The Apple Tree, a story by Josh Terrence


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This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Four: Bedside Service at Both Ends

Wrapped tight in the arms of his lover Mark, young Nathan Applebottom had fallen into a deep slumber. He had a satisfied smile on his cherubic face and his naked body was glowing with sexual contentment. Mark was beginning to feel the familiar afterglow of his own climax setting in all around him when a text message came across his phone. He planted a kiss on the top of Nathan's messy head while he reached for his phone, which was sitting on the nightstand. When he read the message, a smile spread out across his handsome face.

Are you ready to suck some more cock, kiddo?” Mark asked in a soft tone, and Nathan's only response was a soft moan. When the boy nuzzled his smiling face into his lover's chest, Mark responded with a sigh and said, “Get some rest, buddy. Your next cock date is on his way.”

I hope he's as big as you are,” the youngster said with a dreamy sigh, then he tightened his embrace around Mark's toned torso and went back to sleep.

Nathan was still sleeping soundly when the doorbell rang. He never heard Deena open and close the front door, or the two sets of footsteps that climbed the staircase. He didn't hear his mom open his bedroom door, or her audible gush when she saw her baby boy clinging to his gay lover. He barely stirred when Mark shared a long French kiss with Teddy, the man Deana had ushered up the stairs to Nathan's room. He even slept through the conversation that the two men held, a conversation that lasted every bit of five minutes and detailed the hour that Mark had spent with Nathan.

But when Teddy unzipped his fly and allowed his massive erection to emerge through the opening, the little boy's nose started to work. And when Teddy waved his foot long trophy back and forth, right under Nathan's sniffing nose, the boy's mouth started to water. And as soon as the man tapped the youngster's already puffy lips with the head of his prick, they immediately parted and he let loose with a moan. And as soon as Nathan's moist lips parted and his moan rang out, the boy instinctively sought out the head of Teddy's raging man cock without even having to open his eyes.

And just like that, Nathan found himself giving head before he woke up.

Both men watched with interest, and some degree of amusement, as the boy used his tongue and his lips to encase the head of Teddy's prick. Then, as if he were having the sweetest dream that a little cock hound could have, the boy smiled peacefully and suckled diligently on the juicy treat. Slowly but surely, he swallowed more and more of his lover's length, then he sighed with contentment and settled into what amounted to a gentle nursing of Teddy's prick.

It looks like you wore him out, Mark,” Teddy remarked, and Mark nodded with a smile.

The little guy's been sucking cock all night and day,” Mark countered. “I imagine that having a big dick to suck while he takes a nice nap is just what he needs.”

He's a cute little cock hound, isn't he?” Teddy observed, then he let loose with a hiss as the pleasure of the blow job he was enjoying sent a thrill through his body.

He's definitely a cutie,” Mark agreed. “And he's such a sweetheart, too.”

Scoot over and I'll get in with you guys,” Teddy said, then he gently eased his prick from the boy's nursing mouth. Nathan let go of a cranky whine, but Mark soothed him by giving his back and face gentle strokes with his hands while he simultaneously moved over so his partner could get comfy.

Seconds later, the boy was back in a blissful sleep, nursing diligently on the end of Teddy's rod while the men doted on him and shared the occasional kiss with each other.

Take it easy, buddy, we're going to be with you all night,” Teddy assured the boy, who was frantically deep throating the man's rod with fiery eyes. The mattress was squeaking and Nathan's boy boner was dancing around wildly as he blew his lover with unchecked passion. Mark was rubbing the small of his back, which was straight as a board while his plump rear end lingered invitingly in the air.

You're still so horny, aren't you kiddo?” Mark noted, and the boy's only response was a needy moan. “You're having a good time with that cock, aren't you?”

Once again, Nathan moaned his answer while he worked to keep his momentum going. Moments earlier, the boy started to come around from his post coitus slumber with Mark, only to realize that he was nursing on Teddy's giant trophy. Filled with an immediate urge to get himself throat fucked, the boy wasted little time in facilitating a passionate deep throating of the cock he was enthralled with.

In a flash, Nathan posted up in the doggy style position while Teddy sat up, resting his back against the headboard while the 13 year old took liberties with him. Seeing how frantic the boy was to suck another dick, the men were working in concert to try to soothe him, but it seemed fruitless.

You know, if what your mom tells me is true, you're going to be sucking a lot of dick this weekend, buddy,” Teddy revealed, and Mark nodded in agreement. “How about slowing down and taking the time to savor the moment? I bet you'll enjoy it more.”

