the warm, wet orifice once again. “I take it you're in the mood to suck cock all night.”

Once again, the boy let his expression do the talking as his animated eyes flashed brilliantly up at the man while his lips stretched almost obscenely around the base of his prick. Knowing that the young cock hound was looking forward to having a dick in his mouth all night, the man continued to stroke the boy's dark hair and dote on him with affectionate words. He watched with interest as the youngster swallowed his prick again and again, letting his adorable cheeks bulge over and over. At the same time, the little guy's lips were continuously stimulating the entire diameter of his pole, seeming to conform to its thickness with no discomfort at all.

Fifteen minutes into the blow job they were both enjoying so much, Nathan pulled off of Mark's pole with a loud slurp and a lascivious expression. Then, with nothing but passion fueling his little body, the youngster moved down to the man's ball sack and trapped his right nut in his mouth. He loved how overwhelming it was for him to even try to contain one of the man's orbs in his watering mouth, and was overcome by his own desire as he used his tongue to lick and suck the massive testicle while he moaned like a bitch in heat.

It's easy to see how much you love to suck dick, buddy,” Mark cooed, and Nathan responded by nodding his head while hot moans continued to escape his ball sucking lips. “You know what to do with a set of nuts, too.”

As the man's praise carried into his ears, the boy felt the flames of gay passion reach a fever pitch in his body. The salty, sweaty flavor of his lover's nut sack was working like an aphrodisiac on the boy, getting him hotter and hotter as he gave into his needs. At the same time, the strong, masculine pheromones that were rolling off of Mark's genitals were doing the same, and the boy's body reacted by sending a strong signal to his rear end that it was time for intercourse. This resulted in a sudden, heavy flow of ass juice that coursed along the lining of Nathan's aroused bottom and caused his sphincter to bloom.

As soon as the boy's entrance opened up, the smell of anal desire filled the room and hit Mark's nose with a punch. Detecting out the aroma for what it was, the man reached out and caressed Nathan's face while the boy continued to hum and lick his nut sack.

I take it you're in the mood for service at your other end,” the man said, and without skipping a beat, the boy nodded his answer. With a considerate tone, the man asked, “Would you like it if I take a little bit of time to get you fixed up?”

With that, Nathan let the man's ball sack go and ran his tongue all the way up his length, then he slipped his mouth over the end and made eye contact with Mark while he nodded in the affirmative. Mark watched with a smile as the underwear clad 13 year old fell into another series of head bobs, taking his full shaft over and over again while his pleasure filled eyes fluttered. He watched with amusement as the horny boy used his fingertips to hook the waistband of his briefs and slide them down to his knees, enhancing the aroma in the room while he continued to indulge in the dick he was enjoying so much.

When the boy pulled off of his lover's cock again, he planted a kiss right on the piss slit, then he crawled up to the headboard and stayed on his hands and knees right beside Mark.

I guess this means you're ready,” the man said with a smile, and the boy nodded again.

I don't want you to finish back there,” the boy told him, his face painted with desire as he looked over his shoulder at his rear end, which was sticking straight up in the air. “I want to suck you off some more.”

Okay, kiddo,” the man said, caressing the boy's face with a warm smile, then he puckered his lips and offered them to Nathan for a kiss. Without delay, the needy boy locked lips with his lover and enjoyed a mouthful of stiff tongue while his little body burned with need. Mark could see the boy's little boner, standing straight up and pressed flat against his smooth pubic bone. The small head was dripping with precum and the small tuft of hair that was growing at its base was barely visible. When they let their tongues disengage and their lips part, the man got up and prepared to mount the randy boy.

Nathan was watching over his shoulder, feeling his rear end tremble with the mounting desire that had consumed him. He set his fiery eyes on the long, dripping pole that he'd been sucking for the last 20 minutes and shuddered as it closed in on his aching hole. He saw the moist head disappear between his plump butt cheeks, then he felt the heat of his lover's prick radiate against his pucker as it made contact.

When Mark's strong hands grabbed his hips, the young bottom shivered with anticipation. Then he felt the man applying pressure that built at an agonizingly slow pace until finally, the thick glans of his lover's shaft melted through his anal ring and pushed through his sphincter with a moist crackle. With a scintillating sizzle that gripped his body, little Nathan Applebottom moaned with pleasure as all 11 inches of Mark's pleasure stick slid into his rear end with authority. When he felt the man's pubic mane smashing into his deep crevice, the boy made direct eye contact with his top and bit his lower lip.

Does that feel good, kiddo?” the man asked, and the needy boy nodded his hasty reply. While he was still resting inside of the boy, Mark felt Nathan's moist rear end squeezing his shaft with a tight series of contractions, prompting him to hiss and say, “Damn, buddy, you're ass is so hot and tight. It feels really nice.”

