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Chapter Five: A Baker's Dozen for Nathan

At 6pm on Sunday night, Deena Applebottom closed the front door and sighed with relief. After setting the deadbolt, she made a beeline to Nathan's bedroom. As soon as she was upstairs, she peaked through his door and a warm smile spread out across her face. That was because her 13 year old was fast asleep, clutching his pillow tight. His knees were tucked into his tummy and his bare bottom was sticking straight up in the air. He bore a smile that seemed to be embedded on his cherubic face as he slumbered, prompting the young woman to sit on the side of his bed and stroke his dark hair.

The air in the bedroom was dense with the aroma of gay sex, which was no surprise at all to the woman. There were beads of sweat that had trickled out of her son's hair and were running down his cheek, but otherwise the teenager looked contented. There was no doubt that the boy was exhausted, certainly too tired to come downstairs for supper, but Deena wasn't concerned with that at all. Planting a kiss on her baby boy's smiling face, the loving mother tip toed out of his room and closed the door gently behind her.

It had been a long 24 hours for Deena, and for her son Nathan. From the moment that the first of several studs knocked at her door on Saturday night to the moment that she saw the last one to the door, her boy had been in a seemingly insatiable mood. She knew that puberty was upon her son, and it was hitting the little fellow hard in the libido. But she had no idea just how hyper-aroused the boy had become until Saturday night, when he sucked every dick in the house, then went back to the proverbial well for more.

She had been sure that she'd planned ahead for both herself and for Nathan. Over the course of the night, 13 different men were in her apartment. Some were there to have sex and some were there to gamble. Some were there for sex with Nathan, and some were there for sex with Deena. But when Nathan stomped his feet and pouted, his mother felt compelled to give him his way. As Saturday night turned to Sunday morning, Nathan was still getting his way. And as Sunday morning stretched into Sunday evening, the spoiled teenager had gotten everything he wanted, and then some.

Domino, motherfucker!” was the jovial war cry that carried into Nathan's ears when he woke up alone in his bed on Saturday night. Mark and Teddy had been doting heavily on him before he fell asleep, but now his bed was empty and he was in the mood for company. Figuring that the men had gone downstairs to visit his mom, the horny 13 year old slipped into his undies and made his way down to the dining room. As he stood in the entry way and watched, he took stock of six men, all of whom were sitting around the table with his mom.

The horny boy spotted Teddy first, then he spotted Mark sitting on the other side of the table. To Mark's right was a cute younger guy that he figured to be about 19 or 20 at the most. Sitting beside his mom was her beau from the night before whose name he hadn't bothered to learn. Right beside him was Jeff, his own stud from the previous evening. The youngster leaned against the frame of the entryway and watched with curious eyes as the adults started a new round of dominoes, taking note of the fact that his mom was shuffling the bones.

As the game got underway, Deena spotted her son watching from the entryway and smiled.

Hey sweetie,” she said with a warm tone, then she held one arm out for Nathan to come give her a hug.
With a shy smile, the underwear clad youngster went straight to his mom for some affection while the others smiled at him. Seeing that all eyes were now on him, the boy blushed, especially when his mom planted a wet kiss on his cheek.

Did you have a nice nap?” she asked, and he nodded. “Do you want to visit down here until our game finishes?”

Okay,” the boy said, letting his eyes roam the men at the table while his mouth watered with the craving to suck dick for each and every one of them. His mom rubbed his back gently for a few moments while he checked out the hunks in his presence, seemingly oblivious to his plight.

Do you like what you see, honey?” she asked, and Nathan nodded eagerly. “I can tell that you've got something on your mind. Do you want to share with everyone?”

Once again, Nathan nodded his answer, but this time he followed it up by announcing, “I want to blow all of the guys that are here.”

That's what mommy figured,” she told him. “Is there a particular dick you'd like to suck?”

Setting his eyes on the young man sitting beside Mark, Nathan nodded again while he pointed to the source of his burning desire. When the young stud looked around the room with embarrassed eyes, Nathan said, “He's really cute. I want to see how big his dick is.”