With that, the horny cock sucker diverted his gaze up to Teddy's face, all the while maintaining his rhythm. Seeing that he had the boy's attention, the man reached down and caressed his baby soft cheek with a warm smile in an effort to put him at ease. Right beside Teddy, Mark smiled approvingly when Nathan slowed his tempo and moaned with bliss.

There you go, little lover,” Mark praised him, running his hand over the crest of the boy's plump bottom. “Enjoy the cock you're sucking, kiddo. Your mom told us that you were in the mood to suck some big dicks this weekend, and she knew just where to turn.”

With that, the boy rolled his rear end around in a counterclockwise circle, eager to communicate his satisfaction with his mother's choice to reach out to the well endowed men. While he was grinding his ass around in the air, he slowed his pace again, prompting the men to heap more praise on him.

That's so much better, pal,” Teddy said, drawing in a sharp breath through clenched teeth while the boy continued his oral ministrations. “You certainly know your way around a dick, don't you?”

This time, Nathan responded with a slow nod as he pulled his lips to the crown of his lover's prick, then his eyes beamed with the smile that had spread out across his cherubic face and he went all the way back down to the base.

I heard you had your rear end serviced before I got here,” Teddy remarked, and the boy sighed dreamily as he nodded his answer. The man watched as Nathan pulled all the way back to his glans with a loud slurp, then he asked, “How would you like to have your tail filled with another cock?”

Much to the surprise of the men, Nathan pulled the head of Teddy's prick out of his mouth and planted a hard kiss right at the tip, then he looked up at the man and said, “I'd like it a lot.”

With his affirmation now out in the open, the boy tilted his head and began kissing and sucking downward along the under side of Teddy's prick. When he found himself face to face with the man's low hanging balls, he eagerly trapped the left nut with his mouth, taking as much as he could while he sucked and licked with horny moans of desire. The strong, masculine scent of testosterone was powerful in his nose, driving his hunger to suck dick for as many men as he could.

When he was finished rolling the man's left nut around in his mouth, little Nathan switched to the right ball, eagerly sucking on it in an effort to fit as much of it in his mouth as he could. As the salty flavor of nut sack inundated his taste buds, the boy instinctively began lapping at the giant orb with the flat of his tongue. With a mouthful of warm balls, the boy found himself awash in feelings of sheer lust and craving more of the man's essence.

So with a determined effort, he wrapped his small hand around the tip of Teddy's dick, just below the crown, and pulled it up so that he could go deeper with his tongue. When he found the man's taint, he felt his head start to spin with more pleasure than he'd felt all day. He felt his lover's body shifting, giving him even easier access to his nether regions. Taking quick advantage of the moment, he buried his mug deep between his man's thighs and found himself indulging in a feast at Teddy's back door. Grateful for the opportunity to eat ass for his lover, the boy gave into his lustful feelings and ate deeply for several moments.

Still awash in the taboo pleasure he was experiencing as he ate his lover's asshole, he felt a strong set of hands pulling him up at the hips, seemingly positioning his ass. Seeing this as his moment to enjoy being filled at both ends, the boy pulled his tongue out of Teddy's ass and ran it all the way back up to the tip of his prick. Seeing that a tremendous amount of precum had run from the piss slit and was slathering the crown, Nathan eagerly slipped his mouth over the end and settled back into a methodical deep throating.

At his back door, Mark had taken the opportunity to indulge in a feast of his own. Using his strong thumbs, he parted the boy's plump ass cheeks and exposed his crevice. The air was quickly filled with the briny aroma of aroused boy ass, driving Mark's lust for the horny little imp. So with a strong sense of urgency and a wild craving stirring in his loins, he zeroed in on Nathan's pucker and ate it with reckless abandon.

As the familiar burn of a deep rim job encapsulated Nathan's groin region, his eyes traveled up to Teddy's face and he gave his lover a naughty, almost mischievous smile that spread quickly from ear to ear. He could feel Mark's tongue digging deep in his anus, practically bullying its way past his sphincter and sending shivers of sheer delight all over his young body. Letting loose with a hot moan that translated his pleasure, the boy increased the suction of the blow job he was giving, causing Teddy to hiss loudly.

Does that feel good, kiddo?” the man asked in a tone that told the tale of the frantic pleasure he was feeling at the moment. When Nathan nodded his answer, the man responded by letting loose with a long breath and saying, “You're doing a really good job, too, sweetie.”