Once again pleased with the compliment that his lover paid him, the horny boy reacted with a long, sensual rolling of his bottom. This had the effect of making the long, thick cock stir in his ass, treating him to a luscious sensation while Mark continued to hiss with pleasure. Realizing that the boy was hot for a deep buttfucking, the man tightened his grip on the boy's hips to hold them still, then he began feeding the boy strokes of cock.

As soon as the man began pleasuring his rear end, Nathan's horny young body began to shiver. His entire genital area, from his hard boy cock to his moist, clutching anus began to simmer with carnal heat. Soon, the steamy sensation of anal intercourse started to spread through his body at an almost overwhelming pace. A prolonged series of shudders traveled up his spinal column to the base of his skull, then coursed down his short, skinny arms and forced his fingers to close around the bedspread. At that exact moment, a continuous current of sexual pleasure poured down the backs of his legs in punishing fashion. The deep sensation seemed to course along the walls of his reeling boy hole and shoot from his hips down into his thighs before they moved into his feet and made his toes curl.

And just like that, the simmer of carnal heat and the steam of anal sex erupted into a raging inferno.

The onset of Nathan's anal rapture was so rapid that the boy barely had time to process what was happening by the time it set in on him. All around him, the low hum of serenity had closed in while he felt his young body soar with his ultimate ecstasy. Between his legs, his little boner was throbbing continuously while his warm nut sack pulled tighter and tighter to his body. A chaotic tornado of passion and decadent heat ripped through his young body, building momentum as it took out everything in its path. Just when the boy thought he'd seen the apex of his carnal storm, a series of lightning strikes inundated his body and his rear end overflowed with the storm waters of sexual fulfillment.

Nathan felt like he was waking up from a dream when it began to dawn on him what had just happened. He smiled over his shoulder at his stud, who'd only been thrusting for about a minute, and realized that he was already a pleasured bottom boy. He reveled in the fact that a feeling of euphoria had consumed his mind, body and soul almost as soon as Mark started to thrust. In its wake, there was an air of finality dancing around his smiling face. Even as the man's hot, pleasure inducing dick ran along the walls of his moist rear end, a feeling of complete and total satisfaction had set in. Without a doubt, the boy knew that if the man pulled out right then and there, it wouldn't matter because his rear end service was already complete.

Mark could hardly believe what he'd just witnessed. He had barely started to thrust when the youngster's rear end seemed to go into hyper drive, clamping down violently around his shaft and juicing so hard that a light froth of ass juice and precum quickly built up around his anal ring. The horny 13 year old seemed to be in a state of absolute bliss before 10 seconds had gone by, then his whole body started to shake and quiver with energy. Then, just as fast as the quivering and shaking started, the youngster's body relaxed and a smile washed over his cherubic face.

The man looked at the alarm clock that was sitting on the nightstand beside Nathan's bed and noted that a single minute had passed since the start of their intercourse. Looking back down at the boy's face, he knew that he'd already brought the boy to his ultimate ecstasy. He looked down at the still juicing rear end of the boy and saw that his sphincter was still alive with activity, opening and closing around his plunging shaft. Wondering what the boy wanted, he gently rubbed the small of Nathan's back and spoke to him without interrupting their ride.

Are you okay little buddy?” Mark asked in a gentle tone, and the boy nodded with a blissful sigh. “That didn't take very long, did it?”

The boy shook his head no, so the man went on.

Did I bring you off, Nathan?” the man asked, and once again, the little bottom boy nodded his answer. “Would you like to take a little break?”

Much to the man's amusement, the little boy shook his head no, then he wrapped his arms around his pillow and pulled it to his chest as the warm glow of anal satisfaction radiated around his smiling face. Pausing for a moment, the man peeked between the boy's skinny thighs and took note of the boy boner that was still raging between them. There was a long strand of precum hanging off of the end, and it was twitching intermittently. Nathan's small testicles were practically bulging through the skin of his scrotal sack, which was so taut that it looked like it was about to be sucked into his body.

Realizing that he still had work to do, the man resumed his thrusting and Nathan responded with a series of deep, satisfied sighs. He watched the boy nuzzle the side of his head into the mattress while he held his pillow tight to his chest as he settled into a pleasure filled ass fucking of the eager bottom. Soon, the boy's rear end began to clamp down all over again, then his young body started to quiver. Concentrating on the youngster's expression, Mark noted that his face bore the same dreamy smile it had at the conclusion of his furious anal orgasm.