I think you'll be very happy when you finally get your lips wrapped around it, buddy,” Teddy assured him, then Mark and Deena nodded in agreement.

Why don't you go over and introduce yourself, baby?” Deena encouraged him, so Nathan approached the strapping young stud and made his move.

I think you're cute,” Nathan said with a husky tone in his voice. “What's your name?”

Thank you, buddy,” the stud answered, and the sound of his deep yet somehow immature sounding voice sent a thrill through Nathan's body. “My name is James. Are you Nathan?”

The 13 year old nodded with a deep blush, biting his lower lip as he batted his eyes at the hunk, who went on.

I think you're quite a cutie yourself,” the man said. “I think I'll enjoy spending some time with you.”

I kiss boys,” Nathan announced out of nowhere, eliciting a round of amused smiles from the older men at the table, as well as his mom. “Do you ever makeout?”

I love making out, especially with cuties like you,” James said, his confidence back after being caught off guard by Nathan's earlier selection of him as a lover. “Would you like to make out a little?”

Still blushing, the 13 year old nodded and his mother gushed out loud, holding her hands to her chest as she watched her little guy put the moves on his new crush. With everyone watching, the 13 year old placed his left hand on the back of James' chair and leaned around to plant a kiss on his mouth. As soon as their lips met, Nathan felt a warm tremble roll through him and felt encouraged to move things along. So with a soft moan, the youngster let his tongue travel into his older stud's mouth and initiated a French kiss that he found intoxicating and delicious at the same time.

When the pair broke their initial kiss, James patted his thigh and Nathan eagerly sat in his lap until the hand was won by Mark. Eager to move things along, the horny boy practically dragged his new beau up to his room so he could give him a blow job. As soon as James unleashed his 10 inch trophy, Nathan moaned and literally drove himself down to the floor as quickly as he could, anxious to savor the meaty treat. Five minutes later, the boy sat back and swallowed, then came to his feet and the pair shared a deep kiss.

When they broke their kiss, the horny 13 year old wrapped his hand around James' still rock hard prick and began stroking it. Using his free hand, he slid his undies off of his waist and stepped out of them, exposing his rigid boyhood. While he was stroking his man's prick, the boy felt a sizzle travel along the walls of his horny rear end, so he released his hold on James' prick and laid on his bed. Looking up at the well endowed stud through eyes that overflowed with desire, the randy tyke spread his thighs and exposed his boy pussy. Using his left hand, he reached between his buns and gave his moist pucker a firm rub, all the while maintaining eye contact with the young man and licking his wet lips.

Much to Nathan's delight, the young man in his room acted on the desire that was gripping them both. With his long cock acting as a divining rod, James was lured to the space that Nathan had made for him between his opened legs. As soon as his top was where he wanted him, the 13 year old temptress engaged him in another French kiss while the man's massive shaft melted through the lips of his boy pussy. And even though he'd already blown a man sized load of sperm into Nathan's welcoming mouth, endurance wasn't on James' side on this evening.

Probably because the heat and tightness of Nathan's aroused bottom was more than the cute 20 year old expected. Or maybe it was because of the powerful compressions that Nathan's rectum subjected his ten inch cock to as he thrusted frantically along its throbbing walls. Or maybe it was the way the moist tissue that lined Nathan's ass seemed to simmer with heat that engulfed his glans, then radiated along the length of his thick pole.

Whatever the cause, it was too much for young James to process. So as he worked his slender hips back and forth with a panicked look on his fresh face, he knew that the finish line was closer than he intended. But Nathan didn't seem to mind at all as he moaned hotly through their kiss and accepted every one of those thrusts with a grateful smile. The boy's eyes were glazed over from the very start of their fuck, almost as if he found paradise as soon as James entered him.