Filled with the assurance that his man was enjoying the oral ministrations that he was administering, Nathan felt a swell of affection in his heart. At the same time, Mark's tongue sank deeper in his ass, intensifying the tremors that were running through the horny cock sucker's body. Nathan could feel every nerve ending that lined the inner and outer edge of his pucker simmering with passion as he reveled in the deep ass eating Mark was treating him to. At the same time, the dick in his mouth was making his head spin with decadent pleasure as glob after glob of precum landed on the flat of his tongue before it was swallowed by the horny teen.

Three minutes into the rim job that was making his toes curl, Nathan felt Mark's tongue leave his anus. Seconds later, he felt the familiar head of Mark's dick resting against his hungry entrance, then the man added pressure. Nathan loved how much bigger Mark's glans were than the diameter of his opening, especially when the bulbous crown pushed through his sphincter, filling him with a luscious sensation.

Nathan moaned eagerly around the base of Teddy's shaft as the long, thick rod filled his love tunnel. He could feel the moist lining of his boy cunt conforming to his lover's length and thickness, which felt electric inside of him. There was a continuous, oven-like heat pouring off of the long pole, filling Nathan's body with the goodness of anal pleasure while Mark rested inside of him. When the man's strong hands took a firm hold of his hips, the boy's smile beamed up at Teddy once more.

Shit, his ass is so damn tight still,” Mark marveled, prompting the boy to grind his ass back against his massive pole. Seeing how eager the teenager was to initiate anal intercourse, the man went on by saying, “I fucked him right before you got here. But it feels like it never happened.”

He's just a horny little fellow,” Teddy observed with an affectionate tone, and Mark nodded in agreement. “Let's give him what he needs for now. When the others get here, we'll take a rest and get ourselves recharged for later.”

Hearing Teddy's revelation that more men were on their way to have sex with him sent Nathan into a near orgasmic fit. But before he could react fully to this news, Mark began feeding deep strokes of cock into his ass, which had its intended effect. Because while 13 year old Nathan was dreaming about sucking another round of big dicks, his young body caught fire and every muscle in his ass clamped down with a sudden fit of spasms. Nathan's fists suddenly bunched around his sheets, then the moist lining of his rear end tightened like a vice around Mark's man cock. As the hot, tight orifice continued to tense up around Mark's prick, the moist tissue grabbed on and wrung a torrent of ass juice out of its glands. Mark could feel the boy's juices running rapidly down the length of his cock while Nathan's little body tensed up, then the pressure on his dick abated for a split second. But before he could come to grips with rose that was blooming in Nathan's sexual garden, the boy's ass clamped down and another gush of ass juice was wrung from its tight confines.

Holy crap he's cumming,” Mark lamented, casting his eyes to the top of the bed, where Teddy's eyes were trained on Nathan's face.

The man looked mesmerized as he took in the animalistic expression that had beset the young bottom, who was still blowing him with uninterrupted momentum. The 13 year old's eyes were fiery and wild and his hair looked like it was standing up on its own. But those burning eyes were framed by an almost angelic glow that radiated from the boy's skin. And even though his lips were stretched tight around the massive pleasure stick that he was moaning around, Teddy could clearly see the dreamy smile that Nathan wore as he reached the highest sexual summit that a little bottom boy can reach.

As the raw, violent beauty of the moment gripped both men, it seemed as if there was only one option for them. So, as little Nathan Applebottom scaled the heights of gay ecstasy, they accompanied him to the crest of the mountain. In a moment of sheer indulgence for Nathan and a moment of reverence for the men in his bed, Teddy and Mark tithed at the alter of Nathan's temple by simultaneously seeding his sexual garden with their potent sperm.

The young cock hound found himself awash in feelings of euphoria as he swallowed the generous load that Teddy was pumping into his mouth while Mark's seed flooded his back door. He could feel both offerings rushing into his young body with the force of a cannon, putting the final touches on an expert double dicking that he'd wanted so badly. Between his legs, his small boner was harder than ever while a long strand of precum dangled from the end.

When Teddy gently cupped his chin, the horny boy lovingly pulled the man's spent rod from his mouth with a loud slurp. Mark pulled his pole from Nathan's satisfied rear end and collapsed on the bed beside them, and Nathan hastily slid down his body, anxious to suck his cum coated dick clean. While the little cock hound busied himself with the cleanup of their pricks, the men shared a deep kiss, then beckoned Nathan to join them for a three way makeout session. Eager to be kissed up by both of his studs, the sated boy stole continuous French kisses from each man that lasted until he was too tired to continue. Safely sandwiched between his lovers, the boy drifted into a deep, satisfied slumber while they petted his smiling face and talked about the night that lay ahead for Nathan.

Coming next, A Baker's Dozen for Nathan


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