Anxious to give the boy a few more, the man let his dick slide in deep, over and over again. He watched as the boy's smiling face contorted for a moment, then he heard Nathan's toes crack and a long, guttural moan rang out. Out of the blue, his small body relaxed again and the little guy sighed deeply. Two minutes later, the boy's body tensed up and he began pushing up with his hips in an effort to hasten each inward thrust, then he moaned wildly and his anal climax was achieved. A few minutes later, Nathan was cooing with the relief of a strong boygasm that swept across his body.

Five minutes later, Nathan's rear end climaxed a final time, then Mark pulled out of him and collapsed on the bed beside him. With a look of wild anticipation in his young eyes, the youngster scrambled to get back between his man's legs. As soon as he had his lips wrapped around Mark's cock, he moaned like a common whore and swallowed its length.

That feels nice, kiddo,” the man sighed, and the boy let loose with another guttural moan. “Are you all set in your bottom now?”

With a deep sigh of contentment, the boy nodded his answer while the man reached out and mussed his hair. Mark spent an extended amount of time admiring the cute boy who was sucking him off. The boy's exuberant lust for cock was a real turn on for the man who'd come by to pleasure him. But there was a raw, unapologetic lust that was always on display in Nathan that stirred in Mark's loins. It was a shameless, wanton desire for gay sex. Not a hidden attraction to males, but a transparent yearning to suck dick. A desire so strong that he didn't even bother to try to hide it.

When he took the call from Deana that day, she let him know exactly what her son needed. When he arrived at their home, he knew that he was there so that the boy would have a dick to suck. In any household, a boy like Nathan would have tried to find a way to sneak his lover into his room so they could copulate. In this household, though, Nathan was ready to unzip his pants before the front door was closed so that he could suck a dick right away. In a lot of households, a 13 year old boy might not have the courage to come out as gay to their parents. In this household, Nathan was out of the closet years ago and openly putting out for men.

As Mark considered how nonchalant the boy was in regards to the taboo nature of his desires, the man felt the pangs of his orgasm starting to rear its head. Nathan had a look of sheer amorous on his face as he bobbed his small head up and down, sucking passionately on the thick pole he was enjoying so much.

How are you doing down there, cutie?” the man asked with a gentle tone, and the boy moaned with joy. “Are you almost ready to swallow a load?”

With his eyes still sparkling with joy, the horny little boy nodded his enthusiastic answer while he savored his lover's full length and thickness. Seeing how grateful the 13 year old was for the chance to suck dick gave the man a feeling of affection that was beyond anything he'd felt before when he was with Nathan. Deciding to let the little cock hound enjoy himself a little longer, the man brushed the bangs out of Nathan's brow and said, “How about if I let you slobber around my dick for a while longer, then I'll give you a mouthful of spunk. Okay champ?”

Once again, Nathan's eyes beamed with the happiness that he was experiencing at the moment, especially as the promise of continuing the blow job he was loving so much rang into his young ears. Keeping his promise, Mark laid back and let the eager little cock sucker have unfettered access to his prick for another 15 minutes. Nathan's little dick was still standing like a statue and his skin was covered in goosebumps that were born of his sexual pleasure, but he had a look of sheer contentment on his adorable face that seemed to deepen with every minute that passed.

So when Mark was ready to present Nathan with his long overdue offering of man spunk, the little boy wasn't phased at all. He could feel the man's shaft swelling with girth as he continued to swallow its length with eager moans. He felt the rumble of Mark's orgasm as it started to unfold, making his ultra swollen lips sizzle. He enjoyed the way his lover's rod started to jerk violently against the lining of his cheeks as he trapped the head in his mouth in preparation for the volley of sperm to erupt.

All at once, Nathan's 13 year old imagination started to run wild with the possibilities as hot spunk began to spout into his mouth. The heat and flavor, along with the thickness and sheer volume was enough to make his rear end sizzle with desire as he considered having one of Mark's loads planted in his bottom later in the evening. The moment he started to swallow, he felt a swell of joy, affection and contentment in his chest, then it spread all over his young body. He was keeping up with no effort at all, taking every cum shot that Mark had to give with a greedy smile.

When it was over, he licked and sucked his lover's Grade A equipment clean, then he crawled into Mark's arms and let the man hold him tight. The two shared a long French kiss and Mark's finger found its way into the boy's satisfied ass. Nathan's head was spinning with the sinful pleasure of an hour in bed with his stud as he luxuriated in their deep kiss. When his romantic cup was filled to the brim, Nathan broke their kiss and snuggled into his lover's embrace, letting the afterglow of gay sex wrap itself around his young body.

Coming next, Bedside service at both ends for Nathan


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