When their screw was over, James collapsed beside the horny boy and watched the ceiling spin. Nathan was so enamored with the cutie he'd just copulated with that he quickly went down for another mouthful of dick, anxious to suck every trace of their sex away. When James was too sensitive, he beckoned the little tart to pull off, then the boy donned his briefs and the pair held hands all the way down to the dining room.

James took his seat and right away, Nathan engaged him with one more kiss. Next, he turned his attention to Mark by taking a seat in the man's lap and stealing French kisses while the domino hand was played. When the adults started another game, the boy coyly unbuttoned Mark's pants and pulled his dick out, anxious to play with it. The naughty 13 year old wrapped two hands around it and occupied himself by giving his man a hand job while the adults concentrated on their game of bones.

Before the conclusion of the hand, Mark's dick spouted a load of hot sperm that landed on the back of Nathan's right hand and ran down his wrist.

Pleased with his handy work, the boy spent the rest of the hand making out with his older lover, then he went across the table to visit with Jeff. While the dominoes were being shuffled, Nathan leaned in and indulged in a long French kiss. When the kiss was broken, Jeff begged off of the game and ushered the boy down the hallway. The boy felt his boner sizzling in his underwear as his lover took him into the downstairs bathroom and sat on the commode. Nathan scrambled to his knees and wrapped his lips around the man's pipe, anxious for the opportunity to suck it.

Ten minutes later, the pair emerged from the bathroom with satisfied smiles. Nathan's lips were wet and puffy, and he was glowing with sexual contentment. Jeff had the look of a man who had just blown a pent up load, and even his facial muscles seemed to be relaxed. Nathan's tummy was warm and satisfied, thanks to the hot load of spunk that he swallowed at the conclusion of a very decadent blow job.

When they returned to the dining room, there was a game in progress, so the pair made out until the hand was over. By the time Jeff was dealt back in by Deena, the horny 13 year old had turned his attention to Teddy. As soon as he took a seat in Teddy's lap and initiated a makeout session with the man, his mind began to race with thoughts of having his lips stretched thin around the base of the man's foot long trophy. Unable to wait another minute, the eager cock sucker tugged his beau by the hand and beckoned him to follow his lead.

Too impatient to get up the staircase to his room, or even as far as the downstairs bathroom, the horny teenager snuck his stud into the laundry room and made a play for his cock. As soon as he pulled it out of Teddy's boxers, his mouth started to water and his young body began to explode with lust. So he quickly slipped his mouth over the end and began a frantic deepthroating that earned him more than an inch at a time. In no time flat, he found himself slobbering and fighting his gag reflex as he impaled himself down on the delicious prick he was desperate to suck.

Fifteen minutes later, he pulled off of the man's prick with a loud slurp. But it was only because he'd been treated to another one of Teddy's voluminous loads of hot cum. After swallowing the entire load with one luscious gulp, the horny 13 year old spent five full minutes licking the many sticky strands of cum that were stuck to the man's shaft. When the vein lined shaft was licked clean, the horned up little fellow dropped to his knees again and hummed shamelessly on his balls.

After spending an extended amount of time with the mans balls in his mouth, Nathan was helped to his feet by his lover. The pair shared a brief kiss, then the boy set his gaze on the massive cock that was standing straight up like a monument and his boy pussy melted down. Seeing the little boy's dilemma, the man gave in and treated him to another mouthful of hard prick. Faced with the knowledge that he was going to get to suck his stud off a second time, the eager little cock hound impaled himself on the pleasure stick while his rear end shivered with delight.

Ten minutes after he slipped his mouth back over the head of his lover's dick, the boy's head was spinning with pleasure. His boy pussy was on fire, sizzling with delight as he indulged in 12 inches of decadent pleasure. In the midst of his pleasure filled sucking, he felt two fingers supporting his chin, then he was eased off of the shaft. Looking up at his lover with questioning eyes as he came to his feet, the boy's curiosity was answered when Teddy grabbed his waist and turned his little body so that he was facing away from him. Then, as shivers beset his 13 year old frame, Nathan was grabbed at the hips and he bent over for his lover.

What followed was 15 minutes of anal intercourse that took Nathan to a carnal paradise that he never knew existed. He was cognizant for the first minute and a half of his butt fucking, and he was sure that he'd never experienced such a delightful brand of pleasure in his life. But at some point, that pleasure swelled and the sensations that roared through his body felt deliciously wicked. As if he were partaking in an activity that was sinful and too taboo even for him.

Nathan wasn't paying a lot of attention to when that feeling gripped him, but once it was there, he knew that it wasn't leaving him anytime soon. He found himself grateful that his lover had ended the blowjob he was giving, even as he was experiencing pleasures untold as he performed it. He even wondered to himself why he hadn't insisted on a rooting in his bed from Teddy earlier in the evening.

All of these thoughts seemed to collide into each other when Nathan found himself caught in a vicious cycle as he experienced a seemingly never ending series of the most powerful anal orgasms he'd ever had in his life. They weren't your average, run of the mill anal orgasms that leave a bottom with shaking legs and contractions in his ass, either. These were the types of anal orgasms that shatter the mind and soul, leaving carnage in their wake. The kind of anal orgasms that leave a puddle of ass juice on the floor, pooling up beneath the beneficiary of said climax.

When Teddy fired his load deep into the bowels of little Nathan Applebottom, the boy barely acknowledged it. His eyes were shut tight and his arms were limp. He was resting all of his weight on the edge of his mother's washing machine and his ass was queefing loudly. At the midway point of their intercourse, Deena got up and came down the hallway to inspect the continuous moaning and queefing for herself. When she realized that her son was on the receiving end of an industrial grade rear end service, she returned to the game and let the butt fucking proceed.

Nathan had his arms wrapped tight around Teddy's midriff when they walked into the dining room at the conclusion of their romp. More than 30 minutes had passed, and there were a few new faces at the table. When Teddy took his chair, Nathan immediately curled up in his lap and shivered hard as the afterglow of his expert lay set in. But as he normally does, Nathan began to yearn for the next cock and started flirting with one of the recent arrivals. For his efforts, he was ushered up to his room and treated to his next mouthful of dick.

Soon, Nathan had blown all of the men at the table, then began to cycle through them again. Over the course of the evening, four more men arrived and he was quick to hit on them. At some point, the little boy stopped coming out of his room and the foot traffic began to flow in his direction. At 10pm, a quartet of big dicked lovers visited Nathan in his room and his moaning could be heard in the dining room.

Nathan received the first stud in the group with a lascivious smile. He was laying on his back with his thighs spread eagle and his small boner on full display. Seeing that the young bottom was hot for some more action, the man crawled between his legs and entered his boy hole with an easy push. After a five minute lay that made him shiver with delight, Nathan felt his top breeding him and smiled up at the man. Sharing a tongue filled kiss with the horny boy, the stud pulled out and watched as the youngster scrambled to suck his cock clean.

Nathan grinned naughtily as he sucked his top with insatiable moans. Eager to try to sate the boy, the second stud crawled between his legs, which were spread wide for easy access, and fucked a hot load into him. When he pulled out, Nathan dutifully sucked his top clean, then the pair shared a kiss.

The third top took him doggy style, running his thick rod in and out of his horny bottom with authority. When he was ready to shoot, he pulled out and squirted his load all over Nathan's plump ass cheeks while the boy gave him a horny smile over his shoulder. Still in the doggy style position, Nathan wrapped his lips around the man's prick while his forth stud took the occasion to mount him from the back and fuck him deep. When his hole was seeded, the men traded places and split roasted the gay youngster again.

After a satisfying lay in the doggy style position, Nathan got on his back and let the four men feed him their cocks anyway they wanted to. From time to time, a random stud from his mother's party would wander into his room and fill him at either end, and Nathan was only too happy to welcome them.

By 2am, traffic to his room had slowed to a crawl. Nathan was in the doggy style position on his bed, smiling sleepily over his shoulder as the last of his tops nutted in his bottom. When the man pulled out, a torrent of cum rolled out of his winking boy pussy and poured down his crack. Disregarding this, Nathan dutifully sat up and sucked his man clean with a horny smile while his boy rod stood erect, sizzling with pleasure. He engaged his top with a long kiss, then the horny boy moved over and made room for the man. As soon as his lover crawled into bed with him, Nathan snuggled into his chest and they fell into a post coitus slumber.

A little after 5am, Nathan woke up to pee and hurried across the hall, narrowly avoiding an accident. He could hear the familiar voices of Mark, Teddy and James at the table and a powerful tremble ran through his boy pussy. Feeling incredibly aroused and in the mood for more gay sex, he dressed in a pair of briefs and hurried downstairs, yearning to give more head.

At 8am, Deena and her lover awoke to the sound of Nathan's bedposts knocking against the wall. His boyish moans were filling the entire upstairs and if anyone had been on the first floor of the house, they would have heard them too. At around 10:30am, Nathan, Mark and Teddy were sound asleep. James had gotten dressed and slipped out the door as soon as Nathan fell into a climax induced sleep an hour or so earlier. Nathan opened his eyes and realized where he was, then he immediately began to suck on Mark's spent rod, which happened to be the nearest cock to him. On the other side of his small body, Teddy was sprawled out from exhaustion, but Nathan didn't let that stop him from fondling the man's hefty package with his hands.

At 1pm, Deena insisted that her son come downstairs for something to eat and let his lovers rest. With a broody pout, the horny teen did as he was told. While he was at the table, he flirted with Deena's man, whose name he still hadn't learned. With his mothers silent blessing, Nathan slipped into the bathroom with the hunk and took a fast but pleasing ride on his cock.

Just before 2pm, Nathan closed his bedroom door, determined to spend the remainder of his day sucking cock for Mark and Teddy. Unbeknownst to the boy, the men had discussed the best way to finish him off for the rest of the evening while he was getting his rear end serviced by his mother's beau. So when he crawled into the bed and got between Teddy's legs for a mouthful of cock, he didn't think anything of it when Mark crawled up behind him and gave him a deep rim job. In fact, he took nothing but pleasure in the tongue action that his boy pussy was getting. It only felt natural to the boy when Mark's rim job led to the insertion of his rock hard dick, which slid deep up the boy's trembling rectum and plumbed it for 20 scintillating minutes.

For 13 year old Nathan, it was a luscious 20 minutes that brought him to four mind numbing boygasms. He was looking forward to having another one when suddenly, the men pulled out of him at the same time and traded places. Happily for Nathan, he was able to wrap his eager lips around Mark's trophy and resumed the blow job he had been enjoying. Even better for the cute boy, Teddy filled his back door with 12 delectable inches of hard dick and had begun to thrust again.

In no time flat, Nathan was seeing stars as he enjoyed a long string of sinful anal orgasms while he moaned lustily around Mark's big dick. This time, the men treated him to 30 straight minutes of action, and Nathan wondered when he would be bred with their loads. Just when he thought the men might be ready to seed him at both ends, they pulled out again. While Nathan writhed in agony because the two cocks he craved so badly were taken out, the men traded places again. Soon, the boy was back in his happy place, filled at both ends with the two biggest dicks in the house.

Once again, Nathan experienced pleasures untold while his studs split roasted him in his bed. His little wiener was dancing around wildly and his head was spinning as a tidal wave of anal orgasms crashed into his shores with unrelenting frequency and force. As climax after climax beset his young body, his natural instinct led him to suck harder on the dick in his mouth. And the harder he sucked on the dick in his mouth, the more ferocious his boygasms were. It was a vicious cycle that he seemed to be trapped in, with no end in sight.

That was until the men shared a knowing smile and, one more time, simultaneously eased their cocks from his body. Just like before, Nathan whined and groaned with agony as he felt the emptiness of being without a dick to indulge in. But just like the last time, the situation was only temporary while his lovers traded places for the final time.

As soon as Nathan found himself sighing around a mouthful of Mark's long, thick shaft, Teddy pushed his big dick all the way up the boy's aroused ass. The boy had his eyes shut tight as he luxuriated in the hot dicks that were filling him at both ends, which is why he didn't see the nod that Mark and Teddy shared just before the cock thrusts began. The only thing he was aware of was the unchecked pleasure that shook him to his core as the men began slowly thrusting at the same time. Nathan understood that he no longer needed to bob his head up and down in order to enjoy Mark's length, because the man was mercifully feeding it to him.

But as the final string of boygasms roared through little Nathan's body, he should have known that he was experiencing the beginning of the end. His little boy imagination was illuminated with fantasies that fuel the dreams of pussyboys around the world. Fantasies about makeout sessions with cute studs, like the ones he enjoyed the night before. Fantasies of around the clock access to the biggest dicks, like the ones he'd been sucking all weekend. Fantasies about extended, climax inducing anal sex, like the sex he'd been enjoying all weekend. Fantasies about hot cum loads, like the ones he'd been swallowing all weekend.

Then he fantasized about the dick he was sucking at the moment. So big and juicy, he wondered if he would ever get enough of it. Then he fantasized about the dick that was plumbing his rear end, servicing it with expert precision. He loved how massive the glans felt as they bullied their way up his ass, only to tug the moist lining as they pulled back on every outward stroke. He began fantasizing about the several boygasms that he'd experienced, and the ones that were wreaking havoc on him at this very moment. Would they ever end? And if they did, what would he do to get them back?

But before he could entertain the thought, his fantasies took a sharp turn to the cum loads that were surely his for the taking. The hot cum that would spew from the dick in his mouth. The hot sperm that would pump in relentlessly and force him to gulp as fast as he could to keep up. The yummy spunk that began spewing from Mark's cock just a moment ago, splashing against the roof of his mouth and inundating his tongue, teeth and his gum canal with his warm salty goodness.

And just like that, Nathan Applebottom realized that his fantasies were being realized.

He found himself keeping up and not losing any of the delightful spunk that Mark was squirting into his mouth as he swallowed on sheer instinct alone. His rear end was still accepting stroke after luscious stroke of Teddy's massive prick while a flash of heat gripped his groin region. As the searing heat traveled through his pubic region, his little dick began to pulsate over and over, then it fired several hot shots all over his sheets.

Nathan was sure that he'd just peed in his new bed, but he couldn't respond at the moment. He wondered how upset his mom would be when he told her that he peed in his bed, but he was too filled with carnal goodness at the moment to care. Moments later, Mark eased his spent shaft from Nathan's sucking mouth just as Teddy pulled out of his climaxing rear end.

Still hissing with pleasure, Nathan watched with animated eyes as Teddy presented his cock for sucking. As soon as he wrapped his lips around it and took it to the base, the massive prick flexed and throbbed. Acting fast, the horny boy pulled his lips all the way back to the crown and formed a nice, tight seal just as the huge skin flute jerked for the final time. The instant that Teddy's load erupted in his mouth, the eager cum slut felt his crotch get hot again, then his little dick fired three strong shots that hit the sheets beneath him.

Too enamored with the cum load he was receiving to care about that at the moment, Nathan began gulping and swallowing as fast as he could. When the load was received, Nathan immediately began to lick and suck his man's prick clean, still too involved in his lust filled moment to address the mess he'd made in his bed. As he began to calm down, he found himself taking slow, sensual trips along the length of Teddy's spent shaft, then it was taken away.

Let's have a kiss, little man,” Mark encouraged him, and the boy eagerly engaged his lover in a deep French kiss. When their lips parted, Teddy engaged the boy in a deep kiss, then they stayed with him and rubbed his back while he fell into a deep sleep. Both men took note of the cooling cum shots on the sheet underneath the boy, who had his knees tucked into his chest and was holding his pillow with both arms as he dreamed the dreams of gay 13 year old boys everywhere.

The End